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  • Summary: After Oceanic Air flight 815 tore apart in mid-air and crashed on a seemingly deserted Pacific island, its survivors were forced to find inner strength they never knew they had in order to survive. The band of friends, family, enemies and strangers has become reluctant heroes who must work together against the cruel weather and harsh terrain if they want to stay alive. Danger and mystery loom behind every corner on the island, and those they thought could be trusted may turn against them. Even heroes have secrets. As a passenger of Oceanic flight 815, you survived the crash and find yourself on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. As you begin to unravel mysteries of the island, you begin to discover secrets of your own. You will have to understand your past mistakes in order to survive and find your way home. Confront your dark past, seek your redemption, and ultimately find a way home. Explore familiar locations, unravel mysteries, and interact with the main characters from the show. Survive the challenges that the island throws at you: Solve puzzles, outsmart enemies, battle the smoke monster, and overcome many other challenges to survive the island and come out alive. [Ubisoft] Collapse
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  1. A little Lost goes a long way with diehard fans. So, while I wished there were some deeper gameplay moments or a longer adventure (the game clocks in at about seven hours), I couldn't imagine, as a Lost fan, not playing this game and loving what it has to offer.
  2. It had the incredibly difficult job of creating a new character in the Lost world with an interesting enough side-story, able to exist without disrupting the timeline or feeling like an aberration, and able to expose fans to at least a handful of things with which they would be satisfied, even eager, to tinker. There's no question it achieves that.
  3. A great story ties together all things Lost, and the flashbacks are unique, but essentially it’s nothing that we haven’t played before.
  4. The game is incredibly short, clocking in at five to six hours, and focuses too much on the things fans of the series do not want to do (random puzzles and hating your favorite characters) rather than the things they want, like exploring the island or being rewarded an answer or two.
  5. I can’t deny that it captures the look of the show but it certainly doesn’t inspire me to go out and watch it.
  6. 42
    Via Domus is fan service through and through, and does deliver one genuinely amazing moment via its ending.
  7. It’s all pointless though because the writers of the TV show have since said that this game doesn’t even take part in the official chronology, making this nothing more than glorified fan fiction.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 7 out of 14
  1. raulrodriguez
    Mar 7, 2008
    A must buy for all LOST fans, no joke. Go get this NOW. No questions asked. Locke style. :D By the way, the graphics and music (I can't decide which are better) totally give justice to the whole experience. If you're big on aesthetics, they did themselves in on this one. Expand
  2. AlvinL.
    Mar 4, 2008
    Play a new character! Introducing a brand new character to the series, and that character is YOU! Play as a person who went down on that flight and somehow got missed by the tv series? Well, I guess you have to take it on faith that the character was there all along, but they seamlessly blend the character into the mythos so well that it Expand
  3. BrandonWilkes
    Mar 7, 2008
    5 i expected the graphics to be better, but the voice acting makes up for it. locke sounds like locke. jack sounds like jack. that's all i really needed. as long as my favorite two characters sounded like who they're supposed to sound like. on top of that, by the way, the gameplay is spectacular. at least rent it. but if you're a lost fan you should probably have it in your collection, right next to the season dvds. Expand
  4. Jul 29, 2013
    the story was par for the course but it was not fun to play very limited linear story challenging puzzles.
    It compliment the shows story
    mainly but still bites on the replay ability Beat once never played again and I'll lock it in a vault an forget after sometime passes or i watch the show. Expand
  5. May 11, 2012
    This is a game that MIGHT be worth a rent if your a hardcore fan and very forgiving. However if you happen to have standards it will leave you either irritated or bored with only a easy 1,000gs completion to make the pain go away. Apart from offering no challenge, it never offers up any inside scoop to island secrets or character revelations. The new protagonist is dull, the voice acting is bad and the game mechanics border on clunky to laughable. Worth a rent if your desperate for more lost, but do so with the knowlege it's mediocre. Expand
  6. Dec 20, 2011
    Let's go straight to the bottom, Lost is basically is a lost of time you get when playing . Repetitive concept of taking of photo and doing nonsense, and, I understand that the series is interesting and have neat stuff. But when we talk about this game, you have three options : Kill yourself of boredom , break the CD or spit this review because the guy who reviewed this game, doesn't like it as much as you. Expand
  7. May 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. With no shadow of doubt, this is the single worst game I've ever played - and I'm counting the legendary Atari 2600 ET in that list. Primarily due to the complete lack of any effort made with regard to the source material. Lost is one of the best produced, most expensive TV shows there's ever been. This seems to have been phoned in by a couple of unenthusiastic interns who couldn't be bothered working on it until a few days prior to deadline and realised they had to actually produce an engaging storyline, plot and characters, none of which they succeeded in.
    It has all the interactivity of an on-rails shooter. The ridiculousness of some 'plot points' goes beyond the banal (you can't get access to a new area because someone is standing in your way and won't let you, while there's a whole beach front of access), prior to finishing the game you find a large batch of items which normally you could trade or use, except there's nobody left to trade with and no need to use them. That's the level of design and thought that's in the game. None.
    Sure as a Lost fan it's nice to see a few behind the scenes areas and rummaging around the places we've become familiar with in the series can be fun, but that's not the basis for any form of interactive entertainment.

    In all, a tedious, linear, one note and pointless experience that was a thorough disapointment.

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