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  1. May 17, 2011
    The people who rip the "feel" of this game, obviously don't understand it was not intended to be your stereotypical video game. It was designed to be an interactive detective story, much like "Heavy Rain" on the PS3. Both games are very innovative. Rockstar took it a step farther and included more gameplay, even allowing you the ability to wield your weapon and personally drive throughout the city. I would not knock this game until you beat it, as your involvement becomes greater as you progress. Initially, it does get repetitive, but later on, the game changes just as you are about to become bored, and it'll capture your attention again, entirely. Expand
  2. May 17, 2011
    A few hours in, I'm falling in love with this game. First, I'd like to say that the facial expressions due to the MotionScan tech is spot on. Interviews are interesting and you feel like a true detective when you get someone to admit they're hiding something. Aside from the interviews, the animations during the in-game cutscenes are amazing and honestly unlike anything I've seen. The gameplay is great from the shootouts to the driving. Clue collecting before interrogations feels rewarding and for those who have played a GTA/RDR, the controls will feel right at home. The story is compelling so far along with the back story and other bits of info you find along the way. It really makes me look forward to seeing how everything comes together when I make a dent in the game.

    I can't wait to sink more hours into it, but this will definitely be a game I fall in love with.
  3. May 17, 2011
    A revolutionary title that exceeds expectations on all levels, L.A. Noire takes a leap forward in the adventure genre, as well as the technology genre. This video game is a prime example where art influences the technology, and the technology influences the art. Its very rare when video games, or any media for that matter, pull this off effectively, but this game has. It's a new form of game-play all together, not something many are used to, and that is why there are less than deserving reviews out there. People need to realize that this game isn't meant to build off of the past, but instead move to the future, and to be honest I like where this game is taking us. Collapse
  4. May 17, 2011
    First off. If you are expecting GTA 5 than please spare yourself the pain and don't play it. So far I am 13 hours in and have only shot 36 people.This game is not about shooting up LA it is a game about intense investigation. This is my 2nd favorite game I have EVER played. I was honestly shocked when I saw the scores that this game got. It is the most immersive game I have ever played (except possibly bioshock). The new face technology is flat out amazing. You can really see every movement in the characters faces. If you are looking for a game that requires REAL thought, and doesn't require you to mindlessly kill people this is the only place to look. Amazing game through and through. Also I think the car physics are fine. Everyone needs to keep in mind that these are 1940's cars, not a lamborghini. Expand
  5. May 17, 2011
    I have really enjoyed the hours I have put into this game so far. If anyone was ever a fan of point and click adventures or detective novels and movies I strongly recommend you the game due to the sheer amount of detail put into the cases.
  6. May 17, 2011
    Fantastic game! I was up all night playing it. It is the cure for the common fps. If you don't enjoy this game it says a lot about your personality. Just because this isn't COD doesn't mean it isn't worth your time or attention.
  7. May 17, 2011
    What a stunning achievement for gaming. When people tak about games as art this is the sort of thing they'll point to. Easily the most immersive experience I've had with a videogame. Bondi and Rockstar did a wonderful job at crafting the investigative elements into something addicting and surprisingly intelligent. And there's of course the revolutionary facial animation tech. The ability to capture an actor's true performance gives the game's story and characters an incredible amount of believability and emotional weight.

    If you consider yourself at all a fan of the art of good storytelling then it'd be a complete disservice to not play this game.
  8. May 17, 2011
    I just bought this game at the midnight release and after 5 hours I beat it. I wont give any spoilers but this game sure is a beauty. The characters and story are spectaculor the songs building styles and cars capture that generation. This game is easily worth the price of admission. It is a bit short though for such a hyped game but in all the hype was well justified.
  9. Jul 24, 2011
    There is a lot wrong and a lot right about L.A. Noire. First, the good.
    The newly introduced motion capture on the people that you meet throughout the game is pretty incredible, and is certainly a revolutionary step in gaming. The dialogue is well done, and well acted, some of it even made me chuckle from time to time. The city is beautiful and feels immersive, it's fun to simply drive in
    one of the many incredible cars that are available to be driven around LA. The graphics are very good, which only strengthens the new face motion capture for a truly wonderful experience when walking around, searching for clues and talking to people.
    Unfortunately, this game gets tedious quite fast though. You will feel like you are doing the same thing over and over after every case, and there is a particular desk which has way too many similar cases. After about 2/3 of the game, it will feel more like a drag because the story is also rather forgettable and tedious. Your view of the main protagonist changes significantly and personally, I do not think that he should've been cast in such a bad light closer to 3/4 of the game. The last desk was especially boring, which also took a very strange turn rather abruptly and was also hindered by an attrocious ending. Regarding the actual gameplay, there are certainly some issues with the questioning. Because some actors overact, and some underact, you are sometimes left with quite an unfair judgement of deciding whether someone is lying or telling the truth. Also when presenting evidence to support your accusation, there are many times when picking something would've actually made sense in the context of the case, but did not hold true because there was no flexibility in presenting your evidence and the structure was rather linear, as is most of the game.
    Nevertheless, it is a decent game, and definitely one that needs to be tried out by everybody - though it is by no means FOR everybody to enjoy. Those who are expecting a GTA style game - look elsewhere. It is a mostly enjoyable, although quite linear experience, and feels more like a movie than a game. I would give the first half of the game a 9 and the second a 7, so overall I feel it deserves an 8.
  10. May 17, 2011
    This is a game that you will not want to miss. The story is one of the greatest i have ever come across, the gameplay is fantastic, and the replay ability is instant. This more than matches up with last years RDR. What will Rockstar do next. That's the beauty of it.
  11. Jun 8, 2011
    if you thought gta 4 was repetitive, you're about to get blown out of the water. so, you either drive chase someone, on foot chase someone, have a shootout and do an iterview... now, imagine these are always exactly the same, and now imagine every mission is just these 4 things, over and over and over and over again... well, thats la noire
  12. May 17, 2011
    I'll start with the game mechanics. They basically ripped the whole feel of the game including driving, walking, brawls, shooting, etcetera from the GTA engine. While this is okay, they didn't add anything new in innovative gameplay. Unless you count having your camera locked in a specific action as your character does something (searching a dead body for evidence). The cases themselves simply aren't very tough. Having played 5 hours on my 360 and 3 hours on the PS3, I can safely assume that I am out of the tutorial section of the game and that this is the difficulty the cases have. You simply gather evidence, and at first I thought this was nice, there was some dummy evidence that was useless and only meant to throw you off, but it was all scripted. It's not like they just littered the scene with things you'd find at a crime scene or a house, they made everything you can pick up there for a reason. So instead of having to cycle through hundreds of pieces of evidence or objects that I could use to extract information out of people, I basically had maybe a dozen or so items that would appear in my notebook when questioning people. I was hoping for the ability to collect thousands of useless things with only a few being of any relevance to the case and leaving me to sit down and actually THINK which piece of evidence I should use for my situation, rather it be questioning a witness or interrogating someone. The consequences are pretty limited too... I know I'm nitpicking, but this is a serious issue. What happens when you fail a case? You get thrown back to the closest check point before you messed up and failed the case. I was hoping failing a case would simply never let you replay it again in that campaign, thus making people be cautious with their actions before making sudden moves. That or they could have at least have you start over again at the beginning of the case. The witnesses and suspects are way too obvious in their emotions. It basically rolls out like this: Is he innocent? Then he'll be rational when you ask him questions. Is he not innocent? Then he'll act hostile and irrational to the slightest question you ask him. There are times when this isn't the case, but it seemed like it was too easy. Intuition points... I am nit picking now, I admit it. They're basically hint cards, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it's just that... the game is so easy. If you have any critical thinking skills, then you won't need the intuition points hardly if at all. The graphics. I know this is the icing on the cake and not anything you should grade the game on (unless it's obviously bad), but the graphics are mediocre. It looks like a game from late 2006. The cut scenes were obsessive. I simply hate cut scenes in games. They remove gameplay and any interaction you have with the scene at all. They could have at least had it scripted, because it was completely unnecessary to take ALL control away from you without letting you at least experience through your controller. They need to stop this, period.

    The sounds were pretty good. There are times in the game where I noticed the sound engineering at work, and I applaud them for it. It's not the greatest in terms of sound engineering, but there is clearly talent in that sector.

    The environment however is lacking. It's very non responsive in general. The civilians don't look up at you when you're chasing a criminal, they don't even make any acknowledgement of you unless you near run them over.

    This is all I can think of for this review, so I'll draw this to an end. The game was certainly a change of heart for Rockstar (they co-developed it and published it, don't you dare tell me this wasn't heavily influenced by Rockstar) and they tried venturing out into unknown territory. I'll give them a "bravo" for going beyond the medium and not simply rehasing GTA over and over, like with GTA 1911, or other wise known as Red Dead Redemption. However, they did not deliver it very well. The cases are too easy, the gameplay mechanics seem very old and not very improved upon, and it just doesn't feel like it's own game. It feels more like an expansion pack or a developers mod for GTA IV. This game will receive 10/10s from many 14 year olds, I assure you, just because it's a Rockstar publication and co-development. I almost feel like giving it a 0 to counteract the perfect scores, but I will not. A 4 seems like an appropriate grade, albeit may be viewed as a bit harsh, for this game. There was so much potential with this game, but it simply failed to bring it out.
  13. May 18, 2011
    This game is beautiful. The art is amazing, the facial animations are gorgeous, and everything looks very polished. The music is good, the voice acting is believable, and the sound effects work. The narrative is solid. I'm not in love with it, and it takes a very very long time to develop. The gameplay on the other hand is dull. The pacing of the game is very slow. The same mechanics are used throughout the game. One mechanic in the game, finding clues, never felt fun. I just felt like I was running around waiting for vibrations. It reminded me of another game... Mass Effect 2 and its mining system. Honestly... the only difference between the two is that this looked prettier, but Mass Effect 2 was at least kind enough to make looking for resources optional. Being a bit harsh here, and I know this isn't how all people will play it, but the two mechanics are very similar. Interrogating people isn't much better. It is usually too obvious that someone is hiding something, but sometimes I feel good for having guessed correctly. There are numerous points where it just feels stupid that I'd be calling someone out on something. The system just felt too limited. Combat was almost as fun as any other Rockstar game. It has never been the reason I'd play one and it still isn't in this game. I would have liked to have kept weapons I picked up. Driving was the same as ever.

    I felt like I had already played everything the game had to offer in the first 30 minutes. It definitely was not worth the $60 though I hope the $$$ this game makes enables other people to do similar things with facial animation. I wish it was actual open world. I missed owning a home, upgrading it, buying things for my character and getting more involved with my character's life. Rockstar failed when deciding how much help they gave you. They held your hand in finding clues and let you know when you had them all. It wasn't up to you to decide if something was useful or not, they decided for you. Then during the interviews, they left you to your own devices. The feedback during interviews was a lot worse than it was in finding clues.

    I found Heavy Rain to be a much more satisfying experience. I felt more connected to my characters, the narrative was paced better, and the lack of control ensured that the pacing was still there. I wouldn't recommend this game, but I won't tell people not to buy it either. This is definitely a game that some people will love and justifiably so. It just isn't for me.
  14. May 17, 2011
    A great game with a good story. The story could use some patching up for continuity, and the gameplay can get a little dull. The main rip against this game is the restriction put on the player. Anyone familiar with GTA/RDR will feel a bit taken aback at what you can't do. However, once you get the typical Rockstar image out of your mind, you're left with a very original, fun, and refreshing experience. It's not perfect, but it is different, and it's definitely fun. Expand
  15. Jun 4, 2011
    If you are looking for a best facial animations in gaming history then you'll love LA Noire. However, if you're looking for a varied and involving experience you may be slightly let down like me. Heavy Rain is a much better game in terms of 'an interactive movie experience' as after the first half of LA Noire you'll be starting to wonder if there is more to the game than driving slowly from A to B and deciding whether people are being A - Truthful, B - Withholding or C - Lying judging by their over emphasised facial expressions. To begin with the gameplay is fascinating and the graphics will blow you away, but ultimately this is a shallow gaming experience which tries to be deeper than it is with overly long investigations and an insight into the character you play as. Cole Phelps is not your typical Rockstar-esque protagonist; he dreams of a perfect world and plays by the rules, so much so that you'll wish he could just pistol whip some suspects for a change as they surely did back in those days. Forced plot lines spoil what has gone before later in the game, but I won't give anything away.

    In terms of gun action, it's a shame that there isn't more of this in LA Noire as the cover-shoot dynamic is as good as in the GTA games. These encounters become very similar / predictable the more the game goes on and things aren't varied by weapons as Cole generally only carries a pistol. Car chases add another side mission task, but I found these to be pre-determined so that the car you were chasing couldn't be caught until it inevitably ran off the road itself allowing you to make the arrest. Seriously, you can smash / shoot the crap out of the cars but it aint stopping until the game engine dictates it. Overall, I found the game to be far too linear and stiff with the over-arching story a little weak which is surprising considering Rockstar's strength in story telling. After the first half you'll desperately want something exciting to happen, but it just doesn't come and you'll still drive from A to B and repeat the same structure until the end. For a piece of graphical achievement I'd recommend this, but if you're looking for an interactive adventure that you keep you on the edge of your seat take a serious look at Heavy Rain.
  16. May 22, 2011
    Very disappointed with this game especially as I had been looking forward to it for so long. It's not red dead - it lacks the freedom to go and do as you please and removes the moral choices from the game (well u are a cop after all I suppose). It's very repetitive it's the same thing over and over - go to crime pick stuff up go ask a few questions annnd go do it again! The driving feels poor and lacks any real purpose in the grand scheme. The graphics are not the greatest the environment looks quite plain IMO. There are some shocking frame rate drops, the facial animation is good but looks a bit ott at times. Stay well clear if you are looking for the next red dead or gta - my copy has been traded in already - sorry rockstar! Expand
  17. May 21, 2011
    Just like Red Dead Redemption before it, there's nothing else quite like it. Another gem from the Rockstar stable.

    If your expecting GTA does noir, then your gonna be dissapionted.
  18. May 17, 2011
    Facciamo subito un po' di chiarezza sulle caratteristiche, siamo di fronte ad un gioco che nelle basi condivide la struttura delle due precedenti produzioni Rockstar, intese come una mappa liberamente esplorabile (anzi, in L.A. Noire lo è fin da subito per intero), la visuale libera in terza persona, la possibilità di guidare macchine e muoversi a piedi, missioni primarie, secondarie e collezionabili di ogni sorta. Appurato questo, sono il "cuore" della produzione e il fluire del gameplay a donare quella freschezza e personalità necessarie per emergere da quei due mostri sacri che inevitabilmente sono stati utilizzati dagli utenti come confronto durante il corso dei mesi. La prima differenza più visibile e scontata è rappresentata dall'ambientazione: siamo nella Los Angeles di fine anni 40', dove i grattacieli di Downtown non avevano ancora preso il sopravvento e invece Sunset Boulevard non era così distante da quella dei giorni nostri. Una Los Angeles ancora più mitica, che dopo la seconda guerra mondiale cominciava a mostrare al mondo intero la potenza della sua macchina cinematografica e del vivere sempre al massimo. Ma anche una Los Angeles dominata da un malaffare creato dai veterani tornati dalla guerra, dal racket delle scommesse, dalla droga, da incendi dolosi e da serial killer che si divertono a prendere in giro la polizia investigativa. In questo scenario il vostro alter ego è Cole Phelps, ex marine che al ritorno in patria entra a far parte della polizia come investigatore, secondo un filo conduttore che lo porterà poi a fare carriera nella omicidi, narcotici (chiamata anche Vice) e così via.
    Nessuno spazio alla componente multigiocatore, L.A. Noire per quanto disponga di molte delle caratteristiche proprie dei free roam predilige un approccio del giocatore più lineare, dove girovagare per la città diventa più un piacere visivo che altro, magari addirittura dopo aver terminato le vicende principali. Vi è infatti una apposita opzione denominata free roam che risulta utile per completare la raccolta di collezionabili oppure le missioni secondarie. La narrazione si sviluppa secondo tre piani paralleli, quello principale prevede la risoluzione di ventuno casi investigativi incentrati sulle problematiche esplicate poche righe più sopra, secondo un filo logico che inizialmente sembra essere scollegato nelle sue parti, ma che in seguito porta alla luce connessioni sempre maggiori tra i personaggi e i crimini nei quali si imbatte Phelps.
    Tra ogni caso e il successivo ci sono dei flashback non interattivi legati al periodo precedente a quello vissuto direttamente (la guerra ad Okinawa del 45' soprattutto) mentre durante lo svolgimento dei casi è possibile raccogliere dei giornali grazie ai quali lanciare brevi filmati che arricchiscono la storia principale e che mostrano le vicende di personaggi coinvolti in qualche modo con il protagonista principale. Qualcuno si starà sicuramente chiedendo se è possibile entrare negli edifici a proprio piacimento. La risposta è ni, nel senso che la maggior parte delle volte si può solamente se sono funzionali alla missione in corso; esistono ad ogni modo dei luoghi famosi che sono accessibili anche in altre occasioni ma che comunque hanno poco da offrire se non dal punto di vista puramente visivo. Eccoci al gameplay dunque, Cole Phelps si controlla come ci si aspetterebbe, il movimento demandato allo stick analogico sinistro, telecamera a quello destro e così via. La stessa cosa vale per le sezioni in macchina e le sparatorie, che condividono il sistema di copertura "fisso" come quello di Mafia 2 e in maniera standard per il genere. Sia ben chiaro però, la componente di azione in L.A Noire non è affatto quella principale, ma è anzi è relativa soprattutto alle missioni secondarie, che mai come in questo caso possono essere utilizzate per spezzare la storia e il tipo di gameplay che il gioco ha da offrire per la maggior parte del tempo. Il loro accesso è semplice, quando si è alla guida di una macchina della polizia può capitare in maniera casuale di ricevere una chiamata, la si accetta con il tasto A e immediatamente appare la posizione da raggiungere sulla mappa.
    Le missioni secondarie prevedono ad esempio sparatorie dopo un assalto in banca, inseguimenti in auto oppure a piedi, in strada o per palazzi, la cosa carina però è rappresentata dal fatto che queste quaranta missioni hanno nome proprio e un minimo di diversificazione sempre e comunque, a testimonianza che il Team Bondi ha cercato di rendere il titolo il più credibile possibile e legato ad un impianto narrativo.
    Tutto sommato, un vero capolavoro da non perdere.
  19. May 17, 2011
    This is the next level for video game graphics. Hopefully this style becomes the standard for future games. Fun, thought provoking, and entertaining. Everything a great game should be.
  20. May 17, 2011
    This is another amazing game from Rockstar Games. Team Bondi did a great job with the development of this game as well as Rockstar. This game progressively gets better. It is a must have.
  21. May 20, 2011
    Please, if you have any sanity, do not listen to any negative reviews; LA Noire has come under a small attack of trolls who try to trick you into not purchasing good games, as seen by Portal 2's reviews. Any serious reviews that are displeased by this game, which is unlikely, are simply done by idiots and children. This game takes many steps forward from your casual game by introducing something unheard of by angsty teenagers everywhere-- more story than there is combat! Yes, I'm sure all of you short-witted and impatient 12-year-olds out there are angered by this, but do not worry, if you have ever played an actual videogame in your life besides Call of Duty, then you will probably love LA Noire. Expand
  22. May 17, 2011
    The most beautifully crafted game since Heavy Rain, an immediate Game of the Year contender and the most ambitious title Rockstar have ever produced. So far this year it is equal only to Portal 2 in terms of ground-breaking game mechanics and it's sheer brilliance.
  23. May 18, 2011
    I really don't see what all the positive buzz for this game is all about. I have never purchased a game and been so compelled to return it the very next day, and I've been gaming for decades now. I at least played Dragon Age 2 until the 3rd act just in case it did offer something to redeem itself, I couldn't make it that far through this one. I knew what I was getting into when I picked this up, that this would be a new experience and not something like GTA, so people can't use that excuse for why i didn't like this game. What I didn't expect, however, was how mediocre and boring an attempt Team Bondi had crafted. For starters, there are some major issues with this game that most people seem to ignore. Before the game even gets started good I'm hit by crushing drops in frame-rate, and these continue for the entire time I played the game. Weird, because this game doesn't look all that great. Aside from the facial-work (which was fine but looked like actors acting way too hard to convey emotion, it is unique, but to me doesn't look natural), I'd say this game graphically is average at best, Mafia 2, GTA 4, and Red Dead Redemption all look much better. Driving is a hassle. There is no compass or arrow so you have to rely on another worthless Rockstar mini-map or your partner, he's no use however because he never shuts up long enough to give you any assistance. NPC cars drive like maniacs, not following driving laws, they don't stop when they should, they speed and plow into you like you aren't even there, and they end up causing traffic jams that cause you to have to find an alternate route to get where you are going. The handling is also way too twitchy. The gunfights are ridiculous, as any shot an enemy receives is fatal, it is far too simplistic. Chasing criminals on foot is as simple as holding down the run button and pointing the camera where you want to go, the game does all the platforming for you, lame. The rest of the game boils down to being a "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" mini-game (you're given lifelines like "poll the audience" and "remove one answer") wrapped inside a boring point and click adventure. You wander around a crime scene and look for obviously placed evidence, point to which one you want to look at and then relevant info is put into your notepad. Music plays and the controller vibrates when you're near a clue. Wowee! That's revolutionary! Then to the worst part of the game, interrogation. You shift from looking at your notebook and the person you're interviewing and select words, phrases, and evidence. The person reacts, problem is you really can't tell if they're telling the truth or not. They could look like they're lying and be telling the truth and vice versa. You can either believe them, doubt them, or call them a liar. Sometimes if you doubt them they confess something, but if you accuse them flat-out they refuse to answer anymore questions, there really isn't any rhyme or reason to anything they say or do, leading to multiple retries to get the desired result. This leads to the biggest problem with the game, the save feature. I thought games couldn't have a more arbitrary and fun-sapping save feature than those in the Dead Rising series, wrong. There is only one save file, and although there are saves at checkpoints, if you restart, you have to go all the way back to the beginning of the case, not where the game auto-saved, pointless. Some of these cases are very long and all of your progress up to the restart point is lost. The game is all about trial and error, and punishes you if you don't get a desired result. Making matters worse is the fact that if you mess up you could miss out on clues for upcoming or connected cases. Why punish the player? I should have the option to retry a section I wasn't happy with without having to start the case all over. There are also long cutscenes you can't skip through. On top of all this the story is disjointed and boring, there are plenty of poor attempts at humor, and I didn't particularly like any of the characters either. This game is an almost-broken, repetitious mess. I will be staying away from Team Bondi's future attempts like the plague. I'm all for new experiences, they do need to be fun though. Heck, Heavy Rain was one big quick-time event, but at least it was fun and had a good story. Expand
  24. May 17, 2011
    This game is Great!!! This games has cars, races, guns, chases, but it is not only about this. It is about using your brain. If you like just shooting and crashing everything you see, this is not for you, here you need to think. Graphics is very good, facial animation is AMAZING!
  25. May 17, 2011
    L.A. Noire is a fantastic game. It's story, presentation and gameplay are all solid. The new motion scan tech is definitely the best part of the game. What it does is bring real life facial animation to L.A. Noire's character using 32 HD cameras. L.A. Noire also has the most meticulously recreated version of Los Angeles to ever appear in a video game.
  26. May 20, 2011
    I really enjoy this game, I think the negative reviews are coming from peple that have the wrong idea of what this game is about. It's not about killing people. It's not about shooting people up. It's not at all like Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption. If you approach this game realistically and play it realistically, actually acting like a cop and not trying to break the law yourself, then it's an amazing game. You need to play this game right or you won't enjoy it. Expand
  27. May 18, 2011
    Perhaps it was high expectations going into LA Noire that let me down, but Rockstar Games' new cop thriller really misses the mark. I believe the Graphics of the game are one of the greatest let downs. Early ads for the game boasted about a new facial capture technology and how players would read faces, which would enhance interrogations, yet everyone makes the same face. If they're lying they'll start to smile. "Oh officer, my husband's dead!? Smirk" if anything, they really detracted from the feel. As well, the faces look like sweaty face molds pulled over a mannequin's face: they're good, but there's something off about them. But this being said, the game looks good otherwise, capturing the City of LA in it's hey-day beautifully. Another disappointment are the driving mechanics. For a company like Rockstar to drop the ball here is a real crying shame. The cars feel like something that were tacked on last minute. They drive like boulders. Perhaps this is because they're 1940's models, but still, if you can make a Horse feel effortless (Red Dead series) I would expect the same here. Another step back from previous Rockstar games is the shooting. Shootouts are ever so awkward. I think you have unlimited ammo (the game doesn't tell you how much you have) and aiming is a pain, even with auto help on. And now on to the bread and butter of the game: crime scenes and clue finding. Clue finding is simple, look around a crime scene and press the A button until the music goes away. Interrogations function the same way, watch what face they're making (they only ever make 4 different faces) and press the corresponding button. Crimes are easy to solve and replay value is minimal, seeing as there are only so many crimes and once you solve it once, it's hard to go back and resolve. Overall, the gameplay detracts from the main experience. All of this being said, the game is still saved by it's plot and atmosphere. It truly puts you into the shoes of Cole Phelps, and the added backdrop of post war LA boosts this, something I wasn't expecting. However, the characters are fairly shallow, in a game that makes me feel like a Law & Order detective, I would expect to feel something for my partner, or even myself, but the game falls short. This being said, the game is only about cases.

    In the end, if you like to watch Law & Order, you'll enjoy this video-game, however if you're looking for the next Rockstar hit, this is not it.
  28. May 17, 2011
    L.A. Noire makes me feel spoiled. It was until I started playing this game two days ago that I realized how accustomed we've all become to the stagnancy of games today. I can't remember the last time I played something this fresh. It's really reinvigorated my love for the art of video games. Every thing about L.A. Noire just oozes detail and as I get further into the game it's becoming more and more evident that really is the product of the utmost love and care from Rockstar and Team Bondi. And more than the presentation and polish, the actual mechanics are a total blast. Something about the investigation elements is so damn satisfying, partly because they're truly unlike anything I've done in games before. Gaming's vocabulary when it comes to activities for its audience for so long has been mostly "punch, hit, shoot, kill, blow up" etc. But now, thanks to L.A. Noire, we can expand that vocabulary a little bit. Intelligent and mature gamers the world over rejoice. Something special has arrived. Expand
  29. May 17, 2011
    Just to let you know I have been a fan of Rockstar since very earlier on, but that does not weigh in to or bias my review. I am not judging those that have mixed or negative reviews, however, they must not have looked into where the developers were taking this game or what this game is trying to do. I have played this game several hours, and so far really enjoy it. At some points there have been frame rate issues but those have been very minor. The story, environment, and style of game play are engrossing, but I do give fair warning for those of you who really enjoyed the GTA free-roam style games & story more so than Red Dead's more rigid storyline will not enjoy the less free roam more-fixed aspects of this game. L.A. Noire focuses more (this is going to sound like a developer comment) the player's ability to read the people of interests' faces to make judgement calls and enveloped themselves within the stylized environments of 1940s Los Angeles. Free-Roam aspects are there, but this story relies more on the crime drama elements and visual aspects to make it a great game. The story itself is a more visceral and cerebral experience in gaming, and that is Rockstar's goal. This is not like Grand Theft and Red Dead in the sense that the story is darker, less comical and much more adult. Therefore, if you are looking for a game that is more dicking around than serious L.A. Noire is not the game to buy, it still has some of those elements, but this is a much more mature game from Rockstar. Hope this helps if you are on the fence about buying it. It is a fantastic game. The face capture technology is amazing and the visual "feel" to the game itself is terrific, but it is not the game for everyone, nor the game for every Rockstar fan, eventhough I personally love it. Expand
  30. May 25, 2011
    Now, I would first like to say that I am NOT a mainstream gamer. Sure, I play Halo: Reach online every now and then, but for the most part, I would prefer a more unique experience, such as the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age: Origins, and the Dead Space series. So, when I read in GameInformer about a game called L.A. Noire, I got genuinely excited. Heck, I had only a penny left after I had bought it. This game made me effectively go broke. It wasn't worth it.

    Now, the gameplay is interesting, I will say that. You scour a crime scene looking for clues, and then interview any suspects that you have. To get suspects, you may sometimes have to chase them, on foot or in vehicle. These sequences are meant to change the pace of gameplay, which, while I admire the effort, become tiresome when they happen. Also, the game has been lauded for its facial capture technology, which allows fully accurate capture of the actor's performance. The animations are solid as many of the actors give good performances, but the faces themselves seem rather low-grade in comparison. They don't look horrible, just not that good. That, or I just have a crappy T.V. The surrounding world that you inhabit is a very convincing recreation of the 1940s, from the housing to the cars to the clothes that people wore.

    Now, since you play as a detective, you happen to progress through different desks of the LAPD: Patrol, Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson. In each of these stages you are assigned a partner, each of whom has their own personality. The only partner I can honestly say that I didn't like is Roy Earle of Vice. He is just an enormous douchebag. The others are fine. The character you play as, Cole Phelps, is a war hero of the Pacific campaign who has joined the LAPD to make the world a better place, and to potentially right some of the wrongs he committed in the war. He is a flawed character, eventually making a choice along the road that damages his once good name. Now, I have nothing against flawed characters, as I find that when done well, they can be the most interesting. But to be honest, I found Cole Phelps to be uninteresting and boring. Oh, and the "wrong choice" that I mentioned, yeah, I pretty much lost all sympathy in him after that. Then again, that may just be me.

    Now, while I will complement the innovation that some of the gameplay possessed, there is still one flaw in the experience: It often gets boring. It also doesn't help that the most interesting cases are the Homicide cases, which occur in the middle of the game. Perhaps it may have helped if they gave the gamer a little more in the way of choice, such as in a BioWare title, but the story itself is pretty linear, so it just makes me think that this would have been better off as a TV series. Now to be honest (and I am kind of ashamed to admit this), I didn't truly complete the game. I made it past the first case in the Arson desk, and just gave up afterwards. I looked up the ending on YouTube, and it was underwhelming. I mean, 20 hours and THAT'S all they give you? They do give you the opportunity to replay cases in an attempt to get a better rating, but honestly, I don't see the logic in playing a level in a mystery/detective game once you know what's going to happen.

    Now to be honest, this game isn't horrible. It's just not the kind of game I like. There is an audience out there for this game, of that there is no doubt. For now, however, I think I'm good with Xbox Live arcade titles instead. Or that Hunted: THe Demon's Forge game that comes out next week. Hopefully, I'll like that more. And if not, than I have to stop pre-ordering.
  31. Jun 10, 2011
    When i saw the trailers to this game i admit that it looked very impressive, but when you think about it all you saw where the cut scenes, and that is exactly what you get. This game (and i use that word very loosely) is more like a tech demo with a couple of bits tagged on to play.Graphically the motionscan works very well and there are some genuinely impressive parts where the acting really shines through, my real problem is the lack of action.I play games to be excited and exhilarated and L.A. Noire did neither for me, i really tried to enjoy it but in the end it felt like a case of the emperors new clothes. Every case is the same-go to an area,find clues,drive somewhere,look for clues,complete a very quick chase,charge someone and repeat. To be honest im disappointed and i expected more from one of the finest publishers to ever grace the gaming world. Expand
  32. May 17, 2011
    Thank you Team Bondi. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you for realizing that some of us out there want more. That we've shot enough people in the head, captured enough flags, and performed more than our fair share of super combos that this industry is long overdue for something new. Something new is precisely what comes to mind when I think of this game. I'm 14 hours in and not once have I been able to directly relate this to other games I've played. It's just so damn unique. The closest thing would probably be old school adventure games, but even those are left in the dust by L.A. Noire. I don't really know where to even begin. I could talk about the downright gripping narrative, the unmatched facial technology, the palpable atmosphere, the vibrantly recreated and supremely beautiful city of Los Angeles or the thrilling investigative elements. Maybe it sounds crazy, but yeah, finding clues and interrogating witnesses? Actually a hell of a lot of fun. Especially those interrogations. I seriously did not think they were going to be able to pull it off. That "talking" to someone would actually end up being interesting. Now that I have the full thing it's my favourite part of the game! The mechanics are great, but what really tops it off is the technology. The way L.A. Noire is able to capture an actor's performance makes it feel like you're actually engaging in a conversation with a real person, instead of all the lifeless, dead-eyed video game characters of the past. You truly have to read their faces and find out whether or not they're simply scared, or hiding an ocean of guilt. I could go on and on in similar fashion for just about every facet of the game, but I unfortunately don't have the space here. To sum it up, this is truly a new frontier for interactive storytelling. I feel lucky to be witnessing it firsthand and I can only hope that other developers take notice and will similarly strive to push the medium forward the way Bondi and Rockstar have. An absolutely spectacular achievement that feel lucky to be able to experience. Expand
  33. May 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The title, on many fronts, is quite a disappointment. It doesn't quite work as a game due to it's restrictive narrative and the way it forces you to do things in a certain way or order and it doesn't quite work as an interactive movie due to the illogicality of many crimes and the shallowness of the characters. To give a view examples: early on in the game you chase someone on a movie set which crumbles under your feet... really? That completely took me out of the detective feel and made me feel like playing Super Mario instead. After the first couple of homicides I figured out who was probably behind all of them, so when the character finally presented himself after doing tons of more of these boring cases, it was no surprise at all. When he said "Do you know who I am?!" as if it was a great mystery I found myself yawning out who he was. The main problem is: you can't go after this character or investigate him further earlier on in the game. You need to continue working all the other cases first. Endlessly trailing a woman who got money from bookies to have her stabbed in the bathroom of a bus station. Of course. Because although everyone is having a really hard time trying to find her, the shooter knew she'd be in that bus station, and especially that she'd be visiting the toilet where he was hiding out, waiting for her. Fortunately, after trailing the woman through all kinds of alleys my partner arrived at the bus station at the same moment I did, as if he had a GPS tracker on me or as if we had contact over the radio. Illogical things like that really turned me off. Another thing that was a big disappointment is the interrogation system. Instead of being able to confront suspects with evidence, you need to listen to them talk and can only confront them if you think they're lying. This I found to be rather restrictive as well. Besides that, whenever you doubt someone or accuse them of lying, Mr Phelps starts to scream and shout at the suspect like some drill sergeant. The over acting get's so bad it feels like watching a Bollywood movie at times. Accepting a call on the radio means you will arrive somewhere, chase someone (by foot or car) and eventually shoot them. I simply stopped doing them after 10 or so simply because it was always the same. The default police cars drive like crap. So get another one you say? There are tons of cooler cars hidden throughout the city, but getting them and driving those instead is a lot of hassle, especially when 9 out of 10 times you will be confronted with the standard car after a cut scene, the car you were driving simply magically disappeared. Almost run someone over during a car chase and you get a big warning on your screen, you're not supposed to do that as a cop! But you can steal any parked car anywhere without it ever being an issue. After playing more than thirteen hours I simply wonder if anyone actually tested this game, whether no one during the testing was bothered by these glitches and illogical things going on and how on earth this game got such high ratings from the 'professional' reviewers. Isn't there any good? Well, not much in my opinion. The graphics? We've seen them all before in the GTA and Mafia series. The revolutionary motionscan technology? Sure, it looks nice but it doesn't make up for all the other flaws with this game. At least you get to spend a lot of time picking up women, hanging in smokey jazz joints, drive around with your roof down while loud jazz music is blurting from your speakers, right? Nope, not even that. If only they'd hired some real detectives to play the game and point out it's flaws, hired people like James Ellroy to help write the scenario and did some proper testing, it might have been a great title. Expand
  34. Jun 8, 2011
    About two thirds of the way through the game my save file got corrupted. I failed a chase and instead of starting the sequence over on respawn I was still in the middle of the chase, but no bad guy in sight and it won't fail again. On restart it resets back to the same broken place over and over. Since there is no save game other than the checkpoint that put me in the position of having to restart the game from scratch or abandon the effort. I quickly realized I have no interest in doing it all again so I will probably trade the game in this weekend. There is nothing broken about the game (other than my corrupted file) - it's just repetitive, and not that interesting once you get over the novelty. I definately give Rockstar an "A" for effort both in trying a new game format and a new game setting but there has to be more to a game than novelty. Expand
  35. May 28, 2011
    This is my Favourite Game of all time (Mainly because im a big Noir Genre fan) it is full of exciting missions and it is a BIG Game! I love the Story, its classic Noir at it's best! The Gameplay is Fresh and unique and the Graphics are Remarkable. Go out and Buy this Game!
  36. May 17, 2011
    It can all really be said in about three words: Fun and Fresh. It is definitely fans for an adventure type game, with some nods to the gun-play of Rockstar games before. I love it and, personally, I feel exhilarated when I nail someone with evidence and despair when my witnesses clam up. Yes it may seem repetitive chasing after crooks and collecting clues, but the fun is more in how you use the information to interrogate people. This is one that is at least worth a try, you may be pleasantly surprised (and if you don't like it I'm sure it will hold its value as a trade-in for a while). Expand
  37. May 21, 2011
    Creative game, new concept that works to a degree. Story driven games certainly hold interest with the broad market and this is a game that really pushes into that space. Many great things, but a few big blockers that prevent over a 7 rating: 1) Very repetitive, you do the same thing over and over with a slight twist in each story, 2) replay value is absolutely zero. No multiplayer, no change in choice. Once you beat this game it's over. In today's days, I'm not sure any game that does not have multiplayer or strong replay value of some sort gets over a 7. Expand
  38. May 17, 2011
    The presentation does not allow for me to give this game a bad score. All of the positives in this regard have been stated in a bunch of other reviews here already. The gameplay is seriously lacking, though. If they would have put even a third as much effort into shootouts and car chases as they did to what amount to nothing more than interactive cutscenes, this would be an amazing game. As it stands, the clunky mechanics and lack of any real challenge in either action or investigation cause LA Noire to fall a little short. Expand
  39. May 18, 2011
    On the surface, this game seems innovative, with an interesting concept and a great setting. Once I sat down to play the game, however, I was stunned at how incredibly boring it was. Look at stuff, talk to people, chase someone, rinse, repeat. A couple of over-arching stories are hinted at, but they don't get back to them very quickly.

    Despite the fact the game is on three discs, and
    the graphics are not all they could be to accommodate all the acting and evidence data, the restrictions of the medium are keenly felt. It's like a choose-your-own adventure book bought out of the cheap bin. You have the option to do things in a non-linear order, but if you do the story seldom makes all that much sense. And speaking of making sense, many of the decisions you make don't make any sense at all, particularly if you do everything in the order it's given on your list. Why would I give a suspect more time to get away so I can go talk to the family right this instant? Phone in that license plate and find the driver of the hit and run? No, we have to go talk to the man's wife first. Don't worry, it's a video game, so the driver will still be there when you get to it.

    The acting is decent, the graphics aren't up to current standards (and not as good as Red Dead Redemption) and the music is dull and lifeless. The typical Rockstar driving game is still in, and it's completely unnecessary and detracts from the pacing. Phelps' responses while he's interrogating someone are caricatures of old forties movies, and there's no room for subtlety. You either treat someone like they're angels of honesty, or you accuse them of murder. There's no rapport-building or teasing out information. You hit like a Mack truck or not at all.

    I won't say it's not worth playing, but it certainly isn't worth buying new. Wait until the price comes down. That way if you get as impossibly bored as I did you won't feel like you've wasted so much.
  40. May 18, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After playing for about 4 hours and already being 25 percent done according to the % completed I find myself worried that there is not enough of the game or I would have gave it a 10. The graphics are among the best I have ever seen in a "sandbox" game proving yet again that Rockstar has the monopoly in this genre. The facial animations using the new technology is really something to aww over. I cannot wait to see this implemented in future games, I do believe that this will become a standard in facial animation. The city of angles looks great and the sound is fantastic. Game play is GTA with a nice twist and the interrogations are more challenging some would have you believe, getting 5 out 5 is real hard on the first try every time.

    The game has the Rockstar humor and the feel of real dialogue all through-out the city. As in GTA sometimes it is fun to just sit and listen to the ramblings of others having conversations. I am happy that the game does have the hard reality of real crimes included. Not that I was real worried about a developer such as Rockstar to scale down something (e.g. Hot Coffee) but I think it is good that they included child molestation and the harsh brutality of murdering someone. I think this does add more of a tie to your character in the game, you want to catch the guy (or woman) who did this horrible act in a bad way. Now I am bias in that I love film noir, so this game holds dear to my love of movies, and unlike some of the older favorites such as Big Sleep or Double Indemnity we can see the visuals that this era has alloted us. The people that say this game is just a ripoff of GTA I would ask well what did you expect from the peeps that brought you the GTA's and Read Dead's? This is what they do.

    As I stated before the only thing I don't like is that the game at 25% seems like I will be able to finish in the next day or two. I know that there are the 40 sub mini-missions and the collectibles and landmarks and driving all 200 cars.... My problem is that instead of doing these other things I want to keep doing the crime solving stuff and I fear that I will miss the rest of what the game has to offer due to my inability to to not being an addict of the best part of the game - calling someone a liar! Graphics = 10
    Sound = 10
    Presentation = 10
    Gameplay = 9
    Overall = 10
  41. May 18, 2011
    This is not a game for every one. I will say that up front. This is a game for a more mature audience that is tired of the same old cookie cutter FPS or Sandbox errand runner. It is for the most part an interactive detective movie that is set in the Iconic L.A. of the late 1940's. You can't just mindlessly plow through the game and expect to enjoy yourself. The cases which are the backbone mechanic of the game are well thought out and require more than just relying on the facial expressions of those you are questioning. Being able to logically link evidence together allows you to delve deeper into the motives that led to the crimes you are investigating. The story thus far is quite intriguing though am only about a third of the way through. You play Cole Phelps who was a former officer for the Marines in WWII who came to L.A. and became a cop. Cole is an idealist and believes that hard work and good investigative skills are the key to solving the crimes he is tapped for. His thought process seems to be at odds with the rest of the department who don't all seem to be on the up and up. The game play is solid regardless of what other reviewers have said. Yes the driving is not as precise as Rockstar's GTA 4 but that is because it is not supposed to be. This is the era of giant 2 ton steal monster Cadillacs and Lincolns. The cars back then handled like tanks and that is how they handle in the game and I feel adds to the authenticity. I can see why some people may not like the game but I am not one of those. I see the ingenuity of Noir and am glad that Team Bondai and Rockstar had the guts to go against the norm and make an amazing game that will keep me engaged until the end. Expand
  42. Jun 7, 2011
    Voice-Acting, Storyline, Graphics, Gameplay (walking over the dead body, engaging with an interactive environment, ie sit at the bar or in a chair, & pick up a murder weapon to inspect it)

    Training Wheels should be an option instead of making it the entire Traffic desk case load, Glitches (Walls, people, & cars randomly appearing in a suspects apartment building room right on
    top of my F'n crime scene! Rockstar wtf? The driving aspect is good and bad depending on what car you drive.

    Summary: I thought this was going to be open-ended? This is linear & it may be the most linear Rockstar game to date. If Rockstar adds a Felon option or a crooked cop into the game, like someone on the take who steals from the evidence room, commits blackmail , plants evidence, etc... it would open this beautiful recreation of 1940s LA to a lot more options & it would offer the player a lot more to explore instead of making it feel like the most beautiful cardboard cut out of a city that you've seen. It's like taking your first trip to New York City but you never leave the cab. Sure you may see everything & its convenient, but its nothing compared to running wild in the streets.
  43. May 20, 2011
    Pros: - Great facial motion capture technology - Same control and feel of other GTA games - Good voice acting Cons: - 6 hours in and I still haven't found any fun in the game. - Very short on a variety of game mechanics - Boring play cycle: 1) Play "Where's Waldo" with clues until the music stops. 2) Interview person of interest. 3) Make an arrest (chase). 4) Interrogate and convict. - painfully linear progression through the story with inconsequential radio missions on the side.

    Overall, this game is terribly disappointing.

    There are so many opportunities for this game to be great that were wasted. The game tracks experience and will "level up" the main character, but none of the improvements make the player's character inherently better at solving crimes, making arrests or interrogation. It feels like an ambitious screen writer wanted to take a crack at bringing the silver screen to the console, but forgot that to be a great console experience requires more than being a film production. Buying a video game is buying fun, in a box, not just a passive entertainment experience. $60 later and I am still searching for the fun and trying to understand why the "professional" metacritic rating is so high while user's are panning the game as mediocre.

    Save some money and pass this title.
  44. May 26, 2011
    If you love GTA, then chances are you will not like this game. LA Noire consists mostly of carefully driving yourself from one heavily-scripted, semi-interactive cutscene to the next, and if you don't want to drive you don't even have to do that, you can let your partner do it. The sandbox aspect could be entirely removed from the game and you'd still have the same game. While interacting with the world, you can't jump, you can't run (you can do a brisk trot, but that's it), you can't climb things, hell it won't even let you pull out your gun. This is an extremely restrictive game that completely departs from what we've come to expect from Rockstar. Expand
  45. Jun 2, 2011
    It has the Rockstar logo on the box, so I was expecting great things. But...It's just...boring.

    During one case, I had to chase this bloke who had a shot gun, so I was looking forward to a bit of gun play. He hid behind a wall, so I took cover too. He popped out and I took aim and shot him in the arm. He flopped down dead, action over. Booo!

    Car chase sequence. The cars handle just a
    bit too well. I'm expecting some over steer from a big old American car, but they corner like they're on rails. This caused me to mount the kerb at high speed. Wouldn't have looked good, me a Police detective, smearing some innocents along the pavement. Fortunately for them, they just bounced off the car like they were made of rubber. Boooo!

    That's as far as it goes for the good bits.

    The rest was the usual:
    Wander around looking for clues. Pick things up. Look at them. If it's relevant it goes in the note book. Dull, dull, dull.

    Pre-scripted witness/suspect questions and the Truth/Doubt/Lie option following the answer. That gets really boring after the first two Q&A sessions.

    Why is this game getting such high scores?
    The face animation does look good. But it doesn't make for a good game. It's a gimmick. This is the gaming equivalent of the Emperor's New Clothes.
  46. Jun 12, 2011
    With the logo on the bottom of the box and the extensive hype and advertising you have to wonder what they were boasting about. Okay, the face motion technology is well done and does bring some elements of pleasant suprise but apart from that you really don't have anything else to do. You can play through the whole game and not feel as though you have bought a sandbox, Rockstar game. You are not allowed to pull your gun where and when you want because that is completely up to the game and thee storyline. When you compare this to a game like Red Dead redemption where you could hog tie a nun to the train tracks if you desired this game seems very, very tame and restrictive. You aren't even allowed to run at more than a jog. For a game with such innovative features it seems as though the creators have focused and been swept along with this new technology and forgot about the reason people are really buying this game which is to be a cop in the 40's in L.A. with your own brand of justice ready to be issued but it feels as though you are really no more than a passenger in a story. There really isn't any refreshing elements of the game after 4 hours of gameplay and certainly lacks any desire for dedicating a whole evening to it. Poor effort all in all and seems like a waste of money and a big disappointment from a big company. If I hadn't played a lot of previous Rockstar titles I would be wondering whether I would invest in new games but hopefully they will learn from this mistake and stick to what they know from now on e.g. Red Dead and GTA. Expand
  47. Jul 24, 2012
    LA Noire is simply Dragon's Lair for the new Millennium, and I feel for the folk who get suckered into loving "games" like these. LA Noire simply does not have enough interaction, enough repercussions or enough substance on the whole to be anything more than a really boring movie. Also, what little interaction is there in the game is pretty badly done too. The difference between doubting a person's answer and accusing them of lie-ing is often silly, and then it doesn't feel consequential to anyone other than completion-ists; the actual "action" itself feels very linear and very much stuck on a railroad track, the massive LA world contains nothing of note; and the main protagonist is a prick who quickly becomes annoying. There came a point in the game where I was asked to "shadow" a suspect in a cafe - after a few fails the game asked me "would you like to skip this?" - FFS! A key point in the plot and it's treated as if it doesn't matter - it just made things feel cheap and it was as if the game admitted "yeah, this bits a bit crap but we thought we'd chuck it in anyway". Also on the whole the plot seems very disjointed at times and, if you play it out differently to how most would (ie go to a later destination before the obvious one), then the plot often gets a few jumbled up lines thrown in which don't make sense. Other than superb facial animations I really can't see why anyone would be interested in such a pointless game. Expand
  48. Sep 24, 2011
    Alot of negative reviews on this one. People need to get it in their big fat skulls that this game is not I repeat not a sandbox game its obvious that the people who hated on this game are fans of the GTA games and Red Dead redemption and expected another one of those games out of it just because it had a R* logo on it. I can't believe how narrow minded people are nowadays that they can't distinguish between a developer and a publisher. R* is not the developer it is the publisher Team Bondi is the developer they are the same company that made the Getaway game series last gen. And all the people who are saying that you can't do alot of things in this game it is because it is not a Sandbox game. This game is detective, crime investigation and interactive movie kind of a game the only other game that can actually be compared to it is Heavy rain the only difference is that this game gives you more freedom. As a huge fan of the detective and crime investigation having watched all these kind of shows on TV I really liked this game. All the cases are fun and have a really good and well detailed background. The cases are divided into a number of different segments in some segments you have to find clues, some segments are foot and vehicle chase sequences, gun fighting segments and the best one of them all the interrogations. The interrogations are really well done you ask someone a question and you have to tell if they are telling the truth, lying to you (by using evidence) or you can doubt on them and you can do this while looking at all the evidence you found and noted in your diary these segments are all really fantastic specially for us detective fans and your interrogations will change the segments that will play out later on in the cases, the superb acting by the cast during interrogations also adds alot of them. The chase sequences are also fun and well done. The gun fighting in the game however can get repetitive and dull at times and is not nearly as epic and fun as you see in shooters and games like GTA and RDR but they are still satisfying. The cases can get repetitive though so I would not recommend doing more than 2 cases at the time so that you can get as much fun as you can out of this game. I am a little disappointed however that some cases are really waay to short and leave alot to be desired and I also just wish that there were more cases in the actual game. The game's story which is told through a series of flash back scenes telling you more about your main characters is also very well written and interesting. The game also looks fantastic quite possibly one of the best looking games on the 360 the facial animations are super realistic, the environments are just breath taking and the animations are also very well done. The voice acting/acting is also great and realistic specially during the interrogations. The game also has a bunch of sidequests but they are far less than you would see in a GTA game or a Sandbox game, there are 40 side missions while they are fun, some of them can get repetitive and most are too short. Along with that there are landmarks and vehicles to discover and unlock but this can get boring after a while. However another problem with the game is that it is on 3 discs on the 360 the problem is not that you have to get up mid game and swap discs the problem is that if one disc gets messed up you have to buy all 3 all over again and considering how high the price is that is a really big problem. Thats why I would recommend the Ps3 version as its only on one disc and has slightly better graphics. The music in this game really suits the time period the game is set in and also suites the environments. Overall I would say L.A Noire is a great game which could have been even better if it wasn't for a few flaws. If you are a fan of the detective genre, like games which are like interactive movies and are looking for a different and unique experience when you play a game than you should definitely get L.A Noire however if you are expecting a sandbox game like GTA or Red Dead than this game is not for you. 8.5/10 Expand
  49. Jul 30, 2011
    You cannot really think of this as a video game. Its more like an interactive film.

    Although the story telling, acting and atmosphere are amazing, I found the crucial interrogation system to be deeply flawed. If I got a question wrong I would quit out to the menu and reload from the same point, otherwise I miss out on the plot which is VERY irritating. I think they could have explored
    the morality aspect a bit more, it would be interesting if you weren't such a clean cut cop. If you had the ability to take bribes, plant evidence or force confessions with violence I think it would have made the game more interesting because even though Cole Phelps does everything by the book, the player should be able to make their own decisions. Instead, I felt like a passenger following him around. Expand
  50. May 19, 2011
    This game is truly amazing. The graphics, the story, and the gameplay far surpass many games. Being able to play as the good guy now is a much newer experience compared to all the other GTA games i have played. Many will complain that this game has too much talking, interrogating, and searching for clues, but it does have just enough action to keep people satisfied. The only keeping this from a full ten out of ten, is it's still a lot like GTA 4, RDR, and Mafia 2. I wish something newer could be added to the open world freedom. Expand
  51. May 22, 2011
    This game is amazing! I've seen people complaining about the length and the lack of multiplayer but it doesn't need it. And as for the length 25 hours+ is a long game. Just don't go into it expecting the mindless violence of games such as GTA and Saints row and you'll enjoy it.
  52. JET
    May 22, 2011
    This game is, in the words of Frank West, FANTASTIC! It has one of the best storys seen in games for a while, and the atmospere is simply amazing. The music and voice acting help this. Buy this game!!!
  53. May 18, 2011
    L.A. Noire is another Rockstar victory. If you are a fan of Red Dead Redemption and the Grand Theft Auto series, you will see the influences here. If you have played Mafia II and you liked it, Rockstar much improved on that concept and gameplay feel and expanded it with wide open world maps and outstanding sound and graphics. Marry all of this with a stats system that tracks your game achievements as well as Call of Duty and you will find a very enjoyable complete game. I find that this game is fun to play with another person as well discussing all of the clues and learning interrogation techniques. This game will be up for game of the year for sure. Congratulations Rockstar, thanks for giving us such a great experience and making a game that will take longer than a few hours to complete. Expand
  54. May 18, 2011
    This is not GTA - 1940's. You should be made completely aware of this before you decide to buy the game. The game really is pretty basic in it's game play. The basic game play is as follows: 1) Drive to Point A 2) Search for Clues 3) Interview someone 4) Get graded 5) Drive to Point B if necessary 6) Repeat When you are driving from Point A you are frequently given APB calls where you can intercept crimes. This basically consists of a shootout or chasing down a criminal across streets, up buildings and over fences.

    The unfortunate part of all this is that it gets old fast. The story is good and the characters are somewhat interesting, so you keep plugging along, but you get the undying urge to want to drive/run all around the city to start trouble or see what you can get into, but it is not necessary and therefore you feel like this massive city was created for naught.

    Although I enjoyed the story, it feels like there is a HUGE piece of the game that was untapped or hidden or just plain forgot about. Although the city is alive and buzzing, you feel unattached to it and its citizens and you are left wondering about all the things that could have been added to the GAME PLAY outside of the story that would have made this a Titan of a game.

    The Save system might be my biggest gripe of all. It's autosave and you have no way of saving when you want, no way of reloading and trying a scenario out differently. The frustration in this is that you will sometimes know exactly how a crime went down but you might have picked the wrong question and steered the ending in a direction you did not want.

    All in all, I do commend the developers for trying something new, but if this was given another year, and there was focus outside of the story, I couldn't imagine what this could have become.

    Some other reviewer mentioned that this is Carmen Sandeigo for adults and I honestly couldn't agree more.
  55. Dec 4, 2012
    Hell **** yeah!!! this game is **** awesome. Seriously. I don't know what they make their people do at Rocksar but they should keep doing it because this game has everything that I could possibly want out of a detective game. Even side missions like street crimes. Jesus Christ, this is awesome
  56. Jul 14, 2011
    LA Noire is just not a good game. I thought the point of video games was that you could CHOOSE what happens on the screen. This is not progress. You don't actually get to use any skills a detective would use, like deduction, critical thinking or even reflexes. You could get through most of this game blindfolded. The acting is good, but since they are actors they are of course "lying" all the time, eliminating the possibility of actually picking up on involuntary tells or "microexpressions". You will be forced to charge suspects you KNOW to be innocent, because you simply don't get other dialogue options. The game makes (lets?) you kill a lot of people in filler sequences but it is totally detached from the story. And the cars are all the same. Not a good game at all. Respect to the actors and animators though Expand
  57. Jul 9, 2011
    The whole point of a video game, or any game, is that you are in control. unlike music, art books or film where you are simply a viewer or listener, a game is interactive. and this is the first problem with LA noir. it is actually a film, which you can fill in the bits that films ignore, such as endless driving with horrible instructions. also in a film or a book you cant skip a secton (Well, you may be able to fast forward) so why in a game do i have to sit through 20 mins of cutscene, which i already watched! when i failed my first interogation, like all gamers i hit restart, and seeming as each case was introduced with a lovely cutscene i though it would go to just before the interogation. no. it ripped me right to the case before and an endless horror of yet more cutscenes.
    and seeming as its a game, then many people rate it on graphics. GTA IV looks better. that game was released in 2008! and as for the faces, while they are well animated, they have completely destroyed the eyes that most games get right. what is the point in having a map that is that big, when stuff that is less than 1M away from you looks absolutely horrible.
    but why is it a 3 not a 0? well, it is well polished. so far no glitches, and when you can actually see stuff (usiually you have to get real close) it does look very nice, also the way that they "pushed the bat out" with a new genre. but this would have been far more suited for a point and click game. shame really, they put in such effort for a game that is probarbly amazing, to be let down by some moron who dosent under stand the basic concept of games.
  58. Jul 12, 2011
    The facial movements are excellent, however, that is pretty much all this game brings to the table. It would have been a lot better had it not been so repetitive. Every "chase" is just following a guy until a scripted event happens. Because of that, you never really feel the thrill of the chase, you only end up waiting for it to be over. Also, why is it that everytime you get called to respond to a street crime, you have to drive to the complete opposite side of the map (about 15 minutes of drive time for about 45 seconds of action)? There's nothing fun about that. I'm a huge fan of Red Dead and the whole GTA series but I got bored with this game halfway through and haven't picked it up since. Expand
  59. May 17, 2011
    +Graphics/sound +Story -Control -Gameplay //////// +Amazing visuals, SFX, music and voice overs. +Story and characters really draw you in -Same GTA controls -Lacks the free roaming fun of GTA or even RDR -Poor saving system -Some frame rate issues //////// I will start off by saying I have always been a big Rockstar fan, from the top down GTA to Red Dead Redemption. So naturally I had very high hopes for LA Noire. Going into Noire one should expect certain restraints from what they have experienced in past Rockstar titles (setting, time, being for the other side of the law). That being said, something is really lost being a cop instead of a criminal. Gone are the killing sprees of GTA, but you can still take whichever car you want. Expect the same GTA style chunky controls for walking, fighting and driving. My biggest issue with the game is the saving system. Imagine playing GTA or Fallout 3 from start to end of a mission without saving. When I play games I have to get the best possible outcome every time, so this meant having to redo entire cases over just to get correct questions at the end. Seriously, you can only auto save, no save slots, no going home to save, only when the games wants to save. I even had to redo missions just because of auto save confusion. I have many problems with this game, but I still am having some fun with it. Ultimately, it's a step back from GTA/RDR, with better graphics. If you're hoping for GTA craziness, you will be very disappointed. If you're hoping for a nice story with some puzzles in between, here you go. Expand
  60. May 31, 2011
    L.A. Noire, a game that uses the next best thing( revolutionary facial animation) to create a very dark and violent 1940s detective story. Developed by Rockstar and Team Bondi, L.A.Noire is not to be described as a typical similarity to Red Dead Redemption or GTA. The shooting and camera mechanics are still there, but its a whole new ball game from there. The player is put in the shoes of Detective Cole Phelps, an incorruptible cop bent on finding the killer and putting the person in the gas chamber. He also has a face that makes him look really annoying( he got the cheeks and dimples on the face to back it up), which in real life would cause citizens to roll their eyes when he busts in saying "LAPD guys( with high emphasis on the word "guys") I'm here ask to some questions", but that's a bit off subject.
    Rather than present a shootout on every mission in the game, L.A.Noire relies more on dialogue and clue finding rather than combat to create a riveting and charming game. The player will first start out finding clues from a crime scene and then the meat of the package comes in, the dialogue. As Phelps the player must question witnesses and suspects to find clues and get an answer to the main question( who did it?). This is where the game makes use of the revolutionary facial animation as nearly all the time the suspects or witnesses will likely be holding back particular useful answers. It is up to the player to beat the questions out of the person( verbally) to get the answers he wants. The game uses a 3 button mechanic for the conversations, but is very intuitive and engaging. If you think the person is holding back, doubt them, if you think they're lying, you better back it up with proof or your quest in finding the killer will get much more difficult.
    This is not a game for the action hungry crowd, but rather for the people that want a for once engaging story to play. The pacing of the game is to a certain extent flawed but picks up by the time of the second desk case,but people may lose interest as the game somewhat drags during the middle of the game. L.A.Noire's presentation is best described as game with a late night TV show like charm to it, as each case is presented with a backstory, with the case name popping up on the screen as though it's a new episode. The personal story of Phelps is much to be desired as the game merely focuses on the cases and not the character until the third act, which is the best part as it provides a subtle gameplay twist. The shooting may be a little to easy for experienced gamers but is not a big deal as it is merely there to put a bit of action between the dialogue and give combat and driving sequences with a 1940s charm to it. The music is top notch and is perfectly suitable for the atmosphere. Free roam is there, but restricted as you cannot kill civilians and get those all too familar star warnings, you are a cop after all. Instead they're just used for moving to and discovering locations to advance the story or to show off the admirable architecture of the landmarks of Los Angeles. The game's graphics are a bit more superior on the Playstation 3 but is not a big deal, nor should it be a deal at all. But rather, players should decide which control scheme are they used to when it comes to shooting sequences.
    Overall the game is not for everybody, but for those that want a truly different and original experience instead of typical action heavy games may want to give this game a try. As for me, I was not dissapointed. Just don't expect it to be the game of the year.
  61. Apr 26, 2014
    I am writing this after finally playing the PC version of the game and it`s one of the most pleasant surprises I`ve had in gaming. The reason is that according to Metacritic there is no PC version, and yet I felt I had to put my two cents in here about LA Noire.
    Not being a huge GTA fan due to my profound lack of interest in Russian pimps with fake accents, f-bombs and car chases I wasn`t
    expecting too much from this game. But by golly did it have one of the best stories I`ve seen in a game to date. It is also a technical marvel, recreating 1946 LA faithfully enough, which is where the game takes place. The graphics and sound are good and the game play excellent. Occasionally there isn`t a whole lot where you`d expect there to be at least something, but considering that the game simulates a huge city it can hardly be avoided. Even so, LA Noire does an admirable job of making LA appear fully inhabited anyway,. And a mini game of sorts of police radio emergencies means that you`ll have small twists interrupting your pursuit of the main quest all through the game, so giving you more variety than games like Mafia for example. As for the sound the only problem I had was the car radio that keeps going every time you step into the car. When you hear the same news story and the same semi-annoying 1940s song every ten minutes for the entire duration of the game it loses some of its immersive quality. Of course you can turn the radio off, but then it`s all quiet and weird.... But the voiceovers and sound FX are all good, as is the music.

    Basically you play as a police detective and follow the ups and downs of his career while uncovering the main story. But since it`s open world you can do this whenever you want to, and me I had a blast just driving various cars way too fast around town and regularly forgot what I was supposed to be doing.
    Anyway, police officer Cole Phelps drives around chasing bad guys and investigating crime scenes before interrogating witnesses and suspects. The interrogations make use of a facial motion capture technique to hint at when suspects are lying, and it is so realistic that I could actually recognize several real life TV actors Rockstar had hired to play the parts. Do all this well enough and you`ll move on to the next case, and the next desk and eventually to the grim ending to the game. The investigation of cases is somewhat similar to what games like CSI have done, but in my mind a lot more interesting because they are in fully interactive environments and part of a larger story going on. In particular some of the main cases for Phelps to solve at the end of each chapter are large, involve multiple crime scenes and feel just riveting. This part of the game really sucks you into what`s going on and gives you a constant feeling of achievement.
    But the thing that really makes LA Noire shine is the amazing story and the compelling characters you`ll get to know while progressing through it. There are really no one-dimensional cliche figures. Rather with almost all the main characters, including Phelps, you tend to think you have them figured out just to have something emerge that makes them more nuanced, and therefore more convincing and interesting. On rare occasions computer games can play like interactive versions of quality novels and this is such an occasion. Saying more might spoil it though, so I won`t.

    If you like adventure games, detective simulations, driving games or just plain old great game design and story telling then rush out and get LA Noire with all haste. The only negative thing about this game is that something this good only comes along every five years or so, if we`re lucky, so you will inevitably enter quality-withdrawal just as soon as you finish it.

    PS: Judging by reviews above there are some loading issues on the console version but obviously none of that on the PC. If there are other differences I wouldn`t be able to tell you.
  62. May 18, 2011
    The best things about the game isn't gameplay, graphics, sound, voice acting, the facial system, the evidence finding, or the 50's setting. The best thing about this game is the NAKED LADIES!
  63. May 18, 2011
    Please note: my score represents the actual quality of the game--great, but not perfect. I've played games better than this one, quite recently.

    That said, this game is a quantum leap forward for gaming. It's a bold step that doesn't always work, but it does SOMETHING. The facial animation and blending of open-world and linear, driven gameplay are fantastic and new, and the story it
    tells is excellent for that. Suffice to say--you need to play this game. Expand
  64. May 18, 2011
    Now this is a tough one. I have to admit, my first thoughts was of this game was that it had failed to meet my expectations by a long shot. I found it slow, boring and the shooting mechanics were average at best. But after a while playing this game...none of this mattered. I realised that this wasn't just a GTA clone with detective based missions to tell them apart! This is a new genre in itself. An outstanding work of art that actually makes you use your brain a little if you want to get the best out of it. Rather than spending most of your time running and gunning, you'll be looking around crime scenes and interrogating people trying to find out what really happened in the numerous murders and other scenes you've been sent out to solve. Most people will find this a turn off seeing as this is a game with rockstar labelled on the front of the box, but this is like nothing they have brought out before. The new facial animation technology which they have integrated into the game is creepy, but adds a load of atmosphere into the characters. And obviously as what the trailers have said, one gimmick they are using is that you will be able to use their facial expressions to tell whether they are lying or telling the truth! And I'm glad to say this works. I can see why some people will hate this game as it does have a slow start, But I promise it picks up and I definitely think it's worth a try if you're a fan of noire crime films or even some of the modern classics. Expand
  65. May 23, 2011
    First of all let me say, this game is not everyone's cup of tea, its marmite, you either love it or hate it, this game is not a rockstar typical genre GTA game, and the phrase "GTA but in the 1940's" does not cut it, you play the other side a cop for a change, now this wont seem glamorous and at times it can be damn right boring, but cop work is, driving from location to location is broken up by emergency calls over the radio which you can choose to ignore, but are quite fun, running up to a crime " and busting some caps" to break the monotony of the actual story or cases is quite entertaining. you can skip driving by letting your partner drive which allows a short loading screen.

    The driving is good, holding handbrakes around corners is especially fun in old cars, and flying over downhill bumps is especially fun when you get some good clearance! The crime investigation is good, with some clues there to throw you off, now don't get me wrong, there is alot of junk to be found at crime scenes, but in lies the fun deciding on whether items are relevant or not, Cole ( the main character) will often say things as to whether they pertain to the investigation or not to help you along. initially the interview questions are guided along at the start of the game as a running "tutorial" but this fades out over time, leaving you to make your own decisions on questions.

    The facial expressions are some what confusing first off the bat, as they are glaringly obvious, but become more subtle as you move on, for example what might be a blindingly obvious lie at the start of the game, might be a twitch of the mouth in the middle of the game. you will get used to spotting these as you progress. I recommend playing this game with no distractions, or locking your bedroom door if you do, as you need to watch interactions with the characters very closely as a lie or twitch or a scratch of the head (yes a scratch) will not appear twice, and seeing this will mean the difference between getting more detail on the case or suspect and getting the wrong question. Clues and questions all revolve around a chime and music to allow you to find clues, and tell you whether the question you asked was correct, although initially confusing, you will get used to the music, allowing you to know whether you were correct or not.

    This game is a great game all in all. If your looking for a criminal shooter a GTA opposite this is not it, if your looking for a gritty, unusual game full of story and character development then this is it. It is not a perfect game, it isn't meant to be, getting a case wrong can leave you wondering what else was there to find, it can leave you wanting to go back and try another approach but this is what is interesting about the game, leaving you sensing that you could of caught that criminal if you'd have pushed that bit harder or complete opposite, if you'd have tried a softer approach with the woman, would she have given it up to you. This game really puts you in the shoes of a detective.
  66. May 18, 2011
    This game is a giant leap forward in interactive storytelling. If you're looking for something to scratch that trigger finger itch, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a deep story with compelling characters, and a pace that's more Monkey Island than GTA, you're in for a treat. L.A. in '47 feels very right, whether driving, walking, or chasing perps through the streets; setting is extremely important in the noire genre, and Bondi and Rockstar hit this nail on the head. The characters are... almost perfect. Watching cut-scenes is no longer something painful - gone are the wooden and expressionless mannequins that never quite jive with the voice acting. Here, you're watching a performance, and although the tech falters just slightly in places, the effect is astonishing. Suddenly you want to pay attention closely, and not just because it could help you in your case. Maybe it's simply because it's so new, but the MotionScan tech is nothing short of compelling. Unfortunately, it's not perfect, and there have been a couple times so far where things don't look quite right, and are off enough to break the wonderful immersion the game achieves. About the only other criticism I can think of at the moment is that there's not a lot of information presented about the "side quests" (street crimes, hidden vehicles, landmarks, other collectibles). These things are intended to be done between major developments in the main cases, but the game tends to instill a sense of urgency, always giving you the next objective to complete; I ended up feeling like I was doing a bad job as a cop, because I was tracking down cool cars or other "side" activities, instead of going to meet my next witness. The funny part is, I don't think I'd feel this way if Aaron Staton's performance as your character Cole Phelps wasn't so good - you really believe he's a stand-up guy, trying to do the right thing. Along similar lines, because you're a cop, you aren't free to cause havoc like in GTA. Your duty is to protect pedestrians, not splatter them, and at the end of each major case you'll be docked for all cars you damaged, any civilians killed, and any damage done to the City (park benches, lamp posts, etc). Luckily, the pedestrians actually try and avoid becoming hood ornaments and it's a lot of fun to race through the streets threading between cars and people. All in all, L.A. Noire creates a much different feel than GTA or RDR, but in a unique and very satisfying way. I don't think this style of game (or technology) is the future of all gaming, but I can't wait to see what they do with it next. 8.5 (Roundedd down to 8) Expand
  67. May 18, 2011
    The best cRPG game I have ever played. beautiful graphics, epic history, very good sound and perfect game play. I hope, this is the game of 2011. Noting more to say.
  68. May 18, 2011
    Solid game play. Best game out now. If you only could play 5 games this year, this should be one of them. Must love it. The story, the graphic and the acting.
  69. May 18, 2011
    The best game ever made. I just want to say the faces look REAL in this game. I wouold ignore the IGN review the guy who reviewed it was called HILARY. I mean cmon.
  70. May 18, 2011
    This game has good acting, but it's really not my taste. I like a little action in my games, and design that isn't so static. I guess I'm just not into this genre in games. I'd rather watch a good crime movie and play something with teeth. Can't wait for the next Gears. :)
  71. May 19, 2011
    I'm gonna give it to you guys straight: If you're looking for action (car chases, gunfights etc), then this game is not for you. While such action is present, it's not that great nor is it that fun. Aiming is clunky and imprecise, cover is equally as clunky and enemies have very little health compared to Cole, who is practically a tank. Driving isn't too bad. A little touchy and unrealistic, but not too bad. Foot chases are always the exact same thing and it gets a little repetitive. All chases are heavily scripted, and the runner is always faster than Cole. It doesn't even really feel like you're chasing them, just following them until the scene ends. The action on a whole is pretty sub-par and just not very engaging.

    On the graphics front, it's not too bad. The face animation is unlike anything you've seen in a game before and is definitely this game's biggest accomplishment. Player animations are pretty smooth on a whole; Cole tends to make smooth transitions from walking, to running, to jumping over an obstacle, to climbing a drainpipe. However, there are a few sloppy animations, such as the snap to cover, in which it looks as though Cole is practically teleporting into the nearest cover. The graphics otherwise are pretty good, textures are great, as are the models; but everything looks a little blurry, and the framerate has trouble staying smooth in quite a few areas.

    Now, for where the game really shines: it's story, and playing as a detective. Each case feels unique (aside from the very predictable chases that ensue every time you find the culprit), and become increasingly challenging as Cole moves up the food chain. The player rarely feels at a loss, however, because with the careful spending of intuition points, the player can make it through the most difficult interrogations flawlessly. Clue finding feels rewarding when you stumble onto a clue amidst the junk, but is never too difficult. If the player is having a hard time finding clues, the player has the option to turn on some context sensitive sounds, such as a chime when you're near something that can be investigated, to help point them in the right direction. However, detective-work can become irritating for perfectionists, as the game will continue even if you fail to collect all clues in the area and correctly gauge each suspect. This can lead to the frequent need to load a save, which is all that much more annoying due to the fact that there is no "Load Checkpoint" option. The player is forced to quit to the main menu and hit resume game, which will put him back at the start of the last location he entered, forcing him to recollect all clues before getting back to the interrogation.

    Overall, the game's core elements (story and detective-work) feel pretty on (thanks in no small part to the impressive MotionScan technology), but is ultimately held back by the rest of the game; feeling half finished and underwhelming, as well as a few development oversights, such as the lack of a decent checkpoint system, forcing you to replay large sections of the game should you screw up. To give a score, I think a 7/10 feels about right.
  72. Jul 26, 2011
    The story is excellent. It's also extremely linear. There's exploration, action, and drama. It's a fun adventure in the shoes of a starchy and hard-nosed detective. The rendering of classic LA is fantastic. You can spend hours just driving around looking for landmarks and hidden film cans. But a large portion is trying to solve cases. The cases are challenging enough, but they also aren't as rewarding as you would think. Most of the murder cases don't actually get solve which is annoying. All in all. For the story and for the representation of Los Angeles post WWII, it's worth picking up. Expand
  73. May 23, 2011
    This takes all the fun of GTA and Red Dead (open environment, being a general nuisance to society) and turns it into story after story after story. The artwork and animation are amazing, but it simply IS NOT fun to play. It is painfully repetitive, and I don't understand why there is no open world experience like that of all other Rockstar games. If they would just turn open world "on" in this, it would be a hit. Expand
  74. May 24, 2011
    Solid game but as much fun as watching paint dry. I read a review that actually said the game was too short and the length of games is always an issue for nerds but at every moment of the last quarter of this game I was wishing the game was over already. On the positive the faces are amazing, they really ad an emotional level to the characters that wasn't possible before. If you play with subtitles you are ruining the experience. Expand
  75. May 30, 2011
    An excellent game that marks the return of the Adventure Game genre! You get sucked in to the world of being a detective in the 40s. Beautifully acted with great story lines. Finally a game for adults that doesn't treat me like a child. It's not perfect but it's definitely the best game of 2011 so far. Buy it - you won't be disappointed.
  76. Jun 1, 2011
    I was really looking forward to this one, and have to admit I'm somewhat disappointed. It's not bad, it's just not great either. If you're looking for a really immersive and intriguing game then Heavy Rain on the PS3 is far better. Admittedly, LA Noire touches on new ideas that haven't been covered this well before - the detective work is actually quite interesting, but does get dull by the time you get to disc 2 (On Xbox). It's very repetitive, and seems lacking in the depth I expected from the game. However, that said, it's still good enough to keep playing but if you haven't got it already, I'd suggest waiting for the price to drop before forking out your hard-earned. Expand
  77. Jul 22, 2011
    More proof that Rockstar needs to stick to GTA and thats it. Never have they made a game even resembling something enjoyable outside of their roaming sandbox super hit and this game only further proves it. The plot is completely disconnected, the gameplay is simple and boring, its literally the most repetitive game ive played so far on the next generation consoles. The characters are annoying beyond belief and whats more is that this game was hailed as amazing when it doesnt even live up to half-ass. Not even worth renting. Expand
  78. Jun 30, 2011
    You will totally forget that you are playing a video game! You will totally forget you are having fun! Intrigued?


    Do you like "Murder She Wrote"? Do you enjoy choose your own adventure books? Do you enjoy watching games instead of playing them? Are you bad at traditional video games? Well if you answered yes you SHOULD definitely buy L.A. Noire, a game that focuses on facial
    animation, voice acting, and the boring life of a wimpy little detective. It's so fun I forgot I was having any, wait a minute? Expand
  79. Aug 25, 2011
    terrible....just f**king terrible. absolute garbage. You either drive or shoot or question. A linear story tantamount to watching cardboard decay. Everyone loves to hate anything successful (i.e: halo and COD franchise) and yet lord this garbage over our head calling it innovative. Its not innovative, its just lazy and bland. It boils down to an interactive movie experience with a disappointing ending, that will leave you wanting your time and money back. Expand
  80. Jul 21, 2014
    What truly makes L.A. Noire great is how different it is, not just from Rockstar games, but from games in general. You play as a detective solving murders and other crimes. I love it, it's truly a thinking man's game and requires actual skill.
  81. Sep 18, 2013
    BEST. GAME EVER. I have recently received this game for my birthday, and I have to say, this is one of my favorite games I have ever played. The graphics were beautiful. The cutscenes were amazingly cinematic. Even every case has its own twist whether it be multiple suspects or many different cases. I don't know how anybody could hate this. Even the interviews are flawless. The 360 degree facial recognition acting on the interrogation is perfect. It is like watching somebody in real life giving lies or truth to you. I wish that there was more to do in the game because their aren't any activities to do outside of the cases. Gunplay is perfect and being able to bond with the character is the best I have seen in a game. No other game has been able to cpture my emotion much like this one. I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this game. Anyone who says any different are entitled to their opinion though I do not agree to it. THIS GAME IS AMAZING! Expand
  82. Jun 28, 2014
    Gets a little repetitive (like a lot of games) after a while but is a lot of fun solving crimes, chasing bad guys,shooting bad guys, and questioning suspects. I just bought this recently and GTA4 and have played L.A Noire about 75% through and GTA4 about 25% and I have to say I am enjoying LA Noire a lot more. You should definitely pick it up! You can find it now for around $5-10
  83. Oct 29, 2012
    On paper, LA Noire sounds like an open-world sandbox fused with an interactive movie, but in truth, it's so much more. It's groundbreaking, effortlessly engaging and utterly sublime. To miss playing LA Noire would be a heinous crime. Simply put, it's a work of unbridled genius.
  84. Jun 18, 2011
    Revolutionary facial expressions and the typically impressive rock star voice acting and scripting, but where the flip is the game? Drive to scene in slow, outdated car (running reds and smashing through the environment on the way of course), find body, plod around crime scene for clues (which are as subtle as a brick - ooh a knife with an address on), go to suspect's house, press random dialogue buttons (if in doubt, press doubt, because trying to read the facial expressions is a) boring and b) fruitless), give chase on foot or car (which amounts to holding your stick in the general direction of the slowly fleeing criminal), arrest perp. Repeat to fade. Style over substance methinks. I give it half marks for the brilliant presentation, but without the gameplay what's the point? Expand
  85. Jun 13, 2011
    Good game.
    Too much hype maybe for the "facial motion scan" technology used in this game which is honestly impressive. And it's the core of the game. Sadly, it's impact is mitigated on the overall experience. Nevertheless many developers should use this technology in all future releases.

    Otherwise gameplay wise, the game is slow, sometimes dull so you have to be patient, shooting is
    'clunky', action is repetitive (but it's not 'that' repetitive as others claim in my opinion) and most seriously, when it comes to the story's pacing itself, it's a little messy. Suddenly some important events occur abruptly, very quickly in the scenario/story (could have been smoother) You have no real control over the events: even if you fail questioning, the game will still go on and there's absolutely no real attachment/affection/sympathy to any of the characters in the game.

    It's a good game, a nice and courageous try but it's definitely not a gaming revolution as some might have claimed.

    Not Bad
  86. May 26, 2011
    I enjoy film noir, so I wasn't a hard sell on this game at all. The clue finding and interrogations were really fun, and the story was well written and engaging. The game is a bit on the easy side, and there is no difficulty setting, but you can toggle off the clue hints and the aim assist, and choose not to use your intuition points. That toughens things up. Although it's linear, the gameplay has a lot of flex to it. You can search out all the collectables or ignore them. You can drive and take in the scenery, or let your partner drive and skip the trip. You can break up the story by responding to street crimes, or not. You can even skip the action sequences entirely, after a couple of tries, if you're not good at driving or shooting. I like that they tried to make a game that would have wide appeal. Casual gamers who aren't good at shooting or driving can still enjoy it. Those who find the detective work too slow paced can respond to the street crime dispatches and shoot it out with perps. People who need a free roaming fix can search out film reels, landmarks, and the many different cars. Sure, some will complain it is too GTA-ish, or not enough. I personally would have enjoyed more (any!) distractions scattered around town, however, the developers have done a good job of balancing the gameplay to suit different gamer preferences and that is no easy task given how finicky some people can be, myself included. But, what's a review without a few irrational complaints: Is it just me or did it seem short considering it filled up three discs? Why do these antique cars handle like crap? And, I wish I could save at any time, so when I screw up an interrogation, I can reload right to the moment before I screwed up, instead of reloading to the last auto-save which means I may have to re-search for a few clues, and listen to some dialog over. I mean, come on here! Expand
  87. Sep 15, 2011
    A very unique take from Rockstar that focuses more on story than gameplay. The facial animation is pretty much the greatest achievement this game has ever put out and it will be an influence in future games and its implementation on interrogation is nothing short of genius. Though the story is very good, as it is a story based game, I did find the gameplay very repetitive and made the story drag. Being a story based game, it does a very good job of making you feel like a detective and the game itself is aware of that; nothing more, nothing less but I do feel that they could have added more into the gameplay Expand
  88. May 29, 2011
    Any game which references Shelley and Hamlet is a-okay in my book. This is an unique experience, and will sure leave many people expecting a GTA in Noir-style or even a Red Dead Redemption-styled game cold. This is a new step in the direction of video-game-to-movie-integration, I saw one commentator say that this is not so, that it is definitely a video-game, and I don't know what that person was talking about; It feels and looks like a movie, where kinetic energy is based more on story and character development rather than action. The game-play is a bit awkward however, and there are minor incongruities in the flow of action when the police captain will yell at you while in the next scene praise you. These are only minor complaints but are also important since the game strives for such heights. In ambition it is definitely a 10, but in execution it is more of an 8, and so the final will have to be 9. I can't comment on the story, since I'm not completely done, but it does a great job of pulling you into, maybe not such a realistic world, as much as an world of Los Angeles 40's noir which thrives on the mystique of LA folklore. Expand
  89. May 29, 2011
    LA NOIRE - a revolution in video game design but a flawed one at that.

    L.A Noire is a game developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar Games. You play as Cole Phelps, a former war hero turned LAPD cop who is trying to move on with his life after the war. The game is set in Los Angeles, California in 1947. The most famous aspect of L.A Noire is the 'MotionScan' technology. Actors
    play out the scenes and every movement is motion captured and placed in the game. The result is a truly engaging detective experience where body language and facial expressions are a key tool to cracking the case. L.A Noire is a game which wouldn't have been possible without this technology.

    L.A Noire's gameplay is made up of 4 scenarios. Driving around LA to cases, investigating the evidence at the crime scene, interrogating witnesses and suspects and car chases/on foot chases. Many people will say the game is linear, but it honestly is not. Because of the nature of the game, every case is unique, which can't be said for Grand Theft Auto.

    Although a lot of people will be impressed with the content of this game, some aspects of L.A Noire has been done before. Searching for clues, investigating items and keeping a notebook record was done in 2000 by Shenmue but L.A Noire does it FAR better and expands on it. Phelp's notebook keeps a log of 'People of Interest', 'Locations' and 'Clues' relating to a case. If you join the Social Club, you can use intuition points which are earned by ranking up, to remove an answer for an interrogation, ask the community or show all the clues.

    That said, L.A Noire expands on these concepts, puts them in a narrative that they fit and provides an engaging story and experience which you shouldn't miss.

    Buy it!!
  90. May 21, 2011
    L.A. Noire was one of the few games I was looking forward to this year. The first question most people always ask is " Is it good?" Well, rest easy L.A. Noire is a good game. Team Bondi deserves recognition for taking a gigantic risk with this title (not rockstar like people believe). They succeeded mostly. I just can't help but feel that the amazing parts of this game are overshadowed by the strong and noticeable flaws. The large part of the game is very repetitive. Although, you could say this strongly represents cop work. After I got to vice I found myself groaning at the presentation of more cases. Let's get one thing straight. The graphics are phenomenal. Everything has detail and is crisp,bold, and well real. I should also point out that I am a huge fan of noir. I feel that this is a bold game, but the game overstays its welcome with repetition over a ridiculous length. It reminds me of RE4. An amazing game if it hadn't lasted as long.Buy it if you must, but don't expect any replay value.I'd say it's worth a rent, but I got bored a little past halfway. Expand
  91. Jun 11, 2012
    This game does things that are quite innovative and frankly it should be something that changes how games are done in the future. The facial motion capture, and the use of real actors makes the game a classic. There's actually quite a bit to do in the game besides the cases, so it never gets boring. The realism of the cars, and the settings are so spot on, its just amazing. There's a point in the game (about 3 quarters in I guess), where the flashbacks is done so well, its as good as a great movie. Suddenly you have a character is more human and interesting than any in gaming history. After you figure out how to interrogate, that almost becomes the best part. Gathering evidence also gets more fun since you start to realize how to close a case. And when you want something else to do, you can run around find a hidden vehicle, or film real. Great fun and worth replaying. Expand
  92. Sep 24, 2011
    A great man once said, "If you build it, they will come." And so it is with Rockstar: any game they put out will inevitably be purchased by me and every other 15-30 year old male who doesn't do the Buffalo Bill dance and coodle their unbearably annoying yip-yip dog.

    I don't regret my purchase for it's worth it if just for the facial animations and unique game play. But alas, as you might
    have already heard, this game can be dreadfully boring. Expand
  93. Jun 7, 2011
    L.A Noire is a very innovative game which i commend Rockstar and Team Bondi for.It's a cross between Heavy Rain and GTA set in 1940's los angeles with a really immersive storyline which keeps you hooked.You just can't wait to get investigating the next case.Sure the game does get repetitive in terms of investigating cases,and it has the gameplay mechanics of GTA,but i still find myself completely hooked.The facial expressions are amazing and motionscan sets a new standard in graphics.The acting in the game is top notch and it's great fun carrying out interrogations and looking for clues during investigations.I'm not going to say this game is perfect,but i admire Rockstar and Bondi for taking a risk on this title.The game could do with a touch more variety in terms of gameplay,but the foundations are there to build a sequel which i would have no hesitation in purchasing.And some people need to stop comapring it to GTA,sure there are elements of it ,but this isn't GTA it's L.A Noire. Expand
  94. Nov 15, 2011
    Impressive and unique but fails to live up to the potential. A short campaign, lame collectables, and repetitive objectives take away from LA Noire's value but its rather addicting and will keep you coming back for more.
  95. Jul 1, 2011
    When I first saw L.A. Noire graphics, I was amazed by the facial animation. The work they have put in those techniques are just incredible. Letâ
  96. Jun 14, 2011
    A game which changes so much within the video game industry, proving that you don't need to run around shooting everything to make a great game as well as the new facial animations setting the standard for all future games. However, It doesn't feel as action packed or the story as climactic as Red Dead Redemption's and so as a game, it cannot trump it! Eagerly awaiting on a sequel!!!
  97. May 23, 2011
    I've just completed this game, and it is exceptional. The look of this game is amazing, beautiful graphics and wonderful facial animations, most of all though i like the clever use of lighting in this game, it really feels like a 'noir' inspired game. The attention to detail is amazing and every part of post WWII LA is perfectly recreated. The story is excellent and the twist at the end certainly shocked me. Gameplay is good, but is pretty much identical to GTA 4, which is not a bad thing. The only couple of points that im disappointed with are, firstly the driving, which could use a lot of tweaking. It took me quite a while to get use to, so i mainly just let my partner drive, and also the outcome of your own personal decisions - whatever option use choose to take, the outcome is the same each time. You'll understand me when you play this game. It's not enough of an issue though to stop me giving this a 10. Brilliant game.. Expand
  98. Aug 15, 2011
    I kept hearing all the hype about this game, but I really couldn't get a grasp for it. I really wanted to see screenshots and in-game videos. Nevertheless, I decided to jump on board and buy a copy. Unfortunately, the game lives up to its hype, but nothing else. It's great for showcasing the facial expression technology, and from the attention to detail in recreating historic L.A. is impressive, but it fails to entertain me. The investigations consist of a series of multiple choice decisions that you can re-do until you get it right. The game is wholly unfulfilling as there are too many tedious activities and not enough exciting rewards. Expand
  99. Jun 2, 2011
    I'm rating this a ten just to even out the average meta score. All the user "critics" who rated it negatively have to be either looking for attention or just being a troll.

    Anybody who loves games should truly see the value of this game...This is an extremely high budget game that tries to do something new, and that is incredibly rare these days when the industry is looking to make its
    next Battlefield Call of Duty Wii Sports.

    This game has its flaws, but at least it tried to color outside the lines.
  100. X11
    Aug 28, 2011
    Decent. Interesting premise. Competently done. Story was quite good at points. Rockstar voice-acting, better than most as usual. Not hoping for another in the series, however.
  101. May 17, 2011
    A revolutionary title that exceeds expectations on all levels, L.A. Noire takes a leap forward in the adventure genre, as well as the technology genre. This video game is a prime example where art influences the technology, and the technology influences the art. Its very rare when video games, or any media for that matter, pull this off effectively, but this game has. It's a new form of game-play all together, not something many are used to, and that is why there are less than deserving reviews out there. People need to realize that this game isn't meant to build off of the past, but instead move to the future, and to be honest I like where this game is taking us. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 83 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 78 out of 83
  2. Negative: 0 out of 83
  1. Jul 26, 2011
    Look past the glitz of technical achievements, richly designed sets, ostensibly interactive environments, and you will see the real L.A. Noire – a vapid adventure with a hole-ridden plot, a boring unsympathetic hero, and rough stitches in places where content should be.
  2. Jul 13, 2011
    In attempting to ape the triumphs of another medium, it overlooks the triumphs of its own. The result is disappointing game, but an impressive interactive experience.
  3. Jul 1, 2011
    L.A. Noire is a new breed of adventure game. It's quality and scale completely eclipse even the most important achievements in this genre and I strongly recommend it as the best interactive detective story of all time. [June 2011, p.52]