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  1. Mar 9, 2012
    overall , if you haven't play the previous series, me3 looks badass. but if you did play me1 or me2, then me3 is bull****. Graphics: can't believe this game uses unreal engine (GOW, Batman AC, unreal tournament3,bulletstorm, etc), well at least why don't you bioware put destructible environtment into combat?it has physX ins't it?. luls movment (either in combat or exploration) animation, awkward face animation (they still using faceFX, peh), ugly textures. Combat : forgiven, but still annoying movement animation ruins it all. Story: bull**** from beginning till I die. First time in menu , i choose "action" so i could save the role-play storytell later. I said" wtf, cutscenes and flows are sucks" hmpf, maybe because i choose "action" so it's like options for retarded who chooses muscle over brain. okay. but when i try to play "RPG" like it should be, " wtf! it's sucks otherwise". so it doesn't matter what you choose, its bull****, conversation are forced into useless lines, this is like encourage people to do sexual harrasmnt, and they enjoying it, and what the hell happened to my previous crew? they're all KIA? Overall, DISAPPOINTING!!! forgive my rudeness, but mass effect franchise deserve better than this. this is why some people chose illegal copy instead. i gave ONE for the bravery bringing battle to earth. Expand
  2. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Terrible endings destroy Mass Effect 3, destroy the series.

    I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, Kotor, SWTOR, and Dragon Age. As I was playing through Mass Effect 3 I thought that this would shape up to be Bioware's best work. The combat is improved and you finally see some conflicts from the first two games resolved. However, all the buildup in this game, indeed all the choices you make in all the previous games are rendered moot. The climax of this game is deterministic, there is no opportunity to make a choice in line with the Shepard that you have developed over three games, this is why I must give Mass Effect 3 a 0/10. The entire series is built on allowing the player to make choices, Mac Walter the lead writer for Mass Effect 3 said in numerous interviews that we would have the opportunity to get a satisfying conclusion. I assure you that if you complete this game the last thing you will feel is satisfaction.

    At the end of the game you encounter some kind of god like figure. It explains that organic life will always create synthetic life, and that synthetic life will always kill their creators. To prevent this from happening the god figure created the reapers to kill all advanced organic life every 50k years or so. I can't comprehend this, the god figure's solution is exactly what it wants to prevent synthetics killing organics. Depending on your war readiness you are given up to three paths to take.

    1. Destroy all synthetic life. This destroys the reapers but will also destroy EDI and the Geth. If you have made any connection with EDI, or made an effort to help the Geth this ending obviously is not in line with your character. To be fair I could see a renegade shep choosing this option.

    2. Synthesis: Sacrifice your life to fuse organic and synthetic life together at the molecular level. This has been described by numerous players as "space magic", it seems apt. I got the sense that this was a "good ending" in that it resolves conflicts between organics and synthetics. However, a recurring theme throughout the series is that forcing people to evolve along a predetermined path is wrong - this is how the reapers/god figure control organic species. Here Shepard would merely do the same thing, what right does he have to molecularity alter every being in the galaxy? It is totally out of line with the Mass Effect series encouraging independent behavior.

    3. Control - Shepard can sacrifice his corporeal form to control the Reapers and become the next god figure. I haven't thought much about this ending so I won't comment on it.

    However, the real kicker is that regardless of what choice is selected Shepard will die (unless destroy is selected with over 4k war assets), your crew is inexplicably stranded on unknown planet (including crew members in your squad on your final mission), and all the mass relays are destroyed.
  3. Mar 10, 2012
    The game featured a promising start. It was exciting to finally see everything you did in the last 2 games make a difference in Mass Effect 3... Only that it didn't. Nothing you did in the game has a result or consequence in this game, not even the stuff you do in Mass Effect 3. You can't do any major choices during the game. The combat feels like a bad version of Gears of War. The ending is horrible and makes the whole story of Shepard from the first game to the third feel irrelevant. The games has lots of glitches and feels rushed and unpolished. Expand
  4. Mar 11, 2012
    Was a HUGE fan, but after the ending, i feel depressed, deprived, angry and sick to my stomach.... Not sure if i'll be able to forgive bioware. If you suffer from depression and love this game, please do NOT get this game, if you have it, don't finish it.
  5. Mar 11, 2012
    Where are the true different endings ? And god damned, where is the exploration ? I always searchâ
  6. Mar 11, 2012
    The first two games where absolutely amazing. Which makes this game an even bigger disappointment. For what ever reason bioware decided that it just didn't care anymore when making the third game. They reveal Tali's face with a poorly edited stock photo, the ending is just a choice of a, b, or c, and the final cinematic is literally just an old wallpaper ("space winter").
  7. Mar 12, 2012
    In the weeks leading up to the 9th of march I was so excited, I was driving my friends crazy counting down the day's to the release of Mass Effect 3. I was a huge fan of the series, but that all changed after playing through Mass Effect 3. This game has broken my heart, everything I loved about the original game gone, all the choices made in the previous games were for nothing. The graphics are mediocre at best & although I am not bothered if a game has great graphics as long as the gameplay is amazing. I can honestly say that this game has no replay value whatsoever, Mass Effect has always given you the option of choice. That was it's main focus the reason so many people were drawn into the series but this game has gone against everything that Mass Effect is. Mass Effect 3 is just a 3rd person shooter with a leveling up system that follows a linear storyline. Everything that made no1 an amazing RPG has been ripped away & fed to the verran, I am amazed because Bioware claims to listen to it's fan base but clearly that is not true. The game was clearly rushed out & I am amazed that any testers working on the game could miss half of the bugs that are in the game. The multiplayer is okay but it is also rather tedious especially when your character chooses to take cover rather than revive a downed team member. As far as i'm concerned this game does not even deserve a 1 from me, I am heartbroken over this, I can not believe I wasted my money on a collectors edition. If Biowares intention was to enrage & alienate it's entire fan base then it has succeeded yet again, first Dragon Age now Mass Effect. I can honestly say that this will be the last Bioware game I ever buy I am not willing to see them ruin yat another amazing game series. Expand
  8. Mar 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 takes the relationships and choices you've made through the series and wraps them up in an emotional and awesome experience. I wanted to hate this game, just like most of the people here, but it just did such a fantastic job of making me feel real emotions for the choices I made and the characters I've grown to love since the series birth. The story arcs within the game are fantastic on their own.

    As someone who hates the second game, I can say without hesitation that Mass Effect 3 makes a great close to the series, even if only for the emotional reunions and choices. If your a fan of the series, and have grown to care for its cast of characters at all, this game will invoke emotions that few others can.
  9. Mar 11, 2012
    Horrible storytelling with more plotholes than i can count. Terrible endings in which the only thing that changes is the energy beam colors. 2001 graphics and enough bugs to turn this game into a painful experience for all that play it.
  10. Mar 12, 2012
    Bioware lied about the ending content and EA has their shills in the video game "journalism" industry pumping out propaganda at a frantic pace. Too bad the damage has been done.
  11. Mar 12, 2012
    This review is from the perspective of a gamer who has diligently played all 3 games of the series and has easily sunk 200+ hours into the trilogy. As such, it is aimed towards that group of players.

    ME1 & ME2 are quite possibly my two favorite games of all time. They created a universe in which you felt an emotional attachment to your Shepard. If this sounds absurd, tell me there wasn't
    multiple times where you carefully considered what decision to make because you were concerned with the repercussions your Shepard could face. ME2 trimmed down on some of the RPG elements of the original, but overall I thought that this decision by Bioware helped improve the flow of the story and feel of the gameplay. Granted, ME2 didn't do a great job of incorporating your decisions from ME1 besides who you left behind while on Virmire but it was forgivable because it was assumed that all the lose ends would be tied up in ME3, the epic conclusion to this space saga. Sadly, however, I must report that ME3 does not live up to the pedigree of its predecessors. My first qualm with ME3 is the structure of the quests. The main plot quests are adequate but the side quests are terrible. The side quests lack any depth or meaning whatsoever and consist mainly of simple fetch-quests. The prior 2 games had side quests that were much more exciting and fleshed out. The shallowness of the side quests is a major detractor for ME3.

    The second glaring problem is the lack of player involvement in the conversation gameplay elements. In the prior two games, the player was constantly given meaningful conversation choices to make that, if they didn't necessarily change the outcome of the conversation, completely changed the tone and outlook of the conversation. The amount of involvement that the player is given in conversations in ME3 is outrageously limited and the sense of importance that dialogue options had previously is gone in the third installment. The lack of emphasis on conversation choices brings about the next major problem with ME3, its de-emphasis on characters. ME1 & ME2 both prided themselves on emphasizing that you were the leader of part of a team. They enabled you to have fleshed out conversations with your crew members and with other fascinating characters spread throughout the galaxy. ME3 abandons this. You can only converse with your squad mates when it is convenient for the game and there is almost no interaction with the other people that populate this universe. Try walking around the Citadel and engaging with someone. You will be hard-pressed to do so. The first two installments were not nearly as limiting. As a result, in ME3 you do not feel as attached to your crew and to the universe as you previously were. Quick problem: the absence of any civilian cities besides the Citadel in ME3 is a major letdown. Omega, Feros, Illium, and Tuchanka added nice flavor to the first two games. ME3 has no such variety and the Citadel is not capable of remaining interesting by itself. No let me turn my attention to the idiotic "Galaxy at War" system. Forcing people to play multiplayer so as to increase the galaxy at war multiplier is ridiculous. The boneheadedness behind this idea is almost incomprehensible. It was a terrible idea.

    Next up on the list of problems is the most important of all: The Endings. The ending of ME3 will leave you flabbergasted, speechless, and incredulous. The different endings are really not much different from each other at all. They conclude the story on a terrible, terrible note. There is no closure, just depressing consequences and glaring plot holes. The logic put on display by one particular character introduced at the end is just abhorrent and you are shoehorned into three choices that have no positive ending. I am not saying that every possible ending should have been a positive one but for a series that prides itself on choice a nice ending MUST have been included. Do not spend a lot of time playing multiplayer to get the multiplier up, none of the choices offered are much different and be ready to see consequences that do not make any sense based on people and things you had just seen a moment earlier. If you are looking for a positive ending, good luck. Additionally, the ending, whichever on you choose, does not incorporate any of your prior major decisions. The endings are so bad and they make me regret pouring as much time into ME1 & ME2 as I did.

    The day 1 DLC is an insult to consumers everywhere and the companies involved should be ashamed of themselves for withholding content so as to make a couple extra bucks. In conclusion:
    The game lacks much of the choice and atmosphere of its predecessors. It is apparent that this game was extensively stripped down so as to appeal to a wider audience. It lacks depth in nearly all of its gameplay departments and contains mainly needless additions. And last but not least, THE ENDINGS ARE COMPLETE RUBISH AND RUIN THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE!
  12. Mar 12, 2012
    I pre-ordered this POS. I love the story and the Lore of this universe. I have never felt so cheated as I did when I found out about the Day 1 DLC. When EA admitted that the CORE aspects of the DLC had been integrated in the the game prior to certification, I wanted to return the game for a refund. I feel like EA took advantage of my loyalty and attempted to exploit it. So uncool EA.. Soo... UnCool Expand
  13. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I didn't come here to flame. I don't want to rant. I just...I don't really know what to say. I'm hurt, I'm disappointed, and I wish desperately that the game could have ended any other way. Everything else about the game and the series was quite simply, amazing...but the end.

    To say it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth is an understatement. As a fan of the series since the moment I picked up the xbox controller and started playing Mass Effect back in 2007, I really just can't feel anything but dissatisfied. Mass Effect was and still is my favorite game of all time. Mass Effect 2, less so (removal of many RPG elements, etc.) but that aside, Mass Effect 3 rekindled my hope that the series may end on a high note after all. The whole theme of the story was hope and survival. To fight, or find another way when there seemed to be no other option. So when the ending of it all boiled down to 3 horrible choices, I was crushed.

    There were so many moments in this game that made me feel something. Made me feel connected to the characters. Whether it was the depth of Shepard's love for Liara, his brotherly comradery and heart-to-hearts with Garrus and Kaidan, or his hatred for Kei Leng and the utter crushing blow of the defeat at Thessia, I felt something. And the dream sequences! They were a beautiful and haunting representation of what the stress must have been on Shepard. But through it all, there was emotional attachment and investment. I felt connected to Shepard. I was vicariously saving the galaxy. As a game design student, I can't overstate how incredible that is. That I became so attached to these characters, to this galaxy, so invested in this game. It was nothing short of incredible, but the same cannot be said for the ending. The ending made me feel too. It made me feel sick. I felt physically ill from the moment Shepard was blasted by Harbinger to the very end of the game. All that hope and sheer force of will...for what? For Shepard to just die like that? He deserves better. The galaxy deserves better. But he stands. He's still alive, if barely. There's still hope right? Then the Marauder. They're just toying with me now. Drawing out this agony. Why?! Then the Citadel. Anderson. I almost had to expect that to happen. I can accept it with a heavy heart. But I did all I possibly could to secure a good ending. But he can't reach the console. He can't be dead. So close. But wait. A light. Now he's on top of the Citadel...ok. Maybe there's still hope. The little kid? What is this? This is the Catalyst? Some cosmic force that created and controls the Reapers. That instantiated the cycle of extinction you're fighting against. And you're supposed to take him at his word when he tells you what to do? Just like that? No "find another way"? Shepard just takes this thing that's tried to kill him at its word and believes in what it has to say?

    And it all came down to those 3 horrible choices.

    Go back on everything you stood for and try to control the creatures you swore to destroy, ending your own life in the process.

    Somehow re-write the DNA of every living thing in the galaxy to achieve synergy with the synthetics? I'm not even going to go into how ridiculous and impossible that is. Oh yeah and that one kills Shepard outright too.

    Or, you can shoot the tube-thingy and kill the Reapers. Everything's cool right? Oh wait, that one kills all the synthetics in the galaxy. You're now effectively betraying EDI and dishonoring Legion's memory, not to mention screwing over the Quarians in their effort to settle Rannoch once again.

    Oh and to make this choice even more horrible and heart-crushing, every choice results in the destruction of not only the Citadel, but all the relays, effectively destroying the galaxy as you know it. The government will inevitably collapse and all the species are now stranded on Earth, where they fought the Reapers, or on their own homeworld or colony, cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

    No matter how you slice it, the end is a defeat. The galaxy is doomed without the relays.

    And then you get to watch color-coded cutscenes with very little variation. Joker leaves Shepard for dead on the Citadel, uncharacteristically fleeing the battle and somehow, Liara, who was with Shepard on the ground, is now stranded with Joker on some alien planet, doomed to a slow death when the Normandy crash lands.

    And the best ending this game can muster for all my efforts acquiring war assets and galactic readiness? Shepard, god knows where, laying in some pile of rubble...takes a breath. How? How would he have survived the explosion on the Citadel? Where the heck did he end up? I don't get it. I'm utterly crushed by how horrible this ending is.

    Had the ending been good, I would undoubtedly have given this game a 10. It was a masterpiece...until the end. It's like the Mona Lisa...with black paint splashed across it. I'm heart-broken.
  14. Mar 12, 2012
    Score until the ending 4.5/5. Taking the ending into account, which effectively ruined the entire series for me...well, there it is. I had such high hopes, and for so long into the game those hopes were answered. I'm still trying to grip what huge a disappointment the whole package was in the end.
  15. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This could have been the crowning achievement in regards to RPG gaming. A game that ends a fantastic sci-fi tale that you can craft over the course of three fantastic games. Every minute of playing this game was a joy. The sorrow and triumph was all I could have asked for and more...until the end. Which utterly erases all the 100's hours of work you have placed in this game. There is no closure, you never find out what your sacrifice brings, aside from the total destruction of the galaxy. All the deeds are turned to dust in less than ten minutes. I must salute you Bioware, you killed the greatest video game trilogy in under ten minutes, bravo. Expand
  16. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's all about the ending. On my playthrough, I had done all but one of the "fetch it" quests, and had an apparently full readiness bar. I felt like it would be hard, but that I had prepared as much as I could. I had a couple of save games to go back to, so I could see if there were different choices I wanted to make.
    It went well, then I got to the Citadel... and WTF? No more team, no armor, no powers.... and a brand new godchild? And then it got bad.
    A "3" is generous. Never again, Bioware. Ya got me twice, first DA2, then this steaming pile. Won't happen again.
  17. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Such a big letdown, emotionally. Everything just feels off. Earth is under attack but shephard has time for just about anything. And the ending is easily the most dissapointing I have experienced. Not the choices you get to make, but the followup... what happened to all of the people you met, a simple text dialouge would have sufficed. But no, normandy crashes, some survives - the end. Ofcourse the game has great gameplay and the multiplayer is addictive. (though there should have been coop campaignmode aswell, cheap bioware) But from the buildup of the first two games, this third part could not live up to its expectations. Expand
  18. Mar 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 1 and 2 are both exceptional games that created a unique, engrossing experience. Mass Effect 3 continued this trend, even vastly improving on the emotional and character driven aspects of the game. Combat is also much improved over the previous games. The final 15 minutes of the game, however, ruined the whole. It appears as if Bioware gave up; the endings are unoriginal, filled with plot holes, and turn their back on the defining characteristics of the series: character choice and the motif of hope. If Bioware and EA respond to the massive outcry of their failure to bring closure to the series by creating new endings, the game would very well be one of the best I have ever played. Expand
  19. Mar 14, 2012
    Why did I give this a zero? Because after countless hours and characters made through the first 2, I completed the 3rd. I have absolutely NO DESIRE to go back and play ANY of these games now. If I did there would always be a feeling of despair. It is all just absolutely pointless.I wish I had never picked up this series in the first place. Complete waste of time and money. This game crushes hope along with your soul. NONE of what you choose in its predecessors matter. You only get ONE ending, recycled with different colors and some very minor tweaking. Expand
  20. Mar 15, 2012
    i love mass effect 1 and 2, but i am saddened by this one and not just because of the ending. this game feels like they looked at mass effect 2 and said "i think we put too much effort into that." and then some EA executive said "yeah who needs a variety of companions, diversity in enemies and good writing; and you know what, lets scrap that whole free dlc for people who bought the game ****
  21. Mar 15, 2012
    Where do I begin? As a big fan of Mass Effect, seeing this game and what it has become from the masterpiece of the original is saddening. BioWare and their EA Overlords first had day one dlc that they claimed was made after the fact but it has been emperically proven that the character is on the disk and can/could be unlocked simply by moving coding around. It was a lie. Emperically demonstrated, yet for some unknown reason the 'objective' gaming media pays it no fact...they have the audacity to tell us to stop complaining. More on that in a bit. When I purchase something and enter into a legal contract, i expect full content for what I paid for. First and foremost. The gameplay itself is a complete transformation into Gears of War, and as an rpg fan who does not like shooters, cause if I did I'd play them, its frustrating seeing that genre completely destroy gameplay in Mass Effect 3. Didn't that genre have enough sci-fi games? Exploration is non-existent, level design is linear and uninspired, although variety in theme setting is good. But its point A to point B, all of the time. Or hold a certain position while getting swarmed by wave after wave of enemies. Which is ok as a part of gameplay, but without open exploration to counteract and balance this it soon becomes an extreme bore. Biotics are good, particularly the sound of Singularity when it dissapates, but overall shooting non-stop at baddies is super boring. Weapon upgrades and modifications are much welcomed, yet far too simplistic to truly appeal to the vast amount of gamers who like the customization of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a robust and epic rpg that sold amazingly well. The loot system is an absolute joke and an insult...most loot is lying right where you can see it in the middle of the floor or highlighted across the room so you'd be a moron if you couldn't find it. As a result, finding items is way too easy, yet it is surprisingly and frustratingly hard to keep track of what you got because there is zero inventory. Zero. And its ridiculous. Sure, the Normandy stores that info, but I'm only on the Normandy half the time, if that. The loot system is a complete insult to rpg vets. Technical issues abound, and while some can be overlooked as natural flaws, some are inexcusable. Face importing didn't work (or was intentionally neglected), faces vanished completely from cutscenes for the entire cutscene, and at times lip syncing was off completely. But where this game falls on its face, and this is contributed a lot to the departure of the Mass Effect IP's true writing talent, Drew Karpyshyn, was the writing. To appeal to the masses, Mass Effect's writing is dumbed down considerably, witholding player dialogue options from scenes, auto-dialogue from Commander Shepard much more prevalent, and eye-roll worthy 'dudebro' one liners that made me feel like Shepard evolved into Keeanu Reeves. The plot had some interesting aspects and there were some emotional scenes and nice touches sprinkled in that triggered emotion, but as a whole the plot is incoherent, poorly written and not enough focus or dialogue is given to the main antagonist. Too much tried to be done at once, and it made for a sloppy mess. The ending....honestly....may have been one of the worst pieces of literature I have ever seen, let alone in science fiction. For a video game, if you never played Mass Effect, you might like it. But for an intelligent individual who knows what Mass Effect is and knows a good ending (Mass Effect 2's ending literally being perfect), this one was wo bad that you want to grasp at anything you can in your mind to justify its drivel. It's that bad. And I understand the It was horrendous.

    Let's not forget the lack of choices affecting anything, either. You will throughout the game wee choices you made, major ones, in previous games mean absolutely nothing as you see the canon version streamlined back in, with weak writing supporting the negation of your choice. It's a slap in the face, and a lie told by the developer. Also, none of your choices mean anything whatsoever. In the end, Mass Effect 3 was a downright bad and disappointing game, crippling the entire franchise with it because of its failure if epic proportions in the climax and writing, boring, repetitive gameplay, lack of polish and the lies told by the developer to fans everywhere. And gaming and demand is a two way street....customers can say what they want, how they want,when they want. Do an article how developers aren't entitled to customer money.


    Avoid this game at all costs. Do not buy, you WILL regret it. Garaunteed.
  22. Mar 16, 2012
    In a race, a runner may have an extraordinary performance, may lead all the way, but still lose in the end if he/she falls or abandon before the finish line. That's what happened with ME3. Despite all the good stuff for most of this third installment in the story, there was a major failure to deliver in the end and this made all that preceded null and void, for naught, a complete ruin. The choices presented to Shepard were nonsensical and there was merely cosmetic differences between the possible endings. What most fans expected were vastly different endings from the very bad (where the reapers win and kill all) to the very good (where Shepard and his/her crew survive and have a huge party), depending on choices made in the preceding episodes and earlier part of ME3. What a total disappointment! What we got served was a uniformly bad ending with a choice of sauce. Sorry Bioware, but despite nice graphics and some very good action, you don't deserve more than 4 mainly for your failure to deliver in the end. Expand
  23. Mar 16, 2012
    This series has changed my ability to become completely immersed in a video game. this game delivered many things on game play. The combat was fun and over all mission game play was fun, however; the "scanning" type missions where quite unfun, they could have absolutely improved that. If it where not for the ending, I would of rated this 9 or 9.5/10.

    Every thing that you have herd about
    the ending is true, it is disappointing at best. The terrible-ness of the ending overshadowed this game and almost made the 100 or so hours I have put into the series. I wont get into details for the sake of spoilers, but I will say that the ending has absolutely no closure, it is a half-ass job and has no sense of originality or personalisation (which was a very bad time to take that aspect out of the series). 1/10 Expand
  24. Mar 18, 2012
    ME3 is an outstanding game, don't get me wrong. Each clue episode is as heart-touching as ever, dialogues are excellently written (for the most part), and the whole emotional impact is so huge, that i couldn't handle myself and cried several times. But...
    But. The ending. It's not bad at all. It's even metaphorical and very surrealistic. OK. But i personally play Mass Effect not for it's
    symbolical content, but for it's straightness with a player. It's deep connection with you and the Big Story is one of the most important parts of the series. The motivation is important. This ending has no motivation at all. It feels unfinished and frustrating. Why do we play 85+ hours of the greatest adventure in gaming history? We were given the right to choose. And it was very well made, indeed. The ending of ME3 doesn't give you a satisfaction, because there is no choice at all. Some pointless images, highly metaphorical (and profoundly disconnected with the whole series) scenes, and then... It ends. Are you really sure?..
    It's supposed to be a trilogy, right? And why do i feel, that the last scenes are bad jokes? It seems for me, that the "Epilogue" DLC will be the right decision.
    Please, Bio Ware. There is nothing to be ashamed. You did a great job. But the ending confused too many of us. You may not rewrite it, but you still can correct it.
    I still recommend this game to everyone with a good taste and open heart and mind. But, first of all, play the previous two installations, and then proceed to this one. Maybe, by the time you finish it, we'll get the proper ending...
  25. AGX
    Mar 22, 2012
    Agree with a lot of people on this game. Pretty epic, yer seemingly lacking the content and depth of the previous games in the series. What really got me upset was the rush job of an ending though. For all the decisions you made throughout the series, and the numerous endings that BioWare had promised and used as a selling point, when they promised these uncountable heap of ending they were blatantly lying which really upset me. They also won't own up to there lies either, and deflect constructive criticism. This game was overall a disappoint to me, and I won't trust BioWare as I used to until I read a numerous amount of user reviews. No BS critic reviews that paid off critics write.

    Buyer beware. Enjoy the first two games, and somewhat enjoy the Mass Effect 3 storyline, but hold off on completing the game until we are promised a legitimate ending.
  26. Nov 29, 2012
    The galaxy is at war, the Reapers have begun their harvest of all sentient life in the galaxy and only you can stop them. Shepard must assemble his remaining crew members and the rest of their species to form together as a resistance and stop the Reapers. With a 30+ hour story, excellent shooting & RPG mechanics make Mass Effect 3 a fantastic end to the trilogy. The best sci-fi saga in years and one everyone should experience. Expand
  27. Mar 10, 2012
    I have a lot of issues with this game, but these are my biggest issues:

    1. Multiplayer is broken. If you don't have FiOS and live at most a few blocks from Bioware's datacenter, you WILL get disconnected from games, *EXTREMELY FREQUENTLY*. If you're lucky, you can finish 1 out of 10 games. If you think your connection is good enough for online gaming, and can play hundreds of other games
    with zero difficulties whatsoever, think again: this game will absolutely destroy your connection. This is a MASSIVE disappointment coming from such a rich company.

    2. The endings are horrid. Never in my 20 years of PC gaming have I seen a game build up so well, but die out with a putter like that. It made the whole experience sour for me.

    My advise is that if you haven't finished the game yet, but have started, stop now -- don't finish it. And don't play multiplayer. If you avoid these two aspects of the game, you will continue to have faith in the Mass Effect franchise, and will hope for some kind of future game in the Mass Effect universe that isn't such an unmitigated failure.
  28. Mar 11, 2012
    Wow, I don't think I've been more mad at a video game than I have right now, after finishing Mass Effect trilogy. What other reviewers are saying is true. If you were a fan of Mass Effect franchise, you are gonna feel like you've been kicked in the balls and f-ed in the a$s by the ending (any 3). It is a great freaking game before that, especially story- and gameplay-wise. I spent 40+ hours completely engrossed by the beautiful environment and choices that I had to make. Combat system is a bit clunky because of flawed cover mechanic, but it's manageable. Multiplayer is pretty fun, too, for around 10 hours (for me). But if you are a fan of Mass Effect franchise and have not bought this game yet, play up to the part after missile is launched on Earth, and use your own imagination. That will save yourself from a LOT of disappointment. Expand
  29. Mar 12, 2012
    The only hint people need is NOT to buy the game. Only way you will get Bioware to take notice of all the crap that is wrong with their series..creatively and technically. Ending terrible..Engine framerate terrible on PS3. No excuse for these companies anymore..its the greedy people at the top of the food chain taking advantage of the consumer by cutting back talented people. Heck I even loved the terminator boss in ME2..what happened to that? Gamers, consumers, unite and stay clear of anything Bioware puts out in the future.

    Save your money and buy the art book instead. It will be worth something down the road..more then this game ever will be. Only praise goes to the artists who did a magnificent job in creating the universe..hell even Bioware didn't credit them in the book.
  30. Sep 9, 2012
    I score reviews based on how I feel about the game after finishing it, and it is very, very difficult to see past the terrible ending, multiple plot holes, and the utterly stupid "big reveal" of the Reaper's motives in Mass Effect 3. The ending, coupled with the Day 1 DLC (which is wrong no matter how you spin it) really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The way it's presented makes no sense whatsoever and runs completely counter to the idea that your choices throughout the game matter. The ME series spans 5+ years of generally excellent media, and for it to end in a three way deus ex machina like it did is just mind blowing. It sucks saying that, because the 90% of the game leading up to the end is really, really good, even if it played more like a 'best of' compilation than a completely new game. A quick note about the multiplayer: it's *kind of* good, but in other ways it's really, really bad. Gameplay wise it's a fun (if overpowered), Halo-esque shooter, but the community is beyond terrible, kicking players who are just starting out or have a low N7 score, and verbally berating those who either do too well or too poorly. Also, based on what happened to Mercenaries 2 when EA shut down it's servers, I have little hope for the future of ME3. Expand
  31. Mar 12, 2012
    I loved Mass Effect 1&2, but it ends there. Mass Effect 3 has got to be the biggest letdown in video game history. This game is nothing like the first 2. It's actually pretty straight forward, zero to no exploration, the mini games are gone & forming a space crew has gotten stale. The only thing this game has is great graphics, other than that it's garbage. BORING.
  32. Apr 1, 2012
    So I had been following all the hype around this game prior to its release and had bought into it all because, and I'm certain even the disappointed will agree, this was by far the most engaging video game ever made. Even ME 3 was an amazing experience, the whole quarian vs geth storyline and the conclusion of it was easily the most powerful sub plot in a game i've ever experienced. The ending though... what a grumble inducing affair it was! It was clearly rushed... even if this had been a single game that ending would not have sufficed. Bur for a trilogy, its down right criminal to end with a five minute cut scene. There had to have been a fully playable epilogue chapter. Shepard's death in itself wasn't the disappointment it was more the callousness with which this legend we had been building for years was abandoned is what broke all the hearts. Shepard dying is a fitting option for sure, adding invaluably to the replayability of the whole series. But bioware seriously needed to take a leaf from the RDR book wherein the protag dies in the penultimate chapter allowing for closure for the ones left behind. Ofcourse for those players who managed to make the decision throughout the series to keep Shepard alive in the end would be awarded with shepard as the Protag of the final/epilogue chapter as well. Alas, Bioware has dropped the ball on that opportunity and even if they come out with a DLC fixing this problem it will not hold the same value or meaning.
    Having said that, the game itself is remarkable and kudos to Bioware for undertaking this mystifying journey and bringing us along for the ride. In all honesty the plotline of the ME series has never been as strong as the subplots and relationships and feeling of camaraderie that the game was able to bring to players and as far as those attributes are concerned, let me just say that even though i sided with the geth initially, the very next day, after a sleepless night haunted by visions of Tali's heartbreaking death, i simply had to go back and kill the geth of instead. And its not just Tali... Garruss, and Liara... Mordin and Wrex... Ashley and Miranda and joker and Kelly and even EDI... these were more than just team mates, they were real friends who my shepard cared about and who cared about him. No one has ever been able to do that before, it is a feeling exclusive to the ME series and a feeling that i will crave to feel again until someone take the ME formula and improves on it to deliver a the masterpiece this game was until they botched up the climax. All in all, it was one hell of an experience and it would have been all that much better had Bioware given the time and effort to the ending that this game deserved. Even so i'm grateful for the effort they did put in. Now they need to work on a new ME series, one set in the aftermath of this one. They need to do it soon and they need to do it right.
  33. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. At first I was wondering why the game had such a bad fan review, the game was amazing, I did not care that there was day 1 DLC the combat system was an improvement over mass effect 2, there were more guns to chose from and the graphics were improved. then I got to the last 5 minutes of the game and I find out they did a copy of Deus Ex's ending where all the choices you chose in mass effect 1, 2 and 3 did not matter at all. thank you bioware for wasting 60+ hours of my life and making me spend over $200 on this trilogy that i cant play anymore now that I know the game ends so poorly. If bioware puts a patch that fixes the awful endings (like bethisda did for fallout 3) I would give this game a 10/10.

    -GAMEPLAY 10/10
    -GRAPHICS 9/10 (a bit to dark at some points)
    -STORY(other than ending) 8/10 (would have been a 10/10 if they gave you more chat options like in previous mass effect games)
    -ONLINE 7/10 (it was ok and it came with a story the same length of other mass effects so it can be ignored)
    -ENDING 0/10 (wtf was bioware thinking? this also removes any chances of a new trilogy after this because the mass relays are destroyed.)
  34. Mar 10, 2012
    I really didn't like this game. I don't know what else to say. The writing was mediocre at best, the gameplay was worse the first two, and it was generally bad.
  35. Mar 7, 2012
    Best game in my favorite gameseries of all time. there are truly few games whose story has a real soul to it. I laughed cried and often found myself just sitting there smiling at what happened at the screen. And for me it simply does not get any better.
  36. Mar 9, 2012
    I was looking forward to Mass effect 3.
    On steam. Since i don't fancy installing the Origin spyware (One that scans your pc to find out all the other games you are using, then adds them to your origin account to stop you using steam?) I Shall not bother.
    As soon as people close their wallets to a company like EA that pumps out DRM after DRM after DRM and RUINS series, the world will be a
    better place.
    R.I.P Command and Conquer
    R.I.P Mass Effect

    Oh and do you remember classics such as Theme Hospital? Dungeon Keeper? EA killed off Bullfrog entertainment, Westwood studios, Maxis. I wonder what games we would have seen from them now if they hadn't been gulped up?
  37. Mar 9, 2012
    Game opens with a showstopper bug. It has to get a zero for now. If you have played Mass Effect 1 and 2, you will be shocked when, upon waiting for over two years for the finale, you load it up and the first thing it tells you is it can't import your main character's face. Continuity with the main character's storyline and appearance naturally was a main selling point of the series. While zero may be a low score, it represents its current unplayability. It's like the third chapter in a movie where the lead actor has been replaced by an unknown. There is no way this wasn't known at Bioware/EA. It was suppressed. They lied to their customers point blank about a major whopper of a defective feature. Apparently, I've heard they're blocking people who call attention to the issue on their Facebook. Anyone sick of corporate fraud with no accountability should understand why having this arrive and be unplayable requires a zero rating. Expand
  38. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've always been a Bioware fan. I loved KOTOR, Jade Empire, Dragon Age Origins and the first two Mass Effect games. I consumed them. They shaped me into the gamer I am today. In fact ME2 was the first full retail game I've ever gotten every achievement on. And even with my hesitation after Dragon Age: Awakenings and 2 (which I enjoyed...but didn't particularly care for), I eagerly preordered my CE 360 version of Mass Effect 3. My reasons for going on and on about is this is because I'm trying to stress I've always loved Bioware because I could always count on them on delivering a solid, enjoyable story that while I may not like...I could always respect. What happened Bioware? Let me explain. First off, I can only imagine the technical and programming finesse it would require to fully interpret EVERY player decision one has made in the prior two ME games. I get it, it would be logistically horrific. So I honestly expected some dumbing down. I expected some character interactions between my crew members to be slightly "off" due to some normalization for the public. But what surprised me was how greatly a shift in "spirit" this game seemed to be. While in the past two games, the illusion of choice was always well managed, making you the player feel like you were Shepard. You had the choices, even if they were in reality a carefully constructed plan. In 3, it feels like its just been stripped down a little. Renegade and paragon choices dont quite seem to have as much the significant impact as prior two games did. And if you personally had wanted to follow a particular path in ME2 that you were hoping to lead into ME3? Well good luck with that. What happened to your ME2 crew? Granted I understand that Shepard voluntarily surrendered, but am I to really believe that pretty much all your crew just said, "Later!" without fighting for him/her? Another thing in regards to this that particularly chafes me is how they handled love interests. Liara, Ashley/Kaidan and then Tali/Garrus all get some screen time and have some resolution. Sucks for you if you chose Jack, Miranda, Thane or Jacob. While Thane DOES have a particularly nice resolution that is touching; Jack, Miranda and Jacob are pretty much SOL. Still, despite all that, I enjoyed the game. In fact I've been up till 5AM every morning the past week until this morning (8AM) to finish. And I loved it. Until the last 8 or so minutes. Every illusion of choice that Bioware gave to the players to make me love this series was ultimately thrown against the wall and beaten with a stick. Three ambiguous outcomes? Really? If the point of the past two games was making a Shepard of OUR be able to choose how we wanted our galaxy to rise(or fall)...don't you think the players would have liked to have more input then what you gave us? The equivalent of close your eyes and pick a door? I loved ME. I loved ME2 more. I played every class, both Shepard and FemShep. And now? I dont know if I even want to try ME3 with my other saves beyond the first one. What's the point if all our actions in the end amount to nothing? To be fair. There were things I did like. Mordin's resolution on Tuchanka was amazing and masterfully crafted. As the first "big" surprise of the game for me, it got my blood pumping thinking about what the rest of the game had in store for me. Thane's resolution on the citadel was also to me very well crafted. I loved exploring some more of the personalities of the various races inhabiting the ME realm. I enjoyed seeing how some of my actions in previous games came to fruition in ME3. Bioware. I still believe in you. I will still give you my money if you want it. But know that you are breaking the very things that I loved about you. My faith in your abilities as storytellers.

    TLDR: If this was just a random RPG, I would be happy. I'd give it a seven or eight. But this is Mass Effect. It's big budget and well made. But I've run into a few technical glitches and the plot just doesn't seem as strong as the first two. And the ending sucked any nerd happiness I had right out of me. I don't mind a sad ending. I was kind of expecting a sad ending. Not a bad one.
  39. Mar 7, 2012
    My earlier review was removed... I don't know why, it contained no spoilers, profanities, hate speech, or anything that would violate Metacritics strict terms and conditions.

    I am only guilty of giving this game a 10 out of 10. Because it is another excellent addition to BioWares already incredible franchise!
  40. Mar 6, 2012
    ok firstly all of the 0's jus what the hell is wrong with you people barely any game deserves a zero truely terrible games maybe a 2 or 3 but a zero for a game that is this brilliant even if you dislike it, it should at least be a 5 and secondly in my opinion this is one of the best games ever and a perfectly brilliant and satisfying ending to one of the best trilogies gaming has ever seen this is why i give a 10/10 Expand
  41. Mar 6, 2012
    This game is excellent - not sure what others are trying to do with low scores.
    Like really? What's the end game here? Hurt a good developer?

    Clearly Bioware put a lot of love into the finale. Great story - refined gameplay - nvidia 3D looks incredible. Psyched my girlfriend can try the 'narrative only' mode. They've filled a void in the sci-fi universe - something between blade runner
    and star wars. Not through the entire game - but level of polish, combined with great story, puts it on track for a 9 or above. Expand
  42. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware has done it again folks. The conclusion to one of the greatest stories ever told is here and it does not disappoint. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you care and it will make you think. No game that I know can meet its match. In the end, you cant really put a score on a game like this. Sure, there maybe technical hiccups here and there, but its Bioware's ability to make you forget these problems even exist and fully put you in a world where everything is at stake. Id go further in depth but I don't really feel that I need to. The game says everything that needs to be said. Expand
  43. Mar 6, 2012
    i guess me3 is aite

  44. Mar 7, 2012
    So far the interface is incredible, it feels very cinematic, and the degree to which your actions affect the story line is amazing. I recommend this game to any RPG enthusiasts as well as to anybody that like first person shooters. Beautiful and awesome in its scope.
  45. Mar 8, 2012
    to all of you who gave this game a low score: what did you expect form a story based action rpg? the main focus of this game has always been its great storyline and his awesome characters which are obviously awesome again. the mechanics weren't good in the previous games and they obviously aren't good in this one. but if you didn't expect that... i kinda feel sorry for your slow-wittedness. after all this game is great and i'm thanking bioware for another great story based game... btw i think after playing the whole series i wouldn't call it an action rpg. i think it's more of a tpg (TalePlayingGame) with rpg elements. Expand
  46. Mar 8, 2012
    Welcome to the future of Bioware.. It really seems that all those guys which know what they were doing left Bioware and were replaced by characters inspired by the movie "Ideocracy". There is that otaku women responsible for the romances which probably is a virgin and who seems to have a yaoi (gay male romances) fetish. Than there is that crazy dude I saw in a DA2 video and who came up with the "awesome button". And there is probably one EA suit dude who is never without his statistics why call of duty is so successful and who spams his opinion in every meeting that more explosions are needed. And with those 3 responsible for game design, ME3 is what we got. Lots and lots of gay romances, just as much explosions, and the evolution of the "awesome button", the "awesome does all button"! And it really is awesome when you try to run away and instead take cover with your back exposed to the enemy! Yet just like with DA2, the most "awesome" button is the one which removes this **** from your hdd! Expand
  47. smb
    Mar 8, 2012
    Excellent, a very very good game, I have playes mass effect 1 and 2 and if you like them, you should play it whit no doubt .
  48. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is my first and last review of a game on this site, but I felt that this needed to be said.
    I have been a Mass Effect fan since the beginning. The story roped me in and I was hooked since the first game. It was innovative and creative, and it showed a growing maturity to gaming. ME2 came out and added in TPS elements, and I am not the type of person that really cares about adding in TPS elements into a game. I have been a TPS person for a long time. ME2 was incredible and extended the story with great depth and big impact for your choices during it. This game has ruined Bioware for me. The dialogue was ok and the fighting was great but, I agree with so many others that say that all of your choices don't matter. When I saw the ending, that is a rip-off of Deus Ex, the controller dropped out of my hand. I couldn't believe that this game, that was supposed to care about every one of my decisions, came down to what flavor of Listerine I wanted to shovel out into the galaxy. The ending was ridiculously simplistic. It has no depth other than being gothy cool. Trust us, Bioware, we have grown up and know that gothy cool is a bunch of crap. You need to grow up and get away from your teenage angst. This series hinged on the ending, and that ending should have had at least an epilogue for each of the living characters. I would have settled for text if you are too cheap for cut scenes. Instead we got Joker taking what is left of the crew to Eden or whatever. Shepard dies in all but 2 endings, and his LI is not even mentioned. Maybe I'm getting old, but for a game that makes you care about characters, it doesn't. It makes you make one of three horrific decisions, and hurt almost everyone in the process. That is not being grown up, that is being sadistic. We invested time, it requires tons of effort and a 40 hour work week to get this thing done properly. We have all given hundreds of hours preparing our Shepards for ME3. This is all we get, this isn't innovative, this is lazy and immature. This is like a college kid doing a ton of research, and then putting together his final paper the day it is due and doing a sloppy job. The professor isn't going to give you an "A" for what you did earlier in your research, they are going to give you an "F" for screwing up your paper. It is so sad that a series with so much potential is squandered at the last moment. By the way, we got the politics that you are constantly shoving down our throats during the entire game. It was not subtle, it was unnecessary. I'm giving this a zero because of plagiarism of Deus Ex ending, on top of the cruel way you treated your customers. If you are a fan of ME and played the other two, don't bother with this one, it isn't worth the money.
  49. Mar 8, 2012
    this game is great i love the dialogue and the memorable characters returning and the multiplayer is a great addition to the mass effect series and has rich environments to discover
  50. Mar 8, 2012
    This game is such a massive disappointment. It was not worth the wait. Animations are still clunky. Humans still look horrible. Lazy usage of stock images. Forced drama at every turn. Why bother? Don't buy this game.
  51. Mar 8, 2012
    The Story arch is not a fitting end to the series.
    Multiplayer is a requirement for unlocking 25% of the ending content.
    The weapon choices are 75% useless. 1-2 best choices in every category.
    Battles are heavily scripted and generally very good, occasionally scripting problems, like enemies popping into existence.
    Plot relies heavily on cut scenes, which are often extremely frustrating
    and invalidate player choices.
    Bioware keeps currency mini-game which is often nonsensical.
    Pacing is awful. No sense of urgency. Game often punishes player for not performing fed-ex style quests.
    RPG system feels tacked on to a mediocre shooter.
  52. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ugh, where to begin.
    day 1 dlc with its 2012 and it looks like a launch title for the 360
    characters are extremely one dimensional, and never show any sign of development
    all choice in the game was between red or blue text in a convo
    well at least the series is over, and they can't hype it up more. although I'm sure they will find a way to milk this IP for years to come.
  53. Mar 8, 2012
    Here we go again Bioware. In an attempt to appeal to the masses you alienate the base. Brushing aside my problems with character loads, glicthces, game play and lackluster story development, you decide to go the way of political correctness and interject as much Homo mumbo jumbo into it as possible to appeal to a niche audience. Simply ridiculous that the gaming industry (long immune to this type of BS) have finally decided to sell out. This is the last dollar you get from me. Expand
  54. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Forget most of the things that made the first game great and the second game decent. Gone is the excellent interaction with your squad (but you can improve it if you spend $200 on a Kinect!). The Tali reveal is just a photo on your desk, not an in-game character graphic showing her face. Instead of going with what made the series great, they're trying to catch the players who love first-person shooter multiplayer games, quick cash grabs with pay-for content on the release date, etc. Hey maybe they'll release some interaction with Tali without her suit if only you spend some extra $$$.

    I honestly don't know how Bioware became so disconnected from what has made their games great for the last 15 years. I've purchased and played almost every game that they've published: Baldur's Gate (1 and 2, plus expansions), Neverwinter Nights (1 and 2, and expansions), Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age (1 and 2, plus expansions), Mass Effect (1 and 2, plus expansions).

    I'm not saying they don't deserve to make money, but can they really be so clueless as to not realize how their longtime fans would react to pay-to-play content available on the release date of the game?! Releasing that content for free would have been the equivalent of free positive advertising, instead of the negativity that it did generate. Unless they remember what made their games great, and realize that making great games, first and foremost, will lead to great sales, I probably won't be playing any more of their games.
  55. Mar 8, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 delivers in all respects. This game is truly firing on all cylinders, gameplay, characterization, plotting, action, everything! I fail to understand all the negative ratings, that really seem to be more out of spite that the game didn't fit into what were there preconceived "notions" than actual reasonable criticisms of the game itself. Because, let's face it people, Mass Effect 3 probably won't be topped again in 2012. Or 2013. Or 2014. Etc. Releasing dlc on the release date of the game is a money grab, but it doesn't make the game bad. The number of fallacies that contradicts is astounding. Expand
  56. Mar 9, 2012
    The game simply falls short of expectation. If ME3 was a standalone game, it would be deserving of an 8 or 9, but Bioware had many reusable assets from the previous two games (engine, textures, character models, etc.), and it felt like all they did was add new dialogue to complete the trilogy. - Huge plot holes from the beginning
    - $10 DLC that's worth about $2 and should have been
    included with the game
    - Lack of character depth left me not caring about deaths
    - Reaper interaction was extremely limited
    - The galaxy, citadel, and things to do felt smaller than the previous games
    - 26 hours including DLC, side missions, and war assets

    This game could have been a lot more. I'm not hating on the series. I loved it as a whole, but the final installment left me feeling indifferent and was not the climactic ending I was anticipating. Perhaps I let the hype build my expectations too high, but I think it has more to do with the game being stripped of mechanics with each installment and publishers wanting to crank out profits every 1-2 years rather than letting developers invest time on quality.
  57. Mar 28, 2012
    The only true thing that should ever be fixed about Mass Effect 3 is not just the end but the last mission. The whole last hour of the game seems rushed and unfinished whereas the rest of the game is well done. Adding a new ending wont change the fact they released the game with this ending and people wont forget they can forgive but not forget.
  58. Mar 9, 2012
    I signed up just to rate this game! I am giving it a 5 because multi-player is kind of fun. But dear Bioware, after Dragon Age 2 and now Mass Effect 3, please be aware you are in risk of losing your hard core audience - people like me who basically buy every single Bioware game they can get their hands on. It is disingenuous to claim multi-player is optional and then make it literally impossible to get the best ending without playing multi-player. Really bad. I am not the multi-player type and if your multi-player was just a bit worse, I would have rated you zero. I invested hundreds of hours in this character and now to find myself being told that I have to play multi-player, something I do not want to do for getting the best ending is sad. Expand
  59. Mar 9, 2012
    Game is AMAZING! Many emotions, many drive. Find story like in Mass Effec!. Find so fantastic emotions! Find so amazing EPIC You can't find it in Skyrim or Amalur. Free world is not better than GREAT story! So many agressive! Why? Gamers, WAKE UP! Stop it. This game survive is better than 5! It is a LEGEND.
  60. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Like many of you I was a big fan of the mass effect series. I always looked forward to each new game, and ME3 was no different. To me, this is one of the most emotionally involving series I've played. Bio-ware certainly seemed to be on a role, allowing us to tailor commander shepherd into who we wanted him to be. Then, when all seems to be going well, you think "yes I've finally made it to the end, lets see what this effort has been worth." I'm left with two main options and a third depending on what i have done, all of which ultimately ends up with the demise of this character I've become so invested in. Some may call this good storytelling ,but is all that build up necessary just for a complete let down? All I, and from what I've seen over the web, many others wanted was a satisfying conclusion to the series. This is not the case...I just feel almost as if this story has been pointless, all that just to realize (with the option i chose) I've kicked everyone back to the stone age (Plus all those races landlocked on earth,unable to return to their own worlds with the loss of the relays). A happier ending would have brought more thorough closure to what good have been a great finale. Expand
  61. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I loved the game and there are many emotional parts to the story but the ending is not one of them.

    It broke the game's reality so bad which is why the score is tentatively set to 0.

    The big bad's logic works like this (You must choose between Red, Green, Blue options that I have setup for you)

    Their whole reason to kill all organics and "uplift them" is to prevent organics from making synthetic life that wipes out organics. (Logical failure is that by uplifting the organics they are making them into synthetic lifeforms that go about every cycle killing all the organics...)

    There is also a lot of space magic where the mass effect itself apparently can rewrite dna to be cyborg, needed to give reapers instructions, hyper selective anti-tech disintegration
  62. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 endings were like eating a beautifully decorated and tasty 3 layer cake and finding a big fat **** in the last bite. Seriously this ruined any replay value for me. Expand
  63. Mar 12, 2012
    Story, Characters, plot elements, cut scenes..all uninspiring. Combat even on hardcore settings is lack luster. Graphics are not that much improved over Mass Effect 2. Despite that, I loved the game, right up until the end. The very things that made me give most of the game a pass as I played through it, the time I'd invested in Sheapard, my love of the other charactors, my fealing of consequences for my actions; were all thrown away at the end. There are people that hate the ending for what it reveals about the reapers, and what "choices" You get to make. But even putting that asside, the feal is off, the quick ending cenimatics are hollow quick...impart no real informations. The game ends but I'm not sure what actualy happened, or if I even care anymore. Mass Effect 3, poorly exectued and contrived, First Day DLC: unforgivable..and Here is a Spoiler for you, They flash a little datapad up on the screen that says keep playing and spending your money buying are DLC's..excuse me? You leave me fealing robbed, then tell me not to worry because you'll be back for more money later?
    Mass're dead to me, such a loss :-/
  64. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The capstone ot the Mass Effect trilogy does not end with a bang, but rather a whimper. You chase the impossible, beating every enemy in your path, you save (or condemn) entire civilizations, but in the end none of it matters. With a beam of light (you choose the color) the galaxy dies, the saga ends and your every hope comes to naught. Save the Geth, kill the krogan, renegade or Paragon, you will see the same choices as any other permutation of Shepard. What happens after the finale is anyone's guess as the game ends with a subtle command to "Buy the DLC!". There is no closure, there is only shiny lights and a ghostly child. Expand
  65. Mar 12, 2012
    I realize giving this game a 0 may seem overly harsh, and yes, normally I would agree that any game that is playable deserves above this score. However I feel Mass Effect 3 deserves this because the game seems to have been designed with the goal of setting up incredible possibility with great gameplay, realization of plot arcs from ME1 and 2, and excellent story telling, only to self destruct. The ending of the game destroys any gamer with emotional involvement in the game, by giving them a whitewashed, uniform ending that it is GUARANTEED every other player got. Bioware made you believe that you were something special, only to strip it away and laugh as you were wondering what just happened. This game gets a 0, because it is the ONLY game I've ever played to destroy the re playability of other games for me. I'm not going to be able to touch Mass effect 1 or 2 again since I now know that whatever I do, it doesn't matter at all. Expand
  66. Mar 12, 2012
    Such a waste of a good series. This game is just simply terrible. Sprites and stock photos in a AAA game? Thats unforgivable. however the nail in the coffin for me was the fact that none of your choices matter at all. Massive disappointment.
  67. Mar 13, 2012
    This game is the most disappointing thing since Dragon Age 2. THe ending feels like a kick in the teeth to somebody who has loved this game series from the beginning.
  68. Mar 16, 2012
    Breaks cannon, massive plot holes, incomplete game. While this is the final chapter in one of my most cherished series, there is very little that remains after a botched ending that can be considered good.
  69. Mar 8, 2012
    Terrific addition to the series! Mass Effect 3 is a perfected version of the second game of the trilogy. Mass Effect 2 was terrific and one of the best games I've ever played. For them to be able to add another one to the series with better game play and a better plot is an amazing achievement. Small, yet likable additions have been made to the combat; such as powerful melee attacks, and far more maneuvering and dodging capabilities. In terms of the plot, the characters are always unique and interesting. Although at first glance it may seem tedious, talking to other members of your team never seems to get boring, as they all seem to have relatively interesting back stories. And ignoring the occasional cliches in the dialogue, credit should also be given to the voice actors, who conveyed emotions extremely well.

    Some of the most important improvements to game lie in the character customization. Now, players can customize weapons and armor far more extensively. A large variety of perks are available which can improve any characteristics of the weapons and armor. Shops are now available inside the player's own ship, which makes it far less laborious to buy upgrades to weapons and armor.
  70. Mar 10, 2012
    All I have to say on this matter.

    These reviews... they're some of the best trolling I've ever seen! Marvelous. As for the game, it's very good. It also has a poor framerate.
  71. Mar 8, 2012
    I love it, gotten goosebumps playing this game more than I can ever recall from a video game. Seeing how so many characters that I care about have grown, is fantastic. I love the job the writers did with many of the characters. Certain ones that I felt lacked emotion early on in the series and didn't like as much as others, really seem to have evolved. Very pleased with Mass Effect 3.
  72. Mar 12, 2012
    Boy I never thought I would have to rate a mass effect game below a 9, but in all honestly, I loved the game up until the very end, yes they did dumb it down quite a bit from ME1, and even that was acceptable to me. But the ending was so atrocious that after I just kept thinking "WTF just happened" in my head. I also felt like one of the coolest thing about bioware games, the moral choices you are presented with, were completely pointless, the ending I recieved had absolutely nothing to do with any of my choices, nor did it make any sense what so ever. I will gladly state that I would of rather of seen a cliche action movie ending than what I saw.

    PS. I've played both KOTOR 1/2, DA 1/2, Jade Empire, and ME 1/2/3, I'm not a bioware hater considering I've pretty much bought every game they've made for the last 10 years, it's just shameful how bad the ending was...
  73. Mar 12, 2012
    A) This game is fantastic and a lot of fun to play.
    B) The entire experience is ruined by that fact that you cannot import your character from previous games.

    If an entire trilogy is predicated on carrying a custom character across all games in the series, it's both laughable and offensive to fans that the third game would not permit that same custom face to be brought forward. Yes,
    it's possible to recreate your custom face using the editor. No, it's not fun and a major strike against BioWare quality assurance. Expand
  74. Mar 12, 2012
    Well all the hopes i had for the 3rd game, after the dissapointment of the second, were for nothing. Instead of going back to what made the first game in the series great, Bioware created an even more dumbed down version of the game in an attempt to wow the masses. Cutscene, Cutscene, Cutscene, dull combat, rinse and repeat. Add to that a co-op mode that you are almost forced to play if you want the "best" possible ending in the single player and it's clear that Bioware just wants to keep copies out of the second hand market. This game has gone down the path of Dragon Age. a great concept, but a bad implementation. Expand
  75. Mar 19, 2012
    Well i will start by saying that im amazed that critics scored this game nearly perfect but not many went into detail about ending, never mention it @ all or simply (and boldly) allowed readers to think the game was great from start to finish, then i happened 2 go "outside the bubble" and found smaller, more obscure reviews and the score factored in that the ending was "literary suicide" as one wrote. as quoted by r. ebert "if you had to ask what it symbolized, then it didnt" and i can say that this very much sums up the ending, struck in awe like many, i wasnt even sure if i had beat the game and had to check mt trophy in order to sort out if i did. thats just it, i felt like i did not know what had just happened and had to wait for the credits to scroll to know its over,and so i convince myself that ok maybe i just did not see the right ending and maybe i got the bad ending, "yes that must be it, w/ so many endings i must have screwed up along the way and got the bad ending" come to find out i got the desired and the most "definative" ending.. so then i go back and replay the mission etc and all the other endings are pretty much identical beside a different color or "end sequence" which consisted of a minute or so animation of walking another direction etc. i wont get into conspiracy theories or anything which is out of context but its kind of hard not to fall prey or offer self to some distraction or debate because we not only invested time, we invested emotion.. hours upon hours of carefully making right choices for a desired import etc, and for what? if i kind of got a heads up from critics that "decisions do not play as significant a role in mass 3 as it did in the prior 2" then i wouldve been able to prepare,lol.. but we are hearing words like art, story telling masterpiece also we were told by bioware that this would have multiple endings, a deeper consequence/decision mechanic, an end which would the opposite from lost, well no it may actually take the belt away from lost for the wtf just happened moment but the fact is that i shouldve known that a game which has a formula that works almost seamlessly, based primarily on decisions as well as story driven sequences which make the gamer care, think and DECIDE, it works so good that while i played every mass efect i made every decision carefully to prep my shep for the import into the next game, so if i am playing a game and already thinking of the next one then the system is almost flawless imo.. BUT it is obvious E.A had a bit of influence and brings me back to my point with this "formula", they deserted it and decided for MASS APPEAL rather than mass effect and i noticed this during the demo and how much emphasis was put on how one can play the game how one wishes and that the game can be toggled to suit any style, dont like stories? choose combat.. hate decisions? well you can toggle that too.. but wait, isnt that the part of mass effect which makes it like few others? and isnt that what i have spent many hours doing to have a desired and effective playthrough as well as end? was it just me or did it feel silly to scan planets this time around? as to say "hey dont want to waste time scanning for elements, well we fixed that too" huh? call me a loser, call me what you want BUT i enjoyed taking my time scanning for minerals and elements and launching probes with a feeling of purpose, because that was one of the many things which made me love this game, felt like what i did mattered and fulfilling. i can understand E.A 's stance from a business perspective, their knowledge and tactics of knowing that the fanbase of mass effect are going to buy this game regardless so lets find some fresh blood, but did the solid core and fan base have to feel jipped, let down, disappointed, confused and as well as angry in exchange for new profits/gains? well the core, the fans well we are mass effect. it breaths because we let it, we let it because it was great ,brought quality and emotion and stood apart from many other games and the exp was one like few others. but as much respect a game/developer may get through time can be undone in ten minutes.. i can not say that mass effect 3 was a bad game, but after putting in hours of decisions, careful choices to have it not effect anything in regards to the end , other than the war assets and "co-op"readiness , well i feel like it was more of a "okay hurry up and get this over with and go play co-op after" the fact remains that mass effect 3 is still a solid game, but an ending which was promised to be the finale we dream about also being admittedly rushed well how does anything rushed ever result to anything other than sub par to par? a game is about the exp, mass effect is about a unique and gripping exp BUT the end ruined both.. its obvious a lot has changed in the gaming industry in the past 5 years, mass effect supports this in every respect, reapers went from FEAR INDUCING to PAWNS Expand
  76. Mar 6, 2012
    well im about 15 hours in and so far not so good. there are some technical issues on consoles but i guess that could be overlooked if the game looked a bit nicer, but ya the graphics are not that good especially the face and mouth work,which normally would not be a big deal but ME3 focuses a lot on character interaction and watching npc robot faces all with such similar voices too.ughhh. on pc im sure it will look considerably better but not on consoles.the combat is good and it seems they really focused on that instead of the story.....o the story.....its ok i guess but not anywhere as good as the final mass effect deserves and is incredibly easy....i dont know why game developers are making games with no challenge anymore.....why have a difficulty setting when only a retard would struggle with anything less than hard.....i guess people want an interactive movie more than a real game with challenge. multiplayer is pretty good but nothing we havent seen before in other big games. i keep reading that all the questions left open from the other games would be answered.....but sadly that does not seem to be the case, so far any attempt at this is has been short and dry. i really hope this picks up as i progress right now its pretty disappointing and from what i hear of the different endings (that they suck and rip off the first dues ex game) that disappointment seems like it may continue to the end Expand
  77. Mar 8, 2012
    This was an unfortunate step backward for the franchise, it's lost a large amount of its charm. Now mind you, this isn't as bad as the whole Dragon Age 2 fiasco, but Mass Effect was once a magical experience. That feeling of a fun sci-fi rpg has been cast aside for an action movie pornography that tries too hard to have a great story and in the process became a mediocre B movie. The animations do not look like that of a triple A title and its now Gears of War in Space, except with dialogue and romance options. If I wanted to play a visual novel I would Bioware. The game is heavily flawed and one could see why it's being so poorly received, the overly positive reviews are incredibly unsettling and makes me disgusted to see these gamers through away their dignity and integrity to defend a game and company, who do not deserve to be defended. Expand
  78. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have loved the Mass Effect Series from day one. The first Mass Effect was a masterpiece. The second one built even more on to that solid frame. Mass Effect 3 was just a step back in the series. The gameplay was fun and I did enjoy the interactions with former and current squad members (R.I.P Mordin and Thane). This game however just ruined the entire with its ending. The first reason is that your decisions over the entire series means nothing in the end. It all boils down to three choices. After all that hard work I put into the entire series I felt like it didn't matter. Next the ending makes no damn sense. It so far out there I felt blind sided. As a Mass Effect fan I feel betrayed by Bioware for making this game and honestly I think EA is what ruined it. EA has ruined the Mass Effect series and they are ruining the gaming industry as a whole. EA and Bioware owes everyone who bought this game an apology. Expand
  79. Mar 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the latest installment of Biowareâ
  80. Mar 8, 2012
    ME3 killed the franchise. The plot is linear and it lacks of depth. Decisions you made in ME1 and ME2 do not influence any story structure of ME3. The only outcome of those decision is the boring "readiness" value. Totally disappointing ending and epilogue. Why the reaper keep the extinction cycle? Most puzzle are not answered in ME3. The Crucible? It's totally a story disaster, which killed the atomsphere of the whole plot. Expand
  81. Mar 8, 2012
    Good combat, much more tactical than in previous titles and of course multi-player. And very bad narrative. The main rule of story-writing is obvious - the more the better. It resulted an enormous amount the cutscenes, most with badly written and boring dialogs. The shortcuts in dialog system imply better quality of writing. Unfortunately, Bioware has failed this as there is hardly a handful of cutscenes which are able to make an impression on the player. It more looks like space soap opera, than AAA-movie. Expand
  82. Mar 8, 2012
    I really like the campaign setting of the world, and first and second part, I took great pleasure. But the third part ... it's a nightmare.
    The second part was good, even if it had some flaws. They were small and inconspicuous. Here they just did catch the eye.
    Shepard. The hero, twice saved the galaxy, put ashore. What the hell? As the Alliance could write off the hero of the galaxy,
    and perhaps the spectrum at the beach? But okay, the plot error. But the animation is running, oh, I do not want to see ...

    That boy, burn him in hell. Yes, he died. It is sad. BUT WHY THEY CURSE OF NIGHTMARES! I am extremely furious when Shepard was walking slowly on the forest. Just do not Mass Effect, and The Path.

    An incredible stubbornness of quarians. No matter what the galaxy is almost captured the reapers, WE WREST HOMEWORLD URA-A-AA COMRADES!

    And, of course, the ending. It's just terrible. Damn you, writers Bioware! Boy catalyst, oh, that was invented. You have killed the game. You burn in hell.
  83. Mar 8, 2012
    This game is a DISGRACE to the Mass Effect series and Bioware are a DISGRACE of a developer. They have totally ripped the RPG elements out of this game to make it a FLASHY BANG shooter for the ignorant mainstream and have betrayed their loyal fanbase. The dialogue with squad members all gets the Kasumi/Zaeed treatment which is a DISGRACE to RPG fans. All this series is now is a mediocre third person shooter without ANY of the RPG elements that made this series successful. I absolutely hate Bioware now and will be boycotting them from now on. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. The 'professional' critics have been bribed to give this game high scores. IT IS A DISGRACE TO RPG's. Expand
  84. Mar 8, 2012
    I use to be a fan of the series. Then i took a arrow in the knee... In all seriousness this series was my favorite for awhile (next to the elderscrolls) And I like most people believed the hyped. I got the day 1 release but then something dawned on me while i was playing it. This is no longer an RPG space opera... This is a 3rd person cover based shooter much like gears of war (although a lot crappier). Now don't get me wrong i love gears but this isn't gears this was mass effect... Allow me to quote the back of the game cover. "If you're not a fan now's the time to start." Mass appeal ruined this trilogy. If your into shallow choices that mean nothing and really like playing a crappy cover based shooter then this is your game. *SPOILER* The ending (all of them) SUCK Expand
  85. Mar 8, 2012
    I don't think the game really did anything special to begin with. The space opera story is here yet again with an uninteresting plot and dull characters. I don't see any appeal in saving the galaxy in a poor made game with dialogues that are too dumb and unfunny and with lack of anything interesting going on. It's like watching a crappy movie at 4 a.m. and not giving a s*** about what's going on! Action is subpar and, you know, there is just nothing that could save this crappy game from being a total disaster. Expand
  86. Mar 9, 2012
    Don't get me wrong, this game is playable and I'm sure if you had no standards or simply didn't care you could pick up this game and have a midly enjoyable experience. BUT the atrocities EA and Bioware committed mean I cannot give this game a decent rating with a good conscience. So what is so bad about this game? Let me tell you:
    1. Day 1 DLC: Whether it was EA or Bioware (Biowhore, if
    you will) that decided to take this course I don't know, but releasing DLC on the day of release, particularly DLC which is important to the plot, at 1/6 the price of the game itself is unforgivable in of itself. It seems they are laughing in our face as we shell out money for something that should have been on the disc, available to everyone. It is obvious that it was done simply to milk as much money out of the fans as possible.
    2. Casualisation: The game was geared towards Call of Duty players in order to cash in on the series' success, while abandoning the loyal fanbase. Not much else to say here.
    3. Shoddy Writing: Many uninformed people think that the attacks on the Bioware employee Jennifer Hepler was simply a display of hate for the sake of hate. While they certainly did go overboard, it wasn't without good reason. She was the physical manifestation of the quality of writing coming from Bioware. Examples: Dialogue is awkward, the ending is notoriously bad, after seeing so many people die and killing so many himself, Sephard is emotianally effected by the death of a random kid above all. Overall you would expect something better from a Naruto fanfiction. 4. Laziness of Bioware: For a big budget, triple A game you would expect a certain level of effort from the developers. Bioware, however seemed to have taken shortcuts left, right and centre. There are images circulating the internet which demonstrate this quite well. For example, Copying a stock image for the portrait of a character who dies in the game, and copying another 7? year old image lying around in the internet for the ending.
    5. Ininspired Multiplayer: Another cash-in, Wave survival modes have been done to death, nowadays every game seems to have one. It seems this was added in to artificially extend the life of the game and make an excuse for future half-assed DLC releases.
    6. Gay Sex: people reading this may call 'Hurr durr homophobe" - but wait to read my reasoning. Homosexuality IS a sin. Being implemented in such as fashion acts to 'casualise' it, pressing on the impressionable 13 year old minds (whose uninformed mothers will be buying this game) that it is fine and acceptable. I do not hate **** I care about them, just as I do any other person. For this reason I oppose it.
    Even if this is an attempt to cash-in with the gay audience rather than a political agenda, it gets in the way of the average straight player and does not belong. I do not want to have gay passes made to me by my squadmates when I'm playing a game.
    7. Reviewers are sellouts: This goes for every major game release nowadays, but is absolutely appalling. While I'm not implying that EA is necessarily directly paying reviewers to give the game good reviews (not that I'd put it past them) there is certainly a feel that if you don't give it a good review the publisher early access to future releases. I have heard of cases where people have lost their job because they wrote how the felt rather than what they were told to write. This is why I'm writing this review in fact - to help get a bit of truth out.
    Instead of a proper, objective review we are fed tripe with 10/10 would play again bs.

    Due to all these aformentioned problems with Mass Effect 3, I cannot take it seriously, thus it receives a score of 0/10. The only reason it has earned a 1 from me is because the Biodrone tears are absolutely delicious.
    Have a good day sirs.
  87. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ultimately no matter what path was chosen, what actions were taken, who lived and who died, at the end of this journey, all that remains is your ship and your crew abandon you. The first 95% of the game is amazing, its everything I hoped for and more. The last 5% is the biggest slap in the face imaginable. If you have invested 100's of hours from the first game until this one, you will be left stunned and appalled that none of the choices you made, none of the battles you fought, nothing you did in those 100's of hours ultimately pays off in any of the three endings you can pick from. With the three endings and the DLC on day 1, EA/Bioware show that fan support means nothing more than a dollar symbol to them. While most of the joy lays in the journey to the end of the game, there is no replay value at all in this game, because no matter what journey you take, the ends are all ultimately the same except for color variations and if synthetics live or die. Expand
  88. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ending 1 : Die
    Ending 2 : Die
    Ending 3 : Die
    Seriously EA and Bioware? I really waited 2 years for such a pathetic ending? I'm feeling hollow here. I just wanna burn my N7 T-Shirt. What a sad day for RPG's. Choices have no influence... BECAUSE YOU DIE WHATEVER WHAT YOU DO. What a let down.
  89. Mar 11, 2012
    The whole purpose of postponing release of the game was to further refine it. Unfortunately ME3 still seems to be rushed, especially towards the end. I agree with all the 'haters' out here on the fact that there were barely any consequences to many of the so called important decisions made in ME1 & ME2. At times it felt as if I'm playing a unrelated game altogether. I was quite disappointed to see the characters I appreciated (such as thane and jack) having such diminished roles in the game. As far as squadmates go, James and Ash were NOT suitable replacement. The priority missions, particularly the one in Rannoch, were a treat. Graphics wasn't a big improvement from ME2. Gameplay was impressive . Weight restrictions on equipment as well as the omnibalde were nice additions. All in all, I would have rated this game a modest 6/10 IF the last 10 minutes of the game NEVER HAPPENED. Ardent fans of the series who have yet to play this game should prepare for bitter disappointment. In my opinion Bioware could not have made a more horrible ending. After spending so much time on the trilogy and getting attached to your character as well as the NPCs , I feel cheated in the end. Without spoiling anything I will just say that no matter what you choose during the game, you will get almost the same ending. If I know how badly it ends no matter what I do then why should I set myself up for disappointment AGAIN and AGAIN? Therefore 'Replay Value" gets a very low score. I hope Bioware plans on fixing the endings with DLCs. After all, Commander Shepard deserves MORE! Expand
  90. Mar 11, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a big game with detailed universe and environment. But without Drew Karpyshyn story became too simple and dialogues are worse than in first ME game. Another consequence is ridiculous DRAMA, such as story line with the boy, dreams... All these moments looks very unnaturally and clumsy. I think that main problem of ME3 is that it became shooter with RPG elements, but honestly shooting never was the reason why everybody played in first Mass Effect. Expand
  91. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While most of the game was good. Many plot holes, killing of characters and not being able to save them unless you romanced them in ME2 like Miranda was bogus. Having your LI and crew mates mysteriously appear on the Normandy and the Normandy in a hyperspace jump for no reason and crash landing on a planet for no reason makes no sense. The endings were horrible 7 endings all the same only 1 where Shepard survives and none where she/he ends up with the crew or LI in the end. Shepard essentially just gives up and lets the AI controlling all the reapers tell her/him what to do. This is an insult to fans of video gaming and Mass Effect everywhere. Yes many parts again I say were good but just killing off a character because you didn't romance them was seriously stupid. If you befriended them, got their loyalty in ME2 then you should have a shot at saving them. Yeah... This game doesn't deserve such high reviews from users or critics. In fact it deserves to be thrown in with the worst games of the year because Bioware had 2 years to develop this game. They had 2 years to give us proper endings and instead they just told the fans to go screw themselves they no longer care about us. In the end your choices mean nothing. In the end if you romanced Liara and got the dialogue option to have little blue children with her means nothing. In the end when you tell your LI you love them it means absolutely nothing because your Shepard can't spend the rest of her/his life with said LI. Really bad writing and really bad execution overall. Then there is the auto dialogue, the lack of conversation wheel options that are replaced with renegade and paragon interrupts... They destroyed the series they built and then they have the gall to say "Oh play multiplayer to get the best ending" which is still a crappy ending. And they say "we can still use the universe for more stories." Well there won't be anymore stories without the mass relays since they are destroyed in all but 1 ending. Only way to do that is to set the next game up in the far far future where there are new ways to travel at FTL speeds or in the past before Humanity was in the galactic picture. Either way the game endings have screwed us over. Then there are the romance scenes between FemShep and Traynor. Traynor is in the shower in her underclothing. NO ONE showers like that unless drunk and someone is helping them. Then FemShep enters in her clothing too. That is shoddy romance scene right there. Use artistic filtering and have them out of their clothing but not showing any naughty bits. They can do that easily. Then the one with Liara and FemShep where Liara has no under clothing on but FemShep does. They could have easily removed said under clothing and easily made the naughty bits not seen by anyone. They did it in ME1 and the Traynor/FemShep scene there wasn't much breast shot in the bra anyways so it could have been done there too. Again... poor execution. This game should not have been released in this state. Bioware you've lost a customer. Expand
  92. Mar 11, 2012
    Take away the compelling story from the mass effect series and what are you left with? Most people would agree we're left with little more than a sub-par shooter. Bioware often gets a pass on this because the story elements are so strong and interesting. NOT THIS TIME OUT. The story and especially the incomprehensible nonsense ending make for a tale that sucks the awesome not only out of this game, but also out of the rest of the franchise which have been building up to an epic ending, where literally NONE of your choices throughout the entire series make an impact.

    Not having this strong story to keep you going, be prepared to suffer through this sub-par shooter.
  93. Mar 12, 2012
    Up until the last 15 minutes or so, this game is incredibly enjoyable. There were so many moments where I was up out of my chair rooting for characters, or solemnly watching someone sacrifice themselves. Having been a bit of a perfectionist in the previous 2 games, I set about playing this game with the same sort of vigour, making sure to check every single planet for war assets and scouring every level/area for anything that I could find. So it was with great sadness that in the end I discovered that all of these discoveries, and all of the choices made over the span of 3 games, were nothing more than a little number displayed on the screen. The 'endings' are very reminiscent of those presented in Deus Ex: HR, except at least in that game we get somewhat of an epilogue. Expand
  94. Mar 12, 2012
    Gutwrenching, unfortunately. For a long term fan (played ME1 and ME2 multiple times to tweak my actions) - I find myself extremely disappointed and frankly - let down by how this ended. The game plays well, but honestly - if you are a long term fan - I cannot suggest you go down the road of hopelesness where actions do not seem to matter and it is not just that answers about ME main plot are not given, there are a whole lot of new questions. But sorry - the series is now over. I got upset enough with this that from now on, I'll be buying BioWare games only 2nd hand. Someone in the company had to think this was acceptable and I am not supporting them anymore. Expand
  95. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ruined a series I've been on love with since the reveal in 2007. NONE of the choices from the other games matter because you get the same ending with three different colors. The characters that you have established relationships with and have come to admire get no closure in this final installment.

    While I have shelled out a small fortune buying these games on multiple platforms with all DLC i can truly say that I am sad this one took advantage of the fans. You are forced to play the multiplayer to boost your single player campaign strength (sneaky DRM trick EA has pulled) and day 1 DLC. The third installment also pushed for "gay" romances. There is nothing wrong with the fact that they added this into the game but they did not do a good job because it was not subtle at all. It's the in your face aspect that takes away from the atmosphere of the previous 2 games and feels completely out of place and forced. The ending will leave you dumbfounded and angry. That being said DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME and take your money elsewhere.
  96. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As much as I have been a fan of the series with multiple characters on both ME1 and ME2 i can only give ME 3 a 4. It really hurts me to give this to a game such a score, considering how good just about 99% of the game was. It isn't because Shepard dies, I was going in with the assumption this was a possible outcome. There are small bugs (texture pop ups, etc) in the game but didn't take away from the presentation at all. I think the best way to put it is in one word that Bioware has used repeatedly to describe this game, choice. I think i can actually understand how/why Bioware wanted to end the ME universe as they did. The problem was that the connection between 99% of the game and the last 1% was it didn't mesh well together (at least in my opinion). Each choice you had at the end does embrace the path (choices you made throughout the game) you took to get there. However because of how last minute it felt, after thinking you finished everything, there is this feeling of disconnect. The end isn't able to truly show that the path that you have taken with all the choices made through the game had been presented in front of you. In an ending such as this, unless everything can come together perfectly, it is extremely hard to present to an audience in a coherent manner. The ending isn't what everyone wanted, I myself wouldn't mind an optional off into the sunset ending and/or a depressing everyone dies ending. However in the ending that Bioware chose, they needed to do more to truly show what the players were choosing in the end. The conversation at the very end is a prime example where this could have been archived, but just fell flat on its face in trying. The score I gave is representative how Bioware was not able to weave a story around the theme of choice in a manner that gripped everyone. Also there are problems/sloppyness with the ending cimematics shown before the credits such as the Normandy and the Mass Relays. There isn't much of an explanation as to why the Normandy looked to be between relays when it should have been at earth, or if the relay explosion only took out the relay or entire solar systems. Expand
  97. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect has been an amazing series with great storytelling and excellent characters. So I'm dumbfounded with the way Bioware decided to end it all with absolutely no closure and plot holes galore. We didn't need a happy "rainbows and bunnies" ending - just one that makes sense and provides closure. Maybe we the fans don't deserve better - but Mass Effect sure did. For me, the horrible ending ruined the series. Expand
  98. Dev
    Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3's ending is the greatest disappoint to any series but what's worse is that I paid for it. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone unless bioware fixed the ending. No one should pay for disappointment.
  99. Mar 12, 2012
    Glitchy, lazy, a slap in the face to fans of not just the games but the comics and novels. They used a stock photo for the face of a character everyone has been waiting to see for 2 games, it isn't as smoothly animated as in the other games. They totally counteracted anything you did in the last two games to the point that nothing you do matters. It's a shame and it makes me wonder what the professional reviewers were playing as I saw nothing worthy of praise as time went on. Expand

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  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.