Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 38
  2. Negative: 23 out of 38
  1. Mar 24, 2011
    Sanctum of Slime presents us the new ghostbusters as they must defeat an old demon. A fun arcade game, full of action and many interesting moments, that feels kind of repetitive and falls flat in many areas, but a fun experience overall. Highly recommended if you play with three friends.
  2. Apr 4, 2011
    In the end Ghostbusters: Sanctum of the Slime feels like many of the other dungeon crawling, top down shooter titles released over the years and that lack of innovation is this title's ultimate downfall.
  3. Apr 1, 2011
    If you're a diehard Ghostbusters fan who sleeps in a Ghostbusters bed, takes your food to school/work in a Ghostbusters lunchbox, and can recite every line from both Ghostbusters flicks, chances are you'll get your money's worth out of Sanctum of Slime. Everyone else will find a pedestrian shooter that doesn't live up to the Ghostbuster name.
  4. Mar 29, 2011
    This game has some features we like from downloadable games and some others we don't. It offers simple and constant action, and a fun cooperative multiplayer, both offline and online, but it gets repetitive soon and has some desperate AI flaws.
  5. Mar 29, 2011
    I recommend that if you are thinking of getting this game, try and get three of your mates to get it as well. Then, get your Ghostbusting ass online for some co-op. That way, you may feel like its money well spent.
  6. Apr 4, 2011
    Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is recommended only for the lovers of the films with friends to play. The AI is frustrating, the design really poor and repetitive. This time the Ghostbusters have failed.
  7. Mar 28, 2011
    Beyond the general lack of Ghostbustiness, the repetitive design work, poor humor, and the irritating weapon-swapping forced upon me made me feel like I had just been slimed.
  8. Mar 26, 2011
    It's short and not much fun.
  9. Dec 12, 2011
    Had this not leveraged the Ghostbusters license, we'd probably not even be talking about this game.
  10. Mar 28, 2011
    At the end of the day, Ghostbuster: Sanctum of Slime is a fun romp for the first few levels, and if you don't expect much after that then you'll be on the right track. Because...We came. We saw. We left disappointed.
  11. games(TM)
    May 22, 2011
    A fairly competent twin-stick competitive shooter. [Issue#109, p.122]
  12. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    May 22, 2011
    A distinctly sludgy shooter. [June 2011, p.102]
  13. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Apr 25, 2011
    Too few varieties of enemy are included, sporting little variance of attack approach, to entertain anything other than your base reflexes. [Issue#71, p.102]
  14. Apr 3, 2011
    Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime combines average level design, bad AI and repetitive gameplay. You will probably be happy when you see the credits.
  15. Mar 28, 2011
    A clear cash in on fans of the original movie.
  16. May 16, 2011
    In the end, referring to Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime by its abbreviated name, Ghostbusters: S.O.S., is probably the most appropriate thing to do. Even without the license, this is a game that's on life support. Coming in at 800 MSP ($10), it may seem like a fun impulse purchase, but your money is better spent by tracking down a used copy of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Even for the hardcore fans, there really isn't much to see here.
  17. Mar 30, 2011
    Recycled environments and mediocre gameplay overwhelm the multiplayer positives of this lackluster Ghostbusters adventure.
  18. Mar 23, 2011
    For the most part, the game is just boring with lackluster gameplay and reused environments, and then it gets frustrating. Toss in issues I didn't even mention such as unresponsive weapons and repetitive music, and I know I wouldn't want to suit up for this one.
  19. May 16, 2011
    Worst deal ever for the Busters fan out there: no classic movie team, lame new characters and the worst gathering of ghosts ever seen.
  20. 40
    Unless ghostbusting is in your very marrow, Sanctum isn't worth the headaches. [June 2011, p.88]
  21. Apr 13, 2011
    Overall, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime has some great ideas that would have made for an excellent game if the execution had been done well. The repetitive nature of the game, the unintelligent AI and the lack of drop-in/drop-out play are key problems within the title that let it down massively. This is one Xbox Live Arcade title that should be avoided.
  22. Apr 4, 2011
    Outside of climbing up the leaderboards or finding every hidden item, there's little reason to return to the game once you've played through it once.
  23. Apr 1, 2011
    I hate to use the term "cash-in" but there really isn't any other description for Sanctum of Slime.
  24. Mar 31, 2011
    The absence of the original cast, along with some poor gameplay mechanics and dated graphics, make Sanctum of Slime almost unworthy even for its 10 euros price tag.
  25. Mar 28, 2011
    If it's the genre you're after, grab Lara Croft instead, or maybe dig up a copy of Hunter: The Reckoning from last-gen. If you're a die-hard Ghostbusters fan, there's a passable fix to be had here – just don't expect too much.
  26. Mar 28, 2011
    It isn't an awful game, by any measure – just a terminally dull one.
  27. Mar 25, 2011
    With the mood alternating between boredom and exasperation, Sanctum Of Slime is a spirit-crushing exercise that only a committed masochist could appreciate.
  28. Mar 24, 2011
    Even more mind-boggling, why would Atari release this pile of drivel when they had such a good thing going with Ghostbusters: The Video Game? It's a crass, extremely rude money grab that's designed to suck $10 out your pocket while simultaneously giving the middle finger to our aging Ghostbusters. I cannot recommend Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime to anyone, even the most dedicated fan.
  29. Mar 29, 2011
    I love the Ghostbusters and was really looking forward to some fresh protoplasmic delights, but this one just didn't quite fit the slimy form.
  30. Apr 27, 2011
    Sanctum of Slime is ultimately a missed opportunity that deserves to be missed.
  31. Apr 6, 2011
    Ghostbusters: SOS will break you down, challenging your patience and your goodwill toward the franchise. Even if you're a diehard Ghostbusters fan, don't let yourself be duped: this game is a waste of your $10.
  32. Apr 6, 2011
    Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime doesn't deserve the name 'Ghostbusters'. It's simply a terrible product that drops everything that makes Ghostbusters such an iconic franchise: the humour, characters and the ghosts. Even Ecto-1 has been replaced. What remains is an empty shell that doesn't contain a single drop of fun.
  33. Apr 1, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  34. 30
    The only really enjoyable thing in this game is the Ghostbusters orginal theme song in the menues. Yup, it's that bad.
  35. Apr 1, 2011
    Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime is nothing more than a great disappointment. The gameplay is repetitive and lacks creative thought, and the same goes for the story and enemy design. The fact that players cant jump in or out of ongoing games is yet another problem, and the use of the Ghostbusters licence is completely wasted.
  36. Mar 27, 2011
    Sanctum of Slime is a bad top-down shooter with problematic co-op elements that makes terrible use of a beloved license. The game design is banal, the online co-op has issues and the single-player is an exercise is pained frustration.
  37. Mar 28, 2011
    The difficulty ramps up so much by the game's finale that I'm not convinced it's even possible for a solo player to finish this thing. And even if you could, I'm not sure why you'd want to; Sanctum of Slime has little to offer the die-hard Ghostbusters fan, and even less for the twin-stick shooter crowd.
  38. Mar 27, 2011
    You'll find Ghostbusters: SoS to be more of a matter of endurance than enjoyment, even if you and the three biggest fans of Ghostbusters sat down to play while drunk. It's a huge fumble and an exercise in lazy game development in almost every facet of the game, with heavy repetition, very little content, and a not anything else to do after you've played through it once...Listen to the advertising: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime sucks.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 21 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 15 out of 21
  1. Apr 6, 2011
    The initial announcement of Sanctum of Slime got me excited. Iâ
  2. Mar 25, 2011
    When I first read about another Ghostbusters game, I was stoked. Then I read a little more, it was to be a top-down download-only arcadeWhen I first read about another Ghostbusters game, I was stoked. Then I read a little more, it was to be a top-down download-only arcade shooter. Why? The first current-gen Ghostbusters game was both a critical and commercial success, why not give the Ghostbusters fans more of what they want, a proper sequel. Instead we get this garbage, a shoddy attempt to grab quick cash from the pockets of fanboys like myself. The game is a four-player co-op shooter with an isometric view. There is no drop-in drop-out gameplay so if someone wants to quit, and they will, you have to start the level you are on over. You fight different ghosts using different settings on your proton-pack that correspond to the color of the ghost you are battling at the moment. Basically you move from room to room, get locked in, battle a set of ghosts, lather, rinse, repeat. Your character is controlled via the dual-stick method like in Geometry Wars or similar games although to a less successful extent. When a player gets knocked out another must come over and quickly mash buttons to revive him, which works ok if you are playing with friends, but if you're alone depending on the AI get used to restarting a lot. The AI is terrible here, standing in corners, running in circles and generally not doing any of the things they should be doing to help you bust ghosts and stay alive. Graphics are terrible, last-gen bad and sometimes worse, and believe it or not, a game that looks this bad has framerate issues. The story is told through poorly drawn comic book style static panels. I have a large 1080p LCD TV and I found it hard to read the text sometimes, I can imagine how impossible it must be for someone with an SDTV to play this game. The theme song is there, that's a plus, and its about the only thing cool about this game. You play as four new paranormal exterminators, not the original cast which makes this game even less exciting than it could have been. All in all this game fails on all levels. It is boring, has a terrible story, terrible graphics, broken gameplay and is a slap in the face to the fans. Don't waste your money, while the game is relatively cheap, its not worth it. Full Review »
  3. Dec 15, 2013
    Ok so sanctum of slime. Cheesy yet ok for the price of $2.00 off xbox live. I played this entire game and it brought back memories of playingOk so sanctum of slime. Cheesy yet ok for the price of $2.00 off xbox live. I played this entire game and it brought back memories of playing with my brother when we were kids on the sega genesis, a juvenile play. Although the gameplay and graphics were all too close to the retro system. The game for me was a little short and they just kept on repeating maps and ghouls over and over. The cutscenes were lame and poor taste for comics. 5 Full Review »