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  1. Feb 27, 2013
    Originally intended as a full retail release I Am Alive eventually found itself released as a budget download only title. While its troubled production is certainly evident, particularly in its rushed final chapters, it has enough original ideas and solid gameplay mechanics to provide six to seven hours of tense entertainment.
  2. Mar 7, 2012
    Wow, I Am Alive is a fantastic game, is so interesting, the gameplay is fantastic, the story is amazing, this is one of the biggest sorprises of 2012, and I never believe that.
  3. Dec 28, 2013
    I am alive is a compelling emotion ride as you fight, fight to save your family, yourself and the reminding survivals, just watch your back because not everyone is so helpful. The end as we know is here after the devastating earth quakes, storm and tsunamis and you must find your family before it's to late. I am alive features the best survival gaming mechanics in have experiences and some tricky plat forming that leaves you satisfied after figuring them out. You will get your money's worth and have a great time completing this short game. Expand
  4. Mar 10, 2012
    This game is a piece of crap. There is a fuzzy film grain filter that is applied that makes the game look last generation. The textures are low quality, and the environments are bland. This game is linear and boring. The combat is simple. Let the guy come to you and you slice their neck. Bluff them and push them off a cliff. The story is cheesy, and the voice acting mediocre. The girl sounds like she is just talking into a mic, and the scenes where the video recorder is shown in place of full in game stuff is bad. I recieved a code for this game for free. And I am complaining. This game is bad. Expand
  5. Mar 11, 2012
    The game begins in a room of one survivor, who is watching a handheld camera, and you, the protagonist begins to speak, addressing to your family (of course, this implies that he is dead): you show your basic survival kit (camera, supplies, rope, etc.), and says that makes a year since the cataclysm and that you took time to reach the edge of town and will enter it to search for Julie (his wife) and May (his daughter), trying to get his old apartment,, because life has no meaning without them.

    The game has two difficulties in the beginning, Normal (more items / ammo, and the minimum of 03 retries for stage) and Survivor (scarcer items and without retries), and to finish the game opens up yet another one yet. The number of retries available you can see in pause, and that gives the option to restart the checkpoint (automatic in certain parts of the game).

    The look of the game is good, but for years of development, and so many hype, could be much better: the game graphics abuses of dust effects, and colours like greys, browns, whites and blacks, to give an air of desolation, and has a fine grain background. The desolation scenarios are really well worked.

    Few elements have true colors as your life bar, and objects of importance - the details of the environments are noted in most scenarios destroyed, but the game uses the very bottom "dirty", dotted, and effects of haze and dust that are constant ...

    Also we note that in some elements (some enemies, skeletons) that when the game was in works, and Ubisoft decided to rush it a little, and not end up with a better detailing of some things.

    The game's sounds are very good, with the constant wind, and the voice of the protagonist, often talking down to avoid unpleasant encounters: the music is appropriate to the game: pianos and with a tense and dramatic atmosphere.

    The main gameplay has many aspects of climbing to go through the destroyed scenarios, and any more intense physical action, consumes a stamina bar, which is the white one (top right; the red one, top left is your life). It decrease slowly, for example when you are climbing or holding on to something, so it is always good to try to be quick at it.

    When it disappears, you can make a supreme effort by pressing RT quickly, and appear a white circle around the screen, which reduces to the center of the screen, turning red in the end, when you fall (you can gain some time to compete something with this) - but the supreme effort decreases the size of the bar, that can only be restored using some item. Occasionally (rarely), you find water, more Retries, ammunition, food, etc. in the scenarios.

    When you meet someone, it's always good to see the reaction of the person to know what to do: with a gun (in first person) by pointing it you can yield some survivors (enemies ones) less armed, and using the X they will retreat, eventually you get a machete and can use it for some actions, and of course, make surprise attacks when them get close. In many instances there will be more of an enemy so think before you act, trying to see how is the best form to escape alive.

    In some instances you find survivors in need of something, like inhalers, food, medicine, water and re-hydration items, and you can choose to help them or keep the items to yourself (there are many achievements for saving people).

    About the fight, still have not found a good combination to get with it: if you point the gun a long time, the enemies see that you do not want to shoot and attack - which is complicated, as always that are more than one enemy, and you don't have time to kill one, other one hits you in middle of the fight. I usually always try to "isolate" one, to allow time to prepare myself for another who is coming.

    The game takes place in a restricted part of the city, with a map that reminded me very much those that exists in Silent Hill... in fact it reminds me not only in this: the movement of the character, the mist, the style of markings in the map, some parts of gameplay too. The enemies attitude resemble only a little another title: Manhunter.

    As is known, this is literally a Survival game, and it behaves the same as one, in a slower pace, and with real enemies, not fictional ones: in spite of everything behind the game, I confess I expected more from some many years and speculations, especially in gameplay variation and in graphics (which in some instances need some polishing) - I give the game a Score of 7.0 / 10.0 .
  6. Apr 3, 2012
    I am alive is an Epic game by Ubisoft. It is a very interesting game with amazing graphics, and an amazing story. It reminds me alot of the movie I am legend, and the game fallout 3 mixed. The games engine is perfect, and with the mechanics, reminds me of a male lara croft. Very good game, worth more then $15. The critic IGN has no idea what there talking about. WHAT??? They said bad graphics? Really? No its not bad at all. IGN rates ALL survival horror games very very low just to make people mad. Cant spell IGN without IGNorant you know? But this game is amazing and worth every penny for this awesome adventure! Expand
  7. Mar 13, 2012
    I remember the first trailer. I was psyched. Then nothing for the longest time. Then another trailer! ...Then more nothing. When it finally hit, I wasn't sure what to expect. XBL content instead of a full game? That should've been a big hint. Still, the game had a solid developer backing it. Unfortunately, you cannot base a game's quality on their developer. There's just too little quality here for what was promised and the cost. The graphics are decidedly last gen. The controls are buggy. The AI is far too easy. The climbing sequences, while challenging, are tedious. The story is linear. All and all it's just not that good. Expand
  8. Mar 23, 2012
    A cool game that has a lot of cool ideas that fit together pretty well. It also takes great advantage of the post apocalyptic setting So you must conserve food, water, and supplies you find on your journey. One of the coolest parts is to whip out your gun if your getting bullied by thugs and to watch them cower and back down then do tell them to back up so they fall into a hole or stab them while they are vulnerable. I am Alive isn't without its faults though, Like sometimes it can get a little boring and there isn't much to loot or rummage through to look for supplies, and sometimes the climbing isn't extremely responsive. But this is a title you should check out and at least play the demo. Expand
  9. Mar 21, 2012
    I suspect that those who don't like this game are just straight up miserable people! The idea and story create an unusually refreshing background with which to navigate into ultra-depressing gameplay. LOL depressing in that really depressing (ie, Aeris dying sorta thing - creates nostalgia) good way you get from games you're really into... definitely check it out it's my new favorite game
  10. Mar 12, 2012
    I'm so torn with this game. The premise and overall execution of the story, scenario, characters etc is spot on. But the game suffers from so many strange design choices and many irritating control issues which really diminish the experience. The overall look of the game is great with a town ravaged by an earthquake coated in dust (reminiscent of the film The Road). This is not a colourful adventure, and all the better for it! Combat is interesting, relying very much on planning survival over gunplay and melee attacks. Characters and story are well executed with many additional NPCs to flesh out areas of the town. The reducing stamina bar during climbing, running and walking through dust clouds really adds to the tension and offers a different sort of survival experience other than the threat of being shot or stabbed to death. However, there are some very irritating control issues and design choices which lead to much unnecessary frustration. The climbing mechanic, reminiscent of Uncharted and Tomb Raider, is generally fine, but on so many occasions it's inaccuracy creates massive frustration leading to unfair deaths. So many times while on the brink of complete stamina loss and an imminent fall to my death I've suddenly not been able to climb up onto a ledge or I've not been able to climb in a certain direction. When this happens, and you manage to live, the repercussions of this are felt throughout the game as your stamina bar is permanently reduced in size and can only be extended by consuming provisions that are few and far between. It's just very infuriating when the controls let you down making the game far harder than it should be. Secondly, the retry system is dated and completely redundant. Why on earth does it exist? Especially when the actual checkpoints are so far apart at times. Why do I need to worry about retries? If all my retries are used up I have to start a whole section again? Why? Why on earth does that exist? It's not made clear either when it's safe to quit the game knowing that the game has autosaved. I quit once and was put back quite a way because I had no idea when I would reach a save point. A simple indication of when the game has saved would be nice as well as a simple checkpoint system that's clearly indicated. Pointless, dated features like this really hold the game back. I really hope 'I Am Alive' gets a sequel in the form of a complete game - it has a great premise and some fantastic ideas, but it definitely needs a bigger studio with game designers that aren't stuck in the 90s! Expand
  11. Dec 21, 2012
    grande jogo sobre o fim do mundo, belos graficos, belo precinho camarada, recomendo para qualquer um que que queira pagar pouco e se divertir muito neste game da renomada Ubisoft
  12. Mar 10, 2012
    From the beginning, I Am Alive throws you into the fire of survival in a linear story telling way. The story starts you off entering the city. Quickly learning how to jump and climb you realize that the stamina bar that you are given will be necessary to maintain like you would with your speedometer in your car not losing focus. Focusing on the stamina bar but not losing track of where your going is important and probably the most frustrating aspect about this game. Other survival elements are grappling hooking to far reached ledges, sliding down collapsed roofs guiding your way safely to the ground and not falling off the sides. Yes it all sounds simple enough but my experience with I Am Alive was a trial and error experience. Getting the timing right when grappling and swinging from one ledge to another and managing your stamina bar when in the dust fog as this would decrease your stamina rapidly. But it's not all bad folks. There are rewarding elements to this game like, helping people and achieving an extra checkpoint bonus or getting info on where to go. The melee attacks are very simple and could have been worked on further but still work with the game and the shooting mechanics are easily enough, just point and click (just make sure you have a bullet in the chamber). And decision making on who to kill and when to run is easy to figure out once you've experienced one situation. There is a emotional side to things but as stated earlier you get lost in the frustration of some of the controls in some parts. Other elements are, gathering items to survive the long trek towards your final goal (fruit **** water, etc. all help you manage your stamina bar better) but wishing that you could pickup bricks and stones (which by the way you see all over the place in the destruction of the city) which ultimately you could use on your enemy that would have helped your decision making and gave you more confidence when encountering a 4 to 1 odds against you. Understandable that the graphics are bellow average for a download game and sounds are limited with voice acting simple and repeatable. This game is a deserving try for anyone and will entertain you for a while remembering it's only a downloadable game and it has it's flaws but I salute what the game maker was trying to capture here. I personally didn't like all the jumping and swinging but accepted it early on and as a survival game shall have it, I pushed on to my final goal. Bottom Line: Graphics 3/5, sound 3/5, game play 3/5, fun factor 3/5, replay value 3/5. Expand
  13. Mar 21, 2012
    i don't agree with this 10/10 reviews but i'll give it an 8. it's not long enough and the controls can be awkward. overall everything else is really solid. you're basically looking for any survivors you can and the mood is a sort of blue gray. if that doesn't make sense then you need to start listening to miles davis. play it, it's dope.
  14. Mar 7, 2012
    Trust that IGN review. Paying fifteen bucks for something like this is crazy. While the game has some moments early that make you think you are playing something worthwhile, in the end it just drags because of some tired gameplay. When you expect more, you get more.
  15. Mar 7, 2012
    IGN don't know what they're talking about here. Sure, the game has mediocre graphics; its a downloadable game for crying out loud. The game serves as a real challenge if you play in the hardest mode, where you get very few retries. If you lose all your retries, you go back to where the game last saved. Ammo, food and water is extremely scarce, and when you encounter enemies, sometimes you have to bluff you have a bullet in your gun to fight your way out, something you never actually see in games. Of course if you wait too long, they'll know you're bluffing and go for you. Is it worth it's 1200MSP price? Probably not. 800MSP? Of course. Expand
  16. Apr 26, 2012
    Great game with real atmosphere & enjoyable mechanics....until the appalling ending that is. An ending so lazy, unimaginative, and ill-conceived that it completely ruins an otherwise enjoyable game and any goodwill I may have had towards it.

    I basically forked out 1800 points (very fecking expensive!) for a game with no ending just a five second cut-scene with some ham-fisted "did he or
    didn't he" hinting and a big fat BUY OUR NEXT GAME TO FIND OUT.

    I most certainly will not be buying your next game.
  17. Jul 24, 2012
    I Am Alive its a chalenge game in a fun way. A true survival game, he will not hold your hand every time and you will have to take some tough decisions along the way. The graphics are regular nothing special but what really matters here is the gameplay, its different, innovative you really feel that you are a survivor and not a hero with regenerating health and infinite ammo. If you like games that offer new ideas, try it you problably going to love it. Expand
  18. Mar 8, 2012
    I am alive is a different kind of game and offers certain experiences that most games don't have. I am alive is a good game the story, setting, and characters are all believable. The game takes place with the main character looking for his wife and daughter which is understandable since the world is pretty messed up. Throughout the game you'll find yourself in a lot of deadly situations with certain inhabitants of the city of Haventon. One of the things I am alive does very well is atmosphere, I can say that the game has many environments that look really cool and dusty. Another thing I am alive does very well is the platforming sections of the game. While your climbing your character actually has stamina so you have to be careful with how you use it. The combat situations are also tense because sometimes you have to choose to shoot someone or push them off a building because you don't have a lot of ammo. I liked this game a lot and hopefully it sells well so ubisoft may actually turn it into a real franchise game. The only problem I have with the game is sometimes the combat can be a bit clunky and the game is on the short side compared to a retail game. For 1200 Microsoft points, this game is great. Expand
  19. Mar 8, 2012
    I spent the last few weeks looking forward to this game, although it was shadowed by bigger titles. It looked promising, and i even ignored the IGN review, as i have seen many times there heavy bias and terribly written "angry" articles.....I started the game up optomistic, and i enjoyed the beginning, the atmosphere and setting seemed great, the idea of a survival game seemed impressive. But the more i played, the more the game just passed by without impressing me.....The first few encounters with gangs are exciting, you must use some tactics in the fights, taking out the gun wielders first with your 1 or even 0 bullets. But each time you meet a gang, you realise there is only one outcome, only one way to get through the section. Shoot the gun person, push the others into a fire/off a ledge, take the bullet/s off the gun guy and move on. I feel they could of made more of the gun, allow you to wound perhaps, or shoot something in the environment.....Then onto the climbing, this also seems clever at first, the stamina system stopping you from hanging around forever. But again, you soon work out there is only one way to get through a climbing section, and you often have to die to realise what that is..... The environment you previously enjoyed also gets worse, once you enter the dust clouds, your screen is almost entirely grey and foggy. The same dust clouds begin to hurt your health if you hang around in them, so that hinders your ability to look around the area and leaves you panicking for height...........Unfortunately the game does feel like a stripped down portable version of what it could of been, it doesnt utilise the ideas it has or could have, and doesn't take advantage of a good setting. If you get yourself into the survival mindset and remeber it is just an arcade game, you will enjoy it. If you are used to something bigger and more engrossing, it will leave you wanting. Expand
  20. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have found over the years that if an upcoming title offers a demo on XBL, it will usually be pretty good. This is not one of those cases. I hadn't heard anything about this game till the free demo popped up on my welcome screen. I DL'd it and gave it a try, only to find it frustrating and a boring. The idea is a cool one, a post apocalyptic world, and you have been trying to get home to your wife and daughter. It's taken you a year to walk/scavenge your way across the county, and you start the demo just a few blocks from your home. You have to cross a wrecked suspension bridge. This introduces you to the stamina aspect of your character. climbing and running drain your stamina, and as you climbing around the bridge you discover that if you take to long climbing around, you will fall to your death when your stamina runs out. This isn't a puzzle/maze: find your way before stamina runs out. There is only one path to follow, and just enough stamina to get through to the other side. So what's the point? Where is the challenge? This is simply a boring time sink to make the game longer. A warn out trick that should have been retired a long time ago. Get rid of the stamina bar, make more than one path to get across. Unfortunately, everything so far is just like this. Looking at your map you see about 1 square mile of city blocks to explore, and multiple ways to get from point A to point B. This is false, the deeper into the map you get all path save one are blocked by obstacles. Your encounters with other people are also set pieces with only one way forward. There are no choices, there is no multiple ways to "skin a cat". On top of this is a limited number of retries. WHEN you fail, and you will, you burn one of your 3 retries. You can find more along the way, but the whole thing seems silly. The game promises scavenging, but so far there is none. You can not search the bodies, you can not search the cars and trucks, you can not go into any building and search for items. This is an extremely old game dynamic that is boring at this point. Follow the one path in front of you, push the correct button when we tell you... no thinking required. In this day and age, when so much innovation in game design has come before, to fall back on stupid tricks and game design that was getting stale in the 1990's should be embarrassing. When you promise me a pot apocalyptic world to explore and scavenge, the idea of stealth or attack (choice) to deal with people I encounter, but then deliver a no open world, no choice in dealing with environment and dangers, you will not get my money for your crappy game. Expand
  21. Mar 7, 2012
    No, seriously, don't trust the IGN review. It's true that they said it was bad, but it's false that it's bad because it's good, good not great, but definitely not bad. not good good, but just good. good enough. good enough for me and good enough for yo momma' i've waited a long time for this game. years. and now i'm playing it. not only am i playing it, but i'm also enjoying myself as i'm playing it. so if you have 1200 points and you aren't afraid of the future, because we all know this game is more than a game, it's a warning sign for things to come in this country and the world and the good men and women of ubisoft are doing us a kindness in releasing this game and helping us mentally prepare for the coming global social breakdown of social society. no more facebook. no more smartphones. no more hot pockets. Expand
  22. Mar 15, 2012
    Hardly flawless, but definitely worth fifteen bucks. The game play can get a bit stale, but no more so than your typical FPS. Bullets will never feel as precious as they are in this game.
  23. Jan 20, 2013
    Graphics: 5/10 Gameplay: 7/10 Story: 6/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 = 6 (Above average)
    This pretty much every Ubisoft game nowadays. Climbing being the main focus and stealth being just underneath. And if you play many of their games it gets boring. Like here. The game is built around 'The Ubisoft Game' function. If you don't know what I mean Assassins Creed has your answer.
  24. Mar 13, 2012
    Having heard of this game a year or so ago I was taken by suprise when it came out on XBLA as I was under the impression that it was due for a full release but seeing as that wasn't the case i downloaded that game and gave it a whirl. From the outset the tone is bleak, you see the video diary of the protagonist and he doe sthe usual "if you're watching this it means im...." so off we go seeing the journey of this man in search of his wife and child. I really dug the look of the game, its a tad simple but the grey works to portray the destruction of the city as well as keep the limitations of the graphics hidden well.

    The climbing mechanics are pretty neat, you have a finite amount of stamina so theres no hanging off the side of a cliff for hours like nathan drake or lara croft. Food is in short supply, water too (though i found alot of soda) and there are people that need helping too (doing so rewards you with retrys) even rarer is ammunition for your empty pistol and the lack of weaponary makes for interesting enemy encounters.

    Id say this game was GOTY material had it been a full snadbox game, the limited amount of time you can spend at street level makes exploring tough but fun and the major climbing sections are pretty intense somtimes. Id say theres only a few gripes i have with this game, one of wich is that although the fight scenes are interesting they are a bit samey throught. efforts are made to add new factors to the fight such as the addition of foes in armour but theresnot really enough to do in fights. Also the survivors that arent hostile towards you dont really factor enough into the game, they seem more like decoration.

    This is an excellent concept for a full game, the ending leaves it open for continuation should they feel the need yet also closes the story should nothing else come to pass.
  25. Mar 13, 2012
    I Am Alive is a strange game which is good, but when you try to play it the game can immediately turn the player off with frustration. The climbing mechanic is interesting, but there isn't much explanation on what to do first time around, so you can die and not know why. Also, when climbing there isn't much freedom like there is in Assassin's Creed which was disappointing. Here is where I got completely turned off, combat. What moron has a gun with no ammo? That's right you! The game punishes the player from the start by not having any means of defense. Your gun can be used to scare people, but that's about it. My first encounter with an NPC was dumb because there wasn't enough info on what I should do, so I walked away. My second encounter basically had me die multiple times because of the same reason, with no explanation on what I was doing wrong then I got frustrated and turned off the game. For what it's worth, I Am Alive had a good atmosphere although the graphics looked really dated. But, user experience is frustrating, the climbing mechanics fail and there isn't enough information on how to play during encounters. I Am Alive is a make-or-brake game and with me it felt broken. I don't recommend getting this, unless you are a persistent gamer! Expand
  26. Mar 8, 2012
    this game at it core has awsome ideas, but IGN's Greg Miller put it best by saying "Usually when a game takes years and years in development, you can expect trouble" For $15 though somewhat worth it, but so many people seem to like it, why? I don't know, I suggest asking the fans of mass effect 3 and dragonage 2, which If you don't know very few people liked it because they were TOTALLY RUINED. The graphics are ok but looks like they belong in someone more like the original silent hill games on the playstation 1.

    The colours are completely bland, but hey what do you expect in a post apocalyptic world, I mean really were you expecting lush rainforests and utopias after "the killer dust" shows up? this idea alone seems as bad as the idea in the film "the happening". It did keep me in suspense, but to keep it short and sweet. Cheap - and with good reason, for the price its worth a try

    AI - the ai are dumb as hell, you shout at them and point a gun but then as soon as you lower it they forget about it

    it turns out basicly to be a post apocalyptic assassins creed, very little ammo for your guns and you scale broken buildings like ezio auditore
  27. Mar 15, 2012
    This game sounds good on paper and it LOOKS good from a level design perspective. DO NOT take the demo for anything. I played the demo and thought it would be great. It's not. The IGN review is on target. The game is awful. Bland looking and BORING. The game is simply not fun. Worst purchase I've made in a while. Would not reccomend this crap to anyone.
  28. Mar 18, 2012
    Superb! Really gives more reality to post apocalyptic life than other games. I would say it is challenging but I think this adds to the feeling of living on the edge of survival. Poses the question of how far you would and wouldn't go to save yourself or others, sometimes the life of a person is weighed with a couple of bullets. It also rubs home the fact that post apocalyptic life would be very grim. Maybe they could have tweaked it to be slightly easier and made it 50% longer, but at this price it's a bargain. Very pleasant surprise, and I would love a sequel! Expand
  29. Mar 18, 2012
    I am alive is a game really obscure, which leaves you with great tension, and a game that leaves you sad, with the soundtrack and with the environment in which you pass the game, perfect survivor horror. it's worth rather spend their 1200 microsoft points.
  30. Mar 8, 2012
    Gostei do estilo do game, espero que esse titulo tenha uma boa venda, pq assim podemos receber uma continuação! Espero também que ganhe uma versão em midia!
  31. Aug 16, 2012
    Whilst i like the setting and graphics, the combat is worse than any game i've played when taking on more than one enemy, I try and stab/hack someone and by the time i've raised my arm the enemy has either stabbed me, shot me or his friend has ran up and hacked me, i point my gun at them and the either shoot me dead instantly or when i go to strike one when they surrender, his friend hacks me, or god forbid theres 2 enemies with guns, i suprise kill one then the other just shoots me, this happens again and again until either my 3 lives are up and i restart the entire mission or i luck it out and kill them after 9-10 attempts to move onto the next set of enemies and it's the same story, even taking out a single person with a gun is proving to me near impossible, Expand
  32. Mar 10, 2012
    lots of fun, especially for the price. the story features a realism and grit that is sadly lacking in most games. I'm not sure why IGN gave the game such a poor review, but I wouldn't put much stock in it.
  33. Apr 3, 2012
    There is a lot to like about I AM Alive but the title falls quite short of its potential due to several factors. Most notable among these is the overall technical presentation of the graphics and game world. As many have commented below, this isn't an especially pretty game to look at. That said, there are aesthetic strengths in the world design and the art style that definitely help to deliver the sense of post-apocalyptic hopelessness required by the narrative. The game play aims to deliver a believable experience, with sparse resources, very limited ammunition and a novel approach to combat that creates tension and forces you to think. ( i.e. How will you overcome 4 assailants with only 1 bullet..?). Ultimately, I AM Alive starts to descend into repetition in the latter stages and from a story perspective, ends with the feeling that you've done little more than complete the first act. There is so much promise with this title that I want to rate it an eight in the hope that more people buy it and follow up game is made. That said, even with all its great ideas, this game can't really be rated higher than seven. Expand
  34. Mar 14, 2012
    There is nothing I like more in a game than having to constantly wrestle with the controls in order to get my character to climb up onto a ledge before their stamina runs out. And when I am finished with that fun and games the experience is further enhanced by the countless retries needed in order to work out just how to kill 4 bad guys with just the one bullet before giving up and considering backtracking episodes in the vain hope of salvaging just one extra bullet. There is challenge and there is utter frustration - Ubisoft guess which side of the fence this game falls! Expand
  35. Aug 19, 2012
    Epic I Am Alive Is One Of My Best Games With Ok Graphics But Good Style But Very Short It Was About 4 Hours Long For 1200 Microsoft Points But I Enjoyed It. Apocolypse Is Great
  36. Mar 15, 2012
    There are some game experiences that just go right over the collective gamers head. Games that strive to be a little bit more than your standard fare; no boss fights, no black-and-white moral decisions that lead to two endings waterlogged by butt-whipped ethical preaching. Perhaps most importantly, a feeling of weight in a human life- a sort of bittersweet glee at killing an assailant, the feeling that, as every other being in the game stands a chance of killing you, they have weight. They have lives.
    Of course, as stated, a standard gamer does not play games to care about killing people, or care about people in general. They play games to kill. To mow down hordes of faceless goons and feel fantastic for saving the dame cowering behind their back. You don't do that here. What I'm getting at is that this is not a game for everyone. It comes obscenely close to being a game for very *few*, due to its use of taboo themes (sex slavery, child death and implied pedophilia, cannibalism) that will inevitably make less-mature players giggle and drive others away from the experience... and, of course, the color scheme. The best way to describe it would be chiaroscuro- a deeply-shaded and drained world filled with black, white, and- here we go- gray. A lot of gray. More gray than most people would find enjoyable to look at. Because you're not supposed to. It's meant to be dreary and miserable. Not fun, grin-inducing eye candy. The game uses pitches of black and white- and occasional shocks of red, or faded yellow and green and various other colors- to create a surreal-looking city in ruin, and although some people may find these simple visuals bland I found them to be extremely impressive at points, especially considering the game's $15, downloadable-title nature. Not to mention the fact that there are, in fact, points in the game with shocks of colors other than grey- used to brilliant effect in catching the player's eye, surprising them. There is more here than you initially think.

    In short; I can't guarantee that you're going to like this game very much. Despite not being even remotely advertised as such- and indeed containing standard gaming elements such as a lives system and platforming- I would consider this game an entry in the push for Games as Art, along with Braid and the fresh-out-of-the-kettle Journey. It's abnormal and, admittedly, not always an enjoyable game to play; not so much as it is an involving and thoughtful experience.

    There are flaws to this game, of course. A troubled development cycle makes this an inevitability. Touchy voice acting in places, the occasional frustration with the controls, animations that can sometimes teeter towards the awkward or even glitchy. And yet I give it a ten, because I Am Alive is truly more than the sum of its parts.

    If you want something different, and you're willing to stop viewing a game as merely a game and give some serious though to the story, world, and characters, this game may be worth your time.
  37. Jan 5, 2013
    A fantastic game! Oh wait... it isn't. I Am Alive has some good ideas (every "special moves" like running and climbing uses stamina, etc.) but fighting the enemies is one of the most frustrating I've ever seen in any videogame.
  38. Mar 10, 2012
    i found I Am Alive to be gritty and compelling. every battle felt like a struggle with much more at stake. the climbing challenges are fun and some of the locals are fun and tense when you explore them like the hotel and the lower decks of the ship.
  39. Mar 21, 2012
    In I am Alive, you'll play as Adam, a man who has traveled the world and comes home to find everything changed due to the Event, a series of disasters that have crippled humanity with a flurry of earthquakes, toxic dust, and other effects, and you'll have to make your way around Haventon in hopes of reuniting with your family. Besides the effects of the Event, you'll also have to fend of survivors who are easy to attack in order to protect what little they have left â Expand
  40. Mar 7, 2012
    Don't trust that IGN review, all his reasons for not liking the game are things that are totally okay or can be overlooked, he also fails to take into account that this is an Arcade game and not a AAA release title so it's no surprise the graphics aren't amazing. I have it and lets just say as far as being entertained goes...I was entertained... this doesn't deserve a 4, that's for sure.
  41. Mar 11, 2012
    I Am Alive actually impressed me in a lot of ways. The climbing portion of the game is simple and fun, the conservation of ammo feels realistic most of the time, and the repetitive confrontations were easily overlooked (I still enjoyed them late in the game, but that's just me). When taken for what it is, an arcade title, it's easy to see just how great this game is. Try it, expect a bit of repetition, and if you can get over that it's well worth the money. Expand
  42. Mar 11, 2012
    While not everything that I Am Alive sets out to do actually comes to fruition, it does have many elements that are nice to see on a downloadable game. I found it engaging enough for a purchase, but those who are looking for more meat in a story will not find one here. Although the game follows a linear narrative, the gameplay kept me going for the amount of time it took to finish the game. Bluffing your way out of situations is fun, although later in the game items you receive sometimes make this feature irrelevant with smart maneuvering. If you enjoyed the demo, then this game is for you. Expand
  43. Apr 14, 2012
    I realy like this game, good story and gameplay. Yes ue3 engine looks like crap in this game, but atmousphere is grate. 19/20 achivments. I wana see second part.
  44. Mar 7, 2012
    There was a man all by himself in a little camp shouting in a shaky voice "Just keep moving man, I don't have much, just go away" He had painkillers that i desperately needed on the box behind him, so I pulled out my gun and fired my last bullet but i couldn't help but feel guilty and was sorry that I had done it. I don't understand the hate for this game. It's a very solid survival adventure and has a very captivating mood. Sometimes the climbing controls can be a little weird but it's nothing major and you get used to it pretty fast. The voice acting and scale of the game is actually really good when you consider that it's a $15 arcade game. If you allow yourself to be immersed into this post-apocalyptic world then you'll have a blast trekking over the wasteland and scrounging for items while doing your best to save the little girl Mei you meet early on. The climbing controls feel a bit weird at first and there are parts where the dialogue can get kind of repetitive but these are small problems that can be overlooked by the immersion the game offers if you give it a chance. Expand
  45. Mar 7, 2012
    This is a great game and the demo looked good. The sound and atmosphere are great. I like the minimalism of the game's graphics. Best game on XLA this year. I Am Alive is something completely new and different in a crowd of too-similar games.
  46. Mar 8, 2012
    I personally love I AM Alive it is already my favorite download game. It is pretty long for a xbox live arcade game with if you do everything and search for supplies it can be up to 8 hours long i think that the combat is fun trying to bluff your way out and cursing yourself if your forced to use a bullet if they don't buy it and the climbing is fun and challenging there are usally a couple diffrent ways to go and you have to look ahead as you can't try to just do it or youll end up running out of breath and haveing to a) use one or more of your supplies that are scarces or b) falling to your death. I think that everyone should ignore the ign review and just get the trial and see for yourself. the story is good and you really get a walking dead kind of feel for humanity when you play the game (I love the walking dead books) Expand
  47. Mar 11, 2012
    I play on consoles sometimes but when I have a choice I much rather play on PC, so I was a little disappointed when I've heard this game will eventually will not be released for PC. So I tried the XBOX demo, to see if IGN were exaggerating. And they were... 4.5 is way more than this crap deserves. Graphic is pathetic, gameplay is boring, and the stamina mechanism they invented there is a joke. If you yet insist on trying that thing, do yourself a favor and play the demo first, it may spare you a redundant expanse. I will finish with a personal message for Stanislas Mettra, regarding his comment about "PC gamers are **** about there being no version for them", you may definitely
    keep this piece of crap to yourself, we (PC games) don't need it.
  48. Mar 11, 2012
    For a 15$ game it is outstanding. Are the graphics great compared to a regular 60$ xbox title? No. But it honestly looks pretty damn good for an arcade title.

    Bad: There are occasional moments of frustration with gameplay. Too linear. I wish that problems could be approached from many different angles, instead of essentially one angle of attack.

    Good: Many people will probably
    detest the combat. You essentially cannot beat two opponents if you are out of ammo and there isn't a cliff or a fire around. But this made ammo precious. And made every fight a tough tactical battle. I have to put the guy with the gun down right away, and if I don't intimidate the other two right away, before they can scoop up his pistol, I'm done for.

    I loved the look of the game. I liked the look of the bad guys.

    The dark tone of the game is awesome. When I was in a tight spot and badly wounded I had to eat some human meat to survive. I let an innocent guy die, because I really didn't want to use my last bullet to save him. These were awesome moments.
  49. Mar 13, 2012
    What i have deduced in my opinion from playing the demo is
    the controls are awkward . i think that that the graphics need to be improved
    but they are ok and are not a critical issue.i think the camcorder testimonials are quite effectively,done and are fairly unique The ai are stupid and the way they
    react to you is beyond hilarious. the voice acting is ok but could be better Despite all
    the flaws the overall gameplay in
    the demo is still fun weather my impression of the demo will
    transport into the full game i do not know. I think it is actually quite good
    as an xbox live title overall.
  50. Mar 14, 2012
    "I am alive" to jeden z najlepszych niedokoÅ
  51. Mar 16, 2012
    I AM ALIVE is worth the money, but falls short of being overwhelming. The action gets better as the player acquires more equipment, and every bullet holds weight, but the fact you cannot freely swing the machete from the get go, and other clunky problems slow down the fun and lead to feelings of repetition. The game succeeds in creating a dystopian world with good/bad people to encounter with option to assist/attack them, but there is little more to their purpose in terms of enhancing the storyline. For fans of the post apocalyptic genre this game is worth a try, but don't expect the vastness of the Fallout series. It is a linear game with sandbox game elements. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 68 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 68
  2. Negative: 8 out of 68
  1. Apr 26, 2012
    Ah well. One final tinge of guilt for an awful, disgusting, unsettling thing I never wanted to do. That sums up I Am Alive concisely.
  2. 80
    Excellent thriller works perfectly as a survival simulation. The story is great, game mechanics are great, fight system is smart and locations are memorable – what else could you want? [Apr 2012]
  3. 69
    With so many great games on XBLA let alone on disc, it's hard to recommend I Am Alive. It feels like it never reached its full potential. Maybe with more time or a bigger team Ubisoft would have a classic like Assassin's Creed on their hands, but unfortunately it falls flat on too many levels.