Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 80 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 80
  2. Negative: 11 out of 80
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  1. 67
    Dog Days ultimately feels less like a typical crime shooter, and more like a player-directed version of the Crank movies.
  2. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a quite superfluous action game. Except for its interesting multiplayer and "amateur video styling", the second adventure of these two dangerous criminals promises much more than it actually delivers.
  3. One of the greatest disappointments is the poor amount of content the game has to offer. The multiplayer is fun, but there's not a lot to enjoy. The single-player can be finished in approximately four hours.
  4. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days doesn't evolve the third-person shooter genre in any way.
  5. I can't say I disagree; while this game serves up some very unique and gritty visuals, the story and action just don't come together like they should.
  6. Though Dog Days wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I enjoyed its arcade approach. Unfortunately, the design and breadth of content don't come close to justifying the price.
  7. To conclude, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a significant improvement over its predecessor though still fails to live up to the spectacle created by other third-person shooters. Whilst there are some aspects of the game players will enjoy, it's not enough to encourage a full purchase, deeming the title one to procure when it comes down in price.
  8. Overall, Kane and Lynch 2 is best left as a weekend rental. While the story and characters can be entertaining at times, the repetitive gameplay and lackluster visuals prevent this game from being considered a must buy for shooter fans and Xbox 360 owners alike.
  9. In summary, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a missed opportunity.
  10. Its most striking ideas don't fulfil their promise, and its successes are etched by pervasive minor flaws. The towering, terrifying city, and the lens through which it is shot, drag you onwards through the game's lesser parts, but you sense that the real crime in this whole bloody escapade is that it doesn't live up to its dark flashes of imagination.
  11. Despite great visuals and an artistic direction I've personally enjoyed, the game reveals a poor single player campaign and an entertaining multiplayer that, unfortunately, won't probably last more than a week. With more attention to details, this game could have aimed to better results. At the moment is just one of the many 3rd person shooters where you have to cover and fire at the extinguishers.
  12. The game is really short (four or five hours max), its script is not that good and it has some issues that should have been solved before the final release. We expected much more from this game.
  13. The single player campaign is one hell of a rat-race that will have you on the edge of your seat, many times in disbelief of what you just seen on the screen. However, no matter how gripping this bloodbath tale becomes you can't dismiss the fact that it is just too short when stacking up to other mainstream action titles.
  14. If your preference is single-player or co-op, Dog Days' lack of personality (both in the characters and on the battlefield) results in one of the blandest shooters out there. Given how little the story matters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck could have been swapped in as the protagonists and I probably wouldn't have noticed.
  15. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is an interesting beast because it really shouldn't exist. Outside of a unique art style it brings nothing new to the genre and does little to improve over the original game, which I might add, was far from a good game.
  16. It is not a game that you play to enjoy the single-player story--or even, for that matter, the offline mode. If you can reconcile yourself with that, though, the multiplayer "Fragile Alliance" mode is incredible fun and incorporates a dynamic that I wish others developers would try to imitate.
  17. 50
    I felt like I could have developed some sort of emotional connection with Kane and Lynch if only they had been presented in the right light, but ultimately, the only thing I felt at the end of my time with the game was a vague sense of relief that I didn't have to spend any more time in their company.
  18. The game does have its moments and it's definitely an entertaining game, but at times the game still feels broken. Missions in the main campaign do nothing innovative, and the rest of it is simply "duck, cover, and kill."
  19. The Youtube-style presentation is a success, but the rest of the game is just plain mediocre. The story is boring and the action feels far too generic. Might be worth buying for the coop.
  20. With an abundance of different guns, the gameplay never grows stale. Beyond the main characters, the cast is forgettable and the story doesn't pack much of a punch, with only a few highlights. Much like the story, the presentation is hit or miss, realistic streets crowded by people, cars and cops do wonders for believability, the opposite is true for the grey construction sites. A different gaming experience that might do the trick for you.
  21. A really well written story, enjoyable dialogue and somewhat fun multiplayer is the only thing that makes Kane & Lynch 2 bearable. Other than that, the action is broken, the AI is really bad and the graphics feels outdated. This is only for fans of the first game.
  22. A visceral, action-packed experience that makes players embody its characters and sink into its virtual reality. With mostly standard pulp-action shooting, though, the game is high on style and short on substance.
  23. Kane and Lynch 2 offers more variety in its multiplayer modes this time and even introduces a single player Fragile Alliance, but the main story can get so very repetitive with its lack of variety, making it feel just like another average third person shooter overall.
  24. games(TM)
    Arguably succeeds more as a mood piece. [Issue#100, p.134]
  25. For the most part Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a vast improvement over the first game and is commendable on its visual uniqueness and frantic action, but unfortunately and unforgivably the game is absurdly short for a full priced title and can literally be finished in a measly four to five hours.
  26. This gritty cover-based shooter is better than its predecessor, but as a package, it's light on content.
  27. While it's an improvement over the first game, Kane & Lynch 2's high production values and streamlined focus are overshadowed by its thudding repetition, narrowly linear design, five-hour campaign and hugely unappealing protagonists. It's still a decent shooter, but it's definitely not for everyone.
  28. If you can overcome the bareness of the enemy AI, not to mention unnecessary buttocks covered with blood, and brevity of the storyline, there's fun to be had. It has to be noted though, the entertainment only lasts if you have a friend to play and share the madness with.
  29. It has a couple interesting things going for it, like the unique camera style and look, but the actual gameplay is pretty bland an uninspired.
  30. While a few of the nagging issues from the last game have been addressed, Kane and Lynch: Dog Days has a below-average solo mode with boring gameplay and a seemingly pointless story.
  31. As it stands, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days proves to be the perfect weekend rental. In that weekend you can plow through the campaign with a friend in an afternoon, and get as much as you want out of the multiplayer.
  32. 70
    Outside of the story it tells, how it tells it, and the interesting conceit of its multiplayer modes, Dog Days is just a passable third person shooter.
  33. 50
    The trouble with this top-flight presentation is that it never feels like it's supporting or heightening a superior action experience, it feels like it's trying to mask a hollow one. Dog Days can throw out all the light blooms and shaky cams it wants, but it all seems a vain attempt to hide the fact that this particular enchilada is little more than a stale, rolled-up tortilla.
  34. 55
    Kane and Lynch unfortunately fall a bit flat once again, as this game is about as fun as their crime was successful.
  35. Could have been an improvement from the first, but fails to win anyone over.
  36. A crude, violent and enjoyable game, even if somewhat monotonous in its many firefights. Too bad for its really too short duration: you'll end up shelving it after few hours of play.
  37. For the short while it lasts, Dog Days' campaign isn't bad; it is simply too short. Normally a short campaign is excusable when quality online multiplayer modes are implemented but this is simply not the case.
  38. 65
    Granted, there is plenty of action, a LOT of shooting things and a stylish flair to the presentation of the game. But with the dodgy controls and often distracting visuals most people would be happy with a rental over a weekend for this one.
  39. As much fun as there is to be had in the multiplayer, it doesn't include any new developments or references to the game's main plot and suffers from the absence of its titular characters. The fact that the campaign only takes around five hours to compelete further fuels the sense Dog Days is an incomplete and flawed package.
  40. Days practically runs on rails, and at times takes on the rhythms of an old-school duck-and-cover coin-op like Time Crisis.
  41. Although an improvement over the original, Dog Days - like its predecessor - is a game of two halves: a disappointing single-player somewhat rectified by enjoyably innovative and strategic multiplayer modes. We wouldn't have too many problems with the duration of the campaign if Dog Days packed every hour full of unforgettable moments, but as it stands it quickly degenerates into the chasm of forgettable, derivative Gears clones.
  42. If the development team had tightened up the controls and the gunplay this could have been a really fun title.
  43. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is one of the most visually unique titles I've ever played, glossing over a fairly by the numbers third-person shooter. The deranged duo's return is worth experiencing and is far more accomplished than its predecessor, but the gameplay on offer still doesn't match the quality of the characters IO has created.
  44. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Guaranteed to get into your mind and refuse to budge. [Issue#63, p.86]
  45. To be honest, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a disjointed mess. The promising early screens have, once again, been nothing but a false dawn and the shockingly brief story is barely worth a rental let alone a full purchase. The game may look nice at times, and have a thoroughly enjoyable multiplayer offering, but that in no way makes up for a mere three hour campaign, zero plot and two characters completely lacking in charisma.
  46. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A by-the-numbers sequel elevated to almost-play status by its terrific multiplayer. [Nov 2010, p.97]
  47. Somehow Dog Days make the first game look good; sequels are meant to surpass the previous iterations; sadly this takes a step backwards somehow.
  48. 71
    I wish the game had focused more on interesting locales and elements like the first game, although the improved combat is definitely appreciated. If you loved the first game Dog Days is worth checking out. The online package is worth the price of admission alone, but if you are only interested in the single-player portion you may be better off with a weekend rental.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 117 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 35
  2. Negative: 21 out of 35
  1. Aug 17, 2010
    Whether you judge the sequel on the first absolute flop your going to end up at the same place and thats a waste of time and effort. Kane andWhether you judge the sequel on the first absolute flop your going to end up at the same place and thats a waste of time and effort. Kane and Lynch 2 again tried to ride the wave of hype and promise that it will deliver and learn from its mistakes.

    Well as many games before it and Im sure many more to come, it delivers nothing new, with little excitement and tries to push grit and gore on you in cut scene's as it knows the gameplay will just simply bore you to tears. Kane and Lynch 2 follows more in the footsteps of Reservoir Dogs ( the game ), Stranglehold, WET, Army of Two ( 1 and 2) and then every other FPS out there. However the story lines, game play, graphics, physics, and general game play were done so much better even from games made long before this coaster or dust collector. Whether it be from incredible poor AI, a graphics system destined on providing you an image of grainy gameplay in an attempt to create atmosphere yet even on a 50 Inch LED comes of as just old and outdated ( God I would hate to play this on an old 68 cm CRT ) or even have gore and risk in the cut scenes only to actually blur or cut out anything that would warrant the game get some sort of mention for pushing boundaries. I know I wasnt expecting much, and surely got even less than I expected but to see games on new consoles being delivered with hype time and time again and then seeing nothing more than out dated, heartless, boring, run of the mill rubbish its a wonder that people arent just packing up the console and moving on to something else. Yet as we come out a global financial crisis, people are still getting payed to release absolute rubbish, dont waste your time or money just hang in there and hope this crap is just a bad dream.
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  2. Aug 17, 2010
    This game is not so bad. Forget the review scores. Let your mind go, relax, drink beer, chill out and blast your way through a catharticThis game is not so bad. Forget the review scores. Let your mind go, relax, drink beer, chill out and blast your way through a cathartic experience. Forget ya troubles, just shot and kill. Who knows, ya might get a promotion.... Full Review »
  3. Aug 17, 2010
    I didn't know a game shorter than Call of Duty existed. This game proved me wrong. The visual 'artifacts' are just used to cover up the crappyI didn't know a game shorter than Call of Duty existed. This game proved me wrong. The visual 'artifacts' are just used to cover up the crappy textures and shoddy AI. The animation of the characters was horrible as well. Its just a poor shooter overall, when you can play games like Gears of War. I admit the online was kinda fun for a while, but I imagine its going to be dead in a few months. Rent it, or pick it up from the bargain bin in a years time, but I really can't recommend buying this at full price. Full Review »