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  • Summary: The year is 2027. The world has suffered a decade-long energy crisis, and economies have crumbled. Reduced to a mere shadow of the super power it once was, the United States became the target of a North Korean takeover. American malls, suburbs and city streets are now battlegrounds as the civilian resistance fights for freedom. Featuring a compelling single player story crafted by John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn), Homefront immerses gamers in an interactive and cinematic FPS experience where they assume an infantry role or take command of a wide variety of aerial and ground vehicles. In a land stripped of freedom, the brave will fight for their home. [THQ] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 85
  2. Negative: 4 out of 85
  1. Mar 11, 2011
    Combining so many elements into such a cohesive story, THQ has reminded me why I love gaming. The only fault I could find other than the character models was the relatively short single player campaign; on the hard level I finished the game in less than 7 hours.
  2. Mar 11, 2011
    Kaos Studios should be proud as they have done a highly commendable job of reinventing ideas we've seen in Frontlines , piecing them into a more cohesive palatable story and releasing a new game which feels accomplished and easy to play.
  3. Mar 18, 2011
    A decent title game a campaign that doesn't meet expectations, but with a great and unique multiplayer mode.
  4. Mar 15, 2011
    There's enough material within Homefront's concept for it to spiral into something more interesting, and with plenty of talk about a sequel it's clear that's what THQ and Kaos is looking for, but this first crack of the whip falls far short of the competition.
  5. Mar 22, 2011
    Homefront is a game that will live or die based on its online component. For $60, if you are investing solely for the single-player campaign, you are truly wasting your money. The multiplayer has the potential to be something amazing with a few tweaks and a better selection of maps, currently there just aren't enough.
  6. Mar 29, 2011
    THQ should have made a deal with MGM to turn Homefront into a tie-in for the upcoming Red Dawn remake. That game would have been way better than what we have now.
  7. Apr 4, 2011
    Games as an art form are ready for that next big step, I think. We're ready for that true war game that explores all of a conflict's facets and ramifications, but for now we're stuck with drivel like Homefront that's still about Buff McRockHard fighting evil foreigners. Homefront is the most insidious kind of bad game-it's the kind that masquerades as something more special.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 60 out of 205
  1. Mar 15, 2011
    Homefront is a fine game if you give it a chance. The graphics and sound,( voice acting in particular) are poor compared to bombs like BFBC2 or KZ3, and the capaign is shockingly short. I find the excellent multiplayer makes up for this though - once the controls sink in and you begin to adapt to the shoddy graphics there is a lot of fun to be had here. And no, its nothing like COD. Comparing games like BFBC2 and Homefront to COD is akin to comparing Gran Tourismo to Ridge Racer...HF is a squad based game, if you run around by yourself like a headless chicken hunting for kills you will be dead continuosly. Over HF does a great job in recreating large scale battles in a (somewhat) fresh environment, 32 players on a map is something we dont see too much of on console, vehicular combat, drones etc are easy to control and offer a satisfying experience regardless of skill level. Expand
  2. Mar 23, 2011
    The part about recent games like COD and MOHAA is that you play as an "operator" an expert in killing and doing your countries bidding no questions asked. This was a departure from the wonderful history and sometimes funny history of those games that I loved. It was not about the skill of the killer but the story of the war and the person fighting, just an average joe making good. Who cant remember fighting armed German Shepards or Nutcrackers. I loved the story here and got immersed in it. That is what I look for a little escape, a little indignant righting of wrongs at the expense of an old foe.

    The Homefront Story put you in the middle of those who have lost the ability to question what they are doing and those that have not yet lost that little piece of humanity that says, "crap I am killing people." I think the story telling in this game is so worth the play and ownership. I look forward to the next addition to what I hope will be a great franchise. The company, I think we are seeing the beginnings of greatness. I have started companies, you have to make the best of what you have. I think that is what we are seeing of the graphics. But yet my old 360 kept up with this game just fine.

    With the crap stories out of the likes of COD lately I have not been able to break myself from playing HALO 3, I think I have found something new to play. I wish they would return to storytelling. I mean really, I would kill a room full of North Koreans who invaded my country but I would never mow down innocent civilians in a russian airport even if ordered to. Here I was a volunteer and not an operator.
  3. Mar 19, 2011
    Played the SP in 3 hours so not the longest game but i had fun for all that time. NPC char animation is not the best but works. MP is whole different thing. Its hectic, fast and ofc FUN. It breaths some fresh air to the genre. Think like COD+BF-BC2 with abit arcade touch. Played few matches and had no lag to say. Fast load times etc. Good variety of maps with nice themes. Really hoping we get more maps and stuff to use in MP. Expand
  4. Apr 14, 2011
    Short review: Single player is absolutely wasted potential. It's interesting enough, but stops way short, like a nascar car hitting the wall at lap 10. However, multiplayer is enjoyable enough and is the only online MP that I'll stick with until I hit the level cap. Expand
  5. May 15, 2011
    It has a great idea and a scary premise. The problem is it never comes to fruition. The graphics are 2006 and the online game-play is original but fidgety. Vehicles can become a problem and hit-detection is sometimes off. I hope they don't lose faith in their ideas as another try with some feedback and a future beta could do wonders for this as a franchise. Expand
  6. Mar 15, 2011
    The single player campaign is short and crappy. Team members are only good for blocking you as you're trying to run away from a grenade, the battlefield are pretty small and you soak up more aggro than the rest of the group, so moving around is more danger than it's worth, while enemies flank you from all sides because dumbass team members are useless at holding the line.

    Not commenting on the Multiplayer yet, but the design is so worthless that Pump Action shotguns, the whole point of which is to be able to interrupt the lengthy reload and fire shots in between slugs so that you're not too vulnerable... well, when that reload animation starts, you have to load every single slug before you can fire. I swear none of the people involved in the game made an FPS before.
  7. Aug 4, 2011
    This is the worst game ever made, im not even joking, the story line sucked because it was short and the story line wasnt very good either the multiplayer had some good combat, but the lack of wepons that you could actually get was crap and its defently not a game i would play forever, the maps were alright... but they just grabbed bits from the campagin and stuck them in the multiplayer and that was pretty boring... The graphics on the game are a huge let down. pretty much anything in the distance was just a pixel and was so hard to see, so theres sniping gone... when i went to the shop and bought this i was like "Yeahhh Homefront!" and then i get to my Xbox pop it in and play the game expecting to be playing a campagin that was like 5 hours long but actaully took me about 1 hour to finish. Every day i ask myself "why did i buy this?" I could have bought Operation flashpoint red river or crysis 2 that were the same price. The case makes the game look a million times better than the actualy game, so i guess you cant judge a book by its cover... the very fact that i actually went to sell this about 2 days after i bought it shows how bad this game is, only to realise that the price has went down from about £40 to like £20 in like 2 days... if another HomeFront is made im defently never buying it, unless reviews say its the best game they have ever played, witch i strongly doubt becuase the game is utter balls and i cant see anyway of improving on this terrible game. Expand

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