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Summary: Halo 3: ODST returns players to familiar ground on a vital, top-secret mission. The gripping story, cooperative campaign and new multiplayer content will have Halo fans "Preparing to Drop." The new game brings the perspective of new characters to the Human-Covenant struggle, as it explores the ODST, or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Follow the story of the legendary ODSTs or Orbital Drop Shock Troopers as they drop into the ruined city of New Mombasa, looking for clues behind the Covenant's catastrophic attack on the city. A new hero: Prepare to drop. Known for their courage, valor and at times, insanity, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are among the fiercest UNSC soldiers, priding themselves on being the first unit deployed into hostile situations. While not as large or supernaturally gifted as their Spartan comrades, these Hell Jumpers more than compensate with their ferocious attitudes and unwavering nerve. Multiplayer: All the traditional features of Halo 3 multiplayer will be included in the new game, including full-featured integration with the Forge map editor. [Microsoft]
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Rating: M
Official Site: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/splash/h/halo3odst/
Developer: Bungie Software
Genre(s): Action
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Blood, Language, Violence
Offline Modes:Competitive, Cooperative
Connectivity:Online, Voice Chat
Online Modes:Competitive, Cooperative
Resolution:1080p, Widescreen
Number of Online Players:4 Players Online
Customization:Downloadable Content
Cast Credit
Martin O'Donnell Original Music
Jonty Barnes Producer
Joseph Staten Writer
Joseph Staten Writer
David Scully Voice: Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson
Jeff Steitzer Firefight Announcer
Daniel Miller Designers
Justin Hayward Art Direction
David Candland Lead Interface Designer
Marco Foglia Animator
Benoît Gagné Cinematic Animator
Bartek Kujbida Cinematic Animator
Philippe Zerounian Cinematic Animator
Paul Bertone Design Director
Lars Bakken Designers
Alex Pfeiffer Designers
Nathan Fillion Voice: Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck
Adam Baldwin Voice: Corporal Taylor "Dutch" Miles
Adam Baldwin Voice: Corporal Taylor "Dutch" Miles
Nolan North Voice: Lance Corporal Kojo "Romeo" Agu
Andrew McKaige Voice: Pvt. McKaige
Alan Tudyk Voice: Private First Class Michael "Mickey" Crespo
Alan Tudyk Voice: Private First Class Michael "Mickey" Crespo
Tricia Helfer Voice: Captain Veronica Dare
Benoit Gagne Cinematic Animator
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