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  1. 83
    Even if most of the modes are just variations of existing ones, they're still a hell of a lot of fun to play. Chopper versus Chopper mode and the Road Rash-style races breathe new life into GTA4's multiplayer, and additional apparel gives you new options for customizing your online persona.
  2. Now that the instruction manuals are short and avoidable, and the retail boxes are losing its importance, The Lost and Damned is the answer to the future of downloadable contents. Rockstar brings the fan new features for both campaign and multiplayer sides, and a single player experience with nearly 12 hours of duration that makes this exclusive expansion a highlight for GTA IV supporters.
  3. Before its release, The Lost and Damned was pegged as an “epic” expansion, but in reality it is more of a B-sides album - a compilation of songs that will never become runaway hits, but are essential to understanding a musician’s work. The story about Johnny who quarreled with Billy and then duped the Italian Mafia is too weak and clichéd to stand on its own. The dialogue is still witty, the satire is razor-sharp as usual, but TLAD is just a Band-Aid for the gaps in the original story.
  4. AceGamez
    But the best thing about the expansion is how it fails to outstay its welcome.
  5. Although the story gets lost on its trip down the highway of quality with plot holes along with a sometimes too-unlikable cast of Harley-loving ruffians, druggies, murderers and criminals, the first DLC content for GTA IV is still a solid game that gives full-price gameplay for a discount price.
  6. But that's alright - for a $20 add-on, you get a lot for your money with The Lost and Damned. The quality of the acting, cutscenes, story, and missions is just as good as in GTAIV, and the convenience of not having to switch discs is handy.
  7. The new music and radio stations are a testament to the attention to detail you'd expect from Rockstar. They went all out to secure new music for the game as well as create brand new shows, ads and news stories, which is fantastic.
  8. Rockstar has embellished the world it created with GTA4 with a story that is not only original in its own right, but functions as another element of Liberty City as a whole. Rather than just a few new missions and weapons, TLAD adds a whole new dimension to the experience, setting a high standard for what DLC should be.
  9. The sheer amount of content in The Lost and Damned is truly impressive considering its modest twenty dollar asking price. With its lengthy single-player experience that provides a good amount of new content, while also shedding light on some of the events of GTA IV, as well as its enjoyable new multiplayer options, it would be impossible to not recommend this title to fans of the series. Hell, the inclusion of checkpoints in every mission throughout the expansion, avoiding the frustration experienced in GTA IV from having to drive back to every mission after failing, is worth it alone.
  10. It's been a difficult task judging the Lost and Damned because really, there's no DLC package like it. The production, scope and sheer amount of content is equal to some full releases and Rockstar could've easily put it in a box and sold it for 20 quid. But it's not on the shelves and it's not more than fifteen quid, which makes it a terrific bargain.
  11. What struck me most about the downloadable content was the sheer size of it. To put it simply, it is huge. The 2GB download may take a while but compared to the 12 hours it will take to finish the story and the addition of new multiplayer modes, boy is it worth it.
  12. 100
    This is how DLC’s got to be. Over 20 new missions, new characters, new weapons and save points during missions (finally!) make this an extraordinary add on for an extraordinary game. Sadly it’s exclusive for 360.
  13. If you own GTAIV for the Xbox 360 you would be crazy not to go on Xbox Live and buy this game.
  14. Guaranteed however, is a game that will now act as the benchmark for downloadable content, an engrossing and emotional supplement that augments the original in every way possible, essential for any GTA fan, and a damned good investment for anyone else.
  15. The Lost and Damned is a lot like the game which spawned it. Flawed in some areas but has a considerable amount of content for the investment. The gameplay improvements are welcomed but this is essentially the same game.
  16. Instead, it's approaching the kind of package most developers would have few qualms about boxing up and selling to you full-price as an entirely new game.
  17. A new story, new missions, new vehicles, new weapons, new music and even some new online modes put this expansion above almost anything else ever seen in downloadable content. The new stuff would be enough to justify the investment and for the fans The Lost and Damned can't be missed.
  18. Rockstar North re-defines downloadable content standards, giving the players a huge game experience, that can compete with fully priced products. Obviously, gameplay mechanic and game structures are very similar to GTA IV ones; that means repetitious missions and variety lack. Anyway, a great plot, few changes in the base formula, and interesting characters make Lost & Damned an exciting expansion pack.
  19. For 1600 MS points gamers will get a entirely new perspective on one of last years most engaging title. The Lost and Damned goes above the call of duty providing an excellent adventure back in the city that really never sleeps, Liberty City.
  20. 100
    The 8-10 hour story mode alone would be worth a crisp Jackson, but the fact that it comes packaged with new rides, new music, new forms of entertainment, new side missions and a handful of new multiplayer modes is simply outrageous for that price. L&D is easily the most well conceived and well-executed piece of downloadable content ever, and it sets a new bar for interactive storytelling that won’t soon be matched.
  21. The Lost and Damned makes me feel bad for PlayStation 3 owners everywhere. Gamers on the GTA hate train won’t find anything to change their minds here, but series fans shouldn’t miss this incredibly deep expansion pack.
  22. It’s one of the most impressive and purposeful pieces of DLC to date and I for one can’t wait to see what the guys at Rockstar have in store for us in the next episode.
  23. Building off an already impressive design set by its predecessor, this DLC pack only shows what awesome scenarios can be told in future content packs. Its story can feel disjointed at points, but it is contained between exciting missions and just about the exact amount of time you'd feel comfortable roaming around in a downloadable title.
  24. We're pleased that this new add-on experience doesn't stray far from the source material. At the same time, there is a certain been-there, done-that feeling, and Johnny's ongoing clashes with biker gang boss Billy are so telegraphed that they fall flat compared to the (by comparison) subtle nuances of Niko's story.
  25. It's an extremely solid effort, and feels like a full release title.
  26. It tells an intriguing tale, the very definition of value for money, and the environment of Liberty City is just as amazing as ever. That said, if you weren’t a fan of GTA IV in the first place (yes, all three of you), this DLC doesn’t reinvent the wheel enough to win you back to the fold.
  27. 90
    While it may start slow, its got enough action and new content to make it well worth the wait.
  28. Rockstar has done a good job of giving fans more content to please their violent tendencies, and the characters and moments in The Lost and Damned prove to be just as memorable and enjoyable as GTA IV.
  29. There was a lot of buzz around The Lost & Damned, but in the end it was all worth it. The game offers a nice storyline with a couple of pretty decent missions, some entertaining side-missions and a very tasteful multiplayer. But, there remains a little voice in our head that says that Rockstar could have done more, because of the repetitive structure of the missions and a storyline that didn't feel like a real surprise. Still, GTA IV is one of the best games money can buy and is, without a doubt, the best in it's genre.
  30. More Stone Cold than Easy Rider, and filled with enough pseudo-biker machismo to prove it, TLAD can't escape the vice-like grasp of GTAIV's juvenile form. TLAD consists of minor tweaks, but it's all essentially just more.
  31. If you didn't enjoy GTA IV, then The Lost and Damned won't change your mind about the game. If you did, however, you're going to love this downloadable expansion.
  32. Numerous new missions, features and a brand new story that is not only intertwined with the original, but also complements to the living spirit of the city. In the end Rockstar once again accomplished to deliver a game that leaves the competitors far behind. This is a clear buying recommendation for all owners of the original!
  33. In terms of new content, Lost & Damned is bursting at the seams.
  34. Games Master UK
    By far the best chunk of DLC ever devised, adding another rick chapter to the story. [Apr 2009, p.61]
  35. games(TM)
    There’s an obvious luxury to riffing on a masterpiece that other games simply can’t enjoy, but that doesn’t make the choice to blow the city wide-open any less brave. [Apr 2009, p.110]
  36. 100
    Rockstar has set the bar for what downloadable content can be and I for one can’t wait to see what the next adventure holds in store.
  37. 90
    If you weren't a fan of Grand Theft Auto IV (or the franchise in general), The Lost and Damned probably isn't for you. While it features more of what made the game great, it also makes some of the same mistakes as the original (though we do love that the replay feature has been improved to take you to a mid-mission checkpoint). However, if you loved GTA IV, it's pretty safe to say that you'll have a great time with the first piece of DLC.
  38. The story and acting are great, the missions are enjoyable and riding around on the retooled bikes is the most fun it’s been in any GTA since Vice City. It’s not going to change the minds of any Niko-haters, but anyone itching to delve back into Liberty City should grab it now.
  39. One of the most robust pieces of downloadable content we’ve ever seen. We’re used to getting a handful of hours, but we were surprised again and again that the missions just kept on coming. There’s a certain level of déjà vu involved and more mission variety would be appreciated, but the new multiplayer options are practically worth the price of admission alone.
  40. TLAD is a great expansion that adds awesome new content, and one that is well worth the investment of time and money for any GTA IV fan.
  41. It's a game about getting something out of it that the developers couldn't have planned for, in the same way LittleBigPlanet or other free-roaming or creatively-driven titles do.
  42. The Lost and Damned gives you everything you could possibly want in a Grand Theft Auto expansion pack.
  43. Despite the high price tag, The Lost and Damned actually offers excellent bang for the buck and raises the bar for all DLC add-ons.
  44. The first of two add-ons form Rockstar satisfies today´s GTA-fan. „The Lost and the Damned“ is not a stand-alone, so you’ll definitely need the main game. It also doesn’t upgrade the main game.
  45. It might weigh in at a massive 1.78Gb of a download, but the sheer volume of new content is the reason why. The Lost and Damned has set a new benchmark for the quality of downloadable content and other developers take note. Two or three hours game time in an unrelated zone hardly comes close to matching this. Quite simply, anyone who enjoyed GTA IV should make downloading this their highest priority.
  46. 90
    The gameplay changes are great and the multiplayer is excellent. If the story and new characters were better, this would be the perfect $20 download. But as it stands, it's still the best available by a long shot.
  47. 86
    The sheer size of this expansion is staggering.
  48. At the end of the day, GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned is a great addon for the series and is not just a quick money making addition to the series but rather something substantial to this franchise.
  49. The Lost and Damned is a great expansion for the Grand Theft Auto-series. The setting of the game is enjoyable; the same goes for the city. The city is still a great and beautiful place to cruise through. When you are getting bored rolling down the same street over and over again, you’ll find that the story in the DLC is pretty interesting. Although some parts of the story don’t fill-in the blank spots, it is still a great game that keeps you almost ten hours of the real streets.
  50. 90
    It's without a doubt one of the best downloadable game expansions ever made, and a truly worthy addition to one of (if not the) defining title of this generation to date.
  51. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    The dark side of the Liberty City is amusing and you will enjoy every new character in the game. Pity, there are only a few interesting missions in this vast and detailed gaming world.
  52. 100
    The expansion to Rockstar Games' blockbuster hit Grand Theft Auto 4 doesn't attempt to expand the scope of neither Liberty City nor the content to be found there. Sure, there are some new cars and multiplayer modes, but the main focus of this expansion is to flesh out the story of Liberty City and it's inhabitants. With Lost And Damned we're invited to join Johnny and his biker associates on their journey through the hardships and seedy sides of Liberty City. This expansion is worth every penny in the price tag.
  53. Live to ride, ride to live. Lost & Damned is finally out with a bunch of new goodies that'll take the DLCs to a new level compared to what we've seen so far on this generation of consoles. Johny Klebitz is a very interesting character that resembles the style of Niko Bellic --not much talking but definitely a lot of action in a complete and fully new GTA experience. New multiplayer modes, weapons, primary and secondary missions and hours of joy in a new benchmark for the DLC.
  54. After a string of disappointing downloadable expansions, for well respected games such as Fable II and Fallout 3, this provides almost everything a Grand Theft Auto IV fan would have been hoping for.
  55. Rockstar have themselves laid it out on the table, and with it, delivered the single greatest piece of downloadable content to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  56. Rockstar scores again, crafting an expansion that feels more like a full priced retail game, than typical Downloadable Content. Lost and Damned is darker, more mature and hopeless than Niko Bellic's previous adventures, and if you liked GTA IV, this pack is worth every single cent.
  57. 90
    With such a wealth of characterization, exceptional narrative, side-quests and good old-fashioned homicide on the sprawling Liberty City streets, Rockstar have delivered us a title that is the first worthy piece of downloadable content of this generation so far.
  58. For the price, it's unmissable, and it proves that Liberty City can support far more than the two pieces of DLC Rockstar has committed to.
  59. Pelit (Finland)
    Excellently written, acted and dramatized. The interweaving stories are pure genius. Character movement control needs tweaking, but that's a minor gripe. [Mar 2009]
  60. Overall, The Lost and Damned is a terrific addition to Grand Theft Auto IV.
  61. We never would have guessed it but they actually pulled it off, driving a motorcycle in LATD is a whole lot better than it was in the original disc-based game and we found ourselves using them exclusively during the play session.
  62. 90
    The Lost and Damned is an excellent, well-produced, complete title. It, deservedly, makes Project Anchorage, Bring Down the Sky and Knothole Island look timid. It makes Half-Life's Episodes look miniscule.
  63. The Lost and Damned is not a traditional DLC, but a full expansion pack. With an average-action-shooter length and a full multiplayer, it's a sweet return to the Liberty City, from a different yet believable point of view. More than worth its 1200 MS, and a must-buy for every GTA fan.
  64. Despite the questionable change to the graphical presentation, The Lost and Damned is a very well developed piece of content for one of the best games of last year.
  65. Sets an amazing standard for what downloadable content can do. It doesn’t just extend the GTA IV experience, but actually builds upon it while feeling fresh and different. If you’re a GTA fan it’s a must-play.
  66. 100
    It's probably the most brilliantly conceived and well-executed expansion pack of its type and it sets the bar amazingly high for all future DLC. The sheer volume of content is staggering, and while cynics may argue about whether it was worth $50 million, we are delighted to report that it's a steal at the paltry 1600 (£13.60) points required to download it from Xbox Live.
  67. It boils down to this: if you have GTAIV on the Xbox 360, buy this expansion. If you don’t have it on the Xbox 360... apologies. In a perfect world, it’d be available on all platforms, but sadly, politics wins out.
  68. This is DLC for the initiated. There's plenty of content here to keep even the most skilled GTA gamer happy for a good number of hours.
  69. 85
    As we said at the beginning of the article, there is not much to discuss. If you liked the original, you must buy this downloadable episode. But if you got tired too soon of GTA IV, you should not.
  70. 75
    A major success, particularly in the areas of animation and characterization. However, The Lost and Damned is also a structural mess, with elements awkwardly borrowed from GTA IV and a story that never gels, resulting in an experience that will leave fans a bit unsatisfied.
  71. Storytelling in The Lost and Damned is also of an exceedingly high standard, with Rockstar once again showing the rest of the industry how it should be done. While we prefer Niko over Johnny as a leading character, the quality of acting here is top notch, perhaps even better than it was in the original, and the tension within the gang is portrayed exceedingly well.
  72. The reason why you have a hard drive on your Xbox 360. A great price and a must have purchase.
  73. The new characters, weapons and other goodies — like new songs and commentary on the radio, new TV shows and even a brand-new stand-up comedy gig — all make the title well worth the $20 price tag for fans.
  74. Lost and Damned is an absolute behemoth of an expansion, providing a fresh perspective on the same city and setting a devilishly high standard for DLC in the future.
  75. To insinuate that The Lost & The Damned is downloadable content is almost an insult to the depth and content that is packed into a tiny 1600 Microsoft Point punch. The Lost & Damned ($20, €19 or £13) is as big a bargain as you could possibly ask for and can offer you a hell of a lot more content than your traditional budget titles and even fully blown retail games, but with 50 times the quality.
  76. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    The best value DLC your MS points can buy an a new benchmark for additional content. Own it. [May 2009, p.98]
  77. The Lost and Damned is a commendable effort from Rockstar and kudos to Microsoft for having the foresight and market power to bring us an Xbox 360 exclusive of a game franchise that was once the jewel in the Playstation's crown.
  78. 90
    The first DLC ever of this size, and Rockstar succeeded in creating a must have for every GTA-fan.
  79. 95
    The most important new thing is the heavy emphasis that is placed on bikes. You are after all part of a bike gang, and as such it never felt quite right to see Johnny driving a car.
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  1. Apr 27, 2011
    10/10 = Masterpiece = This is DLC?? I could've sworn it was a new GTA game and a masterful one at that.
  2. GeorgeD.
    Feb 21, 2009
    The characters are hard to like, and the additional new weapons don't really add anything much to the mix. Add to that convoluted and The characters are hard to like, and the additional new weapons don't really add anything much to the mix. Add to that convoluted and poorly implemented game mechanics and it can really ratchet down the enjoyment factor. The difficulty has peaks and spike that also greatly diminishes the fun to be had in this fairly overpriced mini expansion. Full Review »
  3. Feb 9, 2013
    GTA: TLAD is the most disapointing thing ever. Now just like IV the characters are the same the story makes no sense at all, when you heardGTA: TLAD is the most disapointing thing ever. Now just like IV the characters are the same the story makes no sense at all, when you heard that a new GTA is coming out you were thinking "How bad can it be, it can't be worse than IV, I mean you play as a biker and do everything you did in IV". Yeah until you played the game and it blew you're mind, no Im serious you went straight to the guy who sold you the game to get you're money back and an extra few hours that you wasted. TLAD is in fact worse than IV but its not the worst in the series, like Yoda once said "There is another". 2/10 Full Review »