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  1. Mar 15, 2011
    The single player campaign is short and crappy. Team members are only good for blocking you as you're trying to run away from a grenade, the battlefield are pretty small and you soak up more aggro than the rest of the group, so moving around is more danger than it's worth, while enemies flank you from all sides because dumbass team members are useless at holding the line.

    Not commenting
    on the Multiplayer yet, but the design is so worthless that Pump Action shotguns, the whole point of which is to be able to interrupt the lengthy reload and fire shots in between slugs so that you're not too vulnerable... well, when that reload animation starts, you have to load every single slug before you can fire. I swear none of the people involved in the game made an FPS before. Expand
  2. Mar 17, 2011
    I am really waiting now only for games that are triple a titles and are reviewed positively great before I buy them. So many times I bet consumers like myself are roped into the hype of a game. Homefront is such a game that professes to be new an innovative. It's all hype don't believe it. Even as I write this I want to go and un-reserve all the games that I have held for upcoming year, based solely on this game. I bought Bulletstorm on a whim and was surprised at how good it was. I was not as "lucky" this time. Graphics: The obvious is that this game looks old and outdated. When playing the multiplayer there are times even on a 55" plasma when both Korean Forces and American Resistance look extremely similar. They both look blocky and underdeveloped. The only way I didn't shoot my team mates what because of the giant green name tag that in design flaw manner would block my vision of enemy behind it and then; pop, dead because of a name-tag. Not only this in single player mode people seemed to be floating over the ground. There are no shadows made from sentry guns spotlights. During the campaign when laying in a mass grave hiding from the KPA clipping issues of being able to see through dead bodies really took me out of the game. This list of terrible graphics could take up my post. Design/game-play: I love it when developers decide they want to slow down the action and express some storyline. Expect when they actually slow my character to that of the speed of a mentally defunct snail on heroine. Oh yes lets explore this small community of rebels hideout, I swear it took me fifteen minutes to walk 30 feet. Invisible walls, all the while the A.I. is telling me to hurry up and get to the next check point. The A.I. is terrible, sometimes standing for minutes at time at a door; unable to go through it. Before allowing me to move to the next part, many times I would have to listen to mindless terrible script. In the multiplayer being dropped by unreliable servers is apparently part of the atmosphere of game; as much as I can figure anyway. The game-play of multiplayer is outdated, a few innovations from battle points, drones, create a class, and many different perks do little to help. The shoddy spawn points several times I would spawn in-front of enemies and would have to wait spawn again. Sound: Don't even get me started, can't even here my gun shoot everything sounds far away. This is not what I expect wearing 5.1 surround sound headphones. The theme music is loud enough to drown out every other sound. C'mon.

    Conclusion: Ripped off, wait for some other game that doesn't suck. Great I just realized I spent 60 dollars for nothing.
  3. Mar 17, 2011
    Worst Xbox live game in history. I don't know how you release a game and you can't even get on to multiplayer - server busy, servers not available, you've been dropped from your party... error after error after error. Avoid purchasing at all costs if you want to play on Xbox live as it doesn't work. Interesting story line but complete waist of money and all marketing hype. I hope they don't let us down next time they release a game. Expand
  4. Mar 23, 2011
    I would like to be able to give this game a higher score because it shows so much potential, however it lets itself down in to many key areas. The single player has some well made moments in it however they are few and far between, also what is already a short campaign is made to feel all the shorter by regularly taking breaks from the action, this seem to have been done to create atmosphere but comes across as developers playing for time, I wonder if you removed these breaks in play whether the game would even be 3 hours long. The graphics are not as bad as a lot of people are saying, it could do with a polish but I've seen worse, the bigger problem is shoddy level design at several points I have been blocked by invisible walls or knee high objects that are not jumpable. All of this could be forgiven if you are buy this game for the multi-player which when it work's is good fun, unfortunately there are some serious problems with joining games and have games freeze for a great deal of people, kaos studios have patched both the pc and ps3 version but are still yet to fix the problems for 360 players. If you are affected by these problems it mean's roughly 1 in 10 attempts to join a game will be successful (this is not an exaggeration I've been counting) and when you do get in a game you shouldn't expect it to run smoothly. Kaos studios are apparently working on a fix but I fear for many it will be to little to late and they will have already traded the game in. All of the afore mentioned problems are compounded by the majority of the multi-player being limited, each new copy of Homefront comes with a one use "battle code" without this you will not be able to level up past level 5 in multi-player restricting you to only 3 of the 6 game modes as others are unlocked at level 7. If you bought the game second hand you can purchase the code on-line, this is by far one of the dirtiest trick I've seen from a game in a long time, because ignoring the annoyance of having to pay twice get a second hand copy worth playing, If you bought this game new (as I did) and find that you are one of the people affected by the multi-player "glitches" ( as I am) you will more than likely not be able to return this game for a refund (on the grounds that the multi-player is broken) because the store you purchased it from will have no way of telling if you have used the code and therefore devalued the product. leaving you with a broken game and no way of getting you're money back. In summary, if you are buying this game for the multi-player and are one of the lucky few who are not affected by the "bugs" and "glitches" then you may get some good fun out of this game, If however you're buying it for single player, don't bother, and if you are buying it for the multi-player be aware you may be stuck with a £40 game you can't play. Expand
  5. Apr 14, 2011
    Wow, this game is awful. Where to begin? First, the story is terrible. Totally unrealistic, but THQ made North Korea the bad guys because they're too scared to anger China who would be a much more plausible bad guy. The string of events leading up to the story are heavily contrived and scoffed at by any reasonable adult who reads the news. The story tries to make you feel like an insurgent in an occupied America, but its so force fed and cheesy that it feels like a lame joke. The support characters are full of stereo types and are one dimensional. As a FPS, the game is also awful. It tries to follow Black Ops, yet bullets are blocked by plants and very thin wood. The AI is a joke as many times the enemy just runs up to cover, only to hide behind it. The enemies literally duck into cover when you place your aiming reticule over them AND jump back out as soon as you move away. Your "allies" sit behind cover while an enemy, who they can see and could easily shoot, unloads on you - yet they do nothing. The overabundance of weapons is a joke as all you see is a bunch of SHINY (Yes, important items shine) weapons littering the battlefield. The only way to know when you truly kill a bad guy is the same audio clip of someone screaming, which gets really old after half an hour. Also, be prepared to kill the same mob over and over as there's only 2-4 models per faction.

    TL;DR This game is awful and a poor Modern Warfare clone. The reviews and scores don't lie. Also - Ignore the THQ employees who pathetically try to inflate the score. You can tell which they are as anyone with half a brain would never give this game more than an 8.
  6. Mar 16, 2011
    Stop encouraging them..... Buying games like this just encourages them to keep doing it. It is a popular scheme nowadays to just copy another game entirely, hype like no other, add a pre-order bonus, and rake in the launch day money.

    They will NOT patch, they will act like the game doesn't even exist.
  7. Apr 9, 2011
    Like most shooters now days Homefront tries to rip off Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the controls are identical, and it's just as short and boring, this should have been called Call of Duty 4.5: Future Warfare, the graphics and sound are dated, and there is delay from the time you hit the button from the time it responds, which for a game that requires fast response time hurts it severely, obviously the best part about it is the multiplayer, but the problem with the responsiveness of the controls hurt it here too, all in all with all the better shooters out there like Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo: Reach, and the upcoming shooters like Battlefield 3, I can't find a reason for anyone to buy this crappy game. Expand
  8. Mar 18, 2011
    if you love bugs, lags, low fps. Stupid scripts, 2006 year's graphic. Parodies on Call of duty. it is game for you! One plus! PR was good./
    This game has 7 Levels in campaign. i completed this game for 2 hours. Multiplayer is not bad but not very good. This game not worth ur money. Save your money for anything else
  9. Mar 17, 2011
    Unbelievably terrible. The single player is competent and pretty fun for the four or so hours it took me to beat it. The single player ends right at the exact moment any other FPS single player campaign would start to heat up. There's no continuity to the single player experience. All the guns kind of feel the same and while the environments look fantastic, you can't shoot through surfaces or destroy surfaces (but enemy turrets can, for some reason). The multiplayer is downright frustrating, too. I stuck a C4 directly to a player and detonated it. Lo and behold, he did not die, and he put me down with two PISTOL SHOTS. Every game of the multiplayer I have played ends with one team getting spawnkilled to the point of tedium. I love spawning right in the middle of an airstrike and instantly dying... twice in a row. The last game I played, my team was getting spawnkilled by two choppers, a tank, and two snipers. It was impossible to do anything. Great job, THQ. I'm never buying a game on launch day again. This game is exactly the same as paying someone for forced sodomy. Expand
  10. Mar 15, 2011
    This game is terrible on so many fronts. The graphics are 4 to 5 years too old. Many of the elements in the game look like shapes with crappy textures slapped on them as an afterthought. The guns are also quite bland and generic, with textures almost resembling something from the original playstation or xbox. The voice work and sound are also horrific. Many of the guns end up sounding like popguns or toy pistols, completely lacking the force they need to fully immerse players. The syncing of voices with animations is completely off and the voice work itself is forced and generic, completely lacking the emotional weight the game needs. THQ advertised this game as a single player focused piece, but the single player is abhorring short and ends so abruptly. Despite a strong first 5 minutes, it slowly and painfully descends into chaos and stupidity. Thus Homefront unexpectedly becomes a multiplayer focused game. The one thing i can commend about this game is the good connection and hit detection, but otherwise the multiplayer becomes a mess. After collecting enough "battle points", the game's currency system, players can buy vehicles or small support items. Yet the game descends into big vehicle brawl-fests and the original first person shooter mechanics are completely lost, as players focus more and more on controlling vehicles and destroying them. The paltry amount of game modes does not help, as I predict the play-life of this game will be very very short. The killing blow however, are the horrendous animations involved in simple tasks, like reloading knifing and sprinting. Sprinting feels like taking baby steps. Reloading is unrealistic and a pain to watch. The knifing makes my eyes bleed. Despite a nice try on the part of THQ and Kaos, Homefront falls flat on a market dominated by unique and addicting fps games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Killzone. Expand
  11. Mar 19, 2011
    TQH marketing department should receive a Nobel prize creating all the hype for such a smelly turd.Four hour single player with flat characters, dull story, bad voice acting , Korean enemies that look like power rangers and graphics probably not meeting standards back in 2005 ! Multiplayer is "the" factor for this game but only for PC since console versions have washed out, muddy graphics and 1 playlist supporting dedicated servers ( rest of em is p2p based) also Kaos studio for some unknown reason deiced to remove 1st person view in all vehicles on 360 and PS3 which is sad... ! Expand
  12. Mar 19, 2011
    Wow what a terrible game, first off the graphics right from the start look jagged and low res. I seriously have seen wii games with better more impressive graphics than this. Secondly the controls seem like they are from a ps2 game hard to describe but they just don't feel right at all. So glad I just rented this game. I would be extremely annoyed if I paid full price for this mess of a game.
  13. Mar 17, 2011
    I seriously want a refund! I thought that the Black Ops singleplayer was a waste of my money, but 4 hours?? Don't waste your cash on this! Just wait for crysis 2 :D
  14. Mar 15, 2011
    total crap, looks bad, plays bad. only chiches, bad voice acting, bad score/music, koreans look like power rangers, campaign on easy is beaten in 3 hours tops
  15. Mar 15, 2011
    Picked the game up this morning, and I finished it this morning. Completed the single player in 4 & half hours on normal. Make no mistake about it, this game is a multiplayer only game. If your buying this, your buying it for the MP. The story is semi interesting I give it that. But it's done in a way thats been done 100 times before. The sound and graphics are definitely out dated and not up to par with other shooters that flood the market. The multiplayer is decent but I don't see it holding it's own against Battlefield or Call of Duty. Homefront will once and awhile be something else to play from time to time, but you and youyr friends will only want to return to Battlefield, Call of Duty or Halo at the end of the day. This game is a PASS... Expand
  16. Mar 15, 2011
    Before I bought the game I was expecting the likes of Half-Life 2 and COD combined together. After playing it for half an hour I got bored and tried the multiplayer. MP was even more pointless than SP. The whole games feels very empty, no mood no atmosphere do depth. The SP characters feel like bots running into walls and what not. I recommend NOT BUYING IT.
  17. Mar 17, 2011
    I bought this game with trepidation after reading several of the reviews. Many give the single player outright scorn and rightfully so. I could barely stomach an hour of the campaign it was so bad.

    I really bought the game for the multiplayer, based on reviews that said it was innovative and worth a look. After 10 hours of multiplayer and ranking up to like a level 12 or something I
    called the store and asked how much I could get back for this horrific game. The servers are down all the time, the lag is horrific, and the graphics and framerate jutter make me want to puke; literaly. I played the game for 4-5 hours each day to give it a real shot. I wanted to throw up each time. I've played 50 different shooters across a wide variety of platforms from Doom in the early 90's to all the halo, COD, GoW, Battlefield games. I have never felt like throwing up from any of those experiences. Homefront left me feeling ill with a headache. DO. NOT.BUY.THIS.GAME This is a bargain bin special that the store only gave me 20 dollars credit for when I brought it back the day after launch. The clerks kind of chuckled and said yeah the game is pretty bad. If you really want to try it out, just for the novelty of getting ill and sick from playing a late 90's shooter, give it 2-3 weeks and you will be able to pick it up used for less then 30 bucks I promise. Remember GH Aerosmith? You could get used copies of that for 15 dollars after about a month. That is absolutely where Homefront is headed. Expand
  18. Mar 15, 2011
    Not going to waste much breath reviewing this... will just say don't buy it. You should download the demo first and you will save yourself some cash.
  19. Mar 16, 2011
    This is my first review, and I was hoping to have something more positive to say...however, I am absolutely appalled by this game, as well as those who give this game credit. We live in a console generation that demands more from developers. This game does not live up to Next-Gen standards, despite the fact that we have been in the Next-Gen era for nearly six years. If this game were a movie, it would land squarely in the realm of a Sci-Fi channel made-for-TV-movie starring Luke Perry.

    The Graphics - 1/10: Oh my god. They are the worst. I know it is not fair to compare games to titles such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, but lets be realistic. Those titles set a standard, and it is our job as a consumer public to demand that those standards be met or exceeded. This game barely meets the standards set by the Ghost Recon series for the original Xbox. The textures are poorly crafted train wrecks that can not be justifiably defended, unless you are just now putting away your PS One and stepping up to 360 with no frame of reference. Game models are absolutely dreadful, and do not do any of their real-world counterparts justice. Character animation is a joke, resulting in laugh-out-loud moments when you see just how terribly they interact with the down right ugly environments. The "fog-of-war" effect made famous by old-era shooters on PC makes a return in this game in what I'm only guessing is KAOS Studios best shot at saving frame rate. I give this section 1 mark for the developer's loving attention to detail on the Hooters restaurant signs. Way to go. I could go on and on literally forever but lets just leave it at this; This game is ugly as sin, and if you value presentation, save your money.

    The Sound - 3/10: The sound engine doesn't do anything new. Its the same old shooter audio environment that we have been used to for a decade or more. KAOS should have learned a lesson from the Battlefield: Bad Company franchise, which has nearly perfected a fully realized audio experience. This game lacks emotion in its sound...and for god's sake, we know that they spent good money creating the music...but that does not mean we want to hear it. Where is the option menu? Why do developers choose to cram their game down our throats. This game represents a trend in which developers charge more for games and give us less options. I don't like being spoon-fed the experience they demand we have. I'm not a child, and I am not gonna open my mouth for the proverbial airplane.

    Game play - 1/10: I don't give a damn about single player games. If I wanted story, I would buy a book or see a movie. I didn't play the SP campaign. Developers should take note of the smash success of BF2. I did, however, brutalize myself with the multi-player mode for two rounds. Not enough time to effectively rate this game, you might be saying? I say you are wrong. If you are anything like me, you probably wanted to gouge your eye balls out of their sockets for having laid eyes on such an ugly, clunky, cluttered, and convoluted mess. As I said before, the graphics are barf-tastic, the sound is boring, the character animations are unrealistic, weapon models are weak, textures...ugh...the textures. I would have rather played a game that takes place on a texture-less world populated by stick figures and stick figure guns. The gun-play is retarded, recoil is unrealistic, and the Counter-Strike wanna-be "battle-point" system reeks of the stench of rotting cd-rom games in the garbage. I found the whole fiasco repulsively simplistic in movement and form. Ah yes, and don't even get me started on the dedicated server nightmare. How many times are developers going to punish their devoted fan-base by being unprepared for a major title release. It screams laziness, and I will not tolerate it for one more second. I implore you to do the same. If today's generation of network developers worked for me, I would have fired them long ago. Enough is enough.

    Overall - 2/10: Its no wonder that KAOS and THQ opted not to release a demo or beta prior to release. I suspect they knew they had a major stinker on their hands and didn't want to damage their chances of making sales or capitalizing on their huge marketing push. If this were my product and I wanted to make a few bucks, I would have done the same. But make no mistake, guys and gals...This game sucks. Plain and simple. I would not have launched into this tirade if I didn't desire to protect your wallets and keep the FPS community structurally sound. As a devoted hardcore shooter gamer, I demand excellence in a video game. We all invest so much time and money into this that we should expect no less than the standard set by today's AAA titles. This game is so pathetically below those standards that I foresee this game being a bargain bin, used game sales nightmare. You couldn't get me to pay 99 cents for this pile of refuse. Harsh? Yes. But this is reality, and reality hurts.
  20. Mar 16, 2011
    I buy games for the story, and boy did this game claim to have a story. As a huge fan of Apocalypse Now, I had high hopes for this new title from Kaos (whose Modern Combat mod I enjoyed for months when I was taking my first steps into the still-new world of FPS). I read and watched everything I could find on this game in the days before it's release with great anticipation, assuming that a game built on such a strong story foundation was destined for greatness. However, my assumptions quickly proved to be false.

    Really, really quickly, to be honest. It only took me a just shy of four hours to beat the single player on regular. Apocalypse Now: Redux clocks in at 3:14:59. Needless to say I was very disappointed. The characters are shallow and a lot of the heart wrenching drama we were supposed to see ended up just being shock value. Outside of a few other gameplay annoyances, though, I did find the game to be pretty fun, with enjoyable missions and some very cool sets. I'm just hoping they don't expect me to actually pay for DLCs with more single player content, they've already ripped me off enough.

    A lot of reviews praise the multiplayer as this game's savior. This is what's wrong with the FPS genre in general, but I won't go into it here. The online experience is good, dedicated servers are a definite plus. There are a few nice innovations, but overall it feels like a scaled-down Battlefield game (which makes sense, considering the developer), and looks like any of the recent CODs. Though it quickly gets old if you've played much of either.

    Final thought:
    Save yourself 50 bucks and just borrow the game from a friend (you'll only need it for a day).
  21. Mar 16, 2011
    Okay, I've played the first part of this game... where's the rest? .... there must be more? Right? For 60 bucks? You know, 60 bucks... for, uh... 5 hours? And much of that time is being yelled at by overly-chromatic, terribly textured and rendered, hostile allies who tell me to "shhh" and "hold up" while we sit and watch another war atrocity paraded out in front of us. Then we can play again. Then another atrocity. Then we wait. Then we play. And I loved the opening video, which is completely aped from the movie The Kingdom (eye roll). And much ado has been made about John Milius, the writer of Red Dawn, penning this game. Reality check: that movie sucked.... and, boy howdy, so does this game. What a drag. (don't even get me started with the gameplay iteslf.... ugh... I'm going to go back and play COD again) Expand
  22. Mar 17, 2011
    All the hype for this game convinced me to break my cardinal rule: NEVER buy video games without reading several different reviews before buying. I really wished I would've because I feel like I threw $60 down the drain. I found the graphics to be blurry and undefined, the gameplay to be delayed (especially in multi-player), and overall just a big disappointment. I was able to get into two multi-player maps in an hour due to servers STILL being down. Once in, I was frustrated as hell by the fact that the unresponsiveness of the gameplay increased and it takes almost and entire clip of ammo to kill anyone. The storyline is OK, but what does that matter if the game itself sucks? If you are interested in this game, definitely try it through Gamefly before buying. Expand
  23. Mar 17, 2011
    TOTAL Schlock!!! It is 2011 and this is the much-hyped revolutionary FPS from THQ? Really? The graphics are PS2, the conceot is solid, but the story and voicing are worse than Sci-Fy channel Friday night movies like Man-Squito. The gameplay is clunky and simply no fun at all. My character felt like a fat, slow short plumber. Wait til you get a load of the animations of climbing a ladder or jumping into a tunnel, too. Your arms and legs disappear. Invisible walls and enemies that all die the same way are game design elements of 5 years ago. Should I really have to wait for the thousandth time for the NPC to open the door for me or jump over the fence? Play one hour of this, then one hour of Crysis 2 or Killzone 3, or Bulletstorm. Then write your review. If you still can give it anywhere near above a 4, you're an idiot and should go buy Dance Central. Expand
  24. Mar 19, 2011
    Let me begin by saying I was a big fan of Frontlines Fuel of War both single player and multiplayer. When I heard THQ was developing another game I was hoping for a sequel without the glitches, lag, etc. Like many of you I was checking the status of this greatly anticipated game on youtube and various other websites for all the information I could get. When the release date was set I began counting down the days only to have it pushed back again and again. "Okay" I thought, I'd rather see a delay then for them to release a game of poor quality. I was wrong, regrettably very wrong! Homefront could have been great; Homefront could have been ground breaking both in premise and game play. Like I said earlier; Frontlines was fantastic, so good in fact the "Big Guys"copied ideas from it such as drones etc. The battle point system was a welcome addition instead of kill streaks which more than likely will and should be copied by other developers. The single player is way to short, the graphics are average to say the least while the movement of your character is like he has a twenty pound dump in his pants! His movements are slow, methodical not at all crisp or sharp like other FPS games. Multiplayer is a joke, that's if you can get in a game at all, joining friends is virtually impossible. It went from dedicated servers to P2P because they underestimated the online attraction; they're in the gaming industry right? MP is what many people play day in and day out and these guys are not prepared? All 16 player games will now be hosted on P2P not dedicated. Make no mistake; multiplayer is a camper / sniper haven which kills it right off the bat, the weapon selection is poor and the fact you can't add more than one attachment to your weapon is a joke. No sight and silencer combo WTF? Why Not? All the while your character is still running around with that dump in his pants! Overall this game is a failure in every way possible, with such high hopes it pales in comparison to other FPS games past or present. I mean really THQ what were you thinking? To add insult to injury if you buy used or rent you have to pay 10 bucks to play online past level 5! This was done of course to prevent people from just renting the game and also brings in a few extra bucks to boot. Like paying 60 dollars for this crap wasn't enough THQ. Put your greedy little hands back in your pockets and try developing a game we were all hoping you would! Save your money and rent if you must. Don't spend 60.00 or even 20.00 for this game, soon enough it will be in the bargain bin or on ebay for 8.00 to 10.00 dollars. Complete and utter fail THQ you should be embarrassed and ashamed! The gamers have spoken and we're not going to take this anymore it's unacceptable, a patch for this, a download for that, a quick fix for the other thing. When are you developers going to get it right? Its no wonder your stock dropped 25 percent the day of release! Thats our way of saying "Congratulations on a job well done" Expand
  25. Mar 17, 2011
    How people are giving this a 9 or 10 must not be playing the same game I am.

    Storyline- Not sure how this is considered a "new and exciting" take on standard FPS's. A ton of games have had the US either invaded or attacked by other nations or terrorists. Don't really think that changing them to Koreans should gain the accolades given for this "groundbreaking" story. The buidup
    trailers and teasers at the official site were actually much better than what was in the game.

    Graphics- My opinion, but looks like an unpolished port of a Wii game. Can someone say, cutting edge 2003 technology?

    Sound- Explosions and gunfire. To be expected, no great positives or negatives.

    Controls- Standard controls. Character feels like they are running and moving with an extra 10 lbs. on each arm and leg.

    Support- Nonexistant. I was shocked upon joining the HF community and seeing the general poor attitude and sense of dislike from the developer towards the gaming community. People asking for the popular mode of hardcore were told in no uncertain terms that it wasn't in the game and they really don't care what people say. Thats one example, and there were more concerns like this that people were basically told, "oh, well."

    Singleplayer- All this hype, really? The trailers and site information took longer to look at than the game to finish. I read about all this, basically crap, about how they had "redefined" the FPS shooter and reworked it, and tweaked it, and loved it. Can't change much in a FPS and they didn't. Character developement wasn't even present, you couldn't care less about them really. The emotional card was basically played on shock value such as mass graves at a baseball field. Common now! It was a baseball field, you don't get more American than a baseball field! Double crossing by supposed allies. Death of your main leader, strung up for display. Etc., etc., etc. Multiplayer- 2 game types, you heard me right 2. Capture objectives or team deathmatch, or get really freaky and play skirmish which mixes them up. 8 maps, buildings and open spaces, done. Battlepoints are kind of cool, makes it much easier for players that are not in the 16 hrs/day, 7 days a week skill range to get some good stuff. Bottom line, killing 10 people to get a helicopter and getting points for killing 10 people to get a helicopter really isn't that much different.


    The greedy's that be, have decided that only one person gets the "full multiplayer experience." You heard that right too. This means that if you have for example, two kids and yourself that game, they expect you to pay another $20 so everyone can have the "full multiplayer experience." You rent it and want to play past level 5, $10 for a new code. You buy it used, $10 for a new code. Eat it steaming and fresh is all I have to say about that.

    Bottom line- Its a only half decent game that due to uncaring developers and greedy publishers is brought down to the bargin bin level. I even think the price dropped $20 the day after release, when has that happened before? If you have the game and really like it, I'm happy for you. If you have the game, and like me, think its a stinker. Well, I guess we can wait for a patch and see what happens. A paid downloadable content to fix this mess and they can shove that with their additional battle code idea.

    Call me a fanboy all you want, I readily admit that CoD games have their faults as well, but are also brilliant in many aspects. I was looking forward to this game as an alternative to CoD, its not even in the same league. All I have to backup this statement is that right at this time, there is more than 2x the number of players online on Black Ops than total sales of Homefront.
  26. Mar 17, 2011
    Single player was far too short, and i'm very annoyed by the "Battlecode" where you've got to have bought the game new in order to effectively play multiplayer. This game was enough of a bomb that I'll seriously think carefully before buying THQ games again.
  27. Mar 18, 2011
    The story was pretty good the downfalls easily outweighed the rest of the game though, the graphics were choppy, i found that even behind cover i was getting hit the hit detection in general was week , only took maybe 5 hours to beat it. Multiplayer was okay it was good to see something different for once but it still needs work in my opinion with that said this game is a rental.
  28. Mar 22, 2011
    Disappointing. I mean really? How are people giving this an 8 or more? I can only assume these individuals are fairly new to the gaming scene, or perhaps haven't played many other shooters on the array of different platforms out there. Because HomeFront is by far, one of the worst AAA titles I've recently had the displeasure of owning.

    A short campaign with a fantastic premise and great
    backdrop. Even with the sub-par graphics, some of the levels set the scene very well. BUT. And yes there is a but.... KAOS failed miserably to capitalize on such a good backstory. It feels just like every other shooter. Your small team of mere "civilians" now fighting for the Resistance seem to have superior military training and weapons to the North Korean's. You will literally destroy entire bases, tanks, helo's, you name it.... the Resistance appears to be stronger than any army on earth. It really kills the immersive world they've put you in. And the fact it is so short does not help the matter.

    Multiplayer is badly designed. Huge maps yet no way to spawn on team members or flags that you control?? If you're going to copy BF at least get the basics right. The Battlepoints system is frustrating. To actually make your class worth while you have to spend points. All this does is give the good players an advantage, and the bad ones feel like they're trying to climb the impossible ladder. What happens? Spawn Camping! Great! The vehicles are something from a cartoon and the overall "flow" (which is important for MP games) is not good at all. Coupled with the lack of servers and lag leaves me with no choice but to eject the disc.

    If you enjoy this type of multiplayer, definitely pick up a copy of Bad Company 2 if you haven't yet. It really does blow this game out of the water.

    I'm just glad you can sell X360 games.
  29. PL3
    Mar 22, 2011
    This game suck

    take your money go out buy a super nintendo go find Barbie all star and its gonna be a lot better!

    for real the firt 15 minute is sick but when you start playing damn that old school like a ps2 game really that a mess for real wtf?
  30. Mar 23, 2011
    With a disgustingly short campaign and a very limited, glitch filled multi-player experience, Homefront fails to deliver on any of it's promises. The single-player campaign starts off well, quickly leaves behind the story in favor of standard shooter action, then abruptly ends. Quite frankly, it's not worth the time (roughly 4 hours) or money to be given half of a game. If the game is expanded with DLC some of these criticisms could be forgotten,but I doubt many would want to throw good money after bad to flesh out characters and finish a story that was intentionally cut short.

    The multi-player graphics are fine considering the size of the maps, and the sound and mechanics are good. The game-play can actually be fun, when and if the game decides to let you play it. This is the first Xbox 360 game that I've ever heard of being unplayable, literally broken (the game actually freezes), right out of the box for some players. Whoever decided this game was ready for release should have their head examined.
    Server and matchmaking problems abound. Glitches where players are half-inside/half outside of a piece of scenery occur too frequently, leaving the player invincible and literally a killing machine. Only having two (2!) game play modes (Team Deathmatch and Ground Control) is laughable in a First-Person Shooter. Only having 8 maps is a letdown as well.

    The Battle Commander and Battle Points systems work well, and add a slightly more strategic element to the game. Vehicles are fun to use as well, and the large maps and large number of players (32 in Ground Control) differentiate this game from others in the genre.

    The game gets points for large scale warfare, large maps, and the Battle Commander and Battle Points elements.
    Unfortunately, the many problems with multi-player, including glitches, too few game modes, too few maps, and a broken match-making system detract from the experience. Couple that with a horribly short single-player campaign and a poorly told story that's not even half finished when the game ends and you're left with a game that I cannot recommend to any gamer, serious or casual. Homefront is an IP that should be turned over to competent game-makers, if only to avoid seeing a great idea further ruined by THQ and Kaos.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 85 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 85
  2. Negative: 4 out of 85
  1. May 24, 2011
    The story is way too short and the multiplayer doesn't deliver the fun you know from the Call of Duty or Battlefield games.
  2. Apr 25, 2011
    One of the most interesting shooters of the year. [Issue#108, p.114]
  3. Apr 19, 2011
    The core focus of Homefront is online but with rival releases doing this just as well if not better, there isn't any real incentive. A fun rental perhaps, but spend your money elsewhere and you'll thank us.