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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 16
  2. Negative: 1 out of 16
  1. 58
    At 1,200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and $15 on PSN, Madden Arcade simply isn't the bargain of the $10 NHL Arcade. While it's $5 more, the experience isn't appreciably better -- in fact, I'd peg it as slightly worse.
  2. The presentation is great and if you just fancy a quick game of fun simple mindless NFL (and have some money to burn), then it's a good choice. Hardcore fans would be best to stay with Madden 10 though.
  3. Madden NFL Arcade is a very entertaining little game. It doesn’t attempt to be an NFL sim, so don’t buy it expecting one. The arcade feel with real NFL teams and players included is a nice combination, and at only around ten bucks this will be a great addition to your library that you can fire up and enjoy a few minutes of fast-paced arcade fun.
  4. Madden NFL Arcade does a great job of providing a more casual, arcadey experience for football fans that long for the days that NFL Blitz ruled the arcade football genre many years ago.
  5. Madden NFL Arcade is a very approachable game for a majority of casual sports gamers. However, the game's issues make online play unbalanced and unenjoyable.
  6. I’d rather be playing this than sitting through another boring half-time show on a Sunday, or while waiting for a few friends to come online to play Left 4 Dead 2, and I’m looking forward to hitting the gridiron again.
  7. Madden NFL Arcade straddles the line between over-the-top arcade sports games and buttoned-down sims but doesn't wind up pleasing anybody.
  8. For fifteen bucks we wanted a lot more game than Madden Arcade delivers. A bland on-field experience coupled with no single-player season/tournament/anything translates into another failed attempt at “extreme” football. Please, just give us our NFL Blitz back!
  9. You will find yourself picking it up and having a blast if you have a spare 10 minutes and don't fancy a longer lasting game.
  10. For this reviewer it just feels like an expensive demo in which I will forever await a full version that will never come. Sorry EA, 15 yard penalty for a personal foul on the gaming community. Repeat first down.
  11. 65
    It doesn’t have the depth of a sim, nor does it engage players fully as a standard arcade styled football game, but Madden NFL Arcade provides some amusing football action in spurts – provided that you’re willing to overlook some shortcomings. The controls could be tighter, the game changers could be harder to acquire and disperse and there could be a season or franchise mode to play.
  12. While Madden NFL Arcade gives little attention to the single player game types it is rooted in sharing the experience either locally or online. The gameplay is easy and fun enough to lure in the non-football gurus as well as the seasoned Madden veterans.
  13. Official Xbox Magazine
    The price is also particularly cringe-inducing: $15 for a product with precisely one game mode(quick play)? Yikes! [Jan 2010, p.69]
  14. Pretty fun. It won’t stop me from occasionally busting out NFL Blitz 2000 for the Dreamcast once in a while, but I know it will be a hit when the friends come over to watch the NFL this weekend.
  15. A little expensive considering not many of us play American Football in Europe, but if you enjoy the sport and have a few friends then considering purchasing this as it is well worth it.
  16. X-ONE Magazine UK
    One to heartily recommend. [Issue#54, p.104]

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