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  1. Mar 21, 2013
    I decided to write this review because I'm one of the people that got Judgement on release day. Being a huge Gears of war fan I was looking forward to a new title, new weapons and Overrun Mode. And ultimately, I find myself SEVERELY disappointed. I will say the game brings to unique aspects that I did enjoy, but it's glaring flaws outnumber any advancements that game adds. As I mentioned, the game does some things right: The addition of "Declassified" missions is a pretty fun take on the general Gears formula. Some missions require the the area to completed in a certain time span, other require the use of certain weapons for example; in any case, it brings in a new level of "challenge" to the Gears formula, that's much appreciated. These declassified missions are of course optional, but unlock various multiplayer items.

    Overrun mode is a solid addition to the Gears of War formula as well. I will say playing as the Locust provides more entertainment than Cog; both Locust and Cog gain "Points" for achieving various objects, healing allies, killing enemies, etc. But ONLY Locust get to use these "Points" for purchasing upgraded Locust minions, such as a Mauler, or Corpser. Cog get nothing, just a competition for who can get the most points. I feel like perhaps the designers could've given the Cog access to upgraded weapons, grenades or powers to spend their "Points" on, but there is nothing. Overrun is is a fun game mode, but it still leaves players with the feeling that the game mode could encompass so much more and not just be a run off of the Gears version of Team Fortress or Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

    Now on to the bad news: This isn't you traditional Gears of War multiplayer experience. I understand that People Can Fly has made an attempt to mainstream the series, but this is definitely a multipalyer experience that will upset the Gears diehards and really feels like a couple of steps back from Gears of War 3. To begin, players are limited to four game types: Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Overrun (VIP players get 4 more game types... Just the VIP version of each of these that offer no additional maps, no additional benefits other than double experience). Players also get the aptly named "Survival" mode, which is similar to Overrun, but against computer Locust; this is like "Horde" mode, but limited to 10 waves, and you're stuck in rigid classes.

    In any case, back to the standard multiplayer it seems a little rushed and severely numbed down. To begin, you now can select one of up to seven primary weapons to start with (Shotguns are now considered "primary") and you get your Snub Pistol.. Not only that, but you only get two weapons to switch between (with the "Y" button) and your Grenade (which you also can choose between 5 grenades to start with). Being able to select such a variety of weapons and grenades before you spawn severely limits battles over the weapon drops on the maps.

    Judgement also removes from multiplayer, some key concepts brought about by the Gears saga (but oddly enough are kept in Campaign). The first is downing opponents and executions. No more human shields, no more stunning visuals of smacking the heads off your foes with the Longshot like Tiger Woods teeing off at the Masters, now you just kill (except in Overrun). No tagging walls with Grenades to step up mines. In fact, there's not even a bullet power bonus from Active Reloads any longer (just fire speed).

    Really with all the changes, many of the weapons have become underwhelming. The weakness of the Lancer, the inaccuracy of the Retro Lancer, the weakness of the Hammerburst without the bonus power of an perfect active reload, just don't seem to do enough damage. Also, Sniper Rifles and Torque Bows just don't seem to have the same effect in Judgement as they did in game past. Multiplayer in Judgement has really become a Shotgun circle, with each team sprinting at each other, Gnashering or Sawed off until no one is left. With the other weapons becoming so Underwhelming (well minus the Boomshot, Booshka and the explosives), why would a player want to pick any other weapon? The cover mechanics of Gears feel very gimped when your target is 100ft away and they rush straight at you, eat an entire Lancer clip and manage to one shot you with a Shotgun, or survive 4 shots from a Marzka, but can kill you mid range with four Shotgun shots. The multiplayer experience seems like it was rushed, or was developed by entirely different team than the campaign. Even fun additions, like being able to wield a shield with any primary weapon, are overshadowed by the flaws in game play. The sad part is, the maps are very well designed but aren't really appreciated due to the imbalances in game play.

    In summary, this game does have some great additions to the series, but takes so much out of the Gears experience, it feels like a step in the wrong direction after such a great experience with gears of War 3.
  2. Mar 19, 2013
    The weakest of the series, i personally hate the more arcade feel of the game. Nothing in this game stand out. In my opinion if you are a fan maybe a buy if you are not a fan just turn around and go play Tomb raider!!
  3. Mar 19, 2013
    The game that killed the series. Everything that all fans liked about Gears is taken away and turned into a more arcade COD like game. Disappointed is an understatement.
  4. Mar 19, 2013
    This game that runs under the moniker of Gears of War hardly qualifies for the title. Epic games has killed off the hardcore fan base and dropped the ball by changing what made gears of war...gears of war. The multi-player made gears it's own shooter and gave it the appeal that kept a solid fan base. This title however bring in changes that unequivocally destroy the unique nature of the multi-player that once was the reason people flocked to stores to buy the games. No "down but not out" ,aka no executions, has turned what used to be a game with skilled shotgun and sniper battles into a very vanilla shooter. No more can you wall bounce your way out of a head shot from a sniper. Now he can just clip you to death with poor aim. No more epic shotgun battles that caused your adrenaline to shoot up while you pop'd your opponents head off with a delightful pop.

    Epic games and people can fly have ruined what made this series.

    It's almost like Michael Jordan's return to basketball. It's a sad sad version of what once was, and what hope that had been brought with the thought of a new title to an amazing series has been... dare i say it, curb stomped.
  5. Mar 19, 2013
    Sigh, by far the worst game in the gears of war franchise I can go as far to say that it does not even deserve to be have the name gears of war in its title. the game has been totally changed the controllers have been turned into call of duty style unlike the good original gears of war controls, only 4 launch maps, around 9 characters (carmines are not included). down but not out mode is gone so you just die immediately not get downed. the story line has concept but it is badly executed half of the campaign seems like you are playing an online match just setting up defenses and waiting for the locust to come towards you it is boring and nothing but a time burn. I've been playing gears of war since the first one and I can honestly say that this is the first one in the franchise that I will return. Expand
  6. Mar 20, 2013
    When it comes to prequels, my expectations are lowered as I know I'm buying an inferior product compared to games like Gears 2 & 3 and this rains true with judgment. There is no sense of camaraderie with your squad, character like Colonel Loomis, Sofia and Paduk are underdeveloped and you don't really care about them, many of the declassified missions are recycled throughout the campaign making it a chore rather than having fun and the final boss fight is anti-climatic and lacks a sense of challenge. It's like the voice actors from the original gears games decide to spend an afternoon with People Can Fly to do some recording and that's it. It's just odd seeing less smart ass remarks from Baird and Coletrain being awfully quiet through most of the 5-6hr campaign. The whole Cog vs Cog alienates fans of gears as the only opportunity to play as the locust is in the games overrun mode and the fact that most of the game's unlocks are microtransactions is a big disappointment. I can see some buying this as a $20-$30 purchase but not full price. It doesn't feel like Gears and it's title is just slapped on the cover just to make a quick buck. Expand
  7. Mar 19, 2013
    As a "Gear Head" the game's single player heavily relied on its combat and presented me with many different ways to approach them. With smart AI you wont be fighting the same enemies if you wipe in single player. I completed the campaign in coop, with the game's matching making filling in those empty spots is a breeze. Also God of War was not the right GOW to purchase. I like PSY
  8. Mar 20, 2013
    Gears of War lost its identity with this game. Judgement was made by People Can Fly who made Bulletstorm and is where most of the influence of Judgement's campaign comes from. Instead of just going through the campaign just to hear the story and live through moments of the character's lives, you play through an arcade shooter with a narrator. While it's not the worst campaign they could have done, it's lacking in originality and takes all the arcade elements from Bulletstorm and tries to call itself a Gears campaign just because it uses character from the Gears universe. The campaign has always been nice to have but was never the main reason most people buy the game and multiplayer is where Judgement falters beyond what I could have even imagined. First, you have to choose between different gun loadouts, none of which allows you to have two what I will call primary weapons (i.e. gnasher and lancer). Instead you get one primary and one secondary (i.e. snub pistol) which is odd because you could always start with two primaries and a snub pistol in every previous game that it seems destructive to take away your ability to have two primaries. Part of the reason People Can Fly may have opted to make this change is also present in the multiplayer game modes. Free for all, domination, and team deathmatch are the three traditional competitive game types that make their way into Judgement and they are all copies of Call of Duty or any other first person shooter. It seems to me that People Can Fly could care less about what made Gears unique and just wanted to sell another generic shooter with the same generic control scheme and the same generic game modes and the same generic weapon loadout system. Even overrun copies team fortress with the class system and how the cog interacts. You think that's all they copied? Nope. They even copied Mass Effect 3 with their prizebox system. Instead of copying call of duty again and unlocking things based on experience points earned and what you choose, you are forced to unlock things randomly with prizeboxes. Want a really cool gun skin? Well you better pray that you can get a prize box which hopefully unlocks it for you because that's the only way your going to get it. Unless you want one of the skins you have to pay for. Yes, microtransactions are in Judgement and each character skin is going to net you $4 more, and there a lot of skins that are download and pay for only. People Can Fly effectively ruined everything that made Gears of War unique by changing mostly everything to copy another game instead of coming up with something new and creative and Epic just sat back and did nothing because they don't care about the games they make apparently, it's all about the money. Expand
  9. Mar 19, 2013
    The Gears franchise is beloved to me. It was one of the first games I picked up for my 360 and I quickly fell in love with its gritty humor and intense violence. After 3 installments, many of accumulated hours on multiplayer and horde mode, with plenty of replays within the story, Epic hands its crown jewel to People Can Fly and, in my opinion. a great addition to a fantastic franchise. The story, although lackluster in comparison to the other three, fared pretty well in my book, the last boss battle was a minor disappointment, but the story was fleshed out and consistent. The new Declassified edition for each mission were a good change of pace from the long, drawn out sequences that we are accustomed to. Though, it took out set pieces, I found it appropriate for its narrative. The multiplayer, though lacking maps, is balanced and addictive, Overrun keeps me coming back for more. I will admit, I wish there were more classic modes like Execution and Guardian. Survival is fun, but Horde was better as a whole. My only real problem wad the control flip, it may not be a big deal, but 7yrs of using a scheme and then it changing was a little off-putting but I will adjust. Overall, the game is still Gears, not as spectacular or extravagant, but at its core, plays and feels like it should. Expand
  10. Mar 19, 2013
    The problem with this game, and also Halo 4 is that they both attempted to fuse call of duty in their gameplay which makes it worse. Some things have been added and removed, such as instant respawn, no more downing (you die instantly), no more active reload (WTF?), everyone starts off with a frag grenade (again, WTF?). I feel like epic betrayed their fanbase for the COD audience, and if they want that then I wont stop them. I rented this game, I'd probably never buy it. Expand
  11. Mar 21, 2013
    this entry is indeed the weakest of the series. the constant dumbing down of our games these days is becoming tedious. numerous devs including the new epic (minus cliffy b, now i see why he left epic) and people fly, are dumbing down, and "younging-down" our games. stop it. this game is a rent, just so you can see what i mean and perhaps so you can experience the free for all multiplayer which is one of the only things i liked about it. dont you dare buy this game if you havnt yet. Collapse
  12. Mar 22, 2013
    This game was okay, but had too many negative points to receive a good score.

    This game completely lacked a decent story and character growth. In fact if you've never played a Gears game, your opinion of the regular characters would not only be bland, but probably inaccurate, as the writing was that bad. However, it seems the makers of this game did not attempt to make a game similar to
    the previous ones, but rather an arcade game set in the same universe.

    In this light the game does well. The game play is entertaining and trying to get all 3 stars on every stage will keep you coming back for more. I enjoyed how the Declassified missions made the various stages more difficult in different ways, although I fail to see why anyone would opt to NOT play with them on. I played this with a friend on local co op and we beat the entire game in roughly 7 hours on hardcore, doing all the Declassified missions. It had it's difficulties but it wasn't too hard. We still had an entertaining and fun time, but since it lacked an interesting story and really lacked any character development it felt rather bland. The campaign felt like a fun multiplayer variant but didn't deserve a game of it's own. The multiplayer aspect of this game is atrocious. We had no fun at all. It was very constrictive in how you have to play (heaven help you if nobody chooses a Soldier or Engineer), and the gameplay just felt boring even when we played correctly with using all the different character types. I just did the same thing over and over again and there was hardly any real strategy. Horde mode in the previous game was much better although I think that could have done with some more objectives. I was sad to see it go. The main multiplayer is nothing special anymore either. I remember when I played the 1st game's multiplayer. It was so different. You really had to have good squad tactics and use cover in order to perform well, unlike the CoD or Halo games out there at the time. This game felt like they were trying to make it more like CoD or Halo making it Red vs Blue, and it ends up just being the worst of both worlds. They messed with something good, and ended up with something worse.

    I thought this game had a lot of potential and I thought could have had a good story. Their idea was good, but awful execution. They obviously spent way more time trying make a good arcade game rather than a good story and I'm sad they didn't work harder on both. This really should have just been a series of add-ons to the previous game rather than a game of it's own.
  13. Mar 23, 2013
    I used to count on a mix of user reviews with critic reviews to get a good feel for a new game and rather or not it is worth buying. Now with all long running big budget games I see way too many 1s and 0s by these games. (I have played them all and none deserve those ratings!!) All reviews under 4 are clearly trolls and over 10 sound way too much like fanboys, although I can believe that there are some of you who actually like the game that much. Everyone else actually has something useful to offer. Review of GOW Judgment:

    Overall I personally would give this game a 8.8, but I rounded up as giving it an 8 was a little too low. In many ways this game plays the same as the others, but the developers took a few chances and changed a few key aspects of each game mode. I would not say they are vast improvements, just an enjoyable different spin.


    Graphics: 9.2 This area got a little bit of an upgrade from 3. Nice lighting and good effects. The enemies are a bit easilier to spot.

    Gameplay: 8.8 Same as before with changing how weapons switch. You lose a weapon slot but gain a quicker weapon switch. Throwing grenades is easier too. Same flaws from previous games are still present.

    Story: 7.8 I like the new approach in story telling, but the game does seem a bit less epic. I personally would liked if emergence day more of a focus. Villain not as interesting.

    Campaign: 8.5 I know some don't like the arcade options, but I for one really like ways I can challenge myself. They are afterall options and adding different play options is rarely a bad thing. I grew up on old school arcade games so bring on the arcade modes! (they are what sold me on getting this game) Campaign is on the short side. Aftermath is a nice mini campaign to unlock.

    Multiplayer: 8.9 I love overrun. It is my new favorite multiplayer mode. Team I liked a little less then 3. I like survival for good quick arcade mode fix, but I miss horde. Had they included it, this would have been hands down the best gears multiplayer game.

    Overall 8.8
  14. Mar 21, 2013
    Here is a review from a long time Gears fan.

    Campaign: Very fast and very fractured. The campaign lacks the epic feel of the third game to be honest. I know this is a new game and all but the campaign is broken up into small 5-6 minute chunks that dont seem to have very much effect on the story besides getting from point A to point B. The declassified missions are a very fun bonus to
    activate to change up the campaign and get you out of your comfort zone. But the way they are executed makes the campaign feel more like an arcade-like shooter. Shooting as fast as possible to get through the missions quickly. It distracts what has truly captivated me about gears, the beauty and detail. Some of my most memorable moments were in the very beginning of gears 3 when I was on the bridge as Cole. The highway was stretched out over the ocean and it was turned into a make-shift locust camp. Off in the distance was a huge statue over an ocean. It captivated me that I was in this unique universe. I could take my time to admire these things. I feel like I cannot in this installment. The campaign keeps you moving. There is never a quiet moment to just take in the beauty. Some declassified even want you to finish in a certain amount of time rushing the level even more. The way the enemies are placed is what makes it feel quick. You always have to keep moving forward as they continue spawning. Then they end the level and throw you in another one. I was a huge fan of the aftermath campaign though. Was a nice addition. Story was alright and the narration did help tell the story. The characters for the most part were not memorable. Baird lacked his charm and Cole lacked his well, Cole Train attitude. The other two didn't stand out enough to me to warrant being new additions to the gears universe. Multiplayer: The most talked about I am sure. And this is where gears has always shined bright. New additions to multiplayer include the new Overrun mode and domination. Lets start with regular versus. I have never been a fan of shotgun fights in gears. To me they lacked the tactical fighting and use of cover. They always seemed to boil down to the exact same fight every time. Gears 3 started to prove me wrong when they introduced the retro lancer and sawed-off (which surprisingly I did not hate and knew how to counter). But they were quickly dismissed and you received many hateful comments if you used anything but a gnasher. In the versus mode the maps are way more open and way more vertical. They make for a pleasant change to the usual fare of close and tight maps. At the same time this opens up a lot more options for flanking and tactics. At times the maps did seem a little too big and that I was wandering around looking for enemies on certain maps. I really enjoyed these new maps myself along with the new weapon selection. It truly felt like how gears multiplayer should be. Of course the hardcore fanbase will argue that this is not "true gears" but you cannot just remake the wallbouncing gnasher fest that the first 3 games were. Domination is a load of fun and works with this game. Team deathmatch is sadly the only returning mode, as enjoyable as it is I will miss execution and king of the hill. Free for all is a very interesting choice as opposed to wingman which has been so popular in the past. Overall versus made some very bold choices some in the right direction and others not so much. Overrun is possibly my favorite addition to this game. It is furious and tactical. Good cooperation makes or breaks a team. Doesn't matter how good of a shot you are, if you dont work together you are all dead. It is an interesting mechanic that really stresses teamwork and it really works. It was such a blast to fight as humans as your defenses were pushed back and to fight as locust destroying barricades and taking down turrets. The classes actually work for this mode. Every class has its strengths and if you all use them properly you will prosper. Survival is the Human Vs. AI overrun essentially. It is a chance to try and be the new horde mode. Sadly it is not the same good time horde mode was and it doesnt feel the same fighting against AI.
    Overall: The game is great fun. Although the continuity feels a bit off. There are certain things you can do in campaign that you cannot in versus for example; active reload, DBNO, picking up teammates by scruffing their hair. In conclusion the game is a blast to play it feels very fast paced. Sadly it feels like a relatively small package, not that many maps, few game modes and not as many characters skins as previous installments. The game feels a bit skimpy to be a full fledged title to be released for 60 bucks. I feel this new developer can do a good job with the gears universe. It just needs to be done on the standards that Epic has set.
  15. Mar 21, 2013
    This game is absolutely great. Extremely fun to play, and a memorable addition to the Gears franchise. The campaign was very good, and I enjoyed the ability to play as new characters and to really explore the world of Sera and the COG in a way never before, which satisfied the itch to see a great integration of the Gears universe fleshed out in the books into the games themselves. The Multiplayer is great, and OverRun is fantastic! Overall a completely fun game to play that is immensely satisfying. Ignore all the BS hate from haters and trolls, the user score is not an accurate indication of the quality of this game. Expand
  16. Mar 20, 2013
    Not at all up to par with the rest of the series and a bit disappointing in the graphics and mechanics which feel ten years ago technologically. I would like to think that with the modern advances in other shooter games Epic could have made the game a bit less clunky and arcade-like. I could have lived with the forced story line as that is a standard occurence in many games (even if this one is rather lame thus far) but having to follow the prescribed flow of events while using controls and viewing graphics which I could have found a decade ago is not leading to a very enjoyable experience. I will be beating the story line and returning to get something else quickly. Easily killed my love for the series. Expand
  17. Mar 21, 2013
    I went into this game with average expectations based on some of the reviews, but what i found on the multiplayer side of things was worse than I thought. First off let me state that I am a huge Gears fan, it is probably my favorite franchise this gen. When I hopped online in Judgment it didnt even feel like I was playing Gears of War. The removal of DBNO, no locust, only one main weapon, starting out with grenades, and all these juvenile armor skins just made me dislike this game. The multiplayer feels nothing like traditional Gears and maybe that is because they took out everything that made it unique in the first place. I have played around 40 or so matches and I havent had that much fun at all. The online right now is littered with people camping with the Markza because of the newly designed verticality, the Gnasher is very weak, and the aiming in general feels off compared to Gears 3. Also the maps in my opinion are bad. The non-symmetrical layout doesn't play well and I miss the symmetrical layouts all prior Gears games had. One other major problem I have is without locust you cannot tell if the person behind you is a teammate or an enemy. I cannot count how many times baird is yelling behind me and i think it is a teammate only to find out it wasn't and I get retro stabbed. It is too confusing at times having all these cog run around. Also ONLY 4 MAPS! How can you possibly only have 4 maps at launch and think your hardcore fans would be okay with that, its ridiculous. Also the lack of characters is inexcusable as well, and most of the gun camos you have to purchase. I personally hate all the gun and skin camos, i think they make a game feel to arcadey and childish. Overrun though, is a great addition. I have had quite a bit of fun with my friends on this but it might get stale after awhile because it only has 4 maps as well. The campaign isnt great but it isnt bad. It has some cool new additions like declassified missions but these also can ruin the flow of the narrative a little bit. Overall the campaign is solid but lacks on the story side of things, but it will keep you entertained for the 6-8 hours it takes you. Also the additional aftermath campaign is a nice addition. Overall I just feel they dropped the ball on this game. It is by no means unplayable, but in the Gears universe i feel like it strayed too far from what made it unique. It loses some of that appeal for me and I just hope they mae another Gears for next gen that will feel more like prior Gears games. Expand
  18. Mar 19, 2013
    Great story. You'll want to play it again. Great multiplayer, ultra addicting and 1 extra campaign as a bonus. The game gives you endless hours of playing and yet you won't get bored so easily. The prizeboxes is a great TF2 feeling with the game knowing you don't know what you gonna get. What can I say about the game? 10/10
  19. Mar 20, 2013
    doesn't feel like Gears, trying to be like other games. only 3 real kinds of multiplayer games; tdm, free for all, domination. no Horde. new controls. throw grenade with LB. change weapons with Y. LB no longer shows where weapon pick-ups are and where teammates are. there is no button with this function now. only one primary type weapon and a pistol. it's still called an active reload, but it's really not. there is just a fat white line that you have to hit when reloading and that is how you reload your gun. there is no added damage (at least that I've noticed).
    everyone has a grenade now, not a pick-up weapon anymore.
    grenades are very hard impossible to plant.
    also the grenades stick to whoever they are thrown at now.
    ink grenades don't seem to stun. just walk right through them and take minimal damage.
    not enough maps for each game mode.
    have to pick up ammo. run out of ammo all the time if you don't pick some up.
    some of the maps are built kind of like a maze where there are areas that have no importance, but take forever to get through.
    i guess domination was supposed to replace KOTH, but it is a completely different game mode, not really comparable, and it is just like every other game like Call of Duty.
    instead of cogs vs locust, it's just red cogs vs blue cogs.

    this game is basically the same thing as Gears 3 just with less features. it looks the same visually. they would have been better off just making another season pass for 3 and putting these maps on there
  20. Mar 25, 2013
    This is even gears of war anymore. Multiplayer mode is destroyed while only the campaign seems to stick to gears tradition, and it still sucked. Y to switch weapons, cant be revived anymore, terrible graphics, no active reload, the list goes on and on... If you loved gears in the past, this is not the game for you.
  21. Mar 21, 2013
    Let me start by saying that i'm 35. Like many of my friends, Gears is the reason i've bought an xbox in 2006 and the only reason i subscribe to xbox live. I'm not interested in COD who have dumb down FPS to a point of no return. The first Gears was dark, short quote from protagonist and action packed but still, you needed to use the cover system and apply some strategy or you would be out in no time. The whole trilogy campaign was EPIC. The complete opposite of most game at that time. Gears was not a fast game and people liked it this way. Gears 2 tried and successfully success to bring things to a new level. Yes they had major problem with connection at launch, it took almost 3-6 month to have a good patch for the game. But it was in some ways a blessing. True Gears stayed... others left. Gears 2 was near perfect. When Gears 3 released we kind of felt Epic was trying to bring new people to the franchise more guns, more power weapons, bright colors. Horde 2.0 huge success. Many complaint about the sawed-off but in the whole picture it was still Gears...

    Then Judgment: If you played the previous iteration's campaign who were Epic in scale and story you will be greatly deceived by this arcadish feel. The campaign doesn't feel dumbed down but i would say younged-down i really don't understand who they are trying to appeal. Enough said about the campaign, lets move to the multi portion. The first thing you'll notice is the very little amount of mode and maps offered here. Theay have chosed to remove the locust of multiplayer match. Only Cog vs Cog. The only locust you'll see are in the Overrun mode that is kind of a Beast 2.0 from Gears 3. Many little tweaks of previous games have disappeared. They actually tried to bring Gears to a fast paced shooter, which is actually not really Gears...

    To sum up, i don't really know where they want to go with this franchise i love so much, but the result is, with Judgment, they are going away from my xbox...
  22. Mar 22, 2013
    It reminds me of "when critics and gamers disagree" situation. This is the weakest Gears game, played them all. It should be dlc instead of full price game. It looks like People Can Fly got clear instruction: create few missions, do not screw up original game mechanics. It sooo the same, campaign is boooring and story is completely flat. Then you have extra campaign mission. I thought: "yes, it could not be that bad, here is where Gears begins, its dark and feels like Gears" but then it finishes right away. Narration type is of the worst possible kind, retrospection. This means nothing bad will happen to the one who is speaking, and all squad is speaking. 3 minutes short levels do not help either. On the contrary it is very bad idea, becouse all atmosphere is immediately lost. Minor changes to multi and few new maps is much too less to grade this game as high as metacritic average. Weak and boring to me. Expand
  23. Mar 23, 2013
    I though this Gears game was a lot more fluid than previous games. The mechanics to me seemed smoother and for once in multiplayer when I actually shot people they died. Which didn't happen a lot in other Gears games if you used a Lancer. Overall I was a bit shocked to see such low scores. The single player campaign narrative wasn't my style, just get on with it. But the new weapons seemed to fit, I thought they might seem out of place with it being a prequel. The Declassified missions seemed more like a gimmick than anything, but does add a bit of replay value to a mission. I think they have done a good job overall in making the game flow a lot better. Expand
  24. Mar 19, 2013
    In this review, I will be reviewing the Multiplayer side of this game only. Now, lets get down to business. We all know about the new additions to MP, such as Overrun and Free For All. I have to say, Overrun is very fun and addicting. However, I do think that Horde should have been thrown in as well. Survival Mode, which is supposed to be the sort-of equivalent of Horde, does not live up to Horde. Everyone enjoyed hopping online with their friends and going until 4 in the morning trying to reach level 50. Why screw around with that? That being said, Overrun does help make up for Horde's absence. The mechanics of Overrun are simple and fun. Moving on to the versus aspect of MP, I must get this out of the way: 4 maps is NOT ENOUGH. While I realize that Overrun has two maps to itself, 4 is not even close to enough for MP. Gears 3 had 10 maps, and that was the perfect number. Why was the number scaled back? Surely it couldn't have been for a lack of room. While this doesn't bore me right now, I can see myself getting very tired of these maps in the weeks to come. The problem is is that there just isn't enough. A couple of other things that annoy me: the removal of Down But Not Out and the revival aspect, the inability to carry a shotgun and a lancer, the new "spotter" grenades, and the Cog on Cog action makes it tough at time to single out your enemies. Now, all of that being said, Gears of War Judgment does get a lot of things right. The map design is, as always, magnificent. The maps are now layered and vertical. I think they are the perfect size. Furthermore, the addition of the moving set pieces on the maps adds an interesting layer that was absent in previous Gears maps. Also, I prefer the new respawn sytsem. There's nothing more boring than sitting at a respawn screen waiting to get back in. I came to play the game, not sit and wait. The ability to carry a grenade on your person is a welcome addition but seeing as it replaces your shotgun secondary it peeves me. Some things are tried and true in video games. Why did they feel the need to screw around with that. The action is fast paced and the graphics are pretty amazing. I think this is the current generation of console being stretched to its limits. Wrapping up, I feel that Gears of War Judgment could have very well been a great game. However, its shortcomings really do hold it back. The 4 maps thing seems like a ploy to get more people to buy their Season Pass, which REALLY irks me. For that, I give Judgment a "Good" 7 out of 10. Expand
  25. Mar 19, 2013
    The only person i recommend this game to is Call of Duty enthusiasts. It's taken what made Gears a standout shooter, in a market that's been flooded by shooters already, and pushed it into the mold of any fly by night shooter out there. Starting with the campaign, i actually enjoyed it quite much. That's only because I'm a hardcore Gears fan and smile every time a reference is made or a old characters voice came over the radio. Other than that, it's just a linear succession of rooms where you pop out and shoot whatever is attacking and move up. This game play is entertaining if only because of the "Declassified" sections of the game. These area's allow you to beef up the difficult for extra points toward your star rank by hindering circumstances like decreasing visibility, restricting you to only a certain weapon or clearing the level in a set amount of time. If offers a slight tweak that allows for some changes in game play that keep it fresh enough not to bore you into submission. Multiplayer, on the other hand, is atrocious to say the lest. The originality that made Gears a staple in online shooters is completely shot in the foot as soon as you get into a match. With an embarrassing amount of playable characters (8), maps (4), and game modes (4), this installment is hardly a Gears of War game. With game modes like Free-For-All, Domination and Team Deathmatch, Judgement could be mistaken for a 3rd Person Call of Duty. The similarities don't end there, unfortunately. With a new control scheme, weapons are no longer accessed via the DPad but instead, you switch weapons with the Y button. Also, grenades are now mapped to their own button, the LB button. While this does speed up the game play by allowing you to switch weapons while roadie running or to quick toss a grenade, it takes all originally away from the game, leaving it, again, looking like a Call of Duty clone. When the first Gears game was released, players were introduced to modes like Annex, Warzone, Execution and Guardian, something they've never experienced before. And when game modes were introduced, like Capture the Leader or Team Deathmatch (GoW3), they had their own Gears spin on things, making it fresh to play. This game feels old as hell and done 100 times over. And to top it all off, it just feels like one of those $40 games like Halo 3: ODST, that are simply fan games to hold you off until Gears 4 comes out. I'm a hardcore Gears fan, i've got all of the books, games, and even a Marcus statue, but there is no amount of fan-dom that can hold this game back from being just a shame to the series in general. Don't waste your money. Expand
  26. Mar 19, 2013
    The formula has been tweaked, not completely redone. Developer People Can Fly teaming up with Epic Games is probably the best thing that could happen to Gears, Campaign mode finds Kilo Squad (Baird, Cole, and two new to the Gears universe Sofia and Paduk) recalling their journey that brought them to trial for treason and a few other crimes. You play through each characters testimony and it's intriguing enough to keep you playing and a fun story mode. Declassified missions manipulate a certain part of Gameplay to add a challenge but reward to each mission. This adds a refreshing variety to the Gears series that is very welcome. The multiplayer is top notch as ever. If you're reading this review you must have an idea of Overrun, which is somewhat similar to horde vs beast mode and it's phenomenal. The new domination mode mirrors annex with domination in most multiplayer games, with enough previous influence it's quite fun too. Free for All mode is great but with Domination it's confusing, usually COG vs COG soldiers and it's hard to differentiate between teammates in Domination. Survival takes place of Horde and while much like Overrun it doesn't feel as deep and rewarding playing against bots. Customization is abundant and plentiful, many ribbons and metals, skins, and rewards alike. I'll try to keep this more brief but Judgment is a must buy for any Gears fan and a damn good game in general, it's a fresh way to approach Gears and reinvigorate the series with new found life. Expand
  27. Mar 20, 2013
    What can I say about my enticement of Gears of War. I went into this game a little skeptical and cautious, this was the first Gears not developed by Epic which worried me, but it was headed by a studio who made a great game by the name of Bulletstorm and was also owned by Epic so it wasnt to far from the roots like Halo and 343. The game keeps a brisk pace through its campaign, that, without the massive set pieces we are accustomed to, was decent in its own right, despite the final boss being rather on the easy and anti climactic side. It holds up to the other three, not surpassing but its up there. The multiplayer is superb, I just wish original game types were there, and the new Overrun mode is enough to warrant multiple replays in that department. The departure of horde had me a little upset, and survival is good but doesnt hold a torch to Horde. The control scheme will take getting used to, but it still plays like Gears and thats all that matters, right? Its a solid addition to the already great franchise, hopefully expansion will bring other content besides the basic map pack and skin customization. Expand
  28. Mar 21, 2013
    Wtf with those bad reviews?

    I mean, I can understand there is bad review but not that much for a really good game!

    The only downfall of this episode is for the player who did all the previous episodes! If it's your first one, like me, it's an awesome game
  29. Mar 31, 2013
    I pre-ordered this because Gears. I have spent literally thousands of hours on this series and this by far is the weakest. They have a 'VIP' zone, splitting the community into 2 groups. WE ONLY GET 4 MAPS, No DBNO, no meatshields, no active reload, ONLY COMES WITH 5 CHARACTERS, the execution DLC just released includes 1 map with a seriously poor tacked on take on 'execution' The campaign should be called arcade mode as is it no way cinematic, just a start-stop point grab. Avoid this game if you want to preserve your fond memories of gears. Gears of war 3 was perfect. This looks slightly better, yet plays worse. The most disturbing thing is the microtransactions. EPIC have created more custom suits and weapons to charge you a ridiculous price for, THESE SKINS COME ON THE DISC. We are paying to unlock them, on top of the DLC and game. this review would of been expletive if It was allowed. Expand
  30. Mar 19, 2013
    what a great game! The multiplayer is awesome. the new over run mode is as tense as horde mode on level 50. the graphics r amazing so many beautiful colors that i never thought i would see in a gow game. combat is more intense than ever. The new smart spawn system is a great add to the campaign as well. have enjoyed every part of this game hope there will be another like this.
  31. Mar 21, 2013
    this entry is indeed the weakest of the series. the constant dumbing down of our games these days is becoming tedious. numerous devs including the new epic (minus cliffy b, now i see why he left epic) and people fly, are dumbing down, and "younging-down" our games. stop it. this game is a rent, just so you can see what i mean and perhaps so you can experience the free for all multiplayer which is one of the only things i liked about it. dont you dare buy this game if you havnt yet. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. May 9, 2013
    It's Gears 3, minus pacing and ambition. It's still fantastically enjoyable, but it's easily the least interesting Gears game. [June 2013, p.64]
  2. May 7, 2013
    Judgment shows that the People Can Fly team knows its way around triple-A titles. They managed to squeeze a lot out of Unreal Engine 3 – the game looks great even compared to Crysis 3, which set new standards in terms of visuals, also on consoles. And when the technology restrained them, they creatively found a way around limitations. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.60]
  3. Apr 21, 2013
    Judgment feels a bit like an excuse to provide the Xbox 360 with one last first-party game for what is likely to be its final year as Microsoft’s flagship game platform.