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  • Summary: Meet Jimmy, in this new downloadable pack. A gun for hire, Jimmy helped clean up other people's messes until he was betrayed by the people who hired him. Now it's payback time. Many new city based missions and new locales give you plenty of reasons to head back to Empire Bay. For more replay action, work to outrank your friends as you rise up the leaderboard. Expand
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  1. 70
    If you need more stuff to do in Empire City, Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta serves its purpose, but it's nothing amazing.
  2. Jimmy's Vendetta packs plenty of content--six-plus hours, easily--but you'll feel like you're getting your $10 worth for only the first hours or so. [Nov 2010, p.81]
  3. This add-on is a hollow return to a distinctive city.
  4. Jimmy's Vendetta delivers some fun, but suffers from repetitive missions, frustrating difficulty spikes. All in all a completely average experience.
  5. Why 2K Czech decided that Mafia II needed DLC that turns the story driven game into an arcade one is unclear. It doesn't fit the gameplay, it doesn't have the controls and Mafia II without a story really isn't anything worthy of your money.
  6. tbd
    If 2K Czech are planning to return to Empire Bay again, they'll need much more creativity to make it a trip worth taking with them.
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  1. Nov 11, 2010
    this add on is a pretty good addition to the game it loosens the tight grip the story has on you in the main game and lets you run wild and behave like abit of mad man, so closing comments are if you liked the main game but you wish it was abit more like gta then pick it Expand
  2. Mar 25, 2013
    there is no story at all i dont even no how you are just a random bolt guy named jimmy.
    the missions are so easy you get like 5000 dollars
    for stealing a car wtf and than you neet to shoot like 50 poeple and you get 20 dollars wtf even the last mission is easy like but still the checkpoints are ****ty you can walk free yes but you can do that to in joe's adventure so what you can better buy joe's and not this crappy dlc Expand
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    Mafia 2 had a strong story-line, and while there wasn't very much else to do in the game-world in terms of side-missions, the quality of the story made this somewhat forgivable. Jimmy's Vendetta is nothing but side-missions. Jimmy a character who is never seen or mentioned in the main game, is out for revenge in a wafer-thin...there's a couple f cut-scenes to set this up and then the rest is just nothing but side-missions. there's none of the great characterization that made the main game so enjoyable just moving from location to location shooting some people stealing some cars...rinse and repeat.

    The missions themselves are boring dull and repetitive, and most take place in the open world environment rather than in buildings or set pieces like those in the main game. This makes shootouts a pain as the is very rarely any good cover (which would be nice since your shooting mechanics are cove-based) and enemies will often circle around and shoot you killing you quickly. It's clear Jimmy was supposed to have been Vito, they haven't even bothered to give enemies new dialogue they keep calling Jimmy (a 40-50 year old tall bald man) "Kid".

    Had these missions been part of the main game, it would of probably pushed the game up a little more. On their own as £6 DLC they aren't worth the price of admission, had a new interesting story been fashioned around them it could have worked but it's clear this was rushed out cut content with a minimal of changes to make it seem as if it was a new adventure.