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  1. Jul 27, 2014
    Lord of the Rings is the usual LEGO game: fun, light, and pleasant. The creators take you from the peaceful Hobbiton to the depths of Mordor, with many missions in-between. The HUB is awesome, a completely open map (I can literally walk from Hobbiton to Mordor in 5 minutes) and justifiable times of day. It also comes with an even greater variety of characters, as well as your on character DIY setup (based in Frodo's home). There are two problems, however. First, the side quests take an immense amount of time to complete, with little to no reward. Second, the actual missions in the populated areas (such as Helm's Deep and Bree) lack in creativity and the adventurous spirit of Tolkien and make you yawn. I would recommend this game to any casual gamer. Expand
  2. Apr 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The most epic LEGO game. It offers a vast world, so many things to explore, a storyline based on one of the best fantasy books (and films of course). Simply outstanding. Expand
  3. Dec 9, 2013
    Exceeds your expectations. The sheer amount of things to do, replayability, unlockable items/characters. I spent 2 hours just running around the village destroying objects to accrue lego money before moving onto missions (and doing the same thing) Its visually sumptuous. Voice work from the actual actors. Music/ambience from the movies.

    I wasnt a big fan of the films but i want to
    rewatch them now. Lego Marvel Superheroes is just as good.

    I'm 38 years old
  4. Jan 23, 2013
    Truly excellent game and so nice to revisit the Lego games genre again. Graphics were excellent as was the gameplay and range of characters and side missions available. The free roam aspect was what really made this game for me and added a welcome element of exploration. The use of original score and character voices was also a highly valued insertion. Would have been a 10 if not for the flaws in the character customisation (e.g. bright blue inner cloaks, changing weapons and no short option etc. though others may not have experienced this). Expand
  5. Jan 22, 2013
    I Dont usually like the Lego games but this one has changed my mind with its funny cut sceans and characters i must say its worth its price tag. The only grip I have is sometimes during game play it glitches quite badly and wont let me continue, even my Boyfriends one glitches. But no other complants
  6. Jan 21, 2013
    LEGO The Lord of the Rings is a fantastic addition to the lego franchise and anyone who loves the Lord of The Rings trilogy should seriously consider this game. This is a free roam game where to go to a mission you have to travel to the place in middle earth where it actually happened. For example, to get to throw the ring into Mount Doom you have to travel to Mount Doom. A new edition to the franchise is instead of the usual mumbling of the characters they take voice clips from the movies and you will forget the characters are lego figures and think you're playing through the journey to destroy the ring to rule them all. The story takes about 5 hours to finish, which is a little quick but including the collectables, 10 mini kits, one blacksmith recipe, and three treasures a mission, plus the red bricks for quests giving you special abilities will add tons of hours onto it. There's not to much wrong with this game except for the few glitches that happened to me in the middle of missions where I couldn't get out of a space and made me restart the mission. I also wish there were checkpoints, since in some missions mini kits spawn in places where if you miss it there's no going back. In all LEGO Lord of the Rings is a spectacular game and well worth the price. Expand
  7. Jan 15, 2013
    Enjoyed this game immensely, i'm not really it's target audience, which is children, but i can say that children would find this game very fun. It has a lot of replayability, as do all lego games with their collectables, unlockable characters, and so on, it's lifespan goes beyond what most modern games have on offer. Graphically it's good, but as it is a lego game, there is naturally only so much that can be done. The game re-creates accurately scenes from the movie, and even contains nods to characters that only fans of the book would know. This is by no stretch of the imagination a challenging game, it's very casual, but that is what the game is aimed at being, and it is not ashamed, or trying to disguise this. My only complaint, is that i found the controlls to be actually a little difficult to get used to; aka, the item/character selection wheel, and i'm a 22 year old adult. So if i struggle a little, a child might lose his patience. Expand
  8. Jan 13, 2013
    Is this the worst Lego game to date? No. Is it as good as the originals? No. TT is trying to change so much that they are really breaking some of the fundamental things that made Legos fun.

    Let's start with the most obvious - the voices. This was marked as a big deal but honestly I never liked it. One of the things that makes Legos so fun is watching their silent acting. The
    actions were funny even if you didn't understand what they were trying to say. Adding voices has ruined that experience. The game just isn't funny like all the other Lego games. Forget the "true to the movie" crap. This just isn't a funny game to play. I wish they had provided the option to turn off the voices.

    They added some new features to the game but I think they detract more than they add. TT has added yet another set of collectibles that allow you nothing but get more collectibles. This is tied to the side quest concept. Neither of these do anything for the game other than extend its length. The quests aren't fun and don't move the story forward. Some of the collectible items are suppose to be useful (allow you to use a single char with all the abilities) but some of the key abilities still cannot be obtained without using certain characters. This was a half-hearted implementation and does nothing for the game.

    Fortunately there were no vehicles in this game (because TT has never gotten them right). But they replaced that will yet more jumping puzzles that test your patience. If you don't jump at the right time you lose the puzzle. Losing the puzzle means starting all over again. Some puzzles can take minutes to complete. TT does anybody there actually evaluate how much time you are wasting of gamers' times because of these crappy puzzles? If they were straightforward then this would be a different scenario but often times the camera angle changes, you have to switch characters (which is messed up), jump at just the right time or a series of other actions that cause failure. The jumping puzzles aren't fun. I remember when Lego games were for younger kids. I doubt most 8 yr olds could easily complete them now.

    Changing chars is painful in this game. You really have to understand what is going on or you can mess things up. If you "quick" select a char from the radial and that char is already on the screen (either the second controller char or because of story mode) then you switch from the first to the second char's location. If you're in the middle of a puzzle you just got screwed. If you use the full roster screen or the char is not visible then the current char switches. This leads you down the path of always using the full roster just to be safe. The problem with the full roster is that, especially with timed events, it is slower and can take a while to get the char you want.

    All in all this game attempts to move the Lego games forward but I think it actually takes them a step back. I hope voices, the horrible jumping puzzles and odd char selection behavior don't make their way into the next Lego game. This isn't the worse of the serious but it is nowhere near the best. Bring us back the fun Lego games TT!!!
  9. Dec 5, 2012
    I have never read the books or seen the movies but put anything in the land of lego and I am there. These games are always fun and full of lots of great things to do. There are a few frustrating moments particularly when bouncing or climbing but the game is so charming and fun that you will persevere. I am never disappointed in lego games and this is one of the best,
  10. Dec 1, 2012
    Another great Lego game. This game perfectly re-enacts The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The game has a massive amount of collectibles to collect that will take you tons of hours to get everything. The only annoying thing about this game has to do with the's sometimes hard to judge how far to jump due to the camera and you will fall into the water countless times. Other thing is when playing alone your secondary character rarely helps out and usually just stands there. So you have to control the second character too. It's a bit odd considering in the other Lego games the secondary character was automatic. Overall though, the game fantastically captures the spirit of The Lord of the rings. Expand
  11. Nov 25, 2012
    The Lego series is known for it's amazing renditions of many different famous movie franchises, and I have to say, LEGO Lord of the Rings has to be the best so far. With it's absolutely beautiful world, and the old school action we've come to love from the Lego series, just makes this game a must for any Lego fan, Lord of the Rings fan, or anyone wanting to have a great time.
  12. Nov 25, 2012
    Another LEGO game comes another slice of comedic genius and great all round family fun from TT. The scenes from the films are instantly recognisable, Howard Shore's composition has been injected with nothing but the care it deserves and the gameplay, puzzle and boss designs are nothing short of the best stuff to be released in a LEGO game.

    And then we have the HUB.... oh the HUB! The
    WHOLE of middle earth is there with so much fun, puzzles and exploration.

    ANYONE who disregards this as "just another LEGO game" will be sorely missing out on one of the most fun, entertaining and widely appealing games of the year.

    Top marks!
  13. Nov 19, 2012
    Great LEGO game and a cool way to tell such a complicated story for the kids. The only thing missing was a hose customiser, would have loved to be able to pimp my ride!
  14. Nov 13, 2012
    it's actually funny and a little odd to say this, but these LEGO games keep getting better and better, yet, they go unnoticed. I'm aware there's been some shipping issues with this, but oh well.
    It's actually quite fun
  15. Nov 13, 2012
    it's actually funny and a little odd to say this, but these LEGO games keep getting better and better, yet, they go unnoticed. I'm aware there's been some shipping issues with this, but oh well.
    It's actually quite fun

Generally favorable reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 49
  2. Negative: 0 out of 49
  1. Feb 27, 2013
    It is what it is: An enjoyable time in Middle-earth as all of the favorite characters from the nine members of the Fellowship. The standard issues with LEGO games are there, but with a deep amount of gameplay, numerous characters to choose from, and the feeling of actually watching or reading the trilogy means plenty of fun for those looking for a break from the gory versions of hack-and-slash games.
  2. Jan 23, 2013
    This Lego adaptation is by far the best block adventure yet to come. Although the game still suffers from the trademark issues of Traveller's Tales, the package is a solid adventure. The Middle Earth is available for roaming, the levels are constructed with care and the overall feel of the game is excellent. [Jan 2013]
  3. Jan 22, 2013
    Either way, LEGO Lord of the Rings is worth a look.