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  1. Oct 7, 2014
    Mass Effect 2 is one of those sequels that comes rarely as it actually improves upon the original. Mass effect 2 gets rid of the overheating weapons, poor vehicle segments and the elevators for quick paced combat. The new combat system however gets rid of some of the RPG elements from the first game which may detract some players but overall is still a vast improvement over the nice combat of the original. Once again Bioware offers another thrilling tale with interesting characters, locations and enemies. The ending mission of Mass Effect 2 is possibly one of the best constructed final missions ever and evokes emotions of fear, stress and anger towards the Collectors, Reapers and Harbinger. Knowing that every corner or passageway you pass one of your squad mates could die makes this mission unforgettable. The score to the game is also amazingly constructed and the voice actors now actually bring some emotion into their dialogue. As this is an EA game there is DLC however it is rather cheap around $5 AUS for around 3 more hours of story content. If you're now getting into the series I would suggest The Lair Of The Shadow Broker DLC as it is an important mission for Liara and Mass Effect 3 and also The Arrival DLC as it links ME2 to ME3. Expand
  2. Sep 13, 2014
    The Mass Effect series is arguably one of the best -- if not the best -- game series ever released, and Mass Effect 2 is the peak of the series (barely edging out Mass Effect 3). For what this game strove to achieve in narrative storytelling, fluid and inviting gameplay, and an unforgettable story, it achieved flawlessly. The characters are all likable and unique, and at the end of the day they are memorable -- a feat that few video games can achieve. Bioware crafted a rich sci-fi storytelling experience that stays in one's memory as one of the best space operas in any medium (video games, television, film, theatre, novels, etc). The story is so richly developed and has so much depth that it is arguable a better universe than that of Star Wars or Star Trek. The ensemble cast was chosen expertly, and benefits massively from the amazing talents of Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica), Keith David (The Riddick films), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now, The Departed), Seth Green (Robot Chicken), Lance Henriksen (The Alien series, the Terminator series), and many more extremely talented voice actors who deliver performances on par or better than those in leading films. The gameplay is fluid and satisfyingly enjoyable, and never becomes repetitive or a chore to complete. Overall, the game is an absolutely unforgettable experience that any person who enjoys playing video games should play. Expand
  3. Aug 28, 2014
    Probably the best video game I have ever played. So many improvements from the first Mass Effect. So much character depth, I could always talk to my crew (except Garrus who is too busy doing his calibrations). I enjoyed every single mission, and I mined planets to death, trying to buy all the upgrades for my ship and crew. Wherever Mass Effect 2 lacked, it was minimal. This game was near perfection, a masterpiece. A must have, this game will be in my heart forever. Oh, and bring tissues for the end. Expand
  4. Jul 15, 2014
    In my opinion, this is the BEST GAME EVER MADE. It is so perfect, I felt like I had complete control at the end(unlike in 3), I was a sucker for side quests and it actually paid off! I loved it so much, it felt like the perfect adventure, every part of it was an awesome twist or an action sequence. It was awesome.
  5. Jun 14, 2014
    An Amazing RPG by Bioware.
    - Amazing story with detailed characters, with many different options in dialogue
    - Well voice acted
    - Lengthy
    - Choices matter
    - Great gameplay, level up system. weapon mods, character mods etc
    - Beautiful graphics, great use of colour.

    - Jerky Cut scenes
    - Bad team mate A.I, hardly do anything in combat unless told to do so.
  6. May 31, 2014
    Mass Effect 2. A little while back, I reviewed Mass Effect 1. It was an amazing game despite having some flaws. Now I've totally played through the game's sequel, and the time has come to review it. So, did BioWare improve on the flaws of Mass Effect 1 and make this game better than its predecessor, or is this game the average rushed sucky sequel to an amazing game? Let's find out. The gameplay of this game has seen several improvements over its predecessor. The frame rate no longer dips, and there are fewer bugs and glitches. The Mako (the vehicle in Mass Effect 1 that you needed to roam around large scale planets that was very difficult to control) has been removed from the game entirely (Thank you!). The gameplay also feels a lot more like a third-person shooter now then it did in Mass Effect 1, which focused a bit more on the RPG elements than the shooter elements. This is a good change, because it makes the game that much more fun to play. Weapons now require ammo unfortunately, however, this is nothing to worry about, as there is plenty of ammo scattered around for you to pick up. This is just the combat aspect of the game however. This game also involves talking to people and aliens on planets all across the galaxy to advance through more missions in the game. This has also been improved greatly from Mass Effect 1. In Mass Effect 1, the only way to get the most enjoyment out of the game outside of the story is by completing seemingly pointless side missions. Now there is an even better version of these side missions. Your crew members will all have their own special missions for you to complete for them, that flesh out their characters more than the ones in Mass Effect 1. The other side missions are still there, but you'll find that the character missions will take up more of your time than these side missions. Of course, the RPG elements of this game still exist, but they have been streamlined to be less confusing than that of Mass Effect 1. Leveling up is now made simpler because there are less skills to choose from, which actually makes the game better than you might think. The gameplay of this game improves on Mass Effect 1's in virtually every possible way. As for the graphics, they also see quite a bit of improvement from the first game. The bland open planet environments that forced you to use the Mako to get around are now gone. They have been replaced by far more beautiful planets to explore. There is quite a variety of planets to explore in Mass Effect 2, and they are all as beautiful as a planet can get. The character models in this game are probably the best I've ever seen in a video game. It is one of the only Unreal Engine games I know that manages to use the engine to its full potential. Everything in this game is about as beautiful as a Science-Fiction game can get. Believe it or not, the story of this game has actually improved even more on the already spectacular story of Mass Effect 1! Mass Effect 2's story starts two years after the events of the first game. In that time, your character died in a battle that claimed your ship, but you are brought back to life by a corporation called Cerberus. You are recruited by a man who calls himself the Illusive Man, who tells you an alien race called the Collectors has been attacking human colonies. The rest of the story involves you trying to destroy the Collectors before they wipe out life in the galaxy. Once again, like in the first game, the decisions you make in this game's story will determine if your character will follow a good or evil path. The best part about this game's story however, is that you can import your character from Mass Effect 1, and several of the characters that you met in the first game will most likely reappear in the second (provided you did not kill them of course). Your character will look the same, and work the same as he did in Mass Effect 1. This improves on the story in pretty much every way. Overall, this is a game that improves on its predecessor in every possible way. It is a truly amazing game that absolutely must be played. The only real downside to this game is that if you haven't played the first game, you might be lost in this game's story, so it might be a good idea to play the original game before playing the sequel.
    Gameplay: 10/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Story: 10/10
    Overall: 10/10
  7. May 9, 2014
    By far the best in the trilogy. I got bored driving that dune buggy across empty space in number 1 and 3 I just felt was number 2 only less interesting. Rip the series for not ending the way you wanted, you crying, whiny little spoiled, sniveling c*nts, but this game is still one of my top 10 of all time, even with the downgraded RPG customizations.
  8. Apr 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After playing Mass Effect part 1 and only really seeing one disappointment, which was the way you have to level up your gun usage to even be decent in the game. I was looking forward to part 2. Everyone I had talked to about the series had told me they changed up enough on 2 to make the play more fun and they were right. Your decisions in part 1 effect you in part 2 more than you'd think, as well as needing the ship upgrades to have your full crew survive the game made for an interesting mechanic. Taking out the sniper and pistol skill tree where you no longer have to put points into it made the games more playable, as well as adding the cloaking for the sniper class. All in all the time put into this game was actually less for me than the first one because of the way you gather resources compared to the original. But once again bioware hit a homerun on the story, and with the game itself. as for dtuner's review, apparently he hasn't actually completed the game and achieved all the optional achievements and endings. Your choices change everything including if you actually live or die in the game. The vehicle controls in Mass Effect were horrible, hands down one of the worst control schemes of any game ever created, yet most made due. Expand
  9. Mar 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is what Star Wars games wish they could be. Too bad EA has their filthy paws strangling the life out of this series already (Mass Effect 3 controversy), ME2 is nearly perfect though. The game doesn't quite require you to have played ME1, as the writing fills you in sans confusion. Expand
  10. Mar 13, 2014
    The first Mass Effect was brilliant, but this is a masterpiece. It takes everything from the first game, and improves upon it. The characters, the story, the graphics, the frame-rate, everything! This is arguably the best in the Mass Effect trilogy, but it's easily one of the greatest video games ever made. Word of advice though, I recommend you play through the first game, then import your save into ME2. It makes it that little bit better. Expand
  11. Feb 24, 2014
    I absolutely loved this game. The story telling is great, the atmosphere is there. It does look very good. I enjoyed every minute of it. The game completely sucked me in. It also is the only game that actually made me write poetry about it. The characters are almost alive and are very human. It is like playing a very well made movie. On the negative side - similar to the the first ME, I found the UI and interaction a little bit confusing, though there was a noticeable improvement. Also, a character customisation was a bit of a let down. Apart from that, this is a perfectly well mage game. Bravo. Expand
  12. Feb 7, 2014
    The high point of the series. Super epic space shooter that immersed me in it's universe and made me come to genuinely want to stay and protect a corner of it. And there is alot of it. Play this!
  13. Dec 31, 2013
    One of the best games I have ever played, bar-none. A tremendous story that's easy to understand, great game play, superb dialogue options, and an unforgettable conclusion that has stuck with me for years. I've played this game 3 times and it's still amazing. I got this game in 8th grade, and I still regard it as probably the best RPG I've played on my Xbox some 4 years later. It also yields some tremendous DLCs that are actually worth your money. This game's DLC is a prime example of what DLC should be; once you beat the game, you truly haven't beaten it. Each DLC is a new 3-hour adventure that adds depth, and I loved them. This game gets a 9.5 out of ten. It's nearly perfect, but there are some annoying side-missions and periodic glitches. But with that said, this game is one of the greatest that I've played. Bravo, Bioware (What happened with ME3?). Expand
  14. Dec 26, 2013
    This is one of the best experiences in videogame history, or at least that i have experienced. This does combat, story, development of character story and rpg aspects better than most every game out there. the voice acting graphics is top notch. this is the complete package. What makes it better is that all your actions in the game before this and this one affect your personal story as a whole. Expand
  15. Dec 24, 2013
    Simply sublime.

    Few games have the depth, character development, scope and writing to top this one.

    Combat at times can still lag behind other action games but at the right times during the play through it can become extremely engaging.

    I did every mission I could get my hands on and found most of the characters side quests to be the most engaging and interesting of them all.
  16. Nov 13, 2013
    Mass Effect 2 strives to be deeper and more epic than its predecessor, but can it live up to the hype. The story take place a little after Mass Effect, as Commander Shepard is thrown right back into the action. Mass Effect 2 has a setting where you can import your character from the original. This is the best way to play Mass Effect 2, but creating a new is still a good way to play, you just won't get all the little hints and easter eggs from the first. The game play has slightly changes, as it is not squarely RPG focused. Instead it has more of a third-person shooter vibe with some RPG elements mixed in. The graphics still have have buggy feel, some of the lips match the dialogue, and glitches still occur, but not as bad as the first. Mass Effect 2 might not have the awe-inspiring story of the first, but is more about its characters. It makes slight but necessary changes to the game play and graphics that make Mass Effect 2 an overall better experience than the original. Expand
  17. Oct 21, 2013
    Mass Effect 2 was a great improvement on Mass Effect. Almost everything about the game was amazing. The graphics are still stunning today, the battle system is fun, it's a game that you can play numerous times.

    I will however criticize the scanning materials system, it was tedious and boring, the story was a little linear & there were a few bugs.

    But the music was great, the new
    characters were extremely interesting, it went into the ME universe a lot more also, which was exciting for me being a lover of the universe. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys RPGs. Expand
  18. Sep 7, 2013
    This is definitely the best game in the Mass Effect series, and one of the best of the generation. The story is incredibly entertaining, and in my books ranks up there with the best sic-fi stories ever told. This includes the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek. Perhaps most important and significant is the excellent character development. Considering the fact that you have a large team, it is truly impressive that the player was able to feel for and understand each and every one of the team. There is a lot to do, with the side missions actually being incredibly well done. Some side missions, like the "mining" were very tedious and receptive. The devs understood this and tried to make it optional, but in truth it was necessary to get the best possible ending. This leads to the excellent way that choices are made. The ability to import decisions from the first Mass Effect into this was really cool. In addition, there were definitely some hard decisions to make (not many). However, you definitely felt that there were different approaches to each situation. The gameplay was fun, but not the best in the genre. I was never bored by it, but it was not something that will be remembered. The game, however, should be played, and is a blast to play. It keeps your interest the entire time, and is well worth playing. Expand
  19. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Better than the first but not as good as the third. I like how it makes full use of it's M rating, it's much darker in tone than the first. The opening scene is epic and sad at the same time. But from the first firefight, I noticed that the enemies are much stronger than you are, and its annoying how on the easiest difficulty, enemies can still kill you in a matter of seconds, a broblem I never had with the other 2 games, even the earliest enemies kill you easily. There are still alot of glitches, not as many as the first had, but still enough to be a big annoyance. The story is excellent, again. I really disliked the loyalty system though, if a squad member isn't loyal, they will die in the final mission, and you will one squad member's loyalty eventually and it's hard to get it back. Other than that, this one is much funner than its predeccesor but not as good as its sequal. Expand
  20. Aug 18, 2013
  21. Aug 17, 2013
    tains spoilers, click expand to view. Worth it, simply worth it. The sequel of the 2007's ''Mass Effect'' clearly projected an extremely high amount of improvements based on enemy/squad mate AI, game-play flow and especially the enriched variety of characters, back stories, missions (especially the loyalty missions that prolong your enjoyment in gaming for days) and empathy towards each squad mate in the Normandy SR-2. The game play value of replaying it again allows you to get more experience of what it is like to be either a Renegade or a Paragon Shepard towards significant characters, the fear it strikes in fans through introducing the Collectors, the antagonists that inhabit the Omega 4 Relay reveals more shocking secrets about the Reapers and the Protheans who were enslaved to become the enigmatic Collectors. The story is properly set out the way it should be, the emotional drive it provides by having your Shepard develop loyal squad mates and listening to their past shows how much depth Bioware intended to go by expressing that sense of diversity. Even those little comical, yet seemingly insignificant little moments like when you pick the Intimidate option of accusing the Asari shopkeeper of classism results in one just on casual Turian standing there (who possibly doesn't give a adds up to Mass Effect 2 being the perfect game in external genre components like comedy and drama (by having empathy towards your dossier squad mates while having conversations after missions). Best game of the Mass Effect Trilogy, perfect game play (excluding the limited weapon and equipment variety that was annoying!) and perfect character-focused pieces of the aesthetic sci-fi video game! EA didn't have much control over the game until ME3 which I was glad, so yeah, Bioware proved consistency in their gaming storyiline originality Expand
  22. Aug 4, 2013
    the only game i will ever give a 10 too on this generation literally the best combination of action, adventure and story. the characters are truly lovable and this is the perfect follow up in terms of story to mass effect 1. the game was more streamlined in terms of rpg elements but still required you to talk to your crew and be involved with upgrading your character and your ship. the voice acting throughout this game is perfect and every character has a unique and intriguing aspect. the locations that you visit throughout the game are all beautiful the universe that bioware has created is truly interesting and engaging. Expand
  23. Jul 18, 2013
    Not only did Bioware develop a wonderful game, they created an amazing sci-fi universe. Each race is distinct and while not overly unique, gives us sense of possibilities. This is one of the few RPGs that can be played mutliple times with distinctly different results. RPGs rarely include romance because it usually elicits hostile feedback from emotionally unbalanced people looking for validity, but the relationships here feel genuine and encourage you to work at it. All of the multimedia elements are first class. Highly recommended. Expand
  24. Jul 12, 2013
    To sum up this game in one word I would have to say Amazing This game is a breath of fresh air after me having played so many crappy games lately I completed this game ages ago and only just recently played through all 3 of the mass effect games again but this is by far my favorite one The universe created by bio ware is so rich and so engaging I believe its on par with Star Wars and Star Trek and in my opinion I find it to be better then both of them The story has you reeled in from the start and I couldn't put this game down once I had started it The RPG elements in it are great and really allow for you to play how you want Be a good or bad guy if you want and the different classes with different powers like Adept and Soldier provide you with being able to play multiple times without ever having it be identical The graphics are also very nice and while aren't the best ever they are very good and do the game justice in that department It's also worth mentioning while the game doesn't have multiplayer the campaign I believe more then makes up for it The soundtrack is superb in this game and hearing every song where you do feels right while it not being as good as the mass effect 1 soundtrack that didn't stop me. The game play is also great in this and has been hugely upgraded from the first the AI is smart and uses cover without just rushing past your squad mates and going directly for you I really thing this game is in the top 5 Xbox 360 games ever. If you are a sci-fi fan this game and the series is a must have My only complaint about Mass Effect 2 isn't even on the game It's just that there is a ton of DLC that seems to cost alot if all bought together But hey that isn't much of a complaint compared to the amount of fun you will have playing this series. Expand
  25. Jul 11, 2013
    Mass Effect 2 is the second game in the brilliant Mass Effect series, and boy does it not disappoint. At the time of this review, I am about a quarter way through Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 2 is by far my favorite game of the franchise. It’s characters are relatable and charming and the story and world is a blast to travel through, although it does feel extremely linear despite being open world.

    Yes, the missions and the planets are still very cramped, the combat is still mediocre (yet much better than in the first game), and for some reason skill trees/customization has been downplayed in ME 2, but none of this matters when compared to the story and characters as a whole. The game starts with the Normandy being destroyed and Commander Shepard being rebuilt for two whole years, which first feels annoying because that seems like a way to make your decisions in the first Mass Effect have minimal effect but I eventually realized that this was for the best of the plot.

    This time you’re working for Cerberus instead of the Alliance. Cerberus is an organization commonly misidentified as human-only terrorists who need Shepard to protect human colonies from a new enemy known as collectors. Combat has been refined (yet is still boring), the god-awful autosave has been fixed and the dreadful Mako moments have been removed. It’s a real big shame that each loyalty mission (missions in which you gain the loyalty of a character so they aren’t distracted in the final mission) and story mission have to include combat because it’s really sluggish and isn’t innovative. Of course, I understand why it is there because otherwise there would be no core gameplay, but that’s all there is to combat in ME 2: to be filler in-between story moments.

    You go around recruiting new characters and learning about their lives, as well as bumping into (and recruiting a few) ME 1 characters. There are also a lot of side missions and depending on your ending you may be able to continue playing after completing the game which was a smart decision by the developers. Unfortunately, unlike in the first Mass Effect, you cannot become friends with romance-able characters- you either romance them or turn them down.

    The only major issue I have with this game outside of the combat is the lack of direction in some cases. The game never tells you that upgrading your ship is important however that has major effects in the final mission. As well as that, it doesn’t tell you that to upgrade your ship you’re gonna have to scout other planets for resources. In other words, I wasn’t upgrading my ship or scouting planets until right before the final mission when I realized how important this was.

    Mass Effect 2 is captivating, interesting, and makes you care so much for the characters (specifically Mordin, who is so funny). Sure, this game has its downfalls, but nevertheless it is an excellent game and you’d do yourself a disfavor if you didn’t play it (but make sure you play the first game before, or else you aren’t getting the full experience).

    Full Score: 9.5/10
    You can also check out my second opinion at:
  26. Jun 27, 2013
    Extremely deep, emotional, with some great action, and fun game play to experiment with, Mass Effect 2 is an incredible game. All characters are fleshed out, and there are many that will soon become a part of your team. The places you visit in the game are fun to explore, and very diverse. The game is constantly throwing you into new situations, resulting in never getting bored. You won't want to put the control down, and the everything is extremely well done. Expand
  27. Jun 24, 2013
    This is how you make a good sequel. Mass Effect 2 takes everything good from the original Mass Effect and perfects it. The gameplay is smoother, there are far less technical issues, and there are a lot of character to team up with. My only gripes with this game are as follows:
    1. There are less RPG elements that the first game. This isn't really bad, but it takes away from the first
    game's depth.
    2. The ending of the game isn't as satisfying as the first. Mass Effect 2's ending seems to lead more into the 3rd game than it does wrap of the 2nd game's story. I feel as though the quality of the games' endings got worse and worse throughout the series, with 1 having the best ending and 3 having the worst.

    Regardless of those gripes, this game is still a must play for everyone. It's definitely one of the best games of this generation.
  28. Jun 22, 2013
    of all the games I have this one is my favorite. pros -improved combat -cool and interesting story and characters -improved graphics -choosing classes is harder as your powers are actually useful -loyalty missions give characters even more depth -I have a warning. don't rush through this game as your actions will affect the ending. cons -Mako removed -Mining isn't really a good replacement for Mako
    -that's it
    so go out and buy this game but be sure to play through the first game as well so you can import a character through the whole franchise. I love this game
  29. Jun 12, 2013
    Having defeated the invading Reapers Commander Shepard learns that an even greater threat has emerged. In the far reaches of space something has started abducting entire human colonies and Shepard has little choice but to work with the questionable Cerberus organisation to stop the most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced.

    Despite its flaws the first Mass Effect took the action
    role player to a new level and this sequel improves upon it in nearly every way. In order to succeed the player must convince the best from around the galaxy to join their cause. The stories of these characters and your interactions with them are the driving force behind the majority of the game and this is all helped along by the improved conversation wheel that makes talking to your crew fluid and engaging.

    The third person combat is also largely improved and now plays very much like a simplified version of Gears of War, the art of using cover now vitally important. Of course the character traits, such as cloaking and levitation powers are still present. Those that played the original will also be pleased to know that the slow loading times and long elevator rides have been almost completely removed.

    The only criticism of this sequel would be the addition of resource gathering. This involves a dull planet scanning mini-game to collect minerals that can be used upgrade or build new armour and weapons and seems completely unnecessary. This is however a minor blip in a game that sets a new standard of what can be achieved in the role playing genre.
  30. Jun 3, 2013
    Probably my favorite entry in the series, Mass Effect 2 takes almost everything in the first one and makes it better. They took away that horrible inventory system and replaced it with a better one. They put more focus on the action elements instead of the RPG ones. My main complaint is taking away the planet exploration elements, but overall, it’s a blast.
  31. May 23, 2013
    After porting my Shepard from the first Mass Effect I had to deal with change of gameplay. Which was odd, but I managed to get back into the swing of things. But at the cost again of weapon restrictions (Only for so long till a certain level). My new powers made me feel like the badass I wanted to be. For some reason my last character still gave the bonus powers so combining Sentinel's Tech Armor and Geth Shield Boost I could withstand good amounts of damage and not worrying of dying so often like the first one. Characters still felt the same, but loyalty missions added backstory and added gameplay, always a good combination. Expand
  32. May 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's incredibly personal while still retaining a sense of epic sweeping scale. The combat and mission design are outstanding. The visuals, voice acting, soundtrack, and direction are miles ahead of the competition. Perhaps most impressively, Mass Effect 2 manages to fulfill its incredible ambition while only suffering from very few technical hiccups. Expand
  33. May 5, 2013
    Mass Effect 2 is perhaps the greatest game of this generation. It cements itself among the greats works of Uncharted 2, FAllout 3, GTA 4, and Bioshock 1 as a watershed moment in gaming for this gen. Everything about his game is perfection. There are no weakenesses. Yeah, sure maybe guns and armor don't have the customization and mods like they did in ME1 but the actual gunplay in this game is sick nasty. Playing as a vanguard in so fun, charge, shot gun, inferno ammo= heads exploding into red fiery awesomeness. The story is awesome and the characters and squad mates are the greatest and most deep characters in gaming history. Standouts include Moridin, Thane, Samara, Grunt, Miranda and many more. These characters are so supperbly written and voice acted its outstanding. And as for the final mission....... The most epic and greatest final misssion in the history of gaming. Nuff said.

    Mass Effect 2 is an amazing piece of work. A must. MUST. Own and play.
  34. Apr 18, 2013
    Absolutely amazing game. The combat is pretty good at its core, with an awesome variety of classes and powers, and the general gameplay and controls are also pretty good. But the game's main selling point is the story, universe, characters and dialogue; the theme/lore/universe is very, very interesting, the story is very strong, the dialogue wheel and morality system is brilliant, the writing is to a very high quality, and the characters are very interesting. The game also has great replay value.

    The only place where I could fault it is the HUD/menus/interface, which are kind of annoying to look at/navigate through and difficult to read sometimes... definitely could use some improvement. But that is way too minor a matter to detract a point off.

    In short, enjoyable and original game with cool gameplay and an excellent story. Would definitely recommend.
  35. Apr 5, 2013
    This beautiful game, is a great example of a sequel that outmatches it's predecessor in every way. This is my favorite game of all time. As a wise man once said, "Trilogies are like sex. The first time your nervous and just getting used to but you still like it, the second time is the best because you have already done it once and you've gotten used to how good it is, and the third is the worst because it is like 4 o'clock in the morning, your breaths are starting to smell, your all sweaty, and it just isn't good. This is how I feel about the Mass Effect Trilogy." This man was a genius. With amazing, if clunky, combat, fantastic story, and great moral dilemmas, this game is the best RPG I have ever played. Expand
  36. Apr 4, 2013
    Great Graphics, Good Story, Nice Cover Mechanic, No Texture-Pop-In,Great Varied Enviroments, Streamlined Menus, Great Facial Animation, Strong Emotional and Moral Choices, Tensions, Suicide Mission Ending, Great Characters,Great Music, Great Crosshair, Great Overall Combat Phenomenal Voice Acting and No Clunky Ineventory, Great Weapons and Intresting Research
    The Bad
    CERBEROUS NETWORK, Questionable Squad AI On some characters Strangely), No Inventory, Not a Lot of Weapons, Annoyning Scanning

    Get This Game Not on PS3 If you have a 360 or PC 360 Is The best.
  37. Mar 18, 2013
    I pre-ordered this game immediately after I watched the cinematic trailer, without ever having played Mass Effect 1. It was literally love at first sight, Mass Effect 2 became my favorite game of all time. Mass Effect 2 has the best character development ever with your squad-mates, never before have I actually cared about the characters in a videogame. They all seem to make the experience real, with awesome voice acting and unique backgrounds and personalities. The graphics are fantastic, even better than Mass Effect 3's in my opinion. The writing is perfect, and the music is memorable and epic. I give this game a 9.9 out of 10, my only complaint being the searching for resources by scanning planets. Other then that, what a perfect game! :D Collapse
  38. Mar 10, 2013
    The Mass Effect universe makes you look upon characters within the games with a whole other perspective. Each individual character has his/her/its tailored personality, and while the story of Mass Effect 2 is less compelling than the planet exploration elements of the first game, it outshines it gameplay-wise. Mass Effect 2 takes place in an established universe, so it won't have the same amount of detail to every encounter as in the first ME game. That does nothing to tamper with the game's overall quality, as new races, factions and lots of characters are introduced. There are a huge amount of variables being counted in through player choices throughout the game. This is my favorite RPG of all time, because my Mass Effect game is unlike yours or any others. Expand
  39. Mar 9, 2013
    The original Mass Effect was amazing, and Mass Effect 2 promised to be even better. Did it deliver? Kind of. The game itself is amazing. The gameplay was really improved, making it a good cover shooter, it showed you more of the galaxy, notably by giving you access to three hubs, all of them having different atmospheres. The characters you recruit in the game all have their own story, and it's really them that make this game great. This really gives the game a 9/10.

    However, as an RPG, it fails on a lot of points. First of all, the RPG system was really dumbed down. They completely removed the inventory, and instead put a streamlined level up system. A lot of the skills from the original Mass Effect were removed. They also scrapped planet exploration, which was a bit flawed but could have been great, had they improved on it. Instead it was replaced by a repetitive planet scanning mini-game. Sadly, the main plot also falls short. It feels inconsequential to the overall story of Commander Shepard having to stop the Reapers, and that's really a shame. So as a Mass Effect game/RPG, Mass Effect 2 gets a 7.5/10.
  40. Mar 6, 2013
    To put it simply, this is one of the best games ever made. The memorable characters, great story, and interactivity of this game really made it memorable. The combat is much better than in the original game, that getting into fights was less of a chore and more fun. Every single mission felt like it had a purpose, and the lack of the cut and paste mission design was much appreciated. I did every character's loyalty mission so they wouldn't die because I was invested in the characters. This game also had some of the greatest DLC I have ever played. Lair of the Shadow Broker was incredible, and the other DLC was fun too. Overall this game is the complete package, and a good sequel always surpasses the original. Mass Effect 2 does just that. Expand
  41. Feb 18, 2013
    Mass Effect started off as a new a bright idea. From the first game it was obvious that the series would have a bright future with a unique and diverse way of showing people that it was different from the other games of its time. Not only did it path a way for alternate stories to develop depending on a player's decisions, it also expanded the expectations of an open-world game. Mass Effect 2 greatly improved from the original. My review for the first Mass Effect complained about the constant frame rate issues and texture popping. Luckily, Mass Effect 2 has no issues with texture pops or frame rate! It finally feels polished enough to play. I am also very happy to say that save points have been added more frequently so you no longer have to restart from the beginning or close to the beginning of a mission. Now the story was very well done for Mass Effect but in No. 2, the story is even more complex and you finally get to see your choices expand and change things. There are also many new characters in this sequel and it is nice to see more side missions featuring your companions. Mass Effect 2 truly is a great improvement from the first one. I suggest to anyone interested in the Mass Effect series to try out the second game. it is where Bioware really shows off their star series. Expand
  42. Feb 11, 2013
    This game is an all around masterpiece if you enjoy an RPG Third Person Shooter hybrid drenched in story. Everything that weighed the original ME down has been lifted; the clunky inventory, the Mako, and the cover system have all been revamped or removed to improve the game play. The story is exciting and creating a rag tag team of suicidal survivalists is an absolute joy. Every character that joins you has an interesting story worth learning more about. And Shephard continues to be the character you want him to be. He can be societies savior or a brutal get it done at all costs war machine. A classic game. Expand
  43. Feb 4, 2013
    A gem. The fantastic story progresses at a breakneck pace and is filled with excellent characters, exciting set-pieces and incredible and visceral combat. It's my personal favorite out of the trilogy, a remarkable achievement in science fiction storytelling and player driven world building.
  44. Dec 26, 2012
    Wonderful. A great sequel to ME (unlike others I've seen), and improved combat system. Great how they didn't change a thing with dialogue options, and allowed us to import all decisions.
  45. Dec 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 takes everything that worked from the first game and makes them better. Everything that didn't work, they took out or improved. By far the strongest, and my personal favorite, of the series. Stunning visuals, great characters, fun missions, and an epic story that goes far deeper than the first game. I can not fault this game in any way. it is as close to perfect as I could ever hope for. Overall: A master piece. No need to say any more. Expand
  46. Dec 9, 2012
    This game is one of the best ever played. Fully immersive story mixed with heart-pounding combat and choices with large consequences. This is a polished beauty that really shows BioWare knows what they are doing. Keep it up.
  47. Nov 30, 2012
    Im going to keep it short. i've been playing games since the Commodore64 as a child, through the Amiga 500, nearly all the consoles, PC and current gen. Mass Effect 2 is in my top 5 all time games easily, its probably top 3 and a contender for my all time favourite. Its a fantastic and epic tale that weaves across the universe as imagined by the game series. It build upon the greatness of the first and expands on it with brilliant storytelling and atmosphere, its a feat few modern action/adventure games can achieve at this scale, its truly wonderful and a brilliant piece of science fiction overall. Its a game that will have you love and hate its characters for all the right reasons, they will live and die by your choices. there are few games where i have played through the story 3 or more times, i can count them on one hand, heck on 3 fingers. This is one of them, a truly epic and wonderful game. Expand
  48. Nov 29, 2012
    After being attacked by a mysterious alien ship whilst searching for Geth, the Normandy is destroyed, crew dispanded and Shepard dead. One year later and an mysterious pro-human activist group named Cerberus have resurrected Shepard in the hope that he can save the galaxy once more. An alien race known as the Collectors are attacking human colonies and stealing the inhabitants away for twisted experiments. You will need an elite team of highly trained operatives, a loyal crew and a will to die for the good of humanity, they do not expect you to survive...prove them wrong.
    With highly refined shooting Mass Effect is back and better than ever, a 40+ hour story and a stellar cast of crew members makes this the best Mass Effect yet.
  49. Nov 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is a game meant for people who want an experience, and not just "play" a video game. You live the game and saviour every single second of this magnificent space opera. This game is one of the few modern games that has a classic gaming feel to it. It is also like "Science Fiction Porn"; there are so many things that are "spacey" and future-esque some hardcore nerds would probably **** in their pants. If that wasn't erotic enough for fan boys, there's also romantic relations you can start with your crew, even the aliens.

    The story may not have the surprise of the first one, but it certainly lives up to it. The first Mass Effect was more about soaking in the story and the feel of living in the future. This one has stronger character relationships and has more intense side missions than the first one. Mass Effect 2 is more an action game than Mass Effect 1, but it is still very involving action.

    Mass Effect 2 is not a video game; it is a piece of art.
  50. Nov 13, 2012
    My #1 game of all time. Beautiful graphics. Teriffic characters. Superb story. Smooth controls. God like music. Everything is great about this game! A must play for anybody.
  51. Oct 29, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is the poster child for non-linear storytelling. With perhaps the finest cast of characters in gaming, and tons of replayability, Mass Effect 2 is an epic sci-fi adventure that shouldn't be missed.
  52. Oct 9, 2012
    Fantastic game and an incredible follow up to the first. I did not like how they made it more of an third person action shooter than an rpg though. I feel like this game is meant to be an rpg. Most compliment the new inventory system, but i liked the bogged down inventory in ME1. Yes it was more to get use to and a little more complicated and ugly, but it game me so many more on the fly options that the inventory in ME2 just cannot offer. Other than that, get this game. It is absolutely amazing. Expand
  53. Sep 22, 2012
    Every once in a while, there comes along a game (or movie or book) that just has to be seen by everyone capable of doing so. In 2007, Bioware hit that note with Mass Effect, and now, they've done it again. Mass Effect 2 is just outstanding, in every way that counts.
  54. Sep 13, 2012
    How DARE the haters rate this game down! This is a truly fantastic game with a meaningful story with brilliant dialogue and characters, and improves on the first game in every way. Some of the best graphics, no, the best graphics I've ever seen from a game! Great combat, and plenty of replayability. The best part though is probably the ability to import your first character form the first Mass Effect, and all the choices you made in the first effects this one! So my advice to you is to play the first Mass Effect, which was great, and then play the 2nd one, which is perfect. Expand
  55. Aug 18, 2012
    Way better than ME1 and kicks ME3 Single campaign ass... the way you interact with your teammates, the plot, everything. then ME3 comes along and **** up the trilogy (plot wise)
  56. Aug 7, 2012
    I absolutely LOVED this game, the combat wasn't perfect, but in the mass effect series people don't tend to focus on the combat, I loved the story, I loved how I could control the outcomes of multiple scenarios, and it left me very very much looking forward to Mass Effect 3, knowing that my adventures could continue in what should have been an amazing end to the trilogy, I was very upset by how much of a let down it was. Expand
  57. Aug 5, 2012
    This is the best game in the trilogy, and probably one of the most entertaining games ever made. The player has the feeling that he's playing inside a movie and writing his own story. Pure awesomeness!
  58. Aug 4, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 may be the best game in Mass Effect series, however the fans of the previous game could be disappointed at first and that's okay. The game has less RPG elements than before. Weapons have no descriptions so you have to field test them and there aren't many weapons, but each is unique and no weapon is better or worse than the other. The game ads new semi and heavy weapons. Weapons can still be upgraded and you get the chance to upgrade your ship and your face (renegade Shepard will stand out). Combat has been improved, but not perfected. If you don't strategies your powers, than you will be getting hard time, but if you use powers where they are needed, you will beat the game on insanity. Fans will be disappointed by the almost no progression of the main storyline. However the story focuses more on the galaxy your in and your squad. There are very interesting characters and you will enjoy the main storyline in this game. The decisions you made in ME1 will be noticeable, but don't make a huge change. Even if you haven't played ME1 you will dive in the plot with no problem thanks to the detailed codex and the careful focus on the details in this game. The side missions have been perfected and you will enjoy a lot of them, but this comes with the price of scanning planets that is extremely boring unless you go and visit Venus. The DLC's Overlord, Lair of The Shadow Broker and Kasumi's Lost Memory are also worth buying. The game uses the same good old dialogue wheel and the customization options. The soundtracks of the game are worthy, but there are two that are annoying and also one epic. The final mission may be the greatest mission and ending in video gaming history. All your work in the game is displayed very well and makes a difference. Do very bad choices and you may not make it. There is one minor problem with Garrus if you play the game you will notice it and find it annoying and funny. Even the RPG elements are less the game still is worth playing and can stand toe to teo with ME1. Expand
  59. Jul 22, 2012
    Mass effect 2 is an outstanding game, the storyline is fantistic and characters interesting. Also it follows on well from the original mass effect game. If you like your sci fi with rpg and action elements in your games then this is an absolute must. In my view one of the best games to be released on the x box 360 console. Wasnt mad about the upgrade and levelling system, if this had have been better this game may have got that illusive 10 out of 10. All in all fantastic game and a must play for rpg fans. Brilliant. Expand
  60. Jul 21, 2012
    The perfect blend of action and RPG elements, Mass Effect 2 takes an already amazing prequel to new heights. With vivid and intriguing worlds, and a deep, immersive story to delve into where one could play and replay several times.
  61. Jul 21, 2012
    Good points:
    . Characters
    . Dialogue and voice acting
    . Art design
    . Shooting mechanics
    . Level design

    Bad points:
    . Scanning planets

    Overall I think this Mass Effect 2 is one of the best, if not the best, game I have ever played.
  62. Jul 11, 2012
    An improvement on the first installment, Mass Effect 2 leaves nothing to the imagination. It has the best ending I've ever played on a game. You will get very emotionally attached to this one.
  63. Jun 27, 2012
    The combat presented in Mass Effect 2 is a daring step up from Mass Effect 1, and though the story may not be as satisfying as the first, It is still just as enthralling.

    ***SOUP'S GAME OF THE YEAR 2010*** 5 of 5
  64. Jun 15, 2012
    In my opinion, this is the best game ever made. I notice most people are complaining about the loading screens, I didn't really think that this was an important part of the game. Everything was so much more fluid than the first instalment, things just worked a bit better. I fell in love with the first game and the second game just renewed my love of the in depth characters.
  65. Jun 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is the follow on from the amazing Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 is bigger and better than it's predecessor, boasting outstanding story telling, action and voice acting. Mass Effect 2 starts off with a bang! Shepard is still on the Normandy with his crew but is being sent to fight Geth and not the real threat, The Reapers. Then a mysterious ship appears and attacks the Normandy. Shepard's body is then recovered by the Human organisation known as Cerberus and is reconstructed by them, known as the Laserus Project. Upon being brought back from death Shepard joins up with Cerberus to terminate 'The Reapers' and their new pawns of war, 'The Collector's' As well as being task to create the perfect team for the job, introducing new characters as well as some of the favorites from Mass Effect 1. There are some faults to Mass Effect 2 though. Bioware have introduced a planet scanning system which can sometime get a bit... Tedious to say the least. Scanning the planets seems more like a chore than anything. But scanning planets is vital to the game if you want the 'best' outcome for the game. Plus you can encounter side missions from scanning planets so it's not all bad! Once again Mass Effect 2 offer's an enjoyable experience like no other RPG and connects you with the each character on a personal level. Plus you can import your save from ME1 and have a direct impact on the story and once again you can have a completely different out come to your mates story, this is what makes Mass Effect such special franchise! Expand
  66. Jun 4, 2012
    This is literally my favorite game of all time. The gameplay, the story and the characters are all fantastic. The ending is epic and the brilliance of Bioware is displayed perfectly in this game.
  67. Jun 3, 2012
    This game is fantastic! It gives us all the epic sci-fi game experience we've been waiting for, with excellent exploration and possibly the best character development in gaming. As the badass commander Shepard and his motley crew of lesser badasses, you can explore a galaxy filled with depth and complicated yet amazingly solid lore. As for the famous/infamous sexual content, I thought they hid it very well for those not interested, such as myself (although the asari come off as a ridiculous sexual fantasy designed to cater to the most pathetic in the audience). There are also several dlc instances where you can pilot a sky-car or drive around in a tank. While these segments lack the polish of the mainstream gameplay, they are scarce enough to remain fresh and exciting. Unfortunately, this installment of the trilogy lacks the epic space battles and conflicting, galaxy-shaking choices of the first and third game. Also, the combat and rpg elements are so dumbed-down that I would call it more of a story-focused tps than an rpg. Regardless, this is a fantastic game with an incredible story and you should check it out. Expand
  68. May 21, 2012
    ME2 is a brilliant game. The graphic, the atmosphere and the characters catch you deep in a story about all or nothing. Sometimes the storytelling is a bit slow, but this is just my opinion. I love this game and play it many times - One of the games I would tell 'Game of the Year'.
  69. May 10, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 has a good story, fun combat and I really enjoyed playing the game. I was sad to see a lack of any vehicle combat but it doesn't take too much away. The combat system is a definite improvement over the first game and the overall polish seemed a little better.
  70. May 10, 2012
    An amazing game! Not as good as 3 but better then 1. The first game suffered from sub par shooting mechanics. The sequel fixes this and makes a game that competes with the best. Story is great, and acting amazing.
  71. May 7, 2012
    From start to finish it was an amazing experience for me. Never got bored of it at all. This game is in my top 5 list of game's of all time now. I'm just so amazed with it. Mass Effect 2 10/10 [A must buy]
  72. Apr 17, 2012
    This game is a solid rent for any gamer. I would suggest buying it though, since the story warrants a few different playthroughs to experiment with the different outcomes and storyline possibilities along the way. Mass Effect 2 eliminates many of the undesirable elements of the first game (I'm looking at you "companion with you the majority of the game" achievements and ridiculous amounts of omni-gel), but I do miss the armor and weapon customization elements from the first game. Also, the heavy weapons were also a little annoying to me since there never seemed to be enough ammo, and the charge times on certain weapons seemed ridiculously long (M-490 Blackstorm, M-920 Cain). With all those minor gripes aside, I LOVE the option to go on the suicide mission whenever you want, so you can spend as little or as much time on each character's storyline as you like. This one is a win for gamers. Expand
  73. Apr 9, 2012
    An elegant, complex and exciting history. Beside being entertained, very interesting and being set in a fascinating world. ME2 is better than ME, and it is great to say.
  74. Apr 3, 2012
    Newer but not entirely better. There's been a shift that's noticeable. Similar to Dragon Age 2, Bioware is trying to reach a broader audience. This is done by beefing the shooter aspect and narrowing the RPG aspect. Fewer powers, few choices for load-outs and armor, and worst of all, much less exploration. Where once I walked the surface of a planet and explored a sandbox area, now I am confined to scanning planet surfaces and flying down with a specific goal. Luckily these goals vary and are not boring. But the tedious mining task is not a substitution for actual exploring. Still, it's amazing to see the result of choices made in the original game and the story is the bed salute to dirty dozen type movies. This game is nearly perfect. Expand
  75. Mar 25, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is not only the best game in the ME trilogy; it's the best game I've ever played. It's not a perfect game but it comes about as close as a game of its ambition can. Essentially, the game is about the ME universe and involves the player developing personal relationships with characters from all over the galaxy. It is an extremely personal experience that sucks you into its world and makes you forget about yours. Some people have complained that the main story is not focused enough, that the RPG elements are too streamlined, that the level design is too simple... Look, those people have a point, but what's more important than specifics is the overall experience, and the overall experience of Mass Effect 2 is unparalleled. Expand
  76. Mar 21, 2012
    A must buy game. This game hits everything right. Another fantastic dialogue and improved combat scenarios. You also get more squad mates and establish relationships with them. Graphics are fantastic and very well done storyline. Only minor flaws the prob mini game is really boring after 3 planets.
  77. Mar 19, 2012
    The 'Empire Strikes Back' of the Mass Effect series. I could write entire paragraphs about this game, but I will save you the time. If you haven't already bought and/or played this game, you are missing out on one of the greatest sci-fi sagas ever created.
  78. Mar 18, 2012
    Even the simplification of many elements from the previous game cannot beat the fact that we became witnesses of the most compelling and deep plots in the industry. The darker, extremely detailed and more violent world, highly individualistic characters, mature drama and nearly breathtaking action made it a unique game. It's almost a crime if you didn't play it (of course you did).
  79. Mar 18, 2012
    In short, Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games of the generation. It takes the universe introduced in the original, gives it a darker plot and puts it in a grittier scenario, and practically expands and perfects it in almost every way. The way Bioware has executed and presented the game is truly remarkable. Every scene has been polished and styled immaculately, and coupled with the stunning graphics, make for a visual masterpiece. The plot and narrative are excellent as well, driving the game forward and keeping players at the edge of their seats and gaping at the mesmerising worlds filled with one of the best cast of characters in videogame history. Combat is largely entertaining, though rather lacking in variety. But, overall, Mass Effect 2 is thoroughly impressive and makes for one hell of a ride. Expand
  80. Mar 14, 2012
    One of the best games I have ever played. This is a near-flawless experience with fantastic game play, a rich and compelling story, an excellent voice cast, amazing graphics and a great soundtrack. This is definitely the 'Empire Strikes Back' of our time. The DLC is impressive and gives this game a lot of replay-ability. While the game could have used a few options in the menu, such as not showing helmets during conversations, I can see no reason to give this anything less then 10. Expand
  81. Mar 13, 2012
    Amazing game I loved the gamplay the characters the enemies the difficulty I just had a problem with how the weapon modes worked because I preferred the ammo types being found but that's not enough to lower my score
  82. Mar 13, 2012
    Any game that gets me to replay through the story 3+ times is worthy of a 10 in my book. There's really not anything bad I can say about the game, it's pretty much a masterpiece.
  83. Mar 6, 2012
    This should be a 10 but my phone won't let me rate it any higher.

    Mass Effect 2 is the greatest game I have played on this generation of consoles. Some argue that the RPG elements have been dumbed down from ME1, and they would be right. However, ME2 is such a beautifully crafted game from start to finish. The artwork, lore and direction are world class, the game is visually slicker than
    ME1 and the cutscenes more cinematic and engrossing.

    Even more importantly, the characters personalities are diverse and engaging, and as with all BioWare games, the voice cast are absolutely superb. Although I actually think ME1 had a better storyline, with more twists and turns, ME2 is the better game as it is more complete. From combat to dialogue, ME2 is superior (ignoring the stripped down RPG elements).

    Having said that ME1 is arguably the second greatest game i've played on Xbox 360. I strongly recommend you play it before picking up ME2.

    So in conclusion, yes ME2 is aimed more towards a mainstream audience.
    Yes, there is more emphasis on combat and cinematics at the expense of hardcore RPG elements.
    But this game is truly sublime. Play it!!

    (This was my first review. I hope somebody finds it useful. Bye!)
  84. Mar 1, 2012
    What can I say that hasn't been said. Solid mix of 3rd person shooter and RPG. Top of the notch dialogue and voice acting. Easier difficulties give you more action and Harder difficulties make use more RPG esque strategy elements. Well done Bioware. Well done
  85. Feb 20, 2012
    Mass effect was hands down the best game with the best story i have ever played. From start to finish it was an amazingly gripping and incredibly impressive game. taking control of Commander Shepard you jump into Mass effect 2 with thousands of different outcomes, no two games are the same, you can either transfer your story from ME1 or just start here witch is what i did. Their was no point in the game where i was bored confused or disapointed in the gameplay. you get extremely attached to the characters and intensely involved in the story, and you there will not be one point where you are not enjoying yourself. you can do side missions for each character that will make them lo to you loyal to you. you can probe planets and mine the resources to make upgrades to your ship, and sometimes discover anomalys that you can launch a side mission into, you can shop on the numerous kiosks on all the planets,and not to mention the amazing story. I suggest you do everything possible and deffinatley play the game. You don't have to play the first game to play the second but i suggest that you play the second before the third. I give Mass effect 2 a full 10/10. Expand
  86. Feb 13, 2012
    I have to say, that I was a little disappointed with this game, purely because of how often it was compared to the first of the series and how often it was supposed to be better. But, I mean... Mass Effect is my favorite game of all time. With Mass Effect 2 they looked at almost everything wrong with Mass Effect and fixed it. Game play is more polished and streamlined, no more pop in textures, layout is far prettier. So this is truly a fantastic game. But notice how I said "almost everything". The story itself can really get repetitive, you spend most of your time picking up crew members and dealing with each of there problems. That is literally 80% of the game. Now... plenty of their problems are fun to play, and almost always finding your crew members is fun. But, its repetitive, and sometimes they are really just boring and end up feeling more like a shooter. I had more fun with the first of the series, but this is a pretty great sequel. Expand
  87. Feb 1, 2012
    This is surely one of the best game that ever been created. Gameplay, characters, sound, graphics, are awesome, with a small exception of the main storyline (interesting, although a little short). Over all, you will experience many wonderful fights before enter the epic ending mission. A masterpiece that hardcore gamer shouldn't miss
  88. Jan 29, 2012
    Simply the best game I have ever played, not just for the gameplay, but mainly because of the story. The Mass Effect Series is what I see as the future of gaming, essentially a playable book. Bioware has made good writing the most important part of their games. It is chalked full of allusions and symbolism and it has a great linear story. In a book, you can only get so much. You get the story of the person and the development of characters. In a video game, you can get the entire universe and you can actually experience the path of the main character. No amount of imagery or metaphors will ever substitute for seeing it first hand as Mass Effect has shown us. I count it as the single most enjoyable game I have ever played. I have played it through 7 times now and will never get bored with it. Expand
  89. Jan 29, 2012
    10/10. My biggest problem with this game was the text size, I couldn't read it some times. Besides that this is an amazing game with a great story, great characters, intense action, and a good third person shooter with an RPG like story. A lot of people say that this game sucks because its not as RPG. Well this game was meant to be a hybrid between the two. You want a game where your bullets cause you to gain weight and you need to eat to live? Go play Fallout New Vegas, (which is a great game, not hating on it ) but for those of you who just want to engage in an epic sci fi adventure with characters who make you feel, well then pick up this game. Expand
  90. Jan 27, 2012
    Gameplay is maybe the worse aspect of Mass Effect 2, and sometimes it feels like a weird Gears of War, but this game goes deeper than most of games I've played. The RPG elements are simple and intelligent. Choices system is something different that you don't see in every game, but in Mass Effect 2 it is complex and amazing. Oh, the main missions last about 15 hours, but you won't want to do only them, because the secondary missions feel like primary ones, and how you get into them (by exploring planets in a weird eletronic galaxy map) is awesome. Mass Effect 2 is not perfect, but the way it is different from many games out there makes I recommend this to nearly everyone. Expand
  91. Jan 26, 2012
    Mass Effect was...pretty good. But the level design and planet exploration sections were pure dump, and so BioWare had something to improve on. So they did. And they improved everything else as well, just for good measure. ME2 is a fantastic tale, using the traditional Dirty Dozen formulae and making it work. Each character is brilliantly realised, each location fullly immersive, each battle exciting and frantic. ME2 has only one flaw, which is the weak shooting. Guns just don't feel good, and as solid as other aspects of the combat are, the shooting just ain't up to scratch. But that's a minor complaint really, because ME2 is, in many ways, amazing. Expand
  92. Jan 26, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 shines despite a few blemishes thanks to its simplistic yet satisfying and exciting combat , the rich and well detailed galaxy , the emotional attachment that the game intills in the gamer , the epic finale that can either leave you in awe or despair and the sheer dexterity with which BioWare have manged to interweave all these wonderful elements .
  93. Jan 23, 2012
    Lookback Review: Since Mass Effect 3 is only 2 months away and it might as well be or will be one of the greatest games ever made and the game that has completely consumed me with hype and anticipation since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I'm going to look back into Mass Effect 2, my first ever game review on this site. It's been two years and I still consider Mass Effect 2 to be the greatest Xbox 360 game I have ever played up to now (The Mass Effect series was born on the 360 and it plays better on the 360 so it's a 360 game to me) and one of my all time favourite games ever. To sum up the whole series itself, The Mass Effect series, in my opinion, is one of the greatest Science Fiction series ever made and it is up there with Star Wars, Dr. Who and Star Trek. Its mythology and settings are imaginative and well thought out, the story is amazingly compelling and superbly written,its characters are unforgettable and endearing and the greatest thing about it; you decide how this story goes and ends. If Star Wars had a choice mechanic, I would've shot Jar-Jar straight away. I'm digressing. Mass Effect 2 delivers better than the first Mass Effect with a darker, higher stake story, better written script, a cast of amazing and interesting characters, intuitive combat mechanics, more accessible yet still complex RPG elements and better visuals. Another great thing about this game is that you can transfer your Mass Effect save file and this is the thing that made Mass Effect 2 great and the thing that cemented the series as one of the greats in my opinion. If you want to experience Mass Effect 2 in full effect, save your Mass Effect game file. The result will be one of the most personal gaming experiences. The choices that you make in Mass Effect makes a huge impact on how Mass Effect 2's story will go and the same with Mass Effect 3 when it finally comes out. If you are planning to get Mass Effect 3, get Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 first and spend your 2 months playing through those games and preparing any story you want for Mass Effect 3's final climax. What more can I say about this game and this whole series? Mass Effect 2 is a triple A title brimming with absolute sci-fi and gaming heaven. The Mass Effect series is one of the best gaming franchise to come out of this generation and in my opinion, one of the greatest sci-fi series ever made. Expand
  94. Jan 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is a amazing game. I was throughly impressed with the quality of your companions as well the quality of their mission. The main story moves along to a simply awesome climax. This remains one of my very favorite games to this day.
  95. Jan 14, 2012
    I normally don't like RPG games, but I love this one. It really stands out of the crowd. It has a great story line, and game-play. The weapon system is great, and it is a personal game, as in, you can really make it into your own by your decisions. This game is a must play by everyone, including those that normally do not like RPG games.
  96. Jan 9, 2012
    I think, ME2 main game of 2010. Fantastic story, unique characters, beautiful graphics and high quality sound. More best, then first game. Definitely the best game of 2010 on the Xbox 360. 10 of 10.
  97. Jan 6, 2012
    This may be the best game I've ever played. The voice acting, combat, world design, story, graphics, and characters are all excellent. The highlight of the game is being able to import your character from Mass Effect 1 and see how the decisions you made in the first game impacted the Mass Effect universe. It's honestly one of the most refined, immersive and personal games out there.
  98. Dec 24, 2011
    Greatest game I've ever played. Wasn't sure whether I would enjoy the series or not but it's absolutely fantastic. Pre-ordered the collectors edition of ME3 and can't wait for it.
  99. Dec 20, 2011
    Fans of ME1 could be put of this game because of the simplified rpg elements, but I really couldn't care less, The games a 3rd person shooter with light rpg elements and a decent story line with fairly well developed characters, I played through and beat this game I think 12 times I've never done this for any other game besides "kirby's dream land" on the game boy.
  100. Dec 19, 2011
    ahh mass effect, the best shooter rpg game out there. i personally liked the dragon age origins story and universe better than teh mass effect series but this game is far superior in terms of gameplay and combat I think. A must have xbox 360 title since its so cheap
  101. Mar 18, 2013
    I pre-ordered this game immediately after I watched the cinematic trailer, without ever having played Mass Effect 1. It was literally love at first sight, Mass Effect 2 became my favorite game of all time. Mass Effect 2 has the best character development ever with your squad-mates, never before have I actually cared about the characters in a videogame. They all seem to make the experience real, with awesome voice acting and unique backgrounds and personalities. The graphics are fantastic, even better than Mass Effect 3's in my opinion. The writing is perfect, and the music is memorable and epic. I give this game a 9.9 out of 10, my only complaint being the searching for resources by scanning planets. Other then that, what a perfect game! :D Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 98 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 98 out of 98
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 98
  3. Negative: 0 out of 98
  1. Mass Effect 2 overcomes its few gameplay weaknesses with a fantastic weave of dynamic combat, lavish presentation, and engaging character and weapon customization. But for all the myriad improvements that make Mass Effect 2's visuals so appealing and its combat so exhilarating, it's ultimately the way it moves us that makes it so memorable. [Feb 2010, p.56]
  2. 100
    Despite all of the ways Mass Effect 2 is more engaging to play and explore, after 35 remarkable hours it was the characters that stayed with us… Game of the year in January? Oh, go on then. [Feb 2010, p.112]
  3. Both an astonishing RPG and confident shooter, Mass Effect 2 is daring, shocking and often awe-inspiring in its use of choice. This is the future of storytelling in videogames. [Issue#, p.85]