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  1. Oct 22, 2014
    I'm a 30yr gamer (shut up, i started young), a dedicated boy-racer ('00 Honda S2k), and a vetran of 3 seperate sides of the gaming industry (post, QA, and art design), and i promse you, w/the relase of autosprt, there is no longer any reason whatsoever to consider Grid 2.

    To be clear, if faced with the choice between DLing G1 & G2 for $5, or paying full price for Autosport, get
    Autosport. It's $5 dollars more game and $50 better. Expand
  2. May 27, 2014
    A decent mix of simulator and arcade. There're some things who let me down when I first got the game (no tuning, strange crashes, anyway...). But still a good and a fun game.
  3. Jan 3, 2014
    Perhaps this would be an interesting game if you invest in a steering wheel, but the cars are utterly uncontrollable with an ordinary xbox controller. There is no subtlety to the steering. Kind of reminds me of trying to use a driving game with the arrows on a keyboard.
  4. Oct 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game was a great game. and the graphics were great and if you like cars it will be a great game for you and has so many amazing races. and when I play the game I in a good moon. I am kind of disappointed they should had more races Expand
  5. Sep 18, 2013
    After some bug fixes and the reintroduction of demolition derby, this game sits firming in the good but not great category. The obvious thing about Grid 2 is the handling, most of the cars drift like drunk sailors on a stormy deck. Upgrading some cars neutralizes the effect somewhat, however the handling generally is more of a annoyance than Grid 1. Though cars like the Zonda, Koenigsegg and the Panoz were horrible to handle in Grid 1 anyway. However Grid 2 outshines it's predecessor in every way, with the exception of track variety. A similarly mundane yet superior single player mode, a more diverse online experience where leveling up is vital, and local co-op! Overall a good racing game where petrol heads like myself will enjoy the no holds bar sense of racing, I just hope Codies will in future scale back the arcade feel a little. Expand
  6. Aug 15, 2013
    Improved graphics and design, awesome engine sounds, more realistic car handling and driving physics, much improved AI, a variety of racing events, a nice range of cars. Those are the great things about this game. The negatives: winning depends too much on drifting, no view, less racing variety than in the first Grid game. Overall a great game if you love racing games.
  7. Jul 12, 2013
    I was disappointed with this effort on this one, who did they get for designing these shabby tracks? I I think is was a step back and there are much better driving games out there.
  8. Jul 1, 2013
    No,No,No,No,No WHAT is this trash...............The first grid was something to talk about now this is just a pathetic racing game.Its so repetitive and ugly it makes you scream...If this type of racing game is next gen then we have a dark future folks..
  9. Jul 1, 2013
    God can only hope that Codemasters don't get in over their heads like this again. "Oh people won't miss all these tracks, cars, view, race types and realism, Plus if it fails we can add them as DLC later on(Evil Chuckle and a Money Shower)" I can only imagine that's the type of things said in the Codemasters office when they shipped out this junk. This simply isn't the sequel fans wanted, it's like calling DiRT Showdown, "DiRT 4".

    This should have been called "GRID: Super Arcade Fun Racer", NOT GRID 2:

    This is not the "Race Driver" games we used to play, this is mixing in Burnout and PGR styles physics into it, yet PGR and Burnout manage to be better games than this, as they aren't trying to be something they're not, PGR is an arcade racer and a great one at that! and Burnout is an over the top super racer. GRID 2 likes to be in the middle.

    Let me explain to you Race Driver fans why this hurts so much, roll back 8 years, TOCA(DTM) RaceDriver 3 got released, it was an incredible realistic simulator, that simulated being a real Race-driver with tons of different even types and cars and teams and it was awesome! It was compared with games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 4. The game had unparalleled realism, it had much better physics engine than Forza and a much more realistic Damage model than Gran Turismo and it was a better looking game with more tracks.

    Now, By no stretch of the imagination am I calling RaceDriver GRID bad, But the Original GRID lost some of that "Realism" it also got completely blown out of the water by the ACTUAL simulators(Forza and GT) But it was still an amazing game, worthy of a 10/10, Yes, I'd go as far to say GRID was an arcade racer, but it was still an awesome game.

    But with GRID 2, it's completely changed, it's such an ill attempt and making a successor to one of the best arcade racers this gen and one of the best racing simulators of all time (RaceDriver 3).

    If this happens with DiRT 4, I will officially turn from being a "Fan" of Codemasters to being a"Competetors fan" As i'd rather own games like Drive Club, GT and Forza. Codemasters had a chance to take this game back to it's roots and take on the big boys from Microsoft and Sony.

    But what we got was a half arsed sequel and a disgrace to the RaceDriver series.(They didn't even put RaceDriver in the name this time)

  10. Jun 25, 2013
    I'm just play the game with my Subsidiary; SpideyMaster661. I play the game with a great replay when you crashed to fail and awesome race track and cool car. It's so disapointed about the handbrakes. Because, i can't drifting in the streets when getting jump by other racer in the hurry situation. Why does this happen?
  11. Jun 23, 2013
    As I began to play Grid 2, the music is the first thing that put me off. I was expecting more trancy/house mix on this game like in the first one. I thought this was interesting, there was a nice epic note to it. However as I continued play, i began to get annoyed. The handling is definitely arcade-style. I was put off by this and ended up getting last place on the first race. (Also, does really crappy driving qualify me for making my own racing series. This is all guided from the intro. As I continued to play, the races were starting to bore me. I keep seeing this recurring action of drifting and sliding all over the track. This is not pleasing at all.

    As for the freeplay racing...wait what freeplay? I can go ahead in custom and drive around in any car I own...there is no list of cars I can try out for fun. Where is that option? This brings me to the large downer: online play
    I have to register an account and pay money to race people online? In what century will I do that? Forza games and others don't require this option. what is so appealing that I need to chalk out more money for a game like this? (Btw, video game renting is a dream for the try-and-buy approach)

    Flashback cannot be un-chosen once chosen. You can't control the moment to play either. I'm starting to feel a pattern here. Can you guess it? As for difficulty there's three. three. No ABS, no traction, just easy, medium, hard.
    Also, the commentator is annoying. This isn't the only game I noticed I hear this. The commentator is always POSITIVE! We did the race once, got last, heard him go "well, can't get any worse than that" did it again and got disqualified. Whats he say? Go easy around the edges and you'll be fine. What happened to guys going "That...was...bad" If it honestly sucks, then at least be truthful. Also, i crashed the whole race and get 2000 fans? These fans must be sadistic or something.

    The only thing that makes this a recognizable GRID game is the damage engine. Still the same, still great....except for one thing. All i get to know about how bad my car is doing is a warning sign that flashes when something is wrong. Well that's just swell, more simplified stuff.

    Figured it out yet? The game rids you of choice. You have to live with their rules, their forced choices. Their freeplay (custom race option) isn't even worth smack since you start out with one or 2 cars. Their online account option is annoying and unnecessary(Cash cow anyone?) and finally, what makes this a GRID game? nothing. A great damage engine isn't what were playing for. Were playing to race.
    Buy it new or used: used, on sale
    Re-play-ability: Maybe when I'm bored
    Graphics: Good, doesn't make up for game unfortunately
    Campaign: Repetitive(concept is alright, execution not good)
    Music: Too epic
    Overall: Will borrow from a friend when I'm bored
  12. Jun 22, 2013
    I must admit that grid2 can be hard to love. comparing with the original you would initially dismiss this new title as inferior. the driving skill required in grid2 is different to the original. the new game does not do itself any faviours initially. the style is arcade with racing by drifting. I loved the original game and ifs style of racing. I found grid 2 awkward at first. the drifting and the arcade style was not to my liking.
    however once you get used to this style of driving the game gets adrealin running. I am startin to really enjoy the game. the cornering is becoming a real joy to undertake. the quality if replays are excellent and a joy yo watch. it is apparant that certain costs have been reduced. the racing is intense. this game does need to time. the driving skills are to be learnt. the cabin cam has gone. it took time to get used to this. graphicz great. sound great. learning curve good and progressive. ai of driver fair but tough. to ne dispite the arcade style does eventual prove a more than adequate successor to grid. I give the game 8.5. please stick with it. well done codemasters
  13. Jun 19, 2013
    What a terrible game. GRID was a masterpiece, but GRID 2 is now just a big disappointment. Everything that makes a Codemasters game has been left out, not to mention all the great tracks. The handling is arcade overkill, forcing you to drift around every corner and it quickly gets old.
    I've wasted my money buying this.
  14. Jun 7, 2013
    I write this with a very heavy heart! I am 45 and have played every Codemasters racing game ever made. I love gaming, i understand gaming and i want games to challenge, thrill, excite and most of all be fun. A game should leave you wishing you could play for longer or itching to come back and play again! The first Grid did all of the above! I loved it and was still playing online 3 years after launch. Where do i start with Grid 2? First and foremost it is not fun!!! I am immediately pushed into a world of drifting and never allowed to leave! The AI is poor with huge variances between cars and after 2 hours of driving i haven't seen a true racing track yet just mountain sides and cities! This game is hugely aimed at the American market and sadly us Europeans have been tossed aside. Anyway back to the game. The graphics are average and after 5 years i expected a lot more, my game even froze after 20 mins of playing and i had to reboot and start again. Loading times are slow and the only choice of cars so far are drifters, what a disappointment! So I thought well ok never mind, I'll try the online, that is surely much better!!! Oh dear! lag is awful, no choice of cars to start with and again the first thing I'm offered is a drift car!!!!! 5 Bloody years we've waited. Why oh why did they produce this monstrosity??? I love racing games, I love Codemasters but this is truly awful. I was on holiday when it launched but my best friend who loves racing as well got it on launch day. I phoned him from Portugal i was that keen to know how much he loved it! His answer, it's terrible mate, i took back and asked for a refund! Sorry Codies, who ever you listened to when designing the game was wrong!!! Probably the biggest let down in my recent gaming history! Expand
  15. Jun 4, 2013
    So far, great game if you're looking for something to have fun with. The graphics were, for me at first mediocre, however once I cranked up the sharpness on the TV settings it was visually great, but didn't have the same detail as Forza or GT5. The damage was also pretty decent, however I think some of the car deformities can be a little unrealistic. The lack of a view is a little frustrating as it shows a lack of effort, but I'm not normally a heavy user of it so I'm not too bothered all in all.

    The gameplay for me was a lot of fun. Each car has a different way of handling, however there are three main types which the cars are rated by: Grip, balanced and drift. Drift cars are extremely tail happy and the second you hit the brakes, will slide around the corner. Grip is a little more grippy, however not as much as I would have liked as they still have a tendency to start sliding when you hit the brake peddle. I surprisingly liked the handling however, even though I am not usually a fan of the more arcady styled handling.

    The sound is fantastic and the story mode has started to pick up speed and get me engaged. Online is brilliant fun and for me the matchmaking has been fairly quick, with no in-game lag. The menu music has been irritating me a little, but that can be turned off so for me it's not a problem.

    Overall I have had a brilliant time with this game up to now. The gameplay is fun as far as I'm concerned, but not everyone will be a fan of it. I'd say it's definitely more towards the arcade end of the scale. Although the handling can get a bit too arcady at times with the cars that are supposedly meant to 'grip' and the graphics can look a little blurry in places, it's done the job for me who is not usually fan of the less realistic games. Money well spent!
  16. Jun 4, 2013
    Its a very good game though for me not as good as the Grid One was. I just like more simulation than it's in this part. The grid one gave a choice in multiplayer. This one does not. Anyway, playability is still very good, competition and player development makes it almost imposible to stop playing the effect "just one more race" is definitely there, then you become a new car and have to test it and so on I played 31 hours in 3 days it really does not happen often that's the best recommendation I think. Easy to play, hard to master. And nobody should be angry that it is not an Gran Tourismo. Graphics 7/10, Sound 8/10, Gameplay 9/10. Arcade 70% Simulation 30% Gameplay ist most important for me but I gave not a nine in score because of the DLC politics. Expand
  17. Jun 3, 2013
    Top game but let down by being too short and by the behaviour of the online gamers. Handling is unique and different and I like that. It can be a little drifty but it can also be driven smooth as well. Good mix of events. First time I have enjoyed drifting. Touge is a little tough in the quickest cars. Good game that would be better if it was longer and if there were more severe drawbacks to those deliberately crashing online. Like losing cars or something like that. Or impounding a car that they need to earn back by driving cleaner for a few races. Expand
  18. Jun 3, 2013
    The biggest let down for me is the AI, or the lack of it.

    If you're trailing a driver, he acts like you're not even there. They drive onto you every time you cut inside on a turn.. When you're side by side, you can expect to be rammed 9 out of 10 times.. It's just stupid..

    And when you get passed a car, there's no way of them getting back at you.. The AI is simply too stupid to take
    over as long as you drive on the ideal line..

    And who the hell thought it would be a good idea to show that fan counter thing rolling slowly after every single race?
  19. Jun 3, 2013
    If you're an hardcore racedriver grid fan like I am,You are going to be very disappointed.

    As everyone stated there is no helmet cam.This would usually be a big disappointment but it really isn't as I would not be playing a game in helmet cam with handling like this.

    The handling is just wrong.your car drifts,doesn't matter what the event or car.It felt a little like split second or
    ridge racer just not as intense.The car power-slides if you touch the brakes and drifts if you attempt to hit the gas again

    there are a lot of letdowns but its already covered in the reviews below so instead i'm going to say what I liked

    The cars do look pretty despite the reviews. environment is not great but they did the cars and reflections pretty good.

    The single player story line is grabbing me a little more then the 1st grid.I would have preferred the currency to be money instead of fans,and i would have preferred to be able to buy cars instead of unlocking them but its still quite fun

    I cant see myself being to entertained by this game playing it alone but I can imagine this being a fun LAN game or entertaining online racer

    I gave the game a score of 5 because i'm disappointed in codemasters and grid for not keeping to the original style of grid 1.But for people who did not play grid 1 or didn't like it this game is not too bad.Keep in mind it is not a simulator or anything close to it
  20. Jun 3, 2013
    Grid was the stunning culmination of years of TOCA games and was the first racing game with a fully fledged rewind feature. There was an excellent progression model, detailed driving options and full damage model. Rare for a racing game at the time, it had fully a detailed driver's view which I use exclusively in racing games.

    Expectations were high for Grid 2.

    Oh dear.. The precise
    rewind feature has been lazily simplified, there is no driver cam, the driving options have been removed entirely, the progression model has been ruined and again simplified and the AI has had a lobotomy.

    Seriously ruined for the sake of profits and treats gamers like idiots.

    If, like me, you love Codemasters racing games, play the original Grid or Forza Horizon.
  21. Jun 3, 2013
    This game is a huge let down and a massive step backwards from the first grid. I would not have known this was the next GRID if I didn't see the case.

    Now i know this isn't a driving simulator, it never has been, however this games feels way too much like an arcade game. Ever single card feels the same and drifts around every corner as soon as you touch the break.

    You cannot adjust
    the driving assists and the difficulties are too simple. The AI are way too aggressive, it's like playing online against a bunch of inconsiderates!

    The graphics are OK. Now I watched videos on the build up to this game and I heard that they removed view to enhance the graphics of the surroundings. I can assure you all now, that this has not worked. The graphics are probably the same as GRID 1 and about the same as other car games from 2007/2008 era.

    This game is nothing like GRID 1 in any way. The career is nothing like this first. It's very repetitive, the voices are extremely repetitive and annoying after a couple of hours.

    Car customization such as paint is very basic. Car choice and variety is more limited than the first GRID.

    I cannot believe after 5 years this is what they have come up with. I would expect to find this game in the arcade game marketplace for £10. I cannot believe I paid £45 (brans hatch edition), I feel robbed! I am currently coming to the end of completing this game and thank god! Maybe the faster I complete this game, the quicker I can trade it in and take my losses before this game depreciates to about £5 in a couple of months.

    I would advise against buying this game. Instead get Forza Horizon, it's 1000000x better.
  22. Jun 2, 2013
    I am very disappointed with this game, I expected more from codemasters, the gameplay is horrible. Drifting is a joke and the multiplayer is broken. I wish I could get my money back.
  23. Jun 2, 2013
    I am warming to this game a little better than the first Grid, which, to be honest, i was a little hostile to. I thought it was too simple and i was used to the Toca Race Driver approach. Grid to is of course similar but feels a little more nuanced somehow, the handling is actually predictable and tricky, it can be deceptive and if you don't respect it, it can catch you out totally unexpectedly, unlike the latest Dirt game (IMHO), if you screw it up, it's your own fault, no point blaming the game!. I've clicked on "8/10" at the top, but more precisely would rate the game in the high 7's. It's a relief from not being challenged in the single player mode of GT5. Expand
  24. Jun 1, 2013
    As a gamer who has always preferred simulators like Gran Turismo, I bought this game because I really enjoyed the first Grid game. It is a lot of fun, as even though it isn't really a simulator, it isn't overly arcady like a Need For Speed game. The graphics are absolutely stunning, really pushing the limits of the current gen (I own the PS3 version). The controls take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, the turning feels really good. I haven't tried online play yet, but the single-player story has been good enough to keep me occupied. Expand
  25. Jun 1, 2013
    Oh God why! Right, let me start by saying that GRID is my favourite racer of all time so I was pretty excited for GRID 2. However I am underwhelmed and confused whenever I start the game. GRID 2's singleplayer is not bad, but its not GRID. It is an excellent example of the genre but it just feels like a stripped down Forza or Gran Turismo, not a sequel to GRID. The multiplayer is another story, broken, boring, laggy and unfinished. Some good improvements were made to the ranking system and car customisation however it is a less polished and more frsutrating version of singleplayer with most of the good tracks missing from it.
    GRID 2 is a disappointment compared to GRID, but it is still an excellent singleplayer game and with some work could be a great multiplayer one too
  26. Jun 1, 2013
    Look, the game is unplayable. I have played every racing game for the last 20 years but this is a pathetic excuse from taking my hard earned cash. What is so worrying are the high critics reviews. In fact, exactly like the reviews for Need for Speed:Most Wanted that was reviewed last year. Critics reviews 8.4 from 49 reviews. Whereas the users gave it 5.2 from 215 reviews. As it stands today, Grid 2 has 7.9 from the critics scores and 6.3 from the user scores. This is less than 1 week after its release and my guess is that the user score will go down in due course.

    So, my point is that something is very clearly out of kilter with what we are being sold here!

    Grid 2 does look good, the cars are large on the screen and this has a wonderful feeling of immersion into the game. There are some nice touches too, throughout the game. But a driving game this does not make.

    My issues is that the cars are essentially undriveable, the AI vehicles are so aggressive that they make the whole challenge a nightmare and the physics (despite the other reviewers comments) are appalling. I mean, exactly which car come to a full stop when it hits a barrier side on? Or, what car slides out at 90 degrees when it hits some grass? NONE.

    What makes these comments so especially poignant is that the games difficulty level has had to be shifted from medium, to easy, to very easy and all of the above was still happening and the game was still unplayable.

    As I have said before, I have played and finished them all over the years. I am even been a pretty good Go Karter, with numerous trophies and even hold a lap record on one circuit.

    However, on this occasion, after I had given up, even my son gave up playing and put Forza Horizon back on after a frustrating couple of hours on Grid 2.

    I wanted this game to be great but it isn't, it's far from anything but a con. And a con that the media with their dubious reviews is also in on. And this is perhaps the most worrying point of all given there will be no trade in values with the next generation. Who can we trust if we can't trust the reviewers?
  27. May 31, 2013
    Had this game not been Grid 2 it may have been a decent game. However...

    While not a bad game it also isn't a very good one either. Had this not had the Grid name on it it may have done well on its own but as a follow up it leaves you wanting more. The cars look great, until you damage them, then they look horrible and not in a duh kind of way but really bad. The handling could be a lot
    better. Sometimes the car will want to hug the road and others it will want to slide out from under you. One little nick against the wall and you go flying in ways you didn't think was possible. AI will get in your way, brake right in front of you for seemingly no reason, and always seem to just be in your way. Flashback is messed up. Once you start it it goes and there is no stopping it and you cannot cancel it.

    All in all I give this a decent score because I have had fun with this game. I just feel disappointed because it is Grid 2 not a different racing game. It feels like a step back in terms of the game overall.
  28. May 31, 2013
    Grid 2 is a racing game without joy or tension. The problem with this game is not with its mechanics, or with its story mode. The problem with this game, and I am sure most people would agree with me, is the AI. All the drivers except the first, second, and third place drivers easily give up their positions even on the hardest difficulty, and those drivers at the front of the pack typically get a lead on you so staggering that it saps any competitive urge you might feel to try and pass them. This is disappointing when the highlight of the first Grid game was the struggle for position and the feeling of accomplishment in just finishing each race. Bland game with lobotomized competition. No thanks. Expand
  29. May 31, 2013
    The handling takes some time to get used too but once you do that perfect lap no other racing game beats it!! this game is so rewarding knowing that if you win its cause you earned it and if you loose then it was your fault. the graphics are amazing not quite as good as forza 4/horizon but very close. online is where i've had most my fun i can buy cars upgrade them and change decals plus the rival system works a lot like autolog from need for speed series, overall i am very happy with this game it takes some getting used to but its worth it. Expand
  30. May 31, 2013
    Great game. Enjoy the whole setup and story line. Not an authentic simulator, but a fun game with great graphics. If you enjoy racing games, you will want to pick this one up.
  31. May 31, 2013
    I was a huge fan of Grid 1. Bought it for PS3 and PC! But this is one terrible sequel. This is like prequel to GRID. Has fewer options, no inside cam, driving physics is pretty good but graphics are from 2007. There are better and more prettier racing games out there. If you can get this from sale, consider. Otherwise, stay out of this!!! I want my money back please.
  32. May 30, 2013
    Not a bad game, the graphics system for example is excellent. The central problem is the longevity, inconsistent and ridiculous for a game of 60 Euros. Also I would have preferred a simulation game, enough with the arcade. 6/10
  33. May 30, 2013
    look at alex19589 this is how u can tell some one know about driving games ......Cars look amazing driving physics, stunning visuals,

    ok Grid 2 hmmmm i thing Gran turismo 2 was better driving game no challange no adrenalin its a fail but hey kids gona love it and kids= moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  34. May 29, 2013
    I like all racers, arcade or sim, that is, if they're any good. I loved the first Grid. But Grid 2 simply falls flat. And it's odd, because it looks good and it sounds good, but the experience is just dull. The game also puts far to much superfluos nonsense between you and the racing. You can turn the voice volume to zero, so at least that annoyance can be remedied.
  35. May 28, 2013
    I am so disappointed with this game. I have been playing Grid, Dirt 2, and Dirt 3 over the last month getting myself in the mood for this game. There are so many things wrong with the game.

    There is no helmet cam, the only options you have are for bumper, hood, behind, and far behind. This was just annoying to me, why would you take this out, every racing game has this, why would you
    remove this?

    The flashback system has been "simplified". Once you start it, you can't cancel out. The game just rewinds until you choose a spot or it will rewind you to the last possible spot. You can't go backwards of forwards to choose the exact moment you want. And since you can't cancel out you better be sure you want to flashback.

    There are no driver options, all you get is "Difficulty Level" and "Damage level". Want to choose ABS, or Traction control? Too bad.

    The car's feel wrong. They seem to drift around every corner. If you touch the brakes, the car goes into a drift... You don't even have to be pressing gas. I was also having a hard time telling the difference between a lot of the cars, they all feel the same.

    Some of the game's systems are a bit broken. You start out with 5 cars. You can complete missions to unlock cars, but the first few just unlock cars you already have. Also, you have to choose an import car for the second racing club, but your opponents can still use other cars.

    There is little feedback after each race. You used to get a breakdown of what awarded you money, or points (did you complete x objectives?, did you use all of your flashbacks?, etc.) Now you might see how many objectives you completed, but all of your work gets summed up by a ticker without any mention of why or how you got the fans that you did. (Fans are the currency now..)

    The background voice acting is repetitive, I have played this game for maybe an hour or two and I think they ran out of things to say about an hour ago.

    This is not a squeal to Grid. This would not even make a good NFS game. This is bargain bin arcade racing. I wish I could get my money back.
  36. May 28, 2013
    Great driving physics, stunning visuals, no but that's ok a great successor to Grid 1.Cars look amazing.Codemasters have done it again.Waiting for Dirt 4

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 51
  2. Negative: 0 out of 51
  1. Feb 26, 2014
    GRID 2 is a fine racing game on the track, but it's a questionable package when taken in its entirety.
  2. Jul 11, 2013
    I enjoyed Grid 2, but much like its predecessor, little about the experience was remarkable or noteworthy when compared to other racers. This is hardly a title that you'll need to drop what you're currently enjoying to check out, but it's something that I'd suggest purchasing when it drops in price. It's certainly worth a rental or demo, just to give you a taste of what Grid 2 brings to the table.
  3. Jul 5, 2013
    All in all, Grid 2 is a beautiful game that does a spectacular job on the presentation and delivery for an authentic as you're likely to get racing experience. Enthusiasts will find the experience a little too thin for their lacking, but the mainstream audience will find much here to keep their attention if they are willing to put in that initial investment.