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  1. Nov 7, 2012
    I wanna say I am abit disgusted with a few revies I have read. If you all admit this game has amazing graphics, good sound and a short, decent story, than how are you giving 1 or 0 reviews. this is a one to ten scale. for that reason, even though i really belive this game dererves a 8 or nine, I am giving it a ten to help counteract ur whiny fan boy bull **** 343 put alot of effort into this game. It looks, sounds and in general is awsome. Yes, I agree the campaign is way to short and I wish they didnt make the mutiplayer alot like cod. But otherwise this is a stellar first ame by 343 and I commend their efforts to bring me what I have dreamed of since I was a kid. The chance to fight the forerunners to see who truly rocks the galaxy. So thanks 343. I hoe that you continue to improve for sure, but I still loved this game. Expand
  2. Nov 7, 2012
    This game is great. 343 have brought back halo in an exciting fashion. There is just hours and hours to play in this game with a great campaign. Definitely worth the buy for halo fans.
  3. Nov 11, 2012
    I have had a blast with Halo 4 sofar. After beating the campaign and playing multiplayer extensively I can safely say that this is the best Halo since 3. My favorite new additions to the game would be the abundance of weapons (love the binary rifle), the style of the Promethean architecture and weapons, the diversity of the different enemy types, the diversity of the environments which both the campaign and multiplayer traverse, the final level of the campaign (can you say 'A New Hope'), the mantis, and then the ordinance drops for multiplayer. My biggest con with the game is the lack of ammo in the muliplayer environments- this is something I think they need to fix pronto, ordinance drops are great but this do sent excuse a total lack of static ammunition in the level... In response to the major criticism that has been leveled against the game (too much like COD), I would point out that the implemented gameplay elements spoken of (ordinance drops/load outs) are all done in a very haloesque manner that fits within the overall themes and feel of the original games game. You will not pick up this game and think it feels like COD, it simply dosent- unless you have preconceived notions that its going to, then it BTW this game gets a 10 from me beacuse this sites user review system is so messed up that trolls can just come in here and spam post a hundred different (0) reviews in ten seconds. In a fair system I would give this game bewteen an 8.5 and a 9- just like its critic score (which is the only score you should consider valid on this site....). Expand
  4. Nov 13, 2012
    Im going to make this short and sweet .Im a 28 year old gamer,I've had every system, I have a life outside of games. I'm a singer for a alternative band,I get plenty women and I've got an 10 year old who idolizes me. This is the best halo yet.From graphics to gameplay, from story to multi player. I had doubts about 343 but from the moment I started campaign, my faith was renewed. I finished it on legendary last night. And I'm currently a level 13 on live.. I finish in the top 2 every match.go buy this game. Peace Expand
  5. Nov 14, 2012
    This game is truly astonishing! The visuals are like nothing I've ever seen before in any game on the market. 343 Industries did the halo universe a solid by keeping the legend alive. The campaign is extremely immersive and level design keeps you coming back for more. Its filled with hero moments that will make your heart race and emotional moments that will leave you with a tear in your eye. Overall this heroic story is a must for any console gamer. Expand
  6. Nov 14, 2012
    Some say it is wise to end on a high note. 343 Industries says otherwise. This game is not Halo 3, but it is another opportunity to once again step into the shoes of Master Chief. If that's what you're looking for, you've found it. If you're looking for the epic space opera you remember, I've got bad news. When Master Chief's last words in Halo 3 were "Wake me when you need me", he wasn't talking to Microsoft's marketing department. The image of Master Chief, at peace floating somewhere out there in space had found its place in our minds for the last 5 years. It was a beautiful image. Unfortunately, Microsoft is willing to disturb that to make a quick but very large buck. Halo 4 is not a bad game, but it can't escape the air that it is a product more than a work of art as its predecessors were. I want to call it uninspired, but that is too narrow a definition of inspiration. A cattle prod can be inspiring if you happen to be cattle and so can a multi-billion dollar company breathing down your neck when you are a video game developer. "This game needs drama" says Microsoft; 343 adds a commander who's only character trait is getting pissed off. "This game needs conflict"; so fabricates an entirely new villain with motives no more complicated than "destroy all humans". Most elements of the story seem to have been thought up in this manner, right down to the whole "Cortana is dying" subplot, I assume the though process to this was "This story needs to engage the player emotionally" "Alright, lets threaten to kill off a character established by much more skilled writers". This is the only aspect of the story that really connects with you and it only works because they glom off character development done by Bungie for the better part of a decade. As for the multiplayer; it's still Halo, but they seem to have spilled some "Call of Duty" on it. If you like either of those games you'll have fun. This may be were you find your entertainment if the story falls short. This is Halo 4's redeeming quality; it's an all you can eat buffet. You don't like the story? Try war games. Bad at war games? Play spartan ops. Still not entertained? Build something in forge. Have no imagination? Join 343 Industries. Expand
  7. Nov 15, 2012
    Amazing Game! Best story and game play ever in a Halo game and I've played them all. Graphics and sound are truly awesome. Simply put this is the best shooter I have ever played hands down. Weapons, vehicles, enemies everything just pops and handles wonderfully. Forget wanting to fight a modern war in a shooter, the futuristic feel is awesome! welcome back Master Chief.
  8. Nov 21, 2012
    Halo 4 atinge o ápice da sétima geração de videogames, e ainda da um pequeno spoiler da próxima gen. Os gráficos são de babar, o máximo já alcançado em consoles, com a mesma ia e mapas grandes de sempre. A relação Cortana e Chief está ainda mais forte
  9. Nov 21, 2012
    Great game, not really as good as Halo: CE and Halo 2 were for their day but that's just my opinion.
    For 343's first game, even if it hasmost of the game already made it is still a decent effort.
    Campaign was fun and entertaining and the graphics are great.
    Unfortunately the down side to it for me was they tried to put to much CoD influence into the Multiplayer. Microsoft just because
    it is popular doesn't mean you need to emulate it.
    Biggest gripe for me was they showed Master Chiefs eyes.
  10. Nov 22, 2012
    The game is good. The singleplayer whilst missed out on some good opportunites **boss battles**, was fun to go through and only the 3 tower type of game missions were boring. A part of the story reminded me of 24 (when a super soldier has saved the world mulitple times and you havent done anything of that magnitude maybe just take his word for it and help the dude out). I wanted to see brutes and some larger enemies to take on. The guns sound and feel awesome well done to 343. Would love some diversity in gameplay though, such as a much slower mission that tries to put you on edge. Overall the game is awesome, well worth buying and playing. Its a fun game and the multiplayer and singleplayer will keep people going back to the 360 to play more. Expand
  11. Nov 27, 2012
    What... a... game. Considering a new studio developed Halo 4, this is stunning. Kudos to 343 Industries. They have just gained my support. Wonderful multiplayer like always, and the single player is fun and a great challenge on Legendary. The achievements are well set-out and they game is fabulous in each and every way. Halo is the King of Online FPS, this is coming from a COD Fanboy who has been playing COD since the first on PC. This time though, BO2 can do one, Halo 4 is the one. Expand
  12. Dec 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Firstly, I can't say I liked ANYTHING about Halo 4. The campaign was drole and boring, and it related to the original story line at the very minimum. The multiplayer is basically just those new Alien weapons and it ruined every game mode that the previous Halo's thrived in. The Campaign, as I said, was far too easy. It wouldn't of even been a problem, really, if the difficulty was too easy or hard if the game itself were fun, but no! You repeat the same cycle of activating switches to get closer to the origins of Cortana to attempt to save her from her decaying demise. The last level in particular was truly a "What the **** moment when you are, yet again, set out to set three different switches that are separated by little bridges and walkways. It's as if they wanted to make the campaign fun, in the aspect of just making you go back and forth to a switch. (Getting the hint?) This was, as you would guess, extremely boring and not challenging, as I beat Legendary Solo in under 6 hours. Now, I guess the best thing about the campaign was how relative it was to all the other Halo series.. Right? Wrong! It just throws some curveball at you where you aren't doing any of the norm. You're constantly being yelled at by Cortana to save her precious life, and I don't understand why they introduce another forerunner, since the ring story was going so well, especially in the books. But NO, it's like making a Family Guy special on Dora the Explorer. I suppose this could be because 343 took over after Bungie, but I don't care, they're paid to supply the best game and dammit this wasn't it. Also speaking, the multiplayer. Absolutely astonished at how much it's changed. I was a huge fan of Halo 2 and 3, so I expected (after a let down when Reach came out) a nice competitive gameplay where I wouldn't feel like I'm in a COD game. But what do you know, they changed it to be nearly identical. The class system is just contradicting to the Halo gameplay! How would you expect Halo to be the same when, instead of the regular weapons on map spawn, you spawn with a weapon of your choice. No, it shouldn't work like that. Also adding to the sour of the online is the killing of any team based games. "What, we're playing CTF? No, I just want to get some EXP to level up my ultra pro spartan." That's what it sure as hell seems like. Without team xp, instead of individual, Halo is at a ruin with the amount of COD players rushing in. It's just horrible now. I suppose the only few benefits are the graphics and maybe possibly the forging, though I was getting annoyed at the constant stoppage of the shadowing. Other than those two, Halo 4 has been the biggest let down yet. Back in Halo 3's prime, I wouldn't of ever assume the series would go the **** Now, well, I guess I thought wrong. Expand
  13. Feb 16, 2013
    The best Halo since 1 in my opinion. While the story is a bit incoherent at times, and leaves me not caring most of the time honestly, this is still the most fun I've had playing a Halo game since 1. The weapons are fun to use, and the integration of CoD-esque multiplayer formats are a warm welcome for Halo. Can't wait to see how 343 handles the rest of the trilogy.
  14. Mar 10, 2013
    10/10 probably a 9.5 really but this, in my opinion, is the best Halo since the first 2. I completed 3 and bought both Reach ODST but never managed to complete them as i got to bored too quickly...
  15. Mar 17, 2013
    Amazing. There are a few flaws in the programming, like the heath and stamina being depleted easily. It stands out from the other Halo games easily, almost giving it a unique touch. The campaign has an amazing story line and plot, which follows an odd pursuit never seen before in the Halo series. Multiplayer follows suit with a pimped-out GUI and exceptional game modes. Favorable, minus some flaws that appears that the developers were eager to dish out a sequel too soon. Expand
  16. Apr 7, 2013
    the graphics are amazing and the sound is very realistic, but it is not the only thing to attract attention; levels are boring, really thought it would be something far grander.
  17. Apr 9, 2013
    inherited a golden franchise and huge fanbase from bungie, and 343 squandered it by trying to make halo into their own. well guess what, people bought halo 4 for bungie, and stopped playing because of 343. they won't be tricked into buying halo 5, in hopes that 343 will be bringing it back to "halo roots" like they said. the only people that continue playing are the BTB scrubs, who've changed halo into 8v8 into the traditional 4v4 arena shooter it is known for. A lot of false promises backed by nonresponsive PR rankings promised on day 1, comes 6 months after, fileshare promised day 1, comes 3 months after. 343 is a bad studio, and being a new studio doesn't give them some leeway, why did they give a new studio the reins to 360's best exclusive? and its not like those developers are new, theyve all worked on tripleA titles Expand
  18. Apr 12, 2013
    bad multiplayer, no weapon balance, they give the user the option to customize their loadouts with the various amounts of guns, but there's only 1 viable loadout and its DMR boltshot. they focused less on core halo multiplayer and more on their stupid spartan ops which gets an update every week while multiplayer has yet to get a balance patch, and they took out core halo playlists like KOTH, Lone wolves FFA, in favor of their own dying playlists like Dominion and Regicide. For most of the start, there was no competitive playlist so most of the old halo fans left. 2 map packs were BTB, while only 1 had 3 small maps. On top of that, they released a puny amount of on-disc maps, with only 4 being small maps and catering only to BTB players. so theyve aliented half their playerbase, most of the old halo fans have left, so good luck with halo 5 and good riddance Expand
  19. Jun 11, 2013
    Halo 4 is an awesome game. 343's first original attempt at creating a Halo game has succeeded. However the downsides are that they made flood too diluted compared to Halo: Reach and that Forge Maps don't have enough space.
    Concept: 8/10
    Graphics: 9/10
    Sound: 7/10
    Playability: 9/10
    Entertainment: 10/10
    Total Score: 9/10
  20. Jun 24, 2013
    I just want to get this out of the way. Halo 4 is still halo. 343 maybe didn't make as good of a halo has bungie did, but it is still fun, and more importantly, still halo. 343 didn't break it. They didn't ruin it.

    First of all, the game is absolutely gorgeous. Even pissed halo fanboys cant deny that. The gunplay is very good, with new enemies as well as returning ones. The sound is
    very good. I wish they would have kept some of the old halo tracks, but the new music is still good.

    The campaign is pretty good, but not amazing. It is relatively long, about 8-10 hours depending on difficulty. The story is much more personal, and is very well done and written. A great campaign.

    The forge is well done, with many new additions and features to make it easier. My only complaint is the maps, but they are still decent. The maps aren't as good as past halos.

    Multiplayer is solid, but not as great as past halos. Something about it made me stop coming back. I don't know whether its custom classes, instant respawn, etc. Its still fun, but not as good. The maps are good, but again, not as good as past halos.

    There seems to be a recurring theme here. Its just not as good as past halo's. Perhaps bungie is just better. I just stopped coming back to it after a while. It still is, however, a great game that all halo fans should try.
  21. Jul 9, 2013
    I played halo since halo 2 and so yes, i was greatly looking forward to a new halo game. Campaign had fun gameplay but boring and almost cheesy/corny storytelling. Like some 7 year old was making it up. The graphics were amazing. The multiplayer didnt come close to previous halo's skill and past time. It was like they added perks and ordnance drops to make it noob friendly for cod players. Forge had no maps worthy of playing on. Overall, this game did not at any way shape or form, live up to its predecessors. This was not halo, but a cheap mix of cod and halo. I am sure hardcore halo fans like myself will agree to my thoughts. Expand
  22. Jul 23, 2013
    Graphics and audio are outstanding as is to be expected from a Halo game. It definitely felt like 343 tried to get back to the Bungie Halo 3 gameplay, but it wasn't quite there yet. Nevertheless, the campaign definitely tried to get away from Master Chief being a silent, almost robotic soldier and tried to give him more of a personality. This was a bit awkward at some points especially as Cortana goes crazy, but at other points, it was a welcome change. The end of the campaign was not totally satisfying much like it was in Halo 2 where you felt like you resolved something, but at the same time, there is a lot more to the story. Aside from the story, the introduction of the Prometheans as well as their new weapons and strategy adds a welcome relief from fighting the Covenant (and it was never really explained why we were fighting the covenant again you had to research it if you didn't follow the non-game story).

    The multiplayer is a lot like previous Halo games. The difference is in the Co-Op multiplayer which replaced firefight with Spartan ops. Spartan Ops are basically co-op mini-missions that are released 5 at a time. These take the essence of firefight (killing lots of enemies with friends) and giving it it's own story that takes place 6 months after the campaign, and different objectives and settings. Also, Forge mode was improved with things like magnets to help objects line up, but initial launch had no forge world map (one was released at a later date).

    Graphics: 10
    Audio: 10
    Story/Campaign: 8.5
    Multiplayer: 9
    Gameplay/UI/HUD: 9
  23. Dec 13, 2013
    WTF IS THIS!!!??? I'm so disappointed. Boring campaign, terrible muti-player, 'Spartan ops' is compared to firefight, and forge is terrible. Loadout system is lazy and the maps are puny. DON'T BUY IT.
  24. Mar 14, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (Minimal spoilers)

    I honestly can't give this game more than a 6 for the simple reason that throughout the entire playthrough, I couldn't help but feel bored and disinterested in the characters, the plot, the chief and Cortana, or the action. Please note, this is a review of the single-player campaign only.

    I've always loved the Halo series, in its prime the game was an incredible showing of what shooters could be. A combination of fun, semi-open field exploration with vehicles of all sizes, battling against untold odds. Halo Reach was a decent addition to a great series, adding important backstory to the Chief's grand adventure. Halo 4, on the other hand, adds little to the mythos of the chief, trying instead to forge a 2-dimensional relationship between the him and the AI Cortana.

    The gameplay felt tedius at times, where I'd often think to myself 'oh great, yet another section of the game that I don't want to complete', and I'd force myself through it because I'm that kind of gamer. That is, hopeful, wishing for this game to pick up the pace and throw some interesting combat at me. Instead, it was rehash after rehash, with repetitive enemy battles throughout. They basically introduce the principle enemies at you near the beginning of the game, and they recycle the same ones over and over and over again.

    As for the story, I still don't know what the hell happened. I'm no slouch when it comes to picking up on complex philosophical implications, but this story was way over my head. Who was the principle enemy? Why do I care? What's his motive for destroying humanity if humanity poses little to no threat to the galaxy? Why does human technology integrate so easily into theirs? This is basically how it goes: Chief wakes up from slumber, **** going down, somehow through the expanse of space he meets up with a human ship, they run into a giant mechanical planet thing, chief **** **** up, casualties of war happen, the chief blows a nuke and doesn't die, humanity wins and the chief loses.

    The one part of the game that kept me engaged was the visuals. I have to hand it to 343, they made a handsome looking game. The fidelity was sharp and the colors bright and vibrant. The enemies were well designed and the worlds felt real. While running through space stations you felt like you were there. The sound design was also top notch, with an excellent musical track to carry through the otherwise sleepy and predictable storyline.

    I bought it used for $15 on amazon. Personally the game didn't resonate with me, but it was worth what I'd paid for it. I don't think I would recommend this game to my friends, so I wouldn't recommend it to you. If you don't mind the lack of a story and gameplay that has regressed from its prior glory in order to play as the chief again, go for it. If you care about progress in gaming, leave this one on the rack.
  25. Mar 11, 2014
    The first time you play the game, all you can say is: awesome. Not only the addicted shooting and action throughout the game, but also the very memorable story, and plus, the almost-unbeatable outstanding visual. You cannot help but falling in the famous multiplayer of the game. Without a doubt this game is the killer application, a genuine signature game of XBOX 360. If you intend to buy a XBOX just for playing Halo 4, it's a good reason Expand
  26. Nov 7, 2012
    This is exactly what the series needed, huge improvements in all areas especially online.
    This is a breath of fresh life for the series that I hope continues.
  27. Nov 6, 2012
    Halo 4 largely unscripted AI dependent combat set pieces set this apart from any COD games, that what it boils down to. More important than improved visuals which this got in spades, narrative is fine but what make you come back is how fun and challenging to fight against AI. Multi player does pick up some of the popular features in COD, but its remains very much Halo in its heart and instantly familiar to those who loved previous iterations of Halo MP modes. No Firefight but Spartan Ops Mode make up for it, episodic co op campaign with mates.

    What to hate? Don't want then don't buy, but if you tired of same old COD iron sight based game, this is a breath of fresh air on a new planet!
  28. Dec 13, 2012
    Halo 4, one of the biggest disappointments of this year. Don't let that box fool you, you're not buy a Halo game. You're buying a game that not only does it rid itself of all content and quality that made Halo what it is they adopt elements from every other generic FPS on the market. Neither do they even attempt to make sure these elements work in the preexisting game play. Horrible maps from Certain Affinity, an asinine weapons sandbox that is littered with 1 hit kill weapons, no competitive ranking system to make sure a beginner doesn't fight against someone of same skill but someone who is light years ahead of them. Custom games setting basically got nurtured, almost 6 weeks after it's release and they still don't have file browsing up. It's a box of broken gameplay elements, false promises, poor execution. The only thing this game has been is one continuous promotion of Mountain Dew and Doritos. Expand
  29. Nov 11, 2012
    I have played all of the Halo's and really like them, So going into this one I was pretty nervous cause this was 343 and not Bungie. Campaign: The Campaign in this game is pretty short but at that it is a awesome one. Story was great. Chief having to deal with Cortana's Rampancy and the main enemy is pretty good. Shows Chiefs and Cortana's connection more than in any of the previous Halo's. Solid Campaign. The Multiplayer while very good has taken too many things from Call Of Duty. Like sprinting, Loadouts, Ordnance Drops (Care Package like things), Currency, Instant Spawn, there is more than that but lets move on. Those are pretty much my only gripes about the Multiplayer and I am hoping that they will remove some of this in Halo 5. Spartan Ops is a pretty good addition to the game, Fun and will keep pulling you back for weeks. This game may be the best graphical looking game on the Xbox 360. Sound is good and they have re done almost all sounds. Soundtrack: While the soundtrack is completely new it fits in with the game perfectly so no problems with that. I will give it a 9.5 if I could. Expand
  30. Nov 13, 2012
    Halo 4 isn't Halo... it's something new, and as hard as it is to say, it's something better. 343 brought Halo into the current generation of modern shooters without copping out and making a CoD clone. Halo 4 is still, at it's core, a pure shooters, without much digression due to loadouts, perks and so on. While all those things now exist in Halo 4, they have very little affect on the gameplay and all the little mechanics, functions and systems developed by players throughout the years, the systems and algorithms to winning matches, still exist and prevail over loadout specification in Halo 4. Every fan of Halo and gaming in general can and should appreciate this game. But that is matchmaking alone. The narrative and gameplay in the campaign and spartan Ops has been completely rebooted for this generation. Players always know the story and what is going on, without having it hammered into their skull with a gravity hammer. The art direction, dialogue and overall scheme of things are a great work of art and the way the story goes between campaign and Spartan Ops have completely opened up the universe for infinite possibilities within the universe. This game is the second coming of Master Chief and of Halo as a whole. long live 343. Expand
  31. Cg1
    Nov 6, 2012
    The campaign was amazing. The emotional connection between Chief and Cortana was a central highlight of the plot. The villain was something Halo needed, and he is a worthy adversary for John. Everything from sound design, graphics, gameplay, map design, was amazing! There were so many details, and the lighting was fantastic, I was blown away! The multiplayer is addicting as ever!! This game alone is a reason to own an Xbox 360. A must get game, and my choice for game of the year! You jealous, Sony and CoD fanboys? Yeah, I think you are. Expand
  32. Nov 7, 2012
    Halo 4 seems to be a sour note for so many people: thinking that the story of the Chief should not continue. This game finally gives in to all the wonder and curiosity of the original trilogy, lets you fight next to badass Spartans, and gives you levels with scope and massive beautiful environments. I play on a 42" television and the graphics still stood up and looked phenomenal. As a PC gamer on the side, the Xbox's limitations are sorely pronounced, but Halo 4 pushes them to deliver a fulfilling experience. The cutscenes are incredibly done, and I can't wait for more. They beefed up the sounds as well. Weapons of destruction now sound like ultimate death and can be TERRIFYING. The story is different, and honestly if I hadn't read all the books (aside from Silentium) it would've been harder to keep up. After finishing the campaign I felt odd. The game had an ending that was strange for a Halo game. The Chief was on solid ground and in no mortal peril. It felt wrong. Then I played Spartan Ops and realized the true scope of the story. It's going to be big. Really big. Spartan Ops takes place 6 months after the end of the campaign, and it really will add to your perspective of the game. Remember how the original trilogy felt like it took place over the course of a week? Halo 4 sets you up to for fighting a big lengthy war, and I'm excited to see its development. I keep seeing that Halo 4 is "just the same old song and dance" from those who say Reach was a failure. Halo 4 feels more like the Halo that I started with and loved but it also feels new. So what if they have loadouts and perks? Every shooter game available has the same things: perks, weapons, and abilities. Who the hell cares how you get them? Borderlands, Battlefield, CoD, Team Fortress, Super MNC, Mass Effect, Uncharted and even (a non-shooter) Skyrim all have different abilities, perks, and weapons. The only difference? They're unlocked in different ways, and no one complains about it in these games. Every game these days HAS to borrow from other games for certain mechanics, the big kicker is how it plays and Halo 4 plays like a champ. You feel like a Spartan again. You feel strong, fast, accurate, and resilient.

    The customization options are great! The Armors look fantastic, the weapon selection is balanced, the perks are limited but useful (and don't feel broken) and the Armor Abilities are well thought out (no more f^%@ing Armor-Lock!). 343i really did their homework. The multiplayer has felt extremely balanced thus far, even WITH everyone's custom loadout. That's because even if when you start there are built in loadouts for you to use until you can make your own. The game also features random weapon placement so that the old pros can't just take over the map when facing new players. The "killstreaks" comparison lost merit as soon as I started playing.The Ordnance Drop is awarded via points gained by being a team player. You can get a few points from kills, but the points received for defending your flag, assisting your teammates, and staying with your objectives earn you far more. The ordnance selection is always random and has never been overpowering. Things that I've seen so far: Overshield, grenades, Sniper Rifle, Spartan Laser, Damage Boost, Needler, Incineration Cannon, and SAW. Vehicles are back and feel good again. I don't feel like I'm driving cardboard vehicles anymore, I feel like I'm driving heavy armored war vehicles just like it should.

    My whole point? These people complain about the game being old when it's anything but old. It's got the same core gameplay and innovating ideas that made Halo a success, but the surrounding mechanics are a bit different. That's a good thing. I've been a hardcore fan since 2001 when I first picked up Halo CE, I've had my share of disappointments with the series (Reach) but Halo is back where it belongs, and 343i are beyond capable of keeping it there. As a long standing fan (who originally extremely doubtful of Halo 4) I am pleased. Reach was a big disappointment. It's evident that 343i saw this and put the work needed to turn it around, the looked at the specific issues in Reach and addressed each one, making the game solid and even more enjoyable.

    Reading some of the reviews with a "0" I realized that the majority hadn't tried all the features of the game. The game is designed to be a whole. Single player and Infinity. 343i even worked to put a (good) story behind the entire multiplayer component that feels natural and kind of exciting. Having said that, it's not forced onto the non-story crowd. In conclusion, as with everything on this earth, this game isn't going to be for everyone, but with a little open-mindedness and less misguided hate, Halo 4 will dazzle you with deft and subtle prowess of gameplay, music, story, and graphics. I give them a 10 out of 10 for daring to pick up a game with such history then molding it into their own game, and far exceeding expectation on the way.
  33. Nov 11, 2012
    Best, Game, Ever! 343 really nailed it! Amazing graphics and sound, the single player is solid and engaging on legendary, and the multiplayer is the best in the halo series. I'll be playing it for years.
  34. Nov 6, 2012
    Gorgeous looking game with awesome cinematic that look almost lifelike. The terminals littered throughout the game give some awesome backstory to the Forerunners, and feature some stunning cinematics.

    The overall experience is the same Halo, with some new flavour added in. The Mantis is as awesome as I had hoped, and the new weapons (Scattershot etc.) are awesome.

    I also love the new
    scoring system, closer to the likes of Battlefield, you get rewarded for team actions, not just kills. Assassinations, assists, headshots etc. all net points towards a total, so it will be a better reflection of ones skill.

    The more "human" story of the Chief and Cortana is a welcome change to the series, and overall 343 has done a good job on the campaign and multiplayer.

    The sound design is superb, awesome soundtrack, but even better sound effects. Weapon loadouts have been done for ages from various games and publishers. (Rainbosix, Battlefield etc.) but Halo 4 takes a simplified and streamlined approach to the system. I also don't have to play too long to unlock all loadouts, they all become accessible as early as rank 20, and default loadouts are varied enough that you can still use all the favourites right from the get go.

    Join in progress is another welcome feature, no more running into 1v4 matches, when replacement players can jump in during the heat of a battle.

    The last minute of the intro to Episode 1 of Spartan ops is also one of the most epic things I've ever seen.

    A majority of these negative reviews on here are either trolls, or fanboys of various other games who just want Halo to look bad.
  35. Nov 6, 2012
    Gorgeous looking game from start to finish. Absolutely love the the level layout, musical score (-1 for no Halo theme) and sound effects and most importantly the story. Thank you 343i for including the much deeper storyline from the books. This game oozes Halo and has cemented 343i as the holder of the Mantle for the Halo franchise in my eyes. I give it a thumbs up! A must buy for any Halo fan.
  36. Nov 8, 2012
    To give some background, my favorite multiplayer games of all time are Halo 2, MW2, and Black Ops. In my opinion the Halo franchise has gone steadily downhill since H2. I am not a fan of the armor perks and I feel that the game play really got sloppy. I saw another review that said Halo 2 was a sport because all players were equal, and I think that is a great point. I gave Halo 4 a shot because of the new developers and thought maybe they could save the franchise. What they did was fuse the poor play of H3 and Reach with a poor man's version of COD layouts. What you get is an abortion of a game. People are starting with plasma pistols and battle rifles. 4 v 4 team slayer has a whopping 4 maps available. If you liked H3 and Reach, you will probably like this slop too. If you didn't like them, you won't like this either.

    Bottom line I am bummed that this game isn't better. I will be listing it on eBay and will probably ruin some poor kid's Christmas. I just hope Black Ops II is better than MW3 so I have something to play.
  37. Nov 25, 2012
    This game was terrible. The graphics werent the worst, but they seemed to be the result of "trying too hard" to make it look good. Bad CGI comes to mind when I see the profuse use of specular. As for the story, It reminisced a generic sci-fi plot, which was entirely inconsistent with the Halo franchise. Several unending plot holes including changes such as the look of the Chief, Cortana, Forward Unto Dawn changing appearance "suddenly". I have also been unable to find a buy-able explanation on the incogitable hostility of the Covenant after all that has transpired in the Halo story from previous games. As for the multiplayer, I might as well play the new call of duty. It does not at all play like a halo game. with the addition of killstreaks(ordinance), perks, weapon unlockables, and how easy it is to kill someone makes it as far from Halo as you can get with a 'Halo' Game. This was clearly a poor attempt to 'milk the franchise' after Bungie decided to stop creating Halo games. Very disappointing for a Halo game, I would not recommend even rending this game. Expand
  38. Nov 16, 2012
    With 343 industries taking over the development of the Halo franchise from bungie I have to admit I had my doubts about the future of the halo franchise and the idea of bringing the master chief back after the ending of halo 3, and I have to say that my doubts we're cast aside as 343 have been true to the franchise and developed a game worthy of the halo name, the campaign is short if you play it on the easy or normal difficulty but if you got to the heroic or legendary difficulty it can prove to be very channel ging for even some of the best gamers if you try yo do it solo, the graphic are a vast improvement on reach with a lot of work going it to designing the gaming environments and multiplayer maps as well as the amazing cut scenes that go between the campaign missions, the story is a lot different from what people come to expect of the halo franchise and goes for a more personal story between the master chief and cortanna his AI companion who has been with him throughout the halo games to me this is an interesting direction to take the game as it try's to show the chief has a human side to him than just a soilder of war as we have seen in previous halo's, the sound has been improved as well and the guns all sound authentic and unique in their own style, the multiplayer has been improved with the introduction of spartan ops, the episodic co-op campaign which is expand with continuous episodes down loades from Xbox live tho I'm kind of disappointed firefight wasn't kept in there as well, I have to admit you can see where halo has taken some of its influence from the call of duty series but this isn't a bad thing really as they have made the game more accessible to a wider audience with custom load outs, their rank system is very similar to cod, and the ordinance drops are like call of duty killstreaks but these help to improve make the multiplayer better and balance the game out better as there are no longer people camping waiting for a power weapon like the rocket launcher or or that to spawn as it now comes in an ordinance drop. In my opinion 343 have kept halo 4 true to what the halo franchise is but have tried and succeeded in making it accessible to a wider audience. Expand
  39. Nov 10, 2012
    Halo 4 is the first fps to come out in a while that isn't a disappointment. Even though the campaign is only 6 hours long, the entire time is full of adrenaline pumping action. The story is about as good as you expect from the halo games, if you really want to know about the lore read the books. There are multiple "paths" within levels that make the game feel not as linear as CoD or Halo: Reach. These paths all end up in the same location, but the way they are presented doesn't make it feel like you're walking down a hallway. The guns all sound and feel very unique and very awesome. There's a huge difference in the way the BR feels compared to the Carbine for example. The way they handle, sound and feel in the way of controller rumble is great.

    The multiplayer is the best since Halo 3. There is a good balance between the main primary weapons and they all have their use. The DMR and BR are both viable options with the DMR having a bit of an edge at very long distances, but if you are skilled enough with the BR it really doesn't matter. The way the weapons drop on the map rather than spawn on a timer in the same location makes the game a lot less reliant on power weapons and more about skill. Personal ordinance drops (point streaks from CoD) give you a VERY slight edge for a good amount of effort. The most powerful drop is a power boost which makes you 3-shot if all shots are in the head or 4 shot otherwise, instead of 5-shot. But when you die, that's it. It's gone. The streaks are nothing like CoD since the entirety of multiplayer of CoD relies on point streaks, whereas the Halo 4 streaks give a slight edge that you lose as soon as you die. Spawning before your timer is over can be troublesome in that if you get a lucky enough spawn, you can run over to the person whom killed you and finish them off. Although, this scenario has only happened one time on the smallest map in my 180 games. More often than not, spawning early so that you can sprint back into the battle just ends up with you dieing again. The multiplayer is nothing like Reach. Yes, there are armour abilities. No, they aren't OP. There's no invincibility (Armour lock) and the AA's just allow you to escape death for another second before you're struck down. There are small perks that are like collecting frag grenades from fallen players or getting ordinance drops slightly quicker (the equivalent of a kill). These perks generally don't make a difference on gameplay as long as you don't suck horribly.

    People complaining about the multiplayer being imbalanced must just not be very good at it. Although it has taken some features from CoD, like the killcam, it does NOT play like CoD. You can't just sprint forward and spray your gun at someone hoping to get a kill. Halo 4 feels like a combination between Halo 3 and Halo 2, with a sprinkle of Reach in the way of sprint/AA. If you liked Reach, but not other Halo games, you might not enjoy this one. A good example is the sniper. There is no aim assist. If you are slightly off your target, you are slightly off your target. You miss. It's not like Reach, close enough isn't close enough.

    If you liked Halo 3, you need this game. If you liked Reach but not Halo 3, you might not like this game. The Halo series feels like Halo again.
  40. Nov 18, 2012
    They didn't really do anything to improve upon the Halo Universe - same (for the most part) weapons, vehicles, etc. The campaign was much more repetitive than any other Halo and the story was not very good (why can't these big game companies find decent writers??). Lots of button pushing, and inconsistencies with the space (for instance, you land on a "tower" which is maybe 200 yards wide, but the interior of it is about a mile deep... Not very well thought-out. Very small, annoying missions (lots of "activations" or "deactivations" at the end of each mission), which remind me of some of the more boring games out there - if it had not been Halo characters I truly believe this game would have gotten much worse critics' reviews. Expand
  41. Nov 6, 2012
    GRAPHICS: It probably looks amazing. I bet. Somehow. If you can actually see through the oceans of overzealous bloom covering everything. Some portions of the game literally blind you. Crossing a light bridge? Can't see anything else in the room. Enemy standing in front of a light source? Good luck scoping in on him without your eyeballs catching fire. Everything just emits a radioactive aura about five times as large as is reasonable. I'm not totally against bloom, like I love Tron Legacy and that movie is chock full of it. But the bloom is just so extreme it actually prevents you from enjoying what is probably the best graphics on the 360 right now. I wouldn't know because playing is like staring into the sun.
    AUDIO: I guess I can't really complain about Cortana's voice acting, because she IS going insane, but she just sounded so casual and snarky this time around. There was always a hint of 'proper" in her voice before. Her vocabulary was more advanced. Now she sounds like an angsty teen. But where she had the body to match before, now she looks 30+. Confused.
    Sound effects in general are complete crap, I don't understand why 343 felt compelled to change so much instead of updating the old sounds. The Warthog sounds like an electric shaver from the 70's, or a crappy lawnmower with a fart can. The Mongoose sounds like the Warthog SHOULD sound. The plasma pistol sounds mechanical instead of, well, energy. The shotgun has no bass, where the Assault Rifle has way too much bass. The warthog's chain gun sounds like the glitchy noise when weapons would get stuck in the walls in Halo CE Anniversary (It's like 343 noticed that glitch and said "hey, I like this sound, let's work with it"). Everything is just way too loud, there's no balance to what sounds have priority. When you're shooting a gun from a vehicle while listening to Cortana and the Infinity talk to you at the same time, it all just cancels itself out and you can't make sense of anything.
    MUSIC: It's not BAD, but it's just so generic. I suppose I've been spoiled by Marty's genius, but Halo 4 sounds like your standard summer blockbuster action movie fare. I would compare it to Transformers by Michael Bay, but I actually remember some of the music from Transformers. This stuff is entirely forgettable, and multiple times during the campaign, my friend I was playing co-op with commented on how repetitive and boring it was, so I know it's not just me.
    GAMEPLAY: I haven't touched Multiplayer yet so this is all about Campaign. What a ridiculous glitch fest. The production value is obviously high, so there's a level of polish to it, but there's some really obvious problems I would have identified immediately if I were a playtester. So many times, I killed an enemy and walked over to his corpse, only to find the gun he was using had disappeared. If you try to get in the hovering covie sniper towers, you'll get stuck between the grav lift and the bottom of the platform.
    The enemy AI are HORRIBLE drivers. They frequently get stuck on walls or level geometry and don't do anything to attempt getting un-stuck. They just continue boosting forward into the wall, as if that will help. If you're on Legendary and playing a vehicle-heavy level, you're **** out of luck. And before you all scream "LOL YOU CASUAL YOU JUST SUCK," know that I have completed it on Legendary. When you're on the highest difficulty, it is LITERALLY impossible to drive a vehicle and avoid enemy shots. The AI tracks your motion with complete omniscience. Your banshee will be shot down the moment you leave the ground. your ghost will be blown up if you don't use boost constantly. Your warthog will be obliterated by small-arms fire if you manage to avoid the five Wraiths sniping you from a mile away. I know that legendary is supposed to be difficult, but in the previous games I could still make use of vehicles without being destroyed in seconds.
    Some of the action sequences SCREAMED Call of Duty to me, like the turbo-ghost section. It reeked of "Snowmobile level." Particularly the scripted long jumps that would be impossible to make under normal circumstances. Vehicle sections in previous Halo games always relied on the actual capabilities of the vehicle being driven, and your skill. This is pandering. I'm also incredibly mad that the game begins and ends with quick-time events. Which, BY THE WAY, do not work in Co-op at all. I was on my own xbox, playing co-op with two guys who were splitscreen on another. The first QTE switched control between the two split-screen guys every two seconds, so they were never sure who should be doing it. And the last one at the boss battle was given to me, so they never even knew it happened. Ideally the game would not have any QTEs, but if it's really necessary, just give control to the party leader and be done with it. But give me a real boss battle over this any day.

    Summing up, 343 has destroyed Halo for me and I hate them for it
  42. Nov 28, 2012
    This game is just amazing ! Both Campaign and Multiplayer are better than ever before:) The story is more interesting and suprising while the storytelling is much better,too. It is more emotional than any halo game before! A lot of people complained that the campaign was short, but it's 7 hours long which is okay. Considering Spartan Ops (a new mode) is a co-op camaign with a different Story, there is still enough Content for solo/splitscreen co-op fans. The good thing about Spartan Ops is, that the levels are designed for co-op, but the story and presentation is rather flat compared to the campaign mode. It should be mentioned that the game is a lot faster than previous Halo games, not only because of the ability to sprint without picking it as an armor ability. The Spartans are faster, jump higher and feel more like supersoldiers. There is no fall damage , which is great and the health bar is nearly gone, you can take a few hits after the shields are down and that's it. There are a lot more armor abilities like the ability to see threw walls (for a limited time only) and all of them feel balanced. In Multiplayer, you can unlock and choose different armor abilities in addition to the new perks and the new "kill streaks" (It's different than killstreaks thought, you get rewarded after earing a certain amount of points in a match) let you choose between weapons and things like a supershield or a speed boost. These additions are fun and rewarding, but are not as unbalanced as in cod. They are powerful, but not too powerful ;) Oh and there are some multiplayer modes missing, but those who are there are more fun than ever before. Infection has been replaced with the genious flood mode, CTF has been improved there are a few other new modes... I liked all modes and that is a huge achievement ! Oh I forgot to mention it, there are a bunch of new weapons that are great ! However, there are a few flaws... There could have been more multiplayer modes, I personally miss the Headhunter mode and the firefight mode from Reach and the second flaw is that splitcreen doesn't feauter widescreen. Dual-Wielding is missing,too (except for CTF). It is a masterpiece and all in all it is the best Halo game yet, but there are a few things, that other Halo games did better. Expand
  43. Nov 6, 2012
    Just finished the campaign and have to say I'm very pleased. Easily the best story since Halo 1. Weapons feel good, sound is great, controls are best they have ever been. 343 outdid Bungie hands down, no doubt. This was amazing.
  44. Nov 20, 2012
    Overall not a bad game; I enjoyed the campaign but agree with those who feel it was too short. My first play-thru was heroic and I finished in under 5 hours. Graphics were improved; I wasn't crazy about the music. I like Spartan Ops, and if 343 continues to release new missions for an extended period of time, gamers will likely not feel so shafted over the minimal campaign content. Multiplayer was fun, but I love grenades, and well, lets just say I could kill more spartans with a single fart than with 50 halo 4 grenades. Overall not a bad game, but something is missing. Something is missing from this halo, that makes it, well, less halo-ish. Expand
  45. Nov 7, 2012
    Halo 4 is the best halo yet. Everything is upgraded from the graphics, the sound and the multiplayer is the most fun it has ever been. The campaign is very emotional and has one of the best stories in a halo game. I first doubted 343 after bungie left but Halo 4 is one of the best halo games ever made and far better then reach.
  46. Nov 17, 2012
    Great game as any of the other halos. If you are a fan of the franchise you won't be disappointed. Campaign is a bit short but Spartan ops compensates. I won't recommend for people who never played any of the games before specially Halo3. Many of the plots and Cortana story in special would be confusing for newbies. I recommend watching machinima forward unto dawn before playing as well. As for the gfx and audio its just beautiful. IMO its the best looking game in the market atm plus they really nailed it with awesome new audio effects and soundtrack. Expand
  47. Nov 7, 2012
    343 industries has taken all the best of the Bungie installments (especially Reach), built one of the finest console engines from scratch, recorded perfect audio, re-balanced every weapon, spliced multiplayer with a little of COD4, and has put Master Chief in new, different situations. This new dedicated studio has only enriched this franchise's pedigree after leaving its mother developer.
  48. Nov 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i should preface this by saying that im a halo fan from the original halo thru halo 3, reach pushed me away and this one pretty much slammed the door in my face. the campaign is boring and frankly not the kind of story i would expect from a halo game. SPOILER! there is no boss fight at the end. now on to what everyone cares about: multiplier. my first thought is how **** disgraceful it is with the lack of map diversity. i hope you LOVE the map you play on because chances are you going to play it 6x in a row because there are only like 5 or 6 maps total and only 3 per selected game type (oddball, king of the hill, slayer, etc.) they tried to steal some tactics from call of duty but failed at it with there layouts but does it really matter what gun you start with if they all kill in 5 shots? i hope im not alone in thinking that i loved halo because it was a tactics game where everyone was on a level playing field. no tricks hidden up peoples sleeves. if i wanted that i would play COD, which i do and enjoy. i would not recommend this game for people who enjoyed the early (golden age) halo games. Expand
  49. Feb 12, 2013
    All the people who have given Halo 4 less than an extremely positive review need to stop talking right now. Go home, relax, because honestly, no one cares what you have to say. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, I ask you, did you even play the fricking game? "Easy to beat on Legendary?" Yeah right. The campaign is set and paced perfectly, with systematic events popping up at times you'd least expect. It gets a little frustrating on Legendary, so I'd highly recommend starting on Normal for all newbies to see everything Halo 4 has to offer. Halo 4 is officially the first time a game's sound has ever made me step back and say "Whoa." Every bullet fired sounds like it means something, and exemplary tracks provide the perfect backdrop to one of the most anticipated games of all time. Visually, Halo 4 has no equal. You may need to get your eyes checked if you can't see very wrinkle, every scar, every pore on every single character's face. Occasionally, little details like crumbs on the chin or a very minor bloodstain has me reeling, but it looks the most realistic I have ever seen. For most, Halo 4's stunning campaign arc will be second only to 4's multiplayer. A host of new gametypes and beautiful maps provide the perfect atmosphere for the hectic Spartan IV battles you are about to jump in to. I would like to commend 4 because of the fact that blood is spilled increasingly sparingly. Voice chat, game chat and players can all be blocked, turned off, or booted, if you'd just like a (relatively) silent alone gaming time. In FPS game of the year, Halo 4 definitely outranks its rival Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in every way, so if you happen to be looking for a perfect futuristic FPS, I can say to look no further. Halo 4 was a hell of a game, and easily jumps to my top 10 games of all time. Peace. Expand
  50. Nov 11, 2012
    Really good game. Looks awesome, plays well. Campaign is a fun experience with a good story. I played it on legendary so it wasn't too short for me, but if you run through it on an easier difficulty then it might not seem very long. Multiplayer is very good. It takes several elements from modern FPS's such as CoD, but manages to keep it fairly balanced. Gameplay in general still feels alot more like "Halo" than reach ever did. A major con that stood out to me was lack of options in custom games, and no custom audio options, but hopefully 343 can sort that out. Also, all of you people giving this game a 0 are idiots. As long as a game runs, it doesn't deserve a zero. 10 also seems a bit far fetched. Expand
  51. Nov 6, 2012
    Ignore the stupidly negative score - users on **** have been intentionally spamming all day with negative reviews.

    The game is amazing, improved in all the right ways - most notably the graphics and sound, which are staggeringly good. The story and voice acting are also mesmerising and truly complement the technological improvements to create a game that you care about and that has you
    both grinning inanely and hugging yourself in despair.

    See you online for the next 24 months :-)
  52. Jan 23, 2013
    Halo 4 is not the masterpiece but it has its place in the Halo universe, Halo 4 has not had many drastic changes in multilayer except from the new load out system that brings a whole new depth to the multilayer, as it is no longer a rush for the best weapons at the start and felling like there no way back when you stuck with the Assault Rifle over someone with a DMR sniping you from a higher vantage point. it also allow for new players to get into the game due to it similarities with Call of Duty (this can be seen as good or bad). The single player on the other hand is the one of the best Halo campaigns to date maybe even one of the best FPS campaigns to data, with so many twist and turns throughout the story, if you have played the other Halos and felt something for the story's then I believe that you have to try this game if only for the single player, we have to give credit where credit is due as 343 have done a stellar job on creating a deep and engaging story line that bring a tear to the eye at the conclusion. If you have not played a Halo before I think you should steer clear of the single player till you have as you will feel nothing for the story line. I think if this is your first Halo it is more like a 6/10 as I feel the story even though being fairly short is still Epic and bring a huge amount to the game for series long fans. Expand
  53. Nov 14, 2012
    The Halo franchise is certainly in safe hands with 343. The gameplay is varied, fluid and engaging. The narrative, while somewhat convoluted, was mostly captivating. Most importantly though, the game respects your time. Absolute brilliant release!
  54. Nov 7, 2012
    wow this game is amazing all the cod lovers are giving it negative reviews which is'nt right because this game is by far the best halo game to be released don'r read the bad reviews there all lies i can tell you from experience that this is the best halo game to date go by it trust me you wont regret it
  55. Nov 12, 2012
    Everything that makes Halo 4, Halo is still there and is epic! It still has the genuine ingenuity as the previous ones. I actually like the Infinity "Spartan Ops" concept too. That is definitely new to Halo, but I can't help but notice that there is a lot of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" traits involved in the game. That's doesn't really bother me because in the end, it makes a Halo 4 a more of faster pace game than it already was, and let's face it, everyone likes those "said COD traits", but I forsee myself playing more Call of Duty multiplayer in the future if 343 doesn't become a tad bit more innovative in it. Hopefully the game add-ons that come out in the future will bring out that innovation people are looking for. Like I said, still a fantastic game for everyone of to play with an Xbox, but I can't give a perfect score to 343 for "maintaining" a legacy not "enhancing" a legacy... Expand
  56. Nov 13, 2012
    I'll say it up front: I'm a halo fanboy. I've been playing the games since I was 7 or so (shh don't tell my parents) I own all the games now and have beaten them all on legendary, played hours of them on live, on and on. So I truely mean it when I say it's the best Halo game ever, the best of 2012, and for me, best game ever. It's hard to be unbiased. We each have a series that's our baby, halo, COD, etc. if you're a halo fan you'll LOVE the campaign, an easy enough run through on normal, a frustrating yet extremely rewarding if you go for the solo legendary achievement/route. The story draws you in, the graphics sparkle and pop, and the gameplay is solid halo gameplay with the prometheans and their weapons mixin it up just enough (along with other unnamed bonuses) making the campaign fresh, new, and extremely fun. Granted the final amount of gameplay might feel underwhelming, it's easy to breeze over this for the final cinematic (2 if completed on legendary. Spartan Ops wont replace firefight for fans, but it's still a plus. There's plenty of content with more weeks ahead, and they're fun short lived missions. Just don't expect longevity beyond commendations/challenges and a few achievements. And for desert is multiplayer: honestly people who AREN'T fans might like it more than hardcore followers. Halo 4 multiplayer, on the surface, seems call of dutified. But it's not: it's better at being COD than COD is. The load outs encourage experimentation and there isn't any one right answer: you just have to find your niche. There are enough game modes to suffice with more on the way being welcome. Forge is the biggest letdown only because we don't have a forge world: the tools are much better, we just don't have as much space as we want and need to utilize said tools like before. So on the whole? It's fantastic. There's something for everyone. Multiplayer might take longer to adjust to then reach did, and forge is smaller.but that doesn't prevent this game from being a legend among giants. Expand
  57. Nov 10, 2012
    Halo 4 is graphically astonishing and is possibly the best looking game on 360. The story is also great if you've read the books that support it. But that's about it for positives.
    The campaign mode i did in co-op with some friends and it took us four and a half hours which is just ridiculous especially for people who don't play online. The multiplayer feels like a fusion of Halo 3 and
    Modern warfare 2 leaving an unbalanced mess with people shooting you across the map with guns with surprisingly long range or killing you quickly at close range with the new saw which kills in about 2 seconds. There's also vehicles that its possible to survive an entire game in weapons on map that don't respawn and spawn camping. With a few updates 343 could probably fix it a bit but i highly doubt they will. Expand
  58. Nov 6, 2012
    Don't listen to these moronic "haters." Halo 4 is amazing. It boasts gorgeous graphics, solid gameplay, and a good story. The campaign is impressive and the game boasts great coop and awesome multiplayer. What the f**k else do you haters want from a first person shooter??? Call of Duty rehashes their games every year and they receive rave reviews and dominate sales every time. Halo 4 is a more impressive accomplishment than any recent COD rehash and hating on it makes absolutely no sense. Halo 4 is the best Halo game to date and the positive reviews that it's getting from all of the PROFESSIONAL critics are well deserved (ex IGN). These stupid internet trolls don't know what the f they're talking about. Don't listen to them. If you don't like Halo 4 then you don't like epic scaled first person shooters and shouldn't be submitting a review on one. Halo 4 is a must-have game for any respectable FPS fan. Expand
  59. Nov 6, 2012
    Awesome game, great graphics, game play and so on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  60. Nov 7, 2012
    Just got this game today, I have to say it is amazing ! I haven't even started the campaign yet, I definitely will when I get the right time to play it. I have played Spartan Ops, which is awesome, just like an extension of the game. Now to the multiplayer, the maps are great! The multiplayer is very fast-paced and I think this game even tops halo 2 and halo 3's multiplayer! Those games were my favorite halo games!

    This game is a must have! A 10!
  61. Nov 8, 2012
    The game definately gets a 10 here. A major improvement from reach. I hated that invinvible shield thing in reach so glad they took that out. Graphics and the gameplay are awesome. The promethian guns are definate killers. Like the way you can create your own loadout online so u dont have to keep finding guns. Played like one mission in campaign but i love it. The best Halo game so far IMO. A 5.6 user score? Wutever yall r smokin can i get some of dat? Expand
  62. Nov 13, 2012
    I purchased Halo 4 mainly for the story. I've played and own all the games, and read many of the books so to me the biggest point of the game was the storyline. Thankfully, the story was great! As has been stated in other reviews, lots of character development and intense moments between Master Chief and Cortana. The gameplay was good as well, but felt very similar to previous Halo games (not necessarily a bad thing.) A few cool new weapons and abilities as well as the returning "veterans." I had a few minor gripes with some of the changes, like the updated Covenant for example, but that is totally a personal complaint and nothing major. Overall, a fun game which takes proven game mechanics with some small adjustments and puts it with an intriguing story line. I'd say a must buy for fans of the Halo series in general, and maybe a try before you buy for everyone else. Expand
  63. Nov 20, 2012
    The game has incredible graphics, something I long wanted form a Halo game, the campaign is entertaining but feels short. The story is filled with potential but is lacks proper detail. The new enemies pose a new challenge and fun to kill just as much as the covenant, but some weapons feel useless against them. The sound is impressively good! The soundtracks are decent, a few stand out but don't compare to the classics. 343 did a really good job in half the game, but the other half is disappointing. Multiplayer is great, and people complain about not being able to pick grenades from ground without the perk but I've found them placed on maps, still better to pick them from dead bodies tho. What I have to complain is, that Spartan Ops is a good idea, and better than Firefight in some ways, it does not have the customizable options or sense of possible failure that drove Firefight to be fun and even intense at times. Another bad thing about Spartan Ops is it would have been better of as downloadable adds, or playable on disc like firefight so that I can still play and enjoy it EVEN OFFLINE, but no, instead i MUST have xbox life with a GOLD account just to play it, so i wouldn't be able to access it at all if I had no Live or internet. WHich for me is just terrible, not to mention that Theater mode only works only multiplayer and no campaign or Spartan Ops, and there appears to be no way to save an entire film. So so long for my proud no death legendary campaign runs I would save and later review on Theater lobby. Over all the game is a leap forward in Halo, but a step down in overall features. My review score would be 8.75. Expand
  64. Nov 13, 2012
    I really was worried for Halo 4 when Bungie stepped down but 343 pulled it off.


    Great story
    Amazing graphics
    Multiplayer is good, slightly different but very fun
    Spartan ops are cool but short
    Cortana's **** and ass-LOL


    No halo 5 for a while

    Buy this now!
  65. Lap
    Nov 16, 2012
    This game is phenomenal, it has truly pushed the limits for the Xbox 360 and gameplay alike. It's graphics are astounding while the scenery can be jaw dropping. You feel amazingly small and that is a great feel for everything to be of an incredible size. The story is more in depth look at master chief and cortona. It was a nice change of pace to be fighting a new enemy and to see new types of structures. The multiplayer was perfect, the weapons are all balanced in proportion for their use. Some maps feel a little sloppy in areas but for the most part are astounding and play well and leave no room for sitting around, which is fantastic. The change in loadouts, and passive/active skills have added whole new play styles to this already amazing game and will fit to any users liking. Expand
  66. Nov 13, 2012
    I won't lie, although I knew it wouldn't suck I didn't expect it to anywhere near as good as bungies games. But they proved me wrong this is probably tied with halo 2 for 1st place to me. This games campaign is insane smooth and very VERY fun. Spartan ops is fun but I think the story was lacking however we still have 4 episodes left. The multiplayers probably the best of the series. And the graphics are stunning, forge is awesome and more creative then before. The reason it's a 9 is because I didn't like the music and miss Marty and the campaign only took around 5 hours which was too short for me. Other then that this games worth the 60 bucks no doubt. This is THE SHOOTER OF 2012 (but not quite game of the year) Expand
  67. Nov 14, 2012
    weak story mode drives the whole package down but spartan ops is a neat side mode and the mutiplayer. is very good the weapons make for intease battles and are more skill based then reaches they feel more like halo 3s gunplay
    the maps are fun and regicde is a great twist on ffa and the fleshed out zombie mode is very cool
    the graphics are some of the best on the. xbox to date also and
    the combat feels so much more balanced. the lucky unskilled kills of reach are gone love it so far Expand
  68. Nov 14, 2012
    Let me start by saying ignore the user score, it is mostly from butthurt CoD/PS3 fanboys. Now, onto the game, when 343i took over the Halo franchise I expected more of the same but what I got was something much better, see unlike Bungie before them 343 actually developed the Master Chief and Cortana something that was missing from the original trilogy and delivered one hell of a story with an awesome villain who kind of reminded me of Darth Vader unmasked. Now for the visuals, the character and gun models may not look as great as something like Crysis 2 but the backgrounds are truly unmatched by any game out there and will have you staring in wonderment with each new outdoor level. The sound is much improved from Reach making guns specifically from the UNSC sound more powerful and Forerunner/Covenant sound very unusual as alien weaponry should. Fortunately, Firefight was replaced for something more meaningful which is Spartan Ops that actually give more to the story and you even get a great CGI episode which each entry. Lastly, the multiplayer, there are a few unbalances specifically with the DMR but overall it's a fair game and the maps are fantastic unlike Reach where it looks like a Hobo got a hold of forge and sold maps to Bungie, now with Halo 4 the maps actually feel like time went into them, like something you would of expected from Halo 2 or 3. Overall best shooter I've played in a long time and I think you would love it. Expand
  69. Nov 15, 2012
    Although fairly short, I thought the campaign for this latest installment of the Halo franchise was absolutely brilliant - compared to some 'modern shooters' of today, I felt that there was a far deeper narrative throughout and unlike previous installments there was a far richer and interesting dialog between Chief and Cortana giving us what could 'perhaps' be seen as a sort of love story. Needless to say, at the very end of the game I was left wanting to know more and carry on the story, but I guess I'll have to wait a few more years for that.

    The game is also an amazing technical feat, managing to pull off some really rich and gratifying worlds for you to play in - it's amazing what power they've been able to squeeze out of a 7 year old console like they have. Combined with the musical score which was as per usual immersive, emotion stirring and adrenaline pumping as you'd expect for a Halo game made for this a brilliant package. Take into account the weekly content being released and this should keep you going for a while.

    I will admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the multiplayer as I find it too much of a 'run and gun' scenario as apposed to team based work.

    That said, all in all I think Halo 4 was a brilliant last hurrah for the 360!
  70. Jan 18, 2013
    I started to play Halo in this game, so my opinion isn't of a big fan. But I loved it, the graphics are excelent, but most important: The multiplayer is the best FPS I've ever played. Campaign isn't pretty good, but isn't bad.
  71. Nov 17, 2012
    halo 4 is the best game ive seen until now, its got probably the best multiplayer in my opinion and its the funest game.!........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Expand
  72. Nov 24, 2012
    It's decent; not particularly amazing, but not bad either. Campaign is an alright length, but the story isn't particularly amazing. It leaves more questions than it gives answers, and more often than not, it feels like they came up with cool moments and just tried to string them together with an average-at-best story. It's somewhat annoying as well, as even on normal difficulty, most enemies act like bullet sponges, often with promethean knights taking a whole clip of ammo or more to take down. Because of this, ammo runs out quickly, more often than not leaving you with weapons unsuited for the particular occasion you're thrown into. The music, while somewhat interesting to listen to, is much different than past halo games, and none of them left a lasting effect on me. I only liked one song from the entire soundtrack a significant amount, and I don't even know the name of it. The graphics were pretty good, but there were times in both gameplay and cutscenes that it seemed 343 just gave up trying to make it look all pretty. For example, take a look at chief's armor at the end of the first mission: it looks extremely low res despite him being the main focus of attention. And as for the final boss fight that we were all waiting for throughout the entire game that we all expected to happen with the evil of the didact throughout the whole game? A quicktime event. A quicktime event leading to a cutscene that ends the game. Talk about a freakin' tease. On the subject of teases, a halo ring is shown in the game, but we never go on it. It's like they put it there so they could justify the halo in the title and nothing more. Overall, the experience is kind of disappointing despite cool moments, and the story isn't too particularly involving or interesting. It's lacking the magic of previous halo campaigns.

    Spartan Ops sort of makes up for the campaign, but at the same time, some of the locations they take place at are just recycled from multiplayer or campaign. Not to mention, there's only like 5 missions per episode, and they're so short that more often than not you find yourself asking "It's over already?" While 343 has boasted about custom games having more options than ever, they made this happen at the expense of several other options. Entire gamemodes such as race, juggernaut, VIP, invasion, and assault have been all but removed, something that hurts the experience greatly. Theater also remains a one person only ordeal, something that's truly disappointing. Forge has some improvements, but at the expense of previous improvements. You can magnetize objects, lock them, see which item you're hovering over, have dynamic lighting, and can place zones where spartans have specific traits, but in return, can no longer zoom or move an object slowly, both which serve to make forging a much more irritating experience. The 3 maps replacing forge world that are specifically built for forging are hardly even BTB maps in size, meaning you're very limited by size. It would be much more preferable to have forge world back with different palletes and more items at this point, as there's so little that you can do. And now for the big one: multiplayer. The maps are all fairly entertaining, but, again, are lacking something that every other multiplayer map in previous halos had. I don't know what it is, but they just don't play too amazingly well. The ranking system is basically the same as Halo Reach's, but with a new coat of paint. Custom loadouts are alright, but in engagements with them, more often than not the guy who was spotted first is usually the guy who winds up dead. Custom loadouts also allow for the noob combo of plasma pistol and dmr, a tactic I've seen much more of in Halo 4. As for this next part, I guess I can't blame the game as much as the players, but it seems nobody uses vehicles anymore unless it's a gauss hog, a mantis, a scorpion, a banshee, or wraith. Normal hogs and mongeese are often just left sitting there while players make a run for it on foot instead. Ordinance drops are also interesting, but hurt gameplay. There's no map control of the areas with the power weapons, because the power weapons could spawn anywhere, meaning instead of the game focused around map control that we all know and love, it's become a more run and gun game. Halo's multiplayer has definitely changed, and sadly, I don't think it's for the better. At least AA's are more balanced now though.

    Overall, the UI is cluttered and annoying to navigate. The new weapon sounds, while some have enjoyed them, don't seem to fit the experience too well. Everything just For example, the rocket launcher no longer has some meaty launching sound, but instead sounds like a unintimidating "woosh" noise when being launched, and the DMR sounds much more deadly than it is. Most of the armor in general also looks rather silly, and no longer is easily identifiable, as lots of the armor looks similar to one another.
  73. Nov 18, 2012
    Halo 4 is a step beyond what I imagined it could be. Simply amazing! Loved the action-packed Campaign, Spartan OPs is a great ad on, I especially love the cinematic Spartan-ops episodes. The multi-player component is never boring, soemthing that's honestly hard to do, but is pulled off really well in this game. I love the innovation put into Halo 4!
  74. Nov 19, 2012
    Its very seldom that a game gets redone with this kind of shine! You can tell that 343 really put there heart and soul into Halo 4!! So lets get right to it! GRAPHIX = 10; The Graphix are the best for any shooter to date on console!! Everything is Modeled Beautifully and the style of the levels online and offline is top notch right down to the smallest detail!! Everything even little things like elevators and doors feels alive, even the new guns, you will know what I mean when you see it all! GAMEPLAY = 10; It is kind of the same old Halo. That said, it should be! Halo is a timeless classic that does not need too much change! There are plenty of new weapon's thrown into the multi-player mix to keep things interesting for a long time to come, Little things like not letting grenades drop when a player is killed changes the dynamic of the game quite a bit. This is definitely for the better!! You don't walk into a room full of dead guys and an endless supply of grenades to toss at incoming players! So far the new guns all feel balanced so far! The Campaign is done very nicely ...the story is totally engrossing and keeps you wanting to see what is going to happen next! As I had said b4 the whole game feels alive and never really gets stale! There are tons of new enemies and lvl's to shoot up with new guns!! MUSIC/SOUND EFX = 9; Very Halo! Very Suspenseful when needed! Everything seems to have a purpose and place and it also gives you that feeling that everything in the game is living and breathing! All of the Guns have been redone, everything from the sword to the BR has a different sound and almost different feel! I'm not sure if I like all of sounds to all of the old guns yet, its taking some getting use to, and it has thrown me off a few times in the beginning! But over all Everything still has that feeling of love and dedication from 343 and only time will truly tell if something is off truly. CONTROLS = 8; This is still where I wish some of the other halos would have given us a little more choice as to what buttons do what. You still have to find a preset controller setting that works for you, because there is still no custom config to the controller! I do prefer the recon setting so I at least have settled for something, but having to settle is not something I wanted to have to do! Over all the controls do work fine and they are useable! It just might be something of a decision maker for some people and might turn some people off a bit. This is also why I gave the game a 9 instead of a 10. REPLAY = 10; Halo has always had a ton of re-playability, yea after you beat the campaign you can go back through co op or with different skulls turned off and on. You can go back through on different difficulties but the story remains the same and so do the battles for the most part. The AI does change the way it fights on different difficulties and can really cause problems that being said. Multiplayer will get new map packs as it always does and its always a blast to play online multiplayer. There is a new mode that gives you weekly scheduled programs with more story and more game play that keep co op and single player exciting and fresh! Over all I think that the single player and co op is the best since Halo CE!! The story and feel of it is awe inspiring! Multiplayer is great and gets a lot of new things to play with and try out! The weekly free story updates should keep the Halo Universe rolling on until the next installment! OVER ALL = 9; This should be up for game of the year!! Yes I will say it is that good! A must have for anyone who really likes Halo and FPS fans alike ...unless your just a stubborn spec ops geek! ;p Expand
  75. Nov 21, 2012
    Honestly, the best FPS in years. Near live action graphics, roaring gun sounds, immersive campaign and multiplayer with by far the best gameplay in the series. Keeps a typical Halo feel with a new edge. Even the skyboxes and masterful scores of music are done perfectly and are sure to turn heads. Oh, and did I mention that the greatest story on Xbox has been extended and even improved upon? The game is legit and will be around for years to come. Expand
  76. Nov 23, 2012
    This game is incredible. Halo 4's multiplayer is the best that the series has ever offered, with exciting matchmaking and the ability to customize your loadouts to suit your play style. The campaign has an excellent story, fleshing out the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana more than ever before. My only real criticisms of Halo 4 are that the campaign doesn't provide a very wide variety of objectives, and I still prefer Firefight to Spartan Ops. But otherwise the game is fantastic, and well worth the money for both new and old Halo fans. Expand
  77. Dec 1, 2012
    343 industries has delivered. This game is outstanding in many ways. The graphics, for example, has stepped up gigantically. There is a clear contrast between the graphics of Halo: Reach and Halo 4. And it's Halo 4 that has the better side of the contrasting graphics even though both games are based on the same engine. The sound throughout the game is amazing and you can tell the time and effort that 343 industries has put into the sound on Halo 4. The gameplay is great and the AI are definitely much more sophisticated than in any Halo game before. The multiplayer gameplay is also great, the maps are well designed, the forerunner weapons are brilliantly brought into the game yet some gametypes are missing such as VIP, One Flag, Race, Infection, (this was replaced with Flood, of which isn't as good in my opinion). This has a downside to the fun Forge custom game maps that people make. The ranking system could also have reverted to the Halo 3 1-50 skill ranking yet that is believed to be brought in with a major update in January. Overall the multiplayer should definitely keep you playing for many weeks, months or even years. Spartan Ops is a mode which contains small missions which get updated every week (5 missions per week) and you can complete these solo or for up to 4 players. The best part? Every week it's free! Forge is also much easier to build yet there isn't a large scale envionment like Forge World on Halo: Reach. Overall I am loving Halo 4 and I will continue to do I'm sure. Graphics - 9.5
    Sound - 9
    Gameplay - 9
  78. Jan 26, 2013
    Campaign is ok, multiplayer is freaking awful. Too much randomness and garbage taken from COD (flinch, Personal ordnance drops, world ordnance drops, instant respawn) and less features than Halo: Reach make it the worst Halo.
  79. Dec 26, 2012
    Halo has been handed to a new studio. After a decade of producing this franchise, Bungie has handed the reins of Master Chief over to 343 Studios. If you're a Halo fan, you probably already knew that. If you're not, you still probably knew that. Any skeptics doubting 343's ability to make a game handed to it from a top-tier studio should fear, nothing, Halo 4 is the best game I've ever played for the Xbox 360. However, it is not perfect. The single player campaign is one of the best to date. From the very first step out of your cryo-sleep chamber to the end cinematic, you will be amazed. Gameplay (as it always has) revolves around shooting and shooting and shooting. Also shooting. There are few moments in which there is another element to the formula. This doesn't get boring, surprisingly, as (especially through the first half of the game) there are exciting twists to the battlefield or additions to your arsenal that will provide joy and make you stick around until the next one. The story is different from others, in the sense that it is not the story of Master Chief. It is the story of the AI Cortana. Cortana goes through what is called rampancy, defined as an AI deteriorating because of an informational overload, usually occurring after seven years of service. Cortana's voice screws up, and she has emotional outbursts that defy her programming. This is on occasion, mind you, so don't think that this is a continuous annoyance. But you notice it from level one. In past Halo games, Cortana served as the clear-minded one who thought clearly when the Chief couldn't. In Halo 4, this is reversed. It adds a strange reversal effect that past Halo fans will fall in love with. Cutscenes look fantastic, especially the humans. They look real- and it's not live action. The in-game graphics are almost on-par with the cutscenes, with vibrant colors and astounding detail, tapping into what I believe to be the best the Xbox 360 can do. One thing stands out among all the rest: sound. Every sound has been revamped, and for the better. Voice acting is incredible, and the weapons sound beefy and powerful. And they are. Halo 4's arsenal is not amazingly expansive, but it is big enough. Certainly a tad bigger than most shooter games. The only problem I've found is the learning curve. There is a dramatic increase in difficulty from the first chapter to even the third. 343 apparently tried to fit a full game's worth of a difficulty increase into a way-too-short campaign. There are also some moments when I didn't know where to go, but I got through. However, they are minor problems when you get used to them. Single player is excellent. Multiplayer is back for Halo 4, and radically different. Alright, not radically different, but there have been some changes. For example, on the main menu, multiplayer is called "Infinity," supposedly taking place aboard the UNSC Infinity. It took me a while to find matchmaking, now dubbed "War Games." These are just little notes to keep in mind, nothing major. Anyways, there are a lot of new game modes, like Flood and SWAT, as well as a downloadable series of co-op campaigns. Forge mode returns and is changed for the better. A variety of maps are present, a total of thirteen (ten normal maps and three for forge). The multiplayer gameplay is very similar to that of its predecessors, run and shoot at your enemies and use vehicles. Or maybe defend a base. The modes are excellent, down to every last one. This includes classics, like Slayer, or new ones, like Dominion. Everything works well, the loadout system, the "Spartan Hub," the matchmaking... all work just fine; not a single glitch. Finding a game is usually rather fast, and this time around you can join games in progress. Forge mode is better than ever, the primary adjustment being a system of "magnets" that help you attach pieces with smoother lines, for example: two floor pieces together stick on each side perfectly, no small change in elevation or one going through the other on account on the player not centering everything perfectly. There is still no custom game matchmaking, so if you create an amazing map or game mode, you have to find a buddy or two to play.

    When all is said and done, Halo 4 is an excellent game. I gave it a nine out of ten because it is not flawless, but if I could give it a 9.9, I would. The few flaws don't at all remove from the fact that this is a truly excellent game, possibly the best Halo yet and maybe the best game of 2012 across any platform. If you have an Xbox 360, go buy Halo 4. If you don't have an Xbox 360, go buy an Xbox 360 and Halo 4.

    --jedi_khan--PSN: jedi_khan--Xbox Live: Khan Jedi--
  80. Jan 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Halo 4 is supposedly the direct sequel to Halo 3, and it is in regards to the story. The campaign follows the story of Master Chief (as always) fighting some aliens on a new planet called Requiem. As Cortans slowly dies from her rampancy, Chief has to help her keep hope and defeat the Didact. This, in my opinion is extremely linear, and the Didact is one of those twirl mustache villains that ones to randomlyndestroy humanity. It doesn't help that every mission you're running around pressing buttons, for no apparent reason. Th campaign was boring and repetitive, and Requiem (the planet) is not as appealing as planet Reach. So yeah Cortana dies, other than that nothing memorable.

    I and many other Halo fans buy Halo for multiplayer, and well this one could use some work. Halo 4's multiplayer takes place on the UNSC Onfinity. A massive starship where the SPARTAN IVs train in the highly advanced war games simulation. Unfortunately, instead of Halo's traditional arena style shooter; this game is a class based arcade shooter. Skill isn't as needed here, as everyone spawns with an instant kill weapon (the Boltshot) if they wish. Halo 4 is shipped with 10 maps, and mostbof them are extremely large. The Kip times are faster, and the game is easier. Players will find an improvement in their K/D ratio and less of a skill gap between pros and lesser players. The DMR more or less dominates Halo 4's sandbox, and active camo is incredibly annoying. Halo 4 also lacks a 1-50 ranking system, giving you little reason to play for a long time. Little things like the inferior soundtrack, broken fileshare, CoD elements, and weak forge really hold the game back. Constant lag makes it a burden to play, and plasticy armor is plain boring. Halo 4 could get better with title updates and DLC but in it's current form it's practically Call od Duty in space.
  81. Feb 11, 2013
    As far as the Halo series goes, I must applaud 343 for daring to do new things. Chief is a lot more narrative. Cortana is naked as ever. The environments are gorgeous. Sound is ho-hum. Story is OK. In fact, the story is the biggest drawback of the game. I have no problem with Cortana needing Chief's help because she's losing her sh*t. What I do have a problem with is the awkward relationship these two have. If I'm not listening to her crying about losing Chief, I'm listening to Chief saying, "It's OK baby, I'll take care of you." I want to shoot at things and be a hero, not watch a $60 soap opera.

    The multiplayer is all about shoehorning Call of Duty elements into Halo game play. I feel like 343 took all of Bungie's hard work and tried to dress it up as something new by replicating what put Infinity Ward on the map. This is just my opinion, of course.
  82. Feb 14, 2013
    another masterpiece of a halo game the story,music, game play and visuals are astounding and of the same high standard as the bungie halo games.the multiplier is the best on console with spartan ops as a interesting add-on to the single player. 343 keep up the good work
  83. Mar 26, 2013
    Although 343 did all they could to keep up with the outstanding string of games that Bungie has been putting out for over 10 years I felt the fell short on many aspects of the game. The campaign was boring and repetitive not to mention absurdly short. I beat it within 5 hours, for a 60$ game it felt hardly worth it. The multi-player was significantly more interesting. The mechanics where easy to grasp and the game felt more balanced than anything I've ever seen. There were no rushing for the rocket launchers and shotguns. Everyone had the weapons they needed at start and where rewarded for their outstanding gameplay with something other than points and icons with weapons to give them a bit of an edge but not over powered. All in all the game is only good for multi-player and COMPLETELY not worth 60$. Expand
  84. Mar 1, 2013
    I personally, being a halo fan-boy think that this is the second best of all the halo games! I loved the campaign, with drawback on the extremely long missions. The best halo game i think is halo 2. This game is mainly focused for online game play since after the campaign there is nothing to do unless you have xbox live. Other than that this is one of the best games i have ever played!
  85. Mar 4, 2013
    The game is very good and spartan ops and Online are great but the campaign should be longer and tell more of a story plus have more main characters but you should be able to freely roam the infinity
  86. Mar 6, 2013
    There are too many plot holes and inconsistencies in the campaign, and the game really takes the "Halo" feel out of the combat, and shifts it more towards another generic Call of Duty spinoff. With predetermined loadouts, instant respawn, faster kills, and almost no map weapons, multiplayer aims to become a fast-paced experience, but really just ends up as a frantic mess of disorganized chaos. The few redeeming qualities of this game are brought down by the overall negative experience. Expand
  87. Mar 31, 2013
    Halo's campaign is known for its simplicity,but in Halo 4,the story is just confusing and at points,boring.Even the flashbacks in Halo 3:ODST were easier to follow than Halo 4's storyline. The gameplay is uninteresting as most of the missions either ask you to defend an area or go to 3 areas and push buttons.At least they finally let you fly a Pelican Dropship. Multiplayer is a blast! Although they took a couple things from the COD series,the multiplayer is still engaging and fun.With new maps,new weapons,new abilities and others,this is great for anyone looking for online play.Spartan Ops is,well,pretty "meh". It can be fun at times but playing it with friends is the only way to experience it fully.New items have been added to Forge,making it better than ever. If you want a good single player game,sorry,no such luck here.If you want a good multiplayer and co-op play,this is pretty much it. Expand
  88. Apr 28, 2013
    theres nothing i can say that hasn't been said already been said. the multi-player works flawlessly, you never have bull moments, ever. if you die its you're fault, not the games, as in for example gears of war.
  89. Jun 21, 2013
    I can tell that most people who gave it a low score either haven't played or are PS3 fanboys. Halo 4 is a great game, probably my second favorite Halo. The story is really good this time around, as it is ending. Combat: Brilliant. Challenge: Sorta. Story: Amazing. Visuals: The best looking exclusive yet for any console yet. Multiplayer: Refined and polished down to every pixel. 9/10 for the challenge factor. Expand
  90. Oct 9, 2013
    It's hard to follow up on a success like Halo 3, but Halo 4 has an awesome campaign and the best looking graphics I've ever seen. Halo 4 multiplayer is kind of a downgrade with the elimination of duel-wielding and boring maps, but if you play Halo for the campaign, get Halo 4!!!
  91. Apr 9, 2014
    343 Industries took everything I loved about previous Halo games and multiplied it several times. The campaign has a great story and the multiplayer is balanced and fun. This game is one of the best shooters out there.
  92. Apr 20, 2014
    I genuinely don't understand why this game has been classed as 'bad' by thousands, if not millions of people worldwide. I honestly think this game is incredible and somewhat genius? actually yes, genius. They're geniuses for handling this game, 343. It's got a phenomenal, fun, thrilling and promising story-mode with beautifully-done graphics, astonishing sounds and well-done voice actors. Yet again. Like Halo 3, but in my opinion, better. And different, in good ways.

    If you've not played Halo 4 yet, I seriously suggest you do, as you're probably going to love it. I recommend you buy it, complete it and then, y'know, just do whatever. Not to mention the online for it is pretty damn incredible. Yes, incredible indeed.

    Such an amazing game, therefore I rate it a strong 10/10. (A+).
  93. Nov 13, 2012
    Let me first start off by saying I have been a hardcore halo fan for so many years, having bought all the halo games and loving every one of them (including halo wars which I thought was a underrated game).I so desperately want to give this game a great rating,but I couldn't.The only thing that kept my review up to a 6 and almost a 7 was the fact that the online multiplayer kicked my ass till my cheeks turned red.

    Some people might say that it ripped off COD, but I thought they kept that same halo formula, but made it more engaging and action packed.Sprinting was added because every modern game nowadays has sprinting and it makes matches more up tempo because there is more engagement spots.Another big thing added was the oradence drops and I don't remember COD having a choice of 3 random weapons or upgrades which came after a certain amount of points.In the end this multiplayer will keep me playing for years to come and has nothing but room to improve in the next 2 games.


    This is the place where halo 4 really falls flat to me.In all my years playing halo the most important part to me was the customization.In halo 4 I would have to give this a 1.5. 343 took the whole new multiplayer to far and destroyed the one thing that made Halo the premier game on xbox over COD and what gave me so many great memories of playing Halo 3 until the sun came up. Creating new innovative maps and gametypes that have me playing to this day. Halo 3 might not have been the most visually stunning game but with all the customization and support bungie put into the game,Halo 3 was what you made of it.Now with Halo 4 they through that all out the window, they don't even have a file share anymore and no race gametype. They replaced infection with Flood which I could go on about the enormity of stupidity that is in this gametype. To say it bluntly the zombies are over powered, and you can't customize s***!You can't even give the zombies a gravity hammer or any other weapon plus you cant even change the loadout for the infection. All those great infection gametypes are gone.I haven't even gotten to the worst part of it yet,they took out all the classic halo gametypes.One flag, assault,juggernaut,the list goes on.The only positive was an improved griffball and thats it.I will give it to them though the forgeing in this game is phenomenal. The magnets make making maps so much faster, but warning they can make some things uneven if your making a flat surface. The only downside to it is that it is practically impossible to create a gametype for your map. I had spent all night creating this great one flag map and I tried every combination to even make it a regular CTF game, didn't work. Alright then maybe I can create a slayer map... nope. So lastly I resorted to dominion and it worked and but ohh was it glitchy. The shields worked when they wanted to, and the turrets switched teams every 30 seconds. It was so disappointing after all the work we put into that map to have it barely playable. If they they polish this I think Halo 5 could be a 10.


    For me the campaign was well polished and full of action, but uneventful. I want to state the flaws strait out. One is that the ending was boring to say the least I want to finish it myself, not in some quicktime event.The other thing was that Halo 4 didn't produce any great moments that Halo 3 created so many of. Destroying the scarab, storming the beach against the covenant, that final driving scene while the ring was collapsing, and the list goes on. I will give them a pass here because it was their first time around, but I won't be so easy on the halo 5 campaign.


    This section I will be brief on but honest. The CO-OP in this game is mediocre at best. First off I have to say. They replaced firefight with this crap! This is at the peak of bull s*** mountain to me. Spartan Ops is dull and recycled maps every episode and is nothing but killing enemies and flipping switches. There is no altering of the game mode or point system giving you no satisfaction after a kill. I have played through the first two episodes and it is the same exact thing except you start out on a different part of the map.


    Halo 4 succeeds in creating a innovative and engaging multiplayer but falls short on co-op and customization. As for the campaign, they did a pretty good job for their first go around, but needs more wow moments.
  94. Jan 25, 2013
    Same game, slightly better graphics. The multi-player is almost not even worth playing anymore. Please just stop, it's about as bad as a new COD every year.
  95. Nov 9, 2012
    Seriously? 0's? The people on here giving this game a 0 are 1. spamming trolls, and/or 2. need to grow a backbone and play the game on at least Heroic. Giving this game a 0 is just idiotic. That's the problem with Metacritic user reviews. And as far as the critic reviews: Really Metactitc? You're going to include some no name site called, "Quarter to Three?" Really? Again, giving this game a "20" is just a sign of low intelligence, lazy gaming, or an agenda. This game is great. Is it revolutionary? No. But it is a sincere effort, and you can tell that 343I put their hearts and souls into its creation. The story is the best Halo story since Halo CE and the motion capture is unparalleled. The multiplayer combines aspects of Halo and Call of Duty and makes COD look stale by comparison. I can't wait for the next installment. Expand
  96. Nov 6, 2012
    I already wrote a review for this game but i feel like the other reviewers are giving extremely harsh scores for small details.. if u have already read my other review i've said that the game is different from halos past.. its gone for the more sci-fi route. ive seen people write about clunky vehicles? im sorry i don't know what game you're playing but its not halo 4 cause i had no trouble driving the vehicles. Expand
  97. Nov 6, 2012
    Halo 4 is amazing. Great buy. The people listing 0/10 is obviously sad PS3 junkies. The graphics are amazing and the story is actually very good. The story keeps you wondering what's going to happen unlike predictable games out there. Don't review a game you haven't played.
  98. Nov 18, 2012
    1st off i want to say to all the Halo haters out there,u suck ball bags!! Anyone scoring this game under a 6 is a tool. I like COD but Halo takes back the crown it left vacant for many years as the king of FPS & damn it feels good to be king again baby [or Chief?] Halo 4 rocks!! I purposely waited til i finished the campaign & had a good jam with multiplayer to write this review cos i didnt want the nostalgia or excitement to affect my score. Now i can say with no bias intended that Halo 4 is in my opinion the best Halo since Halo 1,if not the best. Hell very probably the best FPS out there & that's sayin something. The campaign is excellent & 343 have earned my respect. I was worried with no Bungie [like most Halo fans] where Halo was heading & how it would play, but seeing what they have done,I'm anticipating to see where they are going. The weapons & sounds & gameplay remain top notch,also the fight sequences in the campaign certify Halo's strength,whether your trying to come up with new ways to beat the ever favorite Covenant,or tackle the new formidable foes in the Promethean's [& a cool enemy they are} Halo 4 always keeps u on your toes & more importantly wanting to go back to beat that prick of a Knight or Elite that just slayed u. The cutscenes are the best i have ever seen in a Halo game & also take top marks for best graphics seen in any game. Multiplayer has a few new additions & u will never tire of finding a different game mode to play as there is plenty on offer here,its up to its ears with customizations & armor & abilities to unlock to keep u going back for more & the fast paced feel of it only adds to what was already a great multiplayer & makes it exceptional,along with the new kill cam i will never have to go through 1 more tea bagging ever again,thanks again 343. The new spartan ops mode is cool although i do miss firefight & wish it was included,only time will tell whether 343 decision to remove it & replace it with spartan ops & episodic content every week will pay off,im still a bit skeptical on this but we will see what happens. Everyone out there thinking its just same old Halo nothings changed,well hang on,thats what makes Halo. You wouldnt expect Mario to stop jumping or smashing blocks to save princess or Solid Snake not to thwart some maniacal team of assassins hell bent on causing some catastrophe or Ezio to stop assassinating poor folk,it just wouldn't be humane,so why expect Halo not to be Halo? That's what makes these games unique to us all. Lets face it this is a Halo game so if you don't like Halo chances are you wont conform,but to the rest of us...this is Halo & with that comes all the gorgeous visuals & stunning locations & brilliant weapons & sounds expected of a Halo title & this delivers. Most importantly its great to play Halo 4 & to be the Master Chief & experience his fight again. From the brilliant settings & frantic firefights,on ground or in the air,to the engaging storyline,to running around with a mate in co-op tackling Covenant or Prometheans,or just beating that darn red team in good ole fashion slayer,or creating your own map in forge mode,or theatre where u can earn bragging rights & show off that lucky stick u got with a plasma or that impossible shot with sniper. Halo 4 has it all & once again sits pretty atop its throne & sets the benchmark for FPS. Here's looking at u 343! Expand
  99. Dec 16, 2012
    The graphics were superb; some of the best I've ever seen on any game console. The music is good, but it reminds me too much of the Mass Effect series. It just doesn't sound... Halo-ey. Despite its length, I got really sucked into the story. This is the type of game where it really helps to go a little slower and take in the sights, learn some backstory, and appreciate the amount of work put into what you're looking at. I still don't understand how some of the environments were rendered in real time on an Xbox. The cutscenes were even better.

    I felt like the stronger relationship between Cortana and Master Chief was a little cheesy, but with good reason. It was still sometimes a little embarrassing to watch certain cutscenes with friends around.

    The multiplayer plays more like Mario Kart as opposed to chess in the other games. In the older Halo games, you had discrete options; with memorization of where power weapons spawn, you could play the game out decisively and with foresight.
    In this version, loadouts and random drops from things called ordinances dictate what power weapons you can obtain. This leaves a lot up to chance, and makes the gameplay feel cheap. Available power weapons on the map are also indicated on your HUD, which I think is sort of cheap. There should be a "classic" gameplay variant where where weapons spawn in regular intervals in certain spots, and everyone spawns with the same weapons. Also, no armor abilites and other ordinances and perks **** That's what COD is for.

    Spartan Ops is a sort of "Spartan-IV-marines point of view" weekly-updated episodic campaign. It feels pretty cheaply made, it's nowhere near the quality of the actual campaign. The cut scenes are rendered well and visually look just as good as the campaign ones, yet they don't hold the same emotional or situational impact. I would rather they have put more time into the campaign mode. It's just a repetitive series of "protect this, kill that, press this button, kill this, go here, retrieve the artifact, kill that, press this button." None of the locations used are new; they're all recycled from the campaign or multiplayer maps. On top of that, in different episodes, they have used the same maps, so it just feels like you're doing the same thing over again. Its really only worth watching the cutscenes, which you can do online anyway.........
  100. Nov 7, 2012
    Brilliant new step in the Halo series. I was skeptical being a Bungie fan and enjoying Halo since the first title. But 343i has defiantly done superbly in propelling Halo forward in a NEW direction. HALO 4 IS NEW as halo 2 was from combat evolved and 3 was from 2, and again Reach from 3. Halo 4 for steps forward and in my brothers and my opinion stays true to how halo should be.

    Brilliant campaign story and gameplay (I have played every campaign with much appreciation. RIP Sgt. Johnson)
    Faster paced Multiplayer still retains core halo feel (plenty of room for team work)
    Player customisation does not unbalance gameplay
    Great sound detail
    Improved map editing
    Theatre remains
    Careful effective multiplayer (but people will always complain) CONS:
    No FireFight (I really liked it)
    Dislike the sound of warthog and scorpion tank


    It's not Halo "again" it's a "NEW" Halo and its FUN which is what games are for.
    REMEMBER IT IS A GAME and just chill out if it fails to meet your reason for existence.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 87 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 87
  2. Negative: 1 out of 87
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Halo 4 eschews esoteric delivery for a sledgehammer story with a blockbuster aesthetic. Epic, engaging and sensorially awesome. [Jan 2013, p.60]
  2. 90
    In the end, this game is still a fairly conservative and faithful to the original spirit, even with some significant changes.
  3. Dec 3, 2012
    The narrative is outstanding, even in spite of a few plot-point missteps, and the character evolution of Master Chief and Cortana deserves to be further explored with these wonderful storytellers (well, maybe one of them can't happen, but I'll avoid spoilers). However, the gameplay feels jilted, awkward and unrefined, three unforgivable sins in a landscape populated with other quite-capable FPS franchises. As a result, I'm going to average everything out: great story plus bad gameplay equals an average experience. And in this overcrowded FPS genre, "average" is isn't something I'd recommend buying.