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  1. Sep 15, 2010
    This GAME IS FULL OF S%#T, go rot in hell. All you xbox 360 fanboys look like Marcus's screwed up wife! So yeah I h8 this game so that's it I am going to say and I did this so xbox 360 will be gone.
  2. Dec 5, 2010
    I'm not quite sure where the appeal for this game is. I've played up to a certain point, and have not seen many redeeming qualities. The story is... mediocre, sound is okay, music is fine, gameplay mechanics work well enough, but at the end, I really don't care about any of these characters. There's no incentive for me to keep playing, really. In a way, it got boring fighting the same sort of enemies over and over, with a little variation every now and then with 'bosses'. -- The graphics, in its time, must have been pretty good, but does no one realise that graphics will always get worse over time? Praising a game for its amazing visuals while ignoring its faults is akin to people being famous for being famous. Something more lasting: a new, innovative graphical technique, or an interesting use of an old one (like Left 4 Dead's film techniques), an amazing story (Final Fantasy Tactics, lots of RPG's), those sort of things make a game that will be remembered as a good game for a long time to come. -- This game isn't really even worth it's money right now. let alone five years from now because it just isn't that fun. Expand
  3. Dec 5, 2010
    This game is so overhyped! I can't believe how it it said to beat the ps3 exclusives or the x360 games lik Halo and Uncharted 2. But then when I look at the kind of people who find this game appealing I realise hey are the type of people who like anything. Even critics say the game has good graphics - but it doesn't! Play any ps3 exclusive like gt5, ps home, uncharted, FFXIII (I know it's not exclusive but it has great graphics), ratchet and clank etc. and you will realise how this game looks like a ps2 game. The gameplay is clunky and the controls are awkward. It sucks. Expand
  4. Apr 13, 2011
    Completely overhyped and overrated. Gamers were basically told that we are supposed to like this game and many never bothered to question that. Read the summary on this game then ask someone who likes GoW why they do. Nine times out of ten their answer will sound like they are reading the summary, almost like rehearsed lines. Clunky gameplay, darkness instead of graphics, overuse of cover system to the point of boredom, very short game (for what was a top dollar release), cliche everything, and nothing new enough to balance just how tired and clearly "borrowed" so much of this game was- all with a sheen of gore and machismo so over the top it is almost laughable. This game had great appeal for people like the movie going audiences that laud each new release as the best movie ever until the next movie comes out, but in the annals of gaming it is a minor embarrassment and little more. Expand
  5. Sep 26, 2011
    Graphics are nice, and the characters have some personality. However the game is very boring, I found myself staying in cover too much for too long and it ultimately became boring. Also getting killed when trying to navigate through a level, made the pacing way too slow.

    I don't mind taking cover, as long as the game lets me roam around without getting killed constantly.

    It had the
    potential to be something great but it disappointed. Expand
  6. Dec 2, 2011
    One of the most overrated game I've ever played. There is fun to be had here but it's tough to enjoy with the truly awful A.I and tedious gameplay. At release, it had great multiplayer which was unfortunately full of bugs and connection issues. The only appeal this game has is the pretty (but dated) graphics and decent core gameplay and "decent" is generous.
  7. Nov 13, 2012
    Standard blockbuster, big explosion, big muscles, no brains gaming come to life. Barely got through it, because it was so damn boring. The end boss was the most unimaginative bosses i have ever seen! 4 /10 Because it is payable and not broken!
  8. Jan 11, 2014
    Writing these reviews at the end of a generation really let's you not only see what games stood the test of time but also lets you add that games contribution to the industry as part of the reviewing process. Gears of War did not stand the test of time and the only contributions it had to the industry were negative. First let me mention how this game got it's score of 3, it is one of the only games on the 360 with split screen co-op multiplayer and one of the best gaming experiences I have had was with Halo's co-op multiplayer playing split screen with a friend. Me and the same friend were overjoyed at the fact this would carry on into the new generation and had fun with Gears of War, but that joy would be short lived as the push for online began. This game seems to have been the start of the trend for what would become generic for this generation, a brown looking cover based shooter with a story based around massive men with no personalities, just huge guns. This game was fun the first time around but it inspired nothing and is easily forgotten about, I can't remember the story at all. Overall Gears of War was **** on a stick worth a nostalgic run through if you have a friend you wish to torture and you can pick it up for a pound. Expand

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  1. The hallmark of Gears' weapon design is the balance of powerful tools with critical, exploitable weaknesses, and it's executed with real finesse.
  2. 100
    Each stage is memorable...They all combine for an unforgettable adventure through 36 hectic, desperate hours of a group of soldiers' lives...A visual and visceral masterpiece.
  3. If you're a graphics whore, you absolutely, positively need to pick this game up. To say that Gears of War features "next-gen graphics" is a gross understatement. It's got the most impressive graphics ever seen in a video game, and the stellar art direction only makes it more beautiful.