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  • Summary: Featuring a deep mobster-driven narrative packed with both behind-the-wheel and on-foot action, Mafia 2 is the sequel fans have been clamoring for. Like the original Mafia title, Mafia 2 immerses players in the mob underworld of a fictitious late 1940's-early 1950's scenario. Players easily become engaged in the game's cinematic Hollywood movie experience with strong, believable characters in a living, breathing city. [2K Games] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 51 out of 79
  2. Negative: 5 out of 79
  1. This might not be the best game of the year, but it is certainly the best and most immersive interactive cinematic experience this reviewer has had in 25 years of gaming.
  2. Mafia II is a great game, crafted with incredible care by its developers. If you're looking for a game with a strong story and a great shooter component, don't think twice about buying it. Just don't expect a myriad of side missions typical of other free roaming activities: this is a very story-driven and linear experience.
  3. 82
    The gameplay is fun and mixes it up at the right moments, giving it great pacing, and as a whole all of the parts come together for a solid experience. It may not be perfect, and there may be some technical aspects that aren't up to par, but Mafia II is a game worthy of your time and attention.
  4. This is The Catcher in the Rye, of videogames. Buy it. Even if you don't ever play it, having it on your shelf will someday get you laid.
  5. It falls a bit short in terms of features and replay when compared to other similar-style games, but it makes up for some of that with atmosphere and story.
  6. Mafia II's strong points are the story and believable gameworld, as well as an authentic atmosphere. Unfortunately the game doesn't take enough risk and as a result makes less impact than the original. Players don't get enough freedom to come up with their own creative solutions during missions. It also doesn't help that there is a lot of filler during the missions.
  7. Unfortunately, aging gameplay mechanics and weak plot turns make the game's magic peel away faster than a bank-job getaway car.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 87 out of 114
  2. Negative: 11 out of 114
  1. Sep 11, 2010
    This is why I don't get most of the reviewers out there. Mafia 2 is an absolute blast to play IF you enjoy an amazing story with great characters. The gameplay works very well in every aspect of this game. The driving was the part I enjoyed the most. Different cars have different feels and the town is gorgeous. It took me around 14 hours to complete the game. Sure, I took my time, but it was worth it. I cannot wait for Mafia III. Expand
  2. Oct 13, 2010
    what a beautiful period piece, everything looks and feels so right in this game. the only thing that bothered me was how sad the ending made me, almost broke my controller XD Expand
  3. Mar 28, 2011
    The Mafia 2 is way better then Mafia one. I know many people won't agree. Mafia one was unique, but it's hard to be unique in mafia world if there is first game. M2 has great graphic and animation and the feeling you get from the game is amazing. And for those who compare with GTA... please, stop doing that. Expand
  4. Aug 31, 2010
    Mafia II is the best game of it's kind. It's visceral, fierce and down right brutal, but alot of fun. With one of the best narratives that has graced the genre, rivalling that of films such as GoodFellas and The Godfather you'll feel like your a character in a film, rather than that in a video game. The basic story is that Vito Scaletta, a wounded soldier of WW2, returns to America to find is family in a financial crisis. What happens along the way, and after though is alot more deep and interesting, as Vito and his buddy Joe Barbaro descend into the dark world of the Mafia. There are times where it seems like all will be well, but then, as we all know, the Mafia never forgets. The story is strong all the way through, taking twists and turns, and subjecting it's audience to some of the most brutal cutscenes in recent times. You'll feel for the characters, mainly due to their excellent voice acting. They all have great attributes, and feel like real gangsters right out of The Sopranos. Missions will vary, from Car stealing to whack jobs, Mafia II has it all. There are some truly harrowing moments, whilst others are extremely satisfying. There are also alot of references to pop culture movies and shows, most notable is the scene with Vito and Joe burying a deceased mobster, remember GoodFellas?

    The graphics are also a major part of the game, creating the fictional city of 'Empire Bay' that is loosely based on New York City. Everything from the diners to the shoe shiners breathes atmosphere, great authentic music from the likes of The Cadillacs and Dean Martin (just to name a few) also contribute to the 40's/50's feel. However, make no mistake, this is not an open world game. Waypoints constantly point you to your next objective and the game is chapter is split into chapters, giving you no time in between missions. Sure, you can rob clothes stores, gun shops and diners but what 2K Czech is trying to do here, is give the best experience possible. The story is the main selling point, and giving the players an open world would just be a mistake. However, it would have been nice to see an option to free-roam after the credits roll, rumours have already started circulating the internet, suggesting that 2K may be bringing this in an upcoming DLC.

    Overall then, Mafia II is a very good game. Sure, there are some draw backs, glitches that forced me to reload and not much to do after the credits roll, but they aren't game breakers. Taking just over 15 hours on the 'hard' difficulty setting, it won't take you long to complete, but whilst you are playing, it's a thrill ride that transports you back to the era of organised crime, cathouses and rocking tunes. This is definitely not one to miss.
  5. Jul 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mafia 2 is very great. The story strong, but depressing at the same time. The way the game ended was good, but not awesome either. After Killing Falcone, Vito gets in a car, with Leo. Turns out Joe was going to be killed because he wasn't a part of the deal, and after the game ends and if you want to go exploring you have to start the game over. I hated that. However The Storyline is great. Vito finding out that Derek was the one who killed his father, going to jail, getting your house set on fire felt real. The setting of a 1950's fictional city (Empire Bay) was sort of good but confusing. It felt like a replica of NYC, but missing a bunch of parts. It didn't really capture NYC, like GTA IV's Liberty City did. But a very great game, I would recommend this game if you're into open world games. Expand
  6. Aug 30, 2010
    Like all the other reviews state, this is NOT a GTA clone. It is less of a sandbox game, and more of a third person shooter with an open world. You will not want to explore the world, because there is nothing to be found. Anything of interest can be found on your minimap. That being said, Mafia 2 is a really fun game, with a great story. You will have a great time playing through the missions, although some do get repetitive. You might find yourself bored after a while if you have a short attention span, but for the most part, the missions are fun. The main complaint I have against this game is the length and replay value. This game will take you roughly 12 hours to complete, but after you beat the game, there is really no reason to restart. I would HIGHLY recommend renting Mafia 2 for its great story, and fairly fun gameplay, but I would NOT buy it, simply for the fact that is short, and has very little replay value. Expand
  7. Jan 21, 2014
    This game stole my boyfriend, you guys suck dick.

    It stole him. He won't talk to me. I want to break his xbox. I'm listing things I hate to
    make the count.

    And I made it, again, **** this game.

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