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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Win or lose, though, you're guaranteed to have a good time with the experience. Who knew that an XBLA game would ultimate prove ol' Gordon Gekko right? Greed, at least in this case, is definitely good.
  2. Greed Corp's unique mechanic of balancing the need for resources with the need to keep your empire from crumbling into oblivion makes it an interesting and engrossing little strategy game.
  3. 88
    Watching Greed Corp.'s tiles crumble into dust has been one of my favorite gaming moments of the year so far.
  4. 88
    Greed Corp has the appearance of a board game, but manages to survive perfectly as a video game. The game sucks you and in doesn’t let go easily. The destructibility of the playing field adds to the replay value and gives the player lots of tactical options. All in all, you get a game that’s tremendous fun and offers a great deal for the price you pay.
  5. Greed Corp. is an excellent, user-friendly turn-based strategy title.
  6. Overcoming Greed Corp's challenging and clever adversaries is a taxing experience, but damn if it isn't one of the most gratifying. [Apr 2010, p.81]
  7. If you truly enjoy the gameplay, which is Greed Corp's most important and distinguishing feature, then you'll get as much as you want out of this surprisingly fun title
  8. Overall, Greed Corp is a highly enjoyable title, but one that needs your devotion in sticking it through a few plays before you truly appreciate it.
  9. Greed Corp will surely be often played in our office, if there is anyone left to challenge me. Especially the multiplayer mode, but also the rest of the game is funny as hell.
  10. Greed Corp is a simple strategy game within the huge Xbox Live Arcade portfolio, but it has enough differentiating details to stand out above the rest.
  11. Proof positive that Greed can be a good thing, W!Games has developed an incredibly simple, yet decidedly deep, game that's worthy of a place in your collection. For 800 MS Points ($10), you are getting more bang for your buck here than with most titles on the market.
  12. Greed Corp is an addictive and rewarding strategic game that stands out in a genre that usually is not console-friendly at all. If you like this kind of games, you'll love Greed Corp.
  13. As much as I was looking forward to Greed Corp, I ended up finding my hands clutching the controller in anger more than anything as I struggled to understand how exactly the game would perpetuate some of the gameplay mechanics it was subjecting me to.
  14. W!Games has a fantastic turn based title on their hands that I'd recommend to casual and hardcore fans of the genre alike.
  15. Feb 8, 2011
    Do not be fooled by the seemingly simple mechanics, this game is hardcore turn based strategy at its finest and even gaming veterans will have a hard time mastering it. Definitely a must buy if you like the genre, considering the low price tag.
  16. Supporting up to four players at once, the game lends itself brilliantly to playing with your mates (locally or online), but is equally good fun against the computer in the hugely challenging campaign mode.
  17. While the game's not for everyone, players with enough patience to wade through the tutorial, however, will find an enjoyable, lengthy campaign, complimented by a promising Xbox Live mode that just doesn't have the backing of a strong community.
  18. Greed Corp is a fantastic addition to XBLA and the PlayStation Store; a thoughtful and charming title that puts a unique spin on the board-game strategy.
  19. The compact, well working mechanism and focused gameplay of Greed Corp makes this a perfect offer for gamers who aren't looking for another turn-based strategy game using Advance Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics as blueprint. A large campaign and more than enough maps keep you occupied for a long time.
  20. This slow-starting strategy game is deliciously destructible once you learn the ropes.
  21. For a game with simple mechanics set in an apocalyptic world dominated by hyper-capitalistic avarice, Greed Corp. is surprisingly fun and lighthearted.
  22. Greed Corp is a very surprising and entertaining title.
  23. Greed Corp does what's important for a small turn-based strategy game: keep it simple, allow for depth.
  24. Greed Corp has been a welcoming surprise.
  25. 78
    Overall, Greed Corp is a good game, and one that if you give it a couple of hours, it will be a game that you can at least appreciate.
  26. In all, Greed Corp is very different from typical strategy but a lot of fun - it feels like a really good tabletop board game and is easy to play, and is well put together.
  27. Greed Corp is probably not a title for everyone, but the value-to-cost ratio is great.
  28. For about ten bucks, which is likely six to seven times less than a boxed Greed Corp board game would cost at retail, the game gives players a lot of value.
  29. An RTS/boardgame hybrid that's worth your $10, if you're into resource management. Although for the same price, you can get a new copy of Hail to the Chimp...
  30. This slight variety might harm Greed Corp in the long run, but for now we'll happily sink another few hours into the dark side of capitalism. [Issue#95, p.111]
  31. Personally I'm not a big fan of strategy games, but Greed Corp has made me look at the genre in a different way, if all strategy games had this kind of pacing and fun atmosphere then I think it would be a much more popular type of game right now.
  32. User-unfriendly but eventually compelling. [June 2010, p.105]
  33. An impressive multiplayer suite. [Issue#57, p.107]
  34. Nonetheless, if players are willing to dedicate some time to the title and adapt to the game's slightly-unforgiving gameplay, the reward is a thoroughly entertaining Xbox Live Arcade title.
  35. 'Greed Corp.' is a very polished, affordable strategy title sporting a clever environment gameplay aspect. Still, its unforgiving difficulty creates a learning curve that will scare even the hardiest away.
  36. Overall, Greed Corp offers an intriguing new twist to strategy gaming, putting you under just a little more pressure when considering your moves – it won't hold your attention for long but while it does, it will keep you quite entertained.
  37. Greed Corp nobly attempts to simplify the genre, but takes it a few steps too far.
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  1. Jan 24, 2011
    I would love to have this game, I've seen it played being played before and I think it is worth the 10$ on Steam for any strategy game lover. I recommend this game 100 Percent. Full Review »
  2. Nov 27, 2010
    Greed Corp is an over-looked fun and addictive turn-based strategy game for Xbox Live Arcade. It has received excellent reviews from critics and players alike. It is a shame that most seem to be unaware of this game. If you have played this game and agree spread the word about how good it is. Full Review »
  3. AdarshR
    Mar 3, 2010
    The game is excellent and load of fun. Who would have thought that a turnbased game would be so fun and addictive! Kudos to the W!games guys. Awaiting more of these amazing games. Full Review »