Mixed or average reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 26
  2. Negative: 3 out of 26
  1. 63
    There is a lot to like here, from a children's storybook art style to a unique take on 2D platformers. But the pieces don't come together to create an engaging experience that keeps you coming back.
  2. This visually enchanting game tries to whisk you away to a young girl's dreams, but the often frustrating gameplay makes for a rude awakening.
  3. There's a lot of replay value, but it's ridiculously frustrating to get through this game the first time.
  4. You have to be way more forgiving than the gameplay is to enjoy Lucidity.
  5. The blend of emotions and puzzle mechanics in Lucidity invites more than a few comparisons with Braid. But while the melancholic tone and understated delivery suggests a good match, in truth, Lucasart's game is neither as complex or as original.
  6. 50
    Overall, this game is fun for a short period of time. The replay value and addiction factor simply aren't present. More game modes, multiplayer options and "stuff" could be added to give Lucidity a little more bang for your bucks, especially in this economy.
  7. It's immediately obvious that a great labor was undertaken to create and maintain the art style throughout, but it's marred immediately by lazy game design that neither finds any synergy with the art nor shows any pride in the product.
  8. 67
    It's got a few design holes, but in part because of those, Lucidity presents a type of game you don't see very often.
  9. Lucidity is an interesting experiment, a beautiful indie-flavored game and a welcome addition to Xbox Live’s crowd of old arcade game ports. Gamers who appreciate metaphor and meaning will certainly find much to enjoy here. It’s just a shame that it isn’t more fun to play.
  10. If you have enough patience, helping Sophie will be a pleasure for the senses, with many hours of entertainment as a reward.
  11. It refreshes with its purity of purpose and ambition, even if, as a mechanising of the grieving process, it’s a game few will wish to return to once completed.
  12. The simple rules and appealing storybook presentation are wonderfully captivating for the two hours it takes to play through all 27 main levels. [Holiday 2009, p.81]
  13. Each stage is a trial-and-error affair, which is good for longevity but may put some players off. [Christmas 2009, p.129]
  14. Lacking the intuitiveness that the game demands, Lucidity is a product that feels incomplete, despite the polish on the visuals. Perhaps with a patch the system can be salvaged, but until then, it’s best to steer away.
  15. A Lemmings clone that focuses on style at the expense of substance. Still fun and captivating, but too limited in the gameplay department. [Dec 2009]
  16. With a beautiful, dream-like style Lucidity grabs you almost instantly. But while playing it slowly loses its grip. The concept knows too many flaws and irritations to keep you fascinated and the story is too minimal to provide a counterbalance.
  17. It looks great but LucasArts' arthouse styled platform puzzler simply isn't much fun to play.
  18. The game is easy enough for the casual player to jump right into, difficult enough to keep the gaming vets interest, and stylish enough to have both glued to their sets.
  19. 69
    Because you don't control the pace of the game or have control of the pieces the game chooses for you, I found Lucidity quite unsatisfying, a bit hands off, if you will.
  20. Charming but infuriating puzzler. [Feb 2010, p.113]
  21. A triumph of form over function. [Issue#53, p.104]
  22. Lucidity reveals itself to be latest in a long line of twee, overly quiet games that, like the overrated Flower, desperately ache to be artful.
  23. With its absolutely exquisite art design, yet middling gameplay, Lucidity presents a package that initially captivates but wears thin quickly. I often found myself enjoying watching Sofi's actions more than I did participating in them.
  24. Tedious, restrictive puzzler which happens to be beautiful and made by Darth Vader's dad. [Christmas 2009, p.120]
  25. There is far from enough depth here to keep veteran puzzle gamers entertained, and the lack of camera control will lead plenty to giving up before the second act, but the game's charms do work their magic on you the longer you play.
  26. In conclusion, Lucidity is an interesting game that tries to break the boundaries of gaming and offers both casual and hardcore gamers something totally different that not only proves quite fun but also quite relaxing.

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