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  1. 100
    Many will balk at the game because it doesn’t offer a million different models of car. Those who do are missing the point. Grid is all about the fun and excitement of the race. It’s racing with a capital ‘R’ minus the frustration. You won’t find a more fun racing game this year.
  2. Race Driver GRID is an immersing, addictive, exhilarating, beautiful and fun racing experience you can’t afford to miss, the best so far.
  3. Games Master UK
    The year's most exciting recreation of motorsport. Simply brilliant. [July 2008, p.72]
  4. If Colin McRae: DIRT was a sign of Codemasters regaining a foothold in the racing market, the latest Race Driver is evidence of the publisher taking full control. GRID makes the high points of its rivals feel like false dawns, and if what’s on offer here is a sign of things to come, we’re all in for a remarkable ride.
  5. This is the premium driving title out on the 360 at the moment, and a must own for any fans of the racing genre. When buying a car in real life, it isn't about the miles per gallon, but about the smiles per mile. This game will definitely make you smile.
  6. 93
    How you like your racing games is a personal thing, for me the delicate balance between pedal to the metal racing and slightly dull car porn is something that GRID gets spot on.
  7. A fantastic game that bridges the gap of arcade and sim styles of the racing genre.
  8. Is GRID the next big thing in the automotive game genre? I think so. The game has incredible arcade form, and I think the Flashback feature is one of the best new ideas we've seen come from this genre in a long time.
  9. Series vets with fond memories of the Pro Race Driver/TOCA games on previous systems should pick this up immediately, and if you're unsure about it, there's a demo available for download that’ll give you a good idea as to how easily most of the cars can be controlled, but won't give you a very accurate view of just how many kinds of racing styles are represented in the full game.
  10. There can only be one recommendation for car-loving gamers this summer: Get Race Driver GRID! Awesome graphics, a great damage-model and the fantastic driving experience that will satisfy fans of simulation as well as arcade racers should definitely convince any car freak!
  11. GRID is, in essence, the Nicole Kidman of racing games. Hollywood production values couple with classic beauty under neo lighting, skinned-over by intelligent complexity--all of which rumbles unseen beneath the bodywork, sometimes understated, sometimes overt, and at all times volatile.
  12. I would have to say that GRID is probably one of the best racers to date on the Xbox 360 console.
  13. It essentially boils down to this: If you're a racing fan, arcade or simulation, you owe it to yourself to give GRID a try.
  14. This game isn't about simulating racing; it's about creating fun out of it. And it succeeds beautifully, one thrilling white knuckle at a time.
  15. Race Driver: GRID is tearing up the tarmac this summer without a challenger in site.
  16. 90
    While the game's focus is clearly on driving, managing sponsors right will double or triple the income of winning an event and is a fun minigame on its own; making lots of money is crucial to entering higher-level, ultra-costly racing series.
  17. Otherwise, GRID is a great success: the single-player is varied without being confusing; the online multiplayer supports 12 players and damage modelling, reducing the number of first-corner pile-ups; tracks and cars are well chosen and recreated; and Flashback allows you to race with the same determination on lap three as you did on lap one, mitigating risk in a manner of which other racing game developers will soon be envious.
  18. The driving mechanics in Race Driver: Grid might not suit everyone, but they’re really solid none the less. If you want over the top driving with exaggerated acceleration, braking efficiency and grip, this is the game for you. The ability of turn back time to repair your mistakes is a great new feature. We haven’t had this much fun with a driving game since Flatout Ultimate Carnage.
  19. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    GRID may not do anything dramatically new, but what it does do, it does phenomenally well. Challenging enough to push you, yet rewarding enough to keep you going when things get tough, the sheer amount of variation and the immensely satisfying handling model make this a triumph of a game.
  20. Although the drift racing is too dependant on the hand brake and I’d like more emotional investment in the cars in my garage (some tweaking would be nice, as would more of a sense of pride in each car I own), Grid is a shining example of how to make a fresh racing game that captures that age-old, fundamental desire to go screaming down the asphalt like a rubber-shredding, hell-bent maniac.
  21. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Fulfilling all the promises and expectations, Codemasters offers a high quality racing game. In fact, GRiD not only sets a new path for the historical Race Driver series, but also manages to keep the high quality standards usually accomplished by the company. [June 2008]
  22. Race Driver GRID is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and certainly one of the most exciting. You'd be a fool for missing this one. With better handling this would have been my first 10 score given for a very long time.
  23. Wow! Codemasters managed to invent the golden formula for a racing game. The intensity, the recklessness and all the cool cars make GRID awesome.
  24. While not all that innovative, the game brilliantly implements a race-saving instant replay function and incorporates a strong strategic element with its sponsor management.
  25. GRID is ultimately the fun and enjoyable racing game that many people have been waiting for. With beautiful graphics and an amazing flashback feature, who wouldn't buy this game? With so many different game types, GRID really does cater all thrills that drivers seek.
  26. GRID has something for everyone, and is enjoyable by all racing fans. The visuals are great, the gameplay is frantic and the atmosphere oozes perfection.
  27. Race Driver: GRiD can be described as the pinnacle of Codemasters' efforts to produce a racing game that injects a breath of fresh air into the genre, coupling delicious visuals and sublime handling with a feeling that every successfully won race is truly earned, and every sneaky win at the expense of the impressively unpredictable AI is no hollow victory.
  28. An immensely satisfying and infinitely fun racing title.
  29. Grid is proof that Codemasters is not only one of the better developers for racing games, but further proof that they are continually looking at how to better the final product for all levels of videogamers to enjoy.
  30. It's forgiving enough for arcade-style players to get into, yet challenging and rewarding enough to make them want to get better, while not leaving them stuck in one place. Sim nuts, naturally, will be quite pleased as well.
  31. The complete racing package, Race Driver GRID is perfectly tuned to produce a fine balance between fun and realism. A large range of classes means the comparatively small number of cars does nothing to detract from the sense of scale.
  32. Racer Driver: Grid really sets new standards for the racing genre on the Xbox 360, it’s fast and furious, certainly doesn’t lack realism and has that "just one more go" appeal to it.
  33. Grid doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel but instead builds around it and attempts to improve it, and in the end succeeds in making one of the most enjoyable racing games I have played in years.
  34. Codemasters celebrates the racing circus with such enthusiasm that the gamer can’t resist. This game is surprisingly well done.
  35. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Like its predecessors, GRID is a bewitchingly addictive racer, astounding in how much content it has to offer.
  36. 87
    There are plenty of other racing games on the market, but Grid captures the soul of the track like none other.
  37. While it's hard to fully judge GRID compared to other racing games that feature heavy vehicle modification, the on-road manners of Codies' affair can hang with the best of ’em.
  38. Grid is not a perfect racing game, but it is certainly a perfect game for a long and hot summer.
  39. 86
    GRID is the type of game that straddles the line between sim and arcade so well that it actually works on both levels.
  40. GRID is better than many of today's highly regarded racers, yes it can be frustrating and may take some brief getting used to; however Race Driver: GRID is one rewarding drive worth taking.
  41. 85
    GRID does a brilliant job of balancing the depth of simulation racing with the pure fun of arcade racing, and the result is as intense as it is accessible.
  42. GRID is a driving game that won’t disappoint speed fans, especially those who follow Codemasters games.
  43. Race Driver: GRID may not be the right choice for rally veterans, particularly those who have enjoyed earlier installments in Codemasters' CMR series or TOCA series.
  44. GRID's delicate straddling of the line between arcade and simulation racing is one that works well for it, appealing to fans of either simulation or arcade racers, once you get used to its handling quirks.
  45. GRID is a solid racing experience whether you like arcade style racing games or not.
  46. Both “x-treme” racing fans and racing aficionados alike will find something to enjoy, making it the possible Great Uniter of racing videogames.
  47. The single-player campaign in GRID is definitely worth a test drive. Multiplayer has its moments, but you could skip over it without missing much.
  48. A deep, engaging and somewhat varied experience, Race Driver: GRID should offer something for most players.
  49. While GRID's a nice game, it's ultimately a new selection of cars and tracks for Colin McRae DiRT. You might want to bear that in mind when it comes to buying it.
  50. 80
    Despite its rather basic approach, GRID does deliver an intense model of racing that is as enjoyable as it is plain. The lack of vehicle tuning and the dearth of available cars leaves one corner of this square missing, but that doesn't keep it from rolling along.
  51. Grid is a classy arcade racing game, providing enough depth and variety to satisfy any fan of the genre.
  52. The driving is an excellent blend of high-speed antics and risk, as one crash can quickly end your run.
  53. games(TM)
    The best available entry point for newcomers to next-gen racing, and a worthy investment for anyone else. [July 2008, p.104]
  54. 80
    This hybrid of sim and arcade racing may take some getting used to -- its learning curve is steeper than your average Burnout or Need for Speed -- but the time investment is worth it.
  55. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Flashbacks make this a thrilling racer, but they wear thin after a while and take their toll on the racing. As a result, we love Race Driver: GRID as much as we hate it, which is quite a lot! [Issue#33]
  56. 80
    An excellent game and one that any racing fan should pick up. It may not feature any Australian content but the gameplay is addictive and enjoyable and that's what matters most.
  57. GRID isn't a hugely deep game, but it has an impressive array of small features and presentation pieces that serve to make it feel bigger than it really is.
  58. If high speed crashes and action packed races are your thing then there is no reason not to give GRID a try.
  59. A good feature is the realistic damage-simulation. If you have a frontal crash, you will drop out of the race before crossing the finishing line.
  60. 79
    GRID’s super slick presentation and the flashy bells and whistles will grab your attention, but there isn’t anywhere near enough depth to hold it. You’ve changed, Race Driver. We hardly know you anymore.
  61. Grid hits all the basics just right and tops everything off with a shiny, grease-covered bow. With a little more fine-tuning and some added variety, the follow-up could easily be the leader of the arcade racing pack.
  62. 75
    Think of it as a racing fling, not asking you for any long-term commitment, and letting you walk away once you're finished so you can pursue something with more depth. Still, it's fun while it lasts.
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  1. Mar 1, 2013
    GRID is one of the best racing games this generation, perhaps one of the greatest of all time, and how? Because its simple. GRID is aGRID is one of the best racing games this generation, perhaps one of the greatest of all time, and how? Because its simple. GRID is a simulation racer at its core, you build a career from the ground up, assemble a team to race on real world tracks in licensed cars across several different kinds of events such as Touring Cars, Drift, Formula 3 and Le Mans series. However what it does is it cuts away the fat of games like Gran Turismo and Forza but not including things such as car customisation and having a much smaller selection of cars to race in providing much closer competition between racers both online and in singleplayer as you are racing exactly the same machines, no-one has an advantage and everyone is as likely to win as each other meaning its pure driving skill that determines whether you win a race or crash and burn in the gravel at the edge of the track. Though GRID is massivley smaller in terms of content compared to GT or Forza it will easily last you a good 20 hours for the singleplayer and even longer for the infinitely re-playable online modes. You must get known, make a team and earn a pro licence in all 3 regions (US, Europe and Japan) not to mention collect all the cars and sponsors.
    GRID is the perfect simulation racing game for someone who is perhaps not the biggest fan of sitting in menu's fine tuning every single minor detail of their ride yet still provides a satisfying and exhilarating experience for those that do like depth in their racers.
    Full Review »
  2. Oct 27, 2011
    I so much want to enjoy this game but the number of spin outs at low speed is causing me to turn it off as soon as I turn it on. Even slightI so much want to enjoy this game but the number of spin outs at low speed is causing me to turn it off as soon as I turn it on. Even slight collisions cause me to ram head first into railings. Gorgeous graphics but frustrating as hell. Full Review »
  3. PeterN.
    Jun 28, 2008
    Visually beautiful, and the feel of the cars is great, but I have to agree with "Noir L." in that you might as well be competing with battle Visually beautiful, and the feel of the cars is great, but I have to agree with "Noir L." in that you might as well be competing with battle tanks out there. If one of the AI cars hits you ever so slightly, you will spin out of control and into a a wall. If you hit the AI cars, you only make them faster on their perfect lines. I accidentally T-boned another car at a hairpin and it did nothing to the AI car. It's frustrating because this game looks and feels so good, and then they screwed it with the invincibility of the AI cars. Full Review »