Madden NFL 06 Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 48
  2. Negative: 2 out of 48
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  1. Pretty graphics are great to have and all, but everything else about Madden on the 360 feels like a step backward--and one that makes its higher price tag very difficult to justify.
  2. Very entertaining, very playable, and very just does not feel very next gen when the meat of the game is concerned.
  3. As much as we love those menus, though, it bothers us that Madden 06 for the PSP, I mean Xbox 360, is missing so much content.
  4. 70
    I would throw a red flag but unfortunately I do not have that option, in reality or in the game.
  5. 60
    It sure does look done, but once you slice it open you realize it's only half-baked.
  6. AceGamez
    Whilst it is fun to play, you can't help feeling that they could have done so much more.
  7. Official Xbox Magazine
    A marginally brushed-up verison of Madden visually, but stripped of everything they've worked for over the years to advance the game's sense of realism and fun. [Jan 2006, p.60]
  8. The best looking football game on the market. It's definitely not the most full-featured football game available.
  9. The graphics are fantastic, and the presentation is more realistic and immersive than ever before. However, there's no excuse for the gutting of the very features that made the Madden series great.
  10. IF you are not concerned with these other options and are looking for a game to play against you buddies on or off-line, you should be pretty satisfied.
  11. A mediocre football game. Madden NFL 06 is the Xbox 360's first budget title, it’s just too bad the game isn’t priced that way.
  12. It's a shame then, that the Franchise mode omits goals, mini-camps, morale, and spring training. Want even less? You can't challenge calls after a play, and the promised 'hard-hitting' animations during a tackle turn into a weird and glitchy dance. And tragically, there's no Superstars mode. Once you've done feasting on the visuals, you've got a bargain-basement Madden at a real-world price. [Official UK Xbox Magazine]
  13. It's easily the best looking football game to date and it plays good enough to warrant a purchase, but EA nixed the ability to challenge plays, so each time there's a bad call the ruling on the field stands. That definitely sucks.
  14. Madden NFL 06 is not an awful game, but it's a jarringly incomplete and unforgivably buggy one. Obviously designed to look good first, foremost and last, Electronic Arts has sold out the game's soul - along with it's loyal customer base.
  15. This is an enjoyable game of football that’s great to watch and play. On the other hand the countless omissions EA left out of this game are maddening.
  16. The basic summary of the Xbox 360’s Madden 06 is the Xbox version with amazing graphics and a ton of cut out features.
  17. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Occasionally shallow, its presentation is nonetheless faultless. [Issue #2]
  18. If anything, you should at least rent to see what you are willing to let go just so you have the visually superior version of the game.
  19. The gameplay is pretty bad, the features of the game have inexplicably vanished, and the only good new thing about the title is the improved graphics - which really aren't all that groundbreaking when compared to other 360 titles.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 46 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 6 out of 24
  2. Negative: 17 out of 24
  1. Jan 18, 2017
    The Madden Franchise is arguably the most critiqued sports video game franchise in the industry of sports video gaming considering it's longThe Madden Franchise is arguably the most critiqued sports video game franchise in the industry of sports video gaming considering it's long reputation as the benchmark in comparison to nearly all it's competitors, but sadly, this game is clearly the most obvious fail that has ever hit the market from EA sports or even all of football for console gaming. The true, honest reviews for this game were just as ugly as the graphics were impressive. Quite frankly, EA sports clearly put so much focus into the visual appeal and sound to the game that it lacked even the most basic fundamentals of virtual football that Madden fans have trusted over the many years and been so accustomed to.

    The game-play of this game is clearly what was most rushed and served as the biggest upset of the game or maybe even the franchise as a whole even without comparison to it's much more positive predecessors . Experienced madden gamers shouldn't have any trouble picking up with this years game with the exception of the all new vision cone that allows players to utilize precision passing within their quarterback's unique field of vision. Most, if not all the controls are just the same as last generation's madden games with the exception of a few minor tweaks to not only the aforementioned passing refinement, but also a change in the speed burst as well. On the offensive side of things, the game isn't quite as bad as it's defensive counterpart, considering that it's solely a matter of responsiveness of the controls that enable your player to evade defenders and gain extra yards to make the big play or simply run past the markers for the first down. This serves as quite the setback for any loyal madden fan who has praised the game for what is most important to any video game really, how the game FEELS. Unfortunately, the passing game wasn't so in tact with the flow of things either. Other gamers have pointed out that even the most untrained, inexperienced gamers who hardly know didly squat about reading defenses can throw bombs all game long to even the most mediocre receivers and make big plays to score touchdowns or at least march down the field in less than a hand full of plays.

    What's even worse about the game is rather the DEFENSIVE side of the ball. The gameplay of this version of Madden 06 is so incomplete, gamers could hardly ever make user tackles! (That's awful.) Defenders would laughably flail around with their arms stretched only to wind up flat on their chest and watch the running back or receiver march ALL THE WAY down the field and score the easy touchdown. This in turn is a shameful attempt at emulating the flow of play-by-play football, and this setback is that much more disappointing given Madden's high reputation. These two setbacks serve as the most unrealistic game-play experience of the sport of football yet, and, sadly enough, this game was one of a few launch titles for the new Microsoft Xbox 360 console trying to set a good impression for this brand new generation of madden gaming.

    The most positive changes made to the Xbox 360's version of Madden 06 were geared to the visual aspect of the game, making the player models and the menus of the game seem somewhat more lifelike and easily accessible, respectively. Players now look more real and as close to their real life counterpart than ever before in some regards, and, given that EA sports has finally put some of the real quarterback cadences into the game at the line of scrimmage as well as real life chatter of other players in between plays, it finally sounds like you're actually there on the field with the players. This gives the game a much more different appeal, something the rivaling brand of 2k sports had brought to the table back in 2003 by introducing first person football. Madden may not have this feature exactly, but hearing real life voices of some NFL players in the game is a nice touch to the auditory side of things, but given how horrendously disappointing the game-play feels to even the less familiar gamers out there, this kind of enjoyment doesn't really last all that long.

    Players now have new menus to scroll while selecting plays. Plays are now organized not only by formation, but also play type. Shotgun pass, inside hand-off and fullback run are some examples as to how specific this is for the gamer which is helpful when playing against the computer at least. These minor improvements still don't make up for how incredibly lame the gameplay feels though, and that is arguably the most important part of any sports game period.

    In summary, Madden 06 for Xbox 360 was a small step forward regarding graphics, sound and the play-calling system but tremendously fails with the game-play aspect. EA sports' slogan is, “it's in the game”, but the game itself is not nearly proper enough to truly deserve your $60. EA sports definitely rushed this one and hoped it's loyal fans would trust everything was in tact when, truth be told, it wasn't.
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  2. Aug 24, 2016
    piss.......................................................................................................................................enopiss.......................................................................................................................................enough said. Full Review »
  3. Sep 10, 2015
    When Madden 06 came out on the next gen consoles, it had to be the most disappointing game in the franchise's history. Madden 06 had goodWhen Madden 06 came out on the next gen consoles, it had to be the most disappointing game in the franchise's history. Madden 06 had good gameplay at the time, but the game's lack of features really killed it for a lot of fans. Full Review »