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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank unleashes adrenaline-soaked side-scrolling shoot-'em-up arcade action. With a blast of retro eighties videogame chic, Heavy Weapon brings classic shooter action and explosive power to Xbox Live Arcade. Fight through 19 story-based missions to upgrade six different weapon banks, or jump into instant action with the blazing Survival mode. Grab your friends and storm across enemy lines in co-operative multiplayer modes. Are you ready for the furious fun of Heavy Weapon? [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. 90
    Definitely one of the better arcade games around and it gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The game mechanics are very simple but it remains challenging and that’s what is making it so addictive.
  2. With long lasting Mission mode, an unlockable Boss Blitz mode, satisfying Achievement Points, and smooth and addictive Live play, Heavy Weapon adds its name to the list of must-own Arcade titles.
  3. Heavy Weapon might seem very basic in design but we guarantee this particular download will have you playing long into the night just to make a dent on that now famous Xbox Live Leaderboard.
  4. As much as you might not be thrilled about the prospect of a 2D scrolling tank shooter, Heavy Weapon is far better than it initially appears to be. As an example of how to bring the past up to date, it's one of the best examples on Live to date.
  5. Heavy Weapon's arcade-style shooting is incredibly appealing, especially when you get into the ridiculous action in the multiplayer modes.
  6. Oh, and if you thought Geometry Wars was pretty tough on the eyes, think again... Heavy Weapon is the most tear-inducing Xbox Live title we've yet beheld.
  7. We're so incensed with yet another Xbox Live Arcade game using "Robotron"-style controls. [Issue 17, p.116]

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