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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Dr. Diggabone's getting too old for archaeological digs, or so he says. Truth be told, he's just plain lazy... That's where you jump into Lazy Raiders and take control as you spin and flip mazes to send the Doctor or your Avatar on a gravity-defying quest for lost relics that would bring him instant fortune and glory. Of course you'll have to deal with greedy thieves, pesky minions, and ingenious traps along the way. If there weren't any challenges, you'd just grow lazy ... and we wouldn't want that, would we? [Sarbakan] Expand
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  1. A casual game that has the ability to appeal to so many gamers.
  2. A quite good inverted platformer. You move the level, not the hero. The objects move nicely in the rotating maze. The levels are a bit too samey, though. [May 2010]
  3. For a game that has ’lazy’ in its title, this game is precisely the opposite. If you’ve been looking for a game that is enjoyable in either quick bursts or long sessions, Lazy Raiders is the game for you.
  4. 80
    With 75 levels, a few challenging achievements, and, of course, leaderboards, Lazy Raiders has got enough content to keep players occupied for hours on end.
  5. A thoughtful and intriguing game.
  6. This entertaining puzzle game requires quick reflexes as well as quick thinking, but it's rarely as challenging as it looks.
  7. Like Marathon (XBLA), you should try out the free demo before you make a full purchase just to see if your stomach can handle the rotation effects.

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