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  • Summary: Infernal tells the story of Ryan Lennox, a fallen angel now recruited by hell to fight 'Etherlight', heaven's own secret agency. Etherlight has eliminated most of hell’s earthly agents and is planning its final blow against its arch rival. Ryan, hunted by his opponents, is left to take them on single-handed, armed with a vast arsenal of weapons and supernatural powers. The captivating plot sends him from ancient monastery catacombs and secret mountain hideouts to sprawling harbour docks and oil refineries, before finally facing the ultimate showdown...Ryan Lennox will need all his powers to find out what's really behind Etherlight’s plans, while he unleashes hell with every single weapon in his hand! Unique atmosphere, unbelievable graphics, great amount of possibilities combined with simple intuitive steering, and a hero never seen before - these constitute the essence of Infernal. [Playlogic] Expand
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  1. On a platform that's actually been criticized for having too many shooters, it's tough to recommend a shooter so mediocre as Infernal: Hell's Vengeance.
  2. 49
    The story is original, but poorly told. The action is fast-paced, but frustrating. Everything seems like a winner on paper, but when you finally get your hands on the controller things just fall apart.
  3. It's incredibly dated, lacking features we expected in console games a generation ago, and almost devoid of any truly original ideas. In this battle between Heaven and Hell no one is victorious.
  4. If you live a life of sin and gluttony, Infernal will be waiting for you in the afterlife.
  5. The dictionary defines “infernal” as “hellish, fiendish, diabolical,” as it should be, but it also has a definition of “extremely troublesome, annoying.” Unfortunately, Infernal lives up to both of those definitions all too well.
  6. This game originally came out on PC back in 2007, and it really has no place on Xbox 360 in 2009.
  7. Hell's vengeance is indefensible scrot that has no place in this console generation. [Nov 2009, p.90]

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  1. MopMop
    Sep 24, 2009
    This is the best game that I have ever played in my entire life. The graphics are top-notch, the controls smooth, and the plot is terrific! Move over Gears and Halo! Infernal Hells Vengeance has arrived!!!!!!!! Expand
  2. DougN
    Aug 5, 2009
    It didn't crash, therefore it does not earn a zero. Should be renamed "Infernal Aiming Controls." I've shat turds with better gameplay than this. Impressive binocular zoom, but weak focus. I am glad there's finally a game that allows me to see fleas clinging to goat hair. Collapse