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  1. Oct 16, 2014
    This is the most unbeleiveably brilliant game I have ever played. The Campaign is so good you could seriously make a movie from it. The ending is the best ending I HAVE EVER SEEN and this is the best fps ever!!
  2. Oct 11, 2014
    "Send me out, with a bang". These words resonate with me every time I play Reach.
    Story: 8/10
    Halo Reach's campaign is the best in the series; Excellent voice acting and memorable
    moments make this a thrill ride I love to play over and over. The dramatic climax is a
    moment to behold. The only problem I have is that you don't get to know Noble Team very well; Character development is
    limited in this story.
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Controls are similar to Halo 3, but with a few minor changes..
    Graphics are outstanding, as usual. The Armoury is a huge improvement
    over past Halo games. The addition of visor colours and armour
    attachments make this game endlessly addictive. Assassinations are also
    are a great addition that never gets old. New weapons and armour abilities
    spice up the traditional Halo style in a very appealing way.
    Multiplayer: 9/10
    Great like it usually is. All the old Halo gametypes, with the
    addition of Infection as a full-time playlist. Why did I not give
    it a 10? Hmm... There are three letters that explain why: L-A-G.
    Lagging can happen at any time, in any playlist. The gametype it lags in the
    in the most? Infection. Lag causes a number of problems, such as causing your
    spartan III to die even though you didn't see anyone kill you. It can also cause a number of
    other errors as well: You will see other players running up to walls, only to vanish instantly
    If you can get over these little glitches, you will find multiplayer very addicting
    Overall: 10/10
    Bungie went out with a bang; their final game is an example of excellence
    and perfection.
  3. Oct 7, 2014
    I'm not sure why, but I just don't feel entirely satisfied with the story, but Halo: Reach is simply a fun game to play. Both single and multi-player. A true homerun for Bungie.
  4. Sep 30, 2014
    Outstanding game, with tons to do on multiplayer on all those gamemodes, great campaign, and forge especially. I spent hundreds of hours playing this game and it was hours well spent. It's pretty cheap today so if you don't have it... Get it.
  5. Sep 20, 2014
    A great action packed campaign which may not have had a memorable antagonist and characters as the main halo trilogy, but each level was very fun, challenging and different. Multiplayer is great, there are a wide variety of game types with great maps. Halo reach forge is the best out of all them in the halo series. Graphics are very good and still are reasonably good even in 2014. A must buy for xbox and if not the best in the series Expand
  6. Sep 10, 2014
    My least favourite game of the series, in my opinion - lacked the special story feel of previous ones and just didnt feel quite right. however it must show something that if this is my least favourite game of the halo series and it still gets a 7, that shows just how good the series is.
  7. Sep 10, 2014
    The campaign was okay, but it is the worst matchmaking so far in the halo series. It turned the amazing arena style shooter and killed it by adding classes and abilities. What made halo great is that every one started on the same even playing field and only skill would separate them. Not the case for this monstrosity. I am not surprised more people like it though it is very causal. It got rid of the fav favored skill ranking system and replaced it with a garbage Cod style experience system. The DMR ruined it most of all. 3 shots to the head should not kill someone. One of the beauties of halo is that if someone attacks you from the back you can turn around and kill him with your 4 shot BR.. This is not the case with the DMR, which is ridiculous. Definitely Reach was the start of the fall for halo.. Expand
  8. Sep 5, 2014
    Why all the hate! The best campaign easily and the best multiplayer!
    The armory thing where you could customise your character.
    Big Team Battle was the most fun.
    However not everything is perfect with this game. Like when you get ranked up with 10 inheritors when your a god damn warrant officer! Grrr.
    This game is awesome.
    Describe it with 3 words: GREAT CAMPAIGN,FUN,NOBLE SIX IS AWESOME
  9. Sep 2, 2014
    Halo is a successful franchise, but every franchise has it's bad games, and it's awesome games, Halo reach is an awesome game, the soundtrack is one of the best i ever heard, has good graphics and light effects, a good story and an excellent playability.
    the AI is good in the enemies, ally NPCs are dumb like always.
    the customization is good too, but the price of some items are a little
    Halo is a successful franchise, and Halo Reach is one of the best of this franchise
  10. Aug 28, 2014
    After seeing the complete shallow mess that was 343i's Halo 4... I can honestly say this is one of the deepest best Halo games ever made.

    Halo 4 was the worst thing to even happen to mankind, I threw away my master chief figures and decided not to buy an xbox one because of 343i's halo 4.

    This game is incredible on the other hand. the xbox 360's only 10/10 title.
  11. Aug 12, 2014
    The game Halo: Reach never gets old. It's seriously still a great game to play with a decent population slowly greater than Halo 4's, thus making it the most active Halo game still to date. It's a touchy and tragic story but that makes the story more suspenseful and exciting to play. The multiplayer is great to play. Some of the most favourite able game modes are Team Slayer, SWAT, Living Dead, Big Team Battle (BTB), Grifball, Invasion, and many more.

    Many other game mods like firefight, forge, and even the campaign are alternatives to making credits and having fun when your offline. So the game never gets boring when Xbox Live is down or you don't have a membership. The game is much more exciting and fun than any other Halo multiplayer. And in my opinion beats any storylines or gameplay that Call Of Duty has.

    Halo: Reach is cheap in price now, and if you're looking for a fun game to play, I recommend getting it. It still has life in it.
  12. Aug 2, 2014
    Halo reach is my personal favorite it isn't as revolutionary as 1 and 2 but games don't have to be rovolutionary to be fun and reach is just a big thank you from bungie and they did everything to make it the best.Lets get the bad out of the way first and its just the ai not all of it they do help but kat loves to drive of cliffs other than that there are no other problems but the framrate can drop a bit in the first level.The campaign at first felt a bit like halo 3 as just being there and the real selling point being the mutiplayer but around the fourth mission it gets a ton better the graphics are gorgeous and the back grounds make it look like an invasion.The storyline isn't a good as combat evolved but it is what it is the characters are likeable and when they diedI felt sad and wish they didn't go but their deaths are memorable.The story takes place before combat evolved and tells the tale of the nobel team a bunch of spartens defending planet reach since its being invaded by the covenet an alein race. You play as the newest member nobel 6 who is just there to repracent you since you can choose the gender and customize and it apperes in the campaign nobel six is pretty much your sparten.The reason i like the campaign is that the missions are just fun there is even a space ship battle which was just amazing.The armour locks are fun to use with my favorite being the jet pack.Then the mutiplayer which is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun co op campaign is awesome playing through this fun campaign with friends is just fun. The mutiplayer games like team death match and others arejust again fun.Firefight introduced in odst is back with some new maps and this alon is worth a purchase its the best mode in the game for me.If you own a 360 and don't own this game BUY IT its just incredebly fun and for halo fan its just bungies way of saying goodbye to halo and a giant thanks to the fans.Whilie the framerate drop and the qestionable ai I give it a 10 out of 10 Expand
  13. Jul 6, 2014
    The halo series is just not what it once was, the single player campaign was nothing special and the characters were easily forgettable. The multiplayer by this point is still solid but does not stand up to the level achieved by Halo 2 and Halo 3
  14. Jun 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One reason about halo reach is some of its is sad because everyone dies including you. Anyway I still like the game.This game is temping to play because I play it everyday. Expand
  15. Jun 1, 2014
    This game was a great Halo, From the community to the Gameplay i had so much fun and i know no game will do what bungie has done for us when you are in the mission the background is amazing you see explosions in the sky indicating it is all out war and the health system is a great one you see many types of enemies and Easter eggs i hope 343 will do what bungie wanted them to do Remember reach... No but really its great.
    Message: This is my first review so don't question me if i make mistakes Thanks you.
  16. May 29, 2014
    Halo: Reach is one of the best games I ever played. I'm sad, sad that the multiplayer fell to hackers, aimbotts,etc. It had it's glory days, and I will forever remember it the way it was, and not is. The story mode I played literally 50 times plus. I played thousands of multiplayer matches, and hundreds of some of the best custom games. I love this game so much, and you too should buy this game regardless of the hackers. This game was the most wonderful experience for me, and I hope it will be for you too. Expand
  17. Apr 20, 2014
    I feel that the halo franchise in general is overated for the most part. I enjoy the weapons and multiplayer in reach a lot, but the campaign is kind of boring. Its not bad but it lacks anything memorable or creative. like I said though, its strong points are in the multiplayer, and the forge mode is also really cool, in fact its probably my favorite thing about the game. this game did create some memorable moments when playing with friends, but when wanting to play a game by myself, it was forgettable. a lot of fun can be had with this game as long as your playing with somebody. Expand
  18. Apr 16, 2014
    Weaker than the Halo games preceding it, but still a MUST HAVE. Better than Halo 4. This game got some in the Halo community to be turned off while others had mixed feelings. Regardless, get this game. At its core, it's still Halo, and will be alongside the others, with the exception of Halo 4.
  19. Apr 10, 2014
    Es un shooter sobresaliente, los escenarios son mas grandes, el poder personalizar a tu jugador, acompañado de nuevas armas, eso si la historia que es buena es algo corta
  20. Mar 24, 2014
    Really came out of the gates swinging and almost four years later, you can still find a fair amount of people playing online. I still haven't made the jump to playing Halo 4 just yet because Reach MP still keeps me busy...that and admittedly, I still haven't completed the single player campaign. ;)
  21. Mar 16, 2014
    Vary decent game. Since Halo franchise is never focused on story but on game play a bit shallow plot is to be expected. Nevertheless game-play is on solid 'Halo' level. Innovations make game-play more complex and on higher difficulty it's quite a challenge not to die over and over again. Noble 6 is not Master Chief and you can feel it. At least i did. Game-play is smooth and i have only i frame-rate drop-down playing the game so i do not complain. I love the environment. In (R)each mission you have something new, but i found the last mission not very refreshing.

    The game is good but i had one little problem that made me spend more time with the game than i planned to. Save bug to be specific. my save data was lost twice (and yes i used save and quit), but i cant tell if that's Reach's problem, or my old 1st gen XBox is broken somehow.
  22. Mar 15, 2014
    Best Halo with Halo 2...

    SO MUCH DIVERSITY! Full scale warfare with other spartans as well, the enemies feel so threatening (all top ranked elites and brutes everywhere) you feel like Reach WILL FALL and it delivers on every single aspect. They also made the best assault rifle of the series... I beat legendary with an Assault Rifle... have you ever done that in halo before? x)

    single player is so varied, escorts, vehicles, defenses, flying sequences, infiltration... EVEN A BOARDING MISSION BATTLEFRONT 2 STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I was amazed by every single mission of the campaign... And the score is WONDERFUL much different than the previous halos (felt fresh too!) and perfectly fits the tone of the story. No surprise, O'donnell is a genius.

    The multiplayer is great but the jetpack is OP... you fly WAY to high with it (in halo 4 its just perfect) and it feels so gimmicky that everyone uses it...

    Still, 10/10 for this AMAZING campaign... I didn't think I'd ever like a Halo as much as halo 2 anytime soon... Oh and the firefight and coop matchmaking is just perfect.
  23. Mar 14, 2014
    There's no denying that Reach tailors to Halo fans. It's a solid shooter with consistent and well crafted mechanics, and meets all the basic requirements that a AAA title sci-fi shooter should. Outside of this, there's little else to be had. One could make an argument in favor of the multiplayer (which is a hell of a lot of fun), but the game does little else to stand on its own. The story is bland, ambiguous, and fails in almost every attempt to provoke an emotional response from players. There's a feeling of dread and inevitable vain in the campaign, but not in a way that carries any weight at all. As a Halo title, Reach is a good experience. But without the established Halo lore and rabid fan base, Reach would simply be another shooter to write off and save some money. Expand
  24. Mar 14, 2014
    The best game for xbox. I only play with my son on a split screen. The game is completed more than once. We still run the game, to pass an arbitrary level.
  25. Mar 8, 2014
    This game is not just a bad halo game it's a bad game in general. the campaign is the easiest to beat in the halo franchise no real memorable moments. graphics are meh. a lot more gray pallets as compared to halo 3 but what truely matters in a game is 1 thing and that is gameplay! now you see halo reach has some of the worst gameplay mechanics in the world. it's as if the designers said. "hey lets take one of the best arena console shooters, water it down and add game play elements from call of duty" the result is a game with slow movement speed. bad starting weapons gimmicky armor abilities and super imbalanced guns. the only reason I did not give this game a 0 is because of the forge world and the MLG playlist they added in late in it's lifecycle.really it's a game that should never of been made. they were selling to the wrong crowd. and at the end of the day as an avid lover of competitive games im left with the bitter taste in my mouth. the bitter taste of halo reach Expand
  26. Mar 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Probably the best game ever for its time. The campaign is thrilling and emotional, multiplayer and forge are almost limitless, and then they have firefight. To haters of this game: think about it! Campaign is very good. Don't think the AI's are stupid because they don't just destroy the whole planet with corvettes (giant covenant spaceships) . If you listen to what they say in the game you will get it. The covenant have to kill the MAC cannons or else they're cruisers will be shot down. So they send their soldiers to try to kill the UNSC force on Reach. The whole reason the Spartans are there is to basically protect the MACs! If there were no MACs the covies WOULD just destroy the planet. Plus, the covenant want a precious resource on Reach so they don't want to destroy the whole planet. Anyways, great game, good graphics for its release date, almost limitless multiplayer, and is now under 20$ in most stores. I highly recommend it more than Halo 4 too. Halo 4 is one of those games where they ran out of ideas and focused mainly on graphics. Expand
  27. Feb 5, 2014
    This game franchise was only reason for me to buy Xbox 360 S....
    I am dead serious...

    - Competitive polished multiplayer
    - Firefight mode is pure awesome!
    - Great selection of weapons and vehicles for you to enjoy
    - Fails of the Weak (Rooster Teeth)
    - Noble team!
    - Hard achievements
    - Xbox 360 exclusive
  28. Jan 20, 2014
    Great gameplay, story, and improved multiplayer. Cant ask for too much more! Love the flying aspect and multiplayer shines on some great maps and great secondary "powers" to use bring new life.. A great addition to halo series.
  29. Dec 27, 2013
    First, the graphics are great. One of the best things about this game is the co-op and being able to customize your soldier in many ways by collecting credits and spending them. The bad things are you only have about twenty guns and the gameplay gets boring after a while. And the story and campaign is great but even though they try to make the covenant scary they really can't
  30. Dec 25, 2013
    Sprint, bloom, armour lock, loadouts, bad maps …bungie clearly did not care what they did to the halo franchise and were more focused on testing things out for destiny.

    Still better than halo 4 though
  31. Nov 23, 2013
    I know this is late in reviewing but I just wanted to say I traded this game in for Halo 4 upon release because i couldn't afford 60 bucks at the time.

    Anyways I loved playing halo reach despite of what negative people say. The halo community is a hard one to please i'll say. Most of them just want halo to be a constant re-hash of itself with better graphics in a world where
    technology and gaming is constantly progressing. Don't get me wrong I loved the first 3 halo's and they were great storylines along with great multiplayer.... Well halo 2 had its bugs before it was a beast.

    Anyways point is I regretted trading in reach for halo 4 because halo 4 has horrible lag, quickspawn, killcams and everything cheesy in the cod franchise that's watered down with a Halo skin on it calling itself Halo. Plus 343 doesn't listen to their community at all they want is people praising the game and don't have time for constructive feedback that includes issues with the game that breaks it causing a population to drop by 92% in a lifespan less than a year.

    Upon regret of trading it in I finally got it back at gamestop today for 12 bucks and lemme tell ya this was the best last installment of halo. Not the best overall just a good way for bungie to say goodbye and move on to bigger things like destiny.

    So if you have this game you need to repopulate it, and if you've never played it then I will say its definitely worth the price. The legendary campaign is a good one to play with friends. Its not short like Halo 4.
    For those of you who might think reach was on the cod side, I say to you pop in halo 4 and thats the real copycat.
  32. Nov 21, 2013
    When Halo Reach rolled the red carpet and I got it, I also got Xbox Live and I wasn't seen for four months. I was having Halo Fever. This is one of those underrated games that get bashed but deserved more. Halo is a sci-fi game not a military shooter so having thing that isn't real is a given. Gameplay is really good and everything is the standard of quality we expect from the halo series. It isn't perfect by any means, the graphics don't even compare to the Metroid Prime 3 and the AI bugs up. Though everything about this game is a whole lot better then Call Of Duty. Expand
  33. Nov 19, 2013
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  34. Nov 11, 2013
    As Bungie's last Halo game they will ever create I knew this will be a great Halo game & was I correct. This Halo was very fun, I loved the campaign & the feature of where your multiplayer character is the main character of the campaign. The multiplayer was very fun & all the updates to get ride of all the map problems like camping areas helped. Firefight was good. Overall I'm pleased & I will miss Bungie. Expand
  35. Nov 8, 2013
    Well the story may be a little short and the ending was kinda disappointing for some players but other than that its a pass on my list... They also really outdid himself with fire fight mode
  36. Nov 6, 2013
    Weaker than the other Halo games preceding it, but still a MUST HAVE. Better than Halo 4. I know this game got some in the community to be turned off while others had mixed feelings, but were still fairly more negative when it came to reception. Regardless, get this game. At its core, it's still Halo, and will be alongside the others, with the exception of Halo 4.
  37. Oct 26, 2013
    im sorry
    but this game is horrible
    the story is bored,the characters are not like masterchief
    the game is so realistic that is bored
    the graphics are ok,but i think is game is overated just because
    had an awesome multiplayer
  38. Sep 9, 2013
    It's an pretty good game in its own right but a disappointment as a Halo game. Take CoD's multiplayer formula, give it a sci-fi skin and make player bullet sponges, and you've got Halo: Reach
  39. Sep 6, 2013
    Halo Reach is the weak point in an otherwise amazing franchise. This time the characters are uninteresting, the plot is decent yet lacking and the changes to the weapons are disappointing. Halo reach does have great multi-player however it is no better than previous halo games. If you are looking into buying a halo game and are new to the series, this one can wait.
  40. Sep 2, 2013
    I have never quite understood why people act as if this game series is slightly more incredible than the concept of breathing. I've played the second and third game in the series and they are by no means bad but I've never found them as enjoyable as the people who have apparently been getting blowjobs by Microsoft while playing the game.
    In any case, Halo: Reach is a strong entry in the
    series with a few quirks that hold it back from being incredible. The single player is probably the best thing about the game; the characters are interesting enough (if a bit generic) and the voice-acting and sound design is superb. Graphics are phenomenal and the overall presentation is outstanding.
    The problem is the same as in all Halo games the combat is so unbelievably average. The weapons have not changed (basically) and most of them lack any real impact as everything is so bullet-spongy it's sickening. For anyone who isn't a top-player this game will be extremely RNG. The best tactic for beginners is simply to pick up an assault rifle and hold down the trigger until something falls over. You will have to play hours and hours before any other strategy becomes even valid. The enemies are very same-y and these fights are only broken up by turret-sections (snore) and some very welcome and well-designed air-combat. But the story comes to a satisfying conclusion and the final parts of gameplay are very intense and emotional.
    The multi-player is what people are the most worked up about, however and I just don't understand why. The customization is fantastic but once again if you aren't a hard-core player you'll never get to play around with it properly. The combat is the same as in the single-player but the weapon-variety is for the most part even worse. The forge mode and theater are the only two things that keeps the multiplayer fresh. You can save replays and edit them in the theater and here you can do some pretty incredible stuff if you know what you are doing. Forge is a powerful tool if you're interested at all in creating your own maps. It is a bit limited but fun if you can work around its limitations.
    So overall Halo: Reach is neither awful nor spectacular. It's just plain ol' good.
  41. Aug 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Halo reach is an extremely awesome game and it just proves why Halo is one of the best if not the best fps out there
    pros: gameplay, enemy AI, story is very compelling, that final level is awesome, multiplayer, fun modes like invasion especially in the spire map, multiplayer is fun and addicting, every multiplayer mode is awesome, customization of multiplayer characters, your multiplayer character carries over into single player, the easter eggs like covenant nightclub, while there is no legendary ending there is a room filled with nostalgic entries on past halo games and even red vs blue stuff (by the way red vs blue is canon. love that show)
    cons: could of added a few new modes to multiplayer, Kat and Jun both suck Kat is boring a sterotype russian smart person where the only cool thing about her is she has a robot arm and Jun while he is bad@$$ is never around we never learn anything about him he barely even talks and what makes it worse is he is the only team mate to survive the game while cooler characters like Carter and Jorge die fiery deaths in explosions and ok characters like emile get knifed with energy swords, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not much else
    so if you own an xbox why are you reading this review! go play halo
  42. Aug 29, 2013
    The last game from Bungie is amazing a decent story great characters,a long campaign and a good ending,the amazing multiplayer,Forge,Theater and Firefight
    The campaign is really really good
    The Forge and theater is improved and the multiplayer is even more refined and extremely deep and the matchmaking is superb and the Firefight mode is so fun and has unlimited replay value
  43. Aug 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Halo Reach was the very first Halo game i had ever played/owned and i must say it is the best intro to the halo series as anything. Graphics are beautiful, Gameplay is fun and amazing to have in a game, story was well wrote as the destruction of reach was the main focus, and the voice acting was really well done. Campaign was well done as you start with a search for missing troopers and then you learn covenant has started a siege of the planet. you then are flying through space in shuttles, flying through burning cities, and just being a badassed spartan you can be with a range of new armor abilities, weapons, and armor customization. Armor Customization has been redone and you can make the most unique characters ever with varying options for helmets, colors, visors, etc. Gameplay was a change from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (which was my main game) with graphical and contol changes but that was easy to overcome. Multiplayer was remade to now include a few new game modes (grifball, firefight, and campaign) all in matchmaking. Forge was redone from halo 3 and has been done very well and made easier to use. Halo Reach was one of the best games i have played and was a very well done goodbye from Bungie. 343 has done well with halo 4 and i hope they continue the greatness they've got in their hands Expand
  44. Aug 8, 2013
    Back in 2010, I did not understand the story of Halo and I thought this was set after Halo 3, but it's a doomsday prequel that tells a story of the Noble Team, a group of SPARTANS trying to defend Reach, and you play as Noble 6, a SPARTAN who replaces the old Noble 6. All you do in the campaign is just fighting, defending a position then running to the next checkpoint repeat. The story sets up the events of the first Halo game. Sure, the campaign is fine, but its is boring, and you're mostly just fighting, trying to survive, running to the next checkpoint, holding off enemies, and repeat. The graphics are terrible and although they have more quality than Halo 3, I prefer Halo 3 graphics and animations. As for the multiplayer, Forge World is improved upon Halo 3 but it needs more mechanics, and I was thinking about a magnet mechanic before they even announced Forge in Halo 4, and they way over did the budget limit, and only allowing only 50 bridges for example is completely unnecessary, not only is it a ridiculous budget limit but also an item class limit. There are community playlists for custom maps, but matchmaking doesn't properly support custom map matchmaking. The customization with armor is a very important thing for Halo, but a lot of them are overpriced for example something simple for 80,000 or 100,000 credits, not a big deal, just saying. The challenges that are provided every day makes the game more fun, gets you extra cash. At average you would earn in a matchmaking game (depending on how good you are) 1500-2000. With the Firefight, you can customize everything about it, but with the Reach gameplay and atmosphere, ODST's Firefight is more fun, I still play Firefight in Reach sometimes. Infection has been ruined for 2 years now, they have blocked off ALL ways to camp or hide, making it even harder for us to survive (I prefer no time limit, for a separate playlist) when it was already really hard. The multiplayer is really good, but does have some setbacks. You get a set of loadouts in the games, there are excellent game modes like Head Hunter, Infection, Stockpile, all so much fun, including Invasion, which should be to do with blowing up the base, not taking a "core," and Grifball, which all are good fun to play. The gameplay is really good and highly fun, one of the unique things about Halo is the way it is, but it's hard to explain. Yes, I did play the beta back in 2010 it was really good, and I enjoyed Generator Defense so much but with the final game they took it out of the multiplayer and put it in Firefight. Without custom map matchmaking it feels like a waste of time making maps. There are some playlists that does custom maps, but they aren't properly setup for it, you don't often enough get into community made maps in matchmaking, there is a community playlist section though. But still, multiplayer is tons of fun and with Halo, its is never serious like other games are. Custom games is extremely fun when your playing with lots of friends, especially Infection and on good maps. Halo Reach is great, it just has problems here and there Expand
  45. Aug 6, 2013
    This was all I played for about a month when I got my Xbox. Halo is one of my favorite series and it will always be my favorite FPS. The history of the halo universe is amazing and I really wish I had read the books which I probably will be reading soon. The games are always very action heavy which I love about FPS type games, the reason Halo is the my favorite is because of the story and how it is told. This game is very good, way better then ODST and Is equally as good as Halo 3. The story is what will always sell me and the story that is told in Reach is one of the best outside of Master Cheifs. The Music will always make me get a chill down my spine and the sound of war is just great. The voice acting is great and the graphics are always ground breaking for the series if not the industry. No one not even my CoD fan boy friends will ever change my mind about Halo. If you like shooters play this its one of the greats. Expand
  46. Aug 3, 2013
    this game is a god it definantly goes in my top 3 halo games my top 3 halo games are halo reach halo wars halo combat evolved this game is once again a masterpiece
  47. Jul 28, 2013
    No. the gameplay is extremely bland and the storyline makes you want to puke over everything you love. All of the weapons feel exactly the same. If you use the Needler you shoot the purple stuff, if the use the Spiker, you shoot some gray stuff.
  48. Jul 26, 2013
    I have been gaming for all of my life, and I have critiqued games since I could use a keyboard. That being said, I am a very strict reviewer. To this date, Halo: Reach is the ONLY game I have ever, ever, given a perfect 10. The single player, multiplayer, EVERYTHING, is perfect. Never seen a game better.
  49. Rem
    Jul 11, 2013
    Halo Reach in many cases, is the last hurrah for Bungie. This is truly the complete package we have been waiting for, and it goes out with a bang. This package comes with an explosive campaign that fires on all cylinders as it tells the tale of Noble team as they desperately try to secure Reach from Covenant control. This tale is not the most intricately woven, but it is the most polished in terms of setpieces and gameplay. The variety in missions and what one can do within it is astounding. The next part of the package is the extremely customizable firefight. It's what we've seen from ODST, but the options to tweak the game is so vast and varied. Next up is the newly polished multiplayer. It's better than ever with rebalance on most occasions and my only gripe is the small number of maps. Next up is the fantastic forge. I spent hours on end on this newly improved forge because of the maps and objects that one could create. Finally there is the theater which is mostly the same carried over form Halo 3. My major gripes with this game are the unforgiving checkpoints and some forced storytelling at key points. All in all this is the most feature rich package in a videogame to date. Bungie delivered something that both the hardcore and casual fans can both dive into, and spend days into exploring the legacy this studio left behind. Expand
  50. Jul 7, 2013
    Honestly, I wish that this would have been the last Halo game to come out. I did not enjoy Halo 4 whatsoever, but I won't get into that. Halo: Reach had a very gripping story with great gameplay, a great story, and amazing characters along with it. The game honestly has quite a few sad moments as well, and if you've followed the Halo series you would know that this game doesn't have a happy ending whether you've played it or not. It serves as a fantastic prequel to a fantastic franchise. Expand
  51. Jun 27, 2013
    The real jewel in Halo: Reach is its campaign mode. One of my main issues with Halo 3 was its bland campaign. Halo: Reach fixes this issue. The story here is awesome, full of cool characters, awesome set pieces, and actual moments of grief and sadness. It's probably the best story of any Halo game to date, and it continues to impress me even after multiple playthroughs. Another awesome addition to reach was the improved Forge mode. Nothing is more fun than going to Forge world, giving your characters super human abilities (like jumping up 20 meters and running faster than a vehicle) and having an all out brawl.
    The multiplayer is just a refined version of Halo 3, which is not a bad thing.

    Reach is one of the best Halo games to date, and it's definitely worthy of your attention.
  52. Jun 24, 2013
    This game has a great story mode and the best multiplayer of the 2010 the graphics are what i want, the guns are the best of the game because you cant just use one gun to finish the story like in call of duty because every weapon has an ability.
  53. Jun 19, 2013
    Halo: Reach provides a satisfying, awesome outlook on every aspect. Firefight was an awesome idea and definently took up much of my time. The multiplayer playlists, while not as cleverly sculpted as Halo 3, were fun and contained a user-based map selection. Campaign was also enriching. Commendations added an extra side of objective.

    I'm giving this a 9 because of two things: a lack of
    creativity in multiplayer firefight maps (excluding Forge World). All non-DLC maps other than Forge World were copied from parts of the campaign. The other downside was a decrease in custom game options (i.e. no instant kill)

    Overall 9

    Story 9
    Multiplayer 10
    Maps 7
    Misc., Firefight, Forge, Theater 10
    Custom Games 9
  54. Jun 18, 2013
    The annoying additional level after the last level which was the Lone Wolf ending drove me nuts and lfet me confused at the fact that Noble Six's fate had to happen in one game was quite sad and yet obviously had an agitated look of seeing your own character, Noble Six to struggle with a large endless number of randomly occurring Elites and Zealots trying to kill you.
    Despite this, I
    enjoyed mainly the game play structure and weaponry design as Halo: Reach proved to me that it was the best Halo game I've ever played by now, even better than the intense, action-packed 2012 game Halo 4. In the Firefight and Forge especially, I felt with my friend who happens to be a PS3 player, ironically enjoying the variety of enemy waves, weapons on different locations and the aesthetic graphical details of the rich, iconic Sci-Fi franchise! Forget the Campaign idea, the Forge and Firefighter are highly recommended to play, which also save's this game's backside from getting 8 or lower, if it wasn't for the brilliant concept of Forge mode and Firefight mode. Expand
  55. Jun 16, 2013
    As a casual gamer I didn't have extremely high expectations for a Halo game. However, I found myself gradually getting more and more bored throughout the game's story. Although the story is, in my opinion, better than other Halo game's, It seems predictable, and at times I found myself simply waiting for another character to die off. To add to the "experience", The game's A.I. for your allies is pathetic at times- I found myself on various levels having to pay closer attention to my teammates, then the Covenant. Examples of which would be Emile driving me off a cliff, or actually going out of his way to hit me head on with a vehicle. Errors in the A.I. like that are annoying, and with the mediocre game play and story, It led me to have the same level of entertainment as some of the earlier Halo's (A low amount).
    Xbox live doesn't offer much for casual gamers either. It offers a simple cut-and-paste "Capture the flag", "Death match" and "Team death match". All of which hold little entertainment value for a gamer like myself, who likes fun game play. In addition from their typical game modes, there are a few variants, such like a zombie game mode. However, it seems that even this was a poor effort. Giving one team shotguns, and pistols, and the other team being colored green or red and armed with swords is in no way a "Zombie" infestation.

    The game had its fun moments, definitely, but they were stretched so far across the bugs and obvious story line, that it just wasn't worth the money. In the very least, being a fan of zombie games, I wish they would've at least done that justice, but it seems that a glowing blue sword and green/red armor is what suffices for an accurate survival of a zombie infection these days...
  56. Jun 6, 2013
    After 3 years on the market how the game stands today?
    Single Player: Played most of the halo games, and i was never intrigued or interested in the Halo universe/story. Halo reach is the first game in the series that i was actually interested the story. Fighting a war were you know the outcome from the beginning... fighting against the odds, losing most battles, the final stage... all
    create an engaging atmosphere. 7/10 GOOD

    MULTIPLAYER: 3 years after its release there are thousands of people still playing online!!! Huge variety of modes and options.. i truly enjoyed playing competitive matches. One of the best multyplayer experiences in the current gen. 10/10

    3 years after its release, and at the end of the current gen, this game highly recommended.
  57. May 31, 2013
    While it may not have Master Chief and this being Bungi's last Halo title to give us, its a great end to the their part of the series! Seeing the original Spartan's and have them protect their home Reach, makes me want to go back over and over!
  58. May 30, 2013
    Halo Reach is a much more refined Halo and its multiplayer is what makes this game stick out to me when it comes to Halo games. It also added a much more expanded Forge which adds hours of making maps and just being creative. Halo added its own survival mode, or Firefight, in which you fight waves of Covenant soldiers. Overall, this is a damn good Halo game and should not be ignored.
  59. May 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Few are the areas where Halo Reach doesn't benefit from Bungie's obvious intention to deliver a definitive farewell episode. Aside from french voices and music that are simply good (but not as fantastic as one would hope every single aspect to be), and new covenant weapons slightly off when used in the solo campaign, Reach delivers a brilliant solo experience. The story may not be surprising, but it's a well told one. Reach remains awe-inspiring for its implementation, scope, diversity and richness. Those who will have to carry on the flame have a high bar set there for them to surpass. Expand
  60. May 10, 2013
    The game is epic, better than Halo: 3 in every possible ways. I love the voice acting and the story/ending the most, also I love all the missions/levels, this is the only halo game or FPS game that has a true character focus. a must buy.
  61. May 6, 2013
    Not just another Halo reboot, Halo Reach takes all the excitement and gameplay that you know and love, and raises them to a new level of sheer awesome might. The engine has been totally redesigned; more of a detailed, next-gen-esque kind of visual. Two additional mechanics are included into the ebb and flow of combat; one allows you to sneak behind and enemy, unawares, and assassinate him with lethal force. Another includes various accessory-like items attached to your armor, enabling you to perform different offensive and defensive capabilites.
    The story is one to be loved; as Halo fans should already know, Reach will eventually be taken over by the covenant, in doing so wiping out the remaining Spartan forces in the known universe. The events in the campaign take place just days before this happens, as you play an unnamed Spartan III dubbed, 'Noble 6,' just one soldier operating in the uber-elite spartan Noble squad. As you progress, (as in multiplayer,) you will garner credits which will enable you to purchase different armor pieces to your liking, (purely cosmetic.)
    One of the best qualities about the campaign itself is that you don't need to be a loyal halo fan in order to enjoy it, since the story preludes all the events leading up to the awakening of Master Chief in Halo: Combat Evolved.
    For Halo fans and shooter/actions fans alike, this game is a must have.
  62. May 4, 2013
    This game looks like a child drew it, the colours are all overly bright and if a dumb American or English child were asked what war looks like this would be it. Floaty jumps and monsters that shoot blue bullets lmao what a joke I thought I was on acid when playing this game.

    Online it's even worse, guns look plastic and the servers are a joke. Paying to play online? LOOOOL how stupid
    are we to fall into Bill Gates money grabbing, slimy corporation.

    Just like the older Halo's they force you to buy overly priced DLC just to play on different maps. I thought they were taking the piss but no, it was actually what they were expecting. Well most of the people who buy an xbox 360 are brainwashed, delusional and have very low intelligence so that is how Microsh1t make their money I suppose.

    Avoid this awful game, infact don't even buy an xbox you will soon regret it. My one has been collecting dust since last year and whenever people come round I put a towel over it as I am embarrassed to own such a failure product.
  63. Apr 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A outstanding game the only reason it isn't a 10 is because of a few bad things 1 the campaign is kind of short 2 they don't cover the Spartans that much and 3 what happened to noble 3 Jun that left the door cracked on it Expand
  64. Apr 28, 2013
    This is the first online first person shooter game I ever played.The campagin is good,the multiplayer is great and forge mode is so much fun.This game is a really fun time with friends.
  65. Apr 25, 2013
    This game has a very interesting story plot it is a great game and it deserves to be in many people gaming collection No it dose not have solider 117 john But honestly it doesn't really need that it is based on events that have occurred before halo 1 And if your a halo fan you should really test this game out its a great game
  66. Apr 23, 2013
    Halo Reach is fun, some of the visuals are cool and the AI isn't so bad. But as the review title states it was way too short and was too vaguely told to generate any real affinity for the characters.

    The fighting/battle action is cool but nothing wildly different from any of the other adventures of the franchise. After enjoying the intuitive cover of Gears of War, any other game
    without the benefit of cover is just frustrating and feels retrograde. The AI of your accompanying team is decent and you can hop on a vehicle and manage the weapon while a Noble squad mate drives...for the most part. Sometimes they just go AWOL.

    My biggest beef with the game is the length. Way too short and easily finished within a few hours of play. I was slightly shocked when it was done. That and the storytelling was simply ineffectual. One knew what was happening but only had a vague connection to the story, and moments where one should have felt some sympathy for the characters were lost. There are times when the instructions for your next mission are unclear and this is also quite annoying.

    No doubt it's entertaining, but one gets the sense that it was made in a bit of a rush.
  67. Apr 21, 2013
    I have loved Halo since the first, and still love it, Excellent guns, challenging elites, and customizable Firefight. The thing that keeps this game from the 10 is the graphics. If you just play it, you won't notice it, but if you compare it to other games released at the time, The graphics seem to be lacking
  68. Apr 19, 2013
    The gameplay dynamic was poorly designed. Chasers were rewarded rather than punished. Random factors in gameplay took away from Reach being a skill based game and more on a luck based game (grenade bounces having a random factor to them and bloom.) Load outs made it feel like a watered down Call of Duty. The removal of a true skill system appealed to the casual gamers that praised CoD. The game was so poorly designed with competition in mind that MLG took Halo off of the pro circuit when Halo 3 used to be the main stage event. True fans of the Halo multiplayer will be greatly disappointed in this game. I know I was. Expand
  69. Apr 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is just so good the series now has some new power ups to use in the game they 's:
    jet pack, sprint, a decoy to use which works pretty well vs other people it stand somewhere and won't do a thing but then you can lob a grenade if they close to it,
    the camouflage basic ly turns you in visible until you run so moving slow is the best way to use this little gadget, drop shield gives you a shield to reflect bullets, armour lock the guy will fall on his knees and punch the floor so the guy who use it will be immortal for the time being but the biggest drawback is that you're open to attack after you done it.

    Well single player is always the same apart from when you have to fly this ship and shoot down other ships, single player can be a bit dull and boring at times.

    My biggest fave of all time for Halo Reach is the big multiplayer option and so many game modes on it up to 8 players with 2 360 's they can join in.

    My fave mode is infection or zombie mode where one person is this zombie with high life and a good weapon and must infect others by killing them.
    Can sound easy but it's not.

    That's not all, they is the on line mode too with other players.

    So any Halo fan would love this 10/10
  70. Apr 2, 2013
    Halo Reach is a great game for the Xbox 360 and I would definitely recommend it. The campaign was definitely my favorite part about the game. The campaign had an amazing story with a lot of twists and turns. It had memorable characters and was fairly lengthy. This makes it one of the best campaigns ever and definitely the best campaign of the Halo series. The online multiplayer was great, but it was not the best of the FPS's out there. I felt that Halo 3, Halo 4, MW2, and BLOPS 2 had slightly better online multiplayer. Overall I still give this game a 9 out of 10. Expand
  71. Mar 25, 2013
    This games campaign is nothing special. First of all loading anything takes forever. You don't always get achievement when a level is beaten on normal or harder. Waste of time to play.
  72. Mar 22, 2013
    This was like Goldeneye for me. I spent GOD HOURS (600-1000hrs) playing this game. While it is dated now, and nobody plays the multiplayer anymore, and the fact that Halo 4 really outdoes this game brings it down a bit for me. But while this game was popular, it was awesome. The campaign is good, but it really is just standard FPS fare with that "touch" of Halo. Sadly, the campaign is NOT where the game shines. It is better everywhere else. Firefight is amazing with all its abilities and customization. Multiplayer is also great, but it does take a while to load. But the thing that I really put my time into was forge. The options were ENDLESS, and me and my friends put nights into nights doing random junk. And with the added ability to post maps for the public and download them, this was a gift. The game looks and sounds great too. But things have changed now. Halo 4 came out, leaving Reach dead. There will never be another game that I put this much time into, and thats why this game is great. While everything is now outdone with its sequel, nobody really pays attention to this game. But eventually it does get boring, and you will trade it in. But if you just got it, prepare to be amazed and addicted. Expand
  73. Mar 18, 2013
    I miss that this was the LAST Bungie game they made. I was hoping for more, they 343 bought it from them. This game is awesome and still is, it just lacks with the community in which people think that it ''sucks'' but really they never played it.
  74. Mar 17, 2013
    Halo: Reach is a great first person shooter with some of the best multiplayer you can find on the Xbox 360, It is also easily one of the best exclusive games for the Xbox 360. Even if the story mode is not very interesting, It works well as a prequel to the original trilogy of Halo games. There is a great amount of depth to this game with it's multiplayer content and Bungie should be commended for delivering a fantastic Halo game to close off there time with the franchise, If you have an Xbox 360 then this is one to pick up. Expand
  75. Feb 24, 2013
    The game sucks. It was only fun for a year and a half.

    It is really repetitive. There was NO variety in the game AT ALL. The level design sucked. The game takes no skill to play. This is THE WORST FPS EVER MADE. It sucks so bad.
  76. Feb 22, 2013
    Copy/Paste to all Halo reviews after all these years: I didn't have a 360 for a few years (played 3 and ODST). In the meantime I played all sorts of fps- COD, BF, Killzone (which is awesome), Resistance, and every single other one. And coming back to Halo when I rebought a 360 was like the greatest homecoming ever. Unlike those other games, every Halo battle is like a chess match waiting to happen. And once you truly know every enemy and every weapon, you fall into a sweet spot of gaming that is possibly the best of all action games ever made. It's just the best. Great now I have to copy and paste this 4 more times. Expand
  77. Feb 8, 2013
    HR is underwhelming in every way. There's no reason to play it instead of Halo 3. The single player made me want to gouge my eyes out. The multiplayer wasn't impressive at all.
  78. Feb 7, 2013
    Halo: Reach is awesome! After ODST, I was "Haloed out" you might say and I didn't think Bungie had anymore ideas for another Halo game. I was completely wrong! Halo: Reach's story is great and I won't give away the ending, but it is very sad to see all you have worked for. The original guns have improved and Bungie added some new guns like the DMR. I find it satisfying when I shoot grunts in the head with a one shot with a DMR and hear that Birthday celebration all day long. Most of partners you work with a very fun to be around and can be funny. Firefight is another thing I find fun in Halo: Reach. Millions of Grunts, Jackles, Elites, etc coming at you shooting you from every corner and you taking them down one by one. God is that A nice feeling after you take all those enemies down. Last what makes me love Halo: Reach is the multiplayer. Its the best mulitiplayer I have ever played and its better than pretty much of all the Call of Duty's mulitplayer in my opinion. Halo: Reach is great, try to get this game from like a Gamestop or some place. Its great! Expand
  79. Jan 23, 2013
    Honestly so disappointing that I couldn't believe it. I loved all the other halos so much. I would play them for hours at a time. Well halo reach is a different game. I really gave the game a chance but I NEVER could have any fun. Reasons why? so many I wouldn't even be able to fit them in with the 5000 characters limit so let me end by saying this game feels nothing like the other halos. It is the product of what happens to a good game when the creators want to make more money by widening the audience but the end result is a far different, far worse game. Expand
  80. Jan 18, 2013
    This game has all the intuition of a first person shooter with the advantage of having a team of highly skilled "Nobel" Spartans to back you up. The weapons upgrades that were given as part of this game werre a great leap forward in the technology. Also the advanced sheilding and quicker healing times allowed for more prolonged fire fights when it came down to it with much less need to hide when the going gets tough. The addage "when the going get s tough the tough get going" really comes through in this game. The ending leaves a bit of a hole in my heart with the loss of Spartan 6. Expand
  81. Jan 14, 2013
    Bungie did a lot wrong with there last installment but it still felt like halo. Weapon pickups should never be taken out of halo.....thanks 343. Playing Halo 4 made me realize that reach was not that bad of a game. The forge was awesome, custom games was awesome, and the multiplayer was awesome. This is what I expected from a halo game. I had a lot of fun on this game. Remember reach they say.... 9/10 Halo 3 is still the best. Expand
  82. Jan 14, 2013
    Halo: Reach is a rather interesting Halo game, as it actually goes back into the past to tell a story. Halo: Reach is set in 2552 on the UNSC's most protected planet, Reach. The story follows Noble team, a group of SPARTAN III's trying to save Reach from certain doom. The main protagonist is Noble six, a hyper lethal assassin who has made entire militia groups dissapear. Noble six is a serious badass, but unlike the chief he openly engages in conversation. This adds more character development to Noble six than to Master chief, and thanks to Reach's armor customization he looks the part as well. Reach eventually is overrun, and the ending nearly makes you want to cry. Halo: Reach also has a unique multiplayer, and feels a lot like Halo: CE's split screen. Weapons have bloom, so players can't spam the trigger. For better or worse, Halo Reach adds a new feature in the form of armor abilities. These are basically retooled equipmen from Halo 3, and are a lot of fun to mess around with. Reach's maps are nicel constructed, and with community forge maps it feels like there are endless pla areas in Reach. The forge is also fantastic, and really improved upon Halo 3's basic editing. Halo Reach does lack a 1-50 system, but has 4 years worth of ranks to work at. Reach's multiplayer is definitely comparable to the other Halos, an has an addictive side to it.

    In conclusion, Reach i a fantastic Halo game. It's filled to the brim with content, and th possibilities with the forge are endless. If you haven't already, definitely go out and buy Halo: Reach, it's one of the best X-box 360 titles OU there.
  83. Jan 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Campaign: Excluding the seemingly endless free for all of Spartans willing to die for their cause in seemingly (although unlikely) avoidable circumstances, too many of which went down far, far too easy. Halo Reach added some heart for me to the story, while many seem to feel for master chief I myself have always seen him as an unstoppable killing machine granted invincibility by the money train he rides to the bank for Microsoft, although there have been efforts to humanize him in outside game content. The game didn't do this purely through strength of writing for me, because in all honesty it's not the strongest in the world it did it with 3 simple mechanisms, Spartan Customization, Legendary difficulty and knowing my Halo background the knowledge of Reach's inevitable fall and by and large death of the Spartans. The customization made Noble Six me, he was my Spartan and although relatively restrictive at first, once you get into the higher ranks, you've possibly seen 50 incarnations of your Spartan developing, becoming your Avatar. Which is probably the greatest shame, that many will only have one play through using their relatively stock Spartan, robbing them of the emotional gravitas meant by seeing YOUR lid in the dust, abandoned perhaps even forgotten.
    Legendary difficulty alone made the game feel much much longer, I literally felt like I had experienced a war (albeit a very brightly coloured one where nobody really died and I had booze on demand) after a while it gets to you seeing your Spartan flung across a room time and time again as a grunt takes pot shots at your corpse. Although at times not enjoyable it did help to emphasize the story line that is at times so coldly and frigidly translated to the player. The incredible triumphs of the Spartans against impossible odds, yet still frustratingly unable to stop the seemingly unstoppable alien force despite the sacrifice of the Spartans or the horrendous casualties of the planets occupants.
    The final piece, knowing the entire time that you will lose this battle, if you managed to form any attachment to the ai, knowing that each of their deaths were not just more than likely but demanded by the story line, knowing that unless your kick ass noble 6 has been laying low the entire rest of the war waiting for some tax evasion charges to "blow over", that your avatar themselves were not going to make it through Reach. The opportunity is there for this emotional connection to be made and it is unfortunate that the fast food culture of much of the fan base will mean many will "wham bam thank you ma'am" take their achievements and move on, but as stated how the story is portrayed does it no favours and is ultimately why I can't give the game 10/10.
    Game Play: As ever very well balanced simple controls which the series helped sculpt as the go to layout for FPS (except for having to hold a button to kneel but this can be rectified) making it more than easy to pick up and play. Large assortment of weapons to suit all styles of play although a few very clearly over powered in the right hands and situation (myself with a sniper rifle in any open environment has no doubt cause frustration in a few online). Large amount of varied enemy's with their own play style, although especially on lower difficulty's their IQ reminds me of Brick in Anchorman. Maps online are generally undeniably balanced if nothing else, the rest is personal preference.
    Online: Although generally filled with the most frustrating **** wits with 0 respect that they are communicating with other human beings on the other end of the line and everybody else on a solid 0 communication unable to team work in an effort to avoid the other half of the spectrum. Online is still the pinnacle of the Bungie Era Halo experience and at the time of release the undeniable king of get your mates round and have a pick up and play laugh session online, while still offering a more hard-core experience for those with some hours under their belt.
    There are numerous game modes varying from those that may almost be pointless, to my personal favourite the nail biting SWAT where a second can cost your whole team the round. Firefight is repetitive in the long run but again always good for a pick up and play session in (WHY DON'T MORE GAMES HAVE IT) 4 player split screen or 4 player Co-op online.
    Overview: Halo has to be acknowledged in the genre it is intending to be, not criticized for failing to be a more hard-core FPS like Battlefield or the extensive role playing of Skyrim or the story of The Walking Dead. It is a Sci Fi Arcade Shooter, it nails that bracket to the wall, the day they try and market it as a harrowing tale of one mans fight to make it through an endless war in an uncaring universe and coming to grips that when he returns home he may not be the man he was and then produce this is the day sub 70% scores are justified. 9/10 - Work on portraying the story, if time nudity never hurts.
  84. Dec 24, 2012
    People all love Halo, and they say that it's the only game that worth the buying of the Xbox 360. Actually, it's one of the worst games ever made, and people like it only because everyone plays it. Not recommended.
  85. Dec 12, 2012
    I been am amazing run Bungie but looks like this is the last one of your amazing games. Campaign is well done and story is great and at the ending of the campaign was so well done it gave me a tear in my eye. Multiplayer is fun with armor abilitys are a new, cool and will stay with the game when 343 in their Halos. Forge is the best yet with it more easy to make maps. Firefight is good but not really as interresting as it was in ODsT. Overall a Amazing end to a great series of games. Halo Reach 9.5/10 Expand
  86. Dec 4, 2012
    If you have an Xbox 360 and don't have this game, then you're **** stupid. Bungie scores on its last outing with this saga and it rules. Wow. I expected a lot out of this game and it didn't disappoint.
  87. Dec 3, 2012
    Birdman366. You say its hard, but then again its on legendary, so of course it would be hard. You should think before you speak. Go to a lower level if its so difficult. Think!! PIPEBOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL XD
  88. Dec 3, 2012
    This game is great. The campaign delivers on multiple levels, from the story and set up of C.E. to the exploring of a team of spartans to the sacrifice and what happened on reach. The included firefight is great as well, building over the ODST formula adding six new modes to the mix. The multiple is fantastic as well delivering what is expected while adding the new mechanics seamlessly into the experience. All in all a great package and well worth the price of administration, the only real negatives being the exclusion of bots for practice in offline, the relatively small number of maps for multi player and the relatively short campaign which doesn't allow for as much character development as some may desire. Overall though one of the best games for the Xbox 360 and a definite for fans of the halo series and the fps genre Expand
  89. Nov 28, 2012
    Overall the game was decent armour lock is so stupid doe some of the game had good ideas but the maps werent that great and it takes years to rank up.
  90. Nov 25, 2012
    Halo Reach was Bungie's last Halo game. The Game looked great, Much better than Halo 3's legendary graphics engine. A lot of the promises that were made for this game like space battles and taking part in huge npc vehicle battles were removed from the game because of Microsoft rushing Bungie to complete the game, but The game still has lots more than Halo 3's campaign did, It really held up to it's expectations. as for the multiplayer, Very fun. I was a little disappointed by the lack of maps that weren't made on Forge World, and that the maps that didn't use Forge World were just Bsp's from the Campaign, but they were still fun to play on, all the weapons fit and are fun to play with. I do not,however, like the vehicle combat in the multiplayer of the game, very unbalanced in my opinion. 8/10 Expand
  91. Nov 21, 2012
    It is interesting that I have played so much of the online and until the other day was under the impression that I had beaten the campaign. Well I realized that I never had and someone had done it on my account, hence the confusion, so I decided with all the Halo hype it was time for me to play through it. I started from the beginning again and went for a full play through and I gotta say, I didn't expect it to be that good (although after the surprise that ODST was I should have been prepared). Visually I was used to it after having played so much online, but it still was pretty and I always have loved the look of the Halo universe. It was interesting how this contrasted to the other off-main-series Halo game in that you weren't trying to find people but instead losing them throughout. The story was solid, not exactly memorable but a lot of fun along the way and you didn't really feel like you were doing stupid **** for the sake of playing a game. Recently I heard a distinction between Halo and most FPS's and I though it rang true in this game: Halo is not about who pulls the trigger faster but about individual engagements. I must have forgotten at some point what it was like to go into a battle feel like a vulnerable boss who can destroy everything if the strategy is right. So it was that style of combat, the great atmosphere, and the fantastic score that made this an awesome game and memorable as a whole. Oh, and the final scene was a nice touch too. Expand
  92. Nov 19, 2012
    Loved this game. Campaign story was excellent, albeit linear and somewhat predictable. This game's multiplayer is one of the few I actually enjoy, most other games' MP I just find frustrating and annoying. I have read many people don't like it as well as previous installments of the Halo series, but I found this game overall very enjoyable.
  93. Nov 17, 2012
    Bungie really did a good game here! The campaign was good and the graphics Outstanding
    Still playing the multiplayer here! The theatre and firefight are even better than ever
    Highly recomendable
  94. Nov 8, 2012
    Boring linear story. It is basically about running around and pressing buttons all campaign long. Horrible level design, and a story which is filled with stupid loopholes, and 'tryhard' moments. If you're looking for a deep engaging story, then go elsewhere because a CoD story would have more deep immersive story than this.

    Multiplayer.... don't even get me started, it is so unbalanced
    and horrible that if you are a veteran player then just turn around - pick up MW2 and play that, because there is more balance and playability in that game than there is in Reach.

    Bottom line - a game purely made to look like CoD so that Bungie could make a few dollars before leaving. Not worth your money, even if it is something like 5 dollars.
  95. Nov 5, 2012
    Very fun game so far. Just picked this up to run thru the story mode before I play Halo 4. Graphics are very crisp with outstanding voice and controls. Only wish the DLC would be cheaper so that I can play on some new maps online. 8.75
  96. Nov 2, 2012
    I thought the campaign was amazing in this game though short and could be finished in one sitting, it was really good. The multiplayer was also very fun, graphically this one looks the best of the series thus far. But it was in this one I really started missing Master Chief. Hopefully he will return at some point.
  97. Oct 29, 2012
    With Halo: Reach, Bungie wanted to go out on a high and other than a few grumbles about the game
  98. Oct 6, 2012
    Overall, Reach was an alright game. The campaign was allright, nothing outstanding, nothing terrible. The multiplayer added in Armor Abilities, which was something new for Halo. There is also weapon bloom for the first time in Halo Reach. Both of these additions were unnecessary for the success of a Halo title, and while I think Sprint was a success, the rest should have been left out. Armor Lock is especially awful, completely breaking the flow of the game and dominating all close quarters combat. Jetpacks break the flor of every map, and are way too powerful in many ways. Weapon bloom was also an awful idea, and it took the developers over a year to remove it, despite constant complaints by the community that it adds randomness to every encounter, and encourages spamming, not pacing of shots. The maps were also pretty awful, there's only a couple that I actually enjoyed. There were a few in the map packs that I enjoyed, and the Anniversary maps are also awesome. As of right now, most of the Reach servers are populated by 12 year olds, so that makes the game that much les fun to play, as you are constantly getting TK'd for your power weapon, or your entire team quits if they're not doing so well. Halo 3 was a much better game, and there's a reason that Reach has failed to keep any sort of presence on their servers only 2 years after release. If you're considering buying this game right now, I'd just wait for Halo 4, it's everything good about Halo 3 and Reach, but balanced and well made. Expand
  99. Oct 2, 2012
    In my opinion, Halo Reach is one of the better games of the series. That being said, all of them are overly good but in this case, Reach is by far my favourite. My reasons for this are because it had a wide range of game modes, these game modes cover online matchmaking to single player campaigns (The campaign is also spread over multiplayer) to creating your own in-game maps within the forge world, to the replay theatre, which can be used to view your recently last played games. The replay theatre allows you to save the recordings of your previous games (matchmaking and online) and keep them for as long as you like! You are able to relive your best in-game moments and show off to your friends. Matchmaking in Halo: Reach is one of the best videogame online, cross player experiences I have ever experienced, the game modes range from Expand
  100. Sep 20, 2012
    Campaign isn't so bad in this actually. Might of enjoyed it more than 3. The multiplayer? Ehhhh. Not so hot. The loadouts were quite lame and the level design wasn't on par with Halo 3. What can you do when every level has to fit the ridiculous jet pack? Bungie might of rushed this to get the hell quickly away from Microsoft and start their new ambitious project. Not cool.

Universal acclaim - based on 99 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 93 out of 99
  2. Negative: 0 out of 99
  1. Jan 18, 2011
    If you loved all the other Halo games, there's little I can say to dissuade you from purchasing Bungie's last creation in the Halo series.
  2. Jan 15, 2011
    Halo: Reach is not a breakthrough, yet it's a clear showcase of Bungie's creative growth. The game is hardly a "must buy" – its single-player campaign is way too short and uneven in quality, while multiplayer has very little room for expansion besides map packs and useless character decorations. But with that said, Reach is worthy of your attention for a couple of evenings.
  3. Dec 25, 2010
    Almost achieves the impossible and fulfills the hype. Among the best shooters ever created. [Issue#231, p.82]