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  1. 84
    The bottom line is that it's a heck of a lot of fun and has a great amount of replay value beyond a single play-through. Best family game this year? Probably so.
  2. The gameplay hasn't changed dramatically, but better source material makes Lego Star Wars II a better game than its predecessor.
  3. Game Informer
    This entire game is held up by the comedy that it delivers, and as a result, I don't think I've laughed this hard in years. [Oct. 2006, p.95]
  4. While this initial impression may cause some to write it off as “just for kids,” LEGO Star Wars II is as exciting an experience as any “adult” game out there and whole-heartedly recommended for fans of the film series.
  5. In a nutshell, LEGO Star Wars II is action, adventure, collecting, puzzles, races, mini-game, Co-op mode and your favorite Star Wars characters all having a great time.
  6. A surprisingly challenging experience.
  7. 90
    Its kiddy facade hides some terrifically fun gameplay with a lot of meat on its bones.
  8. Perhaps the only downside about Lego Star Wars II is that the melee combat remains weak throughout, some of the latter puzzles can be wilfully obscure, and that Traveller's Tales neglected to allow co-op to be played online. Apart from that, it's one of the most instantly enjoyable games around.
  9. And while the gameplay and puzzles are streamlined, the unlockable content massive, and the flying modes excellent, the best part about the game is its snarky humor and feel-good satire.
  10. Games Master UK
    Looks, feels, and plays like it's been designed by a group of people who love games, understand gamers and know how important it is to have fun. [Oct 2006, p.58]
  11. 80
    Like any good sequel, Lego Star Wars II improves on the original in almost every way. But most importantly, it's about the good episodes now. For that reason alone, Lego Star Wars II is one of the most enjoyable games of this fall.
  12. 80
    Fans of Star Wars in general need to play this game and anyone looking for a break from all the shooters, racers, and RPGs flooding the market today owe it to themselves to check out this simple, yet highly addictive little action title.
  13. With solidly rebuilt controls only a little marred by a still-fussy camera, LEGO Star Wars II is even better than last years prequel trilogy-based offering. And, as the first LEGO Star Wars was an amazingly entertaining homage to Lucas's genius, this sequel stands atop the original's shoulders as the pinnacle of LEGO Star Wars fun.
  14. Edge Magazine
    Everything is unabashedly cheerful... It's a shame that later levels begin to run out of steam, repeating tasks over and over as a contrivance for lengthening narrative. [Oct 2006, p.90]
  15. 80
    But it would take a very hardcore Star Wars fan to actually plod on and replay the same levels again and again. As such, LSWII might be best rented.
  16. If you have any fondness for Star Wars you'll find Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy incredibly hard to resist. It's packed to the brim with fun and offers plenty of value despite what seems like a fairly short main story.
  17. This is, without a doubt, one of the best Star Wars games ever made, regardless of the age group.
  18. AceGamez
    LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy goes out on a charm offensive and delivers on almost every level - you could argue that the gameplay is overly simplistic and repetitive, but with this much charisma and so much to explore and collect, it's hard not to be seduced.
  19. Official Xbox Magazine
    Traveller's Tales has done it again: Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is an even quirkier blend of off-kilter humor, weird puzzles, and blaster-blazing, lightsaber-slashing action. [Oct. 2006, p.84]
  20. Play Magazine
    And, were it not said, someone would be drummed out of the union: The Force is strong with this one. [Oct. 2006, p.52]
  21. Pelit (Finland)
    A hilarious parody of Star Wars. The main problem is the camera in the co-op-game. The camera angle should be wider or it should pan more in the flying missions. [Sept 2006]
  22. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    You have to give credit to the brilliant blockhead who forced this awesome yet fundamentally bizarro idea on LucasArts. [Oct. 2006, p.111]
  23. LSWII crams a whole lot of single and multiplayer fun into a game built- no pun intended- around Lego bricks and lightsabers.
  24. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Star Wars fans, LEGO fanatics or lovers of the first game will be in ecstasy. A must-buy. [Oct 2006, p.94]
  25. 80
    The melee is still a little simplistic and the camera can get in the way, but it really feels like you're in a Lego universe with some incredibly varied puzzles as well as some intense action.
  26. It’s a sequel to one of the most entertaining Star Wars games ever made, and it honors one of the best sci-fi trilogies of all time. Unfortunately, some of the design limitations might keep you from playing each level multiple times to find all the goodies and online achievements.
  27. Sure, it's no Halo; it's a simpler game free of such complexities, but it's a reminder of a time when bits of brightly-coloured plastic and an imagination were all you needed to have a good time.
  28. Very clever puzzles and fun action sequences will take you through the course of the Original Trilogy. The vehicular battles, especially with two people, are a real highlight.
  29. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Not concerned with complex game design or elaborate plot, The Original Trilogy sets out to do one thing only - please gaming SW fans the world over, and it achieves this admirably. [Issue 12, p.90]
  30. A game of several frustrating elements and simplistic gameplay that somehow manages to immerse and entertain. The condensed retelling of the trilogy is genuinely amusing (unless you've never seen a Star Wars movie before), whist the many, many secrets and unlockables provide a compelling hook to the largely simplistic romp.
  31. Drop-in multiplayer, replay in spades, and optional objectives give players a reason to continue playing and get their money's worth out of this title. If you like fun, this is a great addition your gaming library, regardless of age or skill level.
  32. My one complaint with this game is the flashing text. If you don’t have a 2nd player, the game continuously flashes ‘Insert Controller’, which can’t be turned off.
  33. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is a winner, and deserves a second Alliance Medal of Honor. May the Force be with you -- always.
  34. A good example of a developer using an excellent license (in this case, two licenses) to its advantage.
  35. Lego Star Wars graphics, sound, and gameplay all bring a classic trilogy to life with utter detail, and the added sense of humor and countless list of secrets and Achievements will keep you playing, even after the Empire's fallen at your feet.
  36. 94
    A prodigiously enjoyable title. It has lots of action, violence, crazed humour and simple gameplay for pick up and play moments. It might be too easy and the multiplayer mode is not the best, but apart from those two minute annoyances there is nothing else you can fault it on.
  37. It certainly isn't gaming's greatest challenge, but it's absolutely fun. If you've seen the original trilogy, don't resist! Join the LEGOside.
  38. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy will be a delight to play for any Star Wars fan, the story is short and can easily be completed in a weekend with out breaking a sweat, it will certainly be an enjoyable weekend though.
  39. LEGO Star Wars II is a fun romp through the original trilogy of movies, and that crazy LEGO style really gives the whole thing a unique feel.
  40. It doesn't offer anything innovative, but it's good old-fashioned fun, which is something the Xbox 360 seems to be missing.
  41. If you know what size bra the Princess wears or the DNA make up of Darth Vadar, then this game is a must buy for you, and for everyone else I recommend at the very least renting this game and giving the co-op mode a shot, it is seriously that fun.
  42. 70
    With a few exceptions, I felt all of the new features would have been better off left out, but the core gameplay is still there.
  43. A wonderful game that rewards experimentation and co-operation.
  44. 60
    LSW2 is a quality title, but it suffers the same problem as the films it parodies.
  45. It's tough to recommend the Xbox 360 version over the much cheaper Xbox incarnation despite the enhanced graphics and performance, but Jedi Gamerscore-whores will no doubt pick it up for the fairly easy 1000 points it offers.
  46. You could play straight through this game in a few hours, or dally with it for days. Therein lies its brilliance.
  47. Lego Star Wars II takes a successful formula, enhances it ten fold and goes next generation.
  48. A must-buy for both fans of plastic bricks and the “real” Star Wars movies. Combining a humorous take on the classic films with simple controls and tricky puzzles, this game is a standout in the seemingly never ending avalanche of repetitive Star Wars titles.
  49. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Some gameplay problems, but its charm and replayability helps to overcome them. [Issue #15]
  50. 80
    Combining timeless events, great humour, simple yet effective gameplay, and just an astonishing amount of variety all in one little package, it’s hard not to find something about this game that makes you smile.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 46 Ratings

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  1. Sep 11, 2015
    Lego Star Wars II: The original trilogy is a somewhat flawed, but fun game. It won't win any awards but it is addicting to play levels overLego Star Wars II: The original trilogy is a somewhat flawed, but fun game. It won't win any awards but it is addicting to play levels over and over again from the original trilogy. Full Review »
  2. Jun 12, 2011
    So this was the first 360 game that was bought for me, and as introductions to new technologies go this game worked well. It was simple andSo this was the first 360 game that was bought for me, and as introductions to new technologies go this game worked well. It was simple and allowed me to get used to the new (albeit not little unchanged) controller. The game is a very good couch co-op game and can easily keep you entertained for a few hours. For the more hardcore gamers, it has the usual collectibles, now commonplace in Lego games, scattered everywhere. This too worked well with the new achievements system available on the 360. However, I personally couldn't give a flying monkeys left armpit, as it isn't in me to sit for hours on end trying to find every single piece of Lego. I got enough of that when my younger brother destroyed all my Lego Harry potter Castles and I had to hunt for all the pieces to built it again. Whilst the game is good in co-op mode, it is an absolute snore fest in single player. The story that was once great, has been dumbed down and made childish to appeal to the masses; although fans of the Star Wars series will recognise points in the plot and appreciate their humour. Aside from that, gameplay gets pretty repetitive and building Lego is no longer fun if all you do is press B. Overall, I think this game is a great gift for Children aged 9 and under, and would work equally as well as a game to entice the many females that I am sure you are "knee-deep in clunge with". Oh yes, Inbetweeners rule. Full Review »
  3. sammaher
    Jul 4, 2008
    It's official star Wars game's no longer suck!!. Combining Star Wars with Lego then putting it all together in a video game is justIt's official star Wars game's no longer suck!!. Combining Star Wars with Lego then putting it all together in a video game is just one of the best concepts ever for a video game. this game delivers on all accounts, It's funny, compelling and re playable over and over again. Taking part in all the memorable scenes from the original trilogy is a must for any Star Wars fan, And with the added humor that lucasarts has injected into the game really makes it a joy to play. with the added bonus of being able to replay the levels with unlocked characters (Being able to play the game as Darth Vader is worth the price on it's own) or Your own design of characters to unlock everything the game has to offer. The game is really worth a look. It may look like a game catering for the younger generation ( my son loved it). There is seriously enough game play elements to keep all bet the hardest of gamers satisfied. A must for all Star Wars fans and gamer's that want a satisfying gamimng experience with it's tounge firmly planted in it's cheek. Full Review »