Mixed or average reviews - based on 63 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 63
  2. Negative: 4 out of 63
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  1. 67
    Lost Planet's sophomore effort attempts to improve on past faults while shifting direction into an entirely new territory, but the overall feeling is muted. The game can be an enjoyable, fun adventure, but only if you're willing to share the experience with friends (or strangers).
  2. While Lost Planet 2 is not a must play for everyone, its great on-line options and nice co-op playing makes us forget the lack of interest from Capcom in telling a good story or crafting a nice AI for our foes.
  3. Diving into the game's competitive multiplayer modes is practically all there is to enjoy. Even that sentiment won't last long. To be completely honest, I can't recommend much beyond that.
  4. Lost Planet 2 simply doesn't live up to the developer's grandiose plans. Other than the game's beauty, the big, challenging bosses, and the infrequent fun that can be derived from four-player co-op, this is a gaming experience that can easily be passed up.
  5. Lost Planet 2 is a huge package. It’s challenging, rewarding, frustrating and enjoyable all at the same time.
  6. It's downright frustrating, actually, as with even the slightest tweaks, Lost Planet 2 could have been another winner for Capcom, and the epic sequel fans had hoped for. As it stands, Lost Planet 2 is a shell of a potentially great game, brought down by bizarre, dated, and counterintuitive design decisions. And that's a shame.
  7. Edge Magazine
    At its best it's an engaging spectacle, but when it falters Lost Planet 2 is a gamble that doesn't pay off. [June 2010, p.94]
  8. Although the substantial lack of gameplay innovations and the excessive attention towards multiplayer can’t be ignored, Lost Planet 2 proves to be a bigger and better and more engaging product than the first chapter of the franchise. Anyone in search of an entertaining and fun multiplayer experience should consider this purchase; those interested more at the single player should, on the other hand, be more careful.
  9. Lackluster maps and a very very crippled single player experience make us think that this sequel could have been much better.
  10. Lost Planet 2 is a splendid action game. The charm of new locations, the cooperative aspect greatly stressed, and the exalting look of MT Framework 2.0 are the main elements of a cool gaming experience.
  11. Playing Lost Planet 2 for the story is like going to a movie to watch the credits. If you go into this game, go into it with the intent of joining up with your friends to slay moon-sized monsters, and enjoy one of gaming’s top co-op experiences.
  12. Unfortunately its also plagued by some rather serious design flaws that could've been solved if Capcom had taken a look at what the competition was doing. If you can look past that than you'll enjoy this game, but you might have to deal with some frustration along the way.
  13. Lost Planet 2 is filled with too much mediocrity to be a great game, but it is decent, and odds are that if you like third-person shooters, you'll at the very least enjoy the multiplayer modes. Just don't expect this to be the phenomenal game changer.
  14. Even worse, the game's not much fun to play. Each of the six episodes have a series of chapters full of unclear mission objectives; most times, Capcom doesn't give you hints on what to do next, so instead of making progress, you fumble around repeatedly blasting the same monster and/or revisiting the same old areas hoping for some clue, anything, to stand out.
  15. Problems with the plot, damage balancing, and the awkward grappling hook are faults that I can’t ignore though. However, Lost Planet 2’s does campaign offer some unforgettable moments and great teamwork opportunities, provided good group of gamers to play with.
  16. More forgettable than its predecessor, Lost Planet 2 is brilliant nonetheless.
  17. Some stunning visuals and audio mixed with an enjoyable multiplayer experience is quickly forgotten as the poorer design choices found in Capcom’s Lost Planet sequel impair what might have been a great experience.
  18. 60
    Hardcore fans of the original's online modes might find enough to justify a purchase, but the monotonous campaign and overall lackluster design makes it hard to recommend to anyone else. And if you didn't care for the original, don't expect anything in Lost Planet 2 to drastically sway your opinion.
  19. In short, if Lost Planet 2 was a budget-priced multiplayer-only title, it would be hard not to recommend it; unfortunately it's a full-price game with a seriously flawed single player experience.
  20. Lost Planet 2 is a game the world will forget in just a few weeks. The action is brutal and presented in a fashionably way, but the game makes too many mistakes to really impress. The controls feel too clumsy, but the flaws are easier to overlook when playing with some buddies.
  21. Lost Planet 2 is both infuriating and exhilarating in mostly equal measures. It has a long list of annoying issues, but when push comes to shove, playing online with a trio of friends is some of the best fun to be had.
  22. Lost Planet 2 is much more than your average sequel and a completely brand new game that doesn't share much with original Lost Planet. It both looks and sounds better and the multiplayer is really good. But unfortunately, many of Capcom's new ideas fails due to horrible AI and somewhat bland boss fights.
  23. Bad game design, technical issues, and a botched character progression system lead to a game that feels like it's trying prevent you from having any of the fun that would be possible with four people playing together, taking out skyscraper-tall bug monsters.
  24. Games Master UK
    An epic co-op experience but it loses points for poor AI and a scrappy offline experience. [June 2010, p.76]
  25. games(TM)
    If we're being brutally honest, Lost Planet 2 doesn't really have a single-player mode. [Issue#96, p.104]
  26. While the multiplayer does add a little something to package, it’s obvious that the campaign – the true co-op campaign - is where the main focus is. As good as the game looks, and as huge as the bosses are, it’s not all that fun to go through alone.
  27. Lost Planet 2 is more like a large multiplayer expansion of the previous iteration rather than a real sequel. Unchanged when it comes to most of its dynamics, it boasts very good graphics and a supreme online structure. Pity the single player campaign appears somewhat shallow and almost pointless.
  28. This sci-fi sequel seems like it should have everything you need in a shooter, but a shocking number of design missteps suck out much of the fun.
  29. Lost Planet 2 has many missions, modes, and battles to experience, but it's not accessible without some effort. You'll definitely need to enlist a few allies in order to properly take advantage of the game's co-op-focused structure. It's a poor choice for anyone without the means to party up.
  30. While the single-player portion feels like an afterthought due to repetitive mission design and weak AI, the multiplayer element carries the experience well and should keep you invested.
  31. There's a lot of good intent in Lost Planet 2 but the game is just too much of a mess to be really enjoyable by yourself or with friends.
  32. With faster and more responsive controls, a better multiplayer framework, and a smoother character progression system, this one could have been surprisingly competitive in its category. But with so many problems holding it back, Lost Planet 2 is hard to recommend against all the other great shooters already out there.
  33. 60
    Just do yourself a favor: buy some insurance for the controller you'll invariably throw across the room at one of Lost Planet 2's seemingly endless design and interface issues.
  34. 68
    At its core it's a potentially great action game and it's very good-looking, but it explains itself so incredibly poorly and has such an awkward structure and poor checkpointing that a lot of the fun is ruined by interminable frustration – not to mention the fact that it's basically unplayable as a single-player game.
  35. Lost Planet 2 has the potential to be a great game, but the different gameplay elements aren't polished enough. So in the end, Lost Planet 2 is a mixture of a lot of stuff, but nothing in the mix is better then mediocre.
  36. 40
    Why is there almost no tutorial? Why can't co-op players join your game in the middle of a mission? Why is water traversable in some missions, but lethal in others? Why can your grappling hook only connect to some surfaces? Why is your healing ability mapped to the Start button?
  37. On the outside it’s a very good game - graphics, sound effects, music are all fantastic. Everything else however, is bad and lets the game and the whole series down.
  38. Lost Planet 2 is one of the best co-op that we have seen. It has the same AI problems that we saw in its first part... but its great multiplayer doesn't need it.
  39. Due to some very drastic design choices, Lost Planet 2 is a very peculiar game: Capcom sacrificed a strong story and main character in favour of a more co-op oriented gameplay. If you're the kind of gamer who loved Left 4 Dead, you'll probably love this too: otherwise, if you're looking for a more story-focused action game it'll be a bit of a letdown.
  40. Capcom has done well to reinvent the series in Lost Planet 2, which is similar in many ways to its predecessor, but feels fresh enough to be classed almost as a new game entirely.
  41. Lost Planet 2 is a really good game if you are looking for a solid multiplayer experience. Storytelling and the single player campaign are a bit on a thin side if you are a lone wolf.
  42. 70
    It’s a beautiful game to watch, but so insanely frustrating to play single player that you wouldn’t care if the game was hand-drawn by a mermaid riding a gold unicorn. The multiplayer co-op adds a lot more playability but usually multiplayer features like this should add to the solo experience, not justify it.
  43. Official Xbox Magazine
    If you can weather the campaign's slow start and the game's wildly overwrought menu system, you'll find more than enough incredible content here to satisfy your Akrid-killing, giant robot-piloting fix. [June 2010, p.74]
  44. Everything's improved except the controls. [May 2010, p.87]
  45. 55
    Capcom’s defrosted sequel offers some satisfactory multiplayer and co-op play, but fails completely as a solo experience. Lost Planet 2 may look and sound astonishing, but it is ultimately undermined by poor design and frustrating gameplay.
  46. Pelit (Finland)
    Capcom has invested much on the multiplayer content, but unfortunately the game fails to deliver. The campaign is much less nerve wrecking with human aid, but the biggest issue concerning other multiplayer modes is the lack of players. [June 2010]
  47. Since all the gameplay mechanics, missions and much more have glaring flaws it’s hard to recommend this game to anyone.
  48. 64
    Ultimately though, Lost Planet 2 leaves a sour taste in the mouth as an immense disappointment, because it really should have been one of the year's biggest blockbuster action titles, yet it sadly falls some way short.
  49. In the build up to its release, Lost Planet 2 was seriously hyped up but as is so often the case in the games industry it sadly fails to live up to its billing offering nothing more than an at best an average shooter and one that is left to hardcore fans of the original rather than the gaming masses.
  50. Capcom has chosen to make this sequel a cooperative action game, and the result is undoubtedly solid. Playing the main campaign with three friends can give a lot of satisfaction and the boss fights are simply awesome. Unfortunately playing solo you will find a lacking friend AI. Good graphics and a competitive multiplayer mode complete the nice offer of Lost Planet 2.
  51. It's not quite pumping lead into their glowing orange weak spots, but it's not far off the mark.
  52. It’s just another deposit of digital cholesterol on a constricting artery that’s one cheeseburger away from being clogged forever by uninspired third-person shooters.
  53. The guns and bugs make for some spectacular fireworks, but, after the sparks settle, you are left wishing you had played something a little more substantial.
  54. When you're battling against the biggest bugs the game has to offer, Lost Planet 2 can be a blast particularly with a few friends. It is however a fundamentally frustrating experience, with control issues and questionable design choices that reduces the overall enjoyment the game has to offer.
  55. 77
    Capcom has made a strong bet for multiplayer in Lost Planet, and it has achieved it. But has not paid enough attention to the single player.
  56. It feels like a completely different experience with real players at your side; an experience that betters the original and features some of the most intense, visually stunning battles we've seen on this generation of consoles. Just know what you're getting yourself into. It's hard, frustrating and at times a very unfair.
  57. Great action game including huge boss fights against over-sized monsters. A must have for those who like to play coop games for up to four players. In case you play the game alone alongside AI partners the difficulty level may frustrate you from time to time.
  58. There is so much potential in Lost Planet 2, but it's hidden under a blanket of flaws.
  59. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Flawed in single-player but exceptional fun with three friends. [Issue#59, p.88]
  60. A lack of genuine innovation and the presence of persisting issues from the first game is unforgivable and frankly, we expected more.
  61. We simply can't stress this enough; if you're planning to play this game on your lonesome, STAY AWAY; if you're all about the human co-op and the multiplayer modes go ahead and jump right in. This is undoubtedly some gamers' idea of blasting heaven; it just isn't quite ours.
  62. 65
    At first, Lost Planet 2 seems to have it all. Unfortunately if you take a closer look the game has many flaws, which provide more frustration than fun.
  63. 86
    I had a blast playing through this game with friends; even if it was just dying trying to figure out what we were supposed to do.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 106 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 106
  2. Negative: 25 out of 106
  1. Feb 12, 2012
    Go BUY THIS GAME NOW!! because to be honest.. Lost Planet 2 is BY FAR the MOST UNDERRATED GAMES EVER!!!! Ø
  2. Sep 25, 2010
    This game definately has its perks. Multiplayer and coop are so obviously implied and encouraged that I felt like it was required. SomeThis game definately has its perks. Multiplayer and coop are so obviously implied and encouraged that I felt like it was required. Some people describe the faults of a game as control issues or graphical issues. This game does it better in both of these areas and we still have poeple complaining about how they presented movements and the animations which were actually better than before. The one problem I had with the story is the actual storyline! The story made no sense and I think that they made it as a last minute option.
    They might as well call it Lost Story 2.
    The biggest assets to this game though are graphics and the coop.
    Just dont play it if you dont have any friends
    Full Review »
  3. May 31, 2011
    I dont normally give extreme marks at either end of the scale,but this is a rare 10/10 for me!.. I'm really struggling to understand theI dont normally give extreme marks at either end of the scale,but this is a rare 10/10 for me!.. I'm really struggling to understand the lukewarm marks given to this game.. This has the be the MOST UNDERATED game,in the history og games EVER! in my opinion,, Good long Campaign-Check,4 player Campaign Co-Op-Check,Multiplayer modes-Check,Big guns-Check,BiiiG enemies-Check,Mechs-Check,Grappling Hooks-Check,Character leveling & multiple things to unluck-Check. Damn,whats NOT to like about this game!? This game is perfect as far as i'm concerned,& is more fun than should legally be allowed.. & the reception this game has got,is the biggest injustice in gaming i've ever seen.. Full Review »