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  1. Aug 27, 2013
    is there a point to having user reviews when people that don't like the franchise can ruin it's score by giving it a 3 or a 5, anyway this is the best madden to date, they fine tuned the settings so i can actually have a competitive game on all madden difficulty, thanks cause i usually dominate on all madden difficulty.
  2. Aug 27, 2013
    More of the same. Sure, there are some improvements but honestly, if you've played anything since Madden 05 you know what you're getting. Let me quickly sum up problems: - O-line and D-line interaction is still garbage (embarrassing) - More "QB vision cone" type marketing gimmicks ("precision modifier", "run free") - Ratings are all high and irrelevant. Very, very little dffference between players (especially at RB, Oline, and the entire defense)

    I could go on, but this is supposed to be an IMPROVEMENT over Madden 13, seeing as they're selling it for $60. Not more of the same.
  3. Aug 27, 2013
    This game was rushed and is theoretically a mix of madden 12 and 13. Its an unoriginal madden game with mediocre presentation and, for the first time in my life playing Madden, the graphics got worse. The players bodies and faces don't look good at all. The infinity engine 2 is not much of an improvement over the previous engine. However, it plays well. The only thing that I liked was the revival of many elements in franchise mode from madden 11. Overall, if you are staying with this gen, then don't buy, but if you are planning on going next-gen, wait till it comes out for next gen consoles. The worst madden I've seen in a while. Expand
  4. Aug 29, 2013
    Madden 25 bring us the infinity 2. I don't care what the experts say.... It is worse than last year. IF REALISTIC Football is the goal it is big a disappointment. I don't have faith in madden to ever bring their game to the level of fifa, nba 2k.... It's just a shame they have no competition. Madden every year sells their game based on all the HYPE at E3. They say every year all the flaws in the past and continue a mediocre game every year. What will it take to get 2K to get back into the competition? How many more years do we have to either put up with the hype and feel ripped off? I don't know but it sure makes me sad. Expand
  5. QJB
    Aug 29, 2013
    Madden 25 is one of the greatest installments of Madden out there. The Infinity engine has improved with the addition of Infinity Engine 2.0. Owner Mode and Ultimate Team will keep you busy for many hours especially if you are gaming with friends or people that you know. The gameplay is fun but can be frustrating at times as the game is not perfect. Zone coverage/player awareness are two of the biggest issues for me along with the running game/blocking being somewhat overpowered even though the precision modifier was a great idea. I wish they gave more of a variety of camera angles when you are playing in connected franchise player mode along with more depth such as combine, pro day, draft, drills etc.

    The Good -
    Depth in Game modes
    Fun Factor
    Great Presentation
    Exciting Highlight Plays

    The Bad -
    Zone Coverage
    Player Awareness
    Blocking/Running Overpowered

    I gave Madden 25 a 9/10 because it is one of the best Madden Football games that I have played. We are coming to the end of this generation of gaming and I feel as if they have done all that it possible with the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I am looking forward to next generation and the bar will have to be raised a lot higher especially on the next installment of Madden after this transition period. I would recommend this game to any football/madden fan for the overall fun factor and wow moments in the game along with Owner Mode and Ultimate Team.
  6. Aug 27, 2013
    This damn game sucks..the worst madden from the new millenium thst i've played. Returned it the very next day after buyin it dont waste your time gettin it or money!
    P.s the superstar is stupid b/c its now included with the franchise mode. If I wanted to do that I could've created a fake player put him on the roster & played a season, it doesnt make any sense.
  7. Aug 28, 2013
    You're paying $60 for new running controls and an updated roster. Will Madden ever innovate whilst they have the exclusive NFL licence? I doubt it. As long as there are suckers who keep buying their games at full price, there will be no need to innovate.
  8. Aug 27, 2013
    This is, without a doubt, the best madden game to date. Yes Madden 2005 was great in its own way, but Madden 25 is so real it surpasses that. Not to mention the great Madden Ultimate Team mode and all of the legends available to play as in connected careers such as Randall Cunningham and Isaac Bruce.
  9. Aug 28, 2013
    Best Madden game I've ever played, not even close. The gameplay is the best it has ever been and the connected careers mode is so deep. It's terrific, definite must-buy and a pleasant surprise after plating NCAA 14.
  10. Aug 30, 2013
    Im disappointed in 25 looks aweful, madden 12 plays and looks sharper crisper its defs a step back. Some of the player animations just look well not right Im wondering if they have just brushed over with the 360 and PS3 versions putting all their efforts into the new consoles Only time will tell that. But for now Madden 12 will be my choice...still
  11. Aug 30, 2013
    This is one of my favorite, but least favorite Maddens of all time. Its got its ups and downs but some of the things that happen in this game are absolutely ridiculous. First off, fast RB/QB combinations are way too overpowering. For instance, Michael Vick and Lesean McCoy. Not only is Vick way too fast, but he is also way too elusive. Its like playing with the same Michael Vick that I played with in Madden 2004. Not only is Vick not as fast as he was as in 04 but he is also a much much worse football player. Madden doesn't seem to realize that though. Vick is amazing in this game and to be honest I would almost take him over any QB in the league. Lesean McCoy is way too good in this game as well. Yes I know that McCoy is usually good, but after an under performing season last year he should not be nearly as good. Greg Jennings is another player that in my mind is way too good. Not only did he have 4 TDs, but he had some amazing jumping and diving catches. Yes I know that Greg Jennings is good, but he is not this good. This Greg Jennings would have fit in the game if it was 5 years before. Another thing that is absolutely ridiculous is the kick/punt returns. They are so simple that it reminds me of playing with Devin Hester in Madden 2009 or Madden 2010 when anytime he touched the ball it was a touchdown. Man coverage is something that Madden needs to focus on because its absolute horse in this game. It's almost as if the DBs don't know what they are doing. The middle of the passing screen also needs to be fixed. As long as I pass across the middle every time I am guaranteed at least 8 yards which is ridiculous. I know its a video game but come on Madden. Its simple stuff like that that needs to be fixed. Oh and one more thing is that the LT+any button mode is way to overpowered. I once made Reggie Bush fumble 5 times in one game using LT+hit stick. On the opposite side there are some pluses. The blocking is much more realistic and blocks are starting to look like ones that you see in the NFL. Guys getting pushed down, pancakes and other blocks. The owner mode is also tons of fun and it really makes it realistic that you own a franchise with all the things you have to do to please your fans and your team. The introductions before the game are also a really nice touch and makes it really cool and jacked up to play the game. Speed should NOT be everything though because in the NFL just cause your fast doesnt mean that youre good. I really love Madden, and no matter what I will buy it every year, but some changes need to be made to make me more satisfied. Id say it should be worth $40 instead of $60 because of the flaws. Expand
  12. Aug 30, 2013
    Madden 25 is one of the most in depth football games I've laid my hands on yet! With the brand new infinity engine 2.0, your going to see a huge improvement with the gameplay.

    Along side with the gameplay this game has improved most of its game modes as well. For those who like realistic football, this years madden allows you to do owners mode. By doing owners mode you are given the
    power to do what a typical owner does, from choosing ticket prices to deciding how much you want to charge for your teams jersey and more!!!! Make trades, hire new staff sign free agents and take the field to see how your team shapes out to be against the rest of the 31 teams in the league. Tired of the location of your team? This game mode allows you to relocate your team and pick a brand new name/jersey and stadium for them.

    Overall Owners mode is going to keep you occupied for most of the time but if not, you also have the choice of playing ultimate team. More cards have been added into this mode and not to mention a brand new "head-to-head' season. In this mode you will compete with the community online to see who has the best team in madden. Almost forgot to mention, in ultimate team this year there is a brand new chemistry feature. Whether you want your team to be a long Pass to any of the other 8 team chemistry's, this feature separates your team from others and gives you more of a challenge to make sure your players will work with each other. Challenge is always good!!!

    Madden 25 has done a good job this year but there are still some room for improvement. Overall, its a must buy for all you football and sports fans out there!
  13. Aug 27, 2013
    Madden 25 is hardly a worthy celebration for such a storied franchise. While many reviewers believe the changes made this year were granular in nature, I couldn’t disagree more. I feel strongly the development team shot for the moon, but failed to secure the shuttle before doing so. By ignoring the development of many fundamental facets of both gameplay and franchise mode, the game struggles to impress despite some very nice additions.

    It is worth noting, however, that many of the gameplay concerns can be resolved through slider adjustments, which seem to all work this year. While it’s important to recognize the functionality of sliders, it’s even more important to ensure they don’t become a crutch for developers. Sliders should be a tool to make subtle changes based on player preference, not to make major changes out of necessity.

    The game, to me, continues to reward stick skills, while discounting strategy. Most frustrating is the fact that some of these game play decisions can’t be blamed on the current generation of hardware, as NCAA Football 14 does them much better. This leads me to believe that the emphasis was off for the Madden team as it seems they built a game that has some great looking bullet points on the back of the box, but fails to deliver on the field.


    + Infinity Engine 2.0 is a huge upgrade over last year’s version
    + Owner mode is well executed and an overall blast
    + Improved blocking logic, foot planting, and the precision modifier make the running game a blast


    - Coverage on the whole is horrendous
    - The offensive line is far too dominant
    - Contract renegotiations and free agency remain stale and unrealistic
  14. Aug 27, 2013
    It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year. No, today is not December 25th but for video game football fans, it feels like Christmas Day. This is the time I look forward to every year on my video game calendar. The release of a new Madden NFL game by EA Sports. I am a old school Madden player going all the way back to Madden 92 on the Sega Genesis. This year's game is loaded with new features. The running game is much improved over previous versions of the game. The new Infinity Engine 2 is a welcome addition to the series. No longer will players trip and fall over one another like the did in Madden NFL 13.

    Connected Franchise is back again with the inclusion of Owners Mode. I can't tell you how happy I am to see this return to the series. I spent many, many hours back in the day playing this mode. While some may think it's silly you want to control ticket prices, concession stand, parking prices, etc, I happen to enjoy it. It gives a player something to do when you really don't feel like playing an actual game.

    While there is still no halftime show, it's not a big deal to me. I know some people would like to see it included, I would watch it only once or twice and then skip it. Besides the Owner's Mode in Connected Franchise, there's also Player and Coach Mode. Another new addition to the series is you now have the ability to relocate your Franchise to another City. If you are not happy with your current stadium and City, uproot them to a more friendly environment. Madden NFL 25 is far from perfect, but it gives hardcore football gamers like myself a brand new game to play for the next year.
  15. Aug 28, 2013
    So sick of the haters. They all need a hard tackle to the face. They're mad that it's like last year,.. being that it's a FOOTBALL GAME again? Yes, in Madden 25 a bunch of guys line up, you push a button to hike the ball, and they run and fall over and stuff "just like last year"... Seriously how much do they expect it to change? Were they hoping for a 1st person football RPG or something? Fantasy Football MMO? Just shut up with the innovation and change argument, it's not as relevant to an iterative sports sim as other game genres. A franchise like this succeeds and improves for 25 years because it's continually delivered something the people love and stays committed to its core audience. And the core is this does it deliver a bad-ass football gaming experience, striking that golden balance between playability and realism? (you want realism, hit the locker room) Does it allow you to socialize great memories with your football buds? does it enhance your enjoyment of the football season overall? and does it deliver WAYYY more entertainment at $60 than that amount would through the actual NFL? You bet. Thank you EA Sports. I knew what I was in for when I went to see Iron Man 3, when I read Game of Thrones 5, when I downloaded Green Day's latest, and when I went to Hooters to watch the game. I expected them to provide the same fun I've come to know them for. And so does Madden 25. Don't ever change, cuz you're bad-ass. Game on. Expand
  16. Aug 29, 2013
    With the return of Owners Mode, revamped Infinity Engine, new Acceleration and Running Mechanics, toned down Total Control Passing, and Roster Share, Madden 25 has returned better than ever. The bright spots are over shadowed with (1) multiple release day bugs that are all too common, (2) lack of online Connected Franchise commissioner controls such as Sim-Win and Sim-Loss (a feature that NBA 2K has), (3) addition of a draft board, (4) addition of classic rosters, (5) NCAA Road to Glory Import, (6) Team export, (7) sluggish menus, (8) over effective run blocking, and (9) TD Celebrations in online games. All-in-all, the game is a blast to play despite its shortcomings. Expand
  17. Aug 29, 2013
    While there are small gripes riddled throughout the game, the gameplay does feel more accessible than recent years. Run Free allows players to pull off an incredible amount of moves which lead to some of the best highlights fans will have for years. The read option has been toned down significantly from NCAA Football 14, but powerful blocking from receivers still makes it an easy first down for experienced players. While the blocking is probably the best we’ve seen in this generation of consoles, there’s still tuning that needs to happen. While lineman are mostly fine, when a defender engages with a running back or receiver it’s near impossible to shake them loose despite of their ratings.

    All in all, Madden NFL 25 offers the the most impressive replay value in a long time. Ultimate Team’s addition of a seasons aspect will be a huge hit, and the ability to have multiple lineups and the introduction of chemistry will go a long way.

    The Madden series finally feels like its turning the corner, despite a few missteps, much like the FIFA series a few years back. As the franchise looks to take its next step into next-gen later this year, fans of Madden can at least feel comfortable that current-gen will go out on top.
  18. Aug 29, 2013
    This is the best year of madden thus far there seems to have been a lot of moves in the right direction creatively. The presentation is phenomenal from the new physics system to pre game theatricals. Gameplay has improved from past years but there is still issues with coverage in both zone and man defenses. Precision modifiers have been a nice addition and the run game is better than its ever been which is what I enjoy most about the game. Overall a very solid game and something that I look forward to playing as my NFL football experience. Expand
  19. Aug 29, 2013
    Madden 25 is a decent game. So far I like the new running features and also the side line catches. The changes in the audible system is giving me a bit of trouble but overall I am enjoying things this far. I am starting to get into the MUT features too. I made this purchase of the AE edition and I look forward to checking out the games.
  20. Aug 30, 2013
    This is the worst Madden I've ever played. I've been a huge Madden fan for the whole 25 years. I bought this yesterday and I'm trading it in today. Its really disappointing that they put less and less effort into improving what they have. Its always roster updates and that's it. I myself don't care about the cost of hotdogs and foam fingers. I want to play football. Not that EA cares becuse I've aready gave them money for 25 years but I will never buy a Madden game again. Over the years they take out the best features to put them back and pitch it as new to Madden.The brodcast booth will say the same thing it did last year. All the great looking games that are out and Madden looks the same. In short you will buy it so why care about improving it. The ano Expand
  21. Aug 31, 2013
    Generally people who do not like the Franchise are those who are terrible at it. They cannot handle the the audibles, adjustments, and common football knowledge that Madden has incorporated. Maybe they should try "one button" controls in NCAA. Physics are becoming more and more legit. Floating secondaries force you to read the defense rather than throwing deep all of the time. Plenty of quitters who turn the ball over 7 times per half as a result. Connected careers are deep and thorough. Madden also gives you complete control on offense and defense with the use of the Left Trigger and various buttons and stick controls. Definitely changes the dynamic of the game. Its a shame that people who give this game low rating are those who are fans by association with football. They do not understand the principles of the game, and when EA tries to incorporate these principles in order to win people get pissed and claim its too hard or flawed. These same haters go back to the NFL 2K5 argument. 2K definitely brought a new dynamic to the gaming industry, but lost it quickly when Madden caught up within 2-3 years and blew them out of the water. The game play became old and stale, and couldn't even keep up with EA's Arena Football games. 2K was a great game for those who didn't understand football, wanted to play a football game that didn't require any skill. Throw up hail mary's all game, allow the computer to play defense, and adjust settings to kick 70 yard field goal. It was a great game for people who like to dress up in their teams colors, cheer because everyone else is, and pretend to be a die hard fan of the the end of the day you fanboys are fans by association. Do yourselves a favor and stop giving crappy reviews on games that your crappy at. Just because you suck at it, doesn't make it a bad just makes you a bad gamer. Stick to magnetic probably have a greater chance of succeeding at it. Expand
  22. Sep 1, 2013
    This year's edition of Madden football is a modest addition in regards of the gameplay refinements yet again that we have been demanding for as a community. Now is this the complete product that we've all been hoping for at this point? No it's not, but it does once again take the steps toward the authenticity that we've been demanding for over the years. Just how well they execute remains to be seen, as well as what does this game show us in terms of what to expect when the next generation of consoles are released in a few months?
    Infinity Engine 2:
    In comparison to NCAA Football 14 and Madden NFL 13, the gameplay is definitely cleaned up in regards of what's been promoted. The physics play out in a cleaner, more dynamic fashion. For those that may not recall, the Infinity Engine in principle, is a physics driven engine that's layered on top of all the animations within the game. So, sometimes you'll get dynamic physics-based interactions, as well as scripted animated outcomes, or get a mix of both in some instances, which brings out more organic gameplay. Couple this with the Force Impact System, and now you have the potential to have some of the most violent trucks and Hit Stick tackles occur to date in an EA Sports football title. The intent of the FIS is make that differential of collisions/interactions between players based on speed, weight, and mass respectively on offense and defense in relation to player skill ratings. It's very rewarding to see that big TE or power back bowl over smaller DBs or out of position LBs with trucks and stiff arm punches alike. As well as on defense laying that blind side hit on the QB, or that WR cutting across the middle getting blew up going for a catch by an LB or DB with a good speed and force behind them.

    With all these good elements, there are issues along with it. Due to the confines of the animation-based principle of the game, you have situations where scripted animations do overtake the dynamic physical presence of other players. At least the issue regarding the stiff-arm being overpowered is addressed here. Secondly, there's still a good amount of suction tackling taking place within the game as well. I've had instances where players would purposely get shifted into position as a tackle/stiff arm/Truck is supposed to take place in a particular part on the field. Which leads to unrealistically scripted gameplay outcomes on both sides of the ball, an issue that's been hindering EA football for years.
    In the near future (hopefully), it would be nice to see EA have more dynamic physics based gameplay that rivals titles like the 2010 title BackBreaker. A game that's based on behavior based interactions with dynamic physics and no pre-determined animations in sight.

    "Run Free", and the Option:
    For the past few years there hasn't been a truly established run game in regards of precise player movement since Madden football on PS2. The EA themed "Locomotion" technology, hasn't been implemented in the cleanest and authentic fashion like some of their other titles such as FIFA 11-13. They definitely made a nice refinement with the addition of the hard cuts in regards to the directional changes made by the ball carrier. You can see and feel the difference between a power back and a speed back in regards to the ability and sharpness of cutback, juke moves, or just general changes of direction within the game. You still do see some sliding and gliding and players legs quick shifting to compensate for the respective footplant/cut move accordingly. With the "True-Step Locomotion" technology making its debut in Madden NFL 25 next-gen (and in the FIFA 14 demo (to preview): available Sept. 10), we should see the quality of the overall player movement increase dramatically. In spite of the shortcomings, the addition of the new and various juke/spin move combos (utilizing the right analog stick or combined with the precision modifier) nicely adds depth and personality to a vital element of the game that has been long overdue.
    In addition to compliment the hard cuts element, you have the revamping of the run blocking AI, so this aids in the blockers making more realistic and logical decisions when blocking downfield and addressing the nearest threat to the ball carrier on running plays as well as QB scrambles out of the backfield on passing plays. The of tandem pass blocking is still an eyesore, but the logic is improved and you see the most realistic pockets and blocking scenarios form in this game that haven't been seen since the Xbox/PS2/GameCube days of EA Sports Football. Needless to say, there's a lot riding on what's shown on next-gen, especially in this area where 2k Sports currently upholds the standard with NFL 2k5 and APF 2k8 respectively.
    To expand on the QB scrambling out the backfield, the emphasis on the Option made its way into Madden as well. With the in-game pitch and read keys to look out for prior to the snap. It's nice to see that you have to pay attention to what the defense does whether it's the pitch, handoff, or keeper. Any wrong read and be a cost in yards or possible turnover on a bad pitch.

    Formation/Coverage Audibles:
    Just something to touch on briefly. This is an element that I'm glad to see make its way into the game and once again makes that strive toward realism and authenticity. In regards of the Formation Audibles on offense, you can only switch your plays according to the package that you're in (ie: can't audible from Goal Line formation to Shotgun 5-Wide). Secondly, on the defensive side, you can make the defensive adjustments slightly faster when switching individual assignments from zone to man coverage. Even though that was a function of old brought back, it was needed, so I'm glad to see it there. Also, the "disguise cushion" option is a nice add as well. That's basically where your DBs may show press coverage, but instead of attempting to jam the WR, they'll play the receiver's route (whether within the zone or man coverage).

    With all the attention given to the offense this year, there still are some elements to highlight in regards of the defensive side of the ball. The "Heatseeker" control is a new element that aids the user controlled defender with taking the proper angle to tackle the ball carrier. In addition to that, the addressing of proper pursuit angles have finally made their way to being addressed in this year's title. Now you'll see defenders make the proper angles and breakdown accordingly when going for tackles or to cut across the field to swat or pick. Also, the revamping of the dive tackles that add that secondary attempt to stop the ballcarrier if they elusively slip past the defender or in a rundown effort to make that shoestring-esque leg sweep from behind tackle.
    It is nice to say that FINALLY the war in the trenches is BACK!! The addition of the respective animations for both the O/D-Line interactions showcase that chaotic, yet violent battle that we've been looking for since best being done (at least in my opinion) in All Pro Football 2k8. Now, you clearly get to see the separation between elite/mid-level/average/poor rushers as they fight to get in the backfield. Once again adding more depth and personality to the overall package.
    The secondary play is better than its collegiate counterpart, but still lacks the dynamic, fundamentally sound gameplay that many (myself included) desire. While it's slightly improved, this area needs to be overhauled altogether as you have defenders that legitimately don't react to the ball being thrown right over their head as they look at it. Now, the Read & React isn't bad, but it's most definitely the weakest link by far in respect to all that was done in this game. The DB/WR interactions need to be revamped, as well as the AI across the board. We also need to see the 430 catch animations trigger as there's too many occurrences of mirrored catch animations happening in the game. Hopefully, the next generation of NCAA Football gaming coupled with the IGNITE engine, will showcase a drastic change in the way players react in game with the dubbed "human intelligence" element to the way the secondary reacts accordingly to what the offense gives them.

    Overall, Madden NFL 25 gives a decent preview of what to expect on next gen in certain areas. With the next-gen consoles launching on November 15 (for PS4 at least). There will be a lot to look forward to in terms of gameplay expansion. In the mean time, This is a decently progressing football title on this current generation of console gaming.
  23. Aug 27, 2013
    Madden NFL 25 plays a solid game of football. The biggest improvement on the field is the tuned Infinity Engine. The engine plagued Madden NFL 13 with awkward animations after almost every play. There are still some instances of the Infinity Engine acting up in the game. However, it is not nearly as noticeable this year and makes the game experience more authentic.

    The other big
    addition to gameplay was the introduction of the precision modifier. I am a fan of simulation football and authentic gameplay. For the most part, this feature goes away from things you will see on the football field on Sundays. The spin move and jump move makes the experience feel like an arcade game. Not very many NFL players can execute a perfect spin move or leap over a defender.

    Here is a quick list of the other negatives I came across while playing the game:

    1) Defenders can dive too far and trip up ball carriers. This often causes an unrealistic experience as fast quarterbacks like RGIII will be caught from behind by a leaping defensive lineman.

    2) There are instances where I feel like the user has no control. I have hit the catch/interception button on numerous occasions to see the player I was controlling not react.

    3) I didn't find Skills Trainer particularly helpful. Important note: I have been playing the Madden NFL series since I was in grade school so this mode was probably not targeted towards gamers like myself.

    Even with the negatives I mentioned above, Madden NFL 25 still plays a fun game of football. There are some issues that need to get fixed, but I will be playing this game until the next gen version releases in November.
  24. Aug 27, 2013
    Madden 25 is one of those games that you love to hate, or hate to love, because most gamers are afraid of getting burnt by what they disliked about past installments. There is no denying that the Madden Franchise has failed at a few things, but they have also hit on others There was such a vast improvement on the offensive side of the ball this year with the all new "Run Free" emphases taking center stage of the game. With that being said I also feel defenses is lacking in so many areas, and coverage being the worst can make the game at times for me very frustrating, but hopefully some of these issues can be fixed with tuner updates. I would also recommend to look into adding more defensive strategy to tell players to not just watch the outside or play inside coverage, but watch the fade, slant, or screen pass that sort of chess match that seems to be missing in online head to head.
    I do feel like EA SPORTS had the right intentions with the additions, but came up a little short to what I was anticipating for the full game when it came to both sides of the ball.

    The Good:
    1.) The Infinity Engine 2.0 physics, and new foot planting mechanics that allow Run Free in Madden this year is the best addition to Madden since the Hit Stick
    2.) The New Connected Franchise Mode is by far the best this Generation Console has seen, and sadly it was it's last, but better late than never!
    3.) Madden Ultimate Team nothing but good things about this mode, and new face lift. The Reward system that is in place that gives you coins for previous Madden NFL games played is a very nice touch.

    The Bad:
    1.) Defense, defense, defense... I see to often when you take control of a player he slows down, or seems to stiff, and unresponsive to command that it makes playing against even the cpu a crap shoot.
    2.) Zone coverage needs a lot of help.
    3.) A lot of minor stuff like Fantasy Draft takes to long, WR/DB interaction is better, but still needs help.

    Why Not?:
    1.) Why have we not gotten to the point of being able to play with a created player online like NHL, FIFA, and even NBA 2K. I get to play with Romo, Brady and whoever else all the time, it's time to allow created players for Online Team Play.

    Well with all that could be and still can be improved upon I do still believe this is the best Madden to date during this gen. There is always room for improvement, and Madden has continued to improve every year, but not as fast as we would have liked. Overall game play is fun, and enjoyable, but defense is not where it needs to be in my opinion.
  25. Aug 29, 2013
    Well Madden 25 is here again guys and with the Infinity Engine 2, there are a lot more opportunities for spectacular plays on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. It’s gonna take Madden 25 players a little while to realize just what is possible with the new Run Free control scheme, but it really makes the running game a much more viable option. All your favorite moves are still intact: Jukes, spins, hurdles, stiff arms, etc. But now these moves can be used with a precision modifier, which is used in specific situations to increase the effectiveness of your move and free you to break a long run. You can use the precision modifiers on their own as single moves, or you can chain them in combinations with other moves. It’s not an instant win button by any means, but when you do guess right and pull of the right move at the right time, it’s magical.
    Combining these new moves for offensive players with the improved blocking mechanics in Madden NFL 25, and the offensive side of the game has been improved immensely. Each run feels like it has significance, and the opportunity to be made into a big gain. It’s a big step forward for this aspect of the game. Passing feels pretty similar to last year. Quarterback play is going to feel familiar. Leading receivers and calling audibles is all pretty standard from last year, but the option mechanics have been retooled considerably. You’ll be seeing a lot more read option players in the online modes in Madden NFL 25 this year, and I’m guessing the Pistol Formation will be very popular.
    New in this year’s Madden is the Owner’s Mode in Connected Franchises. Owners mode gives you complete control of every aspect of the team and business operations, right down to the price of concessions at your stadium. This is for the hardcore sim nut, and it’s got plenty to sink your teeth into. You control the coaching staff, you control the players, you control where your team plays, and its jerseys. You literally have your fingers in every aspect of the franchise, and you get to play the games each week. The overall goal is to score legacy points and rack up Superbowl victories.
    The three modes are wrapped in a much more intuitive user interface than last year. Everything is seemingly at your fingertips in big and bold windows. You can choose to play these modes by your lonesome, with friends, or even random people from the online network.
    On the field, Madden NFL 25 plays exceptionally. No matter what game mode you choose, you’ll be hard pressed not to enjoy your time with the game. Some are more involved than others. Yes, you can still fire up an exhibition mode if you really want to, and test your mettle against the CPU, but Madden NFL 25 has some of the most robust online tools that the series has ever offered. It has games modes that will not only keep you connected, but keep you engaged.

    What I like
    Running game
    Using you playbook in leagues
    Keep tabs on your fantasy football team
    Owner mode
    Madden Share, which allows you to share rosters, playbooks, and sliders
    What I don't like
    zones are broken
    kicking meter is old
    online needs to be fixed
    special teams and wind doesn't matter
    the ability to change player's positions. I dont want to see a qb at WR or Cb
    Playbooks need to be revamped
  26. Aug 29, 2013
    Elite players feel elite in Madden 25.

    The new run free system is above and beyond one of the most important updates to the game in years. While the run game is extremely effective the point has been made that moving forward the game is striving to better represent the NFL authentic experience. As long as the game continues to move in this direction with other players and other
    positions the game will continue to improve.

    The run game is extremely effective and if you like to run the ball you will enjoy this game. Pass defense can be frustrating at times as it seems to lack the control that the offensive side of the ball has.

    The new Madden Share feature of the game has been a big hit amongst the hardcore crowd and once again online communities are extremely popular.

    If you like to run the ball and grind out games then this is the game for you.

  27. Aug 29, 2013
    This Madden brings in a new "Run Free" system that while very fun to utilize, is very overeffective. The novice player will certainly enjoy the freedom it gives them when playing. The zone coverages are still fairly slow to respond; but an improvement to Madden 13's zone coverage. All the added option plays make team playbooks seem more authentic. Overall, this early post-release...the game is very enjoyable for me! Expand
  28. Aug 30, 2013
    What do people want from a football game on this hardware? This is a maxed out game on current console, and i think its a pretty damn good version at that. I have played almost every version of Madden ever released, and this encompasses the NFL playing experience as well as any before it. The franchise gameplay has a ton of options, and online play is as good as ever. Madden on Xbox one will surely be a home run IF you can continue your franchise from the 360... but we are talking three months until the best Madden ever comes out so stop your whining! Expand
  29. Sep 1, 2013
    I give the game like a 7.5 or 8 out of 10... only because its the first Madden I bought in 5-6 years. Not really sure how the others are, thoroughly... only played a game or 2 with friends at their house in the past years. I'm content with the game. It s a football game, and it allows me to play football and such. Still getting used to the controls. Plus, the other main reason I got it is because of the milestone-25th year anniversary.. and it's the closing Madden game before the next gen system comes out.

    p.s. the graphics seems a blasé to me....
  30. Sep 2, 2013
    I'm a gameplay first type of guy and that's how I review Madden. Of course I want all aspects to be great but with me it starts with gameplay. Now I understand that there are a lot of things that can't be done on this current generation of consoles and that greatly affects my review of Madden NFL 25 current gen.

    By far the best addition to Madden 25 is the new locomotion mechanics. Now
    you are able to make subtle cuts with the left analog stick which adds a more organic feel to the run game. In addition to hard cuts there is the precision modifier which gives you the ability to pull off over 30 special ball carrier moves. The best part about the precision modifier is it provides a bit of separation between backs, some moves can only be pulled off if the RB has a high enough rating in a specific category. However there's no real distinction between players and all of the moves look the same. This is where the arcade affect comes into play. Going forward we need to see signature running styles and behaviors from the star players in the NFL. Replicating player abilities, behaviors, and signature styles will push the game to a level of realism that most are expecting to see from Madden. This is something games like NBA 2K and MLB The Show do well and are known for.

    Blocking has been improved in Madden 25 with a new targeting system. Blockers are now designed to follow their specific assignments and have the ability to change their path downfield based on the projected path of the ball carrier. There is still room for improvement with blocking, I still would like to see guys block whoever crosses their path rather than being locked into an assignment. There are still times when blockers collide with a defender without extending their arms. Not only do they collide but in most of these cases they bump into the first defender while still looking at their assignment.

    Infinity Engine 2.0 is a more polished version of the Infinity Engine introduced in Madden 13. The physics as a much tighter feel during actual gameplay. It's more subtle and interactions between players look and feel more organic. Force Impact has also been added with IE2 which allows the physics to be more of a factor in certain situations. Even though IE2 is an improvement there is still a lot that needs to be done in this area. Not all animations are able to be interrupted, at times it feels like the game completely ignores the physics. There are too many forced animations, weight and momentum doesn't always dictate the outcome. This seems to happen mostly with one on one situations. Now that physics is in the game a player's weight, size, mass, positioning, strength, stature, and momentum should all factor in to determine the outcome of the play.

    Not a lot was done of defense this year but there is at least one key improvement, the trenches. OL/DL interactions are better than they've ever been in the Madden NFL series. You now see a more dynamic fight in the trenches which is where football starts and ends. For the first time I feel like I can get real pressure with DE's as opposed to overpowered DT's in the past. Secondary play has also been tightened since NCAA 14 but it's still not as dynamic as it should be. Defenders are still restricted to their zone responsibility and rarely play outside of that when necessary. I would like to see more anticipation from DB's instead of waiting until the ball has been thrown to react. Don't get me wrong, there are times when the DB's do a solid job in Madden 25 but it doesn't seem to be consistent. I don't expect shutdown defense every time, I just want to see the Secondary react realistically whether they get beat or not.

    Key Additions and likes:

    Run Free mechanics (Precision Modifier)
    Locomotion mechanics (Hard Cuts)
    New Blocking targeting system
    Re-done blocking assignments
    Force Impact System
    Infinity Engine 2.0
    New audible and hot route system
    Stiff arms

    Missing components and wishlist (Just to name a few):

    WR/DB interactions
    No REAL gang tackling
    Adaptive AI
    Independent player AI
    Proper weight and momentum distribution
    Reach Tackles
    No forced animations
    Physics driving gameplay instead animations taking over

    Overall Madden 25 has improved greatly over past years and it is by far the best Madden we've seen on this generation. Madden markets itself as a simulation and it's good to see that they are now focusing on simulation gameplay and moving in the right direction. Madden will need to focus on the minor details in order to fully replicate what we see on Sunday. At this point and think that's what we all expect, especially since other genres seem to be ahead of Madden in that area. Moving on to a new generation should be good for Madden. I've been saying for years that Madden needed to borrow things from FIFA and NHL to improved their game, now with the new Ignite Engine this will be possible. I like forward to the possibilities on the next generation of consoles.
  31. Sep 2, 2013
    I am a "Gameplay" guy and Madden 25 gets a great mark for "on the field" gameplay. The addition of "hard cuts, Precision Ball Carrier moves, Read Option controls, Precision passing, etc" are all great things for the Madden Franchise. There are still issues that need to be addressed: Defense (the defense does not have as many tools as the Offense and therefore makes for an unbalanced game experience) More immersive Player CFM experience (think NBA2K MyCareer), Halftime and Weekly Wrap Up Show would all help this game feel more "cohesive" and alive. If you think about the NFL; there's ESPN and NFL Network who are all about bringing you into all the League news and happenings. The Twitter integration is nice but in this society of Youtube, Vine, is KING. I feel good about the direction the game is headed going into the Next Generation of consoles but this is a grade for Madden 25 and I am judging what I currently have in hand; not it's potential. There's room for improvement and I am confident that with the disc space that we have on PS4 & Xbox360 that in the next 2 years; we may be talking about Madden finally "arriving" to be the Premiere Football title that it was destined to be; not yet though...not yet. Expand
  32. Sep 3, 2013
    madden 25 is not the greatest madden by far the user picks are by far the dumbest thing you just have to be near the receiver and hold Y and you will pick it every time and D-Line are as fast as Adrian Peterson cause you fat nose guard will catch him or any other running back in the game. Adrian Peterson in the game is a big wimp he gets hurt almost every single play that you run with him I bought the game and returned it the next day and I have all the maddens and this is one is one of the worst I have played Expand
  33. Sep 8, 2013
    Very disappointed! Madden 25 has the worst graphics I've seen in many years. Madden 2012 has incredible graphics compared to this version. It's like they didn't even both looking at what they created for the Xbox 360 before pushing it out the door with all the hype. The hype is the only thing that they actually concentrated on. It will be a LONG time before I get suckered into buying another Madden game!

    Example. In 2012 you can see the individual blades of grass and foot marks in the grass. In Madden 25 you simply see the color Green for the grass. It just gets worse from there.
  34. Sep 9, 2013
    This game is trash. I would gladly pay for updated rosters on madden 2012 before the so call "engine". This was my same impression of madden 2013. Garbage. The players look nothing real. Madden 2012 was PERFECT. This seems to me like a way for EA sports to make money off of people by redesigning the wheel. And selling the hype. Trash. Every thing about it, Music= Trash, franchise mode= trash, over complicated player ratings trash. It's just, Trash. Glad I got free NFL Sunday ticket.

    EA. instead of putting out TrAsh each year. Just sell updated rosters
  35. Sep 11, 2013
    Madden NFL 25. Yeah sure its on the "old" console, Xbox One will launch in about 2 1/2 months and this game will be the last madden for many players. its not very surprising that madden nfl 25 is almost the same in the gameplay, by the way madden NFL 13 has a perfect gameplay. but the new running makes the game more realistic than NFL 13, also a new presentation before and after the game (sideline reporter...) and the best: the returning of the owner mode. I already played 2 seasons in the owner mode and i have to say its amazing! you can build a new stadium or update the old, you can set prices and you can do a lot more than in madden nfl 13. I only played 1 season in Madden NFL 13 as a Player and 0,2 seasons as a coach, but i´m looking forward to play a lot more seasons in NFL 25.

    the game is good, of course there are no big changes but overall its a good sequel to Madden NFL 13 and i´m really looking forward to the Xbox One version. thanks for reading.

    +Owner Mode
    +New Running
    +Kind of better graphics

    -almost the same as Madden Nfl 13
  36. Sep 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game has 1 major flaw. It only let's you challenge a play when you can't win the challenge and the times you watch the replay and clearly scored a td or got a first down on 4th down it wont let you challenge and will make you livid. Other than that awsome game Expand
  37. Sep 17, 2013
    This is the best Madden to date but its still not that great. Its very delayed sometimes the responsiveness is off. Era had their fun but its almost time for 2k to come back and I'm afraid this could be the end of madden. Of course it will sell cause its madden but just like when NFL 2k was around eventually it will take over. Honestly its purely surviving off name and the exclusive NFL license.
  38. Sep 20, 2013
    Best madden since 2004. no im not lying... Its ok to buy Madden again. Gameplay is the best so far this generation. However i did find the if my DB catches an interception towards to sideline even with both feet in they'll rule as an incomplete pass. Nothing major but could be costly in a tight game. Im just gonna leave you guys with this.. OWNER MODE...
  39. Sep 23, 2013
    This game has bad freezzing issues and I feel like I got ripped off. If it wasnt for the constant freezing I would love this game. They need to fix this asap and shouldnt be selling it if it freezes.
  40. Sep 28, 2013
    Honestly it is the worst madden in the past 10 years. The graphics are pretty awesome, and the fact that you can be the owner and upgrade everything in a franchise is sick but the gameplay is unbelievably bad. If I made a pro and con list the cons seriously would be 3 times longer. Simple kinks in the game could be fixed and it would be amazing.
  41. Oct 2, 2013
    If you pick choose madden, or choose your own plays, or hit random buttons while you choose a defensive play- it makes no difference. what you do on defense is irrelevant. I can't believe I'm giving this a passing grade. It's because everything else is good.
  42. Oct 6, 2013
    Not without bugs and glitches, but the best Madden yet. And a load of fun if you love football.

    I don't know if there's a more polarizing game. A lot of people love Madden so much they want it to be a certain, and only that way. "It's a thin line between love and hate. If you're not one of those people, Madden 25 delivers an lot a enjoyment and can teach you much about the real game
    of NFL football. If, however, you think you know it all already and your mission is to "school" others less all-knowing, then you certainly know this game is not for you. It's also not for you if you're expecting the ultimate in simulation realism. Such a game doesn't exist. What Madden25 offers is great presentation and enough realism to make it believable and immersive. (Until you play ti so much that it isn't any more every other video game.) Expand
  43. Oct 21, 2013
    This game was way too hyped up. Terrible game in my view. I'd rather play madden 13... It freezes, pretty much same graphics as 13.... Online is okay but other than that it's a crappy game
  44. Nov 11, 2013
    Really good game. It is similar to Madden 13, but it made a lot of improvements. It ocassionally freezes, but it is a great game. I also think that the players are a little slow, but that isn't a big issue.
  45. Nov 11, 2013
    This game is just god awful. It's the same thing every year, tight ends are un-coverable, the read option is next to unstoppable, and people on there just love to cause problems. The game needs more variety and better game strategies rather than running with Mike Vick or RG3 and throwing to Shannon Sharpe for 400 yards and 8 scores. Until this happens, I forever hate the game and thing half blind monkeys can create a better game and will not play it even if I were paid. Expand
  46. Nov 19, 2013
    look i buy this game cause everyone saying its the best one to come out and after i buy it i try to play the game and all it does is freeze then i take it back to get a new copy and it still freezes but if it would work i might like it but i pretty much just wasted 60 dollars on a game that i cant use cause all it does is freeze
  47. Nov 19, 2013
    The Madden 25 was awesome graphics and had a lot of awesome expansions and the old ones did not that I played 08 and 09 has simulations of the Super Bowl. The players look almost real. people should go to store and get it. you will be impressed by again I guarantee it. I think the best football game and one of the best games for the Xbox 360. It is a four player and is a good family game. if you questions about controlling they are the same the starting of the game just a little different but you get the hang of it it's almost the same as the old ones Expand
  48. Aug 1, 2014
    While it is fun for pickup games against your friends that aren't that good and they think they are good, there are flaws. Here are two.

    Problem #1 I have the ball. 4th and three. I could kick a 54 yard field goal but I didn't feel confident because the Kick Power/Accuracy bar goes a lot faster on higher difficulty levels. It's right before halftime, so I figured I would try and get the
    D to jump offsides because I have three timeouts with like forty seconds left. And yes, my player false starts when in real life the coach would tell the players that the purpose of the play was to get the other team to jump offsides.

    Problem #2 They came out with two wide and two running backs and I wanted to send the linebacker that was farthest away from the fullback that would have been the blocker (ie. Fullback on the left, send right side Linebacker). But the ticker for a statistic comes up to show the offenses third down conversion rate so I can't see what side the Fullback is lined up on so I can't audible my Linebacker. And when the ticker goes away, they call hike.

    Also, I'm not an Xbox fanboy, I play it at The Westerville Public Library for free. I own a PS3 so it might be better on there but I have no desire to get it because I can play it for free whenever I want. I'm switching to NCAA 14 because they have that to so I will see if that game has the same problems and I will go from there.
  49. Dec 1, 2013
    I don't understand why madden 25 was completely changed. I mean, the graphics are good but they completely changed the way you can play the game. Only being able to play as one player and not multiple definitely makes me not want to play it at all. For instance, in the offline franchise mode, if you choose to be the quarterback, you can't play any other player but just the quarterback and simulating through the game. The madden game made a bad choice on setting the gameplay like this Expand
  50. Dec 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I like this game alot i play it all the time but i wish it didnt have so many glitches during game play cause ill be running for a touchdown and some random defender glitches in front of me and tackles me.There should be some added features like in my player mode you should make it more interesting like the nba games in my player mode where you get your chance to debut. Like if you created a quarterback say u make it to where in one game of the season he gets injured and you get your chance to debut as a back-up qb and if you perform well the coach gives you more chances to shine like a nick foles type of scenario.Like the my player mode in madden 11 and also you should be able to meet with your gm if you dont want to play with a certain team anymore you could request a trade to another team and the gm puts you on the trading block to see if any teams want you. All im saying is that i would enjoy this game alot more if you added a mode like this. One more thing i was really disappointed in how the game actually ended up looking cause when it was advertised it looked so real and awesome and i couldnt believe how it looked and thats one of the things that made me most excited about and then i got it and it was a huge disappointment. Thanks for reading hope you can include the game mode i mentioned. Also i was really impressed with all the varities of tackles i see happen. Expand
  51. Dec 13, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I like the game but theres some glitches that need to be patched and when players are injured and its a serious injury there should be a cart that comes out and carts the player off the field and somtimes the coaches and trainer come out on the field to help the player off the field. Also in my owner mode you should have to get and offensive ccoordinator,defensive coordinator, special teams, qb coach, rb coach and stuff like that but there might people who dont want to deal with all that so that should be advanced owner mode and the normal one should be basic mode or something. Expand
  52. Dec 18, 2013
    I wouldn't say this game is good... nor bad in any way, it's basically Madden '13 with a few improvements because of the fact that the next generation consoles are now here. At any rate, the game has most of the same features from '13 to '25. Which is good, but are also bad. Gone are the funny moments of tackling an opponent and seeing your men fall down like marinates when walking over them after the play. That's good... the bad is that the defense can still create a TON of turnovers via interceptions and a lot more fumbles. Yes, you can use sliders, but by default, this shouldn't have happened as much anyway. I still feel the passing needs a lot of work. When I see my receiver is open, I tend to want to get the ball to him as fast as possible, but the CPU AI tends to react a little too aggressive at times to be able to pick the ball off, like a lot of times, knock the ball out of my player's hands. I truly believe that EA/Tiburon are not doing enough to these games to really warrant any purchase when the games launch. I love playing football against my friends and random people are just too predictable by using the same 5 plays all game and if they lose, they always turn their consoles off or try to quit instead of taking the loss. They need competition from 2K in order to up their game because EA/Tiburon aren't even trying to push themselves for greatness. Case and point, compare EA's NBA Live '14 to 2K's NBA 2K14 and you'll have your answer as to whom the better developer is in recent years. Expand
  53. Dec 25, 2013
    The amount of BS in this game is ridiculous! Run return left to get a massive return each time. Loft a ball into triple coverage and it WILL be a completion. No matter what defense is called you will get a 1st down and onside kick it every time, the computer won't let the other player know and you can onside it every time. You half to blitz every time to stop runs. You can't play zone pass defense because the AI IS TOO STUPID TO MAKE A PLAY! Once you get up there is no way you can lose. Sherman for the Seahawks catches all ints. The cowgirls are overrated and you can be tackled, fall on a pile, get up and run for a TD (I've seen it twice! P. manning sack to a TD; Return against Seattle for TD.) This is a horrendous title that allows complete idiots to "Master" madden. I've lost 60 bucks on this game and will never buy madden again. A class action lawsuit is the only way to teach these a lesson and to get a better game. Like this and I'll distribute contact info for further details Expand
  54. Dec 28, 2013
    I am rating this game a zero because it plays as though it is still in alpha testing phases. How, you ask? Well, let me paint you a word picture explaining just how this game is not ready for the market.

    Short Summary:: This game is the byproduct of no market competition. There is no incentive to innovate, or produce a game worth buying. There are so many bugs that you are either very
    mad at the game, or laughing at how much you just owned the opposing team because of some flukey nonsense that just favored you. Granted, it does look pretty in some regards. However, it's like a sterotypical 80's movie "mean-girl" vapid, shallow, but pretty. ]]]

    Longer Version:

    Defensive reactions are trash. Running on offense is like me as a 20 year old playing against a little league team in soccer I can easily do it, but I almost feel bad. Playing online with the Vikings with AP is a joke, but maybe the player was bad. To test this, I tried out superstar mode with the "low ranked" player... and I racked up 800 yards rushing per game on All-Madden. I know that it's not because I'm good at the game.

    Offensive throw accuracy is about as consistent as a politicians stance on any given topic. Sometimes, you're on point. Sometimes, you miss the player entirely. Sometimes, you target the defensive back. Who knows? It seemingly makes no difference if you're moving, static, rushed, or given time. I played eight different quarterbacks, each throw was seemingly independent of accuracy stats.

    Blocking is nonexistent... unless it's perfect. The success of a screen play is entirely based on blocks and if those are as predictable as radioactive breakdown. Also, like radioactive breakdown, I feel as though observing them too often will give me some type of brain cancer from rage.

    Kick returns online get returned two to three times per game regardless of returner. This is probably a function of the blocking which I covered earlier, but who knows. Either way, it's very frustrating.

    Please, do not buy this game. I'm happy that my brother bought it instead of me, but upset that I played it at all. I feel as though my life was worsened by playing it. Long loading screens into get to a game with no actual content and bland, "try-too-hard-to-be-relevant" announcers, and a weak physics engine. Once you get hit, your player behaves as though he was hit with sudden onset full body paralysis.

    Bad game. 0/10. Buyer Beware.
  55. Jan 1, 2014
    Overall I like playing the game and have for a while. The flaws are obviously in gameplay. They said height and weight would matter because of their physics engine, but that's a lie. Running backs like six foot four inches tall and 260 lbs like Peyton Hillis make no difference. You'd think they'd bull through for an extra yard or two sometimes but more often they are blasted backwards like he's a 100 lb high schooler. Also, it seems that the corners and safeties make better efforts for the ball than the people who have been trained and practice for years to catch the ball (receivers). The animation gets a little crazy but I can live with it. Overall enjoyable to play. Some games may be impossible to win but I'd rather play a game where i lose a few every year than go 16-0 every single year. Other players are allowed to have good games also that's what people fail to realize when they play this Expand
  56. Feb 9, 2014
    This game is garbage. And this is coming from someone who has bought the last 5 maddens including this one. They took out the tight end streaks.They took out h2h random games in Ultimate Team (MUT). Now you can only play an online season which forces you only to be able to practice against the computer. The MUT collections are dumb, and WAY too hard. There are next to none special edition or limited edition cards, and if there are I have never seen one. They made a legendary Ranydy Moss, but still no Brett Farve. Im disgusted at this. No MUT stat boost to players who really deserve it guys like Case Keenum, or Rashad Jennings. They made a Road to the Playoffs Whitney Mercilus. Road to what playoffs i ask you. The Texans are 2-14. They didnt make ANY super bowl cards. They Legends involved actually got worse not better than Madden 13. They made the read option almost unstoppable and then give people a QB Walter Payton. The read option should not be this effective it wasnt all year in real life. They are charging a 10% transaction fee for auctions on MUT, An infuriating way to make me want to break my disc in half. TEE RASH. I have had it this game has takin a step back, not forward. I do like the new run features but id give it back for something more realistic. FIX IT EA, or I will be passing on the next game. Expand
  57. Sep 11, 2014
    Franchise mode is completely ruined for this game. It's the worst possible thing they could have done to the game. I have every Madden that has ever been released. I will never buy another one again. This is exactly what happens when competition is eliminated. EA getting an exclusive NFL deal was a horrible idea. I am not buying any more EA titles ever.

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  1. A creaking but stellar current-gen send-off. [Dec 2013, p.91]
  2. Oct 29, 2013
    All in all, Madden 25 is a decent, if not revolutionary sign-off for the franchise for this generation of consoles, and no doubt we’ll see it continue on the Xbox One and PS4. While it would have been nice if they’d played up the nostalgia a bit more (like they did with NHL 14), it’s a fine game of football.
  3. Sep 20, 2013
    Madden NFL 25 tweaks the hell out of the franchise and brings a few new things to the table to make any football gaming fan happy.