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  1. Apr 1, 2014
    Dis GRorious game proporly dipicts the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The Korea's People Army faught groriously agianst the whtie pigs of America. Kim Jong Un approfves of this game. XBOX BEST CONSOLE. NORTH KOREA BEST KOREA. It is like Skyrim with CoD.
  2. Mar 29, 2014
    Homefront is far from a bad game, it's a pretty good game, but that's it. The gameplay is essentially a copy and paste of any Call of Duty game. The story and premise is outstanding however. The idea of a global war on our Homefront is a simple, yet amazing idea, but I feel like THQ didn't capitalize enough on that idea. My expectations were low so I find this to be a good game, but that's it. It's not a masterpiece of a game (Unlike GTA V) it's just a good game. It's very forgettable. A good game, and a fun one, but not at all a groundbreaking one. Expand
  3. Mar 24, 2014
    Homefront is not just another Call Of Duty wannabe - it's a truly stunning game. Although the story is a little short, and the voice acting can be patchy.
    To look at the good points, the game has great, albeit generic, mechanics and a brilliantly realised campaign. The campaign may seem a little far-fetched, however, once you delve through the first hour or so of the game, you see just
    how realistic the game is. Whereas in other shooters, such as Call Of Duty, you feel no real empathy for the characters, in Homefront we see soldiers suffering with an illness called 'PTSD' (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which shows how much though the developers put into it. The campaign is genuinely touching at times, and it doesn't feel like faceless enemies you're shooting, as in other shooters. You genuinely feel a reason to dislike these enemies. Throughout the course of the game, you become strongly attached to the characters. It's clear the game is inspired by Call Of Duty by its mechanics. Even the multiplayer is outstanding, As I've mentioned, its mechanics are brilliant, and this combined with tactical killstreaks and large maps creates an immersive experience.
    The few reasons the game does not achieve a rating of 10 include the generic gameplay - it's similar to other shooters, but the exceptional campaign and multiplayer certainly make up for this.
    I think that this game is awfully underrated - a brilliant game. A forgotten gem, which is certain to make it into any shooter fan's top ten list.
  4. Oct 4, 2013
    I have played many games in my life, most shooters have the same story line but instead of Communist its aliens. Homefront is for the most part a horrible game, controls are dated, shooting is down right broken, and the AI is annoying. The idea is there, this could of been a really good futuristic shooter since it takes place twenty years from now but instead it goes for bad voice acting, predictable endings to chapters and worse of all it takes it self way to seriously. I get that the whole world is under control and all but i don't care about any of the characters simple because they are all cliches. Even you are a cliche, the silent hero who is thrown into a situation because quote" you have Korean blood on your hands, welcome to the resistance." Why is the person in charge trusting a complete stranger to help them fight. This same guy also had another person who was his "friend" help him get weapons to fight back the KPA and he betrays his ass. He is bad at been a leader. All of this together makes for one of the worst games I played this year. Homefront gets a three out of ten because of its lack of creativity, yes this game does have a cool idea but it holds to many punches and is a let down. Expand
  5. Jul 6, 2013
    Average thats what it is the story is fantastical how could North Korea do this there is so much potential missions in North Korea and where is the UK and Canada. The multiplayer is pretty fun but it still dosen't make it good and the graphics are ok
  6. Aug 14, 2012
    Homefront was a major disappointment. I was excited by the hype and the unique advertising campaign. Plus, I respected the nod to cult classic Red Dawn. The concept was ambitious, but the game fell through in execution. The primary complaint was with the short and easy solo campaign. It took less the 3 hrs on the hardest difficulty. I started after breakfast and it wasn't lunch by the time I finished. But even deeper, the environmental interaction was lacking, the set pieces were static, and the graphics were sub par. As for minor gripes, why were there so few weapons? I understand that the Korean military may have standard armaments, but where was the variety associated with American personal arsenals? Where were the hunting rifles from the good old boys and the MAC-10's from LA's street gangs? Further, where were these groups in the game in general? As I'm running through the story, the conquest of America seemed to be very easy compared to any semblance of reality. Sadly, the potential character development is lost in the rush of the barely present plot. So potentially interesting characters are one-note. Will all that said, yes there is multiplayer to up the replay value a little, but it's nothing you haven't seen before and doesn't compare with top tier games like COD and BF3. Much like the solo campaign, the multiplayer is anything but remarkable. Expand
  7. Jun 24, 2012
    Homefront has a great setting. The campaign, while short, is excellent while it lasted. Multiplayer is surprisingly fun. Now, while I'm not one to really complain about graphics, the graphics for this game really needed more polishing. Even on my HD TV, grenade markers were almost impossible to see, and trying to shoot someone from a distance was problematic. This game is fun - but if you hate game mechanics that needed more polishing (e.g. sprinting is a bit broken) and a bad graphical game, don't buy this. If you can handle all the problems of this game has, you will have a lot of fun playing this Expand
  8. Jun 21, 2012
    Homefront has a multiplayer like no other, i believe better than most games out even today. I have more fun playing online on Homefront than any other FPS because of one reason. Its different! Sure the core gameplay might be pretty standard but the gametypes and "Battle point" system is unique and fun. Much better than any kill-streak rewards system. Another great feature is the 32 person multiplayer, which is one of the most(if not THE most) players than on any other FPS game. It really makes the games hectic and fun. The vehicles are nicely done in Homefront multiplayer, allowing players to customize their vehicles to their play style. The way you need to earn points before buying a vehicle is a great way to stop "vehicle spawn camping" and make everyone go into battle before setting foot in any vehicle. The single player campaign was not horrible, but not great. It was too short to have been worth $60, but while you are playing the campaign, you will most likely be having great fun. Homefront is great game, but was burdened bad reviews since it was released around the time of Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 owning the FPS playerbase. Expand
  9. Jun 21, 2012
    Haven't played the multiplayer, but reviews say it's good. Single-player campaign is hugely enjoyable, very polished, and great fun. However it only took me around 6 hours - therefore I would suggest renting it, not buying it (unless you're a huge multiplayer fan.)
  10. Jun 12, 2012
    I was fairly excited for Homefront when it was released. A group of about 3 of my friends and I all bought it, with the expectation that we'd play it online together. What wound up happening wa, after playing a little bit online, we all shelved it and never spoke of it again. The campaign is pretty short and forgettable, where you ultimately spend most of your time waiting around for someone to move tipped over refrigerators so you can continue to the next area. Multiplayer is... well... it felt like a cross between Battlefield and Call of Duty, and not in a good way. Guns sound and function almost exactly alike, there is little customization, and killstreaks are bizarre and unbalanced. Expand
  11. May 30, 2012
    It doesn't do anything that new. Feeling like an uncomfortable blend between the familiar elements of COD and Battlefield. There's really not enough here to recommend it. The campaign is way too short and a lot of the multiplayer maps are very similar. The fighting itself is actually pretty decent, but spawn camping with vehicles is a major problem on some maps and with games that do the same things better, why would you honestly bother? Expand
  12. May 10, 2012
    I purchased Homefront as a pre-order and read the book in advance if it's release, so I was a "fanboy" before it arrived on store shelves. The day it came out my wife picked up the game and I headed to Metacritic and saw that it was receiving poor reviews from both gamers and critics. I returned the game, unopened, that day. Having played the online and single player version the past 30+ days and having put in over 40 hours so far I can honestly say I wish that I had never read the reviews and had just enjoyed the game! I put the game on its hardest setting and spent a good 15 hours slugging it out with what I felt was a good AI in single player mode. I have put in another 30 or so hours on multiplayer and I am still enjoying it! I would say given its current price-point it is a good buy for $19.95. Given that you need a code that comes with all unopened copies of the game, you should buy a new version or you will need to spend the MS points to get to the multiplayer option. Lastly, the add on multiplayer levels are on a separate server and there are very few players using them, don't waste your money on these unless you have a friend who wants to duke it out with you on these levels! I give the game an 8 out of 10. Expand
  13. Apr 28, 2012
    Gotta give it a zero. Expand the page for more information.. Like, the beginning scenes are horrible. That is the most obscene, brutal, emotionally and mentally changing scenes. If you look out the window of the bus in the beginning, I saw things that made me want to cry. I got 10 minutes in and had to stop just from my mentality. These THQ tards should be thrown in jail for such emotionally nerve-racking, brutal, and graphic scenes. Expand
  14. Apr 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I got this game just yesterday. And am sincerely disappointed with the reviews fellow gamers are giving this game. I give this game a generous 8 only because of the choppiness that occurs at times throughout the game. Although the single player campaign is short is very well written and it actually triggered an emotional response at the very beginning of the game when you're being taken on the bus and being driven through the city. Shockingly, even this far out after release there is a strong presence online for the multiplayer. The game worth a look if you're looking for something outside of the mainline garbage that is being spewed by most studios. Expand
  15. Mar 24, 2012
    "Homefront" really had potential to be a great FPS, but certain aspects of the game prevented that from happening. The campaign was creative and enjoyable, but the shallowness and shortness of it held it back. Multiplayer works, but takes getting used to. The rewards system (BP) could have been developed further with more rewards, but ultimately does its job in the end. THQ threw together "Homefront" with bare minimum effort; if more time was invested in this, they may have had a winner. Expand
  16. Mar 13, 2012
    Simply a horrible game, it's like someone described COD to someone over a cell phone going through a tunnel and then made a game out of what they could make out.
  17. Feb 1, 2012
    What really frustrates me about Homefront is that the idea was so good. Plus the advertisments and trailers were pretty excellent and got me psyched for it's release. Then when it comes out, the story is average, and far too short for such a great idea. There so many missed setpieces that could have made the characters more human then standard cardboard cutouts. The multyplayer is pretty good, but the graphics and lack of weapon choices overall, leave something to be desired Expand
  18. Nov 24, 2011
    I've played CoD:MW3 and although it's a great shooter, it feels claustrophobic; the game play is "in your face". That said, Homefront feels open and strategic, which is my preferred FPS type. My only gripe that as of the date of this post, I am finding fewer battles on the DLC servers. What's the point of DLC maps when no one is using them? Otherwise, I will continue to enjoy this game for a long while! If you play look me up on Xbox Live: lucas38. Expand
  19. Nov 23, 2011
    What is it with reviewers.I have my favorites but sometimes they just get it wrong completely.This game was hyped up yes but so was black ops.Actually black ops, to me,is the most hyped game in history.Side by side they have there strong points and weak points and at the end of the day there both awesome but both even in score.Homefront is the game that we all think of in the back of our minds and wonder about and THQ goes ahead and makes the game we have all wanted to play and WOW is the game good.Everyone says the single player is to story well it's not and to top it off it's one of the most emotional campaigns I have ever played in a war game.Play the game once,you got around 7 hours and the emotion factor alone will make you play it twice, at least,so go figure.The graphics have been done better but still spot on,the multi-player is killer,replay factor--Amazing.We all want more of a story in war based games,it happens and you still complain.It deserves a straight 9 with no doubts. Expand
  20. Nov 23, 2011
    With all the hoopla surrounding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Battle Code for Homefront Multiplayer. I purchased the game used, and thoroughly enjoyed the (short) campaign, but couldn't get into multiplayer as only new copies come with the online Battle Code. I think it's bad business for companies to charge extra for online play on something they've already made their money on. Still, the map packs were on sale on XBLA and I did want to play online pretty badly, just for a change of pace from Call of Duty and Battlefield. Instead of dropping 10 bucks for the Battle Code on XBLA, I found several codes for half that on eBay! Now I can tell you that this multiplayer is great fun. Though not as silky smooth as Call of Duty or Battlefield (not sure if it runs at 60 frames per second), it's still a blast with similar unlocks and progression as the bigger games. The controls are basically the same as COD, which makes it very comfortable, though you may have to tweak the sensitivity settings a bit. The graphics aren't going to knock anyone out, being at a level of the first Battlefield: Bad Company, but they are good. Level design is brisk, but the maps might be a little too big - a very microscopic complaint. Homefront is a solid game and great fun to play, particularly the multiplayer. Also, it's only 15 bucks this Black Friday (2011) at Best Buy - cheap!!! Expand
  21. Nov 20, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The most average game ever. Fair voice acting, fair graphics, fair controls and fair campaign length. Two things set this apart and earn this a 6 instead of 5. 1. The story takes risks. The setting is interesting and the portrayal of it, while thin, is fairly plausible. Then there's great stuff like hiding in a mass grave, missions gone awry and the murder of women and children. 2. Unlike the Call of Duty franchise, the story follows a very linear narrative. You are running from place to place with an occasional conversation between NPC's. It keeps you guessing and wanting more. Worth $5-$10. A great bargain bin game. Expand
  22. Nov 9, 2011
    The campaign was way to short and not very enjoyable. The multiplayer was ok, but not great. I traded it in after about a month. Overall I would not buy it again.
  23. Oct 12, 2011
    This game is pretty bad. It's not too often that I find myself returning a game, and Homefront is definitely going back. I can tolerate the poor storyline, graphics, and vioce acting, but broken gameplay is something I will not put up with. The story, weapons, and gameplay are recycled and regurgitated from of one of those "other" popular FPS titles that... well... doesn't suck. But the thing is, Homefront does. It doesn't bring anything new to the table and completely misses its mark. I had a hard lockup occur in the second chapter and within the first 3 hours of play time had enemies randomly appearing and teleporting on top of me at least a dozen times. The campaign is short and I will not even tolerate the game any longer to try out multiplayer. At times collision and aiming seem broken and enemies are able to shoot through hard cover while standing protected behind it. The AI of your teammates in campaign mode is extremely poor as well. Spend your money and time on MW or COD - you quite literally have NO reason to play this game over those. Expand
  24. Sep 28, 2011
    First of all, let's talk about the great big elephant in the room. Homefront's story is about North Korea somehow reuniting with South Korea, then taking over Japan and large portions of Southeast Asia, and ultimately invading and conquering most of the continental United States. This situation is farcical and clearly makes no sense at all. Why did they choose to tell such an idiotic story? Well, from what I've gathered, the original story was going to be about China taking over the US. That also would've been a bit far-fetched and unlikely, but it would've been far more realistic than North Korea. Blair Herter was right, those North Koreans can't even keep their populace from starving, much less mount a credible invasion. But apparently commercial interests in China would've been a bit upset at THQ, so they changed the adversarial role. I find it repugnant that corporate pressure perverted creative integrity, but that's business I suppose. In any case, the resulting game turned out to be a failure, and would've been so with or without the goofy plot.

    The guns in this game have no way to switch firing modes. The M16, for example, is a semi auto assault rifle, and cannot be fired in three round burst mode. Well, that's no good. That's no good at all. Why would this game depict modern warfare/near future warfare if it can't even get something as simple as the M16's three round burst right? Everyone knows that assault rifles have fire selectors that let you switch from semi auto to three round burst to full auto. This makes no sense. All the Rainbow Six games let you switch between firing modes. This is an important detail that the Homefront developers just forgot? That's inexcusable. All they had to do was map it to the D-pad, am I right? In Medal of Honor singleplayer, you could press the D-pad and it would switch firing modes. It made sense. I don't know where they thought people didn't need firing mode switches anymore. Sometimes, you might want to just fire single shots, to conserve ammo. Other times, you might want three round burst or full auto for more firepower. That's the whole point of having multiple firing modes.

    Homefront is supposed to take place in the modern world. It's supposed to be a game about modern combat, of a sort. Modern assault rifles all have this feature, so why would they drop it from the game? Who do they think they are? All the Rainbow Six games were very good about being realistic and having the ability to switch fire modes! Those games were amazing, why have we gone backwards as the years have gone by? Who thinks this is a good idea?! I don't. I wish Rainbow Six would make a resurgence, I really do! This sort of casual nonsense has to end, damnit. M16A2s are renowned for having three round burst. It's what makes them different from M4A1s and CAR-15s, which fire full auto. Homefront takes place in the future, but that doesn't excuse the lack of fire modes. Are future guns going to be designed without fire mode selectors? I doubt it, I really doubt it. And I can guarantee you that in the future, people are still going to be using M16A2s and A4s (M16A2s with an RIS built in). In the near future, those guns will still be readily available.

    There's nothing appropriate about making a game about modern or near-future warfare when you can't even portray the fire mode switching. This is a basic feature of most assault rifles and submachine guns. It is paramount to the experience. The lack of this is a disgrace.

    I'd like to single out the grenade throw animation as particularly silly in presentation. It basically looks like you're throwing the grenade at something two feet in front of your chest, instead of actually winding back and throwing an overhand toss towards a target out in the distance. We're all familiar with throwing baseballs out to the outfield or back to the infield, and that's what you'd expect for the grenade animation. Instead, the character looks like he's a LARPer at a D&D convention throwing a magical pretend-fireball at a friend he's talking to a few paces away. It's just awfully conceived and realized, much like the rest of the game.
  25. Sep 23, 2011
    I admire your courage in the age Call of Duty vs Battlefield THQ dare to release a game so weak. Graphics and disappointing plot. Multiplayer in the shadow of others FPS. He tried to cure the boredom of the successful Black Ops, and plunged into a deep depression! Do not buy this garbage ...
  26. Aug 27, 2011
    While Homefront has an amusing multiplayer, the singleplayer is obnoxiously short and boring. You can't really feel like this is America because it lacks some of America's defining traits: Suicidal self-preservation by NRA members, a huge military and nuclear weapons. While it is very possible for a foreign nation to invade the US, it is not possible for the North Koreans to invade anyone. Maybe the Chinese could, but not North Korea Compared to South Korea, the North Koreans outnumber them in military, but have much less oil, civilians and weapons. The game also fails to explain why the Koreans don't know how to make their own guns. These same guns seem to have been ripped from thin air. For example, the M16 looks like and is used as a Sniper Rifle. The killstreak system is a bad idea, as is the idea of drones. Makes one feel like playing Call of Duty or Medal of Honor (2010). One very obnoxious feature is that one must have a Battle Code to play past level 5 in multiplayer, which means if Gamestop recommends a Used copy to you, they have never played the game. Expand
  27. Aug 4, 2011
    This is the worst game ever made, im not even joking, the story line sucked because it was short and the story line wasnt very good either the multiplayer had some good combat, but the lack of wepons that you could actually get was crap and its defently not a game i would play forever, the maps were alright... but they just grabbed bits from the campagin and stuck them in the multiplayer and that was pretty boring... The graphics on the game are a huge let down. pretty much anything in the distance was just a pixel and was so hard to see, so theres sniping gone... when i went to the shop and bought this i was like "Yeahhh Homefront!" and then i get to my Xbox pop it in and play the game expecting to be playing a campagin that was like 5 hours long but actaully took me about 1 hour to finish. Every day i ask myself "why did i buy this?" I could have bought Operation flashpoint red river or crysis 2 that were the same price. The case makes the game look a million times better than the actualy game, so i guess you cant judge a book by its cover... the very fact that i actually went to sell this about 2 days after i bought it shows how bad this game is, only to realise that the price has went down from about £40 to like £20 in like 2 days... if another HomeFront is made im defently never buying it, unless reviews say its the best game they have ever played, witch i strongly doubt becuase the game is utter balls and i cant see anyway of improving on this terrible game. Expand
  28. Jul 31, 2011
    For a game that touted itself as a "Call of Duty Beater" ever since it was announced, the final product is far from anything that could consider itself in the same league as Call of Duty. About the only thing that works in the game (other than a semi-decent multiplayer) is the story, which is written by John Milius who also wrote the 1984 film Red Dawn which has the same concept of "Baddies try to invade America". The plot and backstory are well written using plausible fictitious events that lead up to the beginning of the game. Shame then that the single player campaign is so shockingly bad that is manages to screw up the whole experiences, visuals are rough around the edges and appear very last generation. Levels are deceptive in that they appear open and roamable, but end up funnelling you in a very tight direction with invisible walls and obstacles you cannot jump over. The teammate A.I. must always be the first down ladders or through doors to the point where the game won't let you go anywhere until your slow and stupid team mates catch you up. Shooting is standard but weapons like any real stopping power, often relying on half a magazine to put someone down. The campaign itself is short, VERY short. On my first go on normal I did it in 4 hours, just when you think the game is starting to show signs of getting good you are surprised to find the level ends and the credits role. Multiplayer is semi-decent with an interesting approach to buying equipment and resources via points earned for performing actions, but all the while you'll wish you were playing Call of Duty or Battlefield. I feel sorry that Kaos Studios the developers were shut down, the game stinks of publisher controlled decisions and I believe this is why the game ended up so shoddy. Collapse
  29. Jul 28, 2011
    Now I just got this game today. When I was buying this game at Gamestop, The guy even asked if I had xbox live because the story was short. So when I got home, I jumped straight into Multiplayer. If you ask me, it's a mix between COD and Battlefield. Personally the only faults I see are: Not so good voice acting, Okay graphics, and kind of slow running. Besides that I think it's well worth the 40 bucks. If you can rent it to see if you like it. It's one of those games where half the people hate it and half the people enjoy it. Me? Im in the middle. Expand
  30. Jul 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was coming in expecting something amazing. I loved the premise - in fact, I love researching things about North Korea. I thought this game was going to be much longer, even stretching to Asia. So, the beginning of the campaign was great. You're dropped right into the action with North Korean soldiers torturing civilians on the streets, and you're stuffed into a bus because your character was a pilot. The bus is ambushed and you're saved by some ragtag freedom fighters, because, once again, your character was a pilot. So, the grand entrance to the game left me expecting something phenomenal, and a game of phenomenal length. After all, this is a lengthy subject. However, at the end, you traveled to San Francisco to deliver fuel to the U.S. Army. So basically, this game is a payload mission with a fancy backdrop. I was absolutely stunned in a negative way when the game ended on the Golden Gate Bridge. The game didn't leave me WANTING more, like a good game should. It left me EXPECTING more. I thought the campaign was going to be a solid 10-20 hours, but instead it was 4. It definitely wasn't worth my money at release, but now it might actually be worth it. The gameplay itself, such as controls, are pretty uniform with approximately every other shooter game on the XBOX 360. One thing that stood out, though, was the lack of ammo. You're pretty much ammo starved half the game and you're forced to pick up a North Korean gun. The latter part was pretty standard, but the kicker is that for every 10 enemy soldiers, only one has the gun model you're after, which is the only way you get ammo. Even then, he probably has half a clip left of ammo. It's a pretty good game, but once you dig deep and realize that the whole game was a payload mission, you feel cheated. Expand
  31. Jul 12, 2011
    Right first thing I played the demo and loved it! so i bought the game just for the MP, so if you can get past the graphics not being the best, its a fabulous MP game, massive maps put COD to shame, 32 players puts COD to shame! all i can say if you are looking for a new online FPS then you could do far worse than buying this.
  32. Jul 7, 2011
    The game could be more polished but the story is great any shooter fan should try the single player out its the same 5 hour crap but its worth the rent fee
  33. Jul 6, 2011
    Ridiculously short game just like this review should be. Returned it to the shop I purchased it from the same day, and swapped it for something with a decent amount of game-play. The devs and publishers who put this out should be ashamed at the minuscule amount of game-play in the single player campaign. Probably the shortest game I have ever played.
  34. Jun 25, 2011
    i dont know why ppl give this game a bad score i finished it in 3 hours ok but the gameplay was very entertaining + the battles where on a much better scale then COD more action and harder gameplay COD is much easier this is a real teamplay based war game much more realism then other war games if u like rough gameplay buy this game it wil entertain u till the end.

    my conclusion : shorts
    gameplay but much fun / without tactics u wil not survive+ i got COD4 and the gameplay was much to easy - my opinion. HF - less missions but way more harder gameplay - so more realism
    4 the ones wo make wanna give it a try have fun and good luck :D
  35. Jun 22, 2011
    Homefront is not as bad as people think from my point of view and it has no reason for it to earn lower than a 5. The Mutli-player was fun to play, the only problem is that the graphic and there were too many camping spots, which is very annoying and I was very disappointed about it. The single player was too short, however its atmosphere was brilliant. THQ just created it which is disappointing. The first level you may find out that it was so interesting and you want to know more, on the other hand if you play alone you will feel like it was unfinished. From my point of view, the war in Homefront was complicated and it has no reason to end it so easily. We want to see more aspects from it. Overall, the gameplay was normal, atmosphere was amazing, poor graphic, satisfying controls, created badly compare to people high expectations. It worth a 7 for me. Expand
  36. Jun 5, 2011
    Homefront was a massive disapointment for me. The sad thing is that this game was supposed to be one of the best games of 2011 and it sadly wasn't. The campaign is semi different all though it is similar to the modern warfare series's campaign. How ever it is very buggy and INCREDIBLY SHORT. You may enjoy your self sometimes in the campaign but others wise it is a massive let down. Now the multiplayer is as if battlefield took steroids. This is not a good thing. Battlefield is one of the most realistic FPS out there (next to medal of honor) and turning it into what homefront is is a major mistake. The maps are terrible and BTW if you enjoy getting spawn raped you'll love this one. It take FOR EVER to find a game and there are almost no differences between guns. I am insanely disapointed with this game and it is most likely going in the trade in box. Expand
  37. Jun 1, 2011
    Bjk1 is a fool. Sorry just had to get that off my chest first. This game is trash simply put. It's red dawn with Koreans instead of Russians. Great job millius you douche. I preordered it anticipated i ven counted down the days only to be left with a short single player a horrible mutiplayer which didn't work on release. Sorry kaos but this is junk pure and simple
  38. May 30, 2011
    This game is hugely underrated. the multiplayer is brilliant and so is the campaign. and the campaign isn't actually that short its around the same length as black ops. must buy.
  39. May 30, 2011
    Don't buy this game. I believed the hype and the story looked interesting but it is very badly executed. The gameplay is average, voice acting average, graphics average. It is simply not a triple A game. The single player campaign was way too short and very obviously "on rails" as you're guided through the levels. The multiplayer is okay, with large areas to fight in with several others but it's just not worth the asking price. Expand
  40. May 25, 2011
    I HATE this game. The single player was only 2-4 hours on the hard difficulty! A ton of graphical and gameplay glitches that are just make the game look terrible, plus the multiplayer seems like a rip off of Battlefield Bad Company 2. Do Not buy this game.
  41. May 21, 2011
    Pros: Campaign was fun for me, although people say it was short, I am not sure what they expected. There are plenty of achievements to tackle. My first playthough I got 300. and on casual mode. The guns feels and sound great too. The premise is indeed probably one of the more appealing things about the game.

    Cons: Overall I somewhat disliked this game, I love tackling achievements after
    having fun with a game, but the achievements here were time consuming....well let me put it another way. Say you need to beat a lvl without dying. You load up a stage, and you have to sit through a cutscene with no way to skip. You then have to follow someone for an extra two minutes. You are ripping the stage apart and then you die, so reload the stage, watch the cutscene, follow the person...ugh.... that is truly hard a waste of time for me to deal with enough so to stick me at the 300 chevos and I normally get at least 500. This happens on nearly every stage. Another thing I didn't like too much was that you need an online code to play multiplayer. A lot and I mean a lot of achievements revolve around the MP on this game and because of the code issue, it makes it hard to trade or re-sell. With no code you are stuck at lvl 5.

    Overall I enjoyed the story up unitl a little over half way, it started to get dull. The premise is awesome though. N. and S. Korea merge and fully deploy on the U.S taking it over almost completely until You as a player show some resistance and strike back.
  42. May 21, 2011
    If Homefront 2 were to come out, here are some features I would add a longer campaign, more multiplayer maps, less lag, better graphics, a better plot, destructible buildings, and more sniper rifles.

    Other than the list which I have stated, Homefront is good in the sense that the maps are beautifully designed and more sniper friendly than those in games such as CoD: Black Ops. I do want
    a second one to come out, despite the frequent problems of the first game. This game is the first in its series, and THS still has some room for error. I do think that future games in this series have potential. Expand
  43. May 19, 2011
    This game is stupid. It's almost identical to COD (even some of the character voices sounded familiar) and the story is too predictable. You got your stereotypical resistance leaders, your generic-lets-take-our-country-back plot, and a game play that is less than entertaining. The trailer fo this game was more interesting than the actual game. And also, your "team" that you stick with throughout the game are just a bunch of stupid **** I'm so glad I didn't buy ths game. Expand
  44. May 15, 2011
    It has a great idea and a scary premise. The problem is it never comes to fruition. The graphics are 2006 and the online game-play is original but fidgety. Vehicles can become a problem and hit-detection is sometimes off. I hope they don't lose faith in their ideas as another try with some feedback and a future beta could do wonders for this as a franchise.
  45. May 14, 2011
    Homefront has an amazing soundtrack and a touching story to tell. Korea has occupied America and has essentially created Holocaust 2.0, and the images of seeing a kid running to his parents crying after they get shot does feel a little cheap as far as an attempt at shock entertainment, but still plays it's message to anyone willing to feel the emotion. Multiplayer feels fresh with large maps, a neat temporary in-battle currency system for purchasing "killstreaks", as well as the ability to easily kill campers yet easily camp if you know what you are doing. Multiplayer doesn't feel like it rewards team players (spotting and so-forth give little to no BP), but in reality all you really need for objectives is to kill other players. I also recommend everyone to check out the soundtrack, as it is far better than any other FPS soundtrack that has released. It mixes action-pased orchestral themes to slow ambience for the more sad scenes. Another place this game really shines is the weapons. Every weapon can be utilized, no single weapon feels more overpowered than the next. A lot of people complain snipers are overpowered, but I don't really think they are. Snipers are very easy to take out, and only the most skilled that understand how to move from cover to cover rather than in one spot are difficult enemies.

    Overall, I give this game an 8 out of 10. It really doesn't need all of the hate it gets, as almost all of that is just comparisons to other games. Sorry guys, but giving a game a 1/10 because it isn't exactly like Call of Duty is a horrible way to treat a developer, especially one that truly does care about it's franchise. I hope you enjoy the game, for those that take my review to heart.
  46. May 12, 2011
    Where to begin. Way too short for one. Your character moves like a gorilla with lead boots and the environmental glitches are too numerous to count. Multi-player is not much better with laggy connections (if it connects at all), and sluggish movements. This game feels like it was rushed out to make a quick buck. Be cautious of any other titles from this brand.
  47. May 11, 2011
    I feel like I bought a 2002 game in 2011 and paid 2011 money for it. It's weak. Awhile back it would have been good but games have come too far to put out crap like this. The story is interesting, compelling, it would make for a great movie. The gameplay though, is so broke. You get snagged on things, it's a task to jump over an object sometimes. The graphics are less than you would expect these days. The campaign is way too short. Mutliplayer is weak too. We have been spoiled with MMO war shooters so the bar is high, this game can't reach the bar, I think you would have a hard time seeing the bar from this game. If you have to play this, pick up a used copy when it costs about $20. Pick it up when Gamestop does those buy 2 used get one free deals. Expand
  48. May 10, 2011
    Honestly, one of the worst games I've ever played. Short story with stupid ai, bad graphics, and **** controls. It felt like a beta. The multi player seemed like it might be okay, but I rented the game and couldn't get past level 5 thanks to the code **** so I can't say.
  49. May 10, 2011
    Was decent. I saw the reviews and got nervous, but played it with my bros and htey liked it too. single player is short mut multiplayer is tons of fun. get the drone, though, is my advice, you'll thank me later. Worth the money
  50. May 10, 2011
    Loving this game, sure it's not the best looking graphically but whats far more important is the gameplay which is a hoot, SP sucks no question, not even worth playing, the MP on ther hand is where it's's just great great fun, sure it's got a few glitches but the latest patch is due any day now which should iron those out.
    i'd recommend it to anyone for MP as a second hand purchase...
  51. May 8, 2011

    ¨Men i fell like i buy only a piece of a game for the price of a complete one. i fell ripped off. i think that´s lame. a dlc must be an addition to the hole experience of playing a game and not another part missing on the original game. very very poor and deception¨.
  52. May 4, 2011
    Homefront (SP) How the war was won in record time Xbox 360 Played to completion on easy difficulty The world has spun out of control. The US is now under the control of the Unified Korean nation. Taken down by an EMP from a "peaceful" Korean sattelite. You are Robert Jacobs, a military pilot eeking out an existence in occupied Colorado. You are soon thrust into the resistance, a ragtag group of ordinary citizens attempting to fight and take back their land. The fighting is inevitable, but is at an excercise in futility?

    Homefront doesn't start in typical FPS fashion. Your first minutes with the game are spent riding a bus down the street of a broken and beaten america, viewing the many attrocities of local occupation. You will see beatings, children wrested from their parents, and outright executions. Of course this destiny is not meant for you, as you are soon rescued by the local resitance cell and are put on the run from the Korean army. Your an intergal part of their plan, the army needs fuel and your going to get it for them.

    Once your done with the depressing opening you are handed a gun and the game begins in earnest. The gameplay itself seems like a slightly less polished Call of Duty. The controls will be immediately familiar to anybody who has played a recent FPS, RT to shoot, LT to aim down sight and RS to melee. Guns are your typical mix of assult rifles and sniper rifles with the obligatory shotgun and pistol. Although the shooting feels a bit loose the guns themselves are satisfying and varied enough to keep you from getting bored. The one thing that stood out as immensely fun and satisfying is targeting for your atonomous vehicle Goliath. Many times over the course of the campaign you will gain control of the missile targeting for Goliath. I can't tell you how fun it is to set the targeter on a group of soldiers and watching your vehicles roll up and and shoot a missle directly at them. It is definetly the most satisfying aspect of Homefronts gameplay and really makes the game interesting and helps vary up the shooting.

    The story will take you on a trip to undermine Korean authority on the West Coast of the United States. You and your group of resistance members are on the hunt for jet fuel to supply the army stationed in California. In order to remain spoiler free I won't point out any specific setpieces but I can say with certainty they are excellent and will keep you going through the story at a good pace. One moment in particular Really put me on edge and as I watched it I honestly felt a uneasy, which I believe is a good feeling to get from a game. It was honestly shocking and I can't believe Fox news did'nt take that moment and run with it.

    Graphically, Homefront seems slightly mediocre in 2011. The games looks good but the overall texturing reminds me of a game that might have come out in 2008. The art style really makes up for it though as the enviorments capture suburban America perfectly, everything is laid out realistically. It doesn't feel like these enviorments are made for a game. Charecter design is fairly good as there are only 4 main charecters and they all feel disticnct and are backed by solid voice acting.

    With solid gameplay and a fairly unique and touching storyline, Homefront slices out a niche in the FPS market. The ony thing that holds this game back from being top tier is it's length. Clocking in a just over 4 hours the campaign is far to short and the gameplay isn't good enough to make up for it. Even if you bump up the difficulty and scour the landscape for the games collectible newspapers, I doubt you could get more then 6 or 7 hours out of it. Homefront is a game of the edge of greatness. Unfortunately the games length holds it back and plummets the games value proposition. Keep in mind that there is a full multiplayer which I didn't play but as a purely single player game it is just out of reach from the "short but sweet" section of games. If your into multiplayer this might be a game worth picking up. If you are looking for a good single player shooter then I would suggest either a rental or waiting for the game to drop to the sub tweny dollar range.

    Presentation: 8.5
    Gameplay: 8
    Value: 4

    Overall: 7.5
  53. Apr 23, 2011
    I only bought this game for the Multiplayer so the Campaign is just an added bonus for me.

    In theory this game is beyond awesome. But once you get to the nitty gritty, this is an unfinished game, bugs galore, dedicated server netcode that places you in games in other continents rather your own. The game is a mess and everything might be resolved in this so called patch 2, but who knows
    when that will be coming. Expand
  54. Apr 22, 2011
    VERY short campaign, incredibly linear, unbelievably generic, tons of poorly placed invisible walls, tries to be like Call of Duty but worse, ugly graphics. The story isn't even good and the setting is just shock value ****
  55. MJR
    Apr 22, 2011
    All in all Homefront is a decent game. That said it really has some tragic flaws such as the painfully short campaign and dated graphics. The situation is also just so rediculously improbable that it tends to be laughable. That's not to say it isn't fun to play however. It feels good and the controls are familiar. Despite complaints that people have about the control scheme copying COD...well it's a bloody fps what the hell do you expect? Multiplayer is fun as well with 32 player battles and a good integration of vehicles. I give it a solid 7. I wouldn't recommend its purchase, at least right away, but a rent or a preowned copy are pretty good. Expand
  56. Apr 22, 2011
    Homefront would be an amazing game if it were still 2008 because that's when this game looks like it was made. Many of the key components such as graphics, voice acting, and menus really give this game a dated feel and hold it back from being one of the better games to come out this year. Thankfully, there is fun to be had in the online multiplayer. While many of the ideas implemented (leveling up, perks, etc) are borrowed from COD, there are some pretty awesome new concepts and modes you will experience while playing with 31 other people online. The size of the maps and vehicles make this a great departure from COD and kept me playing for quite some time. If your buying this game for the single player compaign, then your buying the wrong game alltogether as it only takes about 5 hours to complete. If its online multiplayer you want, then this could be the game for you as long as you don't mind the dated graphics and loose controls. Expand
  57. Apr 21, 2011
    Decent story, good concept and I like the ideas that homefront was putting forward, but the tech seemed a little dated. Graphics were a little sub-par but other than that a pretty good game. Personally, I'd recommend renting it first, and if you really must have it (for the multiplayer) go ahead and buy it.
  58. Apr 19, 2011
    Negatives: Too many to list here, but the main ones are stupid, contrived and unbelievable storyline. THQ is too scared of ticking of China who would be a more plausible antagonist. Bullets can't even pierce thin wood, thin metal or bushes. Characters are cheesy and get annoying quickly when they keep kicking you out of cover. Game is far too short. The enemy AI is terrible and has pinpoint accuracy. Positives: Can't honestly think of any. Rating: 4 because the game is a bad Black Ops rip off with a stupid story. Expand
  59. Apr 16, 2011
    I hate to be like this, but this game is terrible. This is a single sided (no diversity) this game is all about sniping. The maps are gigantic, you could take four of the largest call of duty maps and still come up sort. Also the host always has the advantage on this game.the gins are ok, but like I said the only useful guns are the snyper ryfuls. My full advice is don't buy it, because if you do you will find out and when you try to trade it in at gamestop you'll get 20 dollars for it. You should just go buy call of duty or gears of war. Expand
  60. Apr 15, 2011
    OK people keep giving bad scores because of the campain well in my opinion the campain is very good and acually its more unique than the call of duty's campains. And they say its to short, well so are the call of duty games but people still like them. The story is interesting, the graphics are pretty good, the guns are pretty cool and the story has that kinda grip you get on a character that you like then they make you wander if he will die or live. There are alot of WOW moments and some are are just kinda "sick" (im not going into detail) This is a good twist away from the CoD series. The multiplayer matches can hold up to 32 players per match which is pretty cool but this also had the same amount as bad company. I thought this was a really good buy, it has everything you could ask for. Good graphics, good guns, good story, lots of explosions. The story also has moment you might want to go back to once you complete them and can replay that mission as well. This was a solid 9/10 Expand
  61. Apr 14, 2011
    Short review: Single player is absolutely wasted potential. It's interesting enough, but stops way short, like a nascar car hitting the wall at lap 10. However, multiplayer is enjoyable enough and is the only online MP that I'll stick with until I hit the level cap.
  62. Apr 14, 2011
    I will keep this very frank. The controls are good. The campaign was decent, with an o.k. story, but nothing that really sticks with you. The multiplayer, though, was a big disappointment. There are only 2 different game modes. A ripoff of domination, and a regular old deathmatch. I found the multiplayer can pretty much be equated as; who can hide in a bush (or crevice) better than the other guy. The spawn system is kind of funky too. It feels like a game they just rushed out. I really wish I didn't throw away 60 bucks on this P.O.S. Don't waste your money. Pick up a game that actually was fully developed. Expand
  63. Apr 14, 2011
    Well over a month and issues with this game are still not resolved' not good enough. Not to mention the campaign takes 3 hours to beat, the story is boring and predictable and the graphics suck.
  64. Apr 14, 2011
    Wow, this game is awful. Where to begin? First, the story is terrible. Totally unrealistic, but THQ made North Korea the bad guys because they're too scared to anger China who would be a much more plausible bad guy. The string of events leading up to the story are heavily contrived and scoffed at by any reasonable adult who reads the news. The story tries to make you feel like an insurgent in an occupied America, but its so force fed and cheesy that it feels like a lame joke. The support characters are full of stereo types and are one dimensional. As a FPS, the game is also awful. It tries to follow Black Ops, yet bullets are blocked by plants and very thin wood. The AI is a joke as many times the enemy just runs up to cover, only to hide behind it. The enemies literally duck into cover when you place your aiming reticule over them AND jump back out as soon as you move away. Your "allies" sit behind cover while an enemy, who they can see and could easily shoot, unloads on you - yet they do nothing. The overabundance of weapons is a joke as all you see is a bunch of SHINY (Yes, important items shine) weapons littering the battlefield. The only way to know when you truly kill a bad guy is the same audio clip of someone screaming, which gets really old after half an hour. Also, be prepared to kill the same mob over and over as there's only 2-4 models per faction.

    TL;DR This game is awful and a poor Modern Warfare clone. The reviews and scores don't lie. Also - Ignore the THQ employees who pathetically try to inflate the score. You can tell which they are as anyone with half a brain would never give this game more than an 8.
  65. Apr 12, 2011
    I gave this amazing game a 10/10 because the single player was good and believable and the MP is AMAZING. Atleast it was much better then CoD's. The MP is pretty much the large scale warfare of BF and the fast pacing of CoD
  66. Apr 10, 2011
    This game is lame, it is not any better than many budget shooters and shouldn't cost $50. I didn't pay for it hahaha, because I refused to be ripped off by unethical video game developers anymore until I can try the game out. This one I would buy if it were $10, the game story is gay and it just gets even gayer as you play it but you get to headshot waves of north korean bots who are very predictable, and so it is satisfying if you enjoy blowing peoples heads off casually this is great. Multiplayer is gay too, you can make vehicles appear out of nowhere. Don't know what is up with the game industry anymore, between this and bulletstorm, I don't think it can get any gayer. No bots, you can't run your own dedicated servers anymore, and they charge you more for much less. What a rip off. This game is not any better than Soldier of Fortune Payback or Sas Seure Tomorrow and those are only $10. Save your money this game is a big rip off. Expand
  67. Apr 9, 2011
    Although Kaos's last game didn't turn out good i had high hopes for this game. the idea of an American underdog rebel army against a strong korean force seemed very exciting. the campaign was very good and it had good mechanics. although the multiplayer which excited me the most, was a letdown. many people said it would a mix of COD and battlefield, which it was, but the bad sides of the games. in multiplayer it seems you move too slow and with the huge maps that can affect the gameplay. also it seems like it copied a lot out of call of duty. i felt like kaos should have come up with their own new ideas. one thing they did come up with was battle points. i felt like these were an upgrade of cod killstreaks and a good thing to have in a game. the game was fun at first but began to get boring and unexciting. Thats two strikes for kaos. Expand
  68. Apr 9, 2011
    Like most shooters now days Homefront tries to rip off Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the controls are identical, and it's just as short and boring, this should have been called Call of Duty 4.5: Future Warfare, the graphics and sound are dated, and there is delay from the time you hit the button from the time it responds, which for a game that requires fast response time hurts it severely, obviously the best part about it is the multiplayer, but the problem with the responsiveness of the controls hurt it here too, all in all with all the better shooters out there like Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo: Reach, and the upcoming shooters like Battlefield 3, I can't find a reason for anyone to buy this crappy game. Expand
  69. Apr 8, 2011
    Many of the negative reviews for Homefront complain about the length of the single player campaign. I've played more than 5 hours and am not through it yet. So if some dude did a speed run on Easy and then cries about it being too short it is not a valid criticism. The scripted events are straight out of the Call of Duty mould. If it is annoying to wait for an NPC to open a door in this game, why is the same exact feature cool when it is in CoD? Multi-player is the real focus of HF. And it is great. Kaos made Frontlines and it was great, this builds on that experience. The graphics aren't sharp and clear, but you better get used to that in all titles going forward. The hardware is not changing and all the new rendering bells and whistles take their toll. No games are rendered internally at 1080p these days. In order to keep the frame rate smooth some compromises need to be made. That means lower rez rendering. Look at NFS Hot Pursuit... lower rez with more post processing, just like HF. If you want a pretty game, Crysis 2 looks great. If you want a great team based online experience though, HF has dedicated servers so there is none of the Gears 2 host advantage which Crysis suffers from in spades. The rough launch was inexcusable, but it is in the rear view mirror now. Homefront is not CoD. It is not Battlefield BC2, but I tell you gents, I'm having a great time online. It lacks only in the number of maps... I suspect they are deliberately holding some back for DLC but that is now an industry standard practice. Expand
  70. Apr 7, 2011
    The title really doesn't live up to its name. The campaign was exciting and had a very fitting story, but it was a bit short, try 4 hours. The ending was abrupt and unsatisfying. Graphics were pretty good. The multiplayer is fair, at most. What I've noticed is that it is a campers paradise. And if you buy it used, why do you have to pay to continue in multiplayer? The weapons are pretty good, along with the different perks and vehicles. The maps are pretty good too. I just don't understand why first-person shooters now-a-days have shorter and shorter campaigns though. They put too much work in the mutliplayer. I look for a good, long and challenging campaign. Not a 4 hour campaign with an unfitting ending. Expand
  71. Apr 7, 2011
    After having spent time with both the campaign and multiplayer I can say with certainty that the people who claim only that "the graphics suck", "the game is too short", and "the multiplayer is laggy" are not being entirely honest with you. On the topic of graphics the game uses a cell-shaded finish similar to but not as distinct as the game Borderlands to reduce the contrast of the colors making it easier on the eyes when played over long periods of time. When you read that the length of the campaign is too short they are not inaccurate, the story is not very long (took me 3.5 hours to complete on normal) but it is worth a solid 200+ gamerscore for those who just "rent" games from GameStop. As far as the content of the campaigns story goes you get a solid story about survival in enemy occupied territory with a cast of strong if sometimes unwilling heroes trying to survive that has caused some people to denounce the game only on the basis that you see dead Americans or that you kill fellow Americans but this isn't really a good enough reason to say a game sucks cuz it strikes close to home for some. Now on the topic of the games unique multiplayer a few misconceptions need to first be dispelled which can rectify Homefront as a very solid shooter experience that makes it worth having over COD or MOH. First when you read that alot of people were unable to connect or that the game is laggy it isnt due to a server issue but rather people with crap internet getting put as host and then going on to whine about it on the internet, second the people who claim that the damage tables are unfair need to use the flax vest item more often, and third the vehicles in the game may be less realistic than BBC2 but they work better for a more speed-ball type shooter than an APG type game such as BBC2. All in all I in my own humble oppinion think that Homefront while not a major title like Halo, BBC, or COD is a shooter that can hold its own and deserves a decent rating. Expand
  72. Apr 6, 2011
    Great multi-player, bad campaign.... It's hard to give a game one score when the single player portion is such a let down but the online combat is great so I give it an 8 over all. I'd give the single player a 5, it's very short and the plot narrative and lack of interaction with the environment make you feel like your character is just along for the ride. The AI is buggy in spots and your Allies are rarely helpful in a fire fight. It had some memorable moments, but to few to justify buying the game just for the story. I give the Multi-player part of the game a 9, the 32 player support and large maps make for some fun game modes. I like the Battle Points system, it's a bit like kill streak abilities in CoD but more forgiving since you have a running total for the match so you can bank them up to use a devastating higher cost ability without worry about a death or two. I also love the way they did vehicles. In the respawn screen you have the option to spend some of your Battle Points to spawn in a vehicle. I found this to keep a good mix of armor and infantry on the game map since you can't just hop out of your vehicle and run to get another one over and over. The vehicles seem fairly balanced as far as cost vs firepower. This game will be my regular online console shooter for a while. Expand
  73. Apr 3, 2011
    I must say that the single player isnt all that bad but it is a nice compliment to the extremely fun multiplayer. This is not cod and thats the reason why people prob dont like it. You can camp in corners it it new and fresh. Alot of the server issues have been fixed and the graphics are well done and with all the vehicles and explosions that are going on you will be suprised that the game does not slow to a crawl. before you spawn in you see a over view of the field so if there is a spawn camper you dont get cheated. I has a buddy play it and couldnt get enough of it he loved all the action going on and all the vehicles and weapons you could purchase with battle points. I tried to go to black ops but couldnt get into it for the main that is just that it isnt much fun. If you want something differant and you give this game a chance you will love this game and esp if you play your role as either a sniper or you like to assault youll get the bang for your buck but if you cod no scope try to kill people you will get schooled. Play it give it a chance youll love it and wont go back to cod trust me I did and cod will get traded in. Expand
  74. Mar 31, 2011
    It is very rare that I am torn on how to properly review a game. I am not a FPS guy, I like em and I struggle through them for story, but in the end I know Iâ
  75. Mar 30, 2011
    Really? I went to the negative reviews out of curiosity and well amazed by how many people rate a game a zero. There is no hope for the human race. Now I understand why the game is ranked so low.
    So I will get the negatives out of the way first since that is why this game deserves a zero in so many people's eyes.
    Yes. The single player is short. Around 5 hours. But that is becoming a
    trend isn't it? And it is mainly shooters with multiplayer right? The COD and MOH games are the same way. Most people will by it for the multiplayer anyways and the devs know that.
    Yes the game kind of hits a sore spot with parents getting shot in front of their kids. Hey? It happens.
    One thing I didn't like about the game is it glitches. And at the time of this writing I can't even play it because it freezes after the title screen.
    So aside from the glitch, everyone is complaining about what has became standard in today's shooters?
    Now let's judge the game on its own merit.
    Graphics- Pretty average. It is about on par with M.A.G. It does have a cartoon look with a lot of color so I found it pleasing to play compared to the drab look of other games. I was told take Battlefield BC 2 and fade the color and add some jaggies and you have Homefronts look. That is a great way to describe it. Animation is good and effects like lighting make the game look better than it probably does.
    Sound- The music is fitting and the sounds of combat are what you expect. It works but it doesn't match shooters by Activision or EA.
    Control- The game shines here to be honest. Great hit-detection and the control is responsive.
    Multiplayer Control- It only takes a few shots to take someone out which is nice. If you shoot first you will get the kill. That is a nice change of pace to other shooters where a full clip will not take someone out or you get killed even though you shot first. Sniping is easy also. Plus the vehicles control similar to halo where the right stick turns and the left stick moves forward and backwards.
    Multiplayer maps- Not a dud in them but none of them are spectacular either except maybe the Suburb map which is on the 360 only. Some maps do favor snipers and campers which is a problem.
    Replay Value- The single player is short but to get all the achievements you will have to go through it twice. It is a decent story but most people will only go through it once and stick with multiplayer. Hopefully the game will be a hit because the multiplayer is a blast.
    In conclusion the story was worth the play through but the only thing that stuck with me was the amount of cruelty and controversial elements . I am surprised Fox News didn't catch on. The mulitiplayer is a mix between MAG and Battlefield. It holds up well to both of these games but Battlefield has a little more polish. I personally prefer Homefront.
  76. Mar 30, 2011
    Homefront was one game this year that I thought was going to be great. Being a big fan of Red Dawn, I knew I was going to be a fan of the storyline. But the ultimately, in my opinion, game play and multiplayer was clunky and inaccurate I was very disappointed.
  77. Mar 29, 2011
    One Word Review...................Sucks......................Say what you will its just not up to par.....the multiplayer is pretty good which is worth giving it a 6 for effort but the graphics are lame...Snipers are rampant and im not sure if the developers have heard of something called a smoke grenade. when the snipes are blended in with the ugly pixels from a distance then you have a major balance flaw. I traded mine in for crysis. Now i feel much better about my money. Expand
  78. Mar 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. How peoples can hate on this game is understandable, it is not doing anything new(except game mods). I will say if you are not any grafikk nazi you should try this game. The game smash together CoD and BFBC2. In a great way. But peoples have any new fps been super new lately?

    Instead of camping like a noob and getting the 25-ks you earn "BP".(The game has campers, but doesn't every game have it?) With BP you buy rewards(Kill streaks). The game has a focus on teamplay that makes the game fun to play with friends. You can buy from little uav's to giant tanks. From Air to ground, you name it. Tons of fun with new weapons and camos!
    CoD players should not come here and complain about the game grafikks. If you ask me, i haven seen ay changes in the grafikk on the CoD since MW1.

    Great game, you should probably give it a shot!
  79. Mar 29, 2011
    Great idea- poor execution of the strategy

    Single player- was a bit of a different take in terms of the setting, and it had some moments, however I finished this campaign in 4 hours or so on the hard difficulty setting. It just seems like it is half a campaign and was possibly rushed out for whatever reason the developer had?

    Multiplayer- I was really quite excited abbot an alternative
    multiplayer to Black Ops that could distract me for hours on end! This and the fact that dedicated servers were supposed to create the 'ultimate online experience'..... Unfortunately we got only 2 different online game modes, with widespread lag across the world online. For some like myself it is next to impossible to play with consistent freezing during online gameplay and when I do finally get a game it is always 'one red bar'- the worst possible connection. Again, this feels rushed, and many promises have been broken by the developer and publisher with this game- I will never buy one of their online games again

    My score is for single player only, if it was on multiplayer alone this game would get a zero.
  80. Mar 29, 2011
    This is a very good game and don't let some of these fools make you think otherwise. Sure the single player didn't really live up to my expectations but I am REALLY enjoying this game. The story just wasn't there for me, I enjoyed the idea and attempted to care about the story and characters but I just didn't at all. The SP is nothing different from any other PFS you will find out there and it is pretty short, but there are some very cool scenes to experience. The multiplayer is the meat and 'tatoes of this game. I can't express enough how much I enjoy it, the past couple of years I only really played the last two Call of Duty's as far as console MP games and it was such a nice change of pace. There is a big sense of teamwork and I find a lot of players attempting to communicate with their team while in MW2 and Black Ops everyone is too focused on maintaining their immaculate K/D and getting an obnoxious killstreak.

    The battle points system takes the focus off of the long term of your stats and really makes you care about the battle at hand and how you can use them the right way to help your team to win. Although there are few guns I've found myself sticking to a couple anyway and with all the other things you can do in this game it doesn't even phase you. You can use humvees, APCs, tanks, helicopters, and drones. The battles really get crazy after a while with cluster bombs going off and tanks rolling around everywhere, they really captured the sense of a full scale battle. The hit boxes in this game seem really small though. You can be sniping with your cross hairs directly on their head and not hit them at all but in close quarters you don't notice it really. There is also no aim assist and it makes the gunplay tougher due to it but I personally enjoy it, you can't just spray at medium range and take someone out. Also, I've only experienced a noticeable frame rate drop once since I started playing this game and I'm almost a level 50... I have no idea what that reviewer was talking about.

    There are a few quirks about this game though, for one you can't shoot through almost any surface which is pretty odd to me. Also some of the guns sound very cheesy which really bugged me at first but you get over it. Sometimes when i send out a parrot drone it wont let me change the altitude, but I merely just have to leave it and go back then it works fine. Trying to find a game can be difficult but recently it has been running perfectly. With any new game there will be little issues but nothing that is a game changer to me. On the whole this is a good game and very well worth your money if you are looking for a good multiplayer shooter. Some people might be sad because it's not Activision's money whoring machine but considering this being a new IP from a smaller developer I think they did a great job. With huge battles like this there are a lot of different ways to play this game that appeals to a lot of different play styles. I think if people merely gave it a shot they would really enjoy it.
  81. Mar 26, 2011
    Let me start out by saying that I traded in Halo Reach and Fallout N.V for Homefront and I am sadly disappointed. For all of those looking into this game DON'T get it until it goes on sale for like 30 dollars. The game isn't as bad as say Bionic Commando but the graphics are inexcusably horrible. I read that it uses Unreal Engine 1 and thats not going to fly with most gamers expecting a AAA title. Its really outdated and I'll end at that. If you can look past the graphics, the game isnt that bad albeit the extremely short campaign. The multiplayer is what people are going to buy this game for so it shouldnt be a huge problem. The multiplayer is VERY team oriented so dont expect to be a lone wolf and do all that well. The spawns can be a little messy but it does a good job in telling you whos around you with the birds eye view of the map before you spawn in. I found that there can be some hit detection problems when other people are behind cover, but otherwise its really good on that front. The game tends to be DOMINATED by vehicles (the choppers) because to my knowledge its up in the air until you shoot it down which is a little to hard to do. Bottom line is it feels like a really polished arcade game (Blacklight: Tango Down) in particular. Its not worth 60 dollars and Im glad i payed only 20 bucks but when it goes on sale and you want to waste some money, go for it. Expand
  82. Mar 26, 2011
    When I was in college I bought my 1st computer to play Delta Force 2. This was in 1999. Since 1999 I have evolved as a online gammer play the Delta Force Series / COD series / etc.. you get my point. This game is ABSOLUTLY AWSOME if you are a true old'skool gamer!!! I have been waiting for a game like this for over 6 years. This game takes skill, actually all the skills that were needed for OLD-SKool games like DeltaFocre. I assume that non-skilled gammers that compare a game to Blackops etc will not like this game cause they are n00bs and do not have the gamming skills that old-skool gamers have. They need lag and tin can maps to try to win. This game is OLD-SKOOL BABY!!!! IF you have no skill don't bother getting it. Granted it is a bit buggy it is 100% better that Blackops and battlefield bad company 2. The people that give this game a bad review are children that base there gamming experience on the call of duty franchise. This game will go far.. Expand
  83. Mar 26, 2011
    Wasted my time and money. Freezes my console right after the kaos logo at the very beginning. The game will not load when my LIVE account is activated. Problems all over the place. Can't imagine why it was released with so many issues but for one reason and that is greed. As someone said I should have waited for reviews before purchasing. SMH!
  84. Mar 25, 2011
    Homefront had high expectation but did not deliver.Graphics suck with horrible atmosphere.The characters are dull and unenjoyable.However story is deep and focused.Gameplay is repetitive and boring.Multiplayer sucks and wont last very long.One game of multiplayer and you will take this disk out.One of the worst games of the year and DONT buy.
  85. Mar 25, 2011
    I want to like Homefront, and in some ways I really do. But unfortunately good ideas and potential do not excuse poor design and questionable mechanics. I will begin with the single player. At face value, it seems that Homefront has a good thing going for it on the SP front. While it is far from the first game to depict an occupied/invaded U.S. as some have claimed(see Freedom Fighters, World in Conflict, and even MW2), it does seek to exist in a somewhat niche area of the war-based FPS sub-genre. The opening of the game features some truly disgusting and emotional "Oh my God" moments and the setting does provide some utility to the game, but it quickly becomes apparent that all is not right with the game. First of all, Connors, the man you will spend most of the game following, is a horrendously irritating brick head. I wanted to put a bullet in him within the first 5 seconds of the campaign. He is foul-mouthed (and not in a good way), stupid (several of the encounters in the game involve massive firefights instigated by his mental handicap), and downright unlikable. Your female companion, whose name I am tellingly failing to remember now, is about as interesting and memorable as a cardboard box. The only character in the single player who is worth taking note of is Boone, and he isn't around for very long at all. Hopper, the Korean smart kid in your squad, is almost an ok character, but even he falls flat more often than not. This wouldn't be so bad if you weren't forced to interact with them in agonizingly slow walk-around-the-base segments. However, it is clear that the dev team wanted to build up a relationship with these characters and I'm sad to say that effort failed miserably. As a result, the story fails to connect with you in any meaningful way despite some memorable set piece moments (one involving a mass grave really stands out). Unfortunately, all of this spirals into a so-so campaign that you will either not bother with or forget within one wee, a problem I am currently experiencing while trying to write about it. It is also embarrassingly short, which would have been passable were it an impressive experience, but the combination of weak characters and short length make the SP on this game a flop. Now, on to the game mechanics and graphics. The game plays relatively well - the hit detection and ballistics behavior is passable - although the complete lack of bullet penetration through any surface and the questionable weapon handling take a little of the wind out of its sails. The sound design, on the other hand, is atrocious. WIth the exception of the music and some of the ambient sounds, this may be the worst sound mixing I've ever heard. The weapons all sound muffled, as if you are wearing ear plugs the whole time you are wearing ear plugs. This, in turn, reduces the impact and power in the feel of the weapons and leads to an all around less satisfying shooting experience than the competition. The level design is nothing special, and the game generally plays out like your typical corridor shooter, adding to the mediocrity. The graphics are slightly better and are at least average. They are not as bad as some have said, though you will most likely not be finding anything to wow you, especially given the technical achievement that is Crysis 2 being out now (which you really should be playing instead of this game). Still, they do their job well enough to get by and don't break the game. Sadly, though, that's really the best I can say about them. Finally, we have the multiplayer to deal with. Homefront was hyped up to an almost ridiculous degree by Kaos and THQ, so really it should be no surprise that it fails to live up to its promises. What is surprising, however, is how close it came to being great. The underlying system here is, at its core at least, fairly solid. The game plays roughly as a mix of Call of Duty and Battlefield, though it reminds me most of MAG on the PS3 in terms of flow and mechanics. The maps are generally fairly large and feature multiple areas to play in, though this makes the few small, infantry only maps seem incredibly boring by comparison. The new Battlepoints syste allows you to either go for a direct reward like an air strike or UAV sweep or save up for something a little more tangible like a tank or an attack helicopter. Surprisingly, this system works very well and really does add an element of tactical forward planning versus necessary actions at specific moments (using an air strike to clear an objective swarmed by enemy infantry, for example). Unfortunately, outside of its unique infrastructure Homefront is still a mediocre shooter. The weak gun play, graphics, and sound mixing really bog down a game that nearly had what it takes to be great. Homefront does, however, have potential, and I for one hope Kaos takes these ideas and refines them for HF2. For now, though, I recommend renting this. Expand
  86. Mar 25, 2011
    Game was 3 hours long, had graphics worse than CoD while only being 30 fps. Game play was ok but kind of generic. The ending was ridiculous, the beginning wasn't half bad though. Game just overall felt underdeveloped, really not worth the money THQ spent on it. Multiplayer is laggy due to the lack o f servers at launch, and was a nice multiplayer although looking very dated and being buggy. Want my advice? Buy Crysis 2. Expand
  87. Mar 25, 2011
    I have to admit, I was very disappointed with Homefront. I was seriously looking for the next replacement for Black Ops, and instead what I found was little better than a polished beta. That's not to say that THQ isn't on to something though, and the franchise may have a future if THQ pays very close attention to what they have done wrong and improves upon it.

    First the campaign is
    really just an extended tutorial to get you ready for multiplayer. I finished the campaign in just 4.5 hours. While the opening scenes are as disturbing as they promised the overall play through did not live up to the hype. I did not feel that sense of connection that you would expect with the characters in the story, nor did I feel any sense of accomplishment having completed the game. I like the story line though but there just wasn't enough of it.

    Second, online play does have some positives, but the negatives ultimately bog down the title. I like the concept of Battle Points and the ability to earn your kill streaks multiple times during a match. But like other reviewers, I was disappointed with the lack of weaponry to chose from, and the number of maps to play on. I'm also disappointed that THQ obviously is going to try to squeeze players for every dime they can as the launch day pre-order DLC was for a 870 shotgun DL. This weapon is not included in the game as an unlock, but the plan is obvious that it will be a gun that you will have to purchase. Which undoubtedly means they have plans to charge for additional gun(s) packs, in addition to maps. This amounts to little more than a money grab in my book.

    Third, hit detection is atrocious. I tend to be a sniper in most FPS games, as I just prefer the go for precision shots rather than the run and gun method. The first two rounds i played, I was dead on target and pulled the trigger on what should have been easy confirmed kills, and was annoyed that the rounds never hit. Thinking that perhaps it was a simulated Coriolis effect, my excitement grew, only to be crushed when I tried to apply the principle to the game. The game simply is flawed in that it routinely does not register hits. Furthermore there is no bullet penetration to speak of. If you do not have a LOS, you do not have a shot. Flimsy picket fences are adequate cover against what would realistically be a 7.62x51 NATO round from the M110 which is the starter rifle you get to shoot with. Don't get me wrong, I realize that bullet penetration varies depending on the medium, but a picket fence? Really?

    Anyway rent this if you want, but save your money for the next Black Ops DLC and hope that THQ comes with a better version in Homefront 2.
  88. Mar 24, 2011
    I've only had the game for a few hours and i already regret spending $65.36 on this junk. Why would anyone continue to support this trash is beyond me. Look, all we want is a F.P.S game that lets the player feel like he's really in a war. Give the player, tanks, choppers, humvees, and weapons that will steal our breath away. Also, get rid of the xp system since C.O.D ran it into the ground already. I know rank is very important, but rank is to show how far you've come along in the game not what you will unlock once you've reached a certain level. At the rate that games are released players don't always reach the highest rank anyway, so why bother putting all that extra garbage in the first place. keep it simple, give us everything we need from the start, step back, and let us enjoy ourselves. The only game that really let us do this was ( Battlefeild Modern Combat 2 ). how i miss that game. I HOPE YOU'RE LISTENING!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  89. Mar 23, 2011
    With a disgustingly short campaign and a very limited, glitch filled multi-player experience, Homefront fails to deliver on any of it's promises. The single-player campaign starts off well, quickly leaves behind the story in favor of standard shooter action, then abruptly ends. Quite frankly, it's not worth the time (roughly 4 hours) or money to be given half of a game. If the game is expanded with DLC some of these criticisms could be forgotten,but I doubt many would want to throw good money after bad to flesh out characters and finish a story that was intentionally cut short.

    The multi-player graphics are fine considering the size of the maps, and the sound and mechanics are good. The game-play can actually be fun, when and if the game decides to let you play it. This is the first Xbox 360 game that I've ever heard of being unplayable, literally broken (the game actually freezes), right out of the box for some players. Whoever decided this game was ready for release should have their head examined.
    Server and matchmaking problems abound. Glitches where players are half-inside/half outside of a piece of scenery occur too frequently, leaving the player invincible and literally a killing machine. Only having two (2!) game play modes (Team Deathmatch and Ground Control) is laughable in a First-Person Shooter. Only having 8 maps is a letdown as well.

    The Battle Commander and Battle Points systems work well, and add a slightly more strategic element to the game. Vehicles are fun to use as well, and the large maps and large number of players (32 in Ground Control) differentiate this game from others in the genre.

    The game gets points for large scale warfare, large maps, and the Battle Commander and Battle Points elements.
    Unfortunately, the many problems with multi-player, including glitches, too few game modes, too few maps, and a broken match-making system detract from the experience. Couple that with a horribly short single-player campaign and a poorly told story that's not even half finished when the game ends and you're left with a game that I cannot recommend to any gamer, serious or casual. Homefront is an IP that should be turned over to competent game-makers, if only to avoid seeing a great idea further ruined by THQ and Kaos.
  90. Mar 23, 2011
    The part about recent games like COD and MOHAA is that you play as an "operator" an expert in killing and doing your countries bidding no questions asked. This was a departure from the wonderful history and sometimes funny history of those games that I loved. It was not about the skill of the killer but the story of the war and the person fighting, just an average joe making good. Who cant remember fighting armed German Shepards or Nutcrackers. I loved the story here and got immersed in it. That is what I look for a little escape, a little indignant righting of wrongs at the expense of an old foe.

    The Homefront Story put you in the middle of those who have lost the ability to question what they are doing and those that have not yet lost that little piece of humanity that says, "crap I am killing people." I think the story telling in this game is so worth the play and ownership. I look forward to the next addition to what I hope will be a great franchise. The company, I think we are seeing the beginnings of greatness. I have started companies, you have to make the best of what you have. I think that is what we are seeing of the graphics. But yet my old 360 kept up with this game just fine.

    With the crap stories out of the likes of COD lately I have not been able to break myself from playing HALO 3, I think I have found something new to play. I wish they would return to storytelling. I mean really, I would kill a room full of North Koreans who invaded my country but I would never mow down innocent civilians in a russian airport even if ordered to. Here I was a volunteer and not an operator.
  91. Mar 23, 2011
    I would like to be able to give this game a higher score because it shows so much potential, however it lets itself down in to many key areas. The single player has some well made moments in it however they are few and far between, also what is already a short campaign is made to feel all the shorter by regularly taking breaks from the action, this seem to have been done to create atmosphere but comes across as developers playing for time, I wonder if you removed these breaks in play whether the game would even be 3 hours long. The graphics are not as bad as a lot of people are saying, it could do with a polish but I've seen worse, the bigger problem is shoddy level design at several points I have been blocked by invisible walls or knee high objects that are not jumpable. All of this could be forgiven if you are buy this game for the multi-player which when it work's is good fun, unfortunately there are some serious problems with joining games and have games freeze for a great deal of people, kaos studios have patched both the pc and ps3 version but are still yet to fix the problems for 360 players. If you are affected by these problems it mean's roughly 1 in 10 attempts to join a game will be successful (this is not an exaggeration I've been counting) and when you do get in a game you shouldn't expect it to run smoothly. Kaos studios are apparently working on a fix but I fear for many it will be to little to late and they will have already traded the game in. All of the afore mentioned problems are compounded by the majority of the multi-player being limited, each new copy of Homefront comes with a one use "battle code" without this you will not be able to level up past level 5 in multi-player restricting you to only 3 of the 6 game modes as others are unlocked at level 7. If you bought the game second hand you can purchase the code on-line, this is by far one of the dirtiest trick I've seen from a game in a long time, because ignoring the annoyance of having to pay twice get a second hand copy worth playing, If you bought this game new (as I did) and find that you are one of the people affected by the multi-player "glitches" ( as I am) you will more than likely not be able to return this game for a refund (on the grounds that the multi-player is broken) because the store you purchased it from will have no way of telling if you have used the code and therefore devalued the product. leaving you with a broken game and no way of getting you're money back. In summary, if you are buying this game for the multi-player and are one of the lucky few who are not affected by the "bugs" and "glitches" then you may get some good fun out of this game, If however you're buying it for single player, don't bother, and if you are buying it for the multi-player be aware you may be stuck with a £40 game you can't play. Expand
  92. Mar 22, 2011
    This game has so much potential but fails to reach it. I enjoyed the single player but really I was begging for some game to knock COD out of first place in multiplayer. I read a review by earlier by Slapper and I wondered what multiplayer game he was playing. The multiplayer servers are terrible. Getting into a game with friends is difficult to say the least. And the game play is lag heaven. I have an excellent internet connection and went so far as to hard wire the modem instead of using a router and I still only get yellow bar connections. I had high hopes, the potential is there but the multiplayer while not a failure is very poor! Sorry Slapper you missed the boat with your multiplayer comments. I really wanted this game to succeed but COD is still in first place Expand
  93. Mar 22, 2011
    I some high hopes for the game, but ultimately the game just doesn't constitute a $60 Purchase. The singleplayer frankly has all been done before, although it does have some unique story components and atmosphere at times. The biggest problem is pacing which is frantic on a CoD level and short enough to beat in less than 4 hours on normal. This game would be a total bust if not for the multiplayer which I really enjoy because of the scale and hybrid feeling. They did fix issues that made finding available servers impossible at this point, and if not for a very vulnerable and unbalanced spawning positions (Some maps more than others) the multiplayer is a ton of fun, although there's not much to unlock. The games content is good but just too damn limited. When the price drops, it'll be a pretty solid purchase. Expand
  94. Mar 22, 2011
    Poor quality PC game, unfinished and rushed out 1 week before before Crysis 2 to try and mop up some sales. 5 year old game engine (Unreal one) and it shows, 3 hours to complete the single player, multiplayer awful, took it back to the retailer and got a full refund (UK) under the Sales of Goods Act 1979. If you have not yet commited to buy, dont bother,save your cash as this best summed up as woeful. Expand
  95. PL3
    Mar 22, 2011
    This game suck

    take your money go out buy a super nintendo go find Barbie all star and its gonna be a lot better!

    for real the firt 15 minute is sick but when you start playing damn that old school like a ps2 game really that a mess for real wtf?
  96. ALL
    Mar 22, 2011
    This game is terrible!!! It looks like an old Xbox game! I'm sure the story line would be great, but the game looks so terrible and is so glitchy that it's not even worth playing! Unfortunately, it's even worse on multiplayer! Computer and Video Games says that it's multiplayer is better than CoD??? Insane!! It's the worst!! Glitchy, hack ridden, and awful to look at, and that's if you can get into a match. Of course none of the 32 player matches work either because the developers didn't know what they were doing and had no Quality Control. They should take the 32 player advertisements down, because it's impossible to get into those matches. Expand
  97. Mar 22, 2011
    Disappointing. I mean really? How are people giving this an 8 or more? I can only assume these individuals are fairly new to the gaming scene, or perhaps haven't played many other shooters on the array of different platforms out there. Because HomeFront is by far, one of the worst AAA titles I've recently had the displeasure of owning.

    A short campaign with a fantastic premise and great
    backdrop. Even with the sub-par graphics, some of the levels set the scene very well. BUT. And yes there is a but.... KAOS failed miserably to capitalize on such a good backstory. It feels just like every other shooter. Your small team of mere "civilians" now fighting for the Resistance seem to have superior military training and weapons to the North Korean's. You will literally destroy entire bases, tanks, helo's, you name it.... the Resistance appears to be stronger than any army on earth. It really kills the immersive world they've put you in. And the fact it is so short does not help the matter.

    Multiplayer is badly designed. Huge maps yet no way to spawn on team members or flags that you control?? If you're going to copy BF at least get the basics right. The Battlepoints system is frustrating. To actually make your class worth while you have to spend points. All this does is give the good players an advantage, and the bad ones feel like they're trying to climb the impossible ladder. What happens? Spawn Camping! Great! The vehicles are something from a cartoon and the overall "flow" (which is important for MP games) is not good at all. Coupled with the lack of servers and lag leaves me with no choice but to eject the disc.

    If you enjoy this type of multiplayer, definitely pick up a copy of Bad Company 2 if you haven't yet. It really does blow this game out of the water.

    I'm just glad you can sell X360 games.
  98. Mar 22, 2011
    I enjoyed the story. I found it addicting and at perfect length. It tells a story that doesn't take a friggin' enormous amount of time. Multiplayer is addicting, but not the best I've played. A pleasant relief from Black Ops.
  99. Mar 21, 2011
    I'll admit right off that I'm a COD "fanboy." That said, I really enjoyed this game. While the campaign is far too short, it does have a pretty awesome story line and it shows that a great deal of effort was put into it, which is missing in a lot of games these days. Campaign gets a 7/10 from me. Now on to multiplayer. If the hit detection was better and spawn deaths were fewer, then this would be one of the top 5 multiplayer experiences I've ever had. The blend of Battlefield's size and vehicle control with COD's fast-paced style is very well executed. If they put out some patches to fix early glitches and inconsistencies then Homefront could be a force and provide the competition and originality the FPS genre has needed since Halo 2, Battlefield 2 and COD 4. Expand
  100. Jul 31, 2011
    For a game that touted itself as a "Call of Duty Beater" ever since it was announced, the final product is far from anything that could consider itself in the same league as Call of Duty. About the only thing that works in the game (other than a semi-decent multiplayer) is the story, which is written by John Milius who also wrote the 1984 film Red Dawn which has the same concept of "Baddies try to invade America". The plot and backstory are well written using plausible fictitious events that lead up to the beginning of the game. Shame then that the single player campaign is so shockingly bad that is manages to screw up the whole experiences, visuals are rough around the edges and appear very last generation. Levels are deceptive in that they appear open and roamable, but end up funnelling you in a very tight direction with invisible walls and obstacles you cannot jump over. The teammate A.I. must always be the first down ladders or through doors to the point where the game won't let you go anywhere until your slow and stupid team mates catch you up. Shooting is standard but weapons like any real stopping power, often relying on half a magazine to put someone down. The campaign itself is short, VERY short. On my first go on normal I did it in 4 hours, just when you think the game is starting to show signs of getting good you are surprised to find the level ends and the credits role. Multiplayer is semi-decent with an interesting approach to buying equipment and resources via points earned for performing actions, but all the while you'll wish you were playing Call of Duty or Battlefield. I feel sorry that Kaos Studios the developers were shut down, the game stinks of publisher controlled decisions and I believe this is why the game ended up so shoddy. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 85 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 85
  2. Negative: 4 out of 85
  1. May 24, 2011
    The story is way too short and the multiplayer doesn't deliver the fun you know from the Call of Duty or Battlefield games.
  2. Apr 25, 2011
    One of the most interesting shooters of the year. [Issue#108, p.114]
  3. Apr 19, 2011
    The core focus of Homefront is online but with rival releases doing this just as well if not better, there isn't any real incentive. A fun rental perhaps, but spend your money elsewhere and you'll thank us.