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  1. Oct 8, 2014
    The best in the series. Thoroughly enjoyed LP1, LP2 was the worst of them all, but this latest game is a winner. The story line was engaging and the game play, while not earth shattering, was more than adequate. I like games with good story lines. I usually judge a game by how much i think about the game when i am not playing. I thought about this game quite a bit and could not wait to start playing it again to find out what happens next. I bought this game from the bargain rack at Game Stop, but would have paid full price for it. I do not play multi-player, so i cannot offer any details regarding that. Expand
  2. Feb 19, 2014
    This game is playable, but also a disappointment if you were a fan of the first two and their predecessor, "monster hunter". I didn't look to see, but I would wager this was made by a different developer than both of those series. It feels like they tried to Americanize it too much, and removed all the elements that made the previous titles unique. There is too much hollywood, too much halo, too much story-- I'll watch a movie if I want to see good screenwriting. I play games when I want to kill and destroy things. I was highly disappointed in Capcom over the past few titles they have screwed up, but I thought they had redeemed themselves with Revelations. Now it seems like instead of firing the guys from RE6 they moved them to Lost Planet 3...

    Lost Planet 3 is about half the pace of 2 because of all the extra talking and unnecessary cut scenes which actually detract from gameplay-- if you're gonna use a lot of story and dialogue, make it happen in - game not in cut scenes. The game mechanics are similar but seem worse than before: aiming is unusually off centered; you can no longer grapple at will or use the hook to pick up t energy; they removed coop story mode (the staple of the series!!!) but left 5 vs 5 which noone ever played (this is not call of duty!!!); most monsters can hit you even when you dodge them, while they take 5-10 shotgun blasts to the face before dying. I mean, I know it's called hard mode, but can we get something between this and the joke of a hard mode from 2 (like maybe functioning controls)?

    What is up with the giant robots? This is not Xenosaga, as much as I would love to see that series revived (just not by Capcom). If youre gonna use giant robots you need to make them cool and fast like gundam or at least armored core, not big, slow, and useless-- (really, like 5 small aliens take out a giant steel robot and i cant even eject?!?) There are just too many things wrong with this game...we already had halo and gears of war, they should have stayed true to this game's origins. I couldn't help but notice that all the people who questioned the negative reviews admitted to never having played 1 or 2. Of course you probably like this game better now if you were a strictly halo/gow player before.
  3. Dec 17, 2013
    Starts out strong but just loses all momentum at about the 1/4 mark. Terrible shooting, drunk aiming and a melee attack that does NOTHING. I'm a huge fan of the 1st Lost Planet and to some degree the 2nd but this skid mark in the series has none of the Akrid epicness of the first two that made them great. Arkid in this game are an annoyance, you pray that there isn't a fight round the next corner because it's just not fun. At all. Not even a bit. And some genius mapped the grenade button where the change weapon should be so have fun wasting grenades, which are really prescious this time round.

    Also this game is incredibly frustrating, controller throwing frustrating. Shooting is not accurate, the game is unfair and VERY cheap, there is no skill required just the ability to keep going with the same repetitive s**t and to endure continually watching the same loading screen/ cut scene until the next button you need to press or white/ container filled corridor. I finished it out of spite and it was not a good feeling. For any fans of the original 2, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, it is not Lost Planet, and it will just leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  4. Oct 20, 2013
    What's with the bad reviews? I waited to buy this until I was able to purchase it for $20 because the reviews were so lousy, yet this is the best game in the Lost Planet series. Lost Planet 1 was mediocre, Lost Planet 2 was flat out bad, but Lost Planet 3 is like a love letter to Aliens inspired by elements of Dead Space 1 with hub environments, side quests, interactivity within the hub environments, great atmosphere, excellent graphics, great gameplay, etc. Again, what were the reviews going on about? It's a travesty that this has such a low Metacritic score. This has far more depth, far better voice acting, far better characters, far better gameplay, etc. than prior Lost Planet titles. Expand
  5. Sep 27, 2013
    I'm about halfway through playing this on 360 and Its really good! This feels like the first true survival story I've played in a video game and it impresses the hell out of me. I dont understand whats going on with these reviews, did these magazine chumps actually play this game?

    Ok, so I didnt play the first 2 games, so I really didn't have any idea of what to expect, but what it
    delivered was kind of a poor man's Dead Space 3, with some Mass Effect type elements in the game play. Its certainly not as good as either in the gameplay department, with some notable control problems, and a focus on covering and recovering the same world territory that tries to channel metroid but lacks the complexity to make it feel worthwhile, but I'm actually finding the story and more to point, the characters, a lot more interesting. And thats really strange because it completely lacks the background universe that made the DS and mass effect plots really compelling. Since the company NEVEC and the world is very lightly fleshed out, that makes the plot of this game almost entirely a character piece about the main character and his struggles with loneliness, the world and the people he meets on EDN3, but it works great! His messages home and responses from his wife play during missions and feel very genuine and heartfelt, the environment is an active antagonist in a much deeper and more real way than any other game I've played and its exactly the kind of thing I'd been hoping to see a game do so I can forgive all its very minor gameplay flaws easily. The first time you have to cross a major storm, having your walker ICE over, and having to literally pry the thing open to remove the ice manually, while dodging pieces of mega-hail from the sky, it surprises the hell out of you and its very immersive, making you feel that this is a real world with real struggles. I'm loving the game and very surprised at how good it is, and I'd really like someone to explain to me how its getting such low scores from the big guys.

    Of course, how good it is really begs it to be better, if the backstory and world were more fleshed out (remember I havent played the first 2 so Im seeing this as an isolated story), the control scheme improved a little (its kind of like if you smashed gears of war and mass effect together and took the complexities out of both, which is good in some ways but mostly feels cliche), added some deeper ways to interact with the environment when on foot (its great, very interact able inside your walker robot, but as soon as you get out, which you have to do very frequently, everything feels kind of on-a-rail. you cant jump, have limited places you can move unconventionally though its awesome when you can, the repair minigame is stupid and needed far too frequently, there arent enough movement tools and ways to interact with your walker on the ground, and you dont use the ones you have (besides the goddamn grappling hook which you use CONSTANTLY, and the coolness of which wears off quickly) enough, your weapons are although theres a part about a third way through where they suddenly get awesome, but it takes too long to get there and youll be using the pea shooter assault rifle and shotgun till you get there, and the boss fights are relentless and take wayyy too long before you get the decent weapons and then way too easy once you get the good ones, if you fixed all these small problems this game would be a shoo-in for game of the year for me (though I'm sure all the lemmings out there are going to vote for GTA5 no matter what comes out).

    As it stands the game is a great experience and even if it gets ruined by a crappy ending (I'm only halfway through remember) I'll still recommend it and be glad I bought it.
  6. Sep 19, 2013
    If you were fans of the previous two games, I find no reason to complain about this game. It is exponentially better than the first 2 games. My favorite aspect was the story line, yet I mainly play games for story lines (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Arkham series, and Dungeon Siege to name a *few.*) so this game definitely fits the criteria. Everything else (game play, locations, characters, combat, enemies, soundtrack, etc.) was either average or above average, not great but not terrible. If you appreciate games for the same reason I do, I highly recommend this game. If you play games for the visual and audio quality, game play and lots of intense action, it's either gonna be hit or miss. Hope this helped. Expand
  7. Sep 18, 2013
    My friend let me borrow this game for a bit...

    I'm never asking to borrow it again.

    It's just... It's not Lost Planet, it feels as if they ripped the soul out of the game just to appeal to the Call of Poopy generation.
  8. Sep 15, 2013
    Lost Planet 3 is definitely a hugely different game from its predecessors. As a veteran of the franchise, I actually prefer this one over the first and second. The game is more story-oriented with a sort of open-world style of gameplay. There are upgrades to purchase and sidequests to do, which really give the game a more complete feel to it. The actual shooting mechanics have changed drastically, now being over the shoulder, not unlike resident evil. The world is fun to explore with beautiful environment and many enemies or upgrades to find. The best part though, is the story and characters. The lead character, Jim, is well written and acted, making him and the story quite believable. The multiplayer isn't as good as Lost planet 2, but it still remains fun with a decent progression system and some interesting game modes.

    Overall, I found Lost Planet 3 to be an engrossing and very fun game. If you like third-person shooters, great story, or just an interesting and atmospheric adventure, I highly recommend Lost Planet 3.

    Another thing though, if you are a fan and were expecting something like the first 2, you will be disappointed.
  9. Sep 9, 2013
    Not much in the graphics department. Rather a dull shooter that feeds you the same enemies over and over and over agian, much like in the Killzone series. The story is somewhat engaging and tense, but then you have to actually play it with clunky controls to get to the next cutscene and it loses interest real fast. Still, I liked the main character very much. Bottom line is that I can't recommend this because I could barely get myself to finish it. Expand
  10. Sep 8, 2013
    So I've been playing thos for a while and I'm happy to say its a big improvement to the franchise. The first was a typical japanese style shooter with genero missions and enemies and cinatic cutscenes. The 2nd was a dismal pathetic multiplayer cash in that never let you become immersed in the world at all and now the third. Thwre is nothing wrong with this game at all, the atmosphere is impressive the environments feel well designed, characters, audiologs, textlogs offer great insight into the lore of edn 3. There's a heavey influence of the original deadspace with nods to ridley scotts alien and moody tense atmos of the thing. Its a proper singleplayer romp with a dedicated fan service and different battle mechanics. Shooting is fun plus you can upgrade weapons and ammo types. Fighting huge akrid in your rig is fun too timing blocks grabbing limbs lifting them up to expose weak spots and the plowing your drill arm into them. Basically the only thing that lets the fane down and its only a minor is the loading times can ve irritating but dont worry its no where near the level of say duke nukem forever. All in all its the best in the series ditching the other two and starting fresh with a bigger focus on an atmospgeric singleplayer experience. To say its poor is unfair and is not valid when the game does offer what you want in a singleplayer game. I dont care about multiplayer and my advice is to try this for yourselves because its down to your opinion not a handful of reviewers. Its good and as a massive scifi fan that likes singleplayer experiences then this was great for me. Gone is the crud souless multiplayer garbage and we are left with a game dripping with great atmosphere that will keep you trudging through the snow. Expand
  11. Sep 8, 2013
    Good game, really. Very interesting story, good graphics, even on consoles, all smartly rendered (from native species sometimes take your breath away, I'm serious), the attention to detail. In general, I thought that will treshak, because at one time I was 2 "masterpiece" by Spark Unlimited (Turning Point and Legendary) is very disappointing, because both games I was waiting, and do not understand what happened. Game I have not passed it long, I think, but it does not get boring. The only thing that disappointed subsidence fps. For example, if you kill the locusts, who was standing too close to you, then the frame rate drops significantly, though not more than a second. It's the little things in such a good graphics on consoles subsidence can be forgiven.
    Very disappointing assessment of gaming publications, the game is obviously not 5 out of 10, believe me. By Spark Unlimited I was not expecting anything good, but it turned out quite the contrary.
  12. Sep 6, 2013
    Pros:Story/Ending is fantastic its tell a whole life of a man...and E.d.n.3 planet,music pretty good,
    robot view,places,characters,non linear gameplay.
    Cons:can't play old jim...Graphics, sometimes even lost planet 1 is nicer...Unreal3 engine is too old.
    gameplay sometimes get boring.
  13. Sep 4, 2013
    While being interested in the type of storyline and environment of the lost planet franchise, I never enjoyed the games. That's why I was excited to see them take it in a new direction while still sticking with the same kind of concept. What I experienced wasn't as exciting. It wasn't the story, but the gameplay that makes lost planet 3 not a satisfying game. Having said that, the storyline is a bit dull and obvious in the end. The layout seems to borrow a lot from dead space mixed with a hint of gears of war but without the clean flow and accuracy. I went through on hard and, while I enjoy a challenge, found it to be VERY damning. The lack of being able to save whenever you want to was also a source of annoyance. There is also a large part of the game dedicated to mech combat and playtime which normally is very exciting to me...unfortunately, it too was flawed. The mech controls were quite clunky and very slow. The combat was boring and hard to aim a lot of the time. I resorted to step on most things rather than try to hit them or engage in the 1 second counter window. Some boss fights were double frustrating due to having to go through the previous 2 minute long cut scene (in addition to the just as long load times) before starting the fight again after dying. It really killed my momentum.

    The only time i would suggest you play this is either you've borrowed/rented it or someone has offered to buy it for you. If those don't work out, wait for it to go down in price which I doubt will be a long wait. I'm OK with playing it...but the fact I paid 60$ for it still stings. Not the worst game but its not good's just kinda...there.
  14. Sep 4, 2013
    I'll spend 150 characters to explain that if you click on the shining review by Jinxie and a few others. basically all the green ones this game has gotten. you can see that the only 3 games this person has ever reviewed are all the various versions of this game, it's clear then to everyone 2 things
    1. this person had a part in making this game because this is a game which could only be
    rated highly by the games mother
    2. It's bull 100% if it wasn't such stand out from every other review for this game it might not draw much attention, perhaps if they'd given it an 8, maybe reviewed 1 or 2 games just at random which weren't their own product, but nope, blatantly just trying to fluff their own games score up on here.

    Dire game, dire practices by capcom trying to inflate scores here, Dire franchise that needs to just have the good grace to die now so capcom can return to making Horror games with actual horror in them.
  15. Aug 31, 2013
    Although your generic third-person shooter, the story is very well written and worth the price of admission. If you're like me and like a mature story-based game versus how much carnage you can do then this game is worth your cash. It makes you want to see the ending.
  16. Aug 31, 2013
    I love lost planet. This game however isnt LP. LP2 had amazing story and gamplay with grappling to anything which past in storyplay and multiplayer also the multiplayer weekly combat was awesome. However in this game it feels barren as it has lost features and gameplay instead of gaining new ones. Yes the story is great however with every characters model suffering with "fat face" its hard to take it seriously. This game has taught me one thing, don't preorder a game just because the previous games where good and the company has a reputation for delivering. Expand
  17. Aug 29, 2013
    The story is engaging and got me invested early especially the interactions between Jim and Grace. That was unique. I appreciated the gameplay and the option to go hand-to-hand or in the mech. I have played several other games from Spark in the past few years and this was by far the most thoughtful and most fun to play. Of the LP games, I started with 2 and felt the story in 3 was more interesting and fleshed out. It's good, summer fun and I'd recommend it. Expand
  18. Aug 29, 2013
    Please ignore the professional reviewers. They are PC gaming snobs who get paid for creating controversy. Claiming that this game is dull or repetitive while praising games such as Dead Space 3 and Saint's Row 4, which are even more repetitive, is hypocritical. Lost Planet 3 is much deeper than the two previous Lost Planet games, and is an improvement because of it. The characters have more depth and the gameplay experience is more immersive, for example in the way you can interact with the npc-s and upgrade your weapons. The graphics and environmental designs are better looking than in the previous games, and create an even greater sense of being stuck on an icy snow planet. It is more claustrophobic than the previous games, as it takes place in an earlier time line when the planet was just getting colonized. The combat is more immersive as you now have a first-person view in your mech, something the previous games did not have. The user interface adds to the immersion by being as minimalistic as possible. The voice acting and music is great. The storyline is probably more interesting if you liked the previous two games, as a stand-alone game the storyline is OK, a bit like a cross between the film 'The Thing' and 'Aliens'. The best new element in the series is the personalization given to the main character, he is a character with a personality. So there are three new elements in this game that you haven't seen in previous Lost Planet games, a well-developed character personality, weapons customization, and first-person view Mech combat. In addition the gameplay is more open than previously, it is not as linear as the other two games. In summary, this is a great sci-fi action game. Expand
  19. Aug 28, 2013
    Spark Unlimited's best game yet, still terrible. This is one of the most generic formulaic games boring games I've ever played. It feels like work. There are already so many similar games out there, all of which will be at least some degree better than this. I see no reason to buy this. I will say some of the environments look really good but there is a lot of inconsistency, sometimes they look great sometimes not. I would strongly recommend against buying this game, even on sale. If you have to get it, the PC one looks better and doesn't lag as much. Expand
  20. Aug 28, 2013
    Different mechanics entirely than Lost Planet 2. If you go in expecting LP2 again you will be bummed. While there are some slow stretches. I felt like it was a refreshing take on the main character, and the supporting cast. It was like playing through a cool back story to the Lost Planet Universe. Multiplayer is fun too.
  21. Aug 28, 2013
    I don't understand all of these negative reviews. Did they play the same game as me? I tried this game out first on my pc via torrents. Just to make sure its worth purchasing on my xbox 360. I played for about an hour, the game is loads of fun. I played the first 2 games. If you enjoyed them. You will enjoy this. Some parts can get repetative. But overall a great experience.
  22. Aug 27, 2013
    I am extremely annoyed of this lost planet after I started playing it my stress came back,i'm like ugh what happened to team fighting now your solo wow.....I got the game thinking it would be nice and it turned out to be very sad,hopfully trading it in for diablo cant wait.
  23. Aug 27, 2013
    Lost Planet 3 serves a great story offering greater depths into its universe offering a variety of combat on foot or in your mech. However its out dated graphics has its hilarious moments in cut-scenes and can also get slightly repetitive in terms of combat.
  24. Aug 27, 2013
    Don't pay attention to the negative reviews. Those are based on expectations. This is a more story driven mature game than the first 2. If it was released with a new franchise name without the expectations, it would have been voted much higher for the excellent character and story development, with a little less frenetic action.
  25. Aug 27, 2013
    Lost Planet 3 is very disappointing. When I first got my hands on it I thought that it was going to bring the Lost Planet series back from the dead. But sadly LP3 is just LP2 with a different story line. The graphics are the same, the enemies are the same, really everything is the same. And don't even get me started about the countless bugs and glitches. Why would they release a new game for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 when the Xbox One and the PS4 are right around the corner? With horrid graphics and bland story line I expect this to be a flop. Expand
  26. Aug 27, 2013
    Not my favorite 360 game ever but it has its perks. What initially caught my eye was that it was a Capcom game. The graphics are okay and gameplay is pretty good. Not the greatest in terms of plot but you weren't expecting the game to have a great plot! So yeah, above average but nothing mind blowing. I do recommend it.
  27. Aug 27, 2013
    The characters and story make a great gaming experience. I loved the facial technology. The gameplay is really fun at times and all together it makes a cool game in such an interesting setting!
  28. Aug 27, 2013
    The characters and story make a great gaming experience. I loved the facial technology. The gameplay is really fun at times and all together it makes a cool game in such an interesting setting!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 43
  2. Negative: 5 out of 43
  1. Nov 1, 2013
    Lost Planet 3 has positive elements that a player can truly enjoy. The surprisingly deep storyline and character depth can make up for some of the flaws in the gameplay systems, but dull and repetitive battles make this title nothing more than average.
  2. Oct 14, 2013
    Spark Unlimited had the ambition to revive the Lost Planet franchise, but the execution is sorely lacking in multiple areas. [Issue#103, p.82]
  3. Oct 10, 2013
    There's already been a price drop of about $20 for Lost Planet 3, which makes it a pretty good deal. The timing for such a thing isn't great. There are a couple new consoles launching soon and the tidal wave of 4th Quarter games has only just started, I think Lost Planet 3's window of opportunity has closed for this somewhat enjoyable mid-tier game.