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  1. Apr 20, 2014
    The campaign is overall lacking, there just isn't any sense of urgency even though everything is supposed to be at stake, and it feels like nothing is at stake, which ruins the overall drive of the game. You know before even starting the game that master chief is going to save Cortana,defeat the covenant, and save earth. It's very predictable and doesn't do anything unexpected. Not to mention the awful level design in the level "Cortana".
    The Multiplayer is what makes this game great, it's balanced, fast paced, and requires skill to be good at.
  2. Apr 16, 2014
    Best Halo game EVER created! You are not a true Halo fan if you do not love this game. You are doing yourself a favor if you buy this game. Go ahead and do it. Don't listen to the negative reviews either. This game is so worth it. It brought machinima to its peak, it introduced us to Theater and Forge, and accompanied by that was an amazing Matchmaking system with a superb ranking system. You just cannot not love this game! If you're reading and and don't have it, get Halo 3 now! Expand
  3. Apr 8, 2014
    Unfortunately, I at one time loved the Halo series, so it was inevitable that I would eventually get the 3rd installment in the series. Now let's breakdown what an utter piece of crap this game was and why 2700 other users on this site need to be sterilized so they can't breed. To utter a term coined by one Yahtzee Croshaw, (who I normally adamantly disagree with) This game is a spunk gargle wee wee. Not only is there little to no chance of dying, because just hide til your shields replenish, there are no real threats in the game. The title itself looks more like halo 2 than a next gen title like it was, the physics are really screwed up, picking a turret up slows you down but you still jump like their is reduced gravity. The storyline wasn't as good as the predecessors, This game was designed for the 13 year old kids to get a headshot and then talk crap to series gamers. I'd say get this game only to see what needs to be changed in the new games coming out. Once again its up to us to change the industry, buying a 59.99 expansion like madden 15, or Halo 5, just isn't something I'm willing to do. Some argue the online for this game is what defines it. Unfortunately for me, online isn't what makes a game, the play, story, and characters make the game. Expand
  4. Mar 31, 2014
    This was the first FPS game that I could give 10/10 to. It was by far the best online FPS game out at the time. I purchased a xbox 360 purely for this game after trying it at a friends house, I played this game in he excess of 1000+ hours, without a moment of boredom. The vehicles included in the game were very cool. The weapons were very diverse and each took different tactics to master and gain kills from.

    Gameplay 10/10, Online 10/10, Weapon/Vehicles 10/10 OVERALL 10/10
  5. Mar 11, 2014
    Best game of the Xbox 360 generation for sure. Id have to say that It had the best multiplayer in the entire series or even all of gaming. Wish the newer ones were like this
  6. Mar 11, 2014
    good game by bungie. deserves higher than the 7.7 average so i gave it a 10. the new halo games are absolutely terrible in comparison...if they get scores like 6 then this deserves a 100/10. i mean halo 4 literally killed least halo 3 was #1 on xbox live for two 1/2 years.
  7. Jan 22, 2014
    It's by far my favorite Halo game. Don't know why it got so much hate. It's the #1 game of 2007 I still come back to. It never gets old. The ending of the game still impresses me to this day. The story broke no barriers and was consistent. Still hate the level Cortana, though.
  8. Jan 18, 2014
    Another game that is a little hard to review, as the multi-player element of the game is far better than it's single player campaign. Halo gains almost all it's score in the multi-player but I feel this is a bit unfair as it's one of the only online experiences I have had on the 360 but that's because it's the most fun. The only good thing the single player campaign did was remind me of the fun I had playing the original Halo, after the second Halo game really didn't tickle my balls I thought this game returned to a formula that works, but the more I thought about the game afterwards the more it reminded me of Halo and it felt like this game was just chasing the success of the original. This was the end of my interest in the Halo storyline, I thought it descended into **** at the start of the second game. Overall the amount of time I have spent playing multi-player saves this game from a low score. Expand
  9. Jan 10, 2014
    Halo 3 is my third favorite game of all time because, it is enjoyable experience, its fun to play with your friends, and it has one of the best campaign I've ever seen, so why if you haven't played this game yet. buy it. I still play this game to the date and its still fun to play. oh if you a cod player and you don't like this game, you have no variety.
  10. Jan 2, 2014
    This game is for everyone who's into Superheroes,FPS and Sci-fi. The campaign is very well made with a lot of replay value and co-op (splitscreen and online).The story is also very engaging. Online Multiplayer is a blast, my favorite mode is team slayer where two teams ,each with 4 players try to get the most kills. This is easily one of the most balanced games I've played to date. In 2014 it is still worth it and there a lot of players online on weekends.
    I love it. 10 out of 10.
  11. Dec 31, 2013
    Amazing first-person action and an excellent narrative, Halo 3 is an excellent game. There are several frustrating parts in the game that came of as time killers rather than proper missions.
  12. Dec 15, 2013
    It would be fascinating to know why other reviewers rate this title so highly, as the Single-Player is one of the worst in existence, the characters are uninteresting and easily forgettable and the load-time durations are simply a war crime. Halo 3's soundtrack, multiplayer and distinctive visual style prevent this title from simply being a polished turd. Multiplayer (including Forge Mode) is the only plausible reason to purchase this game for entertainment value because it earns its own merit and then some. The maps are varied and offer plenty of strategy and the use of vehicles are immensely entertaining.

    Graphics 6/10 Although distinct in visual style, some of the level design does little to highlight it.
    Gameplay 6/10 Single player is atrocious, boring and forgettable but multiplayer is in a league of its own.
    Features 6/10 Removing the vacuous single player from the equation, Multiplayer has a gargantuan lasting appeal.

    Overall: 4/10 Multiplayer retains the same high standards of previous entries but the single player is simply an offence in gaming.
  13. Nov 28, 2013
    man the game is now more than 6 years old but it still feels fresh. imho the best fps of the generation, killzone 2,3 and halo reach are awesome but halo 3 is just better
  14. Nov 24, 2013
    Halo 3 is a good game for Xbox 360, despite being an old game, from 2007, many people play it, and Campaign mode is nice, and multiplayer mode doesn't disappoint, with several different modes. This game, in my opinion, will still be cited by next years.
  15. Nov 19, 2013
    Halo 3 is a game set in the magical time of 2500 or around that time. This is game is okay. I've played better halo's I have to admit. Although it came out in 2008 it's still looks good. It's plays well and this was the first halo with forge. Forge is a great mode where you can spawn in things from the game. The multiplayeis rubbish and I hate the campaign but the game modes and forge is the only reason I play Halo anyway.

    -Bad Campaign
    -Bad Multiplayer
    -Amazing forge mode
    Score 72/100
  16. Nov 19, 2013
    Single Player/Multi Player (2/2) (If the single player is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no multplayer) (If the multiplayer is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no single player) Gameplay (2/2) Visuals/Story (2/2) (If the visuals are better than the story, review this section as if it had no story) (If the story is better than the visuals, review this section as if the visuals didn’t matter)

    Accessibility/Longevity (2/2)

    (Review this section only on Accessibility if the game has no longevity) (Review this section only on longevity if the game isn’t accessible)

    Pricing (1/2)

    Wildcard (0)

    This is a guideline for how to properly review games. Many reviewers like to get a “feel” for a game, and arbitrarily give a game a score that they believe it deserves. This results in wildly different scores between different reviewers, and vastly different scores between similar games. This guideline addresses these problems and scores games fairly and consistently. This guideline also gives scores that are usually similar to the metacritic score.

    The review score is based out of 10 points. There are no “half” or 0.5 increments. It is impossible to have a score above 10 or below 0. The review score will change as the game gets new dlc, drops in price, or if more secrets are found through the game increasing its appeal.

    The scoring is split into 6 sections. The first five sections can add a possible 2 points to the final score. The first 5 sections are Single Player/Multi Player, Gameplay, Visuals/Story, Accessibility/Longevity, and Pricing.

    Notice that 3 of these sections have two parts. These particular sections will be scored based on the stronger part of the game of the two. For example, if a game has a lousy single player campaign, but an excellent multiplayer component, that section will be based solely on the multiplayer as if the single player did not exist. This allows games to be based on their own merits, as many unnecessary features are shoehorned into video games by publishers to reach a “feature quota”. Games that excel in both areas of a section don’t receive should be noted in the written review, but cannot increase the score past 2 in that section. However, it can be taken into account in the final section

    The final section can add 1, add 0, or subtract 1 to the final score. This final section is the “wildcard” section. This section is for how the reviewer “feels” about the game, but limits this only to this section, rather than the entire 10 point review. This section can include any positive or negative point that was not covered in the previous 5 sections.
  17. Nov 11, 2013
    Halo 3 is an amazing game that I love to come back to again & again to experience the fun campaign & extremely competetive, challenging, & fun multiplayer that I miss about multiplayer games.
  18. Nov 10, 2013
    Let me start off by saying, Halo 3 is well worth your money and your time. The story campaign is well done and you really feel connected to the characters, although the campaign is short (about 5-6 hours long) it's still worth your money just for that. The campaign also includes co-op just like all the previous Halo games and that's a bunch of fun. The multi-player is still as good as ever, if not, better. New vehicles and new guns keep the game from becoming bland when compared to the previous games.

    The multi-player will make you keep coming for more with the ranking system and the customisable armour for your player. There's a new mode called Forge which lets you edit maps and do some really cool stuff, unfortunately it is very limited but it's still fun to play with friends and create a racetrack every now and then.

    The graphics are nice considering this games was released in 2007 and although they may not look the best now they still hold up pretty well. This games is a solid game, and it deserves all your money and time, buy it, I honestly can't think of any cons for this games apart from being a bit repetitive sometimes. Even if you don't have Xbox Live this game has split-screen or offline players and still let's you play everything Xbox Live members do, as long as you have a second controller and a buddy.

    Seriously, buy this game right now.
  19. Nov 8, 2013
    Epic trilogies need epic and satisfying conclusions. That is exactly what you get with Halo 3. In my opinion this is the best Halo game of all time. Humanity with it's back against the wall is making one final effort to drive off the fractured covenant. Every battle is on a grand scale and you feel humanity's survival hanging in the balance. Equipment such as energy drains and deployable cover are a new mechanic. As always the weapons old and new are excellently balanced. This is one of my favorite games but in order to enjoy it to the fullest extent, I recommend that you play Halos 1 and 2 first. Expand
  20. Nov 7, 2013
    one of the best xbox 360 games out there this game is extremely well done and deffently worth checking out it is true to the halo name and I cant believe this game has gotten that many User reviews.
  21. Nov 6, 2013
    Best Halo game EVER created! You are NOT a true Halo fan if you do NOT love this game. You are doing yourself a favor if you buy this game! Go ahead and do it. Don't listen to the negative reviews, either. This game is so worth it. It brought machinima to its peak, it introduced us to Theater and Forge, and accompanied by that was an amazing Matchmaking system with a superb ranking system. You just CANNOT not love this game! If you're reading and and don't have it, get Halo 3 now! Expand
  22. Nov 4, 2013
    Halo 3 is a true masterpiece. That's all that needs to be said. The gameplay is designed perfectly to match the style of landscape the game has, its graphics can outmatch almost all fps games made before 2012 (I'm looking at you CoD), and the music is beautifully composed and fits in perfectly with the gameplay. The multiplayer is based off of skill and requires a lot of time to get to understand the mechanics and ranking system (looking at CoD again). I think Halo 3 definitely deserves a 10 rating. Expand
  23. Oct 30, 2013
    Halo. An amazing series that millions love. But is this the fitting end? Yes. And a most definite one at that. Master Chief resumes his role as head ass kicker of the galaxy and he resumes it quite awesome-ly. The campaign is action packed and just feels right. The weapons are perfectly balanced, the aliens are fun to shoot, and vehicular combat is one helluva time. And say you feel like breaking some military laws. Screwing around with your marines is fun too, especially when they think you've gone AWOL in the barracks. The multiplayer is amazing and so in depth. Red vs. blue has never been this much fun as my customized, Mark V Spartan is silently taking down enemies with invisibility on High Ground, or flying a banshee on the Blood Gulch like Valhalla, or carrying an Elephant cargo vehicle across an all out desert war, or wanting to say so much more about this heart pounding multiplayer but can't even fit that much information into the tiny brain compared to the vast unimaginable HALO 3. The forge is a nice addition too and affects gameplay in however way you want it. You can put a weapon over there or a weapon over here. You can ands a BUILDING over right there. Whatever you can imagine, forge has it. Halo 3 is the ultimate package for anyone with a 360 and if you don't have it, you're either an eight year old, or the unhappiest man alive. Expand
  24. Oct 22, 2013
    um ótimo jogo que te leva a querer ver o que vai acontecer no final e quando chega no final você fica querendo que o jogo continue. Bom foi uma experiência muito boa e quero jogar com certeza o halo 4.
  25. Oct 10, 2013
    Halo 3 is simply one of the Xbox 360 greatest titles of all time. From the lengthy (in FPS terms) and emotionally compelling single-player to the most addictive multiplayer experiences I've had this console generation, Halo 3 is the epic conclusion to the Human-Covenant War and contains moments that will stick with you for a long time. Still plenty of people online to play with co-op is a blast and Forge mode adds a fun Minecraft-esque building mode for you to design and create your own custom maps and game types. Halo 3 has so much to offer, and especially at the price it's going for right now there is no reason not to pick it up. Halo 3 is my favorite game of all time and if you're interested in FPS at all then I implore you to consider giving this remarkable title a try, you know, the one other person that hasn't lol Expand
  26. Sep 24, 2013
    Halo; Combat Evolved or Halo 2 are often considered the best halo games. Though they are fantastic games, the only things they have to offer that Halo 3 doesn't are the nostalgia, story (Excluding Halo 2) and possibly balancing with the enemies and weapons. Other than that, Halo 3 is pretty much superior in all ways. You can't argue that the multiplayer for the first two were better than Halo 3's multiplayer. Balancing issues aside, Halo 3 has NUMEROUS multiplayer options like forge, custom game options, more weapons and customization, and most importantly, online multiplayer. While The first two may have had online multiplayer on the PC version, Halo 3 was more superior and more successful than both. Now, on the side or story, the story of the first two (Referring to opinion) could very well be much superior in terms of everything, but the story can't be the way you compare the two, since single-player wasn't exactly Halo 3's goal. While they put more effort into the story than, say Call of Duty, they weren't aiming for a story-game, but more of a multiplayer game.
    The main reason that people preferred Halo 1 or 2 over 3 is mostly due to nostalgia, which isn't something you should let review your games for you. You have to review the game for how good it is, not nostalgia or memories. And when you look at Halo 3 in that perspective, it is definitely better than the first two.
  27. Sep 12, 2013
    Halo 3 was a decent game but there were some issues that kept me from being fully immersed in the game. The most important was the lack of customizable button layout. Having controls that are different from other popular games only makes sense if it adds to the user experience. In the case of Halo 3 going against long established norms, it did not make sense. If you are going to have controls that are particular to your game, at least have the decency to offer a custom option for those who do not see the brilliance in our scheme. If the controls hadn't been an issue, this game would rate higher. Expand
  28. ERB
    Sep 7, 2013
    Wow!For a 2007 game this game has unbelievable graphics!The game play is so awesome and I totally get it why it has a high score.I like the story but the only problem is it is short.But still for me this is a game that is so cool and awesome and also memorable.I like this game!
  29. Sep 5, 2013
    To this day, Halo 3 remains the franchise's best multiplayer experience. The single-player campaign is lengthy, hugely diverse and packed with memorable moments. I feel Halo 3 was as close to perfect as the series will ever get.
  30. Aug 31, 2013
    Single player, Solid game play. Multiplayer, leave it to the "click and twitch" crowd of adolescent 13-18 year old Red Bull laced kids. At this point, if you haven't played the other 2, don't start. The story isn't that compelling that you'll remember any major plot point.

Universal acclaim - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 85 out of 86
  2. Negative: 0 out of 86
  1. It's the addition of the Forge level editor and the saved films that give the game an even longer set of legs, legs that will probably keep you running at full speed until Bungie figures out where, exactly, to go from here.
  2. Halo 3 is the best Xbox 360 game to date. The single-player campaign and storyline are both very strong, but it's Forge and the Saved Films features that will likely go down in history as Bungie's crowning achievements. They've basically taken everything great about the series and improved upon it in every way, then added some amazing new features that we'll be using for years to come.
  3. 100
    It's solid gameplay, immense replayability, online functionality and incredible production values will ensure its place in video game history, and it is, without a doubt, a satisfying and fulfilling close to the beloved trilogy[?].