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  1. Positive: 7 out of 22
  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
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  1. Like I’ve stated earlier, someone who hasn’t bought the first Lips game won’t see anything wrong with it. As for the others even though the game got a few nifty additions and changes, Lips: Number One Hits will be an extreme disappointment. If you own the first Lips game and looking to buy Lips: Number One Hits, take a point out of the final score.
  2. Altogether more successful than other recent Xbox 360 forays into the lifestyle gamer territory (You’re In The Movies anyone?), Lips excels because it feels like there is a clear vision underpinning the franchise, one that has gone from the first idea to the final design with a cohesion lacking in the actual tracklisting.
  3. Lips: Number One Hits has some issues, but it’s still a pretty solid karaoke game and very fun to play in the right environment. However, here’s hoping the devs try to get a little more creative the next time around.
  4. Number One Hits has a few things going for it and is worth picking up if you own the original Lips, but ultimately falls short at being the must have karaoke game.
  5. 70
    Number One Hits will satisfy those one not specially interested in singing in Spanish, who prefer a broad English track list.
  6. Official Xbox Magazine
    Lips: Number One Hits certainly isn't a full-fledged sequel to Microsoft's singing debut, nor does it come across as a quick cash-in with new songs. [Holiday 2009, p.83]
  7. 70
    Lips Number One Hits is a welcome expansion. It offers new gameplay features, unlockable avatar awards and more. There are some bad aspects, like the reception of the microphones, but McHammer was right: "Can't Thouch This!"
  8. X-ONE Magazine UK
    An absolute hoot. [Issue#53, p.93]
  9. Lips: Number One Hits is a great expansion pack. The new songs and avatar support will certainly please fans of the first. However, the trouble is that Lips: Number One Hits is being sold at full retail price as a standalone sequel to the original Lips.
  10. If you like the songs this is a good addition but with functions not working properly and a terrible duet system Number One hits has failed to improve on the original Lips.
  11. As an add-on Lips: Number One Hits is fantastic. It’s packed to the brim with some great karaoke songs and will definitely be something that Lips fans must buy. It does not, however, fix all the mistakes made by Lips. As a karaoke game it’s not that good.
  12. An expansion packs containing a couple of changes concerning the menus and a bunch of new tracks. It is still a bit too easy to get high points but a good collection of new and known tracks that fits most parties. Don’t forget to check the track list first.
  13. Little more than a cash in on the first Lips and one that I would only recommend for people who do not own the original, but even then you are hard done to as you would be missing out on better songs and more achievements. Madness.
  14. Lips: Number One Hits is a more polished version of the first game with some Avatar support. It's too bad you have to do a disc swap if you want to sing the songs from the first game. A nice little easy karaoke game for those what enjoy singing with easy accessibility for all skill levels.
  15. The real problem, however, is that Lips: Number One Hits doesn't just fail to move this series forward - it fails to resolve the serious issues with the first game.

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