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  1. Dec 10, 2013
    This game is amazing. From the breathtaking graphics and stunning visuals to the ridiculously huge map size and new mechanics, this is a triumph. Realistic AI for pedestrians, the campaign missions are as fun as they are exciting and GTA Online, although had a rough start, is addicting, fun and offers hours of online entertainment terrorizing San Andreas with friends.
  2. Dec 11, 2013
    Truly a MASTER PIECE in Video Game history. Nothing could come close to this. I even named my child Frankmicatrevor because this game gives me amazing boners.
  3. Dec 13, 2013
    A truly beautiful game. Full of incredible detail and graphics you would expect on Next Gen. The Story finally is on a par with the massive 50 square mile sandbox that is Los Santos and Blaine County. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the perfect goodbye to a beautiful generation.
  4. Dec 13, 2013
    The only reason this is ranked lower than GTA4 is all the PC fanboys coming out to shout and rant. I mean one of the best GTAs ever made is currently ranked below one of the worst just because some people can't accept that their precious PC's have been left out.
  5. Dec 13, 2013
    This deserves a better user score. Many people don't think GTA Online is good. It might not be perfect, but it's great fun. The single player is absolutely fantastic. The three characters are perfectly done, the story is great and the world is just fantastic. If you haven't brought this, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!
  6. Dec 13, 2013
    This game is nothing short of amazing! I have never been so pleased with a game before. This game is fun, original, and adds an entire new level to the open platform of gaming. The guys at volition making saints row should have sat quietly and taken notes. This game has delivered over 36 hours of partial story line and extras I have played so far and i'm sure ill put about 100 more hours before it turns 1 year old. This game brings it all to the table, and for lovers of a previous GTA title, this game has proved to be better and keeps on improving. They put the time into this one, and put the money into making it something enjoyable. In terms of entertainment you will not be disappointing or bored. If i could i would have rated this above a 10. Expand
  7. Apr 4, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V, along with Grand Theft Auto Online, is a great package. The single player is engrossing and epic. The multiplayer will keep you busy for hours. The attention to detail is unbelievable. All must play this game.
  8. Dec 17, 2013
    This game is so much fun. The characters are fantastic, the world will blow your mind and the Online may not be as good as the single-player, but is still really fun. BUY IT, NOW.
  9. Dec 22, 2013
    There are a lot of fake votes with really bad scores for this game. Truth be told, this game is a crowning achievement in the medium. Few games feature as much detail, as much varied gameplay, and as much polish as does GTA V. The missions finally feel fresh and new. Gone are pointless and repetitive missions that plagued the previous games. Gone is the terrible checkpoint system (or lack thereof). What you get with your purchase is around 25 hours of single player story and many more with the online mutliplayer. This game is a masterpiece. Is it perfect? Of course not. No game is. However, anyone that tells you that this game is bad, is either kidding themselves, or has an agenda. Expand
  10. Dec 26, 2013
    Gta 5 is hand down one of the best games ever made! Grand Theft Auto V will not fail to disappoint you
    The city of Los Santos is beautiful no question about it.
    Everything from 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV has been improved for Grand Theft Auto V in Gta 5 rockstar has done one of the greatest, thing in gaming history not just add 1 character but adding 3!
    Michael Franklin and Trevor all 3
    have their own personalities Michael is a professional bank robber who retired in Los Santos want to know why? Go buy the game to see. Franklin a guy who is trying, to separate from the hood.
    And then Trevor a crazy,Hilarious psycho all you need to know without getting into spoilers.
    each character has a special ability.
    Michael has slow motion shooting
    Franklin has Slow motion driving
    and Trevor has rampage
    the last time i gave perfect score to a game was 5 years ago with Grand Theft Auto IV
  11. Dec 28, 2013
    Legit I'm lost for words this I probably one of the best games you will ever play the graphics sometimes are stunningly beautiful, the A.I is good the gameplay is amazing tons of fun and I'm telling you this game in the future is going to be legendary, even though the the online mode is a bit clunky but if you haven't got this game then THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND BUY IT NOW!!! Expand
  12. Dec 30, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best games ever made from the Amazing story to the wide array of things to do that will keep you busy for hours. This game is worth every cent and dollar and will not disappoint at alln
  13. Jan 1, 2014
    GTA V is a game where you can do whatever you want and that makes this game so enjoyable.
    Not only the big world and the big action scenes are outstanding. Also the characters of GTA V are outstanding. Franklin is a person that usually does repo jobs and he lives in the ghetto's. Franklin is the most comparable with CJ from GTA: San Andreas. Michael is more a business guy, who acts like a
    the maffia. He's the leader of the crew. Michael is most comparable with Toni Cipriani from GTA: Liberty city stories. Trevor however is a new type of character and in most people's views the best character of GTA V. Trevor is a psychopath. His mind isn't stable and he rages about the smallest things. The best point about the characters is that they fit each other and Rockstar wasn't afraid to take some risk by asking some moral questions about trust and loyalty though-out the game. Trevor and Michael aren't pretty often on the same page what results in a big argument and that gives us some hilarity. Franklin always tries to bring the peace back, but that doesn't always happen. However the story is great and there is plenty of things to do in GTA V as well as in GTA online. Expand
  14. Jan 11, 2014
    I was never a gta fan until this game, once I started playing I kept playing. I really enjoyed the story mode an the multiplayer definitely deserves game of the year and I hope for future dlc. YOU ROCK ROCKSTAR!!!!!
  15. Jan 6, 2014
    This game is one of the most coolest and best games I ever played it contains the same fun and extra fun from vice city. It has limitless fun and epic action and stunt scenes and the character development is highly appreciable. It has so much of fun, action and epic adventure. Defiantly worth of buying it.
  16. Jan 11, 2014
    This game is fantastic!
    I mean, I've never played other GTA series before and I decided to play GTA 5 because my boyfriend told me it's amazing.
    So I bought it and tried to play it and it was the best decision I've ever made in my life.
    Just like assassin's creed 2, GTA 5 changed my life.
    The atmosphere is so lively so realistic, and I felt like I was actually inside that world

    amazing plot, character ( Michael is so cute) and everything u could ever imagine from the BEST VIDEO GAME
    I don't know how I could describe it in a better way, kinda speechless, just buy it now if u still haven't played it yet and I can assure u that you'll never regret it
  17. Jan 25, 2014
    This game is just amazing. It may have violent things in it, nudity, blood, gore, and all that, but its only a game. Stop being so butt hurt about it, its not a real person doing this, its just a game for people to have fun on, and enjoy themselves. There's so much fun stuff to do, including the online mode, which is just amazing, so is single player, It is so fun, and if you are angry, take it out on this game by doing the violent things in it, if you just want to have fun, so, get it. Plus, kids should be able to play this game, its not like they will do that in real life! Expand
  18. Jan 13, 2014
    GTA IV, while the drama surrounding the gangster Niko Bellic was dark, serious, and had potential, it was ultimately crushed by boring, repetitive gameplay, all of which is fixed in GTA 5. Los Santos, a parody of Los Angeles, is the main attraction of the game, a world with a huge scale to explore, with lots of stuff to do, like watching movies (even though there´s only three movies), drinking, shopping, hunting (although it´s not as useful as Red Dead Redemption´s hunting) competing with other people in triathlons and racing, playing darts, tennis, golf, owning properties, buying cars, guns, upgrades, and, of course, a fair amount of side quests (Strangers and Freaks), as well as Random Encounters. Oh, and killing innocents. This was a massive improvement from GTA IV, and a technical achievement by Rockstar to make such a disgusting world feel alive. However, what´s not improved is the story. The biggest flaw from the writers of this story is relying too much on Trevor, as if that psychopath was the star of the game: he´s not. Michael was stealing the show from the beginning, and while he´s sometimes a bit of a douche, I felt that he could be redeemed from his past behaviour, unlike Trevor, who I disliked playing as him during the main missions or in Free Roam. As for Franklin, there´s barely any character development for him! He´s a gangster living in a bad neighborhood with jackass friends and a crazy aunt, and... that´s pretty much it. Sections of his life can be revealed if you hang out with him, but I wished Rockstar fleshed him out in the main story. Now, the main missions are lots of fun, with a ton of dialogue exchange, and switching to the three characters made the gunplay feel unique, and there´s a lot of variation in the missions, but because that, it was hard to take the story seriously like GTA IV was. Despite it´s flaws, Michael was entertaining all the way, and this game was tons of fun, although I don´t think it deserves Game of the Year. That belongs to The Last of Us or Bioshock Infinite. Overall, a solid game. Expand
  19. Jan 13, 2014
    GTA 5 is an incredibly well written satire on many subjects including the the American dream and modern Advertising. This is especially found in the commentary on the radio stations, particularly Talk Radio. The satire is brilliant and hilarious, and is with out a doubt my favourite thing about GTA 5. The 3 Characters are very well acted, especially Trevor , but the other two are great as well. Games fun as hell too. I find most people that don't like it, don't get the satire in the game or satire in general. Expand
  20. Jan 16, 2014
    Undoubtedly the best GTA game thus far. The freedom this game gives the player is unmatched and it looks better than GTA4. The characters are entertaining The aiming is shoddy, but this is GTA... The aiming and combat is hardly an emphasis. This game is all about freedom and chaos. Within the first 30 hours of playing this game, I'd have given it a solid 10. There really are no games quite like it. Playing online with a car full of friends, reeking havoc, buying apartments, and customizing cars, was thoroughly fun for a while. I recommend this game to anyone looking for a casual yet chaotic gaming experience that they can enjoy with their friends. It is not the best thing since sliced bread, however this is very fun for a while. Expand
  21. Jan 18, 2014
    Everything and more!
    Rockstar always goes the extra mile and they've proved it in there new installment GTA V.
    10/10 in every area could be game of the decade.
  22. Jan 20, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. love the game until the last update that took all my money away that I got legally for online and on story mode dropped my the three guys for me down to one dollar Expand
  23. Jan 22, 2014
    (Entry 2)
    Grand Theft Auto 5 is the second best game of 2013 in my list of favorites do to the massive open world full of mystery and wonder to find as you play as three law braking criminals that come together and pull of bank robbery's and other criminal actions such as grand theft,murder,store robbery's and much more and if this doesn't make you love the game there are other things you
    can do like play tennis go to strip clubs and get drunk off your ass just in one game to when was the last game you've seen that will let you brake in to a military base hijack a jet and then kill every one in the city and parachute in front of you house and then sit down and watch tv tell me come on tell me that's right you can't because you never played a game like this so go now and buy it. Expand
  24. Jun 28, 2014
    Having been a long time Gta fan, I thought to myself, could Gta V really beat San Andreas. Yes and well no, Gta V is a masterpiece no doubt, with its immaculate graphics and innovative character storytelling however the unexplainable feeling of accomplishment that was felt in San Andreas was somewhat missing in-existent, It almost made me ponder if such a story as Gta Sa could be beat... Then I went on line. Boom everything that I could imagine came to life. The world and everyone in it, is your sandbox. With non stop dlcs, you can finally show off all that training to others or share in the beautiful world that is San Andreas Expand
  25. Feb 3, 2014
    Arguably the best game of this generation, GTA V is basically everything you could ever ask for. Offline, the story is going to keep your occupied for days and online, you're going to be occupied for weeks! Pimp up your car to win races, complete jobs with friends and play the odd team death match and you're not going to want to put your controller down. Even when you aren't completing objectives, there's still fun in driving busses off the tops of skyscrapers, racing down mountains on dirt bikes and throwing C4 at your friends over and over again. Expand
  26. Feb 24, 2014
    Tbh.... I was disappointed with this game. I haven't even finished it yet, and I have had it since release day. as I played this game, I didn't feel any sense of progression at all. There also doesn't seem to be any clear villain or goal to work towards. On the other hand, sucker punching someone from behind is damn satisfying so it is quite a good stress reliever, but that doesn't save it from the boring plot and bland characters. Expand
  27. Mar 19, 2014
    Perfect, perfect, of the best game ever made of all time...awesome story,graphics,voice actors,gameplay,missions,characters,MULTIPLAYER...EVERYTHING....just one thing pissed me off in this game...there is no gang wars or steal stash (just like tlad and tbogt did)...execpt's an amazing cant missed...
  28. Mar 8, 2014
    What in also wondered why they didn't have babies in the gta you see pregnant people or babies anywhere I just wish it was more like the sims 3 but you can go actually into the stores .i know I might sound crazy but I wish it was just more real we're you can be a celebrity and go into miscellaneous stores buy things gated communities paparazzi following you making it more like celebrities and real life just going into restaurants paying the restaurants valet parking and god plz answer this y is there just a girl a pretty girl customize it where it loos exactly like you I know your probably thinking just get the sims but I do already have it I just thought gta would be more were you can walk in to buildings get a reality show call your friends to go go dinner Expand
  29. Mar 10, 2014
    This was one of my favorite games of 2013 and the first gta game that I played and I'm glad that i decided to play this series it had a really interesting and mature story and the open world was fun to explore and run around in. (Be warned this a very mature game and is not for kids!!)
  30. Mar 15, 2014
    The world of grand theft auto 5 is immense in detail with every part of the huge map as detailed as the next whether it's the busy city streets or a lonely country road. The narrative of grand theft auto 5 revolves around three main characters Michael,Franklin and Trevor. All of these characters are very well voice acted with an espicially stand-out performance from Steven Ogg (Trevor). Everything in grand theft auto 5 feels like a combination of everything great from Rockstar's earlier games Max Payne 3's shooting, Red dead redemption's animals and nature and midnight clubs driving mechanics and a story that unlike GTA IV dosent take itself to seriously. This game does not deserve the bad user score and should keep Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers playing for a long time. Expand
  31. Mar 24, 2014
    The evolution of living breathing virtual worlds is incredible. Even if you don't care about the story and all you want to do is absorb the atmosphere, drive around and go sightseeing, then still this game is worth your time. Free roaming in GTA 5 is like going on a virtual vacation.
  32. Mar 25, 2014
    A fantastic game and definitely one of their best for both offline and online playing.

    Well worth its full retail price

    Its a whooping 12 out of 10 by me :D
  33. Apr 5, 2014
    Great story. Great gameplay. Great game. The individual stories of the three main characters include satires of popular shows like Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and more. Gameplay and mechanics are pretty polished. Graphics are great, especially since it runs on 8 year old hardware. Do not hesitate to buy.
  34. Apr 13, 2014
    One main problem of GTA IV was how grey it was. So what does Rockstar North do? Bakes a nice pie, and SLAMS it into the face of LIberty City. HD graphics, seamless online play, drivable vechicles, and a great story. Once you've beaten the game, CHEAT. It's worth it, trust me. If that gets, boring, play online. I love this game, you should too. If you don't...
    GO **** YOURSELF.
  35. Jun 1, 2014
    A really great game. This story was fantastic and difficult to keep you playing for a long time. The characters are what made the game. Trevor is just so crazy he was so entertaining to watch and use as a playable character. The only criticism are the load times are long and the online isn't amazing, still a fantastic game. It was worth the wait.
  36. Apr 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This may be the best grand theft auto game there is it is an fantastic game but there are some flaws within its greatness. For instances the last choice is good but an bit stupid if you are attached to all three characters. Unless you dislike an main protagonist you would chose the one you disliked. Over all it is a good game I would tell you to buy it. Expand
  37. Apr 29, 2014
    I hope we continue the trend of better gameplay, bigger more interesting sandbox map, and an online universe in future GTA games.

    There's so much to do in one game. You can parachute off buildings, out of planes, and off of cliffs, Hijack supersonic jets, drive across a massive sandbox map in a stolen Buggatti. Basically everything you would expect and way more.

    Let me elaborate on
    the map size. You can drive through a decent sized city, wind through a neighborhood of mansions and look down on the city from the Hollywood sign (or Vinewood in the GTA- verse) and you haven't even scratched the surface. Overall, a game well worth its price because you'll be playing it for hours on end, GTA has always been fun as a series but has always had issues in graphics, or physics but it has thrown those issues aside and became a good series to a great series. Expand
  38. Apr 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. By far the best Grand Theft Auto since San Andreas. Yes, it does have it's weak points but overall is a great game.

    -Great Storyline feature three playable characters with their own personalities
    -Customizable missions where you can choose how YOU want to play the mission.
    -Extra side missions such as Strangers and Freaks make the game longer and more interesting
    -Activities such as Tennis, Strip Clubs, Darts, golf, Hunting, etc. add additional content even after beating the game
    -The Map is Amazing! There's tons of world to explore including the depths of the ocean, desert, mountains, city. Just exploring is a game in itself.
    -Car customization (even though it's expensive on the game it adds depth)
    -Character customization (Haircuts, Tattoos, clothing)
    -Playable Stock market is fun if you understand how it works
    -You can buy businesses and earn money from them
    -You can talk to fellow pedestrians and hold conversations
    -The soundtrack is awesome with styles from Country to Metal.
    -Overall there is so much on this game you will never get bored!

    -The Cops (very difficult to get away from and overall unrealistic, wanted harder cops than GTA 4 but not unrealistic difficult like this game has, and little piddly crimes such as flipping someone off or talking bad to a pedestrian gets you a wanted level)
    -You only can have one safehouse, would have wished to have a GTA like San Andreas again where you could buy multiple houses. (They at least give you an extra garage on this one to put cars in but still disappointing)
    -Game does glitch and have drop ins at times (Not a big deal considering the map size but still can get annoying)
    -New updates and online mode are disappointing

    Overall Rating 9/10: A HUGE step up from GTA 4. Essentially the way I view this game is that is GTA San Andreas for Xbox 360 with a better storyline and larger map but same concept. GTA 4 was fun but overall the gameplay got boring after a while with the same city environment and not a whole lot to do. This blows GTA 4 out of the water! Yes there are disappointments but it's to be expected as they can't please everyone and what everyone wanted in a GTA and plus the disappointments are more just minor annoyances. Not quite a 10 due to the Cons I mentioned making it annoying at times but definitely a 9/10 as overall it is fun, the best GTA with the best map and you will never get bored playing it!
  39. May 16, 2014
    Very well put together game with great story line, fun missions, there was obviously a lot of effort and money put into this game and it paid off. Very enjoyable game you can get a lot out of it with the online and side missions, or blowing **** up for fun haha. Great game highly recommended.
  40. May 20, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V is definitely a rather different GTA installment from its past entries; this being a good thing but with its weak points as well. Grand Theft Auto V is definitely a big step away from the dark serious story line from the previous GTA, having points in the story that supply you with some humor and lightening moods. Instead of having a dark story about a war veteran who is seeking someone who betrayed him and his own men, you have 3 new characters with there own story that intertwine with each other. The gameplay is also a huge difference than the other GTA games. Being more fluid and smooth, and beautiful graphics. Imagine: driving a red convertible up a high mountain that over looks a small sea and desert as the sun sets while bleeding red rays of light across the sky…..and suddenly you get distracted by the beauty and you run off the road and go crashing down the mountain which results in your car exploding and the screen displays the text, "Wasted". This is the Grand Theft Auto V experience. You can access your weapons a lot quicker and much more accurate. Your cell phone has a bigger use and the in game internet is like a real online community. Driving is a lot more like a driving game rather than driving boats through the streets. GTA IV was famous for its boat like driving in case you didn't get my statement. But most vehicles in the game have the same handling but different speeds. You can customize your cars to a great depth in detail. But it would be a lot more adventurous to be able to design your own custom details and apply them to your car, like the Forza series. Another thing is the car smashing and CARnage in the game can get somewhat not so exciting when you just want to smash your car to bits. It would've been outstanding to have soft car physics. Maybe we will see a GTA title in the future on next gen that features this. Running and combat in the game is also a great improvement. Instead of awkward melee combat you have a pretty well done fist fight sequence that can take place anytime and anywhere. All in all, Grand Theft Auto V is an outstanding game, probably one of the best games of the generation. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys open world games and a very fun time. Expand
  41. May 21, 2014
    Everything you want in a GTA game except the game. Intentionally broken and poorly implemented features will have you grinding for money both online and off. The reasons for doing so, however, aren't really apparent. offline You can buy clothes but your character doesn't keep them. You can customize cars but the don't always stay saved and they don't become your personal car. You can't store stolen jets reliably. They disappear if you switch to a plane you've bought. Online the clothes stay and the vehicle system is much better (why not let you buy and save different cars as your default car offline and have a mechanic who brings them to you? It's already there online and it would so complete the offline experience.) but the
    Push to get you to buy in-game $$ with real $$ is so strong online that you'll find yourself either grinding the same $18,0000 mission- rooftop rumble- hundreds of times or glitch grinding. to get that $1.5 mil tank. You have to play rooftop rumble 83 times. and no, you can't steal one and store it. They have a rule that says no. You'll play it another 27 times to get the nicest apartment and another 55 times to get a good car. Why not other missions? Well because 18k is about as high as it gets and rooftop rumble is the most efficient in terms of time. Of course maybe you just want to screw with your fellow online players. Well no, now they shame you for that and put you in groups with exclusively **** and missions with exclusively people who rage quit ending the mission prematurely.

    GTA has long been a game that makes you go "look at all the stuff I can do!" GTA V makes you go " look at all the stuff I can.. Sort of do. Wait, let me just play the same mission 500 times so that I can do this stuff" it's always been a franchise that' let's you go and break all the rules. This time they've just implemented a bunch of rules to keep you from doing anything fun.

    I've got a total of 40 hours out of it, less than a 10'th of the play time I've gotten from any Primary GTA release since GTA 2. I had some truly incredible, side splitting moments of hilarity playing free mode online in GTA 4. 5...I'll tell you how if goes if I ever manage to bring myself to play rooftop rumble hundreds of **** times so that I can compete with the rest of the **** with tanks and rocket launchers and miniguns and **** That's unlikely though. I'd rather play Skyrim a 20th time.
  42. May 25, 2014
    The story alone will keep you playing for a good 20 hours, adding all the bonus stuff and secrets and you're looking at an extra 15 hours, that's 35 hours just for the single player, add the online mode and you may have a game that'll never die. Aside from the great re-playability of this game, the story, characters, and just about everything else in this game is fantastic, the game looks amazing, the physics engine is phenomenal, the story was extremely well, and I just had an overall blast with this game, 2nd place for GOTY IMO (right after the Zelda game), give it a PC release and I'll give it a 10. Expand
  43. Jun 12, 2014
    My Pros and Cons list about how I feel about Rockstar's most ambitious Grand Theft Auto V
    - The narrative that Rockstar created is very ambitious and they explained the true meaning of gluttony and vengeance.
    - These TV Shows and topnotch Hollywood movie hits like Breaking Bad and No Country for Old Men appears as Easter Eggs in GTA V which is awesome..!
    - The environment in this
    game totally defines the paradise of Southern California
    - Those graphics looked next gen!
    - The characters in GTA V are hilarious!
    - There are a lot of stuff to do in Los Santos when you're bored
    - Deeper customization on Weapons and Vehicles makes this game special
    - Most of the cutscenes makes me laugh out loud!
    - Driving Mechanics are fun and improved and it beats GTA IV's buttery driving
    - The three main protagonist story makes this game excellent
    - Shooting Mechanics is way much better
    - And last but not least there was Trevor Phillips
    - The Soundtrack that represents Los Santos is very "Glamorous" I wish Rockstar add more songs on the Radio Stations so we can get this party shift going.
    - Grand Theft Auto: Online makes me lose interest on it because of hackers exploiting crap by ruining the online experience for players that wanted to play real hard in Los Santos.
    Rockstar Games delivered one of the best open world sandbox experience in GTA V by bringing a lot of diversity for us to do. but Online didn't worked at all. So I'm not going to count GTA Online on GTA V's cons since GTA Online is a seperate game only for online. So GTA V gets a perfect 10 on this one. Although GTA V is not the best GTA of all time but this GTA gets a perfect score by bringing the best experience for Current Gen players...!
  44. Jun 3, 2014
    I agree with others, this game deserves a way better score than just 8.1, rather at least 9. I don't know why some people put bad reviews for such an excellent game!
  45. Jun 21, 2014
    Never in my life have I been so satisfied with the completion of a Grand Theft Auto game. The three alternate endings make your decisions rattle around in your head for days. A truly fantastic installment in the GTA with refreshing game-play, fantastic and responsive controls and a beautiful open world at your fingertips. Welcome to Los Santos.
  46. Nov 10, 2013
    I wanted to take my time before I put down words on this game. First of all I want to say I've been waiting for the opportunity to do GTA mission with other players for well over ten years. The game "does" deliver this capability but it feels like minimal effort was put into this aspect of the game. All in all, this online launch feels, at best, half-assed. The impression that I get is that Rockstar is simply using this online release as nothing more than an extended beta-test so they can shake down all the bugs, balance issues and exploits for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC launches down the road.

    I've never, in my life experienced something as frustrating as having dozens of hours of online gameplay progress disappear without warning. The deathmatch game modes are, at best, lackluster. The racing is ultimately frustrating and annoying. The mission variety feels repetitive and bland. The versus missions ultimately feel unbalanced and like they lack play-testing.

    The world it's self is however, truly magnificent. A true joy to explore and interact with other players in.
  47. Oct 24, 2013
    GTA 5 took the atmosphere and color of San Andreas to make a real immersive game. The online mode is still in need of fixing, but I can't think of any games that had a successful online mode at launch. Only compliant is that there are next to no ways to make good money in the game. SURE the stock market is a cool thing but how do I get more to invest? Remember the Vigilante Missions, Firefighting, Ambulance, and pimping missions from GTA San Andreas? Sure it doesn't fit into the realism aspect but that's how me made in the last series.

    Overall a good buy but very hard to make money in game. Still worth a buy.
  48. Oct 9, 2013
    The Good: Typical GTA in every respect. Some things are better than GTA 4 such as map size. Gameplay mechanics are good. Graphics are decent.

    The Bad: The character development processes like tennis and exercising are boring. Degrading to Blacks and Americans in general especially considering it was created by the British. The game really trashes America with terrible stereotypes and is
    very politically polarizing in every aspect.

    What is a hot mess is the Multiplayer. If you can get on you faced data loss that might include your cash, cars, purchases such as weapons and property and even your character itself. Really bad character creation process. Hopefully this will continue to improve as a recent update was released.

    Summary: If you bought this for the single player campaign and are a thick skinned GTA fan you may be pleased. There are deftly better games out there such as Saints Row 4, Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite and The Walking Dead Telltale Series.

    If you buy this for the multiplayer you will need to be patient.

    The super positive user reviews are obviously written by GTA fans and employees. I'm sure some real money was invested in the "professional" reviews. This game does not warrant 8 or above especially in light of the multiplayer.
  49. Jan 23, 2014
    Rightly or wrongly GTA IV has come in for a fair amount of criticism over the last of couple of years. It is clear from the outset that Rockstar have looked to address the majority of the issues raised with regards to the previous entry in the series and, for the most part, they have been successful at doing so. One big change is that, with three separate characters to control, the developers have decided to take things much less seriously. Very few missions now involve simply driving to a location, shooting the bad guys, and then driving back for example. New ideas and concepts are introduced constantly throughout the game providing greater variety of missions, some of which are truly outlandish and great fun to play. The driving and shooting mechanics, which have never been the series strongest assets, have also seen a significant overhaul making for a vast improvement in the minute to minute gameplay.

    If I was to nitpick I would have two small areas that I found slightly disappointing. The first is the music as, despite a selection of around 15 radio stations to choose, from I found very few songs that I wanted to listen to. I accept this will of course be down to personal preference but a bit more variety wouldn’t have gone amiss. My second criticism would be the fact that the story is completely linear. I wasn’t expecting the freedom of choice afforded by games like Mass Effect but it would have been nice to have some say in a few of the decisions being made by my characters (other than the A or B option given when tackling heists of course). In the end though these nitpicks, and the fact that its not overly different to its predecessors, can’t detract from what is certainly a top notch single player experience.

    As for the online mode, well for me at least, it doesn’t really deliver on its promise. Exploring the city with friends and competing in races and deathmatches, as well as working together to tackle a number of co-op missions, provides a far more substantial experience than many games but it is often just more frustrating than fun. Setting aside the significant early problems the there are just too many issues to have to deal with. Whether it be people continually spawn killing you for no reason (safe mode doesn’t work as you can still be killed when in a vehicle or when someone runs you over), being unable to join friends missions or online hackers giving themselves millions of dollars and/or making themselves invincible I quickly found I simply couldn’t be bothered with it.

    This of course doesn’t detract from the main game, and it could be a good few years until we see anything as ambitious or with such scope on the next gen consoles. Save your money and buy GTA V instead, you won’t regret it.
  50. Nov 27, 2013
    Incredible graphics, without a doubt the best I've seen on the Xbox 360. The setting is beautiful and varied, unlike Liberty City. This game squeezes every last bit of juice out of the dying console generation. It does lack character though. Wish the physics were more realistic, being able to control your car in mid-air and flip it when it's overturned is a bit ridiculous.
    At times this can seriously detract from the immersion. Sound is flawless though. Great radio stations to chose from and the beautiful explosions are more immersive with the solid sound design.

    Story: Not as good as GTA IV, no doubt. Having 3 characters gave the game a messy feel. The story was kind of vague and all over the place. Story threads were explored a tiny bit and then left behind, and some characters weren't convincing at all and seemed very 2D.

    Gameplay: Missions often feel like a drag driving from point a to point b, shoot some guys, rinse and repeat, but at least there are checkpoints now. Some missions are fun though. The problem I have with the mission structure is that it's not a sandbox during missions. You can't do things the way you want, and the game feels like a corridor shooter because of this. Outside of missions, the gameplay is solid and you have much more freedom online and messing around by yourself.

    Presentation: This game has no specific vibe about it. It tries to be everything and fails at that. The trailers each lended themselves to a different concepts of Los Santos, and this should have come as a warning sign that the game wouldn't be as defined as the all the great games in the world are.

    Overall, it's fun. Without multiplayer it would be a complete disappointment. It goes to show that money and an army of programmers won't make you a masterpiece, and that so much of making a great game is a specific direction within great design.
  51. Nov 27, 2013
    The story is the best yet. I went back to play each of the endings, where one is great, while the others are saddening. The heists featured in this game have been smartly written by the developers and they have extensively researched Los Angeles and its outlying areas to create the largest map yet. To add a little to the story, the developers brought back some characters from the Grand Theft Auto IV era, some of who, die.

    However, there are some features that must be brought to attention. During the campaign, I felt that there were not that many missions given to Trevor Philips, which is somewhat disappointing. After having 100% completion, there is nothing much left to do. It would not hurt to have some exciting armed robberies even after completing the game, and not just hanging out with the other protagonists.

    Otherwise, the game is very exceptional. It takes us away from the gloomy and grayish Liberty City to a bright and beautiful Los Santos and its countryside. A message to those who want to purchase this game: it is definitely worth sacrificing eight gigabytes to play this game. I have never played a more compelling game since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The stories that the player is brought into is what made this video game series successful.
  52. Sep 24, 2013
    There's alot to love here and there is a reason why they are projecting for this game to actually slow the sales of the next generation of consoles for at least a year or so. GTA V is the most ambitious game ever made. The size of the city and the amount of stuff you can do is literally mind blowing. I have never had so many things to do at once in a video game. It can be a bit overwhelming once you get past the first part of the game so it's best to take it in spurts. Everything is done very well. The gameplay is basically the same as past GTA games. You do missions, steal cars, shoot people with a large assortment of guns. On top of being able to play tennis and darts and do yoga, there's so much to do here you can be entertained for weeks.

    The issue I have with the game is the backseat that the story and some of the characters took. The story is one of the weakest I've seen in a GTA game. For a series that prided itself on its ability to tell a story in the past, this game really drops the ball. Beyond a vague message about American Corruption and the Greed inside us all, there's literally nothing else here beyond "find a dude, do a mission for that dude, and not get paid by that dude, leading to you eventually killing that dude." This happens more times than I can count in this game with the only goal for all the characters in the game is to make money. The characters are ok, with Trevor definitely being the star of the show. Franklin is your stereotypical gangster looking get out of the hood and Micheal is a washed up has been who doesn't know the meaning of the words "character development." Frankly I was supremely disappointed with the story aspects of this game. Nothing ever caught my interest and I felt like I have while playing past GTA clones, working through boring missions just to get to the next one. It feels like Rockstar bypassed alot of the story elements to make the game as grand and expansive as possible. While that's not too terrible of a thing to do, it really hurt its overall value to me, someone who values all those story elements more than anything else. I was bored by the story in this game. Fortunately there was other stuff to do around it.

    This game will win GotY, even if I feel like Bioshock or Last of Us would be more deserving. But there's a ton of appeal here and, like the selfish, greedy Americans they make fun of in this game, everyone from the ages of 12-42 will gobble this up like food to a starving man. This game is not bad by any means but it's nowhere near as good as it might have been had they not blown pretty much the entire budget on making the world finding stuff to do in it. All I know is I had a good time with it, but will I make it my game of choice for any longer than the week it took me to play through it? No, it will not.
  53. Sep 23, 2013
    Bandwagon hype sheep will claim its the greatest game ever but it really isn't. A disappointment of what it could have been but still a great game. Doesnt revolutionize anything like other GTA games have.
  54. Oct 13, 2013
    --Pros-- Addicting gameplay, always want to try something new Great scope of game, can see way in the distance and is beautiful at times Voice acting, best of the series LOTS OF THINGS TO DO --Cons-- Multiplayer is.... coming along Story is just meh, character development over the time of the game is interesting but the way the characters develop together is underwhelming.
    Graphics are just okay at mid-close range, pop in during cut scenes and regular gameplay take you out of the experience a bit.
    Gets repetitive towards the end.
  55. Oct 9, 2013
    GTA V is nothing if not daring; the advent of 3 characters switchable at (almost) anytime, the pretty graphic violence explicitly shown throughout the story and the use of protagonists that lack the typical anti-hero dynamic are all breaths of fresh air in a series that seemed stale by GTA IV. As a whole, GTA V is an excellent game from freedom to roam and explore, wreak the town and go out guns blazing or just drive the police on wild chases, This game does what previous GTA games have always done, only more refined. The main story is where the game swings between brilliance and oddities: Michael, Trevor and Franklin are all unique characters with interesting backgrounds but their actions and words seem to contradict so often its a bit jarring. Suspension of disbelief is the price of admission for this game, don't expect it to justify itself very well as everything is about giving the player a new task to do or activity to partake in. While a more polished use of these three characters could have made the game all the most amazing, as it stands they are GTA protagonists who will do anything asked of them as long as it advances the game. Still. this is never a deal-breaker as it is an annoyance and when that part of the game doesn't live up others make up for it with sheer audacity. GTA V is a game that should be played expecting the story to be a tad convoluted but that remains a solid product well worth sinking many, many hours into. Expand
  56. Aug 21, 2014
    This one should have been a 10 out of 10. If I could say anything to Rockstar it would be that to make the perfect game, all you have to do is give me good gameplay mechanics and tell me a good story. That's all there is to it, so it isn't rocket science. By comparason with Rockstar's savage sendup of the immigrant experience in GTA 4, their story in GTA 5 is tame and dull. I stopped caring about all three of the characters about halfway through the game. I also found myself wondering where the satire had gone.
    However, the city and vehicles may have been enough to save the experience for me had the money making aspects of the game been decent. Here you have properties worth $150,000,000 and no real hope of actually making that much money during the game. Yes, you can hang around and day trade for a year, and maybe get enough money eventually, but I will have moved on to the next Assassin's Creed long before that happens. But, you say, how about Franklin's assassination misssions and the opportunities you have there? Well, if you are offline, you only get two of them, which brings me to one of my biggest gripes, which is the manner in which the online features interfere with the single player game. I have lost patience with these constant attempts to force me to join some BS gaming community just to get the full value of my purchase in terms of the solo play. Playing offline locks me out of the BAWSAQ, which wouldn't be too bad if so many of the investment opportunities, offered by the missions themselves, weren't locked into it. It's a crappy thing to do, Rockstar, and I don't take kindly to it. It kind of makes me feel like you are trying to rip me off somehow. Strike one.
    Then there is Chop. Apparently he can be trained, but not unless I download some BS IFruit App. Strike two.
    Even the enormity of the map is problematic because there is no fast travel feature. Too, there is at least one series of challenge missions that is buried so deep in the game that it is unlikely to be found absent online prompting. Some people may find that sort of thing fun and engaging, I just find it cheap and boring.
    While the idea of being able to switch between 3 characters is a nice innovation in concept, but given just how dull these three guys are, it is no substitute for good story telling.
    So, while the game is pretty, I can't say that I have enjoyed it any more than I did GTA 4, and in fact, have enjoyed it substantially less.
    All of those gripes aired, I am still going to rate it at 9 out of 10. I thought that GTA 4 was nearly the perfect video game and I don't think that GTA 5 improves much on it except in a technical sense, but the technical presentation of GTA 5 is mind blowing. The game is technically flawless, and I have never seen better graphics in any xbox 360 game ever. Given the expanse of the map, you'd expect some popup at least, but the way in which the installation and the play disc interact to take advantage of all the machine's capabilities, eliminates most of it. The audio is excellent and there is no end of variety among the available radio stations, although I have not yet found the talk radio of LS to be anything like as hilarious as that found in LC. I'll give Los Santos this much, the music is better.
    Even given the dullness of the story and of the characters themselves, and even given the arguably crippling effect of tying ones ability to make money to his internet connection, GTA 5 is still a good time. There is definitely enough going on in Los Santos to keep one busy.
  57. Oct 11, 2013
    Even if you aren't a GTA fan (I'm not, typically) this is a must play game. If you're looking for an engaging, immersive story line to fall into then look no further. The narrative is where this title shines, and that's what I'll remember. The character swapping mechanic sounded bizarre when I first heard of it, but it works flawlessly and enhances the story line. It made me feel connected to each character, and conflicted when they were at odds.

    The gun play is very forgiving, which makes the game a lot easier to play for those of us that aren't trying to polish our twitch skills. That being said, it's still very visceral. You'll definitely feel it when you hit a guy in the chest with a shotgun. It's also very fun to drive across the world, which is extremely authentic. Rockstar took care to create a beautiful landscape inside and outside the city.

    I would have preferred additional options for vehicle and weapon customization. Also, I found myself trying to walk into Cluckin' Bell and other establishments that were actually open for business in previous titles, but not this time. The world is so large and authentic, why can't I walk into a fastfood joint for a burger?

    All in all this is a solid 8/10. Come to San Andreas for crime and combat, stay for the wealth of character development and excellent voice acting.
  58. Nov 1, 2013
    I finished the story, played a bit of gta online, but what now? I was expecting a little more from gta online and the main story. The hype was too much for this. The game was fun but it was a bit like the game was throwing money at you and expecting your life to be a challenge.
  59. Oct 6, 2013
    A seriously ambitious and awe inspiring game that, due to unfun design choices and a horrible online debut, fail to come close to its astronomicle potential. There are hundreds of things about this game that bother me, but I'll just get into the ones that I really can't stand. SINGLE PLAYER: there's really only one way to earn decent money, and thats to do heists, but there are only a handful of them throughout the story. The game boasts so many things to do in Los santos, but there's no real incentive do do any of these things aside from the initial fun they provide. They don't give you much money at all, or any permanent rewards to make your time more fun, or your ability to wreak havock any easier. The only nice bonus you get is a small discount at ammunation for doing the shooting range. Once the story is all finished, there is basically nothing to do besides random homicide. Why did they include such a great dimension to this game with the heists, only to not let you plan them whenever you want after the game is over? They let you recruit all these people for your crew and build their stats by using them more and more, but really, who cares? There's only a handful of heists, it's pointless, and it didn't have to be. They also give you a fun ability to use 3 diffent people, but can they be freely controlled when they're all together? No, that would be too fun. The game is left just feeling really empty and joyless after its all over. For the record though, I had a blast playing through the story. It's well written, funny, and entertaining. It's just too bad rockstar didn't seem to realize how important post-game fun is. They probably skimped on it for multiplayer...MULTIPLAYER: this disaster of an online mode is absolutely unacceptable! The online mode was delayed 2 weeks after the release of the game! That's annoying, but ultimately ok, if all works out didn't. Several days after online launch and the game is still having issues loading properly, sticking at loading screens, and not saving players progress properly. That's pretty aweful when they attemp to charge people REAL money for in game currency. Rockstar, you don't deserve another dime. I bought this game full price. I expect you to allow me to enjoy the game I bought, free of arbitrary speed bumps. Earning money is a huge chore. Players can easily swamp you and kill you over and over, quickly draining your cash, whether you deposit it in the bank or not. You can play passively, but you won't be able to use weapons or fight any pedestrians, which means many features of the game are disabled. Also, players can still kill you by running you over, and shoot you if your in a car.. Meaning, passive mode is boring and stupid. It leaves you to only do missions to make money and still vulnerable, yet totally defenseless. So youre stuck between EXTREME danger and risk, or BORING "safety", no middleground. Playing missions is also tedious if you aren't in a free roam with a ton of friends. In lobbies, the only people that can join you are the other 15 people in your free roam. There IS an option to bring in other people worldwide, but I've NEVER gotten anyone to join from that. Must be broken. So there are millions of people with this game, and I'm usually stuck doing missions ALONE in multiplayer. Pointless. Also, if your connection cuts out at any time, you lose your progress, too bad. Online mode CAN be a tremendous blast with lots of friends, but at this time, almost three weeks after the game was released, the game is seriously broken. Expand
  60. Oct 25, 2013
    The game is fun and entertaining but is very broken. Buildings don't load until you are right at them, texture pops happen all the time and the online is completely broken. The story is the only thing saving this game and the main story at that. One of the side missions made me run around the desert for 5 miles for no earthly reason. Many of the achievements also don't register so you spend a few hours collecting things only to not get the achievement. Expand
  61. Nov 4, 2013
    Make no mistake GTA 5 is a good game and yes it is superior to GTA 4 in every way but GTA 4 is hardly the yardstick of a great game.

    With GTA 5 I personally feel the 8.0 current user score is more realistic than the 97 lavished on the game by critics. It seems to me a lot of people judged GTA 5 based solely against GTA 4 and forgot some of the truly great games we’ve had in the last 5

    Don't get me wrong, GTA 5 certainly has it’s moments but in all honesty I never got the same wow factor as I did playing GTA San Andreas and I think this is my main problem with the GTA/GTA like open world games. They just haven’t really evolved or done anything to give me that same wow factor I got 11 years ago in The Grove.

    So in summary GTA 5 is as good as it gets within the current limitation of open worlders, however I still feel there is something missing. Next time I will gladly sacrifice the overall size, for something truly innovative, and interactive.
  62. Oct 9, 2013
    I can't believe I'm actually bored with a GTA game. It's a beautiful game, but so impersonal. So many places to go, but little interaction with the AI citizens of Los Santos. Driving around is fun, but gets old. GTA combat now feels outdated, and after just finishing Splinter Cell Blacklist (I'm not comparing the games themselves) the combat mechanics seem clumsy and restrictive. The main story line was ok. I did enjoy switching around between the 3 guys-- and Trevor is hilarious. Ah, how I loved this franchise, but now, yawn. Expand
  63. Jun 25, 2014
    A long, drawn out mess of glitches, stress, and broken promises, Grand Theft Auto V is just not what could be considered "industry standard" in modern gaming. Rockstar seems to have rushed to the point that they released a game with no content, and are having to play "catch-up" in order to avoid chasing off most fans. How this game manages such high ratings is far beyond me!

    I will
    admit, I was a sucker that went out (having loved all the GTA games I've played) and purchased the whole collector's edition deal. I was thoroughly satisfied with my purchase, and enjoyed playing single player in eager anticipation of "Grand Theft Auto: Online", the big deal multiplayer for this game that wasn't even released with the game, but weeks after. I figured that it would not be a problem, they must have taken their time. I'll enjoy the single player story, which is the only reason I am even giving this game a 3 and not a 1. The story is phenomenal. I laughed, got frustrated (but in a good way), and enjoyed seeing these three characters slowly work their way together to be the syndicate crime trio they ended as.

    Moving on to the not-so-great, multiplayer in this game is so many DLC packs behind where they originally promised that it is utterly sickening. I can count five times that the infamous "Heist Update" was mentioned, and yet it is still "not quite ready for release" according to Rockstar's official statements at the release of one of the many filler packs (consisting mostly of clothes, weapons, and sometimes the same bland cars you've seen before), the "I'm Not A Hipster Pack". I cannot speak for readers of this review, but I have grown very tired of stale downloadable content that just screams copy-paste-recolor, and that is all I feel they have done with GTA Online. From one horrible decision to the next, with ever-so-slight fixes in the game that are few and far-between, GTA Online fails to compete to even the simplicity of GTA IV's online mode, in which glitches do not run rampant, and money is not an issue that is constantly being worked on (and microtransacted). I cannot say that I feel I got my money's worth with this game. The story was great, but when you were promised something so much more, it is upsetting. Rockstar, you have created a monster of a poor game in a very modern and new gaming generation, and I fear that it will harm you severely, with many players flocking to next-gen consoles. I understand a release for GTA V on the new generation consoles is coming soon, but you have to ask yourself: "Would I spend even more money on this game, just to get the same broken promises?" I know I certainly am having second thoughts. What would you do, Rockstar?
  64. Oct 6, 2013
    I'd rate this higher if there wasn't critical functionality that you have to have some mobile device to utilize. And then that functionality is only available on iPhone. Utterly epic failure.
  65. Sep 18, 2013
    To all you Call of duty Fanboys hope metacritic bans by IP's !!

    great game very tough when you got a 3 star wanted lvl aka advanced AI system makes it hard to dodge the cops other than a few minor grips such as that and lil direction for tasks like when L asks you to get a smart suit which i had on yet wouldnt start the mission ,i found out i had to buy/wear the shoes as well other
    than that and few other small gripes its a well developed game and remember this is only half of the experience aka GTA online Oct 1st this game should be a perfect score but the butt-hurt lil boys oops i mean Cod fanboys wants to abuse the system as always >FYI CoD is a re-hash after re-hash least Battlefield is built from the ground up usually not copy and paste and always full of hackers !!

    this game will most likely be nominated and granted GoY due to its gameplay,story,content all together look skyrim that took GoY in 2011 aka VGA's now GTA V has a very strong chance in winning it for 2013 VGA's

    besides the small bugs im gonna give this a 9/10
  66. Dec 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So this game is basically destroying the game awards season. I have to say it is a really good game, but when I see al the 10s the game has, I have a bit of a sour taste in the mouth. GTA V is the biggest game of 2013, maybe of this generation. The ambitious scope and grandeur of the world of Los Santos created in this game cannot be compared to any other Sandbox Open-World game in the history of video gaming. And yes, Rockstar made it. It took the thoughtful, intriguing storyline type that was put into Red Dead Redemption and took it to GTA V. In other words, Grand Theft Auto was never as big, as compelling and as interesting as before.
    Firstly, let's begin with how much the story was improved. The other Grand Theft Auto were good, but you had to play 20 hours to get to the real core of the story, which lasted around 3 or 4 hours. Grand Theft Auto V starts right out with an interesting premise thanks to its well-crafted characters. Say what you want, but Niko Bellic was flat and his cousin Roman was a "Pain in the Culo". Here, we have a rich, retired, grumpy, 80's nostalgia cinephile called Michael; a generic but down-to-earth gang-banger called Franklin; AND EVERYONE'S FAVORITE, the sick, violent, psychopatHic and mentally doubtful Trevor. How you feel towards this characters is up to you. And the writing in this game is amazing. You will laugh.
    The problem with GTA wasn't in the story nor presentation (It looks good, sorta. It's detailed, pretty, it's not groundbreaking but it's more than enough) but in the missions.
    The principal missions were amazing. Some of them bursted with creativity and originality. And let's not talk about (SPOILERSSSS) the first Heist mission, that was awesome. But then, the Heists loose their complete potential, transforming them in linear missions with almost no player choice at all. Then we have the secondary missions. Some of them follow the path the fun principal missions do, but some others are just plain trash. If your idea of a secondary missions is to spend 20 minutes lifting cars with a crane, then you will welcome this missions with open arms. Me? I rather kill repetitive waves of hillibillies with Trevor.
    Lastly, random events occur around Los Santos. Well let me tell you, most of them, aren't unpredictable. In fact, most of them are the same thing. "Oh, they've stolen me this! Go get the crook!", and you kill the crook and decide to keep the stolen goods or return them to its rightful owner. Some of these have consequences in your playthrough, big, small, do not really care, but they do not feel significant. Except for the other random events, that are only a few, that can affect the storyline. Those are good, but there aren't enough.
    Lastly, there is an online component is good. It is not the absolutely outstanding thing we were promised, and it feels like a money-grabber (EVERYTHING in the game is expensive, and the missions give you very little, forcing you to pay micro-transactions or do "unethical things" to buy the finer things), but it is fun. It's just that the campaign is so much better.
    Anyway, better close this review by saying GTA V is amazing. You will never experience a game like this. It has weak missions, specially on the secondary side, and a "Mass Effect 3" like online component. But hell yeah, KILL HOOKERS!
  67. Nov 5, 2013
    Everybody should know this game is great by now so what I want to concentrate on are the flaws. They are not game breaking but they are frustrating.
    Cover System: You press "RB" and your character will take cover. The big problem with it is it is illogical. Some times it has you seek cover behind a hand rail. Needless to say not very effective. Other times, say there is a box and you want
    to take cover behind a specific side of the box. WELL the button will often make you jump to a different a side. This would be less frustrating if you could easily glide between corners while staying in cover. But you can't. So you're going to be taking extra damage.
    Graphics: Things randomly pop up while you are driving, the pixels pixelized late and you find yourself running into speed limit signs.
    Controls: The crosshairs is a dot. Shooting is mostly reliant on auto aim because it is too difficult for an average gamer. AND THE DRIVING CONTROLS...Idk if it's just me but I can never seem to make sharp turns.

    So, what does this game have?
    Great story and great characters: terrible people that you grow to love.
    The World: It is really big and there is so much value to be able to just run around beat up random people and start a car chase.
    The Ending
  68. Nov 2, 2013
    [8.7] It isn't constantly exciting like Grand Theft Auto IV, but it has some amazing moments. Despite the massive amount to do in the game, and a great (yet uneasy), multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V isn't quite what it should have been. Some major mechanics feel like they could use a complete change, or are better of staying similar to their equivalents in Grand Theft Auto IV (which had nearly perfect mechanics). Driving is incredibly restrictive, and doing stunts is nearly impossible. It's very difficult to even get your car off the ground, plus, cars control like they would in racing games, which Grand Theft Auto isn't. It's far to easy drive, and often boring. The combat system could also be more of a challenge. In GTA IV, you actually had to monitor your health, and try as hard as possible not to get shot, which added an incredible intensity to the game, which they seem to completely get rid of with the health regeneration. If you are one who needs health packs, there are plenty conveniently placed ones everywhere, whereas in GTA IV, they were placed in discrete locations. The lack of difficulty also makes GTA V seem much, much shorter than it actually is, and finishing takes much less time than finishing GTA IV did. Despite some major detrimental flaws, somehow, GTA V is still a very good game. Biking up Mount Chiliad, flying a jet through downtown Los Santos, partaking in the many activities across Los Santos, and exploring and discovering a massive world help us remember that Rockstar is focused on delivering quality, but is seems this time around they have mistaken quality for quantity. Nonetheless, Grand Theft Auto V is what it is: a good game. Expand
  69. Sep 20, 2013
    I am giving this game a 8 because of a few things. 1st off I would like to say I am a fan of Rockstar. not a huge fan boy either The Good. Details, All about the details they left none out on the textures... City and land are huge The city at night from the sky reminds me of when I used to fly on trips, and going over a city and seeing all the light was awesome.. This gave me that same feeling without the loud sounds of a Jet.
    Wide variety of vehicles to drive. TONS, But also some are just useless.

    Great selection of weapons and mods. as well as for the cars to...

    The Bad

    WTF is with everyone smoking in this game, really....

    Driving around every where gets tedious.. (Thank goodness for the cab)

    Hunting was a huge disappointment for me. It would of been nice to go to my wardrobe. Put on some Cameo and go hunting. This you cannot, you have to trigger a mission thing. as well you don't get to keep any keep sake from your kill, just feels like a waste to me.

    Fishing, open world? would of been nice to take a boat out and go fishing, buy different poles, and reels, and lines, maybe catch a shark, and then sell them.

    The carnival, 1 ride, and one broken ride, no playable games, mini games here would of been fun.. for everything feeling at least a little real, The carnival lacked this for me.

    Same GTA Mechanics. Beat game, do all actives, find all hidden and bang another GTA...

    Overall its a fun game, but for me they are still a long a ways from my GTA Game I have dreamed off.. They are getting closer though, and I know they did not make the game for me... It is worth the 60 bucks.
  70. Oct 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Concept: Create a very well-rounded Grand Theft Auto sequel, using elements and past experience gained from the production and development of nearly every other Rockstar game and franchise.

    Graphics: Breathtakingly beautiful.

    Sound: While you'll no doubt hear the radio stations the most in terms of sound bytes, the voice work is pretty good, and the actual musical scores are appropriately placed as well.

    Playability: Quite playable, and quite enjoyable in all portions of gameplay. Easy to handle, fluid, and responsive at the same time. A perfect medley of combat and other action maneuvers.

    Entertainment: With literally over one hundred hours of time to be spent doing everything from motorcross to tennis, you need to get out there and see the world instead of asking questions about it. There are very few limitations.

    Replay Value: Sky-High.

    Overall Score: 9.5
  71. Rem
    Sep 21, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto 5 touts itself as one of the most expansive, diverse, and entertaining game. And that is true to a degree. The switching between the three main characters keeps the game from becoming mute, but because of this you cannot really connect with any of the three characters, I mean you could hardly even connect with three killers anyway. What Grand Theft Auto 5 supremely outdoes over GTA 4 is the variety of mission. No longer are you just an errand boy, but a heist master running the strings with a multitude of missions. Though I have to say that the three main characters are less compelling than Niko Bellic. Even the secondary activities have received an upgrade in terms of enjoyment. Also the little tweaks keep annoying bits like calling and restarting missions to a minimum so in the end, you get a package that will allow you to get lost in the world of Los Santos. Expand
  72. Sep 21, 2013
    Just a great game. Tons of things to do and kill. The graphics are amazing and the map its huge and diverse. I cant give it a 9 because of the shooting mechanics. The drop on frame rate its frequent and playng with free aim makes things irritating
  73. Sep 21, 2013
    Everyone has their own interests in gaming, for me, I prefer Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas more than Grand Theft Auto IV, I decided to play it since my brother bought it.

    I found a few bugs and glitches in the game, which didn't take away the experience much from me, and it seems other people don't care about it, calling the game a masterpiece, but I still think otherwise. With a new
    input to the game, that hasn't been done in the series, it has brought new hype to the game, just like any Grand Theft Auto game, but with a little more details extended to it, making the game nothing short of fun.

    I'm glad that everyone enjoys this, but if anyone prefers the old style GTA games, I suggest you stick with that, and if you're trying to experience something new to the series, this is a great chance to do so.
  74. Aug 25, 2014
    The game feels really short, maybe unfinished.

    There's no good way to save your cars. You can put them into a garage, but if you take one out and drive it to a mission, good luck finding it again after the mission is done. This pretty stupid especially considering you can spend A LOT of money upgrading a car, only to have it disappear because you assumed the game would do something
    logical, like preserve the car while doing missions or put it back in your garage if you leave it somewhere.

    Speaking of money, it's handled terribly. Unlike other GTA games, money DOES have value (there are worthwhile things to spend it on), but the amount of money you have never makes sense. You start the game with next to no money; you can't afford to really buy guns, cars, or even a cool suit. Then you keep doing missions and not getting paid for them, which is incredibly frustrating. So ok, maybe this is the kind of game where money is really scarce. NOPE! after your first heist you are handed a ludicrous amount of money and can pretty much purchase whatever you want. There's no strategic thinking or saving up for a cool item. Money instantly goes from "I wish I had some but I don't have any" to "I have more than I could ever spend". You COULD actually drop a good load of cash on a fancy car or plane, but it will most likely explode or get lost somehow and your cash will be wasted.

    Speaking of heists now, it starts off good but becomes disappointing quickly. The first heist is really interactive, different ways to approach the situation, the choice for your crew members really matter, you could to case the joint and everything. And there's a big cash reward (probably too big).
    But that's pretty much the only real heist there is. The rest are basically just plot missions. Leveling up crew members which was expected to be important from the precedent and the tutorial of the first mission pretty much doesn't matter at all past the first heist. Also there are only like two extra crew members you can ever get in the first place and you get them from easily missed random events.

    The map is huge and is more than just a city, which is pretty cool, but it's pretty useless. There's nothing to find. No collectibles, easter eggs, not really any hidden missions. There's a tiny bit of wildlife but it doesn't really serve a purpose. Most of the missions will take place in the city or Trevor's town. The rest might as well not exist.

    The game is SHORT for a GTA game. It honestly feels like it's not finished. You should be familiar with the typical GTA formula: you meed a job provider, you do some missions, and then end up screwing up or something and killing them as their last mission. In this game, there are very few of these types of characters. It's pretty disappointing because those types of characters are usually the most interesting people in GTA games. There's one case where you meet this kind of mission giving character and literally the second mission is where someone screws up and then you have to kill the mission giver. Where's all the missions in between?

    This also goes for side quests. There are a few mission giving side characters, but there's (as previously mentioned) no cash reward. And they all end very anti-climatically. Literally the end of one of the quest lines is "aren't you going to pay me?", "no, go away". And that's it. You can shoot the guy if you want but...

    What actually IS in the game is done pretty well. The story, shooting, driving mechanics, characters, are all great. Length, number of interesting side characters, car storing mechanics, side quests, mini games, are pretty terrible.
  75. Oct 4, 2014
    An absolutely amazing game. Takes every great aspect of other Rockstar titles and combines them into one awesome package. Gameplay, mission variety, atmosphere, graphics, voice acting ETC, are all top notch.
  76. Nov 3, 2013
    Good, Solid, some fresh concepts and interesting tweaks on Rockstar's recipe for GTA makes GTA V a great edition to the series, and a great game overall. As a console exclusive currently, the graphics are below par for an AAA game, but at times the scenery looks beautiful. The Multi-player is very interesting and deep, but very buggy, broken and virtually suffered a world-wide crash at release, and PS3 users still struggle to even play. Reviewers have overrated is with a 10, this game is far from the perfect game that deserves a 10, but nevertheless GTA V is a current -Gen game not to be missed, but not to be worshipped either. Expand
  77. Nov 10, 2014
    In every measurable sense, this is the greatest GTA game of all time. Sure, you may prefer the 80s vibe of Vice City or the more varied landscape of San Andreas but GTA V is the first game in the series that actually has missions that are more fun than frustrating. In previous incarnations, the missions were so annoying I spent most of my time just exploring the cities rather than trying to complete my objectives. GTA V not only adds a reasonable checkpoint system but also finally introduces some variety. Instead of the repetitive "drive here, drive there" missions in previous entries, GTA V actually makes you feel like you're part of a heist. Nothing goes to plan of course, but that's part of the fun of GTA! What really makes this game stand out is the online mode. Nothing is more fun than hopping in a car with your buddy and cruising around Las Santos looking to cause some mayhem. Expand
  78. Sep 26, 2013
    It's a good game, but the 97% critic score is just wrong the numbers are being biased by lots of publications that only give reviews on the famous releases Some have only posted reviews on Halo games and Red dead redemption. Certainly their opinions have no respect nor value within the gaming community.
    Still the games pretty damn fine, though the characters and plot are weaker than
    the old Vice City. Expand
  79. Jan 18, 2014
    Grand Theft Auto V is a behemoth to worship. It's story, it's characters, it's pure originality makes one of the best videogames ever made. Sure there was a huge mess up with GTA Online, but Rockstar was not prepared for the obvious appreciation of the game. I do agree the game should have been focused on a little longer, but at the same time i'm glad I have it in my hands and can play it with my friends. It will be played for years to come just like GTA IV and I can't wait. 9/10 Excellent. Expand
  80. Jul 30, 2014
    The GTA series has managed to impress with every new addition to the series and GTA 5 not only impressed but exceeds exceptions on every front. The game play has been tuned and refined to be the smoothest and most enjoyable game in a GTA game or any game in general. The graphics have to be seen to be believed that they look so good on dated hardware. An the sound and atmosphere is perfect. GTA 5 in the pinnacle of open world games and has raised the bar for gaming in general.
    The only people I could imagine not enjoying this game would be those with very delicate sensibility's as the game is down right vulgar and perverted at times, but that has always been one of the charms of the GTA series.
  81. Oct 28, 2013
    This game is outstanding it has good things and 2 major things i did not like. The good things are outstanding visuals,beautiful graphics, good gun play, and the vehicles are not as floaty as gta 4 was and there are 2 things i did not like a lot first off the online didn't on the first day i was expecting they had the development time fixing the bugs and choppy frame rate it is a thing that i did not like that well it cause me to get lots of headaches on the first day because of it. Expand
  82. Oct 13, 2013
    The single player campaign is nothing less than superb. That part alone should get 10 out of 10. However the online portion has several large problems with it; 1) The release of online was delayed 2) When it did become active it was over swamped with users 3) When users go online, it crapped out and sometime lost their progress 4) When it did work, there is a lot of random fighting whether you want it or not. (suggestion 3 settings; passive, friendly, aggressive)
    5) Leveling and money are a joke. People have already found many ways to fake level up, cars, users, money. They really needed to and still need to stop the abuse of the system. I have many suggestions for that.

    Even with all those issues, at the end of the day it is still fun
  83. Oct 12, 2013
    this game is awesome. i always wait for the next gta game eagerly but this one takes the cake. best ever. it took some of the best elements of vice city and san andreas to make one uber awesome game. be warned the story is a little bit shorter than prior gta titles (cuz people actually complained gta 4 was too long but the story is the best yet. pulling heists, owning property, its all there.

    only bad things i can say are the cops and random npc are very aggressive. you can get a wanted level by standing real close to someone to long and the cops are very heavy handed this time around. but its a little better now that you can hide from cops in dark alley ways to lose your wanted level. if it wasnt for these issues it would be a 10/10.

    the online portion is just as good as well, much better than gta 4 was.

  84. Sep 21, 2013
    Will give it a better score when they un gimp Chop for any non apple users. Btw it doesnt work on my ipod touch. Hugh spit in the face from Rockstar to all their non apple user fans.
  85. Oct 19, 2013
    This game was amazing when I first played it. Everything about it was fun, and the scenery was amazing. The story was well thought out and I absolutely loved the heists. But after I beat the game, I felt very limited. I now always think of places to go instead of finding places as I go around on my journey. This game was fun until I beat the story. You probably do not know what I am talking about, but do everything you can before beating the story. Expand
  86. Dec 16, 2013
    GTA V is a great game but like most titles it had its flaws, first off this is the first GTA game i have enjoyed the story mode through to the end, yes its not perfect but its still a lot of fun. A lot of the gameplay mechanics have also been improved with the aiming and cover pulled straight from Max Payne 3 expect responsive and well controlled gun fights through out. The 3 player mechanic is a good feature but didn't find my self swapping in missions unless forced to and each characters (except trevors) ability were fun to use in the open world, the open world itself is really well designed especially los Santos but yet around 20-25% of the map felt useless and under used especially in the missions. Most of the missions were enjoyable and the heists were outstanding but for a game that focuses on them,there were not many in the game. Online is still a mess with everything focusing on money (which is tough to earn) and the terrible economy system implemented with it makes it become a mess not to mention the terrible online mission design that just makes every session more and more boring.
    overall it is a fantastic game that is worth buying despite its issues, ignore some of the 10 scores as they are over selling how good this game is, the Metacritic user score (8.1 at time of review) is where it belongs.
  87. Sep 23, 2014
    One of the best games ever made. Each mission seems likes it's ripped out of a frantic action movie, and they're all varied. The characters, voice acting, production values, and story are all amazing. The game play is superb. Rockstar has overhauled the shooting mechanics to make them much more inviting than GTA IV, and the driving has been completely reworked as well. The world is massive, with tons of things to do, and all of it is gorgeous. My only problem was that GTA Online was underwhelming at best, and heists simply were never added. That's a shame, but no reason to overlook this. If you haven't played this game yet (which I doubt), then pick it up immediately, or better yet, wait for the next gen version. I am surely going to purchase this on my Xbox One when it is released to experience this gem again. Expand
  88. Jan 1, 2014
    Well to start off GTA V is a great game, there is no argument. Although I do feel uneasy about it sometimes. GTA V's single player has been completely revamped to include 3 different protagonist which I dislike. The single player was not as hard hitting or well written like the other GTA's. I feel like the 3 protagonist took away from a usually great, lengthily, and well written single player. I't just doesn't come to par with the other games like Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV. I'm a sucker for a good written single player experience but rockstar didn't deliver this time. I felt very disconnected from the characters unable to create any relationship during all the switching. Very short experience for both the 3 characters and I was very upset that I didn't get to spend more time with all of them. GTA V's gameplay is top notch and the best yet, but needless to say the single player is what impacts me and frankly It didn't rub off on me like GTA IV. I will still play but I constantly try to make myself like the game but I just can't. I have to say what nobody would but for me at least, GTA IV and San Andreas were better. Expand
  89. Oct 16, 2013
    First, I would like to say that I enjoyed the game; it was well balanced, and did not let the player play god and get away with it, all players online are well matched- until a point, where players are driving tanks around town with their RPG buddies.
    The other problem for me was the ending to the campaign. It seemed a little harsh on the player to be face with endings that are COMPLETELY
    different, 2 of those leading to the death of Trevor or Michael. The game did not even have the decency to let you play with them after without restarting or managing to save before the "choice"
    other than that, great laugh with friends, had so many great moments, and hopefully when online is fully updated and working, I will cherish it.
  90. Oct 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Though it is a good game, beautiful graphics, brilliant storyline, and good AI, it has some cons.
    The damage system is absolutely unacceptable. Not only for cars, but for the player. In the old GTA, you could survive a good 10, 20, or even 30 minutes without dying right away. Now if you get 2 to 3 stars, it's over for you, because you die in just 2/3 shots. I find that it would be more fun if you could play with an actual Godmode cheat, but no. To top it off, the cheat only last 5 minutes, and by the time you put it in again, you will be long dead and murdered by the cops who seemingly ALWAYS know where you are, weather it's in an alleyway, or on top of Mount Chilliad, cops will spawn near and head straight for you. For cars? You can get in a head on collision with a truck and pretty much have your car suffer a small dent. The cheats are a bit of a disappointment too, what happened to the "put this cheat in and it is saved on your phone for life" thing? It's like GTA San Andreas but no fun cheats either. Cool cheats like the "Flying cars" or "pedestrian riots" didn't even make a close return. Online is also a disappointment, why make it so that a stolen car can get a wanted level, but not do that in single player? And what's the point of even trying to play with other players when they only kill you in each second?
    All in all, it's a good game, definitely worth spending money on.
  91. Ed_
    Oct 30, 2013
    The game is fantastic!

    RockstarGames believed that multiple characters will give the game a new feeling; for me, first, this feeling was shallow and disturbing: I couldn't get to know the characters good enough, get close to them or understand their feelings, it was too fast for 3 characters. However after the second gameplay I realized how enjoyable the game was with the two main
    characters (Michael and Trevor).
    You have to play mainly one character, it helped me a lot to understand their inner problems and feelings:
    1. Michael who only want to be with his family and live his peaceful life with a job.
    2. Trevor who is always used by people and because of that he behaves insane. Yeah, I did empathize with Trevor! LOL
    3. Franklin who wants to break out of his every day life and instead of being a small gangster or car robber
    I did empathize with Trevor! LOL

    Michael's character is the best, he has a background story; we can sympathize with him, with his decisions; he has sth to fight for (family) and his family members are funny, give the game some kind of continuity. We can feel they are struggling with a father, and the father who struggles with his life, family and past. His character and family are a great mix of happiness, depression, fun, coping and feelings.

    Trevor is the anti-society person because he was cheated and outlooked too many times in the past. He couldn't follow the rules and restrictions of this 'fabricated world', so he decides to live in the desert without feelings. He doesn't want anybody to get close to him because by those who he had a relation with would only cause him sadness, disappointment and frustration. He is a very dividing personality but I saw the good side of him.

    The game is 10/10. Driving mechanics, graphics and smooth gameplay are all adding to the game's experience, but I would still be happier with only one character.
  92. Dec 25, 2013
    I'd say GTA V is the most over-rated game of 2013. Yeah, the map is big, graphics are good for a GTA game, lots of thing to do, excellent (not) online and so on. But it's a GTA guys. It feels like one, and does the same mistakes every GTA does (and even more of new ones). It's a good GTA game. That's it. Falls short.
  93. Sep 20, 2013
    Great game, great launch, no bugs, glitches, or crashes (so far), couple of frame rate issues, but that's to be expected from an end-of-life game for current gen consoles. The only things that stop me from giving it a perfect score are the graphics (some improvement, but not enough over GTA IV, I know as a software dev that with some optimizations they could have squeezed the hardware harder!), the dialogue/script (some of the conversations between characters seem "forced" or overly scripted, such as when Franklin and Michael have their first real chat about life by Michael's pool), the fact that it's for current gen (meaning we have to wait another 3 to 5 years for a PS4/XB1 GTA), and the fact that there's a lot of wilderness instead of one big city (but that's a personal preference).

    The soundtrack, as always, is insanely good, the driving and shooting are fun and challenging, the story has awesome characters (like Lester) and extremely fun missions (like heists/smuggling), and the world in general is a pleasure to explore. Another thing they did really well is intertwining the three characters' stories the character-switching mechanic is welcome and well-implemented.

    I'm REALLY glad I got GTA V instead of Total War: Rome II (like my now-extremely-disappointed friend!) Game of the Year for sure!
  94. Oct 27, 2013
    This game is good and bad in some ways. The map is very well made and has many areas to explore. The characters are also amazing and are different in millions of ways. I really enjoy the guns, as well as the neat explosions. The graphics are okay, but they should be better. What sucks about it is the missions, and especially online. Most of the missions on single player have no shooting or action and are just plain boring. All you do on gta online is steal cars and deliver them which is a The game is sooo repetitive. It also really doesn't feel like gta. It feels like I'm playing an entirely different game. This game doesn't deserve all around 10's, it's actually not so much of a good game. This game is just as overhyped as heck and it sucks but at the same time its kind of fun. Expand
  95. Sep 22, 2013
    I am a big fan of GTA series. I love all of them. GTA 5, IMO best gta ever made, and one of the best games i have ever played. Graphic good, Main characters awesome! Amount of content magnificent!
    Actually, i don't like radio in this game. but i suppose, just in my taste, so its nvm.
    But! There is one thing, which very, very disappointed me! DIFFICULTY! I know, i know. There are a
    lot of "casual" gamers in community now, but it would be... a little harder game!
    But anyway, this is an epic game.
  96. Sep 22, 2013
    Greatest game ever. As a cursed PC gamer I really looked at the graphics; I can conclude that I was not disappointed. Unfortunately, there was texture popping. I played through the entire game, finished it today, the story was just great.
  97. Oct 5, 2013
    This game is really good but with all other entries it comes with its bad parts.However this games plot is really well explained alot to do in its free roam and gameplay is really fun and moreover i enjoyed it. but this games first few missions practically are the same thing and those side missions are great but always the same thing.Graphics could have been a bit better but the lighting is really good. an awesome game must play Expand
  98. Sep 26, 2013
    I was really into GTA IV and that's what made me buy GTA V. I have heard excellent reviews about this game, but I was a bit disappointed with the graphics. For a game with this budget I thought that my world would have been shattered and that didn't really happen. I don't like the new physics on the cars: breaking at 200mph should do something else than a smooth stop. Still, I liked it and would recommend it to friends. Expand
  99. Oct 2, 2013
    GTA V introduces character switching missions which works very well, creating a good flow to the lives of these interesting characters. However it reintroduces the medal scoring system to missions that first appeared in The ballad of gay tony, which I hated.

    In a genre of being able to do what the hell you like, scoring you on exact criteria kinda annoys me. I'm also a completionist
    so not getting gold infuriates me and makes it difficult to flow through a game when you do the same thing over and over again!

    The map, the story and the reintroduction of customisation (hair, clothes etc etc) this is without doubt a brilliant game. There are so many random events going on just standing still for a moment will give you an insight into fellow residents of this crazy world.

    Be careful with the online mode, at the moment it is still way too glitchy and has broken my single player campaign. NOT HAPPY.

    They launched the game not being aware of the popularity for one of the biggest game franchises ever! seriously. So glitches, no android support, poor servers for taking pictures and online play dock 2 points easily for this game!
  100. Oct 3, 2013
    I have never played the previous GTA games but I have heard so many things about it. This game has to one of the best games I have played this year!!! My only problem I have with this game are some of the character models (especially the ladies) Their hair is like it's glued to the head or something.

Universal acclaim - based on 58 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 58
  2. Negative: 0 out of 58
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto V offers one of the best sandbox experiences ever, filled to the brink with stuff to do. The vistas are magnificent and amazing stuff just seems to happen wherever you go. But at the same time the story is tired and the characters unoriginal. Your appreciation of Grand Theft Auto V will depend of what you want out of the series. The freedom and joy of discovery is hard to beat but the rest still has some ways left to go.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    GTA V continues the game series' tradition of raising the bar for open world action games.
  3. Nov 5, 2013
    Tons of gameplay hours, plenty of missions and activities with an awesome collection of vehicles of various modes of transportation and a large array of firearms put the grandeur once again into Grand Theft Auto.