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  1. Mar 8, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 provides a stunning end to the trilogy. The voice acting is top-notch, and the attention to details of previous installments is gratifying (if you've imported your Shephard). The game looks great and the combat is more streamlined from ME2, with a much needed heavy melee option. The story is very well done, and wraps everything up quite nicely. Definitely worth the wait.
  2. Mar 23, 2012
    When I first started playing this game I hated it, it felt to me like Bioware had sold out in order to make more people com to the series so they could make the most money, I thought this because Shepard did most of the talking and you only had one or two chances to choose a response, but that was just the opening moments and after the first hour or two you begin to realize that this is still your story, your choices matter, and this is one of the greatest games of all time, it's true Shepard will do a lot of the talking, but you'll still get to make the big decisions in the conversation that define you as the main character, they just get the small talk out of the way so you can make the real decisions, and while I don't want to see that happening anymore in future Bioware games it just works for some reason here, and speaking of decisions you have some extremely tough ones to make, every choice you make truly effects the galaxy, and it kept me more emotionally invested in it than any other game ever has, and every choice you made in the first two Mass Effect games including the DLC come back here to either help or haunt you, and that truly makes the fact that this is your story all the more believable, and the relationships you've made through the first two games affect this one in such an emotional and powerful ways I can't help but love this, you'll find yourself falling in love with the characters all over again, and you'll also love the new characters just as much, another thing that puts this game above every other is the fact that this game captures the feeling of all out galactic warfare like no other game has, the battles are intense and truly give you the feeling of fighting in a war, and every decision you make carries wait and affects the war like no other game has, the combat is tight but not the tightest, basically it's no Gears of War in the combat, I'd even say that combat was smoother in Mass Effect 2, but it's far better then the first Mass Effect, and it is still addicting and fun to kill enemies, and the ending, while most people are complaining about it, I personally liked mine, granted I would have rather walked of happily with Tali off into the sunset and lived happily ever after with my friends, but it's still emotional and leaves a lot open for other games in this series, and hopefully more DLC and sequels (bring Shepard back please!), and the ending and the scene after the credits just brought a lot of question I need answered, it also has some fantastic multiplayer (similar to Gears of War's horde mode) that ties in well to the campaign, it does have some issues like one or two plot holes, glitches, it's not going top please newcomers all that much, and one or two other issues, but after playing this emotional masterpiece I can't help but give it a 10 out of 10, and when I think about this game and how it does things that no other game has ever done and I doubt ever will the issues mean nothing, this is truly a masterpiece and I'm just going to come out and say it the greatest game I've ever played, oh yeah and this is also the best looking game I've ever seen, it has some of the craziest moments and awesome set pieces that put the Call of Duty series to shame, and the voice acing is phenomenal, a true masterpiece and one of, if not the greatest game/games of all time, and a must play for fans. Expand
  3. Apr 1, 2012
    Two points off for two flaws, there is almost no exploration and the ending is crap. The rest of the game is fantastic, especially Tali's mission. Got to love Tali.
  4. Mar 22, 2012
    This was a very mixed experience, i understand what other people are talking about, there isn't much to criticize about the core gameplay, maybe the fact that the encounters feel very triggered, step right in and boom, enemies pop and now you need to kill em. Repeat this but change the enemy composition. Made me feel bit like dragon age 2 where i felt there was a great spot for an enemy encounter and whoops there it was every single time. There really didn't exist that much choice in the dialogue. You pretty much got all you wanted eventually no matter which way you wanted it. And for the side quests, well i just ended up eavesdropping, and then delivering stuff to people who i happened to pass by and had an indicator on em. I felt i was being held by hand. And everyone wanted to get in bed with me it seemed. But i spent a good 28 hours on the game, and don't think i will more. Expand
  5. Mar 6, 2012
    If you liked the first two, you'll love this one. There has been no drop in quality on any front. The gameplay, story, writing, and brilliant set pieces all shine as usual. However, there are 2 major things that bother me on an "ethical" level, if I can be so bold as use the word. Inputing a serial number on a console game is ridiculous, and release-date DLC flies in the face of what DLC is supposed to be (extending the life of a game). The former is by far the worse, and signals another step towards an attempt to stamp out used games.

    Negatives aside, giving this game a 1 or a 0 is completely unfair. I get that it's an act of protest, but give credit where credit is due. This is a beautifully crafted game and a love letter to people who have been hooked by the last 2 games as much as I have. PLAY IT!
  6. Mar 10, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is undoubtedly the best game I have ever played. It does a brilliant job of concluding the series and everything you have ever done in the previous games adds up to a smart and satisfying finish. It's combat, never its strongest point, is spot on with tight controls and great action. The rpg elements of the first game are also back, without the terribly annoying inventory clearing required before. The dialogue is also fantastic and your choices have the utmost importance. Occasionally, I did find that some lines were delivered awkwardly, but that was more of an issue with the sound mixer than with the actual voice actors. Furthermore, I have had occasional glitches and bugs as well, but they did not detract from the overall experience. One of the big complaints I have found so far is the ending. In my honest opinion, the ending was fantastic. it challenges the preconceived notion of a happy ending in true scifi form and, while the fate of civilizations and characters are not clearly defined, it is up to the player to conclude these threads with their own imagination, not a wall of text or a montage of cutscenes. Furthermore, there are 16 unique endings, each subtly different from the next and each depends on your actions throughout the games in the form of the EMS meter, which collects war assets gained from allies and friend made in every mass effect game. It isn't as fantastic as every character ever met playing a direct role in your endgame, but honestly, it was a great way to deal with a gargantuan series. Mass Effect 3 is fantastic and before anyone gets turned off by the user score, they should at least give it a try. Expand
  7. Mar 19, 2012
    A beautiful, thrilling and flawed conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy. ME3 does not disappoint when it comes to intense action set pieces and an epic story. The abundant drama in this game feels earned after playing the previous games in the series and it is nice to see the decisions made in those games impacting on this one. Multiplayer is a surprisingly effective addition, with a great range of character classes, races and unlockables to keep you hooked. The main problem with ME3 is the character interaction. Shepard's team is not as memorable as before, with few new faces onboard. Conversation options with them are fairly shallow and you miss the loyalty missions of ME2. The exclusion of the latter is understandable since Shepard is on a tight schedule to stop the Reapers. But it is still disappointing. Overall, though, I still greatly enjoyed playing this game and hope to play it again soon. Mass Effect has been the greatest video game trilogy of all time and ME3 is a worthy end to the saga. Expand
  8. Mar 12, 2012
    Very difficult game to judge. The 99% of the game is awesome - dialogues, storytelling, characters and mainly the decisions from the previous games really matters here (at least mine were present. Even the fact that I collected all "Arasi Writing" collectibles in the first game played some small role in ME3). But the last 1% of the game is huge dissapointment. The ending is terrible. Not because the story itself. Not because it isnot a "sugar and rainbows" happy ending. But because it will not tie up the game. And dont tell you at leasts the results of the final battle. But the problem is that these last minutes will make a lasting impressions of the game. So even when I was enjoying myself for more that 40 hours, now I feel really dissapointed, tricked and not motivated to play this game ever again. Expand
  9. Mar 14, 2012
    My god.. to think i just about did not go buy this game because of all the negative reviews i read on here. Boy you people are a piece of work this is the best game i have played in a long long time. Anyone who gives this game a bad score need to go have there head checked. 10/10
  10. Mar 11, 2012
    Really enjoyed the game. Spectacular ending. Amazing grande finale to a series I've come to cherish. I'm starting my second play through. After that I'll probably play it 4 more times for good measure.
  11. Mar 29, 2012
    Insane scores on here for this great game. ME3 has moved on from its RPG roots to action/rpg drama. It does this well (but not without flaws). The bad : cover system is not right, day 1 DLC & the infamous ending, which offers virtually identical endings BUT watching the ending for the first time, it is a worthy ending to a great trilogy. The good : Great Story, humour, acting, great graphics, surprisingly good multi player (-cover system), great musical score, great character realisation, improved accessibility, improved combat mechanics, great AI (at higher levels), properly hard mode. It is not a perfect game, but it is pretty close and the best Bioware game since DAO. Just because a game is not perfect does not mean it gets scored at 0. Expand
  12. Mar 7, 2012
    So we have people review bombing and giving the game 0, and I guess counter-bombing and giving it 10. The truth lies somewhere in between. (Though I gotta say the guy who said the game was terrific and he would definitly recommend it yet still gave it a 0... I don't know about that guy.) There have been slight improvements made over ME2. The combat is still a GoW rip-off and nowhere near as unobtrusive and intuitive as it was in the original ME. The character models looks worse than ME2 and the lip-syncing isn't as good. There is some actual loot now for RPG players. Okay honestly I think the only reason ME3 feels like an improvement was because ME2 managed to set the bar so much lower. Anyways it is worth picking up if you feel the need to finish the trilogy. It would also be a great game if it came from a studio with less of a pedigree than Bioware. Expand
  13. Mar 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I found Mass Effect 3 a really enjoyable experience. Game expands on most characters in a nice way, it is constructed in a detailed manner, there are almost none continuity issues, combat is well-paced and pretty fun. Sound/music department is great, graphics is ok (nothing special).
    There are many issues though, much more important than the dumb ending. Only one quest hub, few interesting characters (cmon, i had to run with Garrus and Liara all the time, Tali and Ashely late in game, rest was crap), useless quest tracker (!!). They could expand on evading Reapers, managing fuel and scanning planets as well. I didnt like the idea of galaxy readiness either. The game could use some more mature attitude also, it just holds your hand too much imo.
    When it comes to that **** about ending - I dont really understand the whole fuss. It was dumb, I admit, especially the part where whole galaxy is left stranded orbiting around Earth with mass relays destroyed. I hate the star-kid idea as well - cmon, does every major rpg need this kind of closure, when you learn there is some new **** villain you never heard of before? But apart from this I liked Shepard - Illusive confrontation and the whole sacrafice thing that everyone anticipated anyways. It was pretty touching and allows for expanding history in the future - all of us want more ME anyway, right?
  14. Apr 9, 2012
    What a joke. Mass Effect 2 was easily my favorite game this gen and I couldn't have been more letdown playing through this game the first time. I'm working through my second play through and I just can't make it. I'm selling it back and never buying a Mass Effect game again. Easily the worst and most disappointing ending of a game I've ever seen and I refuse to pay EA for a better ending. They ruined it for themselves and I'm not letting them get any more of my money. Expand
  15. Mar 11, 2012
    An incredible game ruined by a very poor ending. If you don't care about the story you may have a great time, but if story is important to you, and you have been following the series you will be disappointed.
  16. Mar 6, 2012
    What really gets me mad is that some idiotic people hate all over this game because it didn't end like they wanted it to. Guess what you have not finished the main quest if you did you either 1 pirated 2 need to get a life or 3 the best videogame player alive and again need to get a life. This game is phenomenal, With a few set backs I am of what I have played so far really enjoying this game. All of the people giving it a zero are why no body takes the user reviews on this site serious. You are a load of selfish people ranting on a game that is near perfect. 4.7 score that is ridiculous. Give this game the credit it deserves not because you don't believe it lived up to be the most climatic ending to such a franchise. I can I agree how people would not like it but honestly not 317 people wrote a negative review because they did not enjoy it. This game is a great way to start off the year, so come on don't be so selfish give this game the credit it deserves. Expand
  17. Mar 8, 2012
    Mass effect 3 does everything the previous games did and does them even better. Everything in ME3 is great the combat is fluid, conversations are still fun to listen to, and the story is better than ever. The guys at Bioware really nailed the overall feeling of hopelessness and survival in the story. The characters that Mass Effect fans know and love make even more appearances this time around. I really have nothing bad to say about this game, there is nothing wrong or annoying with the game at all. Bioware even removed the annoying mining mini game from the first two games. I can't get enough of the customization on my guns and armor. The Mass Effect series is great and really ends with perfection, and is definitely a good time. Oh and by the way, to all of the people giving this game bad **** you:) Expand
  18. Mar 8, 2012
    What's up with all the negative feedback? There were over a 100 negative user reviews like an hours after release, you cannot possibly run the game that fast. Mass Effect is the best game series there is now adays, i'm 15 hours in and i can't stop, it's made tear up twice and the only thing i can find negative is a few minor bugs. Did /b/ raid this thing or something? Or are there just CoD children running around? Seriously learn what a good game is and stop with the negative feedback without even playing the game! Expand
  19. Mar 8, 2012
    The user rating for this game is utter BS and anyone with a brain knows it. ME3 has it's problems, sure, but the current 5.1 (was as low as a 4.5 at one point, seriously?!) is a pure result of immature fanboys whom expect the world in innovation and content, and whom flame out of control because they employ some false sense of ownership over a multimillion dollar franchise. When every little detail isn't exactly as they want, they react. Thus the growing problem with the gaming industry as a whole. We are becoming overly-demanding, under-appreciating, immature, picky, and senseless dimwits. Anyone who plays Mass Effect 3 as it was intended and for what it was intended, that being the concluding chapter in a self-built story where your choices DO impact the game on a large and small scale, will walk away with a more refined game than ME1 or ME2 and most importantly one that tries so desperately hard at every turn to make the time you spent doing missions and building connections feel worth it. If people complained that ME2 was overly referential, nobody should play Mass Effect 3 for the story at all unless they have completed both (yes, unfortunate PS3 users, both) of the old titles. No, not every decision impacts the galaxy, and I never list potential spoilers, but the level of interactivity and changes that can take place from one play to the next are staggering. So many details had to be taken into account by Bioware and they have succeeded in any way that any true fan cared about. Most haters are over-expecting bastards and have no place rating Mass Effect. The first game had a small audience for a reason. Expand
  20. Mar 26, 2012
    As a avid fan of the first two installments of the series, I have to say that ME3 was disappointing beyond belief. The story completely falls apart in the last ten minutes of the game. As the final secrets are revealed, the player is confronted by the horrible truth that THE STORY MAKES NO SENSE. Clearly, the lead writer was out of his philisophical and intellectual depth. This combined with EA's dispicable grab for cash with the day one DLC has made me decide never to buy another game from this publisher. Expand
  21. Mar 7, 2012
    It's quite simply everything I could hope for. Amazing presentation, beautiful graphics, epic story and intense on-the-edge-of-your-seat gameplay. You won't be disappointed.
  22. Mar 13, 2012
    Let me just start by saying that Mass Effect 3 is one of the best games I've ever played until more and less 20 min before the end. Unlike the criticism that your ME1 and ME2 choices didn't matter much in ME3, I think that BioWare made a terrific effort in taking into account all your choices and delivering you some rather unexpected consequences for them (save for some minor plot gaps, i.e., I romanced Liara in ME1 and again in ME2 in the Shadow Broker DLC, but when I reunite with her in ME3 she says that we haven't been together in years. wtf?). Again, this applies only if you exclude those last 20 minutes. For those who have been following the series since ME1, the game is an emotional roller coaster that delivers several truly memorable moments (sad, hopeful and hilarious) in a way that truly represents the unique spirit of the series. In fact, there are several missions in which I felt that my previous actions actually mattered for the story (e.g., curing/sabotaging the genophage, the krogan-turian aliance, the war between the geth and quarians, etc). But then again, all of this only applies before those last 20 min. After this moment, its a freakin downhill ride in plot quality. Even though I seem to felt that my actions would actually have big consequences, the end boils down to a deus ex machina plot device, delivering three options none of which my Shepard would take. What's more, these three options are regardless of any previous choices that I've made and their outcome is nearly the same but with different colors (oh, and there is a variation where earth is destroyed and not saved). The ending also does not deliver a single bit of closure to the Shepard's story. If these endings are supposed to be very open so that "our imagination can complete the rest", I wouldn't need to play the whole damn game in the first place! I could have just imagine how it would end from ME2! If I'm playing a trilogy until the end, I would expect (at least!) to know what the hell happened, because I sure did not understand what happened next. In the supposed perfect ending, Shepard seems to survive a massive explosion of the citadel (as shown by a 10sec footage of him coffing in a pile of rubble) but how?! And how did my teammates made it to the normandy in time (seemingly in perfect condition when they get out to the tropical planet) and why is joker fleeing at full speed from the "blast wave" from the mass relays? In the Arrival DLC, we are told that the destruction of a mass relay would wipe out the entire system it orbits, which means that earth was also wiped out by the mass relay in the Sol system?! But apparently the soldiers on earth seem to survive... A so joker is running from...? what? Whether you control or destroy the reapers or you chose synthesis, the outcome of those choices is exactly the same for me, because we get to know so little about what happens in the future! And don't tell me it is supposed to be THAT open, unless BioWare is thinking of making a new game that resumes from those disparate resolutions in three whole new different ways, which is unlikely. I loved the game until that final mission, where I just stared at the TV trying to digest such a bad plot ending and getting absolutely no satisfaction at all. I usually finish ME games twice (paragorn and renegade), but ME3 is so emotionally taxing in the end and leaves such a depressing feeling, that I am not sure that I'll be able to go through that again. And all they had to do was a decent ending. Not one where Shepard would invariably live, but at least one where players could understand what the hell just happened! Expand
  23. Mar 13, 2012
    I thought ME1 it was a brilliant start to a great new franchise with loads of potential. ME2 was watered down to the point where I barely wanted to play it. I hoped it was just the sophomore slump so I slogged my way through it. But ME3 I just cannot play. It runs rough around the edges and is really just an even more watered down version of the game I was hoping for overall. Think back to ME1 think about your experience with ME3. Ya, it's not good for ME3. IDK what else to say that hasn't been said, and I can't think of anyone I'd recommend this game to. Expand
  24. Mar 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let first say that I am a HUGE fan of this series, it was an amazing exploration of concept of making choices and how those choices shape the game you play. It was a true Space Opera that had characters that for the first time, made me 'feel' for them. I cared what happened to these characters, kudos to the voice actors for literally breathing life into these great characters. This game, allowed me to craft a character that made the impossible possible...s/he was a character that was a SOLDIER who NEVER gave up...who always strives to do what it right. This game allowed us to make choices and those choices affected each of the previous game's endings. I was hoping for more of the same in ME3. For the most part, I got it...however, at the very end of the game...the tone of the game changed. The Shepard I had roll-played up until the last 10 minutes of the game, ceased to exist, and what I was left with was a looked like my Shepard, but this character gave up. This Shepard did NOT fight until the end...This Shepard 'accepted' fate. The last 10 minutes of this game was so out of character, so artistically different from what came before it, then I lost my immersion. It was so out of sync with what I had played before that all I was left with was a WTF in my mind eye. I found that I did not want to even finish the game out. These last minutes felt like they belonged to another game entirely. There were so many plot holes that the entire ending sequence felt unpolished, rushed, and tacked on. I swore I could see the gum, duct tape, and baling wire holding things together. I can understand artistic license to change things as you see fit...but this? It was thematically different enough that for me, I could not believe that this had been approved. THESE last 10 minutes of the game, changed what would have been an easy 9 score from me to a 1. Disappointment doesn't even come close to the feelings I had upon the completion of the game...and the Stargazer was also and odd choice. Why couldn't I get scenes showing where the rest of my crew went? How about a scene honoring Shepard for what they did for the Galaxy? This ending ruins this 3rd game, and nearly ruins the entire trilogy...I cannot give it a score higher than a 1. Expand
  25. Jun 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 3, the epic finale to one of best sci fi trilogies created. The finale though, completely ruins what was one of the best series ever. It's not just the ending. Although yes the ending destroys all semblance of immersion, canon, good story telling, and much more, it's not only the ending that makes Mass Effect 3 a terrible conclusion. First off, the gameplay or lack thereof. The conversations are nothing like they used to be in the previous two. Whereas in the previous two you could input Shepard's descisions on the tiniest of choices, in Mass Effect 3 it's almost gone. You make some dialougue choices throughout the game, but most of the choices are made for you (I was playing on rpg mode by the way.) The quests are mainly filler consisting boring fetch quests. Although the side missions that are playable and have you on the ground are quite alot of fun to play and are the best moments in the game. Oh, and my final gripe the multiplayer. The online although alot of fun, SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN NECESSARY TO OBTAIN THE BEST ENDING IN THE SINGLEPLAYER. I remember hearing one of the developers at Bioware talk about how the multiplayer could impact the finale, but wouldn't be necessary to obtain the best ending. What happened to that? What happened to the various amounts of endings? What happened to amazing choices? What happened to Mass Effect? I don't know to be honest, but it's quite sad to see what was one of the best series in gaming from one of the most talented developers in the industry, deliver a product this... dissapointing. I remember playing the first Kotor and the first Mass Effect games, and being amazed at the amount of choices I could make, and the impact I had on the characters. Hell, in the original Kotor towards the end you could completely turn on your old squadmates and reclaim your title as Lord of the Sith with the aide of one of your former crewmates/love interest. In the original Mass Effect if you played it right you could convince of one the main villians to kill himself in order to help the galaxy. This, though is not the Bioware of Kotor or ME1. In ME3 none of your choices throughout the entire series matter when it comes to the ending. None. All you get are three different **** color explosions with the same exact pros and cons regardles of what you choose. This game was horrid. Perhaps, the ending dlc Bioware is making shall remedy the ending. Even if it does though, the dissapointment I felt while playing through Mass Effect 3 and viewing its ending shall not. I have lost a great amount of faith in Bioware as a good developer. It's sad to see what could've the most epic conclusion in gaming go so poorly. Expand
  26. Jun 26, 2012
    After this extended cut update, i forgive bioware for the issues with the ending of the game, i withdraw my last review and now give you a true review, thank you bioware.
  27. Mar 7, 2012
    Amazing game! Half way through my second playthrough and still loving it!!! I will say that the PC version is the version to buy as the low resolution textures and load times are ridiculous.
  28. Mar 11, 2012
    All my thoughts on the game has already been posted.... It felt like a 3rd person shooter rather than a RPG and I didn't like that there were less squad members and the new members were uninteresting. The second game was far better. I was so disappointed, I almost cried. :( ah well I was waiting for bioshock infinite longer anyway.
  29. Mar 7, 2012
    This is an awesome game. I can't believe the amount of trolls that are hammering it. Seems that many good games these days get poor user reviews and awesome critic reviews. Anyway... I love this game. I fitting end to an excellent series.
  30. Mar 17, 2012
    Waiting for the finale to the epic trilogy that is mass effect was agonizing. All the choices and hours invested over the past two games (and 5 years) were promised to carry over to the final game in a summation of our actions, good and bad, leading up to this point. This promise was completely broken as the ending played out and the obvious disregard for said promise was thrown out the window. Instead, you are presented with three choices that are all entirely too similar, rife with plot holes and inconsistencies that would make the Bush administration blush. Major decisions throughout the series were ignored, leaving the player to have no real reason to agonize over the decisions in the first place. We are not entitled, whiny gamers, but simply gamers disappointed with a promise that was not kept. Bioware, make it right. Expand
  31. Mar 15, 2012
    It's really unfortunate that Bioware decided to end their series like this. As enjoyable as the first 2/3rds of the game was, it will only be remembered for its WTF ending. The coop was also a solid addition in my opinion. I'd love to see more horde modes with RPG mechanics.
  32. Mar 6, 2012
    God like. Absolutely godlike. I enjoyed playing this more than Skyrim. I haven't finished the whole play-through but I'm a few hours in and I'm loving it. Gameplay's solid, voice acting's solid, graphics are solid, and freedom is solid. LOVED IT
  33. Mar 21, 2012
    Absolutely amazing. Exactly what Mass Effect fans have been looking forward to since 2007. The combat has been fine tuned to near perfection and the overall structure and presentation of the story gives a throwback feel to ME1. A must play for fans of the franchise and others need to at least give it a go before denouncing it as the worst game ever created. The ending does take away from the overall experience but despite that single drawback the rest of the game is fantastic. The series as a whole is a must play. Expand
  34. Mar 6, 2012
    This is easily one of the best games of this generation and no amount of trolling will change that. asdassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  35. Mar 6, 2012
    People giving low scores for this game are just wrong just wrong, probably people just angry about the dlc or not getting the collectors edition or havent even played themselves yet. Quality game, not game of the year but definitely a must purchase
  36. Mar 6, 2012
    I have not finished the game and am only roughly 5 hours or so into the campaign, but I feel like I need to say something to counteract the buttjelly nerds that now have an irrational hate for everything Bioware does.

    So far this game is great. Mass Effect 2's story was essentially all about getting getting characters and making sure they stayed loyal to you. There really wasn't much of
    an grand narrative to the game. You got people, made you they were loyal, then went to fight the collectors. Already, the story in ME3 feels much interesting and fleshed out. Every quest that I've done so far, regardless of whether or not it's the main quest or not, deals with the reaper invasion.

    The combat as well, from what I've played, also seems just as good as before, if not better.

    The graphics are also sexy as **** and are definitely an improvement over me2 (although that might also be because i'm playing on PC this time around).

    This is the first game I've ever reviewed here on metacritic and while I feel bad about giving it a score without having played even close to half of it, I feel a strong need to counterbalance against the angry users who are simply zeroing based off weird preconceived notions that they have because of day 1 dlc and dragon age 2's repeating dungeons.

    I can't just give this game a 10 without having played it all because then I'm just as bad as everyone giving it a 0. But I'm fairly confident that when I'm done playing I'm really going to wish I did. Bioware worked their asses off to make this game great and it's deserve's better than what it's getting on this site.
  37. Mar 6, 2012
    So good. I don't really feel like writing a full 150 characters so the rest of this is just filler. Yeah, I'm that lazy. Really, I would rather just get back to playing the damn game.
  38. Mar 6, 2012
    A brilliant game, one of my favourites and with the first two games my favourite gaming trilogy. ME2 but well refined and with some leanings toward the expansive RPG elements of ME1. Lots of choice but you don't feel lost in anyway.
  39. Mar 6, 2012
    A great game. This is the same Mass Effect we know and love. The narrative is great and the combat is better than ever. Granted the fact that so many commands were mapped to one button is annoying, as you will experience some graphical hiccups, though at the end of the day, its worth it to play one of the best RPGs AND Shooters of this generation.
  40. Mar 7, 2012
    I have enjoyed the previous two editions in the three part Mass Effect series. I have finished the various on-line videos and also the available demo. My reaction to this edition is awe and amazement as to the subtle differences in game play. I like this game! I also really want to go out on a limb and say that the added choices of a Lesbian or gay affair for (the female or male) Commander Shepard is really good. I guess we have to realize that in real life as well as on-line life a real hero may well be Gay, or Straight, or Lesbian, or some shade in-between. Simply having the OPTION of the choice is great for the game player. We also need to remember the game is designed and designated for ADULTS, not children or teenagers. Expand
  41. Mar 19, 2012
    This was my favourite trilogy until the last 10 mins. The last 10 mins just undermined and completely destroyed a franchise. The rest of ME3 is absolubtely stellar but the last 10 mins have just absolubtely eviscerated my will to play these games ever again. Rent - do not buy.
  42. Mar 7, 2012
    the best in this generation full of innovation this game is and it won't let you down even if u play it twice again !!! and based on the strong story it will just attract your attention for some weeks
  43. Mar 8, 2012
    You simply can't please everyone with a game as anticipated as this, it is the end of a very deep trilogy, and it simply can't make the mark. Everyone expected something different. This game has flaws in it's story, but as a game it is good.

    To summarize, the story is good, if not somewhat linear. However this may come out of necessity to finish the story. While plot holes are noticeable
    and some pieces donâ Expand
  44. Mar 8, 2012
    I'm giving this game a 10 because if fully deserves it . To me it is more than a game , it represents the culmination of the best series in video game history and it is something that everyone has to experience . In comparison with other Mass Effect games here is my ideal ME game by taking the best from each 3. 1. ME 1 squad 2. ME 2 dialogue 3. ME 3 setting 4. ME 3 combat and gameplay
  45. Mar 8, 2012
    What can I say that hasn't already been said? The game is a masterpiece. It is flawless. It is the apex of artistic achievement. While it is true that nothing is perfect I think this comes as close as possible to perfection and thus the only possible score I can give it is a 10 since its minor imperfections would only take away mere decimals from its score.

    Where to begin? The story, the
    universe, established by this franchise is tremendous in its detail and scope. Its on par if not better than the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek in terms of its sheer size and detail. There is so much to do and so much to learn. Even more so now than in previous games. In terms of its conclusion to the tale of Shepard, there are no complaints whatsoever. Every loose end is tied up, every question is answered and there are absolutely no plot holes, regardless of your choices in the previous installments. And yet all of these choices do play some sort of role, leaving us to wonder just how meticulous and neurotic the writing team at Bioware must be. More power to them because such an intricate plot line which adapts to your every move really is a monumental achievement. The game play is another high point. Unlike most RPGs, the combat does not take a back seat in any way, only improving on the impressive precedent set by Mass Effect 2. It plays like a thrilling action game while maintaining its RPG focus. There are more powers to learn, more guns to find, an improved melee system, more challenging enemies to fight, and simply a lot more fun to be had. What more could you want? The characters and dialogue are another high point. Most major characters from the previous games will make some sort of appearance (assuming they survived) and it is a joy to see your favorites once again. There are a lot more options in regards to relationships which can be developed in new and interesting ways. The dialogue is often witty and sharp and at times quite heavy and intense. Some scenes will pull at your heartstrings with a surprising intensity, packing a serious emotional sucker punch. These are often a direct result of your choices, carrying even more weight as a result.

    Perhaps the biggest change to the Mass Effect formula is the addition of multilayer. These matches are quite a bit of fun, keeping the strategic feel of the single player while integrating the thrill of the human factor. It is at times reminiscent of classic multilayer crowd pleasers such as Gears of War which is certainly a tremendous accomplishment. In the end, while the game does have a few technical kinks here and there, Mass Effect 3 is an unforgettable experience and monumental accomplishment in complex gameplay, captivating storytelling and smart dialogue as well as many other things. It truly is a fitting end to the epic saga of the legendary Commander Shepard.
  46. Mar 11, 2012
    Bioware just positively GUT PUNCHED every fan of this game. The whole series was a dream sequence? Really what a freaking cop out! And to get the best score you HAVE to play the IPAD and Multiplayer version? Money grubbing SOB's
  47. Mar 11, 2012
    I'm extremely disappointed with the way that DLC has been handled with ME3. While some may argue that the DLC is supplemental and the game is complete without it, as a consumer I still feel like I'm being sold an incomplete product. I feel compelled to send a message to publishers and developers that some consumers won't stand for this. Its a pity, as I enjoyed ME1 and 2.
  48. Mar 13, 2012
    I first thought that people were trolling the user scores on Metacritic. Unfortunately this third installment of the game blows big time. If this was a standalone product I would give it a 7 (it's not utterly rubbish when compared to games like Rogue Warrior or Brink). However as a game that is supposed to be a Mass Effect game I am giving it a big ZERO!
    This game does not live up to what
    it says on the tin. Expand
  49. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I gave this game a mixed review because it left me with mixed feelings the ending left a sour taste in my mouth. The combat in this game is relatively unchanged from the second. Many people complained that the choices made in the previous games are not well fleshed out in this game. That is somewhat true. If you did not save the council they are not present. If you killed Wrex on Virmire he is still dead in this game. Most of the characters from mass effect 2 make only a cameo appearance in this game which I though was somewhat of a let down. If you choose to have a romance option with characters in Mass Effect 2 (such as Miranda) and continue them in mass effect 3 they feel less that satisfying. If you continue with characters who are in this game such as Kaidan, Ashley or Liara they are much better. So to sum it choices from the other games matter is some areas and not so much in others which is part of my mixed feelings for the game. I did not think the graphics where all that bad, but some of the animations were terrible. For example watch Shepard puch Khalisa-al-Jilani for the third time in the Tabloid Journalism segment. That was a horrible animation and just one of a few. The other thing I do not understand is making Shepard gay. I know they probably did this for politically correct reasons and that fine I guess, but when he was not gay in the previous 2 games and they decide to just all of sudden let him decide he or she is gay in this game does not make a shred of sense. Mutilplayer is for the first time is an option and is not really a make or break deal for me. It is somewhat of a toned down version of horde mode on gears of war. You must survive waves of enemies with intermittent objective in some rounds to earn credits. They can be used to purchase packs which contain items, weapons, or other characters that can be unlocked to play as. It is actually a fun option to play multiplayer to see how some of the other classes play, and it is fun to play as other races for once. Overall the multiplayer is a way to boost your "galatic readiness." rating which can help to achieve a better ending. Its simple and fun but is not required to get a better ending so I was ok with having the option in the game. Now for the story of the game itself. For the most part it is fun helping solve the different political turmoils of the other races of the galaxy in an effort to take back earth and rid the galaxy of the reapers and there cycle of harvesting life every 50,000 or so years which was the theme of the entire game. Rallying your allies and fighting the reapers along the way seems like it is building towards an epic conclusion. The dialog and other scenes along the way I felt helped to convey the moral turmoil of just how grim the situation was for the entire galaxy. Completing these sequences and doing sidequets boosts effective military strength which(EMS) which can bemodified to be higher if you play mutiplayer. Sidequests in this game are underwhelming compared to the other games though. Fetch quests essentially. Once you get to the ending there is very little to be happy about though. The last 10 mins of the game are horrible. Supposedly there is up to 17 endings but they all revolve around one of three choices you must make. Destroy the reapers, control them, or sythesize with them. Dues Ex rip off anyone? once you make your choice the very short cut scenes vary slightly depending on your total EMS. The explanation for the reapers is also stupid. They are a race of all powerful hybrid synthetic and organic beings sent every 50,000 years to harvest advanced life to prevent it from creating synthetic life that will overtake organic life. By harvesting advanced organic life it ascends to an advanced organic existence as a reaper and ultimately saves organic life in the process? Really? How did your Normandy allies back on this ship crash landed on a some jungle planet after you activate the catalyst? The endings are so confusing and offer little variance. Previous choices seem to matter none. Why were the mass relays destoryed? What happens to everyone because of that? I would have loved to have seen what happens with Shepard and his or her love interest and the other races of the galaxy There is so much thats is bad and confusing about this ending and it is filled with plot holes. To be honest I would have preferred a good happy ending where Shepard settle down and lives out his or her life as hero. This is like what if the lord of the rings just ended with Sam and Frodo swallowed up by lava and the fate of everyone that helped them is left in limbo and they said the end. That is essentially what you get here. There is a hint if you had a high enough EMS the Shepard is still alive if you choose destroy option which I hope they expand on to fix the crappy ending to this game. This would have been a 9 if not for the bad confusing ending. Expand
  50. Mar 11, 2012
    Ugh, made my first review ever on Metacritic, and gave ME3 a 5/10, but forgot to set the slider. So the text of the review says 5/10, but the review itself is 10. So I will make this a 0/10, to average the two out to 5/10, which was what I intended.
  51. Mar 12, 2012
    An entire game experience ruined by the last 15 minutes of the 3rd game the endings have no meaning what so ever. You just UNITED the entire galaxy against the reapers no matter the race or if synthetic or not and yet the ending is about how there will allways be war between synthetics and organics? wtf? wtf? wtf? wtf? there is 1 **** synthetic race that you just gave true SENTIENCE to and they became the nearly as Awesome as Legion from it. Evry part of this game was epic except it started lacking more and more choices like we had in the previous games the part towards the ending was RUSHED allso you started noticing less and less to do before a priority mission well **** in the end it was just NEXT Priority mission. all in all my dissapointment with the ending was so big I was liturally furious for several hours it has ruined the best game i've played to date. How VERY sad on biowares part that they've failed so Insanely. Expand
  52. Mar 12, 2012
    The ends are shameeee!!!!!!! Why i built my own Sheppard and my own décision during 3 episode, for finally nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont say more, its so scandalous, Bioware with EA , its the end of a part of rpg world, now welcome to call of duty rpg , multiplayer, lot of dlc included on dvd , take decision for... nothing, if you want an alternative ending buy the next dlc
    ending . Expand
  53. Mar 12, 2012
    great game but the last 20 min completely overshadows what good was in this game and as a result i found myself not satisfied with what could of been my fave game ever but i was left disappointing and as a result i will never trust bioware again to deliver on their promises
  54. Mar 12, 2012
    Ignore the negative user reviews (the exaggeratedly negative). The game is incredible and should be recognized as such, the ending may be regrettable, but judging the game solely by ts last 5 minutes is unfair. If you have liked any of the mass effect series you will thoroughly enjoy the final chapter of Commander Shepard's journey. If you are new to the series GO PICK UP THE FIRST TWO although the game does a well enough job for accommodating for those who have not. The multiplayer is also fantastic, especially considering it is not the focus. I only ask those that are bombing this sight with negative reviews too stop, we still don't know what Bioware has in store. Expand
  55. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I LOVED me1 and me2. Me3 was EA caring solely about money. Day 0 DLC, Online pass, horrendous endings with no effort. A congrats you can pay more to continue. Awful, appalling. Save yourself, skip it, if I didn't get it through Gamefly I would make this the first Xbox game in my 7 years, that I would return. Shame on you, Expand
  56. Mar 12, 2012
    Worst ending ever. Mass Effect has been ruined by this game. Hat's off to Bioware for destroying one of the most emotionally stimulating series of our time.
  57. Mar 12, 2012
    The justification of these low scores are terrible and wrong. Bioware clearly put a lot of heart and effort into a game which takes over 30 hours to complete. The voice acting is brilliant, the ending isn't the best but it was well designed and impacted you well. The day 1 DLC was wrong, yes. It wasn't anything game changing other than a few spoilt gamers expecting it even though it's neither game changing content or something you need. Mass effect is a brilliant game the quality, graphics of it are brilliant. The controls are generally glitchy but never complete broke the game. Some of the scenes saddened me and made you feel bad for the sacrifices shepherd had to endure. Anybody who reviews this game at 0 is clearly lying to them selves with no effort in actually playing the game completely before bombing it on meta critic. Mass effect 3 is hardly the best game that will come out this year but is one of the best story based games ever released. Expand
  58. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the game for the most part. But there were some mistakes made, so I'm going to talk about what I liked AND what I didn't like. There are SPOILERS in this review.

    I enjoyed the actual playing of the game immensely. We were able to customize our gear to a reasonable extent, the planet scanning thing was at least made more interesting and not nearly as time consuming, the action was intense and fun, etc. I also really liked the characters and (most of) the story. The crew on the Normandy always had something to say, and I thought them wandering around the ship at times and interacting with one another was a great touch. And the events on Palaven's moon, Tuchanka, the Citadel, Rannoch, Thessia, hunting Cerberus, and Earth were great. Thessia was a bit of a railroad, but the way the characters reacted to a genuine mission failure was interesting to see. And the development of Shepard throughout the story as a character who is (Paragon or Renegade) starting to become worn down by everything was well done. I laughed, I got a little teary-eyed, I celebrated, I got angry. I thought that the mission log just not updating was a huge pain in the neck. Especially with the fetch quests. 'Find A and Bring it to Bob'. Okay, sure, it's an RPG. These things are easy to make fun of but are pretty much expected. Except I might find A in the middle of a firefight, grab it, forget about it, and then have no idea it's time to go find Bob. I largely had to visit the Citadel and check the map to see if there was anybody who needed anything I'd found. This became particularly egregious when you had to go to the Spectre office AFTER the mission to Benning in order to get what you needed; I spent a good little while scouring the Benning map trying to find what I needed, eventually giving up the quest as lost and only happening to visit the office much later in the game. There's also the resistance mission from the DLC, which costs you an achievement since the log doesn't tell you what you need to be doing. Alright. The DLC thing. I got the CE version, and didn't really get the DLC complaining. I think Day One DLC in the manner of 'you bought our game new, here's this stuff' is actually a great idea. It encourages people to buy new and later at least gives the developers and producers a cut of the used game market. When I realized that the From Ashes DLC was ONLY for the CE version, I understood why people were so angry. I want to point out that this may not be Bioware's fault, as EA are the folks who are actually selling it. But after taking the Prothean to Thessia and seeing how much he could change story events, I think it's shameful that people who bought the regular version of the game new had to pay money to get him. Is it WORTH the amount of money? Yes, it's very good DLC. But the execution is, as I said, shameful.

    Now, the endings. OH BOY the endings. If you're reading this you have probably noticed that the internet is in flames over this issue. Again, I remind you, I really enjoyed this game. TIM's whole thing, Anderson dying, Shepard opening the citadel and starting to bleed out? I'm still enjoying it. It's past that where things go wonky. If you know what a Gainax ending is, you know what I mean. Suddenly the Catalyst shows up, and if you've done a good enough job you get to pick one of three endings (if you didn't do a good job you don't even get the choice, but I suppose that's what you had coming). But the endings are pretty much all the same, all riddled with plot holes, and all give you pretty much no closure. Why was the Normandy in FTL travel in the first place? If Shepard controlled the Reapers, what happened next? Why did the relays get destroyed in all three endings when only the Destroy ending explicitly said that that would happen? Even the 'good' Destroy ending has a stinger with Shepard being alive, but if so what then? Why couldn't Shepard just die with Anderson, the Crucible goes off, the rest of the party find him there, and then we get a decent epilogue? I'm fine with Shepard dying. I don't need a perfect riding-a-ship-made-of-dreams-into-friendship ending, I just wanted an ending.

    The glaring flaw? Remember Fallout 3, where you died of radiation poisoning when someone immune to radiation was in your party? Same thing here. When the Catalyst goes all "Yo dawg, I heard you donâ
  59. Mar 12, 2012
    Great game! Heavy competition for game of the year. Awesome multiplayer.
  60. Mar 12, 2012
    I experienced quite a few bugs, which did impact game, dialogue not working right, etc. Bottom line regardless of what you think of the endings, the build up to the "final" battle was suppose to be the best part "Save Earth", don't bother playing after 20 hours its just not worth it. Think Halo2, its just a joke how awful the back end of this game is, the missions are pathetic, the content on earth is short, and really just a total let down. So the end gameplay sucks, nothing interesting, or at least content that tries to differentiate itself from bulk, its all bland and boring. Which makes the ending options really forgettable, there is no point in playing through the game differently. So to recap, after the initial sequence on earth, there is nothing emotionally driven about the content, its all vapor, there is no challenging sections (scaled for difficulty), and the endings are loose, trival, and without an emotional connection to tie things apart, or together. I could care less if my character is killed, but its the story that ties the content together and there IS NO STORY to feed off of, 2/3 of the game had me in tears, i blew through the dialogue toward the latter stages and ending because there was nothing there. what a waste of time. I picked up ME series late, after all the DLC hit for ME2, so I knew it was a long slog and a wait to see ME3, but the content for ME2, knowing full well the inconclusive nature was much better than the, "climax" of ME3. If the bar is set high, then sometimes you get hit with the bar, I had more fun toward the end of Kingdoms of Amalur, than this game, which is a terrible mocking. ME3 end with bad taste, disappointment, and general disgust, and not cause of how the game ended, but the quality of the final battle, the lack of emotional/character content, and the complete package just sinks after such a great start. Expand
  61. Mar 13, 2012
    I have to say the Mass Effect series was a masterpiece. Up until the last 10 minutes of the 3rd game. The ending in Mass Effect 3 has quite literally ruined the whole franchise for me. The ending made all the other games seem absolutely pointless to me. Seeing how nothing I did in the other games mattered in the end. I have to give it to Bioware, it must take careful planning on there part to be able to make a Bioware fanboy, who's favorite game series of all time was Mass Effect, completely hate their company and will never buy another Bioware product again. That is even before I realized that the "From Ashes Mission" was day one DLC we did not get for free. Bioware should be ashamed of what they have become. EA sell outs who have ruined every big game series they have done now, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars The Old Republic. Expand
  62. Mar 13, 2012
    A great game up until the point when you reach the ending. Bioware improve the game play and did a great job in closing all the sub plot of the game. Even the minor characters of the first two games have a role in Mass Effect 3, but the grand finale of the story is just awful. On top of that, Bioware lied (again) to the fans. Despite what they said, itâ
  63. Mar 13, 2012
  64. Mar 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I preordered this game. I got it, started playing it, and within about 2 hours of playing it I was satisfied. BioWare streamlined and improved every system, including missions (although some were hard to do because they weren't on the galaxy map), and they brought back the Citadel with a number of new really cool areas to check out. Dialogue seemed so much more casual than it had been in the first two games, and in my opinion it was acted and animated better. Any character that was still two-dimensional after ME2 was made three-dimensional, and every character that was three-dimensional after ME2 was so multifaceted you could believe that they were real. For example, the whole interaction between Shepard and Garrus was just priceless. Garrus used to be just another companion in the first two games, but in Mass Effect 3 he became something like Shepard's best friend. The rest of the characters, like Tali, Ashley, and James were very well-developed. Even the Prothean squadmate had his moments. I felt like the romances in this series were also so much more real. I kept Liara as my love interest from the first game, and there was a lot more emotional talking going on than just plain sexy time at the end (that happened too, aw yeah). The plot was pretty freakin sweet, I loved the Tuchanka mission and the Rannoch mission... but man those decisions can be hard. I thought the combat system in this game was better than it had been in the first game (of course) and Mass Effect 2. I really enjoyed Mass Effect 2's combat but at times it seemed altogether too easy... it seems that BioWare improved the AI for ME3. The option of heavy melee is ingenious because there are so many times in the game when you're going to be in a bind. I appreciate the unlimited sprint... well you kind of need it on Tuchanka. The guns feel a lot better, the powers feel a lot better... weapon upgrades are great, armor upgrades are better than ME2's. Oh did I mention there's a **** **** of guns to choose from? Sweet stuff. Conversely, the end of the game was disappointing. The game led the player to believe that every choice would have its unique conclusion to the story, but that never happened. It's really sad to see something that could have been one of the greatest RPG's ever made kind of flop because the ending was lackluster. The multiplayer can be tough getting into it, especially if you fight Reapers or something (don't do it, just don't) but it pays off once you get a good team and get something cool (Krogan warrior or the Widow) and makes for a generally fun experience. This game is pretty freaking cool. The ending sucked, but it's definitely worth playing again with a different experience. I don't know why people posted bad reviews on here the day that the game came out, because you obviously couldn't have finished the game in a single day, and if you did, you didn't pay attention and subsequently the game sucked for you. So boo hoo, go play COD and keep the tissues and vaseline nearby. Expand
  65. Mar 13, 2012
    im not a big writer so ill be short(ish). while the game starts off okey, beware its not gonna stay that way. it is plagued by bad lip sinking, technical hick ups, underdeveloped story arcs and general sloppy writing. ive heard many people nowadays say things like a patch will fix it. in my earlier years(im 27 years old now) it was never okey that a game had bug (some of which are game breaking. but nowadays the ''profesional'' reviewers are not to be trusted anymore this is the reason i signed up here today cuz i feel people should be warned about this ''game'' i was a big bioware fan owning all the games and dlc. was being the word, this game has killed that love off after the disaster they called dragon age 2, and the deafening silence of bioware on the fans negative rections. also alot has been said on the ending, ill just say that it feels like the ending belongs in another game its just bad and rushed. and as a result makes no sense.â Expand
  66. Mar 13, 2012
    This game was so not what I wanted Mass Effect 3 to be that I was actually shedding tears of frustration by the end of it. As the story unfolded, I lost control of the Shepard I'd spent hours and hours creating through the first two games as he continually did and said things my Shepard would never have done, without any input from me. The narrative has a couple of really good highlights, but is weak on the whole, and the available endings are not only dissatisfying, but in many ways nonsensical. The visual and sound design are strong, but aren't enough to carry the rest. Were it not the conclusion to one of the most promising video game franchises of all time, I'd say this game was simply unremarkable. But it is, and it's beyond disappointing, offering me nothing of what I loved from ME1 but lip service. Mass Effect 3 will be remembered in infamy, if at all, and it's release definitely heralds a truth I've been fearing: the death of the Bioware I'd relied on for exceptional games. Expand
  67. Mar 13, 2012
    Bioware takes particular care in bringing everything you love about the gampley and storytelly together for most of it, but ultimately renders it unnesesary, efectively turning a "free will" experience into a in-rails ending.
  68. Mar 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was set to give this an 8, maybe higher, but the ending destroyed not only all the hard work and sacrifice my Shepard made over the first two games but my love for this series as well. To remove the choice mechanic from the very end of the game is ridiculous as it is the very thing that the series is based on. I described how it worked to people as being that with the combination of choices that could be made over the first two games then my combination was, I would hope, as unique as could possibly be in a game of this generation. That the only person playing the game I was, with my Shepard's own appearance and morality, was me. And to have that removed at the very end felt like a betrayal, like an insult, like a heartbreak. The game mechanics are fantastic, the way Shepard moves now with his combat rolls and ladder slides and his roadie-run removed my over reliance on the Adrenaline Rush power that dominated ME2 combat for me and combat felt fluid, rapid, and truly lethal when you had a kill streak running and got up close for a heavy melee move with the new omni blade. The graphics are simply beautiful. Glossy, polished and detailed in a way that gives each race a unique look and feel, not just physically but in their technology and weaponry and architecture (who wouldn't want to live on the astounding Thessia?) . The characters have never looked so good and their development over the three games is noticeable, Liara especially who went from a naive archaeologist to a hardened information broker to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the galaxy (and with who I may be a little bit in love with). I've never played a game in 20 years of gaming that made me feel such a connection with the world and the characters. I didn't like Ashley, I felt protective of Tali, wanted to go drinking with Garrus, and wanted to just see Liara smile. It's sad and strange and weird, but it's high praise to the people who made this engaging world that people loved to spend time in and around the characters they filled it with The voice acting is top shelf again, hats off to everyone who raised the bar compared to other games like this (there aren't many). The run up to the end is one of the most exciting I've ever played, every running battle of Earth is amazing, and brings the weight of what is happening and what your fighting for right home. The interlude to talk to and say various goodbyes to your squad carries notes of finality (in retrospect I should have seen what was coming next) as they all say their goodbyes to you and leave you to fight the last big fight that up until this moment is set to be the best action set piece of the trilogy, equal parts rousing and draining where you as player and as Shepard himself have to give everything you have to finish this fight and win the day. It starts promising, running full speed towards the conduit, in an almost carbon copy sequence from ME1 before the last level. Harbinger lands in front of you and starts lancing death rays at you. Tanks and men are brushed aside with equal force leaving you running for all your might, dodging, rolling, moving ever forward towards your goal with heart pounding in chest and a yell of defiance in your throat lost among the clamour of battle you're ready to bring it all to bear on your enemy. And then the world turned upside down. The epic conclusion to the what should have been, what could have been the greatest series of games in the modern era is stolen from you. There is no face off with Harbinger, there is no gruelling fight to get to the light of morning where victory awaits, just a watered down version of the end of Dues Ex; Human Revolution where all the choices you have made over a hundred plus hours are swept aside and completely ignored. DX;HR gave a fourth option to refuse the choices given and blow it all up. ME2 killed off squad mates you couldn't keep loyal, ME1 gave the option to have Saren kill himself if you played the game right. ME3 offers you no such victory and leaves you feeling hollow and as I said earlier , betrayed. There is no way to "win" Mass Effect 3, you get no closure on your story or those of the people you've fought, sweated and bled with over the past two games and five years, no indication of who lived or died. That was the most frustrating part of the ending, I didn't know what happened to my squad and that hurt, a lot. Mass Effect is a series of games proud of it's emotional investment that it inspires players to have in the characters. Liara isn't real and doesn't love me, but she loves my Shepard, Garrus isn't my friend, but he is my Shepard's. The universe they live in isn't my home, but it is my Shepard's, and the destruction of the Mass Relays and with it them the future of the franchise is a crass move by Bioware to kill any future it might have had. Expand
  69. Mar 14, 2012
    ME1 is alot better, got to the ending and my jaw just drop..... plus day one DLC should of been added in game, if your new to ME just play the 1st and 2nd game
  70. Mar 13, 2012
    The last 15 minutes negates the previous +90 hours worth of gameplay. It's worse than a mediocre game, it invalidates all of the franchise. Proceed with caution.
  71. Mar 13, 2012
    Seriously disappointed in the end to an otherwise great series. Bought $5 and $10 dlc for all the games, and spent countless hours trying to get perfect play throughs on ME1 and ME2 only to find out that my reward was almost useless war assets. Was seriously disappointed how however you played you still got pretty much the same ending video that yet was promised that the story would branch into unexpected ways. Even more disappointed that to get the "perfect ending"( doesn't really make sense why they would say that their ending is the "perfect" one) one had to participate in multiplayer in a game that is supposed to be a story driven rpg. In summation Mass Effect 3 was not worth the $80 i spent and the 6 month delay. Expand
  72. Mar 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Game was everything I had hoped... Until the end. No way would Shepard have accepted The Catalyst's beliefs, not when Shepard has experienced first hand organics and synthetics coexisting and working together. I was sad and disappointed at the end of this game. As a film ending it would be bitter sweet and might be acceptable. With a game I think companies DO have to pander more to the consumers, because we are far more invested in the characters than we would be in film or print, this is OUR commander Shepard and he/she deserved better! Expand
  73. Mar 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 was a wild ride but the ending was like punch my (Krogan) quads. I feel utterly betrayed there was no player choice taken into account with the ending. All 16 endings were just a variation on a theme anyhow. The ending boils down to a red/blue/green selection. Don't believe me, check Youtube.
  74. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!
    I LOVED Mass effect 3 right up until the ending which for me destroyed the replay value of the entire trilogy, since nothing I did during the three titles mattered at all in the end. It was all for nothing. The game premise is about morality, choice and submersion. You end up caring about your Shep, your crew and the entire galaxy almost like a second life outside your daily life. I know I did anyway. The concept of the game I thought, was that the choices we made helped shape the future of you as the hero, your crew and the galaxy. That idea was blown right out the airlock during the last 10 min. or so when my Shep totally caved in and accepted Star Child's three suicide choices. My Shep would never have acted like that. My Shepherd would have pulled his gun and planted on between the eyes of that stupid IA or what ever it was..I really don't know how to finish this last sentence, because the end didn't make any sense to me..I'm not really sure what happened.. Other than that, this was by far the best game in the trilogy, if it wasn't for the lazy written ending. I wanted to give this game a score of 1 just to spite EA and Bioware, but that wouldn't be fare. So I'll give it a 3. If the ending lived up to the rest of the game I would have given it a 10 no doubt.
  75. Mar 15, 2012
    The game was superb up till the final 15 minutes of the game. But, sadly the 3 choices of at the end just ruin it all. Either you get a green, orange, or blue light show. The so called illusion of choice it absent as well at the end. Giving the fans no closure because they just ended it! Just overall a disappointment because of the terrible ending.
  76. Mar 15, 2012
    It may as well have been the best game I have ever played in my life and I have been gaming all my life. Everything they do is PERFECT... until the last 10 minutes. The last 10-15min of the game is the thing I have ever come across in gaming it takes the greatest series of all time(in my mind) and just runs all 3 games into the ground for no apparent reason. Bioware has lied to and now turned on their fans who only ever truly cared about the ME series. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME WHATEVER YOU DO UNTIL... Bioware undoes the mistakes they made with the ending. Please don't pay them to screw over their fans.
    Thanks you everyone. :D
  77. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. In general Mass Effect 3 is a good game. However static journal entries, day one DLC that contained a very important lore character, and an ending that leaves questions without answers ruins this game. The ending is the major flaw in the game as it makes any choice you made during the whole trilogy void not to mention it's plot-hole heavy. you won't feel like making another playthrough after you beat the game for the first time. Expand
  78. Mar 15, 2012
    Fantastic game in almost all senses of the word. Great story, great characters, great gameplay, but then it all gets ruined by an awful ending. I mean bad. If you do buy it, stop it right after Shepard talks to his crew before the final push and don't go further.
  79. Mar 17, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a very entertaining game that follows closely the formula of ME2, but there are several MASSIVE PROBLEMS with it. I would recommend you do NOT purchase it at this time.

    If you consider yourself a loyal fan of the series, and appreciated the direction of the stories in the previous games, there is an excellent chance you will find the endings deeply unsatisfying. There
    is currently a campaign underway to convince Bioware to add an alternative to the current endings. You can find out more by searching for Retake Mass Effect. Multiplayer is a component Bioware decided to include with this game. Normally this wouldn't be a concern for single player focused players, but a player's participation in MP has a direct effect on your SP experience, specifically the ending. Even if you are a completionist type of player who carefully goes through the game checking everything, you may not have enough of a certain score to achieve the "best" ending if you do not play multiplayer. For those without a reliable internet connection, this is a serious problem.

    The day one DLC is a sore point for many gamers. While I would not call the content "necessary" for full enjoyment of the game, your squad would seem fairly bare without the inclusion of the character in this dlc, and considering the free squadmate offered very soon after Mass Effect 2's release, there is no reason this couldn't have been free as well (aside from corporate greed, which is exactly what this is).

    Finally, a smaller complaint, but one I suspect many fans will be upset about. A certain character's true appearance is revealed in this game. If you are a long time fan you will know exactly who I speak of. Let's just say the reveal is quite disappointing, and it involves photoshop. All these issues (minus the MP) are based on my own opinions. I have been a big fan of the series since the beginning, and 99% of the trilogy has been an absolute blast. I don't expect Bioware to remove or change the offenses I have listed above, but I would sincerely appreciate an alternative. If you share my opinion on some of these missteps, I would again ask that you do not purchase the game at this time. Affecting Bioware and EA's profits is the best way to voice your opinion.
  80. Mar 19, 2012
    The ending... is all I have to say . I have to wonder what went through their minds when making this. Did they not learn from DA2? Nope of course not because in the end when you have space magic and money who cares about the customer reaction. Very sad to see the ending of the trilogy come to this.
  81. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 is, up until the last 15 minutes, absolutely superb. If it weren't for the ending (the same ending that there has been so much vitriol about) In playing the game I was playing something that I felt would succeed in rewarding all my hopes and expectations for the conclusion of Bioware's magnificent series. For the most part, ME3 delivers, even the multiplayer is good. The characters are well thought out, the story works well (again, right up until the end) and there are some genuinely touching moments.

    And then I get to the last half hour of the game. I will tell you this right now. The ending is so terrible that I'm going to open my thesaurus to help me describe this. It's dreadful, appalling, horrendous, horrid, abhorrent, sickening, atrocious, distasteful. Nothing could have prepared me for this horrible conclusion. It succeeds to make the choices that were such a big part of the series absolutely meaningless, everyone gets the same idiotic morality choice regardless. This is even more disappointing because not only were we promised something more but I've even seen plans that would have fulfilled their promises and our expectations that Bioware and EA failed to deliver on.

    I don't know who was responsible for this. Bioware falling asleep at the wheel, EA for lacking a soul and trying to dumb down the series for the Call of Duty playing lowest common denominators they're trying to sell the game to.

    If the ending were at all good, Mass Effect 3 would have earned itself a 10/10, as the ending is now, 7 is high praise.
  82. Mar 20, 2012
    I have been a die hard ME fan from day one, having spent countless 100s of hours playing through nearly every class, every side mission, exploring all romances, seeing every world, and painstakingly making every choice in the anticipation of how it all would come together right now. Sadly, I share the feeling of disappointment expressed by many of my fellow gamers. ME has become a shell of what it once was. Instead of getting an in depth story with interesting characters and relationships that I care about and the feeling that every decision, both big and small, would play a part in the shape of this world, I got a straight forward action game with little depth and characters who I don't know or care about(e.g. James, Kai Leng). Every mission from beginning to end consists of your goal to gain war assets and at some point someone dies or nearly dies. Which was emotional at first, but once you realize it's happening every time it losses its affect. There is also a clear de-emphasis on everything besides the main action, you can't do a side missions until their location is unlocked through progressing in the story. Side missions consist of over hearing conversations and going to seek out what they were talking about by scanning a planet or finding it during the main quest. If the item is passed over during the main quest, though, it can be purchased cheaply later on. The other side missions have replaced the scanning/resource mini game from ME2. It is poorly executed on several phases. Before you can scan a particular planet you have to ping it, which isn't a problem unless there are reapers in the neighborhood. In which case, if you can't find it in the first few tries the reapers chase you out of the system and you have to wait before you can come back and try again. Once you ping the correct planet you have the option to scan the planet, the same as scanning planets in ME2. This is a waste of time since there is only one spot and it points you right to it and about 90% of the time it is on the opposite side of the planet. There are also no updates added to your codex or galaxy map as you attain your side mission or the items associated with them, so you will be flipping to your codex before you go to your galaxy map to find which system and planet you need to travel to, and when you find the item for the mission you'll need to either complete it immediately or have a way to remember you recovered it, otherwise there's nothing to say not to go back. The reward for completing the missions is gaining war assets which along with completing multiplayer missions affects your total readiness for the final Reaper assault. In actuality, doing these have little affect on the ending of the game, which as many have already stated is very poor. All other mini games/puzzles have been removed. There is also lack of subtlety/emphasis in your relationships with everyone around you. Very early on in the story you are either given the option or it is blatantly obvious that a particular person is going to be a romance option, and other than that, with a few exceptions (mostly Garrus and Tali), they have nothing particularly interesting to say. Multiplayer consists of a horde mode which can provide a diversion from the main story but doesn't add anything particular interesting. Biggest gripe is the randomness of unlocking new weapons/characters/perks instead of letting me use my credits to choose how I would prefer to play. The combat mechanics and graphics, aside from the ridiculous "enhanced" character models, are the best of the series, but the de-evolution of the series, the feeling of being mislead (e.g. choices affecting the game, being able to get the best ending without playing multiplayer), and the sense that a money grab played a huge part the final product (they even message they give after beating the game is more or less an urge to buy dlc) felt like a slap in the face. I understand the need to make money but not to the extent compromising the essence of something that millions of people have come to love. Expand
  83. Mar 20, 2012
    I have been a huge fan of the entire Mass Effect trilogy. Most of ME3 carries on the trend, allowing the player to continue identifying with Commander Shepard...until the ending. Unfortunately, all decisions, choices, actions, and events leading up to the finale have no impact on the ultimate end. In addition, though Bioware specifically stated there would be "wildly different endings" and that the multiplayer would be completely non-obligatory, those statements are false. The multiplayer is essential to gain significant war assets required for the "best" (same ending, slightly different final scene), and the "wildly different endings" is one ending with three different colored explosions that all do the same exact thing with the same exact result.


    Hold the Line.
  84. Mar 21, 2012
    Imagine you started reading a "Choose your own adventure" series of books. Then imagine you spent $180 dollars and invested over 100+ hours into the books. Imagine that you had serious decisions to make about things such as who lives and who dies in your story. Imagine that these books were very well written and full of unique encounters and situations. Then imagine no matter what decisions you made, every storyline ended the same way with a last second twist that you didn't really even care about and contradicted all the decisions you had made previously. Would you recommend these books? Would you go back and reread the books and make different decisions knowing you were going to dislike the ending and your decisions didn't matter? That's the dilemma with Mass Effect 3. It is like reading a good book/trilogy, only to find out the author didn't know how to handle all the different possibilities and ended up with one crappy ending. Expand
  85. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First off, there are plot-holes galore. Huge gaping plot-holes. Squad mates who were with you on Earth magically appearing back on the Normandy. Joker randomly deciding to flee before the Crucible even goes off. Anderson saying he's behind you then magically appearing in the room ahead of you. The Illusive Man appearing on the Citadel with no explanation. Etc.

    Secondly, there is a complete lack of choice as to how the game ends. Nothing you've done in the previous 120 hours has any bearing on the options available to you in the end. Nothing. Your choices did not matter at all. No matter what you did you are offered three choices as to how to finish off the Reapers. They sound different, but the only difference between the three endings is that you get to watch a different colored explosion. Really, that's it. In a series that was all about real choices with real consequences this is completely unacceptable.

    Thirdly, you get no sense of closure. You watch the Reaper attack end, the Mass Relays blow up, the Normandy crash land on a planet, and possibly Shepard draw a breath, proving that he lives. Roll credits. What? Are you kidding me? Is my crew just going to die on that planet? Will Shepard ever see his love interest again? What will happen to Galactic civilization without the Mass Relays? Are all the peaces I brokered between the different races meaningless now that they're never going to see each other again? (In this way choices you made hours ago are completely negated.) What about that giant fleet that gathered at earth and is now stuck there? Are they just going to starve to death? I have no idea what the future holds for all the characters I've come to care so much about.

    Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, the ending goes completely against everything the rest of the series has stood for. For three games Shepard has been running around trying to convince everyone to work together against a common enemy. He has forged deep friendships with members of every species and solved centuries old conflicts (including, importantly, that between the Geth and the Quarians). They drive home the point that the Protheans were doomed by their homogeneity and that this cycle has a better chance because it consists of diverse races working together. Peaceful coexistence and cooperation are encouraged again and again and again.

    Then Shepard reaches the the Crucible and the Starchild says that war between synthetics and organics is inevitable. You have three choices for how to deal with this: genocide (kill all synthetics, including friendly ones, [red]), slavery (take control of the Reapers, [blue]), homogenization (merge all synthetic and organic life [green]). Shepard responds by fighting back and saying that there must be another way. His presence there is proof that cooperation is possible. He demands another solution that doesn't involve destroying the Mass Relays or synthetic allies like EDI and the Geth. Oh wait, that's not what he does at all. HE JUST GOES ALONG WITH IT AND PICKS ONE OF THE THREE AWFUL CHOICES. Are you @#$*ing kidding me Bioware? After all that Shepard just abandons everything he believes in without a fight and picks a color coded ending? This is about as believable as your whole crew suddenly turning into cowards and running away before the fight ends.

    Finally, the (only) ending is incredibly negative and depressing. If you want to say that I'm whiny and want an ending that's full of rainbows and unicorns and ice cream, fine, but hear me out. First consider how bleak the existing ending really is. The Mass Relays are gone. The civilization that you've come to know is torn apart completely. All the races you've just united really aren't going to interact anymore. The giant fleet hanging over the smoking ruin that was earth has no way to get home. Are they just going to starve to death? Where the hell is your squad? Will they ever get off that jungle planet? Are Tali and Garrus just going to starve to death (they can't eat the same food as us, remember)? We're left with small numbers of survivors cut off from each other on ruined planets. Call me crazy, but I don't think this is much better than letting the damn Reapers win.

    I don't object to the fact that this ending is possible. I object to the fact that its the only ending possible. As I've said, choice is a huge part of this series. If you did things a certain way in ME 1 you could convince the final boss to shoot himself in the head. If you were adequately prepared in ME 2 you could have a 100% survival rate on a "suicide mission." If I've been a solid paragon and completed every side mission for three games straight (which I did) I want the possibility of a happy ending. Screw this "the hero has to die" nonsense. This is Mass Effect! The hero doesn't "have to" anything! I want endings that differ in respects other than color of explosions, and I want at least one of them to be somewhat happy.
  86. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Shoddy controls? Check. Dialogue that was written by a Neanderthal? Check. Graphics that would make 2009 blush? Check. Disk locked content that doesn't add jack **** to the experience? Check. An ending that breaks all promises made by the developers, shoddily closes Shepard's story arc, and only gives you a choose between what color explosion you get at the end? Check, check, and DOUBLE **** CHECK! Do not buy, do not borrow, do not even pirate, it is not worth the hard drive space Expand
  87. Mar 21, 2012
    In one word: disappointing. Where to even start with this game? I went into it still riding high on the fond memories of Mass Effect 1 and 2, expecting the advertised "spectacular conclusion to the series", but what I got fell terribly short. Honestly, I had to give this game as much as a 6 purely for the stunning graphics, it looks amazing. The storytelling is pretty bad, characters go to severe waste, and the whole thing is incredibly dumbed down from the RPG that Mass Effect 1 was. First off: dialogue. Throughout most of the game, I felt like my dialogue options were limited to "say X or say X while sounding a little more like jerk." There was hardly a decision to be made here. Apart from the limited options, the dialogue its self was poor. I thought I was playing a game based on my character's choices, but more often than not , Shepard took off on his own little non-interactive cutscenes with other characters. I'm sure many of us remember being disappointed with the way we could interact with the DLC squad mates (Kasumi/Zaeed) on the Normandy. In ME3, that's pretty much the way it works with everyone. You don't enter into conversations with them, you don't get to investigate any of their stuff in their rooms even. Shepard just stands there and talks to them in pre-done conversations on his own. Lame. I guess Bioware seemed to think that Shepard had grown a mind of his/her own and didn't need any input from the player. Past decisions were factored in minimally I felt, plot holes all around, things just happen and there's no real feeling of meaning to them. I know there's a galaxy wide war for survival going on, but that doesn't mean everyone in the galaxy is just going to change and roll along with it for you. Come on Bioware, are you even trying anymore? Oh, and Tali's "gift", seriously? Expand
  88. Mar 21, 2012
    A good game. Very emotional game i almost cried at some times and very well done dialogue once again. Everything is right about this game, all the classes get to use assault and sniper rifles along with shotguns. This game is so good until the ending. The ending is sooo bad and out of place that this game was a set back for me. BioWare needs to do something fast before they lose there loyal fans.
  89. Mar 23, 2012
    Terrible ending that ruin the whole game... The three ending cinematics are barely le the sames, only the colors are different... It's really a shame... Mass effect is dead with an ending like that.
  90. kN7
    Mar 23, 2012
    Pretty much what everyone else is saying. Me thinks EA has some critics in their pockets. Did these guys even play the previous games? Did they get finished copies of the game, or did their versions end before the whole Citadel-gate fiasco?
  91. Mar 23, 2012
    This game is excellent...until the last 15 minutes or so. The ending (there is only one with different colors) destroyed one of my favorite video game franchises. Mass Effect appealed to me because the choices that you made had weight, they affected the story in a tangible way, but no matter what you did in any of the games you always get the same choice of endings. Red, blue, or green.
  92. Apr 4, 2012
    As a big Mass Effect fan, this game was a must have for me. I loved every minute of each game. The action in this part has improved over the second one, the graphics look better and the story is still top notch. While playing the game, i noticed my options (choices) were less than the other parts, but I didn't find it to be a big problem. The thirty or so hours were great, until I got til the ending...

    Sadly but true, the series took a dive I couldn't have seen coming. The ending felt unfinished, non sensical and just plain out of place. Normally, I replay the Mass Effect series multiple times. I haven't felt like playing this one any more. The ending truly was the downfall for the series.
  93. Apr 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I had purchased Mass Effect 1 and 2 in addition to all the DLCs because the games were very good. The first one focused on the ME universe while the second focused more on your squad. They each had teething problems, but they were well done.

    ME3 had some great scenes such as the Genophage issue between the Krogan and the Salarians as well as the Geth and Qurian conflict, however, after that it seemed to fall apart. It was if two different writing teams were involved. Bioware was pushing this whole idea about take back Earth, instead it was just a straight run with waves of enemies. If you felt you were going to make the tough decisions such as the ME2 sUicide mission, it doesnt even come close. You would think that all the decisions made previously, the major conflict resolution such as the Geth and krogans and the war assets would make an impact at the end. Nope, nothing they are counted as war assets which remain at 50% unless you play the coop multiplayer. They are counted as points and you don't see anything of them, except for the Krogan at the end for a brief cameo. Of course, don't get me started about the ending which Bioware lied about, essentially saying the end will be different and we won't give you a choice A,b or C, when in fact they do, instead they are red, green and blue.

    I could go on, but I am sure by now, you will see the gist of it. I canal understand people who say they played the entire game including the ending, they cannot say that it was rushed or just a complete mess.
  94. Apr 9, 2012
    There's never been a better game with a worse ending. A crack team of N7 ewoks, defeating the Reapers by tripping them with vines, would have made for a better ending to ME3.
  95. Apr 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Yes the ending is that bad and yes the fan outrage is wholly justified. Even putting the ending aside it is by far the worst entry in the series no planetary exploration, all the side quests are fetch quests, theyâ Expand
  96. Apr 17, 2012
    Lets take an incredible 3 course meal made by superb chefs, and then take a big fat steamer right on top of it. This is what mass effect 3 would be like, if it was food.
  97. Apr 21, 2012
    A great game, but one with an ending that is so terrible it ruins not only the whole of ME3, but of ME1 and ME2 as well. It is unfathomable how a studio like BioWare would ever think that what it incuded as the conclusion to the series would be palatable to the fans of the series who invested hundreds of hours and untold thought into tough decisions along the way. If reviewer articles included their opinions of the game's ending, score would be a lot lower. Expand
  98. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think it's a shame that these so called "fans" have given Mass Effect 3 such a low score here in Metacritic. They are giving it anything from 0-6 simply because the last 20 minutes or so were disappointing. And yes, they are disappointing but I'm not going to rant on Bioware simply because I felt that the end destination of this series was less than satisfactory. They say "that its not the destination that matters, but the journey there is what truly matters". And you know what? I agree.

    This game was payoff after payoff. It was the coup d' etat from Bioware--one which closed out the series in utter perfection (for the most part)--and I enjoyed it immensely. The graphics were fantastic if a little bit dated. The presentation was flawless. To say that this is one of the most cinematic games of all-time is an understatement. The score was fantastic. Clint Mansell and series mainstay Sam Hullick bring this finale to life, invoking all the right emotions at all the right times. This is a very balanced orchestral. At times it is somber, other times it is sinister with a hint of ominous danger. The gameplay was perfectly balanced. ME1 was more RPG than shooter and ME2 was more shooter than RPG, but ME3 is what Mass Effect has always sought to be: a perfect hybrid of shooter and RPG elements. If I could've changed something about the gameplay, I would add more side quests that weren't so reliant on avesdropping on people from the Citadel. Also, scanning for War Assests completes over 10 side quests, which is a shame, because exploring more locations during this time for turmoil (ex. The hanar, elcor, and volus homeworlds were being attacked as well; I would've loved to see the actual conflict on these places rather than overhearing it).

    Anyways, the story is amazing, just as you expect from this stellar series. Most of the characters--both major and minor--return in ME3 in some form or another. These appearances, wheter it'd be a major crewmate or a cameo role, are almost always rewarding. Seeing what has become of these characters is a very satisfying aspect of this game. All of the characters, except for a select few, are given finality and closure. There are some sappy scenes to be had in ME3, but they are handled with deft precision and skill.

    These scenes, if you're a true fan of the series and if you are very connected to these characters, will have you crying like very few stories can. Bioware has hit a homerun for making us care about these characters in such a personal way. It is very hard to say "goodbye" to these people that you've known for the past half a decade or so. To you & me, these people are family, friends. We care about them and the universe they inhabit.

    Maybe that's why people are so angry about the ending. Bioware had a great concept for its ending, but their execution of said concept was mediocre at best. Had they put in a "happy" ending and had they shown how these characters' lives are affected by your final decision, then I think Bioware wouldn't have received any criticism whatsoever. A more elaborate ending cinematic, as well as some 5-10 minute expositional epilogue could've worked wonders for this game and the universe that both Bioware and players have built over the course of so many years. That being said, the ending closes out Shepard's story with well-enough finality that I can accept it, despite the obvious plot holes and uncertainties that are brought up by some aspects of the endings.

    Am I disappointed by the ending (s)? Yes, to a certain extent, but I won't let that ruin my appreciation for this game and this series in particular. Bioshock and Fallout 3 had terrible endings. Did these games get under a 5.0 in "User Score" here on Metacritic? No, they did not. Both of those games are complete and utter materpieces and they received their own share of criticism for their endings, but not to the extent that ME3 has endured. Nevertheless, gamers want Bioware to change the ending to Mass Effect 3, even though it is not our story, it is Bioware's. Irrational Games never changed their ending and yet Bioshock is still revered as one of gaming's finest moments. Bethesda Studios, on the other hand, caved into the peer pressure of the gaming community and they tried to rectify the backlash they initially received by releasing the "Broken Steel" DLC that got rid of the original ending in favor of the new one. Gamers rejoiced, and now Fallout 3 is rightfully acclaimed as one of the greatest games of all-time as well. Will Bioware follow the example of Irrational Games or that of Bethesda Studios? We'll see. But, no matter what, I feel that Mass Effect 3 is a masterpiece and the perfect finale to one of the greatest, if not the greatest, series in the history of gaming. Thank you, Bioware, for all the memories. I can't wait to relive the trilogy, again and again, until the end of time...or gaming.
  99. Mar 18, 2012
    It's really a shame people give the game a low score just because the last 5 minutes of the game aren't good. You have to review the game has a complete package, the action is the best in the entire trilogy, weapons are much better, the story is very emotional, the war is at grand scale at different places, and every decision you take is crucial to the life of many characters or races. Plus the ending will be fixed, I have hopes that it will be, it was all indoctrination there are so many facts that prove it. We can say a game sucks, just because of a writer or some writers went all weird on the story when the other people that worked hard on other aspects did an excellent job. Expand
  100. Mar 12, 2012
    Story: Mass Effect 3's plot has a good pacing and can pull the right emotional strings. Nearly all of the trilogy's plot points are resolved in a satisfying manner, the character's plot pleased me as well. You will witness the consequences of your past decisions. The dialogues are better than ever. There is some automatic dialogue, but only in places where it serves the flow of the conversation, and it never is important or changes your character against your will. Only one thing bothers me in the story department: The ending could have used more build-up, the choices presented seem contrived, there are some illogical aspects. The ending is neither well-written nor satisfying. It doesn't kill the story, but yes, the ending isn't good. Gameplay: Combat is better than ever. Rolls, heavy melee, grenades and new powers benefit the fights greatly. The character system is deep and allows for more customization than any of the predecessors. The weapon system gained depth to, allowing for many upgrades, while never being as clunky as ME1 about it. The new scanning is actually fun, no comparision to the Mako or planet scanning. There is more variety in quests, some interesting boss battles and enemies that requires different tactical approaches. My only gripe here is the quest-log. It is quite confused, mission description are often very unclear. And rolling needs some practice.
    Technical aspects: The voice acting is phenomenal, the music is great, the graphics are good. Some animations are a bit off, but mostly they are fine. I only encountered one big bug, regarding my face import. Irritating, but i can live with it.
    So there are some minor inconveniences and a bad ending to a game that is utterly perfect in nearly every regard. 9/10 points.

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  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.