Hail to the Chimp Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 23
  2. Negative: 9 out of 23
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  1. 83
    The developers executed that concept quite well. If the setup makes you chuckle, chances are the game will, too.
  2. While it's not necessarily the most qualified candidate on the ticket, it's got a solid platform and is entertaining enough to maintain a respectable number of party game delegates. Besides, it definitely more fun than the current real-life political circus.
  3. Hail to the Chimp might lack presidential polish, but it still earns an unexpectedly agreeable term in office. [July 2008, p.73]
  4. It's passable. If you're looking for a 360 party game with something for the adults, this is definitely the candidate you should endorse. But we have to think that's a pretty big "if."
  5. Cautiously buy the game for pure laugh value. Don’t get it expecting a fun gameplay experience.
  6. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    If only it featured more varied game types - instead of a dozen different ways of spinning the clam-collecting battles - I could get behind this one. [July 2008, p.78]
  7. 60
    Clever political ad parodies and LOL-worthy faux TV spots are more entertaining than actually playing the game itself.
  8. If the game were actually simplified and released as a downloadable title for the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, or Wiiware service it might be worth checking out, but as a full title, even at a discounted price, it isn’t worth the trip to the store.
  9. Gameplay, like any other party game, gets old pretty quickly.
  10. 56
    There is a fun little romp tucked away in here, but you have to dig (and play the game with other people) in order to find it.
  11. It's all funny and little fun in this politics-themed party game.
  12. All in all, I can't recommend Hail to the Chimp as a game, but it gets my vote as a satire of politics. The clunky controls, slow character movement, obstructive camera, repetitive gameplay, and chaotic multiplayer work against the title, and although the graphics and audio make up for it to a degree, it's nowhere near enough.
  13. With its appealing cartoony visuals, funny political satire, and collection of humorous unlockable videos, Hail to the Chimp isn’t a complete bust. If it didn’t suffer from overly repetitive gameplay, ridiculously unbalanced A.I., and had a bit more variety, this game honestly could have been a lot more fun.
  14. Honestly if this game were taken back and reworked into a cartoon then I’m sure it would be plenty of fun for kids and adults alike due to all the double entendres but as it stands it’s an amusing cartoon interrupted by bland game segments.
  15. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    The world needs more risk-takers like Wideload. But this gamble didn't pay off. [Dec 2008, p.83]
  16. Like the stereotypical politician, Hail to the Chimp promised more than it can deliver.
  17. Game Informer
    This is "Fuzion Frenzy" with one-liners about stuffing ballot boxes and endless, boring minigame repetition. [July 2008, p.86]
  18. Hail to the Chimp is a collection of decent ideas, all poorly executed to some degree. The satire, while welcome to the genre, has been managed in a much better capacity by other games. The mini-games are all weak, mundane, and especially repetitive.
  19. Quite simply, this would have been struggling for a decent mark on Live Arcade. One strong concept does not a game make.
  20. 35
    Hail to the Chimp has zero redeeming qualities. There's nothing about this game that's worth recommending. The AI is bad, the control scheme is unforgiving, it's not funny at all and all of the games feel too similar to one another.
  21. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Confusing, annoying and frustrating. [Nov 2008, p.97]
  22. 20
    Practically unplayable and should be avoided at all costs.
  23. 10
    The resulting mashup is a chaotic jumble that's doesn't play well and only loosely is tied to politics at all. The minigames are too long and incorporate too many elements at once to make for good group play, the humor is disjointed and juvenile, and a few of the characters even lean into questionable stereotypes.
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  1. May 17, 2012
    A great idea... with some mistakes. We meet much party games, really much, Mario Party, Fuzion Frenzy for example, but all with themes forA great idea... with some mistakes. We meet much party games, really much, Mario Party, Fuzion Frenzy for example, but all with themes for kids. Hail to the chimp is different, the principal themes are for adults, and is a good point. The mini games are funny, but are most funny when you play with other people, the graphics are very regular, some characters looks horrible. The story is good, and have a great development. Hail To the Chimp is not perfect, but have much great points. Full Review »