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  1. Mar 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This review will be very difficult because I want to give this game a 10 out of 10 so badly! It is honestly one of, if not the best game I have ever bought. Initially I bought the original ME because I heard about the importing characters, and that concept was so cool that it just dragged me in. The concept itself was done almost flawlessly. I am now more connected to this character than any other because my decisions over games will shape the way the final battle is fought. The only issue is for newcomers for the 360, you are not given a choice, you have all of the renegade options chosen for you from the start so it is hard to jump into the second game as a paragon. As for gameplay, I didn't mind that they dumbed it down. The first one had more depth, but that depth caused it to become a cluttered mess. Now, what bioware excells at is story and the idea of a power trying to destroy the universe is not the most creative, but they add twists like what happens to the species before that make you sit back and say "Woah!" The other characters around you are done amazingly. Everything that makes them who they are is explained through dialog giving them depth aside from being "green assassin" or "blue biotic". Not only the new characters but the fact that some characters return makes you as much attached to them as some real life people. You become cautious at the idea that these people that have fought beside you for so long could die, and you become sensitive to their way of thinking so you do not upset them and so you can gain their loyalty. I have played no other game that I feel as strongly about, and I can only hope the 3rd is another improvment but let's me keep the all stars of my crew.

    Mining still sucks, so....
  2. Mar 23, 2011
    End boss looks like Terminator 2 King Kong, oh, and a probe mini-game-torture-device I wanted to launch up it's creator's mass effect relay by the end...
    ...everything else perfect.
  3. Mar 25, 2011
    An almost perfect game building on the success of the original Mass Effect. Rich story, vibrant characters, visually stunning environments, improved gameplay, and one of modern gaming's most memorable protagonists. What more can you want?
  4. Mar 27, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Graphics- The detail that Bioware put into the characters and the environment that take surrounds you is astounding. The animation and design of each character is unique and very polished. The varying terrain and environment has so much detail is so enthralling that I would find myself observing the small Pyjaks(creatures similar to monkeys) climb and run around while being shot at. The textures and lighting are exquisite, and noticed little pop up. The game also has a very cinematic feel to it that just adds to the overall experience of the game.

    Story- If I was just judging the story alone, I would give it a 9 because while it is a very good story, it is not the best I have ever seen. The factor that contributes the most in my opinion is the characters. Each character has a very unique story and are some of the most interesting characters I have ever seen in a video game. The story is very well polished, and has many side stories alongside the main story to keep you interested, even if you do not care so much for the main story. Bioware has succeeded in their goal of everything you choose from the first Mass Effect game affects the story in the second one. This impressed me throughout the entire game. In fact I highly recommend replaying the first game, just to see how many times it comes back to affect you in the second game.

    Gameplay- The powerwheel and weapon wheel are back once again, but there are also many other new additions Bioware has so thankfully added. Weapons no longer overheat, which was something that bugged me in the first game. Ammo is applied to the game in the sequel, which some may find bothersome, but I rarely find a trouble. The role playing part of the game is nearly perfected, as the universe is so massive and breathtaking that you will want to find every recruit and explore the far ends of the galaxy. Bioware also did away with the loading elevators, THANK GOD, and are instead replaced by varying animations with some helpful information that scrolls along the bottom of the screen. Interactive cutscenes are another nice addition. Giving the option to occasionaly save a life or take one, it helps immerse the player more into the game. The reason I am not giving gameplay a 10 is there is no co-op mode, which in my opinion would have gone very nicely with the squad members. With all the sidequest and exploration, there is a good 30 plus hours of gameplay, not including any replay of the game. The classes are back, but this time give you more of a variety of perks and each class is unique and very fun to play as.

    Sound/Music- The score to the game is incredible. The voice acting of each character is top notch and makes me want to listen to each character, rather than skipping each conversation by simply pressin the "X" button. With a famous cast of voices including Seth Green and Martin Sheen, the voice acting is great. The sounds of each gun and explosions are also very good, but nothing special compared to the voice acting presented.

    Overall-I do not prefer to give 10s because I always feel that there is a little impovement, but Mass Effect 2 deserves it. With a fun and immersive gameplay, outstanding character development, fantastic graphics, and music that will have you begging for more, Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I have ever played. The choices that you are give throughout the game affects your game so much, that you will want to play it again differently or with a different class. When I wasn't playing the game, I would find myself thinking about the game. With the length of the game being very high and having an extremely high replayability value, Mass Effect 2 is a must buy for any serious gamer.
  5. Mar 27, 2011
    Excellent game! It's satisfied the RPG'er, FPS, and sci-fi freak in me. Seriously, that is a trifecta! I have nothing negative to say about this game at all. There were no bugs or freezing issues to speak of either. Awesome, awesome game. I can't wait for ME3. :)
  6. Mar 28, 2011
    So I've read a lot of the negative reviews, and frankly a lot of people are doing it wrong.

    1. The story is fun. It's space opera at it's finest, sorry if you expected Issac Asimov and got let down. It sure as hell blows away other games the detractors seem eager to compare it to (ie: Gears of War), and is compelling enough to drive the game and make you care about the decisions you
    make, if you let it. Especially with some of the DLC.

    2. The game-play is much less repetitive. Yes it's more linear than the original ME, but the missions actually have plots now. Instead of 10+ similar variations of "enemy x is in facility y on planet z, go kill everyone and report back" we now have characters, events, items lying around that affect your development in the game, and a sense of an overall, serious objective that ME-1 lacked on anything outside of the plot-driver missions. Not to mention many of ME-1's taunted "exploration missions" took place in the EXACT SAME STRUCTURE. Down to the barricade layout in some places. That doesn't even happen once in ME2.

    3. The RPG elements have been slimmed down, and that suits me just fine. The ME-1 inventory was a nightmare. Having to micro everyone's weapons with 2 potential mods per weapon + armor + implants + stats, not to mention selling all of the old/useless equipment, all through an interface clunkier than this sentence, had me spending 10-20 minutes between missions adjusting equipment and numbers. Granted this gets better as the game went on and my squad started getting the top equipment, but it was still extremely annoying and greatly impacted the game's flow. The grind factor, while not all-encompassing like WoW, was considerable.

    In ME2 I get to look at 1 or 2 charts, slide some bars around, click some numbers, and I'm done. I can do it all in the span of a minute or two and get back to actually playing the game. Best part is this simplification doesn't take away from it's impact on the game. I found my ME-2 decisions to have even more weight than my ME-1 decisions.

    4. The gunplay is fine. Sure it's not the next incarnation of the lightbulb, but it's fun and engaging on the right difficulty. Those of you complaining that the AI is crap, try playing through on Insanity. I'm halfway through a replay on that setting and I've got AI characters dodging my biotics and aggressively flanking/charging me. I've died more times than I can count. More than once an AI character has snuck up behind me when I've gotten lazy about checking the radar. As for one users complaint about characters repeating themselves, everything your party says has a meaning. They speak when they're using special attacks and when an enemy goes down. All useful information if you've played the game for more than 30 minutes.

    As for underpowered weapons, guess some people just don't like a challenge. It's a game, not a combat sim. I like enemies that are stronger than me, it makes me think and improvise as opposed to using virtually the same tactics over and over and over and over ala Gears of War.

    5. The voice acting is excellent, the script is even better. Those of you who say it sucks, you must not speak English. Sure it's not Oscar worthy but as previously stated, this is space opera.

    6. The story is much more compelling. The lack of supposedly "random" missions from ME-1 means a deeper emphasis on plot and sub-plots. The characters are at least twice as deep as ME-1 and the missions far more individualized and unique. If you muidly suspend disbelief and let yourself get sucked in, you come to care about the characters and your decisions. People who criticize the supposed plot holes and such are probably the same people who criticize Star Trek and Star Wars for the same. They're kinda missing the point. In any case, the Universe is even more fleshed out than ME-1 if you read the entries in the codex. If reading and learning about the Universe you're playing in isn't your thing, guess what? You don't have to read them. Just don't go **** about a plot you've only read the cliff notes on.

    As for cliche: It's actually not. I'd say people who complain about cliches are either over-analyzing the plot (which is highly refined space opera), or not exploring the sub-plots that flesh it out.

    And your decisions for ME1 do considerably affect the overall nature of the Universe. It's hard to tell on the first playthrough, but if you have two alternate save games with opposite paths you'll notice a considerable difference.

    7. In conclusion, the main attraction of ME-2 is a story that's 2nd to no other comparable game, combined with solid if not groundbreaking gameplay. You basically get to act out a 5-star space opera with an awesome decision making/conversational tool and excellent script. Think acting out the new Star Trek remake with 20x the plot, 3x the action and creative control over plot points. That's ME-2.
  7. Mar 29, 2011
    Amazing game with action and strategy. The only one that I could finish twice. I loved every characters. Thanks Bioware for having released such a masterpiece
  8. Mar 30, 2011
    "Well, every game has it's detractors,but seriously? "Oh noes, they dun stole my RPG elements! It is awl dumb-down and stoopid now!" blissfully forgetting through their misty-eyed watercolour memories that Mass Effect could be muscled through with sheer gaming skill and an unleveled Shepard. Being able to be beaten by skill alone, an RPG does not make. The inventory was awful, it turned the whole game into a puzzle of managing your inventory. I'm glad to see it gone. To finish up, the romance options are much improved, instead of humans only or a 106-year old archeologist." -Plumbum. I agree, especially about inventory, although i do miss adding different elements to my gun and the citadel size reduction was a bummer, but what they detracted is no where near the scale of what they added, this game is a masterpiece that can be played multiple times. sure i can spend the time to give a few criticisms, but i rather not waste my breath lest i give people the impression that the tiny improvements i want are sizable problems, hell me3 can have the exact same formula as this game and i would not care much that they didnt make any improvements as long as the story was just as amazing (although based on the hype me3 looks amazing). anyways this game is in my top 5, its seriously a must buy. Expand
  9. Aug 26, 2011
    This is my favorite game of all time. It has a great story and the game will custom fit each individual who plays it. It has improved action gameplay over the original and the six different classes as well as the morality based story allow multiple playthroughs and each player will have a different experience. Fun to play, interesting story, and morality based story make Mass Effect 2 more than worthy of all its awards. One of the best games to date. Expand
  10. Apr 17, 2011
    One if not the best game of the year for 2010 a great story even though you can see where it is going, great characters, combat is excellent, missions vary, the only downside to this game is mining for minerals can eat credits and your time
  11. Apr 26, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 is a fantastic experience from start to finish. The storyline expands massively on that of the first game, yet it should be stated that playing this first game is not required to enjoy the story (or gameplay) of Mass Effect 2. The script is extremely well written to ensure an emotional connection between the player and the protagonist, Commander Shepherd. Not only that, but each individual crew member also has a deep back story and well-developed persona (possibly with the exception of the human bounty hunter available for free download). The game plays like the thinking man's version of Gears of War, with the extreme violence in that title replaced by Mass Effect 2's lasers and rockets. Many of the features from the original Mass Effect have been streamlined to create a more action-oriented experience resulting in fantastically entertaining gameplay and a massive amount of approaches to deal with any situation.

    One of the only negatives in this game is the long loading screens which do detract from the immersion, yet these are relatively infrequent. Also they are justifiable by the immense level of detail in the environments. The game is excellent graphically and another area where a massive improvement has been made over Mass Effect 1. A particularly large mistake was implementing the mining aspect of the game, as Shepherd must accumulate resources which allow research to be made to improve weapons and biotic powers. The mining is an arduous task and is never entertaining in the slightest.

    The game is also supported by a plethora of downloadable content, which vary from missions to alternative costumes to new weapons. This allows for those that really enjoy the Mass Effect 2 experience to further their enjoyment in the game by adding extra things to it. The only drawback to this is the cost, which is not so much a problem for missions as they are priced reasonably. However, the same cannot necessarily be said for the costume or weapons packs.

    All in all Mass Effect 2 is an exemplary game and definitely my favourite game on the Xbox 360. I cannot recommend this game highly enough and it is with eager anticipation that I await the release of Mass Effect 3 in late 2011.
  12. Dec 19, 2011
    ahh mass effect, the best shooter rpg game out there. i personally liked the dragon age origins story and universe better than teh mass effect series but this game is far superior in terms of gameplay and combat I think. A must have xbox 360 title since its so cheap
  13. Jun 1, 2011
    Mass effect 1 was a good game but this one is just terrible, streamlined and boring. Doesn't capture the feel of the first one at all. I don't see any improvements (and I don't care about voice acting and graphics.)
  14. Jun 13, 2011

    Mass Effect 2 is that kind of a game where everything just seems perfect, and the most powerful emotion it stirrs is that pure satisfaction of playing. The story, the characters, the reminds of the better days when everything was beautiful and new, and the sheer enjoyment of gaming was a formidable achievement. Ignore all the trolls that don't have the brainpower to
    comprehend its magnificence, this is probably the best action RPG you'll play until Mass Effect 3. A sincere recommendation. Expand
  15. Jun 26, 2011
    WARNING !! after you play this game, every other game will be a let down ! and that being said... Absolutely gorgeous game in every single way possible and it deserved all of the attention that it received and a LOT more ! Easily my favourite game of all time, the second being the first Mass Effect. although there is one problem with it... ONLY A TRILOGY ?!!! Oh and BRING ON MASS EFFECT 3 !!!
  16. Aug 24, 2012
    I feel like Mass Effect 2 improved on the original in almost all aspects, the exception being planetary exploration - rotating a planet with your controller and launching probes at it is less interactive than I'd like in this type of game. It's also nice to see choices you made in the first game have some possibly serious, universe-changing ramifications here. The final mission is undoubtedly one of the best climaxes to a video game I've seen recently, even if the.. consequences... of certain character choices feel a bit arbitrary. Really, really good game. Expand
  17. Sep 4, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 is almost in every way, better than the first. They got rid of all the annoying stuff and instead focused on what was good about Mass Effect. And the result was amazing. The team members are just as captivating as in the first and now you can even get their loyalty by helping them. The game also has more main missions than the first and the side quests are better, each with their own special layout, compared to the first, who only had three or four different "dungeon" layouts. They also got rid of the annoying inventory system and replaced with a simpler system, that may actually be a bit too simple for an RPG. And if I had to criticize something, it would be that they focused too much on the shooter part and too little on the RPG part. But the best part? You can continue with your character from the first game and watch the consequences of your actions, although not as much as I had hoped for. Expand
  18. Jul 29, 2011
    The mechanics of the game changed slightly, as the way to acquire weapons and armor was much different than simply killing other things and scrounging through their belongings or corpses. Although this lessened the RPG aspect, i feel it did not hurt the game. Most negative reviews are because of this simple change, i recommend not listening to them or you may pass up a very good game. The fact you can import your character from the first game and effect Mass Effect 2 from past decisions is an amazing feature in itself. Action is slightly faster which makes for more intense action. Has great cut-scenes and memorable dialogue. The game is overall everything someone would expect it to be, except now it is a slightly lighter, but still great, RPG game. Do not be scared of the change as i was at first, embrace it and enjoy a great game as i eventually did. Expand
  19. Jul 30, 2011
    If somebody tells you that video games are not art, look no further than Mass Effect 2 to prove them wrong. It stands atop all games in terms of story telling, character development, and engrossing players in the universe Bioware created. The only RPG element that Bioware stepped back on was the character ability development, apart from that they improved on everything that they started in Mass Effect 1. The removal of the cumbersome inventory system, the addition of several more party members, and the improvement of the combat system all more than make up for the supposed "step back" in character statistic development. All-in-all, Mass Effect 2 improved upon Mass Effect 1 even more so than I expected. Expand
  20. Aug 21, 2011
    Oh my God, what have you done Bioware? It took me a while to get used to ME 1 but at the end I was loving it. Now with ME 2 I cant even shoot and hit the target! The ammo is scarce, the characters are horrible, the missions are terrible, the story im not even following due to its heavy nonsense dialogue, the graphics are not that improved if not worse, the combat has taken a million steps back, the looting has been replaced by find a weapon each mission, the mining thing is shinny at the beginning but soon gets tiring... Where is WREX killing everything in sight, where is Ashley to whom i vowed at ME 1. Garrus makes me cry nowadays, he was RAD before. Saren was enormous as an enemy, now I dont even relate to my mission! Please BIOWARE, make Mass Effect 3 what it should be, or at least let me be able to shoot at 1 enemy without failing! Expand
  21. Aug 31, 2011
    Imagine Ratchet and Clank... now imagine it being torn apart by the brilliance of a near perfect super game!. The graphics are incredible as everything is so clear and open. From start to finish this game has amazed me, with the story line dependent on the decisions you make in the game, it gives the player that cautious feeling, all the cut scene look as something out of a movie. If you want value for money, this game offers endless side quest and different end game outcomes. Expand
  22. Aug 31, 2011
    Undoubtedly should be in the top 5 games of all time, great gameplay, slightly watered down RPG elements, but still one of the best games off all time.
  23. Sep 28, 2011
    Does anyone else feel bad for Alpha Protocol? That game's still coming out, right? It seems like it'll be ME1 but in the present, and ME2 improves on everything in ME1 that I can't help but feel it'll look and play terrible by comparison when it comes out. ME2 has raised the bar so **** high now. Cover system's improved. No more inadvertent sticking. Feels about as good and refined as Gears of War 2. Honestly... after playing a few setpieces... I actually think the combat's a lot more fun then Gears of War 2. Which is generally regarded as the pinnacle of third person shooters. But Gears of War 2 didn't have you using different ammo mods and biotic abilities or combos with an ally's biotics and uh... it just all comes together as something so much better and much more satisfying then a normal third person shooter. When you've got this amazing first-rate third person shooter combat, and then couple it with BioWare's traditionally stellar RPG mechanics... well, you've got one of the finest games ever crafted, I think. And yes, sniper rifles are much more useful in ME2. The combat has been much... uh, improved and streamlined and polished and all that jazz, so sniper rifles are much more like assault rifles now. Whereas in ME1 they were kinda only for outdoors sniping and you had to contend with lots of scope drift built in, ME2 allows you to snipe with really steady aim and the scope actually works for medium range combat. Hell, you can even shoot no-scope, which would've been absolute lunacy in ME1. Mind you, I personally didn't have any issue with sniper rifles in ME1, but yea, you'll definitely like em in ME2. The only problem with the ME2 sniper rifle is that you're constantly gonna run out of heat sinks because of how enjoyable sniping is.

    That's really the only problem I've had so far, the fact that I run out of ammo... er, heat sinks for certain guns too often. I'd give my right arm for an auto-thermal clip that actually cooled down the heat buildup. Ya know, like in ME1. I don't have any problem with the act of reloading my gun, I can stand to pause my shooting and press the X button. That part's fine and dandy. But running out of heat sinks just feels lame after playing through ME1. ME1, the game which actually didn't have infinite respawning enemies. There are tons of enemies that have shield bars, followed by armor bars, followed by health bars. Or Krogans, who have enormous armor and health bars. Hmmm, that would've been a cool side effect of using the flamethrower heavy weapon. It overheats enemies' thermal clips and forces them to rush up and melee you cause they're out of ammo. Crosshair's changed from the circle of the first one to four moving lines. Feels more old timey like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear. You can see a holographic display of your activated ammo power on your gun. This is great. Reloading heat sinks feels just like reloading ammo in a regular 21st century gun, kinda a downer. Difficulty on Veteran is pretty good, not too frustrating. Much less difficult then Rainbow Six Vegas on Realistic. Insanity's not that fun, unfortunately. Taking loads of damage from enemies is fine, but having them be huge bullet sponges and needing to resort to stuff like Warp Ammo in a desperate attempt to save on thermal clips (ammo)... feels frustrating. Frankly, ME2 makes ME1 look really bad, even though I really enjoyed ME1. The combat is just soooo much smoother and more responsive. No more collecting 15 rifles and vendor trashing 14 of em. No more worrying about hitting that 150 item limit. Now, I've heard some people talking trash about the Vindicator Battle Rifle sucking, especially compared to the default Avenger Assault Rifle. Having spent the game as a Soldier, I'd like to chime in. The Vindicator Battle Rifle is a fine gun, for certain situations. It's got a tighter reticle, so it's more accurate at medium to long range, and fires in bursts so there's no real recoil to speak of. When you've exhausted your sniper rifle ammo, it's an amazing feeling to pull out a Vindicator and finish off the rest of the enemies you were sniping. On the downside, it lacks the full auto capability of the Avenger and seems to run out of ammo a bit faster. For standup fights against other ranged opponents at long distances, the Vindicator beats the Avenger hands down. Against opponents that charge you however, such as Husks, Varren, and some Krogans, you'll likely want to have the full auto output of an Avenger.
  24. Sep 23, 2011
    It has to be the greatest game i've ever played, it's got the greatest story i've ever played, the combat system is new and more fun, everything rocks.
  25. Dec 20, 2011
    Fans of ME1 could be put of this game because of the simplified rpg elements, but I really couldn't care less, The games a 3rd person shooter with light rpg elements and a decent story line with fairly well developed characters, I played through and beat this game I think 12 times I've never done this for any other game besides "kirby's dream land" on the game boy.
  26. Oct 3, 2011
    This is hands down, the best game ever. The combat is intense and absolutely amazingly good. Nothing isn't fun in this game. You feel like spendin' $20 bucks on a shooter, this is your thing.
  27. Nov 20, 2011
    A bloody great game, on of the best. The only thing missing from ME2 was the planet exploring with the Mako like in ME1. This game is absolutely amazing. One of the best.
  28. Nov 21, 2011
    A very entertaining game, I was very impressed with the effort put into it. The weapons are all equally desirable and I actually thought about each decision I made in campaign. The reason I didn't give this game a perfect score was because there were several instances where I felt lost and confused even with the map. There wwas also the occasional freeze or glitch. I really am happy with this game even though I got it for free from gamestop. a very good sequel; can wait for the next one! Expand
  29. Feb 1, 2012
    The taint of EA is strong in this one. It's still mass effect, but dumbed down for the increasingly large casual fan-base. Removal of the tank and large scale planetary exploration has reduced this game to a dull grind. Reduced inventory, levelup, and exploration features in exchange for slightly more entertaining writing. If you want to continue the fun story grab it, otherwise the gameplay is nothing impressive here. Rather disappointing sequel. And seriously. It's the second game and we still have only seen male aliens. (Excluding the blue fetish women) Expand
  30. Jan 29, 2012
    Simply the best game I have ever played, not just for the gameplay, but mainly because of the story. The Mass Effect Series is what I see as the future of gaming, essentially a playable book. Bioware has made good writing the most important part of their games. It is chalked full of allusions and symbolism and it has a great linear story. In a book, you can only get so much. You get the story of the person and the development of characters. In a video game, you can get the entire universe and you can actually experience the path of the main character. No amount of imagery or metaphors will ever substitute for seeing it first hand as Mass Effect has shown us. I count it as the single most enjoyable game I have ever played. I have played it through 7 times now and will never get bored with it. Expand
  31. May 10, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 has a good story, fun combat and I really enjoyed playing the game. I was sad to see a lack of any vehicle combat but it doesn't take too much away. The combat system is a definite improvement over the first game and the overall polish seemed a little better.
  32. Mar 1, 2012
    What can I say that hasn't been said. Solid mix of 3rd person shooter and RPG. Top of the notch dialogue and voice acting. Easier difficulties give you more action and Harder difficulties make use more RPG esque strategy elements. Well done Bioware. Well done
  33. Mar 6, 2012
    This should be a 10 but my phone won't let me rate it any higher.

    Mass Effect 2 is the greatest game I have played on this generation of consoles. Some argue that the RPG elements have been dumbed down from ME1, and they would be right. However, ME2 is such a beautifully crafted game from start to finish. The artwork, lore and direction are world class, the game is visually slicker than
    ME1 and the cutscenes more cinematic and engrossing.

    Even more importantly, the characters personalities are diverse and engaging, and as with all BioWare games, the voice cast are absolutely superb. Although I actually think ME1 had a better storyline, with more twists and turns, ME2 is the better game as it is more complete. From combat to dialogue, ME2 is superior (ignoring the stripped down RPG elements).

    Having said that ME1 is arguably the second greatest game i've played on Xbox 360. I strongly recommend you play it before picking up ME2.

    So in conclusion, yes ME2 is aimed more towards a mainstream audience.
    Yes, there is more emphasis on combat and cinematics at the expense of hardcore RPG elements.
    But this game is truly sublime. Play it!!

    (This was my first review. I hope somebody finds it useful. Bye!)
  34. Mar 13, 2012
    Amazing game I loved the gamplay the characters the enemies the difficulty I just had a problem with how the weapon modes worked because I preferred the ammo types being found but that's not enough to lower my score
  35. Apr 17, 2012
    This game is a solid rent for any gamer. I would suggest buying it though, since the story warrants a few different playthroughs to experiment with the different outcomes and storyline possibilities along the way. Mass Effect 2 eliminates many of the undesirable elements of the first game (I'm looking at you "companion with you the majority of the game" achievements and ridiculous amounts of omni-gel), but I do miss the armor and weapon customization elements from the first game. Also, the heavy weapons were also a little annoying to me since there never seemed to be enough ammo, and the charge times on certain weapons seemed ridiculously long (M-490 Blackstorm, M-920 Cain). With all those minor gripes aside, I LOVE the option to go on the suicide mission whenever you want, so you can spend as little or as much time on each character's storyline as you like. This one is a win for gamers. Expand
  36. May 5, 2012
    A disturbingly over simplified pander-to-the-masses over sexed waste of $60. How this gets called an RPG is a mystery to me. Eliminate the best parts of ME1, collecting weapons, armour, and support tech, extensive character modification, and having a large central point (the citadel) and what your left with is a single play-through bore with little to no reason to play twice. While still better than alot of other games out there, this is in the realm of Dino-Crisis 2 or virtually every bond game since goldeneye when it comes to being a complete failure as a sequel. I may play the third, but only to see how things play out. Gameplay for this series has dropped to a one, the 4 is for having the ME storyline. Expand
  37. Jan 18, 2013
    Be prepared to leave the buggy keys in the ignition as Bio-ware stripped that out and chose to focus more on boring NPC chatting then expanding on the original potential gameplay of ME1.
  38. May 10, 2012
    An amazing game! Not as good as 3 but better then 1. The first game suffered from sub par shooting mechanics. The sequel fixes this and makes a game that competes with the best. Story is great, and acting amazing.
  39. Oct 9, 2012
    Fantastic game and an incredible follow up to the first. I did not like how they made it more of an third person action shooter than an rpg though. I feel like this game is meant to be an rpg. Most compliment the new inventory system, but i liked the bogged down inventory in ME1. Yes it was more to get use to and a little more complicated and ugly, but it game me so many more on the fly options that the inventory in ME2 just cannot offer. Other than that, get this game. It is absolutely amazing. Expand
  40. Mar 9, 2013
    The original Mass Effect was amazing, and Mass Effect 2 promised to be even better. Did it deliver? Kind of. The game itself is amazing. The gameplay was really improved, making it a good cover shooter, it showed you more of the galaxy, notably by giving you access to three hubs, all of them having different atmospheres. The characters you recruit in the game all have their own story, and it's really them that make this game great. This really gives the game a 9/10.

    However, as an RPG, it fails on a lot of points. First of all, the RPG system was really dumbed down. They completely removed the inventory, and instead put a streamlined level up system. A lot of the skills from the original Mass Effect were removed. They also scrapped planet exploration, which was a bit flawed but could have been great, had they improved on it. Instead it was replaced by a repetitive planet scanning mini-game. Sadly, the main plot also falls short. It feels inconsequential to the overall story of Commander Shepard having to stop the Reapers, and that's really a shame. So as a Mass Effect game/RPG, Mass Effect 2 gets a 7.5/10.
  41. Jan 2, 2013
    This game is everything Mass Effect wasn't. No exploration, now you slowly scan a planet and hope the game will allow you to land on the thing. Combat difficulty is no longer determined by player skill, but enemies who have infinite ammo, immunity to player attacks and can kill the player in 3 hits regardless of level. The storyline seems contrived; "Your going on a suicide mission". The whole game seems to be about collecting resources and trying to bed down one of your teammates. Virgins will get a kick out of that. FPS fans will enjoy the fact that there are little to no RPG elements that require them to use more than .006% of their brains to play this game. RPG fans will dislike this game's lackluster character development system. Me? I hate this game. Expand
  42. Mar 6, 2013
    To put it simply, this is one of the best games ever made. The memorable characters, great story, and interactivity of this game really made it memorable. The combat is much better than in the original game, that getting into fights was less of a chore and more fun. Every single mission felt like it had a purpose, and the lack of the cut and paste mission design was much appreciated. I did every character's loyalty mission so they wouldn't die because I was invested in the characters. This game also had some of the greatest DLC I have ever played. Lair of the Shadow Broker was incredible, and the other DLC was fun too. Overall this game is the complete package, and a good sequel always surpasses the original. Mass Effect 2 does just that. Expand
  43. Mar 10, 2013
    The Mass Effect universe makes you look upon characters within the games with a whole other perspective. Each individual character has his/her/its tailored personality, and while the story of Mass Effect 2 is less compelling than the planet exploration elements of the first game, it outshines it gameplay-wise. Mass Effect 2 takes place in an established universe, so it won't have the same amount of detail to every encounter as in the first ME game. That does nothing to tamper with the game's overall quality, as new races, factions and lots of characters are introduced. There are a huge amount of variables being counted in through player choices throughout the game. This is my favorite RPG of all time, because my Mass Effect game is unlike yours or any others. Expand
  44. May 30, 2013
    This was a very disappointing game and a step backwards from what made Mass Effect so good. To be fair, it once again had great character development and an intriguing story, but the gameplay was poor at best. It turns into a 3rd person shooter using the cover system more often. Baddies will take cover, fire a few potshots, rinse and repeat the entire game. It gets extremely predictable and boring all too quickly. I can't recommend it. Expand
  45. Jul 11, 2013
    Mass Effect 2 is the second game in the brilliant Mass Effect series, and boy does it not disappoint. At the time of this review, I am about a quarter way through Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 2 is by far my favorite game of the franchise. It’s characters are relatable and charming and the story and world is a blast to travel through, although it does feel extremely linear despite being open world.

    Yes, the missions and the planets are still very cramped, the combat is still mediocre (yet much better than in the first game), and for some reason skill trees/customization has been downplayed in ME 2, but none of this matters when compared to the story and characters as a whole. The game starts with the Normandy being destroyed and Commander Shepard being rebuilt for two whole years, which first feels annoying because that seems like a way to make your decisions in the first Mass Effect have minimal effect but I eventually realized that this was for the best of the plot.

    This time you’re working for Cerberus instead of the Alliance. Cerberus is an organization commonly misidentified as human-only terrorists who need Shepard to protect human colonies from a new enemy known as collectors. Combat has been refined (yet is still boring), the god-awful autosave has been fixed and the dreadful Mako moments have been removed. It’s a real big shame that each loyalty mission (missions in which you gain the loyalty of a character so they aren’t distracted in the final mission) and story mission have to include combat because it’s really sluggish and isn’t innovative. Of course, I understand why it is there because otherwise there would be no core gameplay, but that’s all there is to combat in ME 2: to be filler in-between story moments.

    You go around recruiting new characters and learning about their lives, as well as bumping into (and recruiting a few) ME 1 characters. There are also a lot of side missions and depending on your ending you may be able to continue playing after completing the game which was a smart decision by the developers. Unfortunately, unlike in the first Mass Effect, you cannot become friends with romance-able characters- you either romance them or turn them down.

    The only major issue I have with this game outside of the combat is the lack of direction in some cases. The game never tells you that upgrading your ship is important however that has major effects in the final mission. As well as that, it doesn’t tell you that to upgrade your ship you’re gonna have to scout other planets for resources. In other words, I wasn’t upgrading my ship or scouting planets until right before the final mission when I realized how important this was.

    Mass Effect 2 is captivating, interesting, and makes you care so much for the characters (specifically Mordin, who is so funny). Sure, this game has its downfalls, but nevertheless it is an excellent game and you’d do yourself a disfavor if you didn’t play it (but make sure you play the first game before, or else you aren’t getting the full experience).

    Full Score: 9.5/10
    You can also check out my second opinion at:
  46. Oct 29, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is the poster child for non-linear storytelling. With perhaps the finest cast of characters in gaming, and tons of replayability, Mass Effect 2 is an epic sci-fi adventure that shouldn't be missed.
  47. Aug 12, 2010
    Wait i just found out that it has no online. That doesn't matter but it would be better if it had online. I like Mass effect and the way that it changes the ending is very good but i thought the game would change more than the ending.
  48. Jan 26, 2012
    Mass Effect was...pretty good. But the level design and planet exploration sections were pure dump, and so BioWare had something to improve on. So they did. And they improved everything else as well, just for good measure. ME2 is a fantastic tale, using the traditional Dirty Dozen formulae and making it work. Each character is brilliantly realised, each location fullly immersive, each battle exciting and frantic. ME2 has only one flaw, which is the weak shooting. Guns just don't feel good, and as solid as other aspects of the combat are, the shooting just ain't up to scratch. But that's a minor complaint really, because ME2 is, in many ways, amazing. Expand
  49. Nov 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is a game meant for people who want an experience, and not just "play" a video game. You live the game and saviour every single second of this magnificent space opera. This game is one of the few modern games that has a classic gaming feel to it. It is also like "Science Fiction Porn"; there are so many things that are "spacey" and future-esque some hardcore nerds would probably **** in their pants. If that wasn't erotic enough for fan boys, there's also romantic relations you can start with your crew, even the aliens.

    The story may not have the surprise of the first one, but it certainly lives up to it. The first Mass Effect was more about soaking in the story and the feel of living in the future. This one has stronger character relationships and has more intense side missions than the first one. Mass Effect 2 is more an action game than Mass Effect 1, but it is still very involving action.

    Mass Effect 2 is not a video game; it is a piece of art.
  50. Jan 23, 2012
    Lookback Review: Since Mass Effect 3 is only 2 months away and it might as well be or will be one of the greatest games ever made and the game that has completely consumed me with hype and anticipation since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I'm going to look back into Mass Effect 2, my first ever game review on this site. It's been two years and I still consider Mass Effect 2 to be the greatest Xbox 360 game I have ever played up to now (The Mass Effect series was born on the 360 and it plays better on the 360 so it's a 360 game to me) and one of my all time favourite games ever. To sum up the whole series itself, The Mass Effect series, in my opinion, is one of the greatest Science Fiction series ever made and it is up there with Star Wars, Dr. Who and Star Trek. Its mythology and settings are imaginative and well thought out, the story is amazingly compelling and superbly written,its characters are unforgettable and endearing and the greatest thing about it; you decide how this story goes and ends. If Star Wars had a choice mechanic, I would've shot Jar-Jar straight away. I'm digressing. Mass Effect 2 delivers better than the first Mass Effect with a darker, higher stake story, better written script, a cast of amazing and interesting characters, intuitive combat mechanics, more accessible yet still complex RPG elements and better visuals. Another great thing about this game is that you can transfer your Mass Effect save file and this is the thing that made Mass Effect 2 great and the thing that cemented the series as one of the greats in my opinion. If you want to experience Mass Effect 2 in full effect, save your Mass Effect game file. The result will be one of the most personal gaming experiences. The choices that you make in Mass Effect makes a huge impact on how Mass Effect 2's story will go and the same with Mass Effect 3 when it finally comes out. If you are planning to get Mass Effect 3, get Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 first and spend your 2 months playing through those games and preparing any story you want for Mass Effect 3's final climax. What more can I say about this game and this whole series? Mass Effect 2 is a triple A title brimming with absolute sci-fi and gaming heaven. The Mass Effect series is one of the best gaming franchise to come out of this generation and in my opinion, one of the greatest sci-fi series ever made. Expand
  51. Feb 7, 2014
    The high point of the series. Super epic space shooter that immersed me in it's universe and made me come to genuinely want to stay and protect a corner of it. And there is alot of it. Play this!
  52. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is amazing. People will complain about its supposed "lack of RPG elements" but the series keeps all of the ones that actually matter. The only elements that are scrapped were armor/weapon customization and some planet exploration. The side missions are not as ridiculously similar as ME1 and the combat mechanics are greatly improved. Characters and dialogue are more interesting, weapons cooler, and classes are fleshed out and much more interesting. I have completed 8 playthroughs of this game. Ive been the archetypical chivalrous hero and I've experienced the rebellious renegade **** who gets the job done. A great game from start to finish. Expand
  53. Mar 25, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is not only the best game in the ME trilogy; it's the best game I've ever played. It's not a perfect game but it comes about as close as a game of its ambition can. Essentially, the game is about the ME universe and involves the player developing personal relationships with characters from all over the galaxy. It is an extremely personal experience that sucks you into its world and makes you forget about yours. Some people have complained that the main story is not focused enough, that the RPG elements are too streamlined, that the level design is too simple... Look, those people have a point, but what's more important than specifics is the overall experience, and the overall experience of Mass Effect 2 is unparalleled. Expand
  54. Sep 13, 2012
    How DARE the haters rate this game down! This is a truly fantastic game with a meaningful story with brilliant dialogue and characters, and improves on the first game in every way. Some of the best graphics, no, the best graphics I've ever seen from a game! Great combat, and plenty of replayability. The best part though is probably the ability to import your first character form the first Mass Effect, and all the choices you made in the first effects this one! So my advice to you is to play the first Mass Effect, which was great, and then play the 2nd one, which is perfect. Expand
  55. Jun 28, 2011
    The first Mass Effect game was a truly spectacular game with an amazing world, lovable characters, and game changing mechanics like the spectacular conversation wheel, but suffered from frame-rate issues and glitches, and serious combat issues, and a pain in the butt inventory, and Bioware has improved those flaws but has also created some more, the combat system has been completely redone, the controls are as smooth as butter, aiming is better do to a better reticle, and the cover system finally works, also the frame-rate issues are also completely gone, and there are some very hard to notice glitches, but they don't detract from the experience, and the inventory has been completely removed for more helpful load out systems, and the story is awesome once again and really sets the pace for Mass Effect 3, and also along side the conversation wheel Bioware has included another game changer in the form of allowing you to import you character from the first Mass Effect, which means all your choices carry over, and there are tons of references to your previous adventure, and makes this a more personal experience do to dialog with characters, and they also added another cool feature where during sequences with the pull of a trigger you can instantly make a Paragon or Renegade choice, which make a sweet and touching moment, or a evil and hilarious moment, and the new loyalty missions make connecting with your teammates more enjoyable, and Bioware FINALLY!!!! included free-roam in one of there games which is something I was hoping they would start doing in there games since the first Mass Effect, but this game isn't without it's flaws, while most of the new characters are fantastic and live up to the expectations set by the first game, some feel incomplete and dull, like Miranda and Jacob for instance, Jacob seems to lack any emotion or personality outside of one line of dialog, and it feels like they just left out most of Miranda's character, she just seems incomplete, so the most enjoyable characters are the ones that return from the first game, and they took more of a story based approach which left out a lot of player choice, which means you never really get the feeling your making a huge impact on the world other than just saving it, I mean there are one or two moments where you have to make a big choice near the end of the game but then it just seems to late, but you still do have the choices during character interactions so it's not all bad I just expected more epic choices like those that made the first game so awesome and set it and Bioware apart from the pack, I just expected more from Bioware judging from there other titles, and you will run into some random load times while exploring, but the epic story, enjoyable characters, beautiful world, better combat, free roam, the ability to import characters from the first game, and just the signature Bioware charm, insures that this is an experience you'll never forget. Expand
  56. Jan 19, 2011
    Limited range of movement and interaction on levels makes this very frustrating. I do like the dialogue options and gameplay is fun, other than what was previously mentioned. This leaves a lot to be desired and I think it is very overrated.
  57. Aug 17, 2013
    tains spoilers, click expand to view. Worth it, simply worth it. The sequel of the 2007's ''Mass Effect'' clearly projected an extremely high amount of improvements based on enemy/squad mate AI, game-play flow and especially the enriched variety of characters, back stories, missions (especially the loyalty missions that prolong your enjoyment in gaming for days) and empathy towards each squad mate in the Normandy SR-2. The game play value of replaying it again allows you to get more experience of what it is like to be either a Renegade or a Paragon Shepard towards significant characters, the fear it strikes in fans through introducing the Collectors, the antagonists that inhabit the Omega 4 Relay reveals more shocking secrets about the Reapers and the Protheans who were enslaved to become the enigmatic Collectors. The story is properly set out the way it should be, the emotional drive it provides by having your Shepard develop loyal squad mates and listening to their past shows how much depth Bioware intended to go by expressing that sense of diversity. Even those little comical, yet seemingly insignificant little moments like when you pick the Intimidate option of accusing the Asari shopkeeper of classism results in one just on casual Turian standing there (who possibly doesn't give a adds up to Mass Effect 2 being the perfect game in external genre components like comedy and drama (by having empathy towards your dossier squad mates while having conversations after missions). Best game of the Mass Effect Trilogy, perfect game play (excluding the limited weapon and equipment variety that was annoying!) and perfect character-focused pieces of the aesthetic sci-fi video game! EA didn't have much control over the game until ME3 which I was glad, so yeah, Bioware proved consistency in their gaming storyiline originality Expand
  58. Mar 22, 2011
    i don't like the game it just was boring and the game is so repetitive the game began to become a chore to play it is not worth buying maybe a rent...
  59. Oct 17, 2011
    The people who are giving this game negative reviews might as well be rating their own maturity, because I haven't seen a single negative review done with common sense rather than butt-hurt ranting and crying about review conspiracies and other bull **** Mass Effect 2 isn't "dumbed-down" as much as it is streamlined. All the changes they made were intended to give the player more time exploring and playing and less time searching through inventories and menus and waiting in elevators. The game won game of the year for a reason: it's simply one of the best - if not the best - singleplayer games ever created. The atmosphere and story create one of the most immersive and best experiences for sale anywhere. Everyone who **** about lack of depth or personality, or simply rants and hypocritically calls the rest of the world stupid are just people who didn't see what they wanted at the beginning, immediately made up their mind and populated their false ideas with made-up negativities and conspiracies, and refused to experience the rest of the game. In short: their just a bunch of trolls. I didn't think the quality of this game needed to be restated but after reading the absurdly ignorant dribble of particular users like OG and dtuner and others (but I couldn't possibly name them all), I had to drop one more 10 in the bucket, because this game earns it more than any other game I've ever played. I suppose there's always going to be a few basement-dwellers that insist on trying to **** on perfection, but case in point, if you're not a basement-dwelling troll and you play video-games, this one has to be part of your library. If it isn't already, then do so and I guarantee it'll be the best money you ever spent on a video game. Expand
  60. Nov 26, 2011
    Needs more RPG cowbell. You can't have too much RPG cowbell. Yeah it's pretty, but it's not really an RPG anymore, more like a Third Person Shooter Lite. Still, a good game, but I miss the RPG cowbell.
  61. Jul 13, 2011
    BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic amazed me when i bought it. After being weaned in hardcore first-person shooters for years, it was one of those 'what's this?' moments when I started playing it. However, it hooked me in from the start, dragging me through a fantastic galaxy-spanning story populated by unique characters and amazing set-pieces. It really captured the Star Wars spirit. But there was one problem: the combat. While it was good enough, it lacked a sense of action or direction when you chose what attacks your player character performed and to be honest it felt quite weak and clumsy. When I picked up Mass Effect 2 at HMV, however, I wasn't just amazed: I was blown away. Mass Effect 2 irons out all the flaws in modern RPGs and takes the genre to a new level. In fact, it irons out the flaws in everything. The combat is perfectly balanced, the graphics are spectacular, the voice acting is tremendous (especially by Martin Sheen's exceptional performance) and it captures a true feeling of science-fiction. This is one of the best RPGs, let alone one of the best games, of all time. Buy it now. Expand
  62. Jul 19, 2011
    One of the best games I've ever played. Some of the RPG elements may have been taken out but it doesn't diminish from the experience that you get out of it. The writing and characters are all top notch. The was Bioware makes you care for your squadmates leading up to the suicide mission is superb. Play Mass Effect 1 and then play Mass Effect 2, you'll be doing yourself a favor.
  63. Feb 1, 2012
    This is surely one of the best game that ever been created. Gameplay, characters, sound, graphics, are awesome, with a small exception of the main storyline (interesting, although a little short). Over all, you will experience many wonderful fights before enter the epic ending mission. A masterpiece that hardcore gamer shouldn't miss
  64. Jun 12, 2013
    Having defeated the invading Reapers Commander Shepard learns that an even greater threat has emerged. In the far reaches of space something has started abducting entire human colonies and Shepard has little choice but to work with the questionable Cerberus organisation to stop the most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced.

    Despite its flaws the first Mass Effect took the action
    role player to a new level and this sequel improves upon it in nearly every way. In order to succeed the player must convince the best from around the galaxy to join their cause. The stories of these characters and your interactions with them are the driving force behind the majority of the game and this is all helped along by the improved conversation wheel that makes talking to your crew fluid and engaging.

    The third person combat is also largely improved and now plays very much like a simplified version of Gears of War, the art of using cover now vitally important. Of course the character traits, such as cloaking and levitation powers are still present. Those that played the original will also be pleased to know that the slow loading times and long elevator rides have been almost completely removed.

    The only criticism of this sequel would be the addition of resource gathering. This involves a dull planet scanning mini-game to collect minerals that can be used upgrade or build new armour and weapons and seems completely unnecessary. This is however a minor blip in a game that sets a new standard of what can be achieved in the role playing genre.
  65. Jul 22, 2012
    Mass effect 2 is an outstanding game, the storyline is fantistic and characters interesting. Also it follows on well from the original mass effect game. If you like your sci fi with rpg and action elements in your games then this is an absolute must. In my view one of the best games to be released on the x box 360 console. Wasnt mad about the upgrade and levelling system, if this had have been better this game may have got that illusive 10 out of 10. All in all fantastic game and a must play for rpg fans. Brilliant. Expand
  66. Oct 11, 2011
    The Mass Effect games have been some of the best games I have ever played with all its Sci-fi goodness. I love ME2 I have played through the game with every class type. If you like Sci-fi you will enjoy this game's story.I also enjoy shooters and ME2 has some of the best 3rd person shooting I have seen, plus hitting a bad-guy in the face with warp(biotic power) is very enjoyable in my opinion.
  67. Sep 7, 2013
    This is definitely the best game in the Mass Effect series, and one of the best of the generation. The story is incredibly entertaining, and in my books ranks up there with the best sic-fi stories ever told. This includes the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek. Perhaps most important and significant is the excellent character development. Considering the fact that you have a large team, it is truly impressive that the player was able to feel for and understand each and every one of the team. There is a lot to do, with the side missions actually being incredibly well done. Some side missions, like the "mining" were very tedious and receptive. The devs understood this and tried to make it optional, but in truth it was necessary to get the best possible ending. This leads to the excellent way that choices are made. The ability to import decisions from the first Mass Effect into this was really cool. In addition, there were definitely some hard decisions to make (not many). However, you definitely felt that there were different approaches to each situation. The gameplay was fun, but not the best in the genre. I was never bored by it, but it was not something that will be remembered. The game, however, should be played, and is a blast to play. It keeps your interest the entire time, and is well worth playing. Expand
  68. Jun 8, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 is good and all, the story is good, the characters are interesting, the fighting is okay, and blah de blah; but I never felt immersed in the Mass Effect world. As the RPG I assume it is, it didn't feel like an RPG. It felt like a shooter with dialogue tossed in every now and again. This is not what I usually expect from Bioware. When I think Bioware, I think huge worlds like Baldur's Gate 2 and a ton of character development and side missions like KOTOR. Neither of those were here in Mass Effect 2. Sure, there were "planets," but you only ever really saw maybe one or two districts of it, probably less. Even if there was a big environment, there wasn't much you could explore. As far as character development goes, it was okay. There was about one side mission for each character, some dialogue that told their past, and that's it. In KOTOR, you got a lot of character development: hours of dialogue, a couple of side missions leading up to one big side mission, the characters interacted and talked to each other, there was always something new to learn about each character. Though, I do think that Mass Effect 2 wasn't going so much for the "huge, awesome world, lots of composition, thinking man's game" sort of style like KOTOR. It was probably going more for a "third person shooter with a good story." Mass Effect 2 is like if Uncharted was an RPG, and in space, sort of...

    Anyway, if you've ever wanted to play the game, you probably already own it. If your still on the verge of getting it, it's cheap nowadays so go right ahead. When you're done with it, trade it in for something else, it's not really worth keeping unless you want to see every possible outcome of the game.
  69. Jul 7, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 is an amazing game with very cinematic experience. It blends RPG elements with 3rd person shooter combat, as well as an engaging story that will keep you playing for hours. The cast of voice actors are terrific voicing their characters and very convincing . Graphics are one of the best I seen and are gorgeous and breathtaking. The only downside is is mining planets for upgrades can get very tedious and customization of weapons and other things from the 1st Mass Effect are removed, but overall it is the best and most epic game I ever played 10/10. Expand
  70. Jul 9, 2011
    There is so much to say about this game, I don't know where to start. It offers a fantastically diverse selection of teammates, an original and engaging story, akin to Star Wars and Star Trek, a level of freedom of choice in plot decisions that allow for a much more personal gaming experience than some more hard-core RPG fans would lead you to believe. Walking a line between "space opera" and "soap opera", Mass Effect 2 balances itself with healthy doses of epic battle scenes and terrifying monsters, and intimate player-to-character relationships. Some argue that Mass Effect 2 is too watered-down and streamlined to be considered an RPG, but its style of immersing the player in its imaginative world through breath-taking cinematics and easily accessible weapons and armour, make for a fantastically real and engaging RPG experience without being bogged down with vast item lists and complicated leveling systems. Mass Effect 2 is a game that will please most RPG fans and action game fans alike. Expand
  71. Jul 25, 2011
    Impresionante, uno de los mejores juegos que he tenido el placer de disfrutar. La historia es completamente de novela de ciencia ficción, Un RPG excepcional, acompañado por una buena ambientación. Gráficos a la altura de los tiempos, gran calidad, emoción, seducción, acción y una jugabilidad que al principio (hasta que terminas de entender como se usa tu personaje y como complementarlo con tus compañeros que tienes en el equipo) parece aburrida e incluso un poco difícil de entender, pero luego de pasar algunas misiones esto se convierte en un control sencillo e imprescindible para sobrevivir en cada fase.
    Totalmente recomendado para pasar unas cuantas semanas sumergido en una historia sumamente original.
    Recomiendo guardar las partidas en forma manual, ya que el autoguardado te puede dar sorpresas inesperadas, como morir al final de una fase y tener que empezarla casi desde el p¡rincipio !!!
    Conclusión: comprarlo sin dudar, ya que la segunda parte esta en el mercado hace tiempo y ya sale una tercera que promete dejarnos con la boca abierta.

    Un saludo

    Luchinelrey (Luchin Shepard para los amigos) XD
  72. Jan 26, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 shines despite a few blemishes thanks to its simplistic yet satisfying and exciting combat , the rich and well detailed galaxy , the emotional attachment that the game intills in the gamer , the epic finale that can either leave you in awe or despair and the sheer dexterity with which BioWare have manged to interweave all these wonderful elements .
  73. Jan 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is a amazing game. I was throughly impressed with the quality of your companions as well the quality of their mission. The main story moves along to a simply awesome climax. This remains one of my very favorite games to this day.
  74. Nov 9, 2011
    Currently my favorite game on any console. The story is awesome, the level of detail is flawless. The only reason I do not give this game a 10 is that they took so much out after the first game.
  75. Sep 21, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest games out there. The story, game play, and characters mix to make an amazing game! I never once got bored and couldn't wait to get to the end, which by the way is just plain outstanding! What I like most about this game is the Mass Effect universe, the amount of detail put into the races and planets make the game so emersive! A must own.
  76. Jan 27, 2012
    Gameplay is maybe the worse aspect of Mass Effect 2, and sometimes it feels like a weird Gears of War, but this game goes deeper than most of games I've played. The RPG elements are simple and intelligent. Choices system is something different that you don't see in every game, but in Mass Effect 2 it is complex and amazing. Oh, the main missions last about 15 hours, but you won't want to do only them, because the secondary missions feel like primary ones, and how you get into them (by exploring planets in a weird eletronic galaxy map) is awesome. Mass Effect 2 is not perfect, but the way it is different from many games out there makes I recommend this to nearly everyone. Expand
  77. Oct 13, 2011
    The game has a very nice story, not as innovative as ME1, but still a good one. The visuals are better looking and they have made the game more action oriented. Better weapon, better controls, still not a decent 3rd-PS game, compared to GOW games for instance. I don't really enjoy the dialogues and multiple choices. There is a lot of time wasted in this game. Esp. when you are digging for resources. Overall, I really enjoyed this game but that's just the story and visuals. Not the gameplay. I beat the game 3 times but I can't find any other reasons to play it again. That is only 30 hrs of gameplay. I don't think I will buy ME3. Expand
  78. Mar 16, 2012
    I didn't like how they simplified the rpg elements as compared to mass effect 1. But, I still enjoyed the game a lot. The combat is less tactical, but still works.
  79. Oct 23, 2011
    This game game is great in many aspects (graphics,music score, voice acting, TPS gameplay, dialogs and story), however it has a very fake feeling of you having a choice, the game is trying to make you feel like you have a choice, but overall it still leads in the same direction, there are 3 major endings, which makes for a good replayability of the last mission just to see the different endings, but that's all. There no sidequests that may interest you like in Bethesda's RPG's , and after you have completed the main story you dont have much to do with the game unless you are an achievement hunter, but still it's one hell of a ride for around 20-24 hours.Oh, and one more thing: it's not an RPG how every one claims it be. It's a TPS (Thirs Person Shooter) with RPG elements. Expand
  80. Mar 18, 2013
    I pre-ordered this game immediately after I watched the cinematic trailer, without ever having played Mass Effect 1. It was literally love at first sight, Mass Effect 2 became my favorite game of all time. Mass Effect 2 has the best character development ever with your squad-mates, never before have I actually cared about the characters in a videogame. They all seem to make the experience real, with awesome voice acting and unique backgrounds and personalities. The graphics are fantastic, even better than Mass Effect 3's in my opinion. The writing is perfect, and the music is memorable and epic. I give this game a 9.9 out of 10, my only complaint being the searching for resources by scanning planets. Other then that, what a perfect game! :D Expand
  81. Jun 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is the follow on from the amazing Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 is bigger and better than it's predecessor, boasting outstanding story telling, action and voice acting. Mass Effect 2 starts off with a bang! Shepard is still on the Normandy with his crew but is being sent to fight Geth and not the real threat, The Reapers. Then a mysterious ship appears and attacks the Normandy. Shepard's body is then recovered by the Human organisation known as Cerberus and is reconstructed by them, known as the Laserus Project. Upon being brought back from death Shepard joins up with Cerberus to terminate 'The Reapers' and their new pawns of war, 'The Collector's' As well as being task to create the perfect team for the job, introducing new characters as well as some of the favorites from Mass Effect 1. There are some faults to Mass Effect 2 though. Bioware have introduced a planet scanning system which can sometime get a bit... Tedious to say the least. Scanning the planets seems more like a chore than anything. But scanning planets is vital to the game if you want the 'best' outcome for the game. Plus you can encounter side missions from scanning planets so it's not all bad! Once again Mass Effect 2 offer's an enjoyable experience like no other RPG and connects you with the each character on a personal level. Plus you can import your save from ME1 and have a direct impact on the story and once again you can have a completely different out come to your mates story, this is what makes Mass Effect such special franchise! Expand
  82. Mar 18, 2012
    In short, Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games of the generation. It takes the universe introduced in the original, gives it a darker plot and puts it in a grittier scenario, and practically expands and perfects it in almost every way. The way Bioware has executed and presented the game is truly remarkable. Every scene has been polished and styled immaculately, and coupled with the stunning graphics, make for a visual masterpiece. The plot and narrative are excellent as well, driving the game forward and keeping players at the edge of their seats and gaping at the mesmerising worlds filled with one of the best cast of characters in videogame history. Combat is largely entertaining, though rather lacking in variety. But, overall, Mass Effect 2 is thoroughly impressive and makes for one hell of a ride. Expand
  83. Nov 1, 2011
    Under all the glitz and polish, bioware tried to sneak in the fact that they think gamers are stupid. Has no one else noticed that their writers ran out of good ideas ages ago? I can forgive small similarities with other sci fi series but most of the Mass Effect universe is recycled! Babylon 5 had most of these ideas 5-10 years ago. Its atrocious! The lack of depth or consequence is very poor. The emphasis on third person shooting lacks imagination. A story that could be written by a 12year old, all this is unforgivable. Expand
  84. Nov 1, 2011
    This game is so close to being the game that all others are to be judged by. Due to issues that really are not issues but more like personal biases I'm deducting a point. It goes from an 11/10 to a solid 10/10

    Better luck next time Bioware.
  85. Feb 4, 2013
    A gem. The fantastic story progresses at a breakneck pace and is filled with excellent characters, exciting set-pieces and incredible and visceral combat. It's my personal favorite out of the trilogy, a remarkable achievement in science fiction storytelling and player driven world building.
  86. Nov 10, 2011
    This game improved on the original in every possible, with the possible exception of a lack of equipment selection. The characters are all deeper and better written (except for the dlc guy), the story was solid. The game also had excellent graphics, and removed the clunky MAKO sections that I personally thought brought down the first game. The only other criticism is the mining system is tedious. I also liked what they did with the smoother shooter elements. Expand
  87. Aug 18, 2012
    Way better than ME1 and kicks ME3 Single campaign ass... the way you interact with your teammates, the plot, everything. then ME3 comes along and **** up the trilogy (plot wise)
  88. Dec 15, 2011
    My favourite game this gen. Bioware once again hit the nail with the story and characters. Gameplay is solid, voice acting is amazing, aside from sheppard but Im ok with it. Superb aaa++++
  89. Nov 11, 2011
    Was an amazing experience, like living a movie..Getting to know the people i fight and command, winning their respect and mourning them when they died..I lost 2 people when i played it first and actually felt sad..I would have kept that game to be my base for ME3 if a console crash hadn't wiped my saves. Because your actions matter and you actually create relationships and can learn so much about this world..Cannot wait for ME3 i hope they can make it as great.. Expand
  90. Nov 19, 2011
    mass effect 2 is not only one of te best games bever made it is one of the best stories ever told. story amazing makes the wait for mass effect 3 worse.gameplay is perfect grapics may no look as good as other games but awesome. lasting apeal is a lot in this game you can replay the game multiple times and have totally differnt epierience. the sound of this game is beatiful the score is epic the voice acting is tv movie standards. fun factor youll have a blast. verdict this game is not 10/10 an unratable this game is too good too be rated. Expand
  91. Nov 12, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 Paves the way for new RPG's. The idea that your choices from the previous game have an effect on both major and minor plots is really what all RPG's should be doing. The story is the number one thing that should come from an RPG, followed by characters, including your own, and skills. Mass effect 2 does all perfectly. The atmosphere has changed completely from ME 1, into a doomsday feel. The story is constantly adding more and more exciting features and plot twists that Bioware have already by renounced for. Each quest goes from large, tactical combat, to puzzles, to just straight up conversations that have tricky decisions to make. the setting is so easily done, in a genre with narrow-minded fools that will instantly reject a game if it is not set in a fantasy medieval setting it managed to win the majority of them over. Each character has their own personality, and Sheppardâ Expand
  92. Dec 12, 2011
    I loved it, maybe I am just a sucker for RPGs, but there has not been a single thing to complain about for me in either of the Mass Effects. Mass Effect one was a great base for the series and yea there were some issues with the menus and such, but it was the first game and those little issues hardly took away from it! Mass Effect 2 in turn did a phenomenal job in turn dumbing down the menus and specializing the game more, sure there were less options, but ME2 still had a great story, awesome characters, and the import function worked perfectly. You could change a couple decisions in ME1 and wind up with an entirely different experience in ME2! Now that is a dynamic story and that is how RPGs should be made, granted maybe bringing back some of the old RPG elements from ME1. Expand
  93. Nov 14, 2011
    This is the pinnacle of Action-RPG gaming. Simple enough to allow new players and not punish them, whilst giving hardcore fans and deep and meaningful experience. Including the gameplay and the enriching story. New players can just press the X button to skip conversations, automatically picking the neutral option, having less of an effect on the characters Paragon/Renegade points without them knowing or choosing. The gameplay and graphics are a dramatic improvement from the first game, as it runs on an updated Unreal engine. Overall a great gaming experience, for hardcore or casual players. Expand
  94. Nov 15, 2011
    Ok i am voicing my opinion for Mass Effect 2 because one its my favourite game of all-time and two its managed to keep me entertained since launch to this very day.

    The gameplay does have its weaknesses at time which granted the cover system does need improving slightly and so does the shooting galleries, which i know sound like negatives but it amazingly does not affect the overall

    Because the story is what makes this game so special and in my mind an instant classic. I won't spoil anything but it manages to rekindle me being a kid too short to have my feet touch the floor when watching TV seeing the Star Wars series for the 1st time (4, 5 and 6 episode one came out when i could touch the floor) but instead i get to control the story and make it how I want

    For instance if I want a male character who saves everyone possible when he can you can do that. Or do I want to be a women who tries to get the job done no matter what, sure you can.

    The only thing I will say is that if you want to true experience of the series go on Mass Effect 1 1st then 2 then keep your files till Mass Effect 3. Trust me you will thank me later on that recommendation.
  95. Nov 18, 2011
    This game is so good it made me play the first game again, and I had played ME to the point that I didnâ
  96. Aug 6, 2012
    I dont wish for people to take my review seriously but this is what I have to say about it. I never finished Mass Effect 1 but I did finish this. It has a great story behind it and it is very fun to play. The controls are good and so are the graphics. But since I didnt play the first one I never really got onto the story like I should of. I hear Mass Effect is all about story and Im sure it is I just havent had the time to play the first one so this is my review. Great game I just didnt fully understand it.

    -Great Controls
    -Good Graphics
    -Strong Story

    -I didnt fully understand the story
    -Navigation is hard
    -Menus can be confusing
  97. Aug 4, 2013
    the only game i will ever give a 10 too on this generation literally the best combination of action, adventure and story. the characters are truly lovable and this is the perfect follow up in terms of story to mass effect 1. the game was more streamlined in terms of rpg elements but still required you to talk to your crew and be involved with upgrading your character and your ship. the voice acting throughout this game is perfect and every character has a unique and intriguing aspect. the locations that you visit throughout the game are all beautiful the universe that bioware has created is truly interesting and engaging. Expand
  98. Nov 17, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 is much improved on the first game (for example, no more meiko and an improved combat system). The story is fantastic, supported by strong voice acting, and on the 4th play through I am still finding things I have missed. Brilliant game and thoroughly looking forward to the next one.
  99. Nov 24, 2011
    A worthy sequel to Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 follows on to the original with solid gameplay, solid plot, a significant number of improvements...and a few changes not for the best. Decisions made in the previous game do carry weight in ME2, although new players not importing a ME1 character can make these decisions during game startup, and so won't miss anything. The combat system has been completely revamped and provides better control and more tactical flexibility to players -- welcome additions. The storytelling is still top-notch, with numerous side quests and elements that truly flesh out the world while engaging the player at every turn. ME2 does not suffer from the early-game pacing problems that plagued its predecessor, so there aren't any slow places in the game. Dialogue and morality choices still are cornerstones of gameplay, meaning that those gamers after a more cinematic space opera can still get what they a point. Unlike ME1, ME2 is definitely more combat oriented, sometimes at the expense of story. Where ME1 relied upon character interaction and story to drive the plot, ME2 turns more to combat. Given the progression of the plot, this is defensible, but the game's martial turn is a departure from the original. ME2 allows players to control their ship again, and mining is a component, but it has now become vital to player survivability. ME2 introduced an upgrade/research system that allows players to unlock upgrades to their equipment. To unlock these upgrades, research, fueled by one of four different elements, must be conducted. These elements must be found in small quantities in the playable world or mined via a tedious scan-and-probe system. With an update provided in late 2011, however, mining has been significantly sped up and made less tedious, largely eliminating this complaint. The only remaining gripe is that the real-world, utilitarian look of ME1 has been somewhat jettisoned in the service of sex appeal and eye candy; the practical combat uniforms of ME1 have, in places, given way to go-go boots and plunging necklines. Even so, the game's solid playability (and replayability), story engine, combat mechanics, and stunning visuals combine to create an excellent gaming experience. A menu of DLC packs have added excellent missions and cohorts to an already high-caliber game. Well worth the purchase. Expand

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  1. Mass Effect 2 overcomes its few gameplay weaknesses with a fantastic weave of dynamic combat, lavish presentation, and engaging character and weapon customization. But for all the myriad improvements that make Mass Effect 2's visuals so appealing and its combat so exhilarating, it's ultimately the way it moves us that makes it so memorable. [Feb 2010, p.56]
  2. 100
    Despite all of the ways Mass Effect 2 is more engaging to play and explore, after 35 remarkable hours it was the characters that stayed with us… Game of the year in January? Oh, go on then. [Feb 2010, p.112]
  3. Both an astonishing RPG and confident shooter, Mass Effect 2 is daring, shocking and often awe-inspiring in its use of choice. This is the future of storytelling in videogames. [Issue#, p.85]