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  1. Nov 11, 2012
    Great game improves on every aspect of previous game the graphics, dialogue, mechanics etc. New enemies are fun to fight. However, I am not the fondest of the new flood mode with the overpowered zombies but there is so much more overall 9.5
  2. Dec 11, 2012
    Only playing for the campaign, no time for online...
    It's a beautifully presented game. Guns are awesome. Incredible SFX.
    Gameplay is smooth, involving, flow is flawless. Not much thinking involved, no emotion. Pure reaction, exhilaration. Fine by me.
    The sci-fi world and story is daft, and incomprehensible next to the sleek and involving sic-fi of Binary Domain. As a videogame fan and
    Halo agnostic, I enjoyed this game a lot though. Expand
  3. Jul 16, 2014
    While it wears the Brand 'Halo' on it, it really just feels like an 'okay' game.
    The single player mode didn't meet my expectations. Other than a few parts in the single player, the campaign was really boring and forgettable with no noteworthy locations that caught my eye(unlike the previous halo games, this was a first). It's obvious that microsoft is pushing for this to be an 'online
    experience' by locking away the spartan ops campaign only to those who have an xbox live subscription just rubs me the wrong way since the game lists it even though I haven't signed on Xbox live in months. I really feel like I didn't get my moneys worth this this title and since half of the single player experience is locked away because of microsofts greed I don't plan on purchasing another halo title until this predicament is sorted out, which judging by microsoft's obvious greed it will never happen... Expand
  4. Nov 9, 2012
    I am disappointed. I was a big , fan of halo 1,2 and 3 ( over 70 days of play time on halo 3 ) but this halo is not something that fit with the quality of the trilogy. I will start with SP. The story last 4 hours in normal ( short as f*** for a 60 $ games ) and is not ''punchy''' like others halo. A very linear environment with nothing special and some really similar objective make the campaign something that do not worth it. For the MP , this game should be called DMR 4 instead of Halo 4. The dmr is the only DECENT gun in the whole multiplayer. It just feel like a halo reach V 2 , even more crappy. I will sell this waste of time and stick to halo 3 instead , who still a decent and interesting game. Halo 4 do not deserve the name HALO. Expand
  5. Nov 10, 2012
    NOT a Fan boy review. The game is good i found the campaign to be good but not great. The story was hit and miss and at times i felt i was back in halo 3 just killing covenant again because that is what you do for a great deal of the game. There is no real emotion to it and not the best halo story for sure. The visual's are great can't fault 343 for that. The multiplayer is where the game really shines. Its fun and has new elements to it which i feel make it the best yet. So if your looking for a great story campaign i would say you might not get it but otherwise this game would make a great purchase just for the amazing multiplayer. Expand
  6. Nov 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The story and the graphics is absolutely brilliant. The story is both emotional and suspenseful, giving the sense of mystery that drew so many people to the first Halo, the dialogue is improved 10 fold from previous game, and the antagonist is strong and brilliant. However I might add that the ending leaves little room for a good sequel as so much emotion was used to end the game. The graphics are top notch, brilliant textures, lighting, and environment. The game sounds absolutely magnificent, with loud and thundering sounds mixed with emotional and tragic music. Gameplay is smooth and exciting, however it gets quite repetitive in late game. The mulitplayer is fun and refreshing, but far too unbalanced, guns are either ridiculously overpowered (SAW) or horrendously slow and weak (Railgun), armor abilities are almost useless as the only useful ones are the hardlight shield and the jetpack. Now the cons, the AI is junk, the AI not only does not help with thinning enemy lines, but it instead fires at anything in their line of sight including you. The prometheans seem cliche and generic, it seems like a new stronger covenant. However the ultimate con about this game is the length, in short the game is far too short, it takes 6-7 hours in normal to beat it solo and about 3-4 to beat it in co-op. In summary, this game is absolutely brilliant in story, gameplay, graphics and pace. But because of it's flaws, it does not deserve a 10. However it does come very very close to a 10. If only it was longer... if only Expand
  7. Nov 17, 2012
    Halo is back. The multiplayer is fantastic that is welcoming after that awful taste that Reach left. everything feels super balanced, the new class set up does not mess up halo. The only complaints I have for multiplayer are the armor abilities are back and perks. The single player wasn't there best or there worst, but is still entertaining. Spartan ops is uninteresting and I will most likely not play anymore of it. Wish they brought in firefight, the ODST one, not the reach one. Expand
  8. Feb 18, 2014
    Halo 4 feels like the natural evolution of the series.
    It takes the best elements of Halo 3 and Reach and combines them into an authentic Master Chief experience!
    I'm coming back to the game now after about a year off. I've finished it on Legendary now and am getting into some multiplayer. As much as the player base has dropped over the last year or so, matches can be found with relative
    I was never big on the COD multiplayer. Halo 4 is where it's at for me until Titanfall drops. I want my futuristic machines, yo!
  9. Nov 6, 2012
    I'm not sure what game some people are playing but it doesn't seem like it's Halo 4. Somebody said they can aim with the left bumper, I still have to click the right stick. And comparing this with MW3 is like comparing Cristiano Ronaldo with Bob McDonald from our Sunday league team. The single player is classic Halo with a few extras thrown in and much better graphics. The MP is excellent and 343 have added loadouts and weapon drops but they fit the Halo profile perfectly and add a bit extra to the game. I love the 6 or so hours I've played so far and I think it's going to sit in my drive for a few months to come. Expand
  10. Nov 6, 2012
    GRAPHICS: It probably looks amazing. I bet. Somehow. If you can actually see through the oceans of overzealous bloom covering everything. Some portions of the game literally blind you. Crossing a light bridge? Can't see anything else in the room. Enemy standing in front of a light source? Good luck scoping in on him without your eyeballs catching fire. Everything just emits a radioactive aura about five times as large as is reasonable. I'm not totally against bloom, like I love Tron Legacy and that movie is chock full of it. But the bloom is just so extreme it actually prevents you from enjoying what is probably the best graphics on the 360 right now. I wouldn't know because playing is like staring into the sun.
    AUDIO: I guess I can't really complain about Cortana's voice acting, because she IS going insane, but she just sounded so casual and snarky this time around. There was always a hint of 'proper" in her voice before. Her vocabulary was more advanced. Now she sounds like an angsty teen. But where she had the body to match before, now she looks 30+. Confused.
    Sound effects in general are complete crap, I don't understand why 343 felt compelled to change so much instead of updating the old sounds. The Warthog sounds like an electric shaver from the 70's, or a crappy lawnmower with a fart can. The Mongoose sounds like the Warthog SHOULD sound. The plasma pistol sounds mechanical instead of, well, energy. The shotgun has no bass, where the Assault Rifle has way too much bass. The warthog's chain gun sounds like the glitchy noise when weapons would get stuck in the walls in Halo CE Anniversary (It's like 343 noticed that glitch and said "hey, I like this sound, let's work with it"). Everything is just way too loud, there's no balance to what sounds have priority. When you're shooting a gun from a vehicle while listening to Cortana and the Infinity talk to you at the same time, it all just cancels itself out and you can't make sense of anything.
    MUSIC: It's not BAD, but it's just so generic. I suppose I've been spoiled by Marty's genius, but Halo 4 sounds like your standard summer blockbuster action movie fare. I would compare it to Transformers by Michael Bay, but I actually remember some of the music from Transformers. This stuff is entirely forgettable, and multiple times during the campaign, my friend I was playing co-op with commented on how repetitive and boring it was, so I know it's not just me.
    GAMEPLAY: I haven't touched Multiplayer yet so this is all about Campaign. What a ridiculous glitch fest. The production value is obviously high, so there's a level of polish to it, but there's some really obvious problems I would have identified immediately if I were a playtester. So many times, I killed an enemy and walked over to his corpse, only to find the gun he was using had disappeared. If you try to get in the hovering covie sniper towers, you'll get stuck between the grav lift and the bottom of the platform.
    The enemy AI are HORRIBLE drivers. They frequently get stuck on walls or level geometry and don't do anything to attempt getting un-stuck. They just continue boosting forward into the wall, as if that will help. If you're on Legendary and playing a vehicle-heavy level, you're **** out of luck. And before you all scream "LOL YOU CASUAL YOU JUST SUCK," know that I have completed it on Legendary. When you're on the highest difficulty, it is LITERALLY impossible to drive a vehicle and avoid enemy shots. The AI tracks your motion with complete omniscience. Your banshee will be shot down the moment you leave the ground. your ghost will be blown up if you don't use boost constantly. Your warthog will be obliterated by small-arms fire if you manage to avoid the five Wraiths sniping you from a mile away. I know that legendary is supposed to be difficult, but in the previous games I could still make use of vehicles without being destroyed in seconds.
    Some of the action sequences SCREAMED Call of Duty to me, like the turbo-ghost section. It reeked of "Snowmobile level." Particularly the scripted long jumps that would be impossible to make under normal circumstances. Vehicle sections in previous Halo games always relied on the actual capabilities of the vehicle being driven, and your skill. This is pandering. I'm also incredibly mad that the game begins and ends with quick-time events. Which, BY THE WAY, do not work in Co-op at all. I was on my own xbox, playing co-op with two guys who were splitscreen on another. The first QTE switched control between the two split-screen guys every two seconds, so they were never sure who should be doing it. And the last one at the boss battle was given to me, so they never even knew it happened. Ideally the game would not have any QTEs, but if it's really necessary, just give control to the party leader and be done with it. But give me a real boss battle over this any day.

    Summing up, 343 has destroyed Halo for me and I hate them for it
  11. May 8, 2014
    I don't know why this game got an overall average of 87. This game is what Halo: Reach SHOULD HAVE BEEN. But nooooo... Instead, we got another serving of what Bungie thought was good which really gave us another short-changed game. Speaking of, I wonder how Destiny is going to be. If it's made by Bungie I have a feeling it's only going to be focused on online multiplayer with no effort on story or character. Anyway...

    This is the Halo game I've been wanting to see: a Halo with story. Ever since I read the first Halo book, "Fall of Reach," I was deeply impressed with the vast, detailed history and universe that is Halo and it really upset me how Bungie didn't care to elaborate or tie in any of it during Halo 3 or Reach. I loved the refocus on the Master Chief, the original main character of the series. He actually has a vast dialogue this time (unlike 3)! I was taken away immediately with the fist opening cutscene; very impressive and on par with or better than the cutscenes from Halo Wars. I know, I'm one of those rare gamers who believes in story, plot, and character development.

    For the campaign, I was very pleased. Great variety of level design and elements, much better than Reach's levels. I thought taking control of the Pelican and fighter jet were very welcomed and were a nice change from the typical FPS role. I know I've been going on and on about the story, but 4's story just didn't sit well with me. It was alright, I liked how it was executed, but I didn't get WHAT the story was about. I didn't care for the Didact, he really seemed like a hollow villain since he and the Master Chief had little interaction. I thought it was silly how there were times where the Didact would be rattling off all this mystical jargon and the Master Chief wouldn't even say anything. To me, he might as well have been thinking, "Uh huh..." cause I had no idea what the Didact was talking about. Plus, everything about the Prometheans and the Librarian seemed confusing for me to follow. Shoot, maybe I need to play through the campaign again...

    Online multiplayer is still great; all that frenzied team play or free for all that is Halo. The different armor pieces are still there, even though they don't do anything just like Reach. I loved the "perks" or loadouts that you can customize; way more options versus Reach which allows you to tailor your own loadouts for any given situation or game mode. The search engine seems more refined as well, and it's nice there's a vote for three options.

    Spartan Ops is fun, loved the cutscenes that came with it and the story. Although, I wonder what's to come in the future. To be continued in Halo 5? I would have liked to see Firefight though, but a Firefight more true to Halo 3: ODST (hated Reach's version).

    Overall, I give this game a 9 and not a 10 because: it's still Halo. We know what it is and how it works. But a 9 because of how brilliant the story execution was, the graphics, the gameplay, the options... Need I go on? Again, this is what Reach should have been. This is a great display of what the Halo universe has to offer. Great job 343! Here's to hoping Halo 5 will be just as great if not better. And to hoping it will be available for 360 too, heheh.
  12. Nov 6, 2012
    I don't know, I feel like a lot of the negative reviews of this game are from the "hardcore" or "true" gamer crowd. I consider myself hardcore, and I like this game for the multiplayer, the singleplayer is alright. My gripes are that the multiplayer does feel a little strange compared to old games and, as a few have said, grenades don't seem to matter as much. The combat felt slightly slower than previous entries in the series, but its not bad by any means. I think you should take all reviews as someone else's opinion for this reason, alot of the negative reviews probably went in expecting the game to suck and they only remembered it sucking. They want to seem popular and talk about how games have sold out without realizing that these companies do in fact want your money. This isn't some family fun time and realistically they don't owe you anything, so if you wanna be popular with the gaming hipsters who pretend to be hardcore, bad talk the game before you try it, and then remember the time you jumped off the cliff in game, not the gorgeous visuals. Expand
  13. Feb 27, 2013
    Master chief has returned and now the game has switched devs. The game is an astounding drop in quality from its predecessors and 343 should be ashamed. Story: The campaign is much shorter then its predeccesors (aside from ODST, which had the bonus of being quality over quanitity) and puts Master Chief against a new enemy. But because they couldn't be creative, the elites and co. are back with a barely explained sentence explaining why the previously turned allies are trying to kill him again. The writing has dropped off and feels like a mediocre fan fiction. It ends with a HIGHELY predictable scene that exactly 0 people were shocked by who don't have mental difficulties and was about as sad as Dom dying in Gears of War 3 (as in everyone who enjoyed the terrible sequel found it crushingly sad, but everyone who likes quality gaming found predictable and not sad at all). Story gets a 3/10 Gameplay: Sprinting has now been introduced, making the game feel less unique compared to other shooters and adding something that was never introduced (except as a armour ability in reach, but it prevented you getting another ability just so you could sprint, so it was balanced) for a reason. Elites now no longer have the absurd shields they had in Halo Reach, which I find a positive thing, as it just was not fun to spend 2 assault rifle clips on 1 enemy just to take down shields in Normal difficulty (not even an exaggeration). The multiplayer has added in killstreaks, which negativly impact the game, but not massively since they are not as OP as in CoD and are can get you killed while you drop it as it likes to ignore where you target and place it more into the open (which I assume is intended, to make it more risky, which is ALWAYS a good thing). The loadout system I was going to insult, but a recent update fixed my one gripe with the adition which allowed guests to use host players unlocked weapons to make temp loadouts (which obviously disapear once they log off). Weapons are unlocked extremely easily due ot the much faster leveling system of the multiplayer, and all the decent weapons you literally will get within 90 minutes of gameplay. Item unlock points are also quickly gained. The armour abilities are all much much worse then the perfectly balanced ones in Halo Reach. All of them are either OP or useless, especially the CLEAR Blacklight Retribution rip off Prothean Vision. Perks seem kind of OP, but as send before, you get the good ones within like 20 minutes of gameplay, so not a huge loss. Gameplay gets a 6/10. Graphics: Graphics ARE an improvement over previous games, which you would assume would be a good thing, but alas, it means heavily frame rate drops if you want to play co-op (even on just two players) and clearly shows the aging consoles wrinkles. They should of returned Halo to the PC but sadly Microsoft are the same they always have been. Graphics even then don't look that good and honestly should not lag the console as badly as they do. There is plenty of games with superior graphics on console that don't lag and this seems to be a pathetic failure in the optimization department. I would rather a steady framerate then better graphics. The art design has also been changed at some points, but nothing to radical (except grunts and jackels now look way stupider, but they were already pretty stupid). So art design isn't worse or better. 4/10 on graphics. Sound: COLLOSAL drop in quality compared to preceeding games. Name ONE halo game with a worse soundtrack then Halo 4, you simply can't do it. The guns now sound different and more realistic, but Halo had a feel to it which was part of the old gun sounds, they gave the game less realism, but had their own charm which is now completely gone in exchange for mediocre realistic sounds. 3/10 for sound. Overall, I give the game a 4/10. Seeing as I love the Halo series, I love the lore and storyline of all the predecesing games and have read multiple of the books, this game is a huge disapointment. It feels to me what others felt ODST was (which I honestly found to be a fantastic adition to the game, although it still should of had a multiplayer mode aside from firefight). A sad drop in quality and completely turns me off Halo 5 and 6.

    Oh and on a side note, multiplayer is way to noob friendly. You may be thinking "Oh, he is a just noob who thinks he is good and is he is dying too much" its actually the opposite. I am AWFUL at shooters, especially on console. If I am able to get the amount of kills I do, mainly due to the badly concieved loadout system, the skill cap has lowered massively. I simply should not be doing this well, that is not stroking my ego. This is mainly due to giving sticky grenades in loadouts, which means I can just spam them at warthogs with no danger.
  14. Jan 17, 2013
    Halo 4 is a very good shoot 'em up, but is lower than the other Halo Xbox 360 (maybe better than ODST) The story mode could be better, the online mode is not bad, perhaps the use of scores is a point negative. Moreover, it is a good game.
  15. Nov 19, 2012
    Campaign: Good story and great graphics, but lacking in storytelling - no sense of emergency from the gameplay and quick-telling of the story, and the score wasn't up to the task. Essentially, a huge weakness was its quick-windedness. Multiplayer: Great weapon and ability diversity, but loadouts and ordinance drops make this game harshly unbalanced (and very difficult to balance from a developer's perspective). Character customization is awesome, as are the challenges and experience leveling up, but the small rotations of maps for each gametype via matchmaking make playing redundant quick. And the lack of individual gametype leveling makes for some unbalanced opponent and ally skills. Overall: I don't see the "343 making Halo their own" here. They took the basics of Halo, and threw in everything that people have liked in the CoD (and copycats) games. We've seen one of the more original shooters become one of the copycats. Now we're left with Team Fortress 2, Mass Effect, and Gears of War as the only viable unique 'shooter' experiences. Expand
  16. Nov 6, 2012
    Halo 4 is so annoying to play online now. It used to be a pain when it was DMR slayer, all people would do is camp and shoot... camp and shoot... now that you can choose your layout... it's always camp slayer. Gone are the olden days of crazy combat, up close fighting, and tactical play.

    If you like CoD, you'll probably like the new halo 4... I get tired of being DMR sniped by their
    whole team all the time. This is not what I wanted 343. You have lost a future customer. I did love the campaign though. As I usually do. That does not warrant me buying the next game however. Not to mention the horrid slow downs if you play co-op on the same console. Dear me... This game makes me sad. Expand
  17. Nov 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 343 Industries did an amazing job with Halo 4. I was quite intrigued by the campaign story line, which I felt was just as good as the original Halo, if not better. It's graphics and cinematics are stunning! Although, I'm a little divided on the multiplayer design, especially when playing online. It doesn't quite fit in compared with other Halo releases. I don't like the new ranking system, and the need to purchase abilities such as Jetpack and Hologram. I was also very disappointed they killed off Cortana in the campaign, although I somewhat feel this is part of a twist, moving the story into Halo 5. Overall, such an awesome game. Expand
  18. Nov 11, 2012
    Campaign and spartan ops are superb. Ultimate evolution of the franchise. Graphics are bordering on next, next gen. You really wouldn't have been disappointed if the XBOX 720 had launched with these graphics. Multiplayer is good but I'm more of a battlefield man. Well done 343.
  19. Nov 11, 2012
    Everyone who wrote a bad review **** them) clearly got reach instead of halo 4 or is a butthurt sony fanboy. First off this game is ****ing amazing, The campaign was awesome and the graphics are stunning, the multiplayer was flawless. This is the future of Halo and the future of Halo is great.
  20. Nov 6, 2012
    well, looks like all CoD and BF3 fanboys have joined at a bigger threat than Call of Duty and Battlefield will never be able to defeat. Halo 4 goes back to basics and takes a new route, it's good. Worth buying
  21. Nov 6, 2012
    i can see here that "ps3fans" are burning so hard :)
    (most "negative" reviews are from them)
    HALO4 is awesome in "gameplay,enemies AI,level design and story".
    MASTER CHIEF" is back and the ancient enemies are awake.story is so emotional and attractive with lovely cortana,master chief personality is in best shape,side characters are believable and story-line is strong for a
    new serie.old-guns are so handy again and new-guns level the gameplay is the only thing that is the same as before.
    game levels are different and vary.
    enemies AI is so good(i played on hard/legendary),they dodge the grenades and cover when their health is enemy types have new offensive AI.
    at end i must say:
    HALO4 is so great and you must be great to understand it.
  22. Nov 7, 2012
    A great game, don't let anyone tell you differently. Sound design and visuals are astounding by Xbox standards(and in general), and the voice acting is top notch as well. The story is intuitive, however the ending left me wondering where they go from here, and some things are not cleared up, simply stated and never returned to. Gameplay is your standard halo fare; use a variety of guns and tactics to defeat varied enemies each employing different tactics (the new Prometheans are especially note worthy). One of the things I did not like was the fact that the game just felt...easy. Maybe this was because I am a Halo vet, but most of my deaths on solo Heroic (and co-op Legendary, I'll get to Solo Legendary in the future) were due to 1 hit kill weapons (launchers, swords). As well, by the end the variety in the enemies died down too much for my liking, and i think the game would have benefited from the addition of a new faction of foes on top of the Covenant and the Prometheans, since that's all you fight. Also, a few nit picks: more Hunter fights where you are not given hordes of explosives to make them the least bit challenging, improved death animations for Phantoms and Liches (the explosion is so small you can see the pieces dissapear into thin air, something that IMO looks ugly and unpolished), and more missions with more enemies since by the end it devolves into simple firefights from place to place, whereas early sections showed really fun levels. As for Multiplayer, it is fantastic, all that any Halo fan would want from a new developer: a fresh take on the game we know and love. I do wish the game library were more populated, considering that games like Halo 3 and Halo 2 had so many game variants, this one feels a bit lacking. As well, the new Spartan Ops missions are great if a little too short. The quantity is great, but the quality suffers as a result. Hoping for better missions in the future. All in all, it is a great game that shows something promising for the genre: people who care about a campaign, although there is still some work for the Halo series to re-achieve the greatness of the Halo CE and Halo 2 days when campaign was the biggest reason for getting a game. I expect great things from 343i. Expand
  23. Nov 25, 2012
    Overall a strong entry into the series (6.5/10). Regarding the campaign: Definitely a significant improvement over Halo: Reach as you simply do not sit back and fight wave after wave of enemies. Harkens back to Halo CE to me, but without the sense of exploration and wonder. Here you actually make forward progress most of the time. Problem is that if you go off the beaten path you'll die quickly from the astounding increase in enemies and return far back as checkpoints aren't common. The covenant enemies are interesting and fun to fight as always but the new Promethean foes lack interesting characters and often stick to certain areas until you attack. There's also only 3 different types. Furthermore you're going to find yourself using mostly their weapons exclusively as there is no way you'll have ammo otherwise (get used to the lightrifle). Next, I felt the design and gameplay were decent, though it mostly revolves around moving from one button to the next to advance the story. Speaking of which... the story is weak. Very weak. And very difficult to understand if you have only played the games. It's just... strange. I felt the story in the previous 4 main games were good but this one was just kinda dumb and odd. I like the Chief but his relationship with the computer, Cortana, was weird and this new "threat"/ backstory (not explained in game at all though everyone seems to know it in the game) is dumb. This is obviously just my opinion......................... Regarding multiplayer: This is Halo 4's strong suit and will give it staying power. It's a strong experience with solid gameplay and options. Lots of character customization. Not much else to say. It's fun though still, imo, is not as good a Halo 2............................................. Regarding graphics and sound: graphics are fantastic. Best I've seen on xbox. The sound for some guns is great such as the DMR and sniper rifle. However on others it is totally horrendous such as the battle rifle............................... So overall a 6.5 as the campaign was an improvement but the lack of exploration/wonderment feeling, design mostly involving moving from one waypoint marker to the next, CG cutscenes used extensively, and the very weird, weak story really took away from the potential. The multiplayer is strong but I don't think it'll be something I keep going back to like Halo 2, a game I still find extremely satisfying. Personally recommend a rent. Expand
  24. Nov 9, 2012
    *Stands up and claps* As a fan of Halo from the very first game back in 2001 for the original Xbox the formula was becoming tired, the levels bland and the action becoming recycled. After Bungie leave the Halo franchise behind 343 Industries has picked up the IP and made a masterpiece.
    Set 4 years after the finale of Halo 3, Cortana wakes Chief after the Dawn is attacked by a Covenant
    fleet for them then to crash land on a Forerunner planet named Requiem. After Chief accidentally awakens a Forerunner warrior, The Didact, it becomes a race against time to save Earth, get off Requiem and save the dying Cortana. A touching, well written and amazingly pieced together story with mind blowing graphical standard for a 7 year old console.
    The replacement of Firefight with Spartan Ops was a good swap with what will total to a free weekly download side campaign alongside the standard Multiplayer, Forge and Theatre makes Halo 4 a package well worth the pricetag with many months, maybe even years of re-playability in one £40 package.
  25. Nov 28, 2012
    This game is just amazing ! Both Campaign and Multiplayer are better than ever before:) The story is more interesting and suprising while the storytelling is much better,too. It is more emotional than any halo game before! A lot of people complained that the campaign was short, but it's 7 hours long which is okay. Considering Spartan Ops (a new mode) is a co-op camaign with a different Story, there is still enough Content for solo/splitscreen co-op fans. The good thing about Spartan Ops is, that the levels are designed for co-op, but the story and presentation is rather flat compared to the campaign mode. It should be mentioned that the game is a lot faster than previous Halo games, not only because of the ability to sprint without picking it as an armor ability. The Spartans are faster, jump higher and feel more like supersoldiers. There is no fall damage , which is great and the health bar is nearly gone, you can take a few hits after the shields are down and that's it. There are a lot more armor abilities like the ability to see threw walls (for a limited time only) and all of them feel balanced. In Multiplayer, you can unlock and choose different armor abilities in addition to the new perks and the new "kill streaks" (It's different than killstreaks thought, you get rewarded after earing a certain amount of points in a match) let you choose between weapons and things like a supershield or a speed boost. These additions are fun and rewarding, but are not as unbalanced as in cod. They are powerful, but not too powerful ;) Oh and there are some multiplayer modes missing, but those who are there are more fun than ever before. Infection has been replaced with the genious flood mode, CTF has been improved there are a few other new modes... I liked all modes and that is a huge achievement ! Oh I forgot to mention it, there are a bunch of new weapons that are great ! However, there are a few flaws... There could have been more multiplayer modes, I personally miss the Headhunter mode and the firefight mode from Reach and the second flaw is that splitcreen doesn't feauter widescreen. Dual-Wielding is missing,too (except for CTF). It is a masterpiece and all in all it is the best Halo game yet, but there are a few things, that other Halo games did better. Expand
  26. Jan 19, 2013
    I was hoping this would be my GOTY 2012 but just a few games were a little better. Okay this may not be the best Halo, but 343 you have didn't let this game crash and burn, you are pushing the series to the next generation of Halos. Campaigns really good but is not as gripping as other Halo campaigns and got a bit too serious on the story. But its their first Halo so they will learn like Bungie did. Multiplayer is a bit of a copy of CoD, but probally the biggest pushes to the multiplayer since Halo 2 and love custom loadouts idea. Spartan Ops is a great new feature and a nice change to firefight. Overall Campaign really good but 2 issus stop it from becoming like Halo campaign good. Multiplayer is amazing step to the multiplayer for a very exiting future for Halo. Spartan Ops is great change to Firefight. Halo may not be GOTY for me but its in my top 3 games this year. Halo 4 9.0/10 Expand
  27. Nov 12, 2012
    This game has a great start which really sucks you in. The graphics and atmosfere are simply amazing. After a while though the level design gets a bit boring and repetetive. Also the lack of autosave prevents me from giving it a high a score. I had to replay to certain (difficult) parts multiple times because I did not save but turned off my Xbox (as I do with all games).
  28. Nov 12, 2012
    This review is a multiplayer only review.. I could care less about the campaign. I only play Halo games for the multiplayer and this is one of the best multiplayers I have played... I'm still trying to decide whether this game or Halo 3 is my favorite Halo multiplayer.. It's a tough decision.. but I'm definitely giving a 10 to make up for the COD trolls on here. This game is a great game.... get it if you like any Halo game ever.. and ignore the negative reviews from people wanting to one shot everybody in COD because they don't have enough skill to play Halo. Expand
  29. Nov 24, 2012
    While every other game in the series is saving with world with some character secondary story, the campaign in Halo 4 is flipped. Saving the world seems to take a back seat to the Master Chief's quest to solve Cortana's rampancy. This makes for a more emotional story, but a less intense one as well. The saving the world story which I will not spoil doesn't seem to be given the attention it deserves. This is easily the most amped up storyline Halo series has seen, what with numerous leading up books and movies, yet the story in the game itself doesn't feel alive and fleshed out.

    That is my largest complaint in a game that I like very much. The music is incredible, the environments are beautifully detailed, and the facial CG is beyond incredible. I cannot wait to play more Infinity so that I can write a follow-up to this review.

    My final complaint is the complete stripped down content you get if you are not online. Never have I been so disappointed with offline content. It was an inevitability that the days of offline gaming were coming to an end, but I never imagined not even having access to a campaign scoring system, the elimination of offline firefight, just stripped down. Were it not for the lack of offline content, this game would have been a 9 for me. The lack of out-of-box value, however, has shown that 343 has largely abandoned the offline gamer, and considering that Reach, ODST, and Halo3 had plenty to keep one occupied unconnected, this step back has tarnished my view of this series;

    Until the Internet guy makes it to my house...
  30. Jan 2, 2013
    After having played many great games in 2012, Halo 4 would be my pick for Game of the Year. By far the greatest Halo game. Good story, great presentation and pacing. Gameplay and weapons the best of any Halo game yet. This renders Halo 3 about unplayable and makes Halo Reach look dated, and that's just the stellar Campaign mode. Really just started playing multiplayer shooters last year BF3, Transformers FOC and I really enjoy Halo 4 Multiplayer.. Multiplayer is not as deep as BF3, but man it is awesome fun. Don't know what these low reviewers think they should have done better, probably prefer zombie or kiddie games, but I feel this is the must have Xbox game of 2012! Expand
  31. Dec 4, 2012
    Game of the Year...This Halo is by far the best of the series. Stunning graphics, a great story, the usual amazing Halo Multiplayer, and Spartan Ops is a good addition. If you have an Xbox, you MUST buy this game! An instant classic. My choice for best game of 2012.
  32. Nov 7, 2012
    I want to love this game I really do it's just ... just. Where do I begin?

    The story isn't bad don't get me wrong and playing campaign is pretty fun as well. But it feels off, it doesn't feel like a halo game yet a game that was in mid development and kinda just threw in characters from halo in there at the last second.
    So campaign: Pretty decent.
    And where my main problem is the
    multi-player. Why is it trying to be so complex? It's just multiplayer doesn't need a story. That's not even the problem though. The problem is how it feels closer to call of duty then anything. I mean instant respawns, kill streaks, and classes. I just miss the old halo feeling.
    Multiplayer: Awful.
    As a person that loved all the halo games I hate to say this but I doubt I'll be getting another halo game in the future. Never before in all of the halos I've played did the multiplayer turn me off so badly.
  33. Nov 7, 2012
    Incredible game. It's a shame such an obvious smear campaign is marring a great game's review. The value of this game is amazing. The story is more involved and the cinematics are Hollywood quality. 343 do please keep up the phenomenal work.
  34. Nov 6, 2012
    Just finished the campaign and have to say I'm very pleased. Easily the best story since Halo 1. Weapons feel good, sound is great, controls are best they have ever been. 343 outdid Bungie hands down, no doubt. This was amazing.
  35. Apr 2, 2014
    After playing the 6 previous Halo games not even the return of iconic Master Chief can save this tired out series. All the stale generic action sequences you have seen time and time again in Halo and other FPS sadly have resurfaced in Halo 4. All the previous Halo games had a clarity about them. Unfortunately Halo 4 was nothing more than a convoluted jumbled mess in the storytelling department. A failure in both the action and story they should of left the Chief on ice after Halo 3 if this all "343 kerching" have to offer, meh. Expand
  36. Nov 20, 2012
    Overall not a bad game; I enjoyed the campaign but agree with those who feel it was too short. My first play-thru was heroic and I finished in under 5 hours. Graphics were improved; I wasn't crazy about the music. I like Spartan Ops, and if 343 continues to release new missions for an extended period of time, gamers will likely not feel so shafted over the minimal campaign content. Multiplayer was fun, but I love grenades, and well, lets just say I could kill more spartans with a single fart than with 50 halo 4 grenades. Overall not a bad game, but something is missing. Something is missing from this halo, that makes it, well, less halo-ish. Expand
  37. Nov 7, 2012
    Halo 4 is the best halo yet. Everything is upgraded from the graphics, the sound and the multiplayer is the most fun it has ever been. The campaign is very emotional and has one of the best stories in a halo game. I first doubted 343 after bungie left but Halo 4 is one of the best halo games ever made and far better then reach.
  38. Dec 6, 2012
    Im not an extreme die-hard halo fanboy, though I have played all the games, and I don't like CoD, so please try not to expect an overly biased review. The graphics here are undeniably beautiful, some of the best on the xbox, especially the lighting, absolutely gorgeous. The Campaign is long and engaging, my first play through on normal took me roughly 8-11 hours, which is pretty damn long for a campaign in a modern FPS. Its nice to see a company putting proper thought into a good quality campaign these days, **** multiplayer is turning into a virus for FPS games. Though one major gripe I do have is the ending, I won't spoil it but it makes little sense, though it still is extremely sad. The multiplayer is definitely my biggest complaint, there are plenty of balancing issues, especially with those double XP mother **** who are all probably level 190s by now. The next problem is the loadouts, and the commendations, the loadouts is way too CoD like for me, and it ruins what I wanted this game to be, a traditional halo game similar to halo 3 or 2. If loadouts were completely irradicated, my major complaint would be wiped away. Next is commendations, its too much just to get one piece of armor, **** trillion splatters to get a green visor!? No thanks. I love the new specializations, the armor looks unique, the concept gives gameplay more depth, and its a much more awesome reward than being reverted back to level 1 and just getting the title of "Prestige." The sound design is marvelous, beautifully orchestrated music and amazing weapon sound effects, as in that's exactly what you expect that gun to sound like. If that wasn't enough we have spartan ops, weekly episodes of 5 missions, along with amazingly well done cinematics and superb voice acting, FOR FREE. And if THAT wasn't enough, they are constantly adding new modes to online multiplayer, and updating the game all the time, truly a devoted company. Overall I suggest anyone reading this review to go out and buy this game NOW. Expand
  39. Dec 15, 2012
    There are very few games these days that change a genre, that provide new light and inspire everyone in the gaming industry, halo 4... ISN'T one of those games. It's sad that since halo 3 the halo series has become another generic yearly sequel, much like the previously excellent Assassins creed series and Call of Duty. I used to enjoy Xbox, this reminds me of how much I despise it now. I seriously thought this would be a change, all the reviewers were saying so. Of course not. Are we PS3 "fanboys" [I think you mean PLAYERS] envious? Of course not! I've just been down my electronic store and sold my Xbox. I used to like both, but this game proves how much money these people at microsoft get! Spoiler alert, the ending is another halo 2 ending! It's about as well made as
    Cortana: Oh no what are you gonna do chief?
    Cheif: I'll kill them all... tomorrow. Halo 5 comes out september 20th 2013 while stocks last.
    I don't understand why people would enjoy this game, especially with the convoluted canon! Also the fans are evil but it's not exactly 343's fault. Overall:

    Graphics 9.0 One of the few things this game gets right.

    Story 4.9
    Brilliant... if you read the entire wiki. Gameplay: 2.7 Generic at the best of times, downright awful at the worst.
  40. Nov 7, 2012
    I'm not sure where all the hate is coming from on this one. This is obviously a love letter to the franchise and a promise to the fans that the future of this series is a bright one. I haven't felt the same sense of wonderment about Halo since Halo 2 came out. I couldn't be more pleased with the changes and additions to multiplayer. I was a fan of COD Modern Warfare, but I didn't care for the follow-ups. This game is the best of both worlds: a faster paced more balanced Halo experience coupled with a solid feeling of progression. The story is by far the most personal this series has ever seen, and the graphics are fantastic considering the aged platform they were produced for. Do yourself a favor, try the game for yourself before you trust those who're giving it a low score. I find it hard to believe you could come away disappointed from this game. Expand
  41. Nov 13, 2012
    I didn't expect to like this game so much. I love it how all of the trolls on here who are not really Halo fans have given the game 474 negative reviews. Good job guys, you had no sway over sales of the game. Regardless, I am having a lot of fun with this one. Reach and ODST were lame compared. The multiplayer in this title is as frenetic as Halo 3 with the fun gametypes of Halo 2. If you are a Halo fan, pick this up. Expand
  42. Nov 13, 2012
    Great visuals, great single player campaign, great multiplayer modes.. The only negative i can think of is the final boss fight but this is my favorite Halo game to date.
  43. Nov 17, 2012
    Great game as any of the other halos. If you are a fan of the franchise you won't be disappointed. Campaign is a bit short but Spartan ops compensates. I won't recommend for people who never played any of the games before specially Halo3. Many of the plots and Cortana story in special would be confusing for newbies. I recommend watching machinima forward unto dawn before playing as well. As for the gfx and audio its just beautiful. IMO its the best looking game in the market atm plus they really nailed it with awesome new audio effects and soundtrack. Expand
  44. Nov 7, 2012
    343 industries has taken all the best of the Bungie installments (especially Reach), built one of the finest console engines from scratch, recorded perfect audio, re-balanced every weapon, spliced multiplayer with a little of COD4, and has put Master Chief in new, different situations. This new dedicated studio has only enriched this franchise's pedigree after leaving its mother developer.
  45. Nov 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i should preface this by saying that im a halo fan from the original halo thru halo 3, reach pushed me away and this one pretty much slammed the door in my face. the campaign is boring and frankly not the kind of story i would expect from a halo game. SPOILER! there is no boss fight at the end. now on to what everyone cares about: multiplier. my first thought is how **** disgraceful it is with the lack of map diversity. i hope you LOVE the map you play on because chances are you going to play it 6x in a row because there are only like 5 or 6 maps total and only 3 per selected game type (oddball, king of the hill, slayer, etc.) they tried to steal some tactics from call of duty but failed at it with there layouts but does it really matter what gun you start with if they all kill in 5 shots? i hope im not alone in thinking that i loved halo because it was a tactics game where everyone was on a level playing field. no tricks hidden up peoples sleeves. if i wanted that i would play COD, which i do and enjoy. i would not recommend this game for people who enjoyed the early (golden age) halo games. Expand
  46. Nov 9, 2012
    I was hoping this halo would get me back into the franchise, but its just more of the same. So if you are a halo fan you'll love it. But if your not, this probably won't change your mind. Still a solid game though.
  47. Nov 11, 2012
    PROS: - Good graphics in general. Old armor and weapon designs have been revamped, some nice environment set pieces. - The Halo gameplay we know and love is back, with a few tweaks here and there. - Multiplayer is fun, with some nice updates to familiar modes. - Good sound effects. - Some very impressive cutscenes. CONS: -The gameplay is Halo by the numbers. Not much in the way of innovation or brand new features, just the same old package wrapped in a shinier skin.
    - Bland missions, mostly consisting of Chief running back and forth doing various menial tasks. Not much in the way of pacing.
    - Art direction is typical sci-fi flair, nothing we haven't seen before. The forerunner planet didn't strike any awe or sense of exploration in me, which was disappointing.
    - There is alot of unexplained backstory. The game throws you right into it. Which is fine for Halo diehards, but completely unforgiving to newcomers.
    - There's an admirable attempt to humanize Master Chief and make him a more serious character. Nice try, but the character is little more than a walking tank that shoots aliens. Always has been, always will be. They pretty much wrote him into a corner by throwing a helmet over his face. - The character of Cortana annoys me to no end. The generic "sexy" voice that grated on me in the previous games is now front and center. She simply won't shut up. If you're going to use her so prominently, ditch this voice actress and hire someone whose voice has a little more character and imperfection.
    - Forgettable musical score. It's amazing how much O'Donnell's work added to the old games, and his presence is sorely missed here.

    A by the books Halo wrapped in a shinier package. This series is in dire need of evolution or it will become another Call of Duty.
  48. Nov 7, 2012
    Amazing they made it look this good on the xbox 360, where a lot of games are starting to look somewhat dated. Halo 4 looks really really good. Even see the trolls rating this 0 are stating that the game looks really good. I thought they game would introduce a new gun or two, but they brought in a whole new group of guns that all differentiate pretty well. When you start getting them from the forerunners you get a variety of weapons so you kind of have to figure em out. I haven't really been impressed with a Halo game since Halo 2, but this game really does the genre justice. It's almost like they rescued the franchise from Bungie who was turning into George Lucas with Star Wars. i'm not biggest stickler on graphics but after all is said and done, you walk away amazed at how they made a console game look so good. Expand
  49. Dec 28, 2012
    What a waste of time and money! This game is nothing else than walking from room to room and killing something. Everything except good gfx for a console is just terrible!
  50. Nov 12, 2012
    I am here to tell the truth about halo 4 and that it is not a 9 or a 10, BUT it is not a 4 or a 5. It is a 7.5 and NOT GOTY. It is good game but a disappointment.for all the hype and all the reviews saying its the best game ever, most of it is lies but it is a improvement on Halo 3 and Reach. There is no middle ground in the war of fanboys vs haters I could not find a honest review about (from Machinima with it 10/10 to Quarter to Three with it 2/10) so here's my honest about the game. It is a good game don't get me wrong but it a short 4 to 5 hours campaign with a interesting story but its kinda boring and cliche at times and is full of repetitive tasks like push these three buttons over and over again. 343 had added some emotions to master chief to give him more of a human role. The most disappointing part of the game is that there is only three new enemys,a dog robot,a new alien cyborg, and a UAV thing. I would like to have seen more types of enemy but nope. The multiplayer is fun, better the Reach and halo 3. it has killstreaks, Perks and Loadouts but that's where the similarities to Call of duty stop so the halo fanboy and Call of duty fanboys can stop fight. the has co op in campaign and a new mode which replaces firefight (why do that?) called spartan ops (OK one more Call of duty similarity), The graphics are great, amazing for a xbox. so in all it a good game which i recommend for a fun, great multiplayer and ok story but it is overhyped. i like the halo series i think the young fanbase may annoy you but thank you 343 for the mute all button. Expand
  51. Nov 6, 2012
    I think this game is really good. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is just wonderful! Ignore the awful user reviews, they are just COD fans who love spending £30 or more on the same game.
  52. Feb 12, 2013
    All the people who have given Halo 4 less than an extremely positive review need to stop talking right now. Go home, relax, because honestly, no one cares what you have to say. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, I ask you, did you even play the fricking game? "Easy to beat on Legendary?" Yeah right. The campaign is set and paced perfectly, with systematic events popping up at times you'd least expect. It gets a little frustrating on Legendary, so I'd highly recommend starting on Normal for all newbies to see everything Halo 4 has to offer. Halo 4 is officially the first time a game's sound has ever made me step back and say "Whoa." Every bullet fired sounds like it means something, and exemplary tracks provide the perfect backdrop to one of the most anticipated games of all time. Visually, Halo 4 has no equal. You may need to get your eyes checked if you can't see very wrinkle, every scar, every pore on every single character's face. Occasionally, little details like crumbs on the chin or a very minor bloodstain has me reeling, but it looks the most realistic I have ever seen. For most, Halo 4's stunning campaign arc will be second only to 4's multiplayer. A host of new gametypes and beautiful maps provide the perfect atmosphere for the hectic Spartan IV battles you are about to jump in to. I would like to commend 4 because of the fact that blood is spilled increasingly sparingly. Voice chat, game chat and players can all be blocked, turned off, or booted, if you'd just like a (relatively) silent alone gaming time. In FPS game of the year, Halo 4 definitely outranks its rival Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in every way, so if you happen to be looking for a perfect futuristic FPS, I can say to look no further. Halo 4 was a hell of a game, and easily jumps to my top 10 games of all time. Peace. Expand
  53. Nov 7, 2012
    To make it clear - Before all the trolls got on here to ruin its score, Halo 4 was on a user score of 8; So that's the actual rating, not the bastardised one that's on here now. Diablo didn't deserve to be slated like that and neither does Halo 4 - It's a very good game wether you like the changes or not. The biggest improvement over the other games for me is the inclusion of sprinting for everyone - I can't believe it wasn't included in the first place. The random weapon locations and ordinance drops help to spice-up the multiplayer and only an idiot would complain about load-outs.

    Graphics: 9 (In terms of technical achievement, it's a 10 but the Cov look a little cartoonish)
    Sound: 10
    Gameplay: 9
    Multiplayer: 10
    Story: (Going to leave out as haven't finished the single player)

    Basically: If you play games for the same reason I do (because they PLAY well and they're fun) then it's a great game, very slick, well put-together and playable.
  54. Nov 9, 2012
    If you loved Halo Combat evolved, then loved Halo 2, then loved Halo 3, though Halo Reach was hot garbage....I am so sorry you will not like Halo 4. As far as the campaign goes it is standard halo with a little more backtracking than I would like however the multiplayer is just a mess. want to mute that annoying kid screaming into your headphone, no longer is it easy like halo 3, you have to do finger yoga to mute someone and play at the same time. Tired of getting beat by the guys who are 5 levels above you...sorry there is no unranked playlist and your rank only goes up not down so eventually you will be playing at a level that is just no fun. I had the same emblem for YEARS and YEARS in halo now....well maybe I will unlock it someday. Like zombie rule #32 enjoy the little things. Well 343 forgot all the little things and tried to steal as much as they could from COD. :( I gave a 5 because the audio and video is very polished and high quality. Halo 3 would be a 9/10. Expand
  55. Nov 7, 2012
    I got my hands on the game and to start with everything impressed me, the controls felt really tight and the gameplay was fun and the element that I was up against the unknown really got my heart going, it was intense, then about half an hour into the game I noticed things not really building up to the same levels as the start, it all felt a bit bland and boring but not to say it's not fun because it is. I think the hype got the better of me and I expected a 10/10 game and got a 6/10 game which is still considered "good" but not exactly great.

    The graphics well... look at them, it's stunning and very vibrant. I knew they had put in lots of effort into the graphics because the animations were smooth apart from a few bits and pieces where the screen tears but other than that the visuals and graphics are top notch.

    The game play well that's the thing that let me down the most, I do like the tight controls but the story and just how the story is handled is not that good. I really felt a bit let down after the first hour of playing. Hope it gets better but initial impressions are not good.

    Multiplayer, not played it yet but fully intend on getting the most out of it, watched a friend playing it and it looks fun but won't judge it before I play it.
  56. Jul 7, 2013
    I really wish that the Halo 4 we got was different from what we got. I did not enjoy the story nor the multiplayer for this game, which is disappointing because this was a highly anticipated game for me, but once I finished the campaign and got some play time in online... I realized this game is NOT for me. The story is pretty stupid, the new enemies they added are annoying. They changed almost everything from the original Halo series. I'm not anticipating Halo 5 or 6 even in the slightest. Expand
  57. May 5, 2013
    I was excited to play this game. I had watched the Forward Until Dawn series and several of the other CG webisodes that had to do with special ops. It looked like they really wanted to take Halo to the next level and advance the plot. All of the marketing for this game was top notch, however the game was not. I was amazed at how little the game felt like it had evolved from the very first incarnation of Halo. The in game plot did not live up to the standard set by all the marketing. As far as I could tell there were only 3 cutscenes that were rendered at cinema quality, the rest seemed to be rendered with the in-game engine. I played the campaign co-op, and repeatedly had to deal with being respawned over empty space or in front of walls on vehicle levels. The AI was unimpressive for the current generation of FPS games. This is the Halo game that will make me stop playing Halo. Expand
  58. Nov 16, 2012
    Halo 4 has given back something to me, that has been lost with Halo Reach. When I think of Halo, I think of a whole package - Competitive multiplayer, an interesting Campaign, and something innovative.

    The Campaign was about an 8/10. It took a different approach to the regular storytelling that Halo is known for, and generally performed pretty well. But I would have enjoyed a longer
    campaign, along with a few extra things that I don't want to spoil.

    The multiplayer I give an 8/10. 343 Did really great to reverse some of the Reach damage. It took out bloom, brought back the BR, and also gives us some pretty nice default maps. From a casual standpoint, I have a load of fun in BTB with ordnance drops and my friends. From a competitive standpoint, I really enjoy a few of the maps on Pro, but it loses points due to no default "real" competitive playlist, and no trueskill system.

    Now with innovation, they really hit the mark with Spartan Ops. I am not a huge fan of it personally, but it really is a great step forward to combine all elements of the game into one. Verdict: A really great game, highly recommended for veterans of the franchise, and newcomers alike.

    Highest Pro: The multiplayer is much more refined and higher quality this title.
    Highest Con: Lack of depth in the multiplayer matches, tied with a short campaign.
  59. Jan 1, 2013
    What do you expect from a Halo game? If you expect a rock solid Sci-fi shooter then your in for a treat. Halo 4 is one of the best shooters of the year, hands down. Overall, if you don't want a lengthy review, it excels in everything it does. Sound feels realistic and adds to the atmosphere. Guns sound like they should. Its something you don't expect, to be wowed by a games sound, but its something that really stands out and adds to the impact you feel when you fire a gun. Visually its stunning. The graphics are vibrant and often make you feel like you have to stop and appreciate the landscape in front of you. It especially shows when you look at the games guns. When you pick up the games guns they flick into life, bending and clicking into place on their own. Its amazing. The noise and style of these guns sends me back to my times playing Star Wars Battlefront, which certainly isn't a bad thing. The multiplayer is excellent. Matchs are perfectly paced due to the size of the maps and guns you possess. Much better than the unfair chaos of CoD. Co-op(i'll get to the story in a second) is so very, very fun. Plenty of laughs to be had here. But I had one problem with this though. We started from the beginning. Master chief is woken by Cortana. He gets out the cryo sleep and has a chat with her. "Jameson", as I was called, woke up just after chief and opens up his pod. WHO IS HE(/them if more than one)? They aren't ever talked to by chief or Cortana. I would have like it if 343 put the effort in to give this/these sidekicks a back story. I mean, in the cut-scenes where do they go? Is "Jameson" a forgotten hero? I remember you "Jameson". The story is a bit too much like Portal for my liking. Baring in mind that Portal is one of my favorite games. Cortana has over done her stay as a computer and is slowly turning crazy. Making things harder for you on your than they should be. But the story is still good, none the less. What you do in the story however occasionally lacks the innovation of the other Halo's held. It follows your generic FPS fashion in 2/3 of what you'll be doing. You know the drill? Walk down a corridor, in Halos case a very wide corridor, and shoot the baddies. But due to everything I previously said, it doesn't get as repetitive as I have previously seen. So overall is a consistent package which is definitely worth your buck. Expand
  60. Nov 7, 2012
    Haters gonna hate I guess. The game is good so far. I am playing on legendary and compared to the older games legendary is a bit of a joke. I'm looking at about 1.5 hours on the campaign and I have completed the first chapter/mission. Very rarely do I need more than 2 or 3 tries at an encounter to pass it (as opposed to the 20 or 30 that I needed for the older Halo legendary difficulties). Maybe I am just a better FPS player, hard to say::::::::::: Graphically speaking this game desperately needs better hardware to run on. I think that 343i would have had an absolute field day if they were able to produce this on a next-gen console. As it stands, probably the best looking console game, though the Uncharted series always looks outstanding for the hardware. Cortana's buck teeth really bother me though::::::::::::: Sound is classic Halo for the most part. However, there are a few things that have been greatly improved. Guns in particular. Cortana's voice acting is going South. Just awful. Chief sounds good during the cinematics, but pretty bad during gameplay. Maybe that is just a personal perception, but I don't much care for chief's ingame voice::::::::::: Replay-ability is hard to say at this point. I feel that any campaign based game has no replay-ability unless it has some sort of RPG aspect, which of course Halo has none::::::::::::: Multiplayer - no comment. I have not even touched it and I may never touch it. The load out option seems to be fine to me, so long as the guns are balanced. Of course having never played I cannot say one way or the other::::::::::::: In short, what the heck is with all of these scores in the red? I could almost understand a 6, lots of let down to be had for many people, but a freakin' 0? Absolute garbage. Also, no where near a 10. I can already tell this game will be pretty short. I feel that on the hardest difficulty the campaign should take at least 24 hours; somehow I seriously doubt there are 24 missions averaging 1 hour each. So, 8. Worth a buy for certain. Expand
  61. Nov 8, 2012
    Halo 4 is a great total package in terms of both MP and SP, the campaign is short but very entertaining, I have a few qualms with it but it will keep you entertained and this is something previous Halo campaigns have failed to do, also the ending is rather skeptical but this is the beginning of a new trilogy so there is plenty of time to develop and explain the rest of the story and I look forward to it. This is a great start for 343i and gives me hope that the franchise can only get better from here as they improve as a company.

    The MP is a big improvement over Reach due to faster gameplay flow, better bullet registration, less powerful Armour abilities and no random gun mechanics such as bloom in Reach or spread in H3, this gives the game a lot of competitive potential which may take a bit of modification to realise, ordinance drops are a questionable decision but they are only present in the infinity playlists and they often add a bit of fun. If you are worried about loadouts then I can tell you that their effect is limited as the best stuff imo is unlocked fairly close to the start and it allows players to mould weapons, perks and AAs to their play style and it gives the game a bit more variety. One of the most positive aspects of the Halo 4 MP is the incredible balance of the weapons sandbox, there are a lot of new weapons with the introduction of the prometheans and any FPS fan would expect there to be a lot of overpowered weapons and a lot of underpowered weapons, this is not the case as most if not all weapons have a certain use, all power weapons are limited or can be countered in some way and all primary/precision weapons are useful and you can choose them based on your play style and whatever scenario you are presented with. The main problem with the Halo 4 MP is the lack of good competitive 4v4 maps, a problem it shares with its predecessor, none of these maps stand out for me and they all seem mediocre, this is a shame because one of the best things about CE/2/3 were great and memorable arena style maps, I for one hope the DLC fixes this problem. The BTB maps are thoroughly enjoyable though.

    I recommend playing Spartan Ops with friends because the story doesn't require very much attention and this will maximise the fun factor, otherwise the missions will become rather repetitive. This mode was brought in as a replacement to FireFight and I appreciate this decision, Reach's FF was so inferior to that of ODST's that I am glad they didn't continue to go down that road, hopefully we will see it revitalised in a later title. Having a new episode released every week is a great benefit for fans as sometimes when you first get a new game you can be overwhelmed with the amount of content there, gradually releasing these over time makes you relax and enjoy what you are currently doing whether it be MP or SP and it also gives you something to look forward to. This is also a great idea from 343i as it will get more people coming back to their game months after release and possibly participating in other features and this will help the long-term success of the game.

    Unfortunately custom games options have been downgraded from Reach which is a big disappointment, the game feels limited in this aspect especially from a competitive POV but some things will hopefully be worked out. Theater was downgraded from H3 in Reach and I am sorry to say that it remains that way, you are still unable to watch films with your friends which I found a great way to kill time in H3 so this is disappointing.

    This is where my reviews usefulness takes a turn for the worst as I have never been a forge fan so I cannot rate it at this time, the quality of forge will become apparent when community made maps are released into MatchMaking.

    So overall I give this game a 7.8/10, the MP gets and individual score of 8/10 and it exceeded my expectations. The campaign gets a 7/10 and it lived up to my expectations. Other enjoyable features bring the average up slightly. This makes me a happy guy and I will probably end up putting at least 100 hours into this game so my money has been well spent, long-term Halo fans needn't worry about wasting their money.
  62. Dec 28, 2012
    Not for a single moment I had any idea what my objectives meant or where I was. The story makes no sense at all, or at least the presentation is very broken. The game is VERY repetitive and level designs can't hold a candle for games like Metroid Prime. Graphics are good but overrated, since the levels have nothing to see. Controls work fine but the jump mechanics are still ridiculous.
  63. Nov 6, 2012
    This is truly a great game, the other reviews somehow are saying it has pro but are still giving it bad reviews. Sure it has cons, but I feel the graphics and just overall fun make up for this. Oh and probably half the people who are rating are COD fans.
  64. Nov 19, 2012
    I was skeptical about this game. I have been a long-time Halo fan, since the start. I loved the original, Combat Evolved, and Halo 2 is what has made me an XBOX Live subscriber since the beginning. After Halo 3, ODST, and Reach, I was ready to abandon the franchise. 343, built for the Halo series, replaced Bungie and promised a return to the "epicness" of Halo: CE, with some real game-changing innovations. Bravo 343. The campaign suffers from weak story narration (it is tough picking up on the Forerunner backstory and the introduction of the main antagonist), but great character narration (your typical Master Chief-Cortana narration, with extra emotion). I had to (more like wanted to) spend a whole day on the Halo wiki to learn about the deep mythology that was ignored by Bungie. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, but it was eye-opening as well. The terminals throughout the campaign also unlock videos on Halo Waypoint that give some much needed Forerunner backstory. The graphics have gone miles since the awful graphics of the past games. Animations are greatly improved. The missions are a great mix of that world-discovery from Halo: CE where you are just in awe of what you see, and fast paced combat scenarios with multiple possible solutions and not just your classic run-and-gun boredom. The multiplayer is great. The inclusion of custom loadouts was very smooth, and not like CoD (what I feared). The loadout weapons/abilities are all very balanced, as are vehicles (except the Mantes). Certain asymmetrical maps have balance issues if played with symmetrical gametypes (duh, except Matchmaking hosts those all the time). The only real problem is the highly overpowering Mantes (singular is Mantis). They can take out any vehicle, survive multiple hits from power weapons, and kill foot soldiers from nearly any range. Also, the Oddball game is awesome. You can now toss the ball strategically (to occupy enemies so they cannot use their guns, or to hand it over to teammates so you can fight off the enemies). Halo 4 is the Halo that Halo fans have been dying for, while appealing to all shooter fans. Expand
  65. Nov 13, 2012
    Its a very good, with an interesting story and really encaptulates the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana, which gives it much needed humanity, with its striking visuals, it makes this one of the best looking games out there. However, as much I enjoyed this game, I found the game rather short and no innovation and the final "boss" wasn't exactly much of a fight and rather one dimensional, but, you should really go find the Terminals, cause they flesh the villain more and his motivations which is why I don't understand it wasn't implemented in the first place, regardless that I said the story was interesting, this was poor judgement to not include this information for the villain. Anyway the game is worth checking out but I do think this is going to divide the fan base, I noticed a few COD elements in there but it didn't bother me Expand
  66. Nov 23, 2012
    So after many spin-offs on Halo we finally got a 4th. Now the graphics are alot more impressive than the other Halos but the gameplay has not changed and the storyline I mean why did a fourth one have to come out so now we have a Quadrilogy and then probably a 5th and a 6th and a 7th, but in the end I will say that Halo 4 is the best Halo since Halo 3 and probably the best FPS game of the year.
  67. Nov 6, 2012
    This game is absolutely stunning visually. There are simply no game that compares by far. This is mainly due to the light engine and the amazing artwork. Campaign and story is great, by far the best in the Halo series. Multiplayer is "ok", even though i think they are adapting too many CoD "gimmicks", but by taking into account that they are implementing the ranking system from Halo 3 (which reach lacked) i am very positive about the future of Halo 4. All in all an amazing game worthy of the Halo name. Expand
  68. Dec 6, 2012
    I will put it simply, Go with the vast majority of professional critics, There's a reason the users on here aren't professional critics, they haven't got a clue, it's a fantastic game and is very much worth your time, in the list of things not worth your time are haters on metacritic.
  69. Jan 1, 2013
    Firstly, can I recommend that you ignore the silly reviewers giving this game 10's and 0's? Halo 4 is deserving of neither score. Like every Halo game to date, Halo 4 is a satisfying (if familiar) FPS that makes no attempt to reinvent the genre. This time around, there is a much stronger emotional edge to the story than we have seen previously in the series with Cortana's relationship with the Chief being central to the plot. The gameplay has not changed, the new enemies are slightly frustrating to fight and the multiplayer is the standard Halo experience. So in other words, 343 have not "tried to fix what isn't broken". Keep that in mind when picking this game up and you will not be disappointed. Expand
  70. Nov 6, 2012
    Ok so. I have loved halo for the longest time because it is one of only a handful of video games with such an expansive universe full of story and lore that most games can't manage, yet it is a first person shooter with perfect gameplay, Halo invented regenerating health, auto aiming, and started online multiplayer gaming on consoles. Now back to Halo 4, halo 4 is the first step into a new trilogy of halo games, and I really am bugged by how many anti-halo people there are out there now adays whether they hate halo because they suck at it, or because they have been brainwashed by call of duty, or if they just don't have an xbox. The game really does NOTHING wrong. The multiplayer leveling system that this game introduces is a perfect combination of call of duty's leveling system and what halo has always done so well. The story is excellent and so rich of detail that it has books written about it. The biggest thing is, Halo is the only first person shooter out there that manages or even tries to tell a story. Expand
  71. Dec 30, 2012
    The Single-player took a great turn for 343 Industries, but the Multi-player is lacking a lot (Bolt shot is overpowered, most guns are basically shooting peas at the thing you're pointing at). Halo was suppose to be a good balance between Grenade, Melee, and Weapons. But 343 just throws that out the window and says "Hey, lets make the most unfair, most hated multi-player ever. That'll sure show those people expecting a good game." I actually think Call of Duty has a better multi-player than Halo 4, and that says a lot. Expand
  72. Mar 6, 2013
    Halo 4 is such stellar and the epic chapter of the new Reclaimer trilogy had finally begun! The multiplayer is absolute win. Campaign is still a thrill ride and it gotten soo much better!
  73. Feb 1, 2013
    I liked Halo 4, the campaign and multiplayer is fun, however again, it cannot compete with the levels of fun games like call of duty or battlefield gives me.
  74. Nov 6, 2012
    The only real exciting quality of the game is that graphics evolved from Reach but they still don't surpass GoW 3's technical excellence. Other than that it's a typical by the numbers Halo game, conservative, all too familiar, boring, repetitive. 343 have managed to go from being synonymous with gaming evolution to a safe mainstream approach. Everything from the cinematics to the level design is highly polished, overly hyped mediocrity. Halo has taken the COD path. Expand
  75. Nov 11, 2012
    Really good game. Looks awesome, plays well. Campaign is a fun experience with a good story. I played it on legendary so it wasn't too short for me, but if you run through it on an easier difficulty then it might not seem very long. Multiplayer is very good. It takes several elements from modern FPS's such as CoD, but manages to keep it fairly balanced. Gameplay in general still feels alot more like "Halo" than reach ever did. A major con that stood out to me was lack of options in custom games, and no custom audio options, but hopefully 343 can sort that out. Also, all of you people giving this game a 0 are idiots. As long as a game runs, it doesn't deserve a zero. 10 also seems a bit far fetched. Expand
  76. Apr 19, 2013
    It is better than Reach but, what isn't better than Reach? The gameplay dynamics feel more refined than Halo Reach. The hit-scan weapons reduce multiplayer lag online. The load-outs still make the game feel like a watered down CoD rather than Halo. The lack of an in-game true skill ranking system really irks me as well. Over all I would give this a 4 out of 10 because it was a visible improvement over Reach but still nothing close to Halo 2 or Halo 3. Expand
  77. Nov 6, 2012
    I've been a halo player since the original one. Played the heck out of halo 2 and 3. Reach came out and just was a huge disappointment. The multiplayer in this came has come back to life. So far the maps are looking amazing. The feel for the game is back. The battle rifle is back to it's awesome self. Kasparov5 said " Do yourself a favor and buy games truly deserving of your hard earned cash like Dishonored, Hotline Miami, Hitman Absolution." I have dishonored truly an awesome game but once you beat it, you're done; You will not lose that interest with Halo 4. Highly recommend. Well done 343 Industries. Expand
  78. Nov 6, 2012
    although i am a major gamer, this will be the first halo game that i have played and while its not as good as dishonored, it really shows the people at ubisoft what can be acomplished by not overthinking a game development and letting it get completely out of control (hello assassins creed 3)!! i have found halo 4 to be one of the best looking, atmospheric games on any console. the controls are tight and the AI is very very good (without being over the top hard). i am about 3/4 of the way through and i am really enjoying it. so forget all the stupidly low scores and for that matter the stupidly high ones because even though its not a ground breaking game changer. It is a quality title and what it does is give you a quality title filled with enjoyment without all those annoying bugs that plague some other major releases (hello assassins creed 3 AGAIN!!!!). so suit up, load your weapons and most of all.....ENJOY!! Expand
  79. Nov 9, 2012
    now I do not want to go into to much detail (wanna get back to playing) but what I will say is that Halo 4 is a great new step in the franchise, it has crisp clean graphics, amazing game play, a host of different weapons, and so much multiplayer content that you will be busy for the next year. If you are on the edge of buying this, if you like a great singleplayer with a new time destroying multiplayer go buy it you will not regret it. Expand
  80. Nov 9, 2012
    This is a decent game. If you've never played any Halo games, or are a Call of Duty fan, go ahead and pick this up. However; if you're a Halo fan and you haven't bought this yet, DON'T DO IT. I was very excited to see 343 pick up where Bungie left off, hoping they could add their own flavor and fun to it. There are a few new features that are cool: the aesthetics of the game are great, the shield perk and the jetstrafe perk are pretty cool, the ability to make your hologram teabag is downright genius, players can join games in progress, custom armor is pretty cool. These features, though, do not outweigh the negatives that this game brings. Firstly: Cortana, what the hell? Previously, she was a likable character who was smart and sometimes would provide useful info or witty remarks. She is now a stereotypical damsel in distress who looks like a naked 14 year-old girl. Secondly, the campaign is very generic. It was cool to go to a new planet with a new enemy, but those enemies are incredibly BORING. I played on Legendary, and you literally just shoot, hide, repeat against the enemies. They aim well and hit hard, but have no tactical reasoning and they seem to be leashed to about 100ft of their spawn. Lastly, and worst of all, is the multiplayer. I hoped and hoped and hoped that the game would not turn into Call of Duty: Spartans, but it did. I don't mind borrowing good elements from other games, but 343 brought in what seems like EVERY Call of Duty element they could. 'Press X to respawn instantly,' 'Here's a killstreak drop,' 'Here's a kill-cam,' 'Here are some perks,' 'Spawn with any weapon you want,' 'Here's a killcam,' 'Here's lots of QTEs in campaign.' Multiplayer has no sense of balance with all the perks, ordinance drops (which are weapon/overshield drops rewarded after a random number of kills). There are no longer weapon spawns across the map, just 2-3 'weapon nodes' which spawn random power weapons intermittently.
    I was really looking forward to 343 taking their own spin on Halo, but the sad reality is that it's just a CoD clone in a Halo disguise. I'll say it again: this is not a bad game, but I can only give it a 5 because, to me personally, it took the Halo series too far in the WRONG direction. As much as it saddens me, I'll probably take it back for a refund today.
  81. Jan 7, 2013
    Just terrible. There is nothing wrong with adopting elements from other games, especially competitors, but this game is just a reskinned call of duty clone. Dont see how? Let me explain. First of all, the munitions drops are very similar to care packages, or things along that line, but again, it's not just this, it's because of this and alot of things. Secondly, the spartan points, OH GOD, the spartan points. Spartan points are just the renamed credit system from halo reach. The problem with the credit system was that it killed custom games, the funnest part of the halo series. You may be asking "How did it kill custom games?", well, it's because it put a huge focus on grinding out your character in match making, leaving people who just wanted to have fun in the dust, like me. Heck, I don't ever see a single one of my friends play Halo 4 for this reason, because no one plays anything besides matchmaking, and matchmaking gets boring because it's the same ol stuff over and over. Not to mention you not only unlock armor, you also have to unlock your weapons, armor perks, and weapon drops, meaning that alot of people will absolutely spank you because you haven't unlocked the weapon your good with yet or because the guy owning you grinded out so much and has a rocket launcher from one of his sure to be many munitions drops. The single player has alot of problems, mainly that it's outright boring. The problem is that it's mainly nothing but jungles and forerunner structures, atleast the other halo games, mainly 2 and 3, had some variety, and while you may say "Your complaining about there being nothing but jungle and forerunner structures on a forerunner planet" Yeah, true, but we didn't know ANYTHING about this planet until the first trailer, so they could've done much better than this. Not to mention the story itself is convoluted and boring. The characters are boring as all hell, to the point that you can tell who's gonna eat a bullet and who isn't, and you can see the ending a mile away. The series as far as I'm concerned ended with Halo 3, where custom games were very common, and almost always fun, the singleplayer stories may have been a little lacking, but there was plenty of variety in the environment, and you didn't have to grind out for armor after you hit your second officer rank, lieutenant, after that, it was just to show off. Halo 3 will always be a masterpiece, as will every halo game before it, but stay away from every halo game after halo 3, because they suck. Expand
  82. Nov 13, 2012
    Excellend start to the new Halo trilogy. 343i did more than expected for their first fully developed Halo game. Graphics look fantastic, the story is enthralling, and the multiplayer is fun. What more could you ask for? This is a must buy for any fan of the Halo franchise.
  83. Nov 7, 2012
    Overall I thought the game was great. Gave a spectacular campaign, although the writing has changed a lot compared to the other Halo games. The visuals and graphics are astounding with dynamic shadows. The environments great. The only problem I saw with the game was the multiplayer. Some of the playlists are really disappointing. Such as Big Team which now only allows infinity slayer. I would have personally liked it more if they didn't have Infinity slayer because of the overwhelming amount of power weapons held by the teams. There needs to be some playlist adjustments to add objective gametypes. Also the matchmaking is sad considering that you can now join games in mid session. Other than these issues the multiplayer is very smooth and plays like any other Halo game. Expand
  84. Jan 4, 2013
    Graphics was a huge improvement campaign wise and I really like the direction they took with the legacy of Master Chief in campaign mode. I am huge fan of Halo Multiplayer and I thought the changes were pretty good improvements for the most part,but one thing kept nagging me, I felt like a lot of the new ideas were COD ripoffs (E.g. Drop packages, the prestige which not really prestige, ranking to unlock item system). COD is amazing title but if I wanted to play COD multiplayer, I would go buy it. I think some ideas were needed to improve the competitive play (Ability to enter and exit games without handicapping teammates) but they lack originality. I personally thought the ranking system in Halo 3 was more impressive when a person's skill level was more important rather than his/her ability to not have a life and live on the game, just my opinion. Expand
  85. Jan 26, 2013
    The story was the big selling point for me and while the Campaign is very short the story made me feel the same kind of sadness I felt for James in Silent Hill 2. The multiplayer is fun but lacks the kind of community Halo 2 & 3 had. The only thing I don't like about this game is the fact that Spartan Ops REPLACES Firefight.
  86. Nov 6, 2012
    343 Studios delivered a fantastic Halo game. The first thing that stood out for me was the graphics. I was truly surprised at how beautiful this game is considering the aging console. Next was how tight the controls felt, this was most definitely Halo. As I played I was very impressed by the sounds. The guns sound amazing. Not only do they sound powerful but IMO it felt like 343 bumped up the power on them. The music however is not the most impressive of the series and is a let down. At times I didn't even realize it was playing in the background. I don't know why the original composer was not kept but I guess I'll have to fix that with custom soundtracks. The story on the single player part is absolutely awesome. It is one of the few times I found myself caring about the characters in a Halo game, especially Cortana. Don't worry, no spoilers. As far a multiplayer goes, I felt the that some maps where awesome but others a little lack luster and feel like they where thrown together over a weekend. So is this game worth it? Absolutely. 343 has got my attention and I can't wait to see what their next two titles in this trilogy are going to offer. I had a lot of fun with the campaign, I'm loving Spartan ops, and the multiplayer is pretty much what I've come to expect from Halo. Expand
  87. Nov 12, 2012
    My first Halo game was Halo 3: ODST. I first played I when a friend came over and showed it to me. I was astounded. I had heard Halo was good, but not this good. Since then I've played Wars, Reach, and the Anniversary Edition. I have to say the best out of those three was Reach. With its stellar campaign and it's chaotic multiplayer, I thought Halo 4 would have a hard time beating it. I was wrong, very, very wrong. Halo 4 exceeds all expectations and shatters my idea of a good game. It combines the most emotional story of the Halo series, the best graphics that have been seen to this very day, and exciting new changes to multiplayer, to create the best Halo game that I have ever played, heck the best game I've played to date, which Borderlands 2 had the honor of being before. You hear this a lot, but Halo 4 is really Cortana's story. You see, after 7 years an AI becomes rampant. It's been 8. When an AI becomes Rampant, it literally thinks itself to death. So you can imagine how Cortana feels. Your main mission, throughout the story is to get Cortana to Dr. Halsey so she can be fixed. This goes hand-in-hand with defeating the Didact and getting Infinity off of Requeim. The Promethean enemies are so much fun to fight. I wonder how I stood fighting these Covenant after fighting the Prometheans. The new enemies are tactically smart, and aren't anything like the Covenant. For spoiler related reasons, I will move onto the robust, new multiplayer. Multiplayer is less vehicle based, and more gun based since the guns are now so much more badass. Each gun has brand new sounds, and some of them look different, too. I love the new sound of the Assault Rifle. Now with all these new Promethean weapons, that are extremely powerful and fun to use, I never use vehicles, and this is coming from a person who loved to drive vehicles. Instead of choosing large, expansive maps, like I would in Reach, I choose small, close up maps. I hated the guns and loved the vehicles, Halo 4 flipped that around, and it's a very good thing. Now there are Loadouts, which include Primary, and Secondary Weapons, Grenades, and Abilities. Their are plenty new weapons, both Promethean and UNSC to make the formula feel newer. Now there are more Abilities than ever before. The Run ability has been disabled, instead you can run by simply pressing on the joystick. The Armor Lock is gone, too. In fact, the only ones that they still have is Jetpack, invisibility, and the ability in which you make a duplicate. The new multiplayer is a refreshing new turn for the franchise. This game looks stunning. It feels stunning. Everything about this game is stunning. From its emotional story, to it's groundbreaking multiplayer, Halo 4 is what I dreamt what Halo should be. Looking back at ODST again, I feel like, what was great, is now archaic. 343i has accomplished something no other company could, even Bungie. Expand
  88. Nov 13, 2012
    I grew up playing Halo. The score to Halo 4 seemed to me like atmospheric background noise.. I rarely noticed it. The music is integral to what it is as a franchise to me. I am a purist tho. I liked the plot of Reach better. I am also missing a lot of the multiplayer options from Reach too. Like the ability to put it on good connection and similar skill. Also the campaign scoring and firefight are also missing. Spartan Ops isn't the same, after the 10 weeks it's going to be useless. Than there's the fact you don't get taken out of scope when you're shot. I love it still but nothing is perfect. I just see it as a result of a new studio playing it safe in some areas and trying too hard to impress in others. Expand
  89. Nov 7, 2012
    343 Industries have shown us that they're quite capable of making a game that plays like Call of Duty. Now if only they could show us that they were capable of making a Halo game that plays like *Halo*.
  90. Nov 13, 2012
    Absolutely amazing game with amazing graphics. With two hours of multi-player and one of campaign this game is amazing. I have not witnessed, or heard of, any lag while online. While the story is fairly hard to follow, the vistas in the game are very much 343, white, floating and imposing. Back grounds remind me very much of Halo Wars. 343 have really really dodged extinction with this game, I myself falling prone to the "343, its gonna suck" feel. Halo wars was fairly good, but not up to the Halo pedigree. Every model and texture is new, and some weapons and armour look very different compared to traditional halo armours. The unlocking system is much better than Reach, having to spend credits earned from leveling up on weapons and bonuses rather the wasting them on aesthetic. The leveled armour unlock system works much better than Reach's armour system. Expand
  91. Nov 7, 2012
    Simply the best of its kind! If you don't have an 360 yet now its the time to get one. Amazing story. Amazing graphics. Multiplayer like no other game does!
  92. Nov 6, 2012
    This game is amazing. Seriously don't listen to anyone giving this game lower than a 8/10. To the people giving it a '0' really ? That's not even like "Happy Wars" don't even get zeros. No way you can honestly play any Halo game and give it that score without being an absolute troll. Game is more than worth the $60 especially if you were a fan of Halo, 2 and 3.
  93. Aug 11, 2013
    343 did a great job taking the mantle away from Bungie. The game looks great with a good story. The action is pretty good but not the best. No more dual weapon usage which was kind of a drag. The game is about 8 hours on hard and can easily be beaten on normal over a weekend. The stand out in this game is the quality of overall sound effects. The music sound great and the guns are "punchy". But I use a amp/dac paired with Beyerdynamics. But overall a good game worth a rental but not a buy. Expand
  94. Nov 12, 2012
    Got it as a gift and it's garbage. It's Halo: Reach COD-ified. Plenty of bugs (Certain maps aren't appearing in cycle, for one), short story, boring missions abound. I would return it if I could. It stings even worse knowing how far one of my favorite game series has fallen.

    Why not instead of trying to grab fanbases of CoD and Halo, you just make an original and intuitive f*cking game?
  95. Mar 28, 2013
    Halo 4 is just another Halo out there, not much has changed from any of the others apart from updated graphics. I’m quite disappointed with 343 industries they need to step up and make it better game play. Not just updating the graphics then throwing it out there into the market, they need to make something original to draw us back into playing Halo. Don’t get me wrong I think that Halo 4 is okay to play but it is certainly nothing special in the gaming industry. I rember playing the old classic Halo and not alot has changed looking back to it. Halo 4 would be for people in their teenage lives such as people at college and universities. I would like it if 343 industries would make more new content into the game which will bring over the serious gamers from Call of duty and other well known games. So that more people will play it and so that I could have a challenge on there! I would rate the game of around 6.5 out of 10. Expand
  96. Nov 6, 2012
    Halo 4 showed us that 343 Studios can handle the series but I don't think they quite get it yet. Being a long time fan of Halo I noticed how Halo 4 felt and looked far too different from the rest. This could be the fact that it's made by someone other then Bungie but I still can't shake it off. QTE's are thrown in to change the pace and some cutscenes don't do the game any justice, they make it seem like a cruddy movie with poor shots and scenes. An hour in the game you're repeating some of the same things you had done earlier so it becomes repetitive and slow. The story to Halo 4 was also a dramatic change in the series. It goes from a simple super solider fighting off aliens to then giving him emotions for an A.I. Nothing is wrong with this but it doesn't fit the title of Halo at all. Enemy designs also don't fit the series and look as if the game is taking a serious Japanese anime turn. I mean really, a ridiculous flying orbs with an alien inside who has telekinesis and giant robots now? Halo has come a long way and 343 did a good job with Halo 4 but they have yet to grasp the series is really about. It was nice that they added a neat touch up to the multiplayer by adding a story line to it. Expand
  97. Nov 6, 2012
    So much fun, the campaign is amazing and many new features are incorperated. Multiplayer is also very fun although there are many cod like elements that many wont like. I myself hated them as i started but once you play you realize they are balanced. One thing i personally don't like is the multiplayer interface eg: lobbies, commendation menus, armor menus ect. I also believe the armor doesnt look as cool as in previous games. Yet these things hardly deteriorate the playing experience. This game is a must buy for all Halo fans and is definitely worth buying for new comers to the series. Expand
  98. Mar 21, 2013
    343 has proved that they can create a product just as good as Bungie's time spent with Halo. However, it's important to address the certain factors that hold this back from being and outstanding title. The campaign is shorter compared to most Halo game's and there are very few moments throughout the experience that can be considered as memorable. I will say that the story and the overall atmosphere of the planet requiem save it from being a forgettable campaign. Spartan Ops could of also been a welcomed addition if it wasn't for the use of repeated environments. When you are trying to tell a story over the use of a competitive multiplayer map (Ragnarok) it doesn't really work. The fmc cutscenes are impressing to watch, but the whole experience suffers due to doing the same trivial objectives such as pressing three buttons to open a door or clear a room of enemies. Multiplayer is a mixed bag. On one hand you get great additions such as Haven and Adrift but majority of the maps suffer from similar design, they are either too massive or are either a giant circle (Longbow, Exile, Meltdown, Wreckage, Complex). The overall product is good, but it certainly isn't game of the year material or deserving of a 10/10. Expand
  99. Mar 23, 2013
    Halo 4 is by far one of the best games of all time. The story is more personal, dark, and rewarding than previous halo entries and ends on an all out high note. The graphics are a revolution in gaming, with detailed environments, superb lighting, ridiculously high res textures, and incredible facial animation and motion capture. The sweeping spectacle and breath taking views of distant forerunner structures reminisce to when people first saw halo combat evolved. Also, the cinematics are so incredible when I first saw them I thought they were live action. They really are that good. As for the gameplay, they keep to the series' main roots, straight up runnin and gunnin like a baller. It is incrediblely satisfying to just run out and desimate enemies. The weapons not only look and sound great but are all unique and perfectly balanced. Speaking of sound, it's epic, from the crack of an assault rifle, to the all new beautiful score by Neil davidge, to the simple hum of a warthog halo 4 stays true to the awesome sound design we've come to expect from halo games. Themu,tip layer has been redone and is incredibly fun and addicting, with the new loadout system, halo 4 adds much more customization that is nice change to halo. Spartan ops is since bit of narrative based arcade style killing feet that can be a real blast to play. While the sequences are over in minutes and aren't that challenging even on legendary and you won't get hold of much of the story during combat,they still feel epic and the weekly cinematics they bring are a treat to watch. As for forge, it's just as awesome as ever but, allowing you to make the map of your dreams, but as been refined to the point that does away with the annoying issues it used to have. So overall, halo 4 is one of the best of the series, an incredible start to the new trilogy, and one of the best looking, best sounding, best playing, straight up BEST game of all time. Expand
  100. Nov 10, 2012
    If you are an old Halo player, excluding Halo Reach, the multiplayer will take a while to get used to, but it is fun. Graphics are good, campaign is good, etc. After you get used to the game, it is fun, but after all the changes including the worst, killcams, the changes evolve it from Halo into another game, and I can't really admire Halo following after other FPS games.
  101. Nov 17, 2012
    i dont know how to explain this but, i am a big halo fan, no doubt, and when bungie left and gave the franchise to 343 industries i had mixed feelings. could they do better than bungie? well they didnt ruin the franchise thats for sure! the campaign is pretty short which kind of disappointed me, and the story does have some plot holes but the story its self at the end is pretty cool. apparently this is a start of a new trilogy but i dont see how they can continue from where it ended. another thing in the campaign is the new enemies. THEY ARE ANNOYING! they will piss you off like no other enemy in the franchise. if found the flood annoying. wait till you try this on legendary!

    multiplayer has had a change too, its a bit more like call of duty and battlefield with the custom classes and the sprinting. but it still does feel like halo and fans will be sort of like home, maybe a but more to their neighbors home. the annoying thing i found so far in the multiplayer is that when your playing online, the same maps keep coming over and over again. i find that there are not enough maps that come with the game, but if you want to spend a couple extra bucks, dlc maps are coming. over all i had a pleasant time playing the campaign and the multiplayer. i still have some mixed feelings cause it does and doesnt feel like a halo game. but thats just my opinion. halo ce is and so far has always been the definitive halo game in my opinion.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 87 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 83 out of 87
  2. Negative: 1 out of 87
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    Halo 4 eschews esoteric delivery for a sledgehammer story with a blockbuster aesthetic. Epic, engaging and sensorially awesome. [Jan 2013, p.60]
  2. 90
    In the end, this game is still a fairly conservative and faithful to the original spirit, even with some significant changes.
  3. Dec 3, 2012
    The narrative is outstanding, even in spite of a few plot-point missteps, and the character evolution of Master Chief and Cortana deserves to be further explored with these wonderful storytellers (well, maybe one of them can't happen, but I'll avoid spoilers). However, the gameplay feels jilted, awkward and unrefined, three unforgivable sins in a landscape populated with other quite-capable FPS franchises. As a result, I'm going to average everything out: great story plus bad gameplay equals an average experience. And in this overcrowded FPS genre, "average" is isn't something I'd recommend buying.