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  1. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the game until about the last 20 minutes to hour. The action kept me right on the edge of my seat, the entire game was an emotional roller coaster. The game had me laughing until I could not breathe and turning around and bawling like a baby. I really could not have asked for a better game for the ending of this series.

    Then I got to the end of the game. I was prepared for an epic battle against the Reapers, I got a rainbow choice. None of the 'choices' presented to me were in anyway true to Commander Shepard, at least not the Commander Shepard that I came to know and love through three games. Though in the end there was really only a single choice with three different flavors.

    Now a lot of people think I am unhappy because I didn't get a 'happy' ending, or was unhappy getting a 'bittersweet' ending. That could not be further from the truth. I expected a bittersweet ending, where you had to choose between saving most people and saving Shepard, or Shepard's friends. I was expecting there to be hard choices, as there had been through out the previous games. I expected that if I didn't manage to have done everything right through the three games, I would have problems at the end. I fully expected to have to sacrifice my Shepard for the good of everyone. I hoped there would be a way for Shepard to live and go about her/his way with LI and friends, but I was never counting on that.

    What I never wanted to see, was the circular logic that the Reapers became, an AI god child controlling everything. The Galaxy set back at least decades, more like centuries, with the destruction of the Relays. I surely never thought I would see Shepard's crew leave her/him and run away, getting marooned on some planet we have no idea where. All in all the game was a 10/10 the ending killed that for me. I really wish Bioware had thought that out more than they did. I hope they will think things further through and do right by their fans and at least add explanations to the rainbow.

  2. Mar 19, 2012
    Had it not been for the ending, Mass Effect 3 would have gotten a solid 10/10 from me. I loved the franchise. I loved the emotional impact of 98% of the final installment in this trilogy. Unfortunately, the ending completely negated any choices you've made over the course of nearly 120 hours of game investment. I don't play action RPGs by Bioware expecting for them to drop the ball this profoundly in the finale. So disappointed that they chose to go this route. Expand
  3. Mar 29, 2012
    I loved this game, every minute of it (YES EVEN THE END). The game definitely doesn't deserve the harsh reviews these users have given it. Many top game reviewers have given it a high score, and so unless you think EA has paid all of them off and yet no one has managed to expose this, I think it's safe to assume this game is damn good.

    Screw the trolls, come see me.
  4. Mar 20, 2012
    This isn't the player's adventure anymore. Although there is much complaint about the ending deviating from your choices (which it certainly does), that is really a consistent problem throughout the story. If you lost a character in the last two games, he is simply replaced by a similar stock character, who performs their task just as well with no repercussions other than some slightly varied dialogue.

    The ending is such a disgrace, and it so well known to be so, I feel it a waste of time to elaborate upon that.
  5. Mar 20, 2012
    I went into ME3 expecting another repetitious game along the same style of ME2. I liked ME2 for it's story but the missions itself didn't feel good as it was just "get this guy, get this guy, now get that same guy loyal, now the next one, onwards and onwards" I got tired of it, and hoped that ME3 would refrain from such tactics. I was happy to see a heavy emphasis on the story and drama of galactic politics. I was intrigued by their different characters shown and the way they decidede that more characters wasn't better. Instead they focused on the continuation of the story and the characters of whom we allready knew.

    Speaking of which, my favorite moments of this game have been in relation to previous characters. There were two in particular that made me more emotionally connected to a character of a video game before. I didn't feel like it was very tacked on the way the earlier characters reappered since it was very varied. Sometimes you would do a simple sidemission and get caught up in helping an earlier teammate escape a facility that you had expected to be a simple get-in get-out quest.

    Would i recommend this game? Hell yes. This game is great because Bioware decided to focus on what they do best, a great story with great dialogue. I didn't expect this game to be as good as it was. Since this is also a hot-topic i feel like i can't leave this out, the ending. As far as i can tell people are up in arms about how nothing they did mattered in the end. I have a feeling those people weren't really thinking straight sometimes, because who cares if you saved the Rachni in ME1 when they propably wouldn't / couldn't do anything against the reapers anyway. It is a great game and I believe this is a strong contender for game of the year.
    96 / 100 from me!
  6. Mar 20, 2012
    No improvement on Mass Effect 2. Just a re-hash of the last game. The mission system is terrible. You have no idea what stage you are at in the missions or where to go. The side quest are, again, re-hashes of the online multi-player.

    Some of the aspects of furthering the story are quite good up to a point. Then the game has the most stupid, uneducated, simplistic, disappointing ending I
    have ever seen in a game. It takes no account of the lore of the game, makes no sense, would result in everyone being stranded and most of the systems being destroyed along with everyone that you were trying to save, and your choices make no difference to the ending of the game. Even though its an A,B,C ending, they are all pretty much identical!

    Bio Ware used to be great, but now they seem to have a knack at ruining their games (look at Dragon Age 2). EA are probably to blame.

    The whole game was also very buggy. At one point I had 2 Edi's, Tali died and then came back from the dead in a love seen??? and doors would randomly take an age to open. Sometimes powers and squad commands did not work! To sum up, the entire game felt rushed, was buggy, and had a generic ending that made no sense. Very disappointing.
  7. Mar 20, 2012
    My playthrough lasted 36 hours and 25 minutes. 36 hours and 20 minutes were fun, challenging, and touching then with the final five minutes this game committed narrative suicide and the terrible ending was all the worse for the greatness of this series. Endings matter especially in mass effect and this one was so bad that if it is not fixed through some dlc I just don't know if I ever have the heart to play another bioware game again. (And I've played everything bioware has ever released.) Bad ending ruined great franchise. Expand
  8. Mar 20, 2012
    With a powerful plot, advanced combat, and smarter enemies, this game really presents itself as it should be- a fantastic ending to a chilling, unrivalled series. The character development, which quite possibly the most important quality the series held for me, is even deeper than the previous games. The soundtrack is a beautiful condiment to the the countless heartstopping moments encountered throughout the game. The journey was, throughout the trilogy of Mass Effect, truly memorable- watching the effects of your decisions, building friendships, sacrificing for 'the greater good', and living with your mistakes. I have come to admire BioWare's ability to make a gamer love a character, only to lose them. There are, however, imperfections with Mass Effect 3, much like any other game. Many of these problems had little affect on me. The most important problem I had in the game was with the ending. What I, as well as many other ME vets, was expecting was a beautiful ending that would have me thinking for hours, about my decisions, and what I could have done to change the end. Nothing of the sort occurred. It wasn't a great ending. It wasn't terrible, but after that ending, one should not be thinking 'Whatever, now what?' It was inconclusive, felt rushed, and lacked consistency with previous games and media concerning the series, as well as with what BioWare said themselves. The endings were all very alike, which I found disappointing. However, it took away nothing from the game for me.

    I strongly recommend buying this game, even if you are scared of disappointment from the ending. I will continue to play BioWare games and believe they will learn from this mistake.
  9. Mar 20, 2012
    Im surprised how many people are saying this is a bad game because really it is good the gameplay is improved over the second one although there are less dialogue options but overall it doesnt affect the game that much there is lots to do and most side quests are very unique and are worth doing. The last hour (excluding the last 5 minutes) are very entertaining and show the desperation. However the very end isnt necessarily bad but in my opinion and I think many others agree that it wasn't the ending I wanted and it wasn't the right ending and after you rage a little bit you just have to accept it. Overall I would recommend this game to almost everybody and if you haven't played the others and this is the one you start with the ending might not bother you as much and you play this game Expand
  10. Mar 20, 2012
    One of the better games I have played this generation. If you liked the style and gameplay of Mass Effect 2 you will enjoy this game.

    The story is fantastic and the combat is better than average. It will not take the place of Gears of War, but compated to Mass Effect 1 it has come along ways.
  11. Mar 20, 2012
    The ending completely killed the entire series for me. It wasn't thought provoking or deep at all, it was lazy writing and a rushed effort that I was very unsatisfied with.
  12. Mar 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've played Mass Effect since it first came out. I eagerly awaited Mass Effect 2, ordered books, the collector's edition, even the Prima guide. I've replayed it more times than I can count When Mass Effect 3 was announced, I was ecstatic. I rushed to secure a collector's edition, and by the time March 6th came around I was ready to hole myself in my basement and play til I finished. And I do love BioWare. Because of Mass Effect, I bought Dragon Age and KOTOR. I applaud them for all their brilliance in the past, but I strongly believe they stumbled at the finish line for Mass Effect.

    99% of the game was perfection. I had chills down my spine during the Fall of Thessia, I shed a tear when Mordin and Thane sacrificed themselves. It was such an emotionally gripping game. However, the final 5 minutes is what ruined everything. Casey Hudson promised us that our choices would matter. How do they matter in a simple choice: red, green, or blue explosion? He promised us 16 DIFFERENT endings. The entire series was about choice and consequence. It was about weighing options and making moral decisions. All of this was completely nullified by the introduction of a God Child and the whole Stargazer debacle. The ending is so full of plot holes - why is Joker running away from a fight? Why did my squadmates mysteriously disappear then reappear on the Normandy? How did Anderson get ahead of Shepard when he said he got into the beam after him? How did Hackett know it was Shepard when the chatter says that no one made it to the beam? I personally believe the indoctrination theory, but it becomes difficult to believe when BioWare remains silent. If tanking the metacritic scores, making noise, and banding together is what it takes for BioWare to notice and make a change, then I'm all in. Hold the line.
  13. CjN
    Mar 20, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the best game in the trilogy; the combat has been improved since the last game. Itâ
  14. Zuk
    Mar 20, 2012
    This game was on the verge of being the Sci-Fi epic of our generation - in the form of a video game trilogy! But, alas, BioWare got butterfingers less than 10 minutes from the conclusion. Rather than giving all of our hard work, all of the many stories told, and most of all a great damn hero in Commander Shepard a REAL send off? The type that they deserved? What happened?

    On top of that,
    the ending ruined the Reapers as well! They went from truly terrifying and powerful cosmic horrors from beyond the Galaxy to the pets of a nonsensical "god child"! All that talk by Sovereign in Mass Effect 1 and they ended up being nothing but tools.

    On top of that, the ruining did just what it was promised not to do: gave us an "A, B, C" style ending which in no way took account for all of the story threads we had loomed together.

    At some point, BioWare's writers simply dropped the ball.
  15. Mar 20, 2012
    The game was really good until the last 5 minutes of the game. It's really a shame that the ending ruins the entire franchise. Absolute disappointment.
  16. Mar 21, 2012
    This is the best game I've ever played. I love the game 100% beginning-to-end, top-to-bottom. BioWare created a masterpiece. The ending requires your thought, attention, and patience, but it is worth it and very rewarding. It's a shame that so many fans who disliked the ending and have acted so immaturely.
  17. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The uproar about this game is as legit as it can get. To sum it up in a few words: the game is glorious until the 10 last minutes. I'm not even gonna take into consideration the day 1 DLC locked in the disk and all the stock photos like Tali's face and the easter egg secret ending, those are small potatoes compared to the last few minutes of the game.

    It's funny how websites and game reviewers that earn from ad revenue have decided to paint every single person who's dissatisfied with how the end of the game was handled as simple angry nerds with entitlement problems and simply refuse to acknowledge any problems in the series. And the worst part about this is how your average normal gamer, who isn't as invested in gaming as the most passionate fans end up buying the whole story, as those are still the most viewed and sought after websites when it comes to reviews and gaming news. You guys just miss the point.

    So, how did the ending ruin the entire series? Firstly, one can argue that many retcons in the second and third installments already ruined a good chunk of the game, but I disagree. Retcons happen all the time in most if not all of these expansive fictional universes. There's no way someone can think of the entire universe and have all the answers for everything and full compatibility between all plot elements. It's simply impossible. And even with retcons, you still have a very solid base for all the story elements, you know almost exactly how everything works. And this is why the ending disappointed so many: in about 10 minutes, it managed to negate everything you've learned in the span of 3 games. Everything you knew was a lie, and Shepard simply accepts that fact with open arms. And after you make your Deus Ex-esque decision, everything that follows simply refuse to make sense, having characters teleport from the battle to inside the Normandy, having Joker escape with the Normandy in the middle of the decisive battle for the future of the entire galaxy and not giving you any information about what happens next, what happened to your crew and all the characters you cared about for 3 games and doesn't even give us any clear information about what happened to the all the races and if the galaxy will be fine or if everything is over. To quote Mac's own note, "Lots of speculation from everyone" was their pick to finish this epic trilogy as opposed to a concise and satisfying ending. And this is where MOST of you apologists miss the point: people who complain about this ending aren't sad because Shepard dies. They're not sad because of the dark tone it took, we ALL knew this war was gonna take many sacrifices. Hell, we've seen it throughout the whole game: Mordin sacrifices himself to cure the Genophage; depending on how you played the game, Grunt also dies protecting the Rachni queen, Thane dies protecting the council, etc etc. Millions of people are dying all over the galaxy. I'm pretty sure most people EXPECTED Shepard to die heroically at the end. So this is not the problem with the ending at all. This is the "fan" side of the problem.

    The other side of the problem is the consumer side. As a consumer, you expect a company to live up to its promises, and Bioware has failed immensely in this department. We've been promised - and I quote - "wildly different endings", each which would be influenced by important choices we made throughout the entire series. Did our important choices matter during Mass Effect 3? For the most part yes, I suppose. But the ending just completely nullifies all of your decisions and gives you 3 choices which only change the color of the explosion at the end. This video illustrates it perfectly: So as consumers, many people feel like they've been fooled and robbed of their money. And really? Did you forget how a "game with wildly different endings" work? Remember Chrono Trigger? That game had many different endings with completely different outcomes, with one of them being considered canon. Even if you lose the final battle, instead of a simple game over screen, you get a real ending where Lavos simply destroys the world. So for all of you defending Bioware's "creative rights", keep that in mind. Is this what they want as their canon ending to their series? Great, why not att alternate endings for all the other players with different kinds of choices? This is how games used to be handled back in the day and this is how Japanese media such as Visual Novels STILL handle it.

    And this is all the disappointed fans want. We don't want our own headcanon or ME fanfiction to become reality, we just want to either get a concise ending (which fans already did for Bioware with the indoctrination theory), or the promised 16 wildly different endings according to our decisions. If you want to make God-child catalyst canon, go ahead, Bioware. Just give us the choice you promised we'd have.
  18. Mar 21, 2012
    In my opinion the negative feedback from user's for this game is unfair. ME1 was excellent apart from the bugs, and I would rate it 9/10. ME2 Felt dumbed down and I missed the mako and the customisation despite loving the more active paragon/renegade elements. I have really enjoyed ME3. Had more than a few goosebumps moments and felt connected with the returning characters. James didnt seem to get fleshed out at all (dlc ?)
    Given the massive odds against shepherd I had no grip with the ending. My feedback on the game I played is it didnt seem obvious to me the multiplayer was tied to galactic readiness (sure I am not the only person who missed that ?) Still miss the customisation and stats !! and The last battle should have been more epic. Only take two members to finish saving the galaxy ? No way ! And why couldnt that final push have been the team meets up, and fights an epic battle to the transport beam ? I think that was a missed opportunity. The stores also need to realise when I have a level 4 upgrade and stop selling me junk. But I honestly feel this is a great game. And I love the multiplayer (although Expensive Bioware points for packs - is I have to say a total afront when I've paid the full 35 pounds for a PC game - Thats aimed at EA ) IMHO Awesome game. Given 10 because people are being harsh giving it 0. And if the fan vids about indoctrination turn out to be true, then that is an incredible twist and precedent. Regardless - great game.
  19. Mar 21, 2012
    Game came out over two weeks ago now and I've been trying to decide what i think of it. While the ending felt a little forced and i felt a lot cheated it should be taken as a compliment to the game itself, one of the most moving and engaging experiences ever... perfection for any art form. just wish.... but we'll see with the DLC
  20. Mar 21, 2012
    Great game. Stunning story line and incredible graphics. The best of the mass effect series, this game is a must buy! The multiplayer is also great, but the tie to the campaign can be a pain for those without xbox live. Overall great game, competitor for game of the year 2012!
  21. Mar 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. "Blockbuster games" today tend to fall in line with one another leading to an inevitable outcome through predictable methods. Sometimes though, like a rock band at the peak of it's popularity, a game throws a curve ball and challenges the mainstay formula that the system has adopted. The Mass Effect franchise since it's inception has been the poster child for what a game can achieve as an art form: Rich storytelling, vivid environments, atmospheric music, and a gripping examination of the human condition. More than anything else Mass Effect has effected every player, every spectator by giving them the notion of choice; right and wrong...good and evil. With Mass Effect 3 Bioware took this idea and turned it on it's axis. The ending that has cause such an uproar since release is in all respects warranted because everyone knows what it means, but everyone is too upset to admit it. It is the reality that choice is irrelevant. Good and evil is a fallacy. Hope is useless. No matter what decisions are made, no one person can prevent the inevitable. For touching an emotional and philosophical nerve in me that few novels, or movies have, I take my hat off to the creators and writers of the Mass Effect universe. It could not have ended in a more fitting way. Expand
  22. Mar 22, 2012
    Perfect! I love the game and Mass Effect 1 and 2, it's one of the best games ever vor me!
    Bioware-games are huge and great an Mass Effect 3 is the best of them :-)
  23. Mar 23, 2012
    I thoroughly enjoyed the complete trilogy. There has been no game series that has gotten into my head more. As a 40+ year-old married dad, I almost felt guilty with my obsession with this. I played each game multiple times with many of the possible paths that were available. Amazing.

    As far as the ending. Honestly there was much to be desired. In retrospect, absolute closure would have
    been worse. Because of the current ending possibilities, the Mass Effect universe is still vital. There is much to talk about, much to think about.

    No matter how many negative scores or reviews that are given on this site, there is this simple truth. This game got under the skin of thousands of people. Not just time and money invested could explain the reaction to the endings. People became Shepard and really connected with the characters and the story. This alone is reason enough for me to give this game a perfect 10.

    I will now sit in the darkness and dream of what happened to my three loves, Miranda, Liara and (sigh) Tali. I hope you are all well.
  24. Mar 23, 2012
    Please, please don't let the nerd rage influence you. Mass Effect 3 is a 9 or 10 hands down. The ending was a little disappointing, but that certainly doesn't ruin the game at all. Plus Bioware caved to the entitlement issues of its fans and is making a new ending. This game is great all around and wraps up the story wonderfully.
  25. Mar 26, 2012
    I don't understand all the negative reviews on this site, mostly based around the day one DLC. If you don't want it, don't buy it. The industry is using day 1 DLC as an extra way of making some revenue, and if that is what has to be done to stop price increases on games, then fine. I did download the DLC as I am such a big ME fan that I will bite the hand off the developers like a hungry lion for anything ME related. Admittedly the mission that comes with the pack is short, but the cutscenes included with it are amazing and give some real insight into the last days of the protheans in their war against the reapers. Plus Jarik seems to be a really interesting character with a kickass particle rifle which shepard can also use. My only advice with this weapon is not to let it run out of energy (make sure you take your finger off the trigger before that so it recharges).

    I am something like 7 hours into the single player and have put 2-3 hours into the multiplayer which I have also found to be great fun.

    Unfortunately due to losing my saves a while ago I am not in a position to play through all 3 games with the same character yet so I have had to import my ME2 soldier for my first ME3 playthrough but that's ok as all it means is I get to spend more time playing one of my favourite game series of all time! Not a loss in my book.

    This review is based on where I am in the game right now so I can't comment on the endings yet. I am interested to see if is bad as everyone is making out though. Even if it is, I have faith that bioware will not disappoint again with their solution.
  26. Mar 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Disappointing ending aside...I really enjoyed Mass Effect 3. Though it does feel a bit stripped down compared to Mass Effect 2. There is only one hub world. Your journal doesn't update and give you new information to help with quests. A majority of the side quests are nothing more than fetching something from a planet by simply scanning it, while side missions that have you land on a planet often feel more like a tease and doesn't feel like there are as many this time.

    Other aspects like Paragon/Renegade and the RPG elements don't feel as necessary this time. It really is more of a 3rd person shooter now. Which I was fine with since my favorite parts of Mass Effect has always been the story and the universe Bioware created. All of which is expanded upon in this game, and that's why the ending feels so painful to many fans, cause it seems to throw it all away.

    Another questionable decision by Bioware is that it feels like they ignored Mass Effect 2 beyond Cerberus. Mass Effect 3 references the 1st game more than anything. The squad you had in 2nd game(assuming they survived) are put in small supporting roles and many simply have cameos. It makes me wonder why it was made such a big deal on whether they survived or not when they have no impact beyond the second game. And I think it can be assumed that Mass Effect 2 is more popular than the 1st overall, so when seems odd that the writers seem to ignore a great deal of it.

    And without spoiling the ending too much...I did not need some fluffy scene with Shepard skipping on a beach with Ashley or anything like that. But when your trilogy is about saving the galaxy from giant would expect it to end on a more positive note. At least with some closure. But unfortunately Shepard's goal for the entire series felt over shadowed, thus lacking any real victory for the player. There are a lot of games with bad endings, but when the series and story is so good, it makes it all the more painful.

    I know my review seems awfully critical, but really did love the game overall. It is still better most other games on the market.
  27. Mar 25, 2012
    This game is amazing. I mean, the ending is a bit disappointing (Didn't they say there would be NO long lost "Reaper off button"?) but everything else is perfect. Great graphics, sound, and game play.
  28. Mar 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. For all the haters out there...GET OVER IT! Its a video game its not real life. Boo Hoo they didn't end the game the way YOU wanted. Grow up people if you dont like the way it ended thats just too damn bad. I happened to enjoy the ending. If you didnt understand what was happening at the end...I feel sorry for your ignorance. Since ME1 Shepard has been fighting indoctrination. By ME3 his indoctrination is nearly complete. Its little things that happen during ME3 that show you his little boy who nobody else sees, i mean he was struggling to get on the shuttle and not one soldier helps him on. Do you know why??? Its because he's not real he's a hallucination brought on by Harbinger to try and crush Shepards will to fight. What about during the end when the laser hits Shepard and Harbinger leaves the beam. Why do the other soldiers retreat if Harbinger has left? or why when its asked if anyone made it to the beam do you hear that no one makes it? Or the fact that Anderson beats you to the Citadel control room even though he's clearly not ahead of you? How about how the Destruction choice (paragon) and Control choice (renegade) are represented by the opposite colors on the pathways? They're switched because the Reapers want you to "control" them not destroy them because control shows that you've become fully indoctrinated. The Mass Relays are still there...the Geth are still alive...VI's,AI's, all synthetic life is still alive. Expand
  29. Mar 26, 2012
    This is the best game to date. From the beginning until the end it surprises you. I played 1 and 2, but nr 3 is just awesome. The graphics is excellent. The story is simply out of this world. A completely new and fresh story. I get so bored with the standard endings of other games. This one will never ever be forgotten.
  30. Mar 26, 2012
    Sometimes I hate the goddamn internet. Every piece of **** is enabled to share pure **** which can be seen on this case. All those bad ratings dont rate the game itself, but the ending. Thats a difference. In their disappointment, the forget about hundreds hours of fun with the Mass-Effect game, and break one of the best Next-Gen series down to about 10 minutes. Thats hilarious. Mass Effect 3 plays mostly like 2, but feels more like 1, due to the focus on the Citadel. To me, its the best part of the ME universe, no matter how it ends. You shouldnt give a f*ckin **** about these kiddies outwhere, ****storming everyone and everything like theyd be goddamn nazis. This is an amazing game, with a disappointing ending. No more no less. 10/10. Expand
  31. Mar 26, 2012
    An amazing game, absolutely loved the gameplay. The ending certainly left a lot to be answered, but it didn't ruin the rest of the experience for me. Maybe I should hold off on judgment until after the coming changes are made, when I would likely be able to give this thing a 10/10, because that's what the rest of the game deserves. It seems crazy to me that this thing is getting such a wide range of ratings, considering the ending was really only the weak link here. And even with that I can't see anyone in their right mind giving this thing any worse than a 6/10. I think some of the angrier fans should have let themselves cool off a bit before rushing to bash this thing in their review. Expand
  32. Mar 26, 2012
    Save yourself the time and trouble of purchasing this god-awful travesty and simply hit yourself in the testicles. Repeatedly. This is the same feeling you will get as the end credits roll over this steaming pile of dog manure.
  33. Mar 27, 2012
    Look this is a amazing game, the ending does suck, I will admit, i was disappointed. I am a long time ME fan ,i beat the first two around six times, and plan to do the same with this one, but the ending really does put a damper on the game. On the other side though bioware is working on a 2nd ending and it will be out rather soon.Also, if you didn't suck at the game you can survive, but you dumb asses decided not to keep working on it. Buy this game and I promise you won't be disappointed, secondly to those who bought it, support bioware, don't tear them down, they'll fix they're mistakes. Expand
  34. Mar 27, 2012
    10/10 for ME3, not played 1 or 2, but I am buying them tomorrow! Admittedly I had played upuntil where you have to defuse the bomb in the first game, but couldn't get the hang of it, now I got into the third game, like I said I'm buying 1 and 2
  35. Mar 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is one of the best games of the Mass Effect series, unfortunately the experience and memory of the poor ending of this game makes that all moot. Expand
  36. Mar 28, 2012
    I am so sorry, Bioware. I loved all of your games up to Dragon Age 2, which seemed to be where you started to mess up. I was also an avid fan of Mass Effect, but this game just destroys my faith. I tried to like it, I really did.
  37. Mar 29, 2012
    This game had some of the most Epic moments that I have ever experienced as a gamer. Yes, the ending was lacking and I hope that they come through and give us a more "Fallout" style denouement for all the races, characters, etc, but that aside, the game, writing, acting, gameplay, story arc, were all amazing. I'm replaying it right now and it's awesome AGAIN. It makes me sad that so many people are panning this game for it's last 5 minutes. It's patently unfair and childish. I've been playing since the first one, and this one was by far the one that I have the fewest complaints about (mining anyone? I'm looking at you ME2). This is a fantastic game that needs it's ending fleshed out. Loved it! Expand
  38. Mar 29, 2012
    I have been a fan of the series for half a decade, and I was really looking forward to the third installment of Mass Effect 3. As a result the game managed to disappoint me beyond what I thought was possible. Bioware has created something so awful that retroactively makes the whole series pointless, and I doubt I will ever bother with this series again. Add in shameless day 1 DLC, which clearly was an important part of the game to begin with, and you have one of the worst sequels in RPG history Expand
  39. Mar 29, 2012
    Best game I've ever played. People are just trolling cause most people are dumb and things easily go over their heads. People who honestly give this game zero don't know even know what a zero is anymore. The game would literally have to be unplayable. Five minutes doesn't ruin an entire experience. These people think they're entitled to whatever they want. It's not their game. The didn't make it. So screw em. I seriously hope Bioware doesn't sell out their artistic integrity to please a highly vocal minority. The whole series a masterpiece. Expand
  40. Mar 29, 2012
    The Mass Effect experience is what I live for as a gamer--all the elements are brilliantly coordinated-the characters, the story, the graphics and the game play--and my senses were assailed as they should be: few games have moved me as much ME--Not to be a spoiler but there times when I have been moved to tears when I have to make a frustrating choice between life and death for characters I love so much.... the disparity in the overwhelming raves of the critics and the user negatives is a really a salute to the Bioware team/developers who succeeded in entertaining us so well--we just don't want the game to end without the emotional/story detail we have been given so far--but future gamers of this series should NOT be deprived of this gaming experience because of the negative remarks--enjoy it for yourselves-it is a milestone in the generation of games. Expand
  41. fmb
    Mar 29, 2012
    I think the game has moments of greatness, but overall, I feel like it is sloppy, incomplete, and worst of all, uninspired. The lack of legitimate side quests (only six N7 missions, all with very little variety in tone, plot, and scenery), the complete removal of any form of exploration, the thinness of dialogue options and prevalence of auto dialogue, the lack of conversation with companions, the limited use of ME2 squadmates, the fetch quest system ala Dragon Age 2, and the incoherent and lackluster ending all make this a frustrating and disappointing game. I expected Mass Effect to go out with a bang, but instead I feel like it just stumbled to an unsatisfying conclusion. It could have been a lot more than it was. Expand
  42. Mar 30, 2012
    Hrm.. I would have given mass effect 1 and 2 around a 9 out of 10 but this final instalment is a real dissapointment. I feel like I have lost hours of my life which can never be reclaimed, It is and it is'nt the ending that spoil this game, i feel as if all of your decisions in 3 are incosiquential as everything towards the end is almost fixed, you can't go wrong or right. Also you are presented with many less choices than before, you know just get the good / evil choice and both lead to the same result. Seeing as this game was always about narrative, the story seems to have thinned out ten fold with the most important aspect of the game now seemingly being the shooter, i never played mass effect to kill hordes of the enemy, that always bored the hell out of me, but that is all this game throws at you, I found that i would often change from hardcore to casual just because of the length of time it was taking to fight the hordes, i wanted a well writen story not a shooter. If i had wanted to aimlessly kill hordes of enemy i would have played dead island or some other shooter. Now the ending ruined the previous 2 games for me i feel like it makes everything a bit pointless and futile because realisticlly you had no chance of changing anything meaning all of your previous decisions are void as such. I am yet to play multiplayer all though I hear it is good so fingers crossed it will make up for one of the worse and most dissapointing narratives of a single player game for the last many months. Expand
  43. Mar 30, 2012
    90% of this game is a masterpiece. The other 10% is so bad that it ruins the game. The biggest problem is the nonsensical, plot hole ridden, open to speculation "endings" which is really one cutscene which uses 95% of the same assets and different colored explosions. In addition Bioware used various shortcuts which really hurt the game in the end. The side quest missions weren't really missions at all, more like a find a needle in a haystack type of game. There is no quest tracking, and tali's face was google photoshopped in. The cutting of corners wouldn't have diminished the rating so much as the fact that the ending negates the point of the entire series "player choice." The day one Dlc was also controversial and a money-grab. I would recommend renting the game if your a fan, and not buying it. Expand
  44. Apr 1, 2012
    There should be an audit for the critic reviews for Mass Effect 3. There is no way that you can finish this game and still give a review of 10 out of 10. I don't think majority of the 1st day reviewers for Mass Effect 3 finished the game. The game is about 9 or 10 out of 10, but in the last 10 mins, the entire trilogy become unraveled. I would give this game a 3 or 4.
  45. Apr 3, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is for the most part a brilliant game and manages to balance RPG elements and Shooter mechanics even better than its predecessors. The story is for 99% of the game fantastic and concludes many of the story lines from the first 2 games. The most talked about flaw with the game is it's poor ending. the one everyone is going on about and rating the game so poorly because of. Yes the ending is not Bioware's finest moment of story telling and it might spoil the experience slightly for many people, but it should not completely put you off playing what is such a good game for the previous 30 hours of gameplay. The other major flaw with the game is that many of the characters from ME2 are strangely absent, and it would have been nice for them to feature more. Especially for PS3 owners who have less attachment to the ME1 characters than X-Box owners. Although the game lets it self down at the very end its still a game everyone should play - however its best played after completing the other 2 games as you will be far more attached to the story if you've already spent hours with Shepherd and his/her crew. Expand
  46. Apr 6, 2012
    Despite the general critical acclaim, I thought this was a terribly disappointing game. I loved the first two Mass Effect games - the second one is an absolute masterpiece - and it's baffling how Bioware - who got everything so right in Mass Effect 2 - could get so many things wrong in this final part of the series. The focus is on combat - and other aspects of the game have suffered. Gone is the feeling of freedom and expansiveness of having a whole galaxy to explore - aside from main quest missions, there are no planets on which you can land, no hidden adventures to discover. And too many of the main quest missions felt unremarkable to me, indistinguishable from each other, and at times it was hard to care about what was going on. The way that side missions have been implemented in the game feels very unsatisfactory and doesn't feel fully realised at all. Don't even get me started on the way the journal works - or doesn't work; it's virtually impossible to stay on top of what you need to do, or where you need to go to do it. Item management is also a nightmare: you need to buy weapons in the game, but you're buying them in the dark, because the game offers nothing as useful as being able to compare what's on sale with the weapons your squad already has. Item management, quest management, the way that side missions work, all felt poorly realised to me. There are no new characters - oh no, sorry, there's one: a hulking space marine whose name I've forgotten he's so unremarkable. He's like a cast-off from Gears of War, dull as dishwater, as out of place in a Mass Effect game as Jack Bauer would be in an episode of The Wire. It's not all bad - the game does throw up some memorable moments, and it looks stunning - the graphics and lighting effects are excellent. But there are not enough memorable moments, and too much of the game feels like a betrayal of all that has gone before it. Mass Effect 3 feels like a game trying to be all things to all people, and ending up as a bit of a dog's breakfast. If I'm being honest, this game broke my heart. And I haven't even mentioned the ending... Expand
  47. Apr 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is severely underrated because of its ending, everything else rocks. Sound design is flawless, graphics are pretty and solid, gameplay is fun and fast paced and the story rocks. The ending isn't actually that bad the reason i dislike it is because it is not up to the rest of the game's excellent standard.
  48. Apr 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It pains me to give this game such a low rating. Most of the game deserves a higher score, but the ending is simply unforgivable. In the several minutes it took for the ending to conclude all my desire to play this game and the previous two games was wiped away. I thought it would only last a few days, but sadly it seems my wonderful journey with this franchises is finished. I feel cheated that it ended so sourly for me and that I was not even given the option to save the universe that I had fallen in love with. The player choice that was promised was ultimately not fulfilled. Expand
  49. Jun 3, 2012
    this is dumb dumb even with total bad ending the even more problem to it the kinect feature on 360 does not do what we ask it when you say player name advance to attack stay back etc then when u use words like ok let go say it sometimes it pick it up
  50. Apr 12, 2012
    An open plea to all the Meta-Critic user reviewers out there who have used their artificially low score as a metaphorical means to pound their hands and feet against the ground in a tantrum: Go Take A Nap. Seriously, people, this is a game. This is a AAA-title that's heads and shoulders above most of the crap that's sold for the same price tag. I'm extraordinarily grateful to BioWare for making a game that entertained me -- that literally made me feel like I was in a movie. And as a proud gay man entering middle age, I also want to say this --- thank you, BioWare, for giving me options that reflect me & my life & my identity. You have no idea what that means. Expand
  51. Apr 14, 2012
    Overall I give the 6 and here is why:

    Story: Excellent! Well up until the last 10min. Pretty much when you play this game and you meet the glowing child. Just restart your Xbox and you won't have the fanchise ruined.

    Gameplay: Good. Single Player: The power combinations come in handy for some of the more difficult enemies. Still don't care about the limited ammo becuase it goes
    against the first game, exploration was significantly reduced. Miss some of the puzzle games that were introduced to in the last game (ME2). Also you seem to need to switch between disc a lot more than in Mass Effect 2

    Multiplayer: Fun. No PvP, all PvE. Focus's on teamwork. Biggest complaint is the "Store". All new characters and weapons are random with different pack just increasing your odds. Unfortunately you don't know what items, weapons or characters are Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Ultra Rare.

    Bugs: A few but Significant

    Most notable the face import issue for characters created in Mass Effect 1 and 2. None of my characters faces I generated imported into Mass Effect 3. Even post patch, just released 4/11, imported in properly. Many gamer have experienced items being re-lock in multiplayer and game freezes.

    This game is a must play but not necessarily a must buy for the casual gamer.
  52. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not just giving this a "10" to attempt to combat all the "0"s out there, I honestly think this game is a 10 and it is probably the best game I've played in the last 7-8 years. I was genuinely astounded... as to how WONDERFUL the ending was. The controversy is ridiculous. It basically boils down to unintelligent individuals who need to have everything explained to them very slowly to be satisfied, and intelligent people who are capable of inferring their own ideas for the future of the galaxy. Shepard did his job, he sacrificed himself not only for the galaxy, but every single life that will ever come into existence in the future. That is amazing. The specifics of what happened after his death are no longer his concern. Please DO NOT change the ending Bioware. Don't give in to the lowest common denominator. People were expecting a Michael Bay ending and instead were introduced to Andrei Tarkovsky. It's unfortunate that people don't have a far enough reaching intellectual grasp. Expand
  53. Apr 19, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 IS a great game. Sure the ending is a bit disappointing, but the game is so much more than just the ending. The epic adventure of Shepard continues in style, with grand action sequences and encounters with folks from the previous 2 games. And the choices taken in the previous games do matter. If you did good, you'll get a lot of extra help for the final battle.
  54. Apr 21, 2012
    Ah yes "Mass Effect is an awful game series", I have dismissed that claim. ME3 brings in quite a few innovations to the table since ME2, and I think that it brings in almost all of your major choices from previous games amazingly. The combat is quite similar to the untrained eye, and, even though that would be a good thing anyway (ME2's combat system was sublime) it's not true. Combat it ME3 is much more brutal, difficult and it forces you to make use of its environments (which are a much more 3-dimensional setting than previous games. One mission in it particular forces you to pull out every trick you have in an attempt to survive long enough to finish (immensely difficult on insanity). The combat it also much more cinematic, being able to pull enemies over cover near you at either stab them, crush them, or a variety of other things much to my humor. The story (ending excluded, is one of, if not the best writing in games I have ever played, pulling at emotional heart strings, but with enough witty dialogue to keep it from being depressing. In response to the ending controversy, is the ending good, god no, does it makes sense, again no, but does it ruin the entire series, or even the game? No, do you know what I did when I finished ME3? I sat down and played it again. Then I went out and bought points for the "From Ashes" DLC, (not necessary, but I would recommend it, it adds to the story and adds some interesting dialogue) got that onto the game, but I didn't play it as soon as I got that. I went back to ME1and started the whole series again (that's about 40 hours a game, 50 if your going for everything like I was). And I still loved the journey as Commander Shepard, even though the ending was lack luster. The multiplayer is surprisingly good, and I found myself surprised at how much I was enjoying it, though it is harder than the single player campaign, and with the free "Resensurgence" DLC that was released earlier, its only getting better, the only fault is it doesn't show your total play time, but I can forgive that. So, in the end Mass Effect 3 is a modern triumph in games, with some faults (ending, and loss of SOME dialogue options (though you still retain most of them)). Take this review from a fan who has put over a thousand hours into Mass Effect, over a thousand hours into EACH Mass Effect and that isn't including the multiplayer, this game is great, perfect? No, but still a modern miracle in the gaming. As a side note, all of these awful reviews (the 0, and 1's) are from fans who feel cheated by the ending, and are so angry that they cant see that the journey there is magnificent. Some of them are right about it, but they have far to harshly judged it. e.g. the ending is awful, I can never play Mass Effect again 0/10; which I proved wasn't always true in this review. All I can do now is urge you to buy this game (and the others as well, they make it better, especially if you save a guy called Wrex in the first game, his dialogue is amazing). Expand
  55. Apr 22, 2012
    Best game ever! Enjoyed myself imensely, and the ending was maybe the best part for me. Soundtrack is incredible, and the first game I have played that uses all the sound dynamics of my system (down to 20 hz). Musical score also: 10/10

    Helge, Norway
  56. Apr 25, 2012
    This is the best looking of all the Mass Effects, they finally used some decent anti-aliasing on the edges.

    It's a perfect game except for midway through when you have to switch discs back and forth about 8 times. A few boss battle's difficulty are 10x higher than the rest of the game (or even the level they're on). And using the A button for everything is infuriating, especially on
    multiplayer when you NEED to revive a team mate, but instead you send your character into cover and everyone dies.

    The Day 1 DLC doesn't even matter, because the rest of the game is just packed with missions and story and cut-scenes. To finish all of those takes around 35 hours.
  57. Apr 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am so sad I had to do this, I never thought I would have to. Mass Effect WAS an epic series. However I cannot condone what they have done with this game. If you don't buy this game new you will have to pay more to access the tacked on multiplayer. Yea, you heard me. There was Disk Locked Content that you had to pay $10 to unlock, which most people were going to given that the character was a Prothean. They promised you would not need to do multiplayer to get all the endings, however the best ending (a five second scene of Shepard taking a breath) is not possible to obtain without doing the multiplayer currently. Excluding 2 or 3 the side quests are atrocious. The gameplay is improved and the characters are great, Garrus being the stand out, but all this is forgotten as you try to figure out what happened in the last 10 minutes and realized it wasn't written by the same people who did the rest of the game. It's a disaster I won't even bother to go into detail as I'm sure every other review hits on it. This is the single worst ending in the history of gaming. It's like Bioware doesn't want anyone to buy from them again. Giving me a terrible ending and adding the text "Buy more dlc" isn't going to make me happy. Expand
  58. Apr 28, 2012
    I expect more from this game ... being the final game in the series and all.. It was good until half way in and it seems like they recycle the same setup over and overall again, throwing in a banshee here and there. I didn't expect the game to take in all the decision and choices from the last 2 game, but to randomly throw email and phone-calls from past members is lazy. At least give me a scene where all my buddies and I run into the battlefield together. Being in a galactic war, the battle certainly didn't feel like it. still the same skirmish battles and is anything but epic. And there is no need for me to talk about the ending :( Expand
  59. Apr 28, 2012
    Incredibly fun and satisfying game. A great blend of RPG and shooter elements from the previous games. Multi player was better than I expected but not needed. A little corny in places towards the end of the game however. I respect the writers choice in the endings and I can't wait for some DLC :)
  60. May 3, 2012
    First of all i like to say that "Mass Effect 3" is one of the best games ever made in my opinion, even the whole series is awesome. As the reaction of many gamers shows, i am not alone who expected a marvelous finale at the end of this Sci-Fi Triology! And what have i became? A crappy nonsense telling end, that is it. That was the great announced final? I do not think so, i do not get it! So i have rated the game with 2/10 not in case of the gameplay or atmosphere, i did it, because the ending really pissed me off like most of you and EA/Bioware's Statement handled us, the Fans/Gamers like idiots and ignored our support over the last 5 years. I mean, look at all the feature's they have promised. At the end, none of the decisions i have made during the first two parts is considered. What happened at all? You can choose like in "Deus Ex 3" between 3 endings. Do not tell me that i have to level my readiness til 5000 pts.+ or my renegade/paragon bar to the max. Treat gamers like that is perky and unforgettable! Check out "Angry Joe's" Review or 10 Reasons why the ending really sucks for Example: At least Bioware was sold out by Electronic Arts and get's in a row with Companies like Bullfrog, Maxis, Origin, Westwood and some more. It is all about cash and income shares for the Shareholders, nothing else matters. So, i have decided for my own that i will not support such ignorant policy again and i have canceled my SWToR-Account too. I do not buy a game of EA and Bioware again, til that Day "Mass Effect 3" will become some real endings, belongs to the choices i have made! My suggestion for you, do the same! Otherwise EA/Bioware do it again and again... Expand
  61. May 4, 2012
    The Mass Effect franchise started strongly with ME1, a combination RPG shooter that while a little wooden at times, was an engaging and entertaining game. ME2 built on this, adding flesh to the story and depth to the galaxy while improving slightly on the slightly awkward combat dynamic of ME1.
    ME3 has bettered it's forebears, with a fluid combat system, improved interface and truly
    engrossing story.
    Further, the added multiplayer element offers brilliant gameplay and well thought out locations to enjoy with friends. The graphics and cut-scenes are high end throughout and the soundtrack at times breathtaking.
    Given the number of decisions made in the journey from ME1 to ME3's ending, the limited number of ending options is a little disappointing, but overall this is a strong finish to the ME series.
  62. May 11, 2012
    if you take out the ending, like the last 15mins, then this game would be an absolute 10/10. there are just way to many plotholes at the end of the game. Its like if the writers smoked weed while writing the ending. However, just because an ending SUCKS doesn't mean it deserves a 1/10
  63. May 10, 2012
    Amazing game!!! People giving this game are such trolls. They probably enjoyed the game all the way up to the end, when they started to cry. So what the ending isn't the best send off? The gameplay was the best in the series and the multiplayer is great fun with friends. People giving this a bad review need to have a better reason then hating the story, because gameplay wise it is probably one of the best of this generation. And personally I like the story and ending, I was just bummed out that all the endings were the same. Expand
  64. May 13, 2012
    A fantastic conclusion to the best sci fi rpg saga to take place on home consoles. Mass Effect 3's inclusion of all your decisions from the first two games and their DLC is an amazing achievement and adds a deeper affection for you character and his/her surviving allies from it's predecessors. The combat has been improved over Mass Effect 2 to be more responsive and free moving but still includes the weapon and thermal clip progressions made in that title. The graphics have improved again giving the game more feeling from being on an ominous dark space station to a foreign planets landscape it all looks stunning. The multiplayer is also compelling with a Gears Of War style 'Horde' mode in which four players can fight waves of enemies from varying factions Cerberus/Reaper/Geth to level up their favoured character class/race and earn money to buy card packs which unlock random weapons/characters/upgrades in an addictive one more game fashion.
    Once again, an exquisite gaming experience full of emotion and replayability that fans of the series will love.
  65. May 28, 2012
    The story is recycled, often repeating the same sub-narratives over and over, the ammo and weapons are largely pathetic, you'll never have a reason to switch weapons. Most of the "Quests" are fetch quests that involve pressing a button near a planet, and then pressing it on the planet again. There's very little choice with dialogue, and most of the time you don't even get a choice it's just auto-dialogue.

    It's obvious this game was designed around marketing initiatives and not with the intent of creating a good game.

    Not worth $60. Maybe at $20.
  66. May 15, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 provides an amazing end to an amazing story.
    The return of many old friends and foes makes this game the most emotionally charged I have ever played.

    The entire Mass Effect series is the best story telling ever in gaming.
    Mix that with a refreshing sci-fi setting and you have got a winner.
  67. May 20, 2012
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  68. May 20, 2012
    Suppose I told you a story: Big bad guys invaded the galaxy, alone hero struggled to unite the galaxy in opposition to the baddies. The baddies weakness is discovered. There's a final showdown with the baddies above the hero's home planet. The baddies lose. Suppose I told you this story: Big bad guys invade the galaxy and no one can stop them. But in the darkest hour plans for a super weapon is discovered. Now our heroes must race to complete the weapon, before there's no galaxy left to save.
    The first one's probably a little better, but each is a decent story right?
    Now suppose I told you they were the *same* story. Wait, what?
    And suppose I told you that this story was made by a developer that prides itself on making "Story-based gaming." "Ha!" you'd say "that would be a terrible story. Each story gets to the same conclusion, so putting them together renders half of the story useless."
    "Besides, the stories are really incompatible. The first is more about a single character. The second is more about teams of scientists and engineers and the soldiers who buy them time. In the second the bad guys are unstoppable in the first they're just hard to stop. In the second the galaxy would be throwing everything they had at the enemy, just to slow them down for a bit. In the first, those troops need to be saved for the final battle."

    And now you'd realize this isn't hypothetical. Forget what you've heard about the ending. Mass effect 3's story just isn't any good.

    (And if you're wondering the half that you *play* is the half that gets rendered useless.)
    Toss in the facts that:
    -31 of the 68 ME3 missions are fetch quests (For comparison ME1 had 5 fetch quests and ME2 had 11)
    -The ending you get depends on how many of these fetch quests you do, though not in any narratively coherent way (you get a better ending the more you do).
    -It is impossible to get the best ending without playing multiplayer (YES, that's right. The ending to a three game single player story depends on whether you want to play multiplayer.)
    -Of the 15 possible surviving squad mates you get no more than 4 back.
    -Most of your decisions in ME1 and 2 are irrelevant, including some of the biggest decisions in the game.
    -Your dialogue options are more limited, often including only a top and bottom choice and Shepard sometimes speaks without you having any control over what he says.
    -None of Cerberus's interactions with Shepard make any sense. What's their endgame? Why do they care if Shepard unites the galaxy?
    And of course,
    -The terrible ending.

    To be fair, ME3 did have much better combat than ME1 or 2 and some of the missions (Rannoch and Tuchanka) are among the best in the series, but those two points do not a good game make. Combat's a side issue in Mass Effect and those missions are part of a larger story that utterly fails.
  69. Jul 2, 2012
    Here's the problem - Mass Effect is a magnificent series; but I can't recommend ME3 as a 10/10 game, or even anywhere close. The problem with it for me isn't really the ending (yes, it's true, it was unbelievably bad), but rather the fact it should be renamed "Gears of Modern Battlefield 5". I honestly don't class ME3 as an RPG; rather, it's an on the rails mediocre shooter, interspersed with a lot of cut scenes and dialogue, which is again on the rails. Even if you are a big fan, go back and think about it - you are treated to a lot of dialogue, you make choices etc. but no matter what you choose you move forward to the very same portion of the game as everyone else - you shoot stuff and run through corridors. I didn't feel like I was "role playing" as Shephard, unless you consider Call of Duty an RPG as well!

    Unlike ME 1 & 2, I felt very little for the plight of Shephard because throughout the game the overall writing is a bit sub-par compared to previous games. This is, in my opinion, symptomatic of the problems at Bioware at the moment; style over substance. It was like after two superb games I was being abandoned as a fan in favour of commercial appeal above and beyond anything else.

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't a "bad" game; you'd have to be completely out of your mind to say that ME3 is anything other than decent as a total package. But - and it's a big but - it's nowhere near the perfect game and in relation to the franchise it takes a giant turd on what has gone before.

    So it's bizarre to sum it up in this way, but there's no other way to put it - if you're a Call of Duty fan, looking for a more "in depth" game without sacrificing the mindless shoot 'em up FPS experience, then Mass Effect 3 is for you. However, if you're a fan of Mass Effect 1 & 2, then this game may very well disappoint you. At the very least, if you play this game, switch it off as soon as you see a glowing holographic image of a child - you'll thank me for doing so.

    So yes, I'd be wrong to score it any less than 7/10, but what I will say is that after the debacle that was Dragon Age 2 and now the less than stellar Mass Effect trilogy conclusion, I will be careful to spend money on a product bearing the Bioware logo, simply because the once accepted measure of excellence they held in a gamers heart has been lost. Let's hope a return to form is just around the corner.
  70. May 21, 2012
    Rated a five because of the lacking single player. I'm fine with the addition of multiplayer and the ability to play as another species in the online mode it a nice touch, but it seems to take away from what Mass effect is all about. The single player. With half of the game basically based on multiplayer, the other half focused on single player isn't nearly as interesting to play as the previous two games. If you want a good co-op multiplayer game then go ahead and get it, but the single player isn't as good as Mass effect one and two so don't get too excited. Expand
  71. Jun 11, 2012
    There have many reviews about this game, and most of them are commenting about the poor ending of this game. But I think this game is definite a worth to buy game, the reason because of the multi-player. How the graphics were superb with a very dandy covering system, going through every corners, sprinting and cover from enemies firing. There just had many ways to play your own style of game, with a lot of selection of characters and using different abilities. On the other hand, limited maps and difficulty were the main problem in multiplayer which lower the score. For professional gamers, I think gold challenge was a bit too easy due to the fact that there were too much ways to play this game, entertaining with communicating with four players. Moreover, multiplayer only have 5-6 maps weren't enough to last the gameplay long, which only for maximum 1 month or so. Increasing the varies or mods in multiplayer can improve the overall rating since that the single player's ending was weak. Overall, I think this game's selling was just for multiplayer, if gamers were just waiting for the single player, this game won't be your choice. Expand
  72. May 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all, let me say: this is not about the ending... ... ...oh who the hell am I trying to fool? This is ALL about the ending :) But I will put it in a way that most of the web seems to avoid: like it being something to feel shameful. There is no happy ending. Even picking the "right choices". Even playing for the best. Even spending hours and hours to complete any possible aspect of the game, it is going to end badly. For lots of people (for me of course, I think for many others, and I suspect for a lot of those lamenting for so many rational reasons) it is important to have a chance to make the story "go right". The good wins, the bad sucks, now let's kiss the girl in the sunset and YAY! I can understand all the babbling about "artistic choice" "moral dilemma" "heroic sacrifice" and I can understand that many like them, but I think that after five years, three games and hundreds of hours spent playing, It is hard to chew up, for any of those scorned by the writers choices. This game could have been something epic, making all of the players happy (weel, most of them, let's say); something like the ending of the first Knights of the old republic with a wide variety of possible storylines, After all this is meant as a saga ending: no need for a common point from where to make the story go on. This could have been the "own" ending of every player for how he chose to play the game. Nothing against an indication of that which the authors considered the "true" ending for artistic purposes (or even for a sequel) but respect for any way of playing or feeling the storyline.

    Unfortunately, it has proven to be quite the opposite: they unbelievably matched the (harder I think) result to make any kind of player unhappy about what was going on. Nice shot, nothing to say 'bout it ;)

    The romantic happy ending lovers like me are angry for seeing all we "fought" for collapsed.

    Those interested in gameplay are angry for an anticlimax final fight, with a tedious dramatic walk (which could have been interesting, wouldn't it be so boring...) and... well... no final fight at all...

    Those interested in the story are angry for a turnaround of events almost senseless... (uh? the point of the story was the relation between biological being and machines? WAIT, you never mentioned it before... AND We already solved it a minute ago making peace between Geth and Quarians AND... this is Battlestar Galactica's ending too, isn't it a bit redundant?)

    I could go on fa a while but it is better to stop here: I enjoied playing the saga, but how it turned out made me feel so that the memory I have when I think of the trilogy is no more "ehy it was fun-tastic"... it is "meh, the poor Shepard, so saaaad". I think my point of view is pretty clear right now:.
    GIMME BACK MY DAMN HAPPY ENDING AND QUIT THIS CRAP ABOUT EVERYTHING, FOR BEING APPEALED "ARTISTIC" NEEDING TO BE AN OCEAN OF TEARS. There is already the real world for that: at least in videogames let me dream that a lone hero who tries hard enough can make things go right :)
  73. May 24, 2012
    This game truly deserves a perfect score. Not based off track record with the entire series, but just looking at the single game itself, it's one of the games you hold onto forever just for the memories and replay ability.
    Just to get it out of the way, I understand everyone's frustrations with the ending scenes and how they felt there was no closure whatsoever, too bad. Questions don't
    always get answered, but that doesn't automatically cancel out everything the game had accomplished up to that point. It's like comparing it to a football player. His first 10 seasons of play are phenomenal and record breaking, but then he is human so he has a mediocre 11th year, and disregarding his entire career and saying he is a bust because he had one human effort of a year. The visuals are stunning all around, sound is great, gameplay is intense and innovative at times, and the story is beyond captivating especially if you have stuck around for the entire series. The multiplayer is beyond fun and time consuming, and satisfying when you unlock a new character before your friends do. The one knock I have on it is that you pretty much do have to play at the 2nd installment of the game before the 3rd to truly understand everything that is going on and not have TOO many questions starting off the game. Faltering it from just being a game a noob to the series can pick up and just start at. Lay off the bad ending, deal with it, move on to a new series, or hope it was BioWare's plan all along with the new DLC coming soon, or meaning the series isn't over. Expand
  74. May 28, 2012
    I'm a huge fan of the series. I loved this game about 75% of the way through then it completely fell short. It is sad that a good series can be taken and destroyed. Let this be a lesson to companies that changing your writing team for something is not a good thing.
  75. Jun 10, 2012
    Mass Effect was my favorite game series ever. I was a huge fan on Bioware, owning almost all of their games. Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of all time. I was so excited for the ending to the planned space opera trilogy, and for the most part, it was amazing. Throughout the entire game, I was in awe of the amazing scenes played out. This game was larger than anything before in the series, and you face some of the biggest intergalactic issues, such as the Geth & Quarian war. The gameplay is tighter, the character interaction great, 95% of this game is a masterpiece. Then you reach the infamous ending. This ending ruined everything, this game, and the trilogy as a whole. It is somewhat amazing that in 10 minutes, Bioware is able to destroy a series. When you think Mass Effect, you think player choice and impact. This ending takes that all away, and makes literally every choice you made prior pointless.

    Rather than give an ending that made sense, one that was hinted at by the games, they decided to try to transcend the game into an artistic statement. Instead they created plot holes, and divided their fanbase.

    Oh well, there's always Uncharted.
  76. Jun 19, 2012
    Mass effect is a game that tries to appease old fans and be a natural starting point for new fans sadly it fails at both new fans will feel overwhelmed by the situations while old fans will feel betrayed by the lack of differences in choices, i will elaborate on both but i would like this time to say the there will be spoilers

    spoiler alert

    new fans wont understand the gravity of the
    geth quarian conflict and wont feel the much passion when the shepard (the protagonist) talks about the sacrifice of a squad-mate that occurred in the first game, its also a bit overwhelming to be dumped in to this world with a lack of understanding of the different races

    older fans will play a much more dumbed down version of the game, as the organization that you may have helped in previous game will be your enemy no matter what you did before, the game is also much more linear then previous games, and your a pigeon-holed in the the ending no matter what happens

    if your new to the series, you will still be taken on an emotional roller coaster that you may enjoy and this game should be rated a 6/10

    however if your a new fan the ending (at least for me) actually makes the two previous games worse meaning that this game should be given a negative score, as i am a fan of the previous games i will give it the lowest possible score of "0", as im not allowed to give the game a negative 20 for ruining the other two 10/10 games in the series
  77. Jun 28, 2012
    Sometime u gotta love the objectivness of people.You play agame for some hours and u are literaly mind blown till the end.Then u negate everything u played till then.Why?Is there a reason to give 0 or 1 when u have enjoyed 98% of game content?Shows the maturity and objectivity of people on metacritic.Game was awesome and the dlc gave it justice.Some of the people wanted LI reunion and happy rainbow ending.Got the second,and for the first part gave which they didnt get gave a 0.They just proven that they played the game for its sex and not the story.Is it a 10?no,it is certainly a 9,a masterpiece of our time Expand
  78. Jun 28, 2012
    The Extended Cut has definitely improved the endings, allowing more closure, a more visual representation of player choices, and a prevailing feeling of optimism rather than the overly ambiguous and even bleak nature of the originals. Perfect game? Not quite. There is still too much auto-dialogue/protagonist passivity, and the journal isn't exactly helpful. But this is nitpicking a game that has so much going for it. Increased squad interaction (particularly with each other, a nice touch), some great characters, missions such as those on Tuchanka, Rannoch and Grissom Academy, a MUCH improved Citadel from ME2, and hugely fun combat make this a game well worth playing. Expand
  79. Jun 28, 2012
    I really love the original game,but magazines and online gaming sites were saying things like" no one like the exploration,no one likes the Mako,no one likes the huge Citadel and elevator" rides,what they should have said is none of the newcomers to mass effect the gears of war and Halo fans like these things,I love them although some needed tweaking,then when ME 2 came along Bioware chose to appease these gamers by streamlining this game by getting rid of the ground vehicle,making the area's much smaller,simplifying everything and changing the combat,which I was more than happy with before,but they kept a good if flawed story,likable characters and mostly good dialogue options(although sadly had some auto dialogue) then comes 3 with Multi-player even less exploration,now you no longer visit the planet in side quests now you fire a probe to the surface and bizarrely you've just rescued a load of people,less dialogue option loads of auto dialogue plot holes galore and a crappy ending which they just put a sticking plaster over,so for me this game rates very poor the worst by far out of the 3 there are many more issues I have with it and I certainly won't be wasting my time playing it again unlike the original and to some aspects ME 2 which I have played 20 odd times each,this game is a very poor attempt by a once great company made to appeal to the mass market and not it's original once loyal fans,for me this franchise is finished,but one day I hope all 3 games are re made as they were meant to be and I don't give a stuff what the Halo or COD fans think. Expand
  80. Jun 28, 2012
    Is this game actualy perfect? No but there needs to be a counterbalance to all the morons that dishonestly review bomb the game and give it a ridiculously low score. Seriously people are giving it 0s and 1s? What the hell is wrong with these people. There is no way you can honestly give the game that low of a score. Mass Effect 3 is an incredible game that had a weak ending that has now been fixed thanks to the extended cut. Mass Effect 3 deserves a better fanbase. Expand
  81. Jun 29, 2012
    The EC just expanded the current endings, while it did make them better or in honesty just made them the endings they should have been on release day it does not address the issues that many people have in that the endings are set in stone and really all your effort in previous games was for nothing. Also if Bioware was going to make a genuine effort to appease fans of the series surely they could have provided a few more endings with the possibility of happier conclusion, It is after all a fantasy/sci fi game and not based on reality.
    I gave 5 out of ten for ME3 purely due to what i felt was the shortness of the game and what i felt were poor endings.
  82. Jul 1, 2012
    Ignoring the last ten minutes, this game is incredible. The ending was incredibly disappointing, especially for those who completed all three games and built relationships, strong and weak, between the different characters. Regardless, this game improved combat beyond the others, and is an incredible experience. The ending couldn't be worse, but the rest of the game has to be praised for what it does. Expand
  83. Jul 1, 2012
    The problems that everyone had with the ending have been fixed with the Extended Cut and additional closure and clarification was added making this game the ideal choice for purchase if you haven't already. :)
  84. Jul 3, 2012
    Okay... if you hadn't noticed, playing this game, you'll either love it and be annoyed by the people that hate it or love it and hate the game and be annoyed by the people who love it.

    One of the major requirements is the experience of the previous two games which means it's not all that great of a stand alone game. The ending is not for everybody, so even if you did play the previous
    games, there's no guarantee you'll like it. The story is disjointed. There are game aspects that those who played the previous games won't understand because they didn't read the books or they didn't read the comics and even that's not going to mean you're going to like it.

    Gameplay is the greatest improvement. There are better games with better controls, but it's obviously the biggest improvement. That said, it lacks gaming systems like minigames, quality side missions and boss battles. It's like it's a game designed by people who wished they were writing a novel instead of making a game.

    It's a space RPG with no exploration. It's a bland shooter that doesn't revolutionize anything whose targeting systemyou either like or don't.. It's a "choose your own adventure" with limited choices. It's a space sci fi space opera that fails to live up to the greats.

    I was going to give it a 5, then I remembered that you have to download a different ending because the first one was really bad instead of disjointed and contrived. You also have to pay for a downloadable 7th character. To unlock the all the endings, you have to either download the Extended cut or play multiplayer to unlock the endings just on the disc. Some of the plots, you have to play the previous games. They're better, so going back to play another game to play this one seem pointless considering it doesn't matter in terms of resolution. If you do play those games, you end up playing better quality games not restricted by a badly timeline.

    Storywise, the resolution is seperate from the rest of the series, which is a shame because the rest of it was pretty darn good. I'd say, save your money. If you haven't played it by now, you'd have a better time playing one of the first 2 games. It'll be in the used game pile soon, anyway.
  85. Aug 26, 2012
    Space gay waifu simulator 2012 edition.
  86. Jul 8, 2012
    played ME 3 as a first timer and couldn't get past the second to end stage. Bought ME 2 and plated through that twice and each time imported character into ME 3. Thoroughly enyoed all the challenges and gameplay. the game plays differently for each character played. however the end seems to remain the same. great game. really addictive. I shall play again as all the different types. just wished the ending changed with the decisions made. Expand
  87. Aug 6, 2012
    I rented this for a solid month.While,I don't think I'll be buying it anytime soon,it's certainly a good pickup if you're into it.The atmosphere is great.Every area and fight is certainly distinct.The characters and AI are great.

    However,the fights and talk sequences are very monotonous.I just don't enjoy this series as much as others.The generic feel kind of throws me off.

    Mass Effect 3 is a very good game.It has solid features and is very enjoyable.But it's more of a rental,as opposed to a buy."Mass Effect 3" gets a 7/10. Expand
  88. Aug 18, 2012
    I absolutely loved Mass effect 1 and 2, the character interaction, the combat and the story were sublime, mass effect 3 delivers this experience in a very mediocre fashion, while playing, I didn't feel the rush I felt when playing Mass effect 2, I felt like I was really in control of what I did, whereas in Mass effect 3 I feel like some of the choices were made for me, there seemed to be less conversation options and I feel like I had less control. The ending was absolutely horrid and did not conclude ANYTHING, in the way it should have. This however was "fixed" by the extended cut DLC which was free, but I more or less knew how the endings would be with the extended cut before it came out, **** covered in sprinkles, it relieved a lot of anger for some people, but not for me, its not a fitting ending at all, I think this game could have been so much more. Overall I did enjoy it, but nowhere near as good as the previous installment in the trilogy. Expand
  89. Aug 14, 2012
    A fantastic game. It increases the stakes on every level and raises the bar for gaming. Taken as a trilogy it's a major achievement and unlikely to be superseded any time soon. When you factor in the different choices and outcomes, and the male / female, hetero / homo, renegade / paragon options, it's obvious that the games places an outstanding amount of flexibility in the player's hands to craft their own experience while still managing to tell a coherent and meaningful narrative that is genuinely moving. There may be specific features of the action, role play, art direction or story that aren't to everyone's taste - it's impossible to please everyone all the time - but to give this game anything less than a very positive review is simply nuts. As for the ending (s), I found it deeply satisfying. Rarely has a game franchise had such an impact on me - Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid are the only equivalents that come readily to mind. Plus a very good multiplayer, add on content and mobile content as well...! To make an original universe that is so ambitious and achieve so much seems genuinely unprecedented and puts gaming at the forefront of creative media. The only equivalent in movies at the moment would be the Nolan Batman films but I would say that even they pale in comparison. Bring on the DLC. Expand
  90. Nov 25, 2012
    a great action game, an overall great experience. Mass Effect 3 is probably one of the better games of this year, after dishonored, and one of my favorites too.
  91. Dec 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. All the choices you made in previous games, all the heartbreaking decisions, the entire Mass Effect lore got flushed down the drain with this disaster piece. Nothing you did in the trilogy mattered because in the end, it was all a story. Nothing really happened. Bioware not only betrayed their loyal fanbase, they spit in their face. Expand
  92. Jan 2, 2013
    This game is everything Mass Effect wasn't. No exploration, now you slowly scan a planet and hope the game will allow you to land on the thing. Combat difficulty is no longer determined by player skill, but enemies who have infinite ammo, immunity to player attacks and can kill the player in 3 hits regardless of level. The storyline seems contrived... The whole game seems to be about collecting resources and trying to bed down one of your teammates. Virgins will get a kick out of that. FPS fans will enjoy the fact that there are little to no RPG elements that require them to use more than .006% of their brains to play this game. RPG fans will dislike this game's lackluster character development system. Me? I hate this game.

    That's right, I used the exact same review from Mass Effect 2. Why? Because if Bioware can't be bothered to improve the game in any way, then I can't be dithered to waste time pretending that I care enough about this abortion to write an all new review.
  93. Jan 22, 2013
    First off, i would like to point out that the ending has been talked about to death. So instead of pointing out how it committed story telling suicide (which it did), i`m going to focus on the rest of the game. 1. The Intro. Seriously, WHY would shepard, the renegade badass (in my playthrough) just sit around WAITING for the reapers to arrive for those few months in between ME3 and arrival? That doesn`t seem very shepard like. And why should i give a sh-- about some random kid?

    Verdict: bad writing.

    2. Cerberus. So, a rogue terrorist organization goes from having only a hundred and fifty members just a few months ago to being the empire of star wars with almost limitless troops.......

    Yeah, sure. tell me another one, casey.

    Verdict: bad writing

    3. Kai-lang. I have never been so annoyed by an emo prick of a video game character as i was by Kai-lang. As razorfist, my favorite youtube reviewer put it: if for the past decade the illusive man had access to a gravity defying emo space ninja with a katana that slices through mother f---ing planets, and with magic plot device powers that allowed him to track the movement of every sentient being in the galaxy, then why in F--K would he resurrect commander shepard?!

    Verdict: bad writing

    4. Harbinger. Did harbinger just say screw it and go on a fishing trip when it came time for the invasion? Why was he portrayed as the ultimate badass reaper in ME2 only to be given a rediculous cameo in ME3?

    Verdict: bad writing

    5. The ''arrival'' of the reapers. Okay, stop me if you`ve heard this one: Why did the reapers cross the void? To get to our galaxy, you gleefully respond. But HOW did they get to our galaxy? That`s right: They couldn`t have. Remember ME1? Remember when we stopped saren from activating the citadel so that the reapers could pour through? Remember the arrival DLC, where we blew up an entire solar system to stop them? So answer me this: if all the posible relays the reapers could have used were destroyed: HOW. IN. FU-- did they get here? Answer: they didn`t. Verdict: laughably bad writing

    6. So the quariens go to war whether you pushed them towards it or not in ME2.

    And the point of having the option to say: good luck in the war, or: The reapers are coming, i`m going to need every ship i can get was.......?

    Verdict: far too heavy an emphasis on the illusion of choice, and not enough emphasis on MEANINGFUL choice.

    7. The god d--n kid. I know this has been voiced at least a million times, but i`m going to say it anyway: why should my character, who has seen hundreds of innocent men, women, and children being liquified into a human reaper give even a marginal sh-- about ONE KID? They might as well have had giant flashing letters on my screen that said: FEEL SAD NOW.

    Verdict: atrocious writing

    And my verdict for the entire game is: Terrible. The most badly written game in the series with the most badly written ending in the history of video game trilogys.

    Don`t buy it. Not even if it`s in the bargain bin. EA doesn`t deserve your money or your time.
  94. Mar 7, 2013
    I'm not here to rip on ME3 just for the sake of doing so or because its what's cool to do on the internet like so many others.

    Basically ME3 is the worst of the series in every way possible compared to the other 2 games because it doesn't build or improve anything. It simply just tries to hurriedly finish the series for the sake of a cash in on the title.

    1- There is no sense of
    exploration. The game as efficiently as possible holds your hand every step the way and has you actually being on the ground doing things the least amount possible. Side missions are carried out by quickly scanning a planet ala ME2 and then firing a probe. That's it. You don't explore, you don't get to check out uncharted worlds simply for the sake of curiosity or anything. Scan, shoot probe, side mission done all without even leaving the galaxy map. This tactic accounts for the majority of side missions. ME1 you could explore the galaxy drive around in that horribly handling buggy and had a sense of discovering things, ME2 you could land on planets and explore doing side missions with some not even firing a single shot like the crashed cruiser balanced on the mountain peak but all of those things are gone in 3. The game just holds your hand and ushers you from mission to mission.

    2- You don't get to actually chose anything, everything is pre determined for you. Even if you chose the renegade or paragon path you get the exact same result and no one treats you differently and you get no alternative paths depending on your karma scale which makes it all incredibly pointless and just window dressing for the fact the story is entirely linear and so is your character.

    3- The characters are all the same ones, only less compelling. There are a couple new characters but they are highly disposable and not even worth messing with. James for instance is basically just a guy who talks 90% of the time like a generic white guy, 10% of the time he throws out some Mexican phrases like saying "loco" a lot in his generic white guy trying to impersonate a Mexican guy and he looks like he was taken from the show jersey shore. When a old character returns you can see it coming a mile away. For instance you go into a area where the mission briefing talks about geth then you can see 45 minutes before which old character is going to come back. All the characters themselves seem hollow and rushed, they lack the personality that made them endearing in the other games and most are there only long enough to be overly obvious in a very specific mission or they simply show up for 3 minutes of camera time practically winking at the player with a nod and then are gone.

    4- The story compared to the others sucks. The other games had side stories, character stories, side missions with their own short stories and so on. ME3 on the other is basically this "Everything is going to be destroyed". That's pretty much it because no matter where you go or what you do its always about the war specifically and nothing else. I also got sick of hearing phrases like "were here to save lives", "were doing this to save lives", "this weapon will save lives", "we need to stick together to save lives", "billions of lives are on the line and were here to save them", etc and after about 8 hours I was sick of hearing about the war and saving lives.

    5- The game play was basically just one big shooting gallery and hiding behind chest high walls. Every single fight is basically you hiding behind chest high walls to peak out and fire a few rounds only to hide back behind said wall. It was incredibly boring and has been done to death in dozens of other games. The combat was mindless and mediocre. It felt like they put absolutely no effort into the combat at all and rushed you through it in order to get to the next scene of hearing Sheppard say "saving lives".

    6- The ending was atrocious. This is a series that prides itself on story, characters and dialogue. We all spent over 100 bucks playing all 3 games and spent over 100 hours playing all 3 games but bioware seemed to say "This is the end of the trilogy so who cares about the ending". The ending is the most important part of any story of any kind because its the very last thing you leave the person with and its supposed to be a reward, the climax to everything leading up till then, basically the ending is the most important part of any story. But the ending of ME3 was over in just a minute or so despite the dozens of hours of dialogue, cut scenes and story in the rest of the series they got lazy at the end. It gives no satisfaction at all. I can honestly say it is the laziest segment of the series. I did like though they had the balls to do what they did with Sheppard, but the ending still sucks and doesn't make you glad to have finished the series.
  95. Mar 22, 2013
    To start off, I've yet to reach the ending of mass effect 3. I assume I'm getting close, 24 hours in or so. I had an idea a month or so ago to play all three in a row, because I forgot what happened in the first two games. So I replayed through the first, loved it, damn fine game. Replayed the second, also sweet, got a bit bored of the planet scanning after awhile, but besides that highly enjoyed it. And then I started 3. I don't honestly understand how this game got such a high review. The entire system was dumbed down, all mini games removed, almost all exploration removed, no characters to gather, silly dream sequence scenes that always end exactly the same. Canned dialogue, removal of REAL side quests and a new, insanely annoying combat system where every single npc strafes at Mach speed. There's so much wrong with this it's hard for me to find anything fun, new or cool. I have no desire to finish the game, Ashley looks like a man, all of my companions are boring, oh, the one binary puzzle level was sort of neat albeit a tad frustrating. As I said I played each concurrently, the second I finished the first I started the second, same with second to third. My score relies on the fact to me, from my perspective, that this was and is a piss poor representation to an up to this point, awesome franchise, I think it's ea.. Btw, once bio signed with them most of their games just haven't been the same. Expand
  96. Apr 16, 2013
    If the user score wasn't so low I'd give it a 9 or 8, but a 10 because it's so low... Why is it so low?! This game was absolutely incredible. It wasn't as good as the first or second, but this game is epic. Multiplayer was a worthy inclusion to it and everything else came together... An awesome game
  97. Jul 26, 2013
    Casey Hudson ruined Mass Effect. The ending is terrible, but the combat mechanics are simply awful. Tapping a button to get into and out of cover is buggy and more often than not doesn't do what you need it to. The third person camera does a terrible job of maintaining a clear view and often clips into the wall. Mass effect 3 is a perfect example of how EA ruins games. It is no wonder the founders of BioWare quit during the resulting Mass Effect 3 outrage from the players. It is silly really a game marketed as allowing you to tell your own story was ruined because an egotistical (seriously, go look at his web page), childish Casey Hudson wanted to end the story his way denying players what they loved about the game. Like a petulant child, Casey Hudson locked out the other writers to make his own ending and as an EA employee put it, "it shows". Couldn't agree more. Way to alienate a core fan base, tarnish what was a successful IP, and further prove to players why EA cannot be trusted. Even the extended DLC content doesn't fix the plot holes in the ending. It is simply a few more lame slides, that don't really improve anything. Expand
  98. Nov 12, 2013
    This is definitely one of the best games i have ever played, and personally one of my favorites of all time. The story and characters are above average in fact they are the best i have ever seen in any game to date. There is so much emotion in the dialogue, the action is intense, well presented, and cinematic. The choices your character makes are more impact full. There is one instance in the game i won't spoil for anyone but it involves the Geth, and Tali, and one of the choices made me feel so much emotion i almost cried. Fortunately i ran into very little glitches. My personal favorite character from this game other than commander Shepard is The Illusive Man voice by Martin Sheen, he is well voiced, and character is well written. Now the only other problem with the game that i found was there were less companions, but each were interesting so that didn't bother me that much. For the people who say the ending ruined the game it didn't yes the original ending did not solve much it was just inconclusive but did not ruin the whole game. The ending did not interfere with my experience because overall the writing was extremely strong. There is a massive amount of content in this game. It took me Thirty plus hours. Overall i give this game a Ten, and it does not mean that the game is perfect it just means the pros far outweigh the cons. Expand
  99. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: The graphics are starting to look a little out dated but there are moments where they look amazing. Mostly when there’s blue lighting. 9.0.
    Sound: Professional Bioware voice acting as you know it, themes were great. 10.
    Gameplay: The gameplay feels a little more casual than usual, although it is very similar to Mass Effect 2 (at least for my character). RPG elements are
    similar, but the game doesn’t need any tweaks, it seems just fine. The problem with the gameplay is that it gets way to repetitive, and I went ahead and did every mission available. It feels like a chore at times, and some moments that are meant to be scripted events, look only decent. In my opinion they should have left the scripted events to the professionals at Naughty Dog, but there are still okay moments, but nothing that will drop you out of your seat. Mass Effect 2 was better in almost every way. The way the game builds relationships is a lot more strict than in the previous game. Still with some of those cons, Mass Effect 3’s gameplay is still a must play, especially those like myself who transferred their saves since the first title. 8.5.
    Story: The story was a pretty good story, and near the ending it did get ridiculous but it was still okay. I didn’t really understand all the outrage just because of the ending, it was still a proper way to end a trilogy assuming that was Biowares goal. 8.0.
    Lasting Appeal: The game is still worth the buy, I clocked almost 30hours, doing everything. 10.
    Overall Score: 9.1 out of 10.
  100. Nov 5, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the perfect ending to a masterful trilogy that's gone from strength-to-strength with each title. It's the conclusion you're hoping for, with each decision demanding that you think twice before pulling the trigger. Thanks for the memories, BioWare... It's been emotional.

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  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.