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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] A fresh installment to the original blockbuster puzzle series has landed on Xbox Live Arcade: Lumines Live! Harnessing the power of Xbox 360, Lumines Live! is a deep and entertaining game experience, enhanced with vibrant music and newly designed skins that you can custom-select in Skin Edit mode. Lumines Live! features full multiplayer mode on Xbox Live, unleashing leaderboards, achievements, gamer scores, online competitive modes, and more on Xbox Live gamers. Expand your Lumines Live! experience with additional downloadable content via Xbox Live Marketplace, including new puzzles, skins, and music - such as music videos performed by artists like Madonna - all offered through the Artist Pack. [Microsoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 24
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  1. It takes a bit of getting used to, as most puzzlers of this kind are, but before long you’re rocking and rolling with it. And your friends and family might not be able to pry it out of your hands until you drop from exhaustion.
  2. In relation to the other titles on the Live Arcade, it's a high price, but this is a game that you'll be coming back to months down the line, making it an essential download.
  3. Lumines is a great puzzler that puts the other old and tired puzzle games on XBL Arcade to shame.
  4. 78
    It pains me to give a Lumines game a score in the 7's. I'm one of the biggest Lumines fans around, yet the cost and method of delivering the game is completely unsatisfactory and I simply can't give it the higher score that I want to.
  5. Lumines is the big game that couldn't; a puzzle game with a great reputation has been seared into gamer's minds as an evil money grubbing swindle. It is too bad, because Lumines does offer a simple and addictive, though not perfect, puzzle game worth checking out for those with the stomach for the seedy side of Xbox Live Marketplace.
  6. 70
    Be wary of the secret costs though, I can’t express enough that those are a very sneaky way of robbing you out of your hard earned cash. A lot of people fell for it, a lot of people are bound to fall for it and it’s just a sh.tty thing to do on MS’s part. It’s a true shame that they picked Lumines Live! to try out this approach on DLC, Lumines deserves better.
  7. With no clue as to when Lumines Live! will actually contain all of the features listed in its menu, nor how much it will cost to get them there, it's tough to recommend until these details are made available.

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