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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 29
  2. Negative: 5 out of 29
  1. Although MLB 2K9 offers entertaining base-rounding thrills for both Xbox 360 and PS3, these issues prevent it from topping Sony's higher-quality MLB 09: The Show.
  2. There’s more good than bad in MLB 2K9. While the experience has been brought down to a certain level of easiness, there’s still a lot of things that make the game frustrating and tiresome. MLB 2K9 is a great improvement over last years’ game and made me want to spend a few quality hours on it. Sadly, making a “baseball game for dummies” won’t make the games better if they keep changing the recipe and trying come up with ways to be the big boy in town…I think this is what hurts the game the most.
  3. 2K9 finally sees the end of the bland Joe Morgan and John Miller era. Gary Thorne and Steve Phillips provide the analysis this time around, which is a huge improvement.
  4. What is presented in MLB2K9 is more than sufficient in terms of an enjoyable baseball game. The level of detail and depth in the title is impressive, as is the overall presentation and quality. Certain aspects may be somewhat disappointing, but overall, this one is a winner.
  5. Nothing groundbreaking in the latest installment of the MLB 2K series that would set this apart from any other sports title. You will get your money’s worth with the Franchise mode and the constant free roster updates. MLB 2K9 is good enough to make it to the majors, but not quite worthy of an all-star title that we were hoping for.
  6. If you seriously play this game with an open mind you will see that it has a lot of potential to be one of the best baseball games ever next year. Sure this year lacks some polish and options.
  7. I was hoping that 2K would build on last year’s foundation. Instead, the foundation has been altered to be more appealing to the masses. That’s difficult logic to argue with, but 2K’s approach is way off the mark.
  8. Want a better baseball video game experience? Unfortunately it’s on the PS3 with MLB The Show. Xbox 360 gamers are stuck with this rough-hewn and frustrating game that could have otherwise been a gem. Instead, that no-hitter in the bottom of the ninth got broken up by a grand slam.
  9. MLB 2K9 is improving. It seems to be a best fit for someone who is a casual fan.
  10. We’ve rarely been so conflicted about a baseball game, but MLB 2K9 is a paradox. It’s undeniably fun and accessible, offering plenty of addictive options for hardball fans. It also suffers from too many gaffes that are impossible to ignore.
  11. Overall MLB 2K9 is a definite improvement over MLB 2K8, yet there are still issues that need to be addressed.
  12. 70
    A gameplay experience more fans will enjoy, but an out of the box experience that might not be challenging enough for hardcore seamheads who spent countless hours mastering how to throw the perfect curve in MLB 2K8. Still, this game is by all means a successful update.
  13. 68
    MLB 2K9 is an enjoyable game for a casual fan, but those who are really dedicated to baseball are certain to find the bad AI annoying.
  14. In an all out brawl, 2K9 might have a little ways to go before it reaches the same level as The Show, but it seems like Visual Concepts is working hard to perfect their craft. 2K9 has its strong points and its new control scheme fit perfectly in my newbie hands.
  15. Major League Baseball 2K9 is really rough around the edges. Smoothing out the frame rate has improved the fielding, but this game really needed a visit from the exterminator before it shipped.
  16. MLB 2K9 belongs in the 'fun' category. It looks great, and most of the time the game plays great. But it's not kind online, and pitch counts and tendencies, and hitters that act like the real thing, aren't there.
  17. Innovation from 2k8 was halfheartedly built upon, and then watered down.
  18. The laundry list of annoying little problems is too substantial. [Apr 2009, p.76]
  19. 63
    Glitches can be patched, but the bigger problem is that the overall feel of the game just doesn't work. The batting is way too easy, even on higher difficulties. The fielding mechanics seemed tacked on to the right analog stick simply for the sake of being different.
  20. 60
    You have four major game options when online: quickmatch, play a friend, custom match and home run derby. On top of single game options you have what amounts to be the best online function any sports game could have, leagues.
  21. Major League Baseball 2K9 isn't a terrible game but it isn't a good one.
  22. If a truly authentic hitter/pitcher battle is what you crave, for example, this isn’t going to do it for you. If what you really want is to just sit down and have some fun playing something that looks and feels a lot like baseball, even if it’s not the most authentic game on the market, then this game will do the job.
  23. If you're a fan of the MLB and are strictly an Xbox 360 owner, then you'll probably find something to like in MLB 2K9; after all, you pretty much have to. Unfortunately, you'll also have to put up with some of the shoddiest fielding AI I've seen in a while, and enough bugs that will cause semi-frequent frustrations with the entire game, including one that I'd consider to be pretty much a game-breaker at this point.
  24. All in all, this one just can’t measure up to the heavy hitters.
  25. If you’re the unfortunate baseball fan without a PS3, PS2, or PSP, you’ll have to make do with whatever you’ve been playing until now to fill the void of good baseball games to play while those on the PS3 should not even go beyond the demo in consideration of getting this game.
  26. MLB 2K9 is a deeply flawed funhouse-mirror distortion of baseball.
  27. 45
    Just don't buy, rent, or play this game unless you want a good laugh.
  28. 33
    A game that tries so hard to prove that the series is progressing, but ignores fixing the issues that have plagued it for years: poor defense, sloppy animations, and catering to the home run mar any greatness this game was hoping to achieve.
  29. 2k Sports swings for the fences, but ultimately drops the ball.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 26 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Joba
    Jan 17, 2010
    where am I?I really cant believe these completly wrong reviewers.They now have a patch for the game but come on.Your all just 2K haters with where am I?I really cant believe these completly wrong reviewers.They now have a patch for the game but come on.Your all just 2K haters with your ooow ea and sony people.This baseball game is really awsome and I have 2k7 and I was playing now and --no,no,no.MLB 2K9 is the best baseball game made to this date 1-16-10.If you want to know a 2nd place its not the show,its world series baseball 2k3.I'm right and there are thousands that agree with me and thousands that are so upset cause they love there "the show"or"mvp baseball 2004,2005.Well like I said 2k in right on the money with there baseball and basketball games they just need to change a few things with there hockey title then 2K will have this locked up.They made an awsome tennis game "Top Spin 3"I commend you 2K for great work and for your baseball title I give it a 9.6 Full Review »
  2. CeeJay
    Mar 3, 2009
    Fielding, Pitching, and baserunning work ok...Hitting however is still abysmal. This game still uses a overly simplified hitting system that Fielding, Pitching, and baserunning work ok...Hitting however is still abysmal. This game still uses a overly simplified hitting system that randomly decides if your swing generates a fly ball or a ground ball. Its a simple timing system (the same used in the original nintendo "baseball" game)-just inexcusable. Full Review »
  3. HLarson
    Dec 17, 2009
    The only reason I gave it a 1 is because for the 5min of game time that it isn't buggy it is a mediocre game. The bugs however make this The only reason I gave it a 1 is because for the 5min of game time that it isn't buggy it is a mediocre game. The bugs however make this game utterly unplayable. Go watch some of the youtube videos out there, they are sickening. Those bugs and glitches aren't rare or isolated either. Pop flys right to your player will land on his head or foot. You will not be able to play one game without giving up a triple or double because of the poor physics. On top of the bugs is the fact that players like Nick Punto can hit a 450ft homerun. The steriod era is over, make a baseball game not a home run derby game. They must have made this game in a month... embarrassing for everyone involved. Worst sports game I have ever played hands down. Full Review »