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  1. 91
    All in all, it's amazing the amount of content that's packed into this game -- this is more than a sequel, even while including a redux of the first game's three movies.
  2. LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is a far superior sequel and a truly enjoyable LEGO title that gamers of all ages will relish on their Xbox 360. Thanks to the new level editor and loads of levels that span the four Indy films, this is the LEGO Indiana Jones game you will definitely want to buy.
  3. Once the story is out of the way the real fun begins with a huge variety of puzzles and mini-quests to complete on each hub. Hours of fun and worth a go even if you own the original.
  4. Indy 2 is well worth the money. Lego is fun, Indiana Jones is fun and if you put them together you get nothing but FUN FUN FUN !!
  5. Pelit (Finland)
    Indiana Jones and the Lego license blend in quite nicely. If you put aside the infuriating driving sequences, the second block-Indy delivers a fast paced action package, which actually requires some thinking.
  6. 80
    The established Lego game design wasn't broken, but, after so many games, it was beginning to get a bit stale. Those used to the previous titles might feel a bit disoriented at first, but you'll soon settle in and begin having fun exploring the large hubs and condensed levels.
  7. The second Indiana Jones adventure expands and builds upon the previous, making for the best game yet in the Lego series.
  8. This game is built around the fun you get in collecting tons of secrets and items all across its levels. Combat mechanics, physics and vehicle handling are a bit outdated and could use some improvements, but all in all there's a lot of good time to spend with Indy made out of Lego Bricks.
  9. More of the same, but with far less reason to exist. A bit like the last movie, really.
  10. The gameplay improvements were a welcome change and the new split screen is an essential new addition to Lego games. However, without the characters or story to hold it up, the game doesn't reach the height of its predecessors.
  11. 75
    LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is much more than a simple stop-gap, bringing a wealth of content, some tweaks and even open-world concepts to the table, but ultimately I can't help but feel more excited about how these features will be implemented into next year's offering.
  12. The improvements in co-operative play and the inclusion of new vehicles make this a worthy purchase, even for returning players, who may feel cheated having already played through three of the storylines within the game.
  13. Whatever its flaws, this game does a decent enough job of walking the line between sticking to the formula and mixing things up.
  14. 74
    Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues feels the strain of several downsides, but the overall setting and typical Lego-humour will entice children, adults and experienced gamers nonetheless.
  15. 72
    Lego Indiana Jones 2 is a decent sequel, keeping the style of the original without changing the formula, which makes sure it will be enjoyed by those who liked the first game, but won't surprise anyone.
  16. Sure, the gameplay grew stale sooner than we expected, but it's hard resisting Lego Indiana Jones 2, especially once that familiar theme music kicks in. Just don't expect it to hold your attention for long.
  17. As good as all the new content is, however, veteran Lego game players may find hard to get away from the sensation that Lego Indiana Jones 2 is more of the same it may not appeal to anyone who feels that the core gameplay is in need of an overhaul. However, as family friendly titles go, it's hard to find fault.
  18. With co-op play at its core, the lack of online options holds it back, and returning to Indiana Jones with a focus on the worst film in the series probably wasn't the best choice for a new Lego adventure.
  19. Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues was always going to feel a bit desperate, making the most out of a small amount of new content, but Traveller's Tales has done a decent job.
  20. There's simply too much that is vaguely explained, and too much aimless wandering looking for the next vital objective, and that can't help but drag down the score for a game that, as last time, comes close to being something genuinely special.
  21. GamePro
    Simply a good idea that awaits complete realization. [Jan 2010, p.77]
  22. Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is a small step back for a series that has so far always enjoyed those who want a light and fun game.
  23. The Lego-plus-movie franchise-series hasn't evolved much since start, but when the games are as solid as the second installment of Lego Indy you shouldn't complain. The newly added split screen-mode takes the cooperative multiplayer to new heights and this is where the game really shines. Adventuring through all four Indy movies with a friend is pure fun.
  24. Lego Indiana Jones 2 searches for balance between all the previous Lego-games and the new elements introduced in this game. But the game never really feels like a classic. The Lego Creator, however, is fantastic. You can build whatever you want and that makes us very happy.
  25. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Definitely one of the best Lego games yet. [Issue#54, p.88]
  26. 69
    We don't advise to play this game alone but there's more then enough fun to explore when you play it co-op. The adventure continues!
  27. Overall, it's hard to say if LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is particularly recommendable. I doubt that anyone is dying for the chance to play through Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but it is cool to get locations from the original trilogy even if they are on the short side.
  28. Lego Indiana Jones: The Adventure Continues is a fun game the play, with the great option to make your own levels, but it is a big shame that you can't share those levels with your friends!
  29. With lack of inspiration and some important mistakes, Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is a nice game, but far less brilliant than its previous effort.
  30. The game is visually nice like all the previous LEGO titles, but we didn't like the removal of some important scenes in Indiana Jones saga and the by now stale gameplay.
  31. There’s a lot of familiar gameplay concepts—but there are some prominent flaws that lessens your enjoyment.
  32. While I appreciate the desire to try something new with the game structure after so many titles, the resulting mishmash of ideas is frustrating, repetitive, and unfriendly to both kids and adults.
  33. 65
    Despite featuring a number of gameplay improvements and trying to reinvent the LEGO formula, ultimately LEGO Indiana Jones 2 lacks the substance and appeal of previous entries.
  34. Regardless of my feelings for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie, its levels were longer, set in interesting scenes, and did what the Lego games have been doing from the start - paying excellent tribute to one of my biggest heroes.
  35. It is not anywhere near the level of complexity of Little Big Planet, but the level creation could have definitely made up for a lot of the game's ills if opened to the Live community.
  36. What once was an incredibly fun set of games has become a monotonous experience that’s more about going through the motions than it is about having a good time.
  37. 60
    The lack of secrets in the main levels is a mistake, the new hub worlds are confusing and the level editor is just short of being pointless. If you haven't already played it, the original LEGO Indiana Jones is a much better purchase.
  38. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is not a bad game: what worked yesterday is still working today, yet the formula is starting to be a little abused and tiring. The Indy theme paired with the iconic colored blocks might still win some hearts, but for the future significant innovations are really needed.
  39. LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues falls short because not only is it a game that no one asked for, but it's also a game that's mostly already been done.
  40. Iterative production does not represent a shiny example of game developing.
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  1. Dec 7, 2014
    It wasn't very different from the original. The game is pretty meh and so are the levels. I didn't like the open world thing that much tho itIt wasn't very different from the original. The game is pretty meh and so are the levels. I didn't like the open world thing that much tho it was cool. The real fun that i had was the level editor! So many levels that i made! Wow. Full Review »
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    Lego Indiana Jones 2 is better than the first one but not by much. The story campaign are a little overrated if you ask me, but however theLego Indiana Jones 2 is better than the first one but not by much. The story campaign are a little overrated if you ask me, but however the level maker saves this game's life and is very cool. Story Campaign 6/10 Level Maker 7/10 Lego Indiana Jones 2 7.1/10 Full Review »
  3. Nov 8, 2011
    I like the newly designed levels and the ability to create your own levels, but creating the levels is complicated and it is isn't like theI like the newly designed levels and the ability to create your own levels, but creating the levels is complicated and it is isn't like the movie stories like the 1st Lego Indiana Jones was. Full Review »