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  1. Mar 26, 2012
    People seem to be mad because the ending isn't "what they expected" and while BioWare could've done a better ending, instead of everyone getting the same 3 possible endings, you can't deny the game itself is beautiful and perfectly crafted, the gameplay is flawless and the multiplayer was a surprisingly pleasant addition.
    The story is perfectly made, however, BioWare was unable to put all
    the pieces back together in the ending, which is slightly disappointing.
    But people are being way too harsh with the game, a bad ending doesn't make a good game the worst game ever. People are overreacting.
    And while it is obvious that EA took out the Prothean and made it DLC to make money, I actually found myself preferring Javik over all the in-game characters, a bit overpriced.
  2. Mar 27, 2012
    I purposely stayed from reading any reviews, listening to any gaming podcasts, going on any gaming websites, basically tuned myself completely out from all media involved in gaming form the first day ME3 came out on March 6th, until the day I finished on march 13th. My initial feeling of the game I just played and finished, was simply WOW! And there were plenty of those moments throughout as well. This is on a short list of games that put me on such a ride, emotionally. There is so much heart in this game, the character development is off the charts. The story was grim and the desperation was evident. As the story went on I really began to get a sense of how this would end up. Little did I know that, the result of my initial playthrough would result in one of the worst, of the possible endings, and I still accepted it, and liked it. Shepherd and these other noble heroes sacrificing themselves for the future, is nothing short of spot on. Almost immediately after finishing the game, I went to Metacritic because I wanted to see other people's reactions to the game, and what the "pros" in the industry had to say as well. Then I saw it and I was beside myself!!!! Terrible user scores and as I dug deeper into the why, I was appalled! I thought maybe, I had searched the wrong game as all I saw was a cry baby effect! Look the ending may have left something to be desired, but I will ALWAYS side with the right of the creative forces behind the art, to do what they want with THEIR art, and not with those that stomp their feet and hold their breath like loud obnoxious spoiled children. IMO, this is the epitome of all that is wrong with our society and unfortunately is becoming more and more prevalent in it. This sense of entitlement, and utter outrage when things don't go as we see that they should. Everyone has the right to make their voices heard, and they should, but there is a proper way to do it. And I really thought this community of gamers, was above the idiotic 99% mentality, when it comes to making our voices heard. Everyone of those that, IMO, went too far......hey go out and make your own game. You can make it ANY way YOU want! Just like those at Bioware can make their game anyway THEY want. Have we all really forgotten to put ourselves in other peoples shoes, for even a second and rationalize things, in the hopes of making sense of something we don't agree with? Or are we barreling down a moral slope where we just stomp our fists in anger and he who yells the loudest wins? Also, really!?!?! Zero scores form users??? Wow, I mean c'mon, even if the assertion that the ending was horrible, the other 30+ hours were amazing, or at least somewhere in the middle.
    Lastly, I just have to say that I've seen all the arguments why the ending was "horrible" and have to say I can only give credence to one and that is that it was too ambiguous. There wasn't the necessary closure and I'll get to that in a second. Thinking back on things that happened in the first two games, things the story told us, the ending makes PERFECT sense, and is one of the most well put together stories ever (in any medium). They were telling us all along how it was going to play out and it did. The clues were there all along, we just had to pay attention to them and be able to bring the memories of them back when we needed them, maybe that's why it was so confusing because it didn't (outright) spell everything out for us, but kept the heart of the game in tact right up to the final decision, in that it was always about making the best decision based on the knowledge we had about the situation and living with the consequences, or just making the decision based on what we just "wanted to do", point is it was up to the player, the information was put in front of us and it was up to us to decide 1) how to play the game, 2) how much to prepare for the final battle and 3) the final decision (along with the romances, relationship stuff as well.) But to all those that said it made no sense, it did (at least to me) and I'm good with that! I really feel sorry for you all that it upset you so much but that's life (it is) and should be dealt with accordingly. I know this series (which I hold as one of the greatest ever) took a LOT of all of us, time wise, emotionally, economically........but at the end of the day it's still just a game and Bioware doesn't OWE us anything. They, like us, can CHOOSE, to make the game how they feel it best, and we can choose to support their future projects how we feel is most appropriate. But yeah, I would have liked to see more of what happened to all those characters I came to love so much, but that's not 100% necessary either. We'll either find out (one way or the other) or I have a very good imagination and am able to think it through logically enough that I'd bet I'd be pretty close to being right! Thanks Bioware, for a GREAT game and series. It really was a wonderful ride!
  3. Mar 28, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game that keeps pace with the high quality of the rest of the series. Gameplay wise we all know the drill, and if you played the other games in the series you should be very familiar with it. The narrative is tense and you know the galaxy is at stake this time. I loved both the characters, with all their releations, and the tense plot. Allthough being a sequel they could have fixed minor gameplay flaws from earlier games, like the semi-broken cover system that sometimes can be anoying and imprecise. The roleplaying elements could also have been more prominent, which I think the first one in the series did best. But all in all an amazing gaming experience. I strongly recommend playing on hardcore difficulty, because the enemy A.I. is smarter and more challenging which is a great thing. ME3 has some of the best enemy AI I have seen in a long time. Expand
  4. Mar 28, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the best game ive ever played. it has a great story, good graphics and a excellent soundtrack. i was a little disappointed with the ending but other than that the game was amazingly good
  5. Mar 29, 2012
    I've really enjoyed this game. The graphics look great. I was able to import my save files from ME1 and 2. The combat is upgraded, and feels even smoother than in the second. The ending, which most people have a problem with, I actually really liked. I felt like as the game moved along, loose ends were being tied together while the plot still advanced, and characters met their end (or not!) based purely on my actions. Honestly, my main complaint is being forced to run around with my gun out nearly the entire time, and some occasional issues during combat when I was unable to take cover for some unknown reason. Overall, I'll give this game a 9/10, for a few technical bugs, but an overwhelmingly intriguing plot, and a high replay value. Thanks for reading! Expand
  6. Mar 30, 2012
    I think people are going overboard with the ending. I know it sucks but it doesn't mean you have to completely slaughter the entire game. Apart from the ending, the game was one of the best games I've ever played. They got the mechanics right, graphics look crisp and the storytelling at its best. The game does need a lot more closure though.
  7. Mar 31, 2012
    A good game at first, but it has a bugged and broken quest log that can't help itself, a watered down side quest system where you just "hear" stuff while running around, RPG elements being ditched and disregarded and the ending is a borderline scam on the players. As a standalone shooter, it has a pass, but I was told I was buying a RPG where my choices mattered. In the end, the game is best returned to the retailer if you have a refund option. Shame, it could have been a great game. Expand
  8. Mar 31, 2012
    ***POTENTIAL SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD THE CHANCE TO HEAR ABOUT THE BACKLASH OR EXPERIENCE THE GAME FOR YOURSELF*** Although ME3 is in fact imperfect, it's still a worthy addition to the series. The gameplay, visuals, soundtrack, etc. are all top notch. Bioware didn't deviate much from ME2, but they sure did put on an excellent display for the fans. I think the majority of people that have issues with the ending are just not getting the big picture. "Disowning" Bioware... one of the funniest things I've seen or heard in my entire life. Nonsense. Move on! It's a video game, a form of leisure time activity, entertainment, a form of art, it's not a law or a living thing or a crisis. If I had a dollar for every time I was "disappointed" about a form of entertainment and I carried on the way the "cause" did, I'd be filthy rich. This isn't the first time people were disappointed and it certainly won't be the last. All you have to do is abstain from gaming and we'll all be better off. Why don't you go design a better series (with stellar ending) and I will be the first to line up and purchase it. If not, then go back to your home on W__re Island! (Uh oh, I left some blanks, I better not leave anything open to interpretation or I will be forced by thousands of infants to alter my statement!) Seems as though the people that didn't get the "ending" have been owned SO HARD by Bioware and could very well be one of the best moments in gaming history. The way this game ends makes the series that much better for me! Even if you dislike the ending, it's still a damn good game! This game is excellent for anyone that has enjoyed the series. It's not much of a departure from ME2 but if you liked that one then I am sure you will enjoy ME3. I can't wait to see what they had planned all along! Great job EA/ Bioware! Thanks for 4 plus years of Shepard. I've never experienced a gaming series anything like it! Expand
  9. Mar 31, 2012
    Great Series and all around a great game throughout until that little boy, child, god, reaper thing appeared on the citadel. Everything after that boys appearence is awfull. It was a terrible ending and all the endings are exactly the same. The real choice you have at the end is, What is your favorite color, red blue or green? However, the game is still great until the last 8 minutes. The fighting is amazing, the characters are interesting, not as good as ME2, but still good and customization is widened. The multiplayer is also fun. Its not going to be able to compete with Gears horde, or halos firefight, or even cods zombies, but it is still fun none the less. The game all around is great, what keeps it from a 10 is the terrible ending, but the ending shouldn't take away from the great game and series that came before it. To all of those who gave it 1s... Settle down. Don't be so extreme. The game is good. The ending is bad, but your not rating the ending, your rating the entire game, and most of the game is solid Expand
  10. Apr 1, 2012
    This game was a major disappointment. The game itself was actually pretty good, up until the last twenty minutes or so. But the ending was so horrible that it honestly ruins the entire series. Most would say it was the journey, not the ending that makes this game amazing. But using that logic would mean that the Titanic survivors shouldn't have anything to complain about. It was the journey they should remember, not the ending where the unsinkable ship sank in the cold dark depths of the ocean. This game is a rental at best, if you are a fan of the series don't even bother playing it. Expand
  11. Apr 2, 2012
    Great ending, Bioware. Stunning. I dont understand how people can say all three are the same: back-to-zero cave dwelling; self-destroying power-grab; or peaceable melding of flesh and machine â
  12. Apr 3, 2012
    This is a true disappointment. It would be easy to blame a generic deus ex rip off ending for my disappointment or day 1 DLC that was poorly handled. Or even the insulting ABC choices that lead to the same cut scenes. In reality, the problems come from a shift in design and goals of a company that once triumphed the greatest RPG's the world has ever seen. It's a problem of sacrificing what you're best at not for the sake of innovation, but for the sake of being more appealing. When this happens, the little things that make a game great get missed. For instance, Mass Effect moved from twelve squadmates to six (unless you bought the DLC so I'm not counting it). This was supposed to give greater conversation in the mission and lead to a more intense interaction. But that was not the case. Further, when you do re-encounter old squadmates, they don't even join you for a single mission. They may follow you around the citadel, but never do you get the full interaction; it feels rushed and forced. Another major loss is that of actual side missions. Where once I traveled to planets and few to the surface to retrieve key items, I now scan a planet while reaper chase me like the ghosts from Pac-man. There's no exploration. Multiplayer was obviously tacked on to prevent us from selling the game back. But most insulting of all is the fact that Bioware lied. Straight up, unmistakably lied. They promised no ABC ending and that's what they gave us. They promised complete resolution and they left thing purposefully cryptic. It's not the fact that they did these things; it's that they lied. "There are many different endings. We wouldnâ Expand
  13. Apr 4, 2012
    while not as good as mass effect 2 this game is still a imminse acheivment for bioware great setpeices good combat and a amazing story continued. The reapers are amazing enemies in this game and used well. brilliant characters and a fiiting conclusion. Ending not wat it should be but with so much good u willl have a great time anyway
  14. Apr 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i was so upset by the ending that i moved the cover behind all my other games so i couldint see it.....
    and even if the indoctranation theory is correct that means my mass effect universe is screwed because i would of chosen the controll or synthesis endings NOT the destroy ending
  15. Apr 5, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the culmination of all your adventures as Commander Shepard. Unfortunately, Bioware screwed the pooch with the worst ending to anything ever. All your choice in the first two games? Irrelevant!

    Did you want to feel a sense of triumph? Too bad, you get to choose between lime, blueberry and cherry flavors.

    On top of it all, the hacks at Bioware defend this steaming
    pile with claims of "artistic integrity". EA (the worst company in america!) lets its PR dogs out, to get companies to call gamers entitled. The only positive to come out of the fiasco of this game is the farce of gaming "journalism" has been exposed

    Multiplayer is designed to frustrate you into spending money, unlike other games where you choose your unlocks, or are rewarded for play style , you're at the mercy of a random number generator here. And when you really think about it, since nothing in SP matters, MP doesn't matter either

    Never has being a gamer been more detestable
  16. Apr 6, 2012
    With all the negative hype surrounding the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy, it seems as though most players have overlooked the fact that ME3 still featured the finest gameplay of the series, as well as some of the most absorbing story lines. BioWare (now publicly maligned, but still undisputed kings of the RPG) finally got the weapon/armor customisation and resource finding to the point of being fun, the combat was more streamlined and gorgeous than ever (biotic detonations will always make me squeal with delight), and pretty much every mission I was emotionally rocked. Mass Effect stands as one of the best series of games I have played, and this was the best of the three. Admittedly, I did initially take the stance - like everyone else - of denouncing the game after experiencing the ending . Upon first impressions it came off as rushed, flawed and meaningless, leading me to become one of the fans that fell under the spell of the infamous "indoctrination theory" that floated around. It is a hopeful alternative to the Occam's razor that BioWare didn't put enough effort into the ending as they should have. It was definitely a disappointment video-game wise, but was also rich with existential arguments which had me pondering/arguing with friends for days after. In the end I'm not hating it as much as I thought I would. Regardless, it doesn't ruin the rest of the series - as everyone seems to be saying - or even the rest of the game, which remains one of the most exhilarating gaming experiences of recent memory.

    And the multiplayer isn't too shabby either!
  17. Apr 8, 2012
    This is a very good ending to a great trilogy. It is incredible how many details from previous games are mentioned in the game and the game combines a good balance of shooter and RPG
  18. Apr 10, 2012
    The game at all is reasonable but the Ending DESTROYS everything.
    All choices along ME1 and ME2 really doesn't matter... the ME2 choices about collector base etc .. they are ignored. BioWare said that would be 16 different endings, but what we got was 3 different colors. RED BLUE or GREEN.

    There is no narrative coherence, the ending is filled with plot holes, ME1 and ME2 story was
    destroyed in a matter of minutes, they doesn't review their own games before launching? This doesn't make sense really.

    Why am I giving a 0?

    The answer is: The ending not only destroyed ME3 but the story of ME1 and ME2 too. ME3 became a action-shooter, there is only auto-dialogue, a few choices that i can count with my fingers. The game forces you to do some things, there is no roleplay anymore. I won't talk about the plotholes because in youtube you can find a lot of videos highlighting everyone one of them. They have done the same thing with DA2, they are trying to reach another kind of gamers, but to do that they are sacrificing their own fanbase. ME3 feels exactly like DA2: RUSHED. They didn't had the time to review their own creation what a crap!

    Hire another writer. Only your writers can screw a incredible story like ME in a matter of seconds.

    If I wanted to play make a Gears of War i would bought GoW. BioWare and EA are destroying every game they have. I feel sorry for them and for us cause we are losing a great developer. EA SUCKS.
  19. Apr 13, 2012
    Despite the general uproar, Mass Effect 3 has proven to be a fantastic end to a beloved series. The upset over the ending is justified, albeit largely uncalled for. The central conflict present in each of the previous games largely revolves around the animosity between synthetics and organics. While many have ignored this particular aspect of the series, the ending wholly resolves it, in a largely satisfying way. Despite this, the widely held belief that the ending is too linear is a valid one. However, Bioware is already working on new content that would hopefully present players with more options, and thus, more satisfaction. As for the rest of the game, Mass Effect 3 is a total and complete triumph. The gameplay is impecable, the presentation is spotless, and the mix of RPG elements from Mass Effect 1 and the explosive action of Mass Effect 2 results in an incredibly immersive experience. Ignore the many dissenters, frustrated by the fact that the game doesn't spell everything out for you. Leaving loose ends allows for players to create their own possibilities, a fundamental concept and a throwback to traditional role playing games. Bioware - keep doing what you do best. 10/10. Expand
  20. Apr 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 presents a text book example of "Just finish it so we can sell it." The game is riddled with cut corners; Be it sprites in the game, stock photos, plot holes deep enough to fit the Reaper Armada in, and content cut from the finished product, everything combines to paint ME3 as a sloppy, unfinished product. The gamplay is the average coverbased shooter that ME is known for. The RPG elements for the game are surprisingly better since ME2, more reminiscent of those found in ME1. The writing in the game is, like I said earlier, riddled with plotholes but still offers fleeting moments of genuine goodness which makes me wonder if someone else was in charge of them. And of course, there's the ending. Pre-release comments stated that ME3's ending wouldn't be just "an A, B, or C choice" and that "player choices would really matter", these statements are completely false. The game ends based on a final A, B, or C choice resulting in virtually identical endings, differing only in color. Mass Effect 3 dies not with a bang but a slow whimper that begs to just be forgotten. Expand
  21. Apr 20, 2012
    PAY NO ATTENTION TO ALL OF THE NEGATIVE HYPE. Yes, the ending of this game sucks sweaty donkey taint, especially if you've played since ME1, but that's 10 minutes out of 30+ hours of game. Everything leading up to the ending is well worth the money spent. This game is not perfect. Characters will stare off into space while talking, some squad mates will just run out and stand in front of enemies needing to constantly be revived, some conversations just cut out midway through, the DLC feels like a half-assed and pointless afterthought, but the positive FAR outweighs the negative. If you want a good, satisfying story with a **** Disney ending go watch the Lion King. I hate EA, I was pissed about the day 1 DLC shenanigans, and I"M VERY PISSED about the horrible ending, but I still loved playing this game. Expand
  22. Apr 21, 2012
    Best game so far this year but the ending ruins rest of the trilogy. They changed the theme of the story at the last 15 minutes and does not belong with the rest of the game. Tons of plot holes in the end scene. Ignores the story and lore of the rest of the trilogy. The endings do not live up to the promises made before release. Less dialogue choices. They made the game less of an RPG and more 3rd person shooter. Rest of the game is great but ending weighs my score down. Expand
  23. Apr 22, 2012
    Terrible ending, devolution of game play, auto dialogue.. It's clear EA wanted this game made to cater to the most broad, widest, biggest, general audience possible and in doing so destroyed what made the game good to begin with. The unique setting,story, and character interaction blended with third person shooter action made Mass Effect 1 and 2, two of the greatest games of all time, and lead to Mass Effect 3 being one of the most anticipated games of all time. Despite the great critical and commercial success of the first two entries in the ME trilogy that most game developers could only dream of, EA and Bioware wanted to broaden the target audience to appeal to a much wider demographic, and in doing so, shot them selves, and the ME fiction in the foot; effectively killing what could very well have been the greatest trilogy of games the medium had ever seen. The uniqueness of the game, and cohesion of the story, were sacrificed for something that only die-hard, mountain dew chugging Michael Bay fans would be proud of.

    In their commercially driven motivation for Mass Effect 3, Bioware made the mistake of thinking that making the game more like the handful of other action-oriented shooters out there would make this game better; which was a tremendous mistake. the unique blend of story, characters, player driven narrative, impactful decisions made by the player, and solid TPS action is what made the game so popular. Attempting to make the game like every other TPS game out there, turned a master piece into just another bland, white/black, piece of gaming mediocrity. The most sad part of it all, is just the fact that had they stayed the course, the ME universe wouldve remained a cash-cow for years and years to come. EA has showed incompetence on a major level in the past 5 years of gaming, and their lack of foresight on this game alone goes above and beyond "dropping the ball". This kind of blunder in any other industry would see entire executive boards sacked, and call for serious coming-to-jesus meetings within the company to determine where they went wrong and how to make it right. Time to stop focusing on marketing, and start actually making good games. Just because the critics on game review sites THAT YOU FUND, think your game is perfect; doesnt mean anything.
  24. Apr 29, 2012
    I am tired of being nickel and dimed by greedy companies. They should have just added ten bucks to the price of the game. Although I enjoyed the ending I would have liked it ten dollars cheaper.
  25. May 9, 2012
    I cannot believe this is what happened to the series. I made three different Shepard's, plugged in hours crafting each one for a specific play through. I held off on playing the game until I was done with this semester of classes because I wanted to seriously throw myself in. I've been dreading it because of what I've been hearing about the fiasco of an ending. Well I finally sat down and played it, DAY 1 DLC included on my purchase because EA believes unfinished games being released are a great way to introduce content. Well never again.

    I have been following Bioware since knights of the old republic and I've enjoyed nearly every game (Dragon Age 2 excluded) flaws and all. Mass Effect 3 however, has somehow managed to instill a serious and incredibly ANNOYING sense of betrayal. How can a game company betray me? I'm not asking as though, "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS ME BIOWARE??" It's more, "No no this makes no sense, you are not an individual capable of actually betraying me Bioware, you are a game company. The concept is ridiculous." But even so! It's as if an old friend suddenly spit in my face and left smiling after I handed him seventy dollars. It's that feeling that has me just so disgusted that I would even feel like that over a video game. I was genuinely invested in this series and now I'm left just mulling over from time to time how horrible it was at the end.

    My choices didn't matter, my time put into the series had no real effect on the outcome. Killing or saving the Rachni Queen has no real impact. Uniting the Geth and the Quarian's has no real impact. The replay value of this game in my opinion is non-existent. My three Shepards have no genuine purpose other than to succumb to the will of a genocidal star child that shows up at the last ten minutes of the game. Why are there such massive plot holes in this final installment? If the Mass Relays exploding don't wipe out billions of lives and strand countless more can't the writers see how sloppy their work is? I've never made a review before, and this is my first time posting on metacritic. This final game to a wonderful series has left me with a bitter taste and a hole in my wallet. My opinion may not matter EA, but my loyalty and money once so freely given to Bioware will be taken elsewhere. I strongly suggest others do the same.
  26. May 21, 2012
    Too have spent hours playing across three game, just to be able choice the color of an explosion and weather or not Joker has his toy, is just wrong.
  27. Jun 20, 2012
    wow EA just wow ever since you bought bioware they havent made anything great the mass effect games were ok but the ending..... is "special" nothing changes in the ending except Colors WOW! Also jennifer hepler I would like to blame YOU for this travesty.
  28. Jun 24, 2012
    Hate ME3 with a passion. I swallowed ME2 because the non-existing storyline was compensated by great characters (Mordin, Garrus, Thane, Samara, Illusive Man). All the major characters in ME2 are irrelevant to ME3, because all but one becomes brief, un-join-able NPCs and their deaths are inconsequential to the story. While Tali returns as playable, her role is moot in the storyline. What is worst is that all the new team members are bland.

    The Collector story from ME2 is pointless other than vaguely explaining indoctrination and introducing the Illusive Man, who goes from a major protagonist to antagonist in ME2 to a side character in ME3. He even went from a racist to a racist who turn himself to another race. Ironic?

    Bioware ripped out the great character developments in ME3 and left us with a bad story. "Hey guys! I found something that looks like a blueprint to something. It might be a weapon but we don't know. This blueprint is from a race that was wiped out by the very entities threatening us, so we should gamble and put the entire galaxy's resource into building it!." WORST PREMISE EVER! The details of the device should have been placed before the making than after the making of the device!!!

    What the hell was Shepard doing for the past 6months or a year between ME2 and ME3? I can keep going like the story of IT, But all the other bullcrap can be viewed in bioware's social forum. Bioware you disappoint me. Time for me to go back to Bethesda.
  29. Jul 24, 2012
    While the story, voice acting, and cinematics may be great, it still doesn't make up for the fact that as a game it is horrible. In ME2 they went for a more tactical combat approach and it worked. This time they tried to throw in some Gears of War style faced paced action into the combat and it completely screwed everything up. Every battle field is littered with cover that your character gets on the wrong side of half the time, and there is so much debris it makes it nearly impossible to navigate, even outside of combat. To make things even more difficult, the controls are clunky, making it even further difficult to move anywhere.
    Another thing that ruined the tactical combat is that in half of the combat scenarios, you have enemies flanking simultaneously from literally every direction, making it nearly impossible to stay alive even on the easier combat settings.
    Every single combat situation is nothing more than a clusterf***.
    There are tons of side missions, which I love! But alas, they screwed that up as well. There is so much dialogue it is impossible to keep track and even decipher all the tasks you're given. The mission journal offers little to no information on objectives, and don't ever update as you progress.
    This is an incredibly disappointing game. Were I to hold it up against the other games in this franchise, I'd have to give it a 1 out of 10. But to be fair I've graded it on it's own, not up to the hype or expected greatness Bioware commands. Ultimately the game feels unfinished. They focused so much on the dialogue and story it feels like they only got half way through testing the actual gameplay then shipped it to market. I can't imagine it is even fixable through patch. Shame on you EA and Bioware for such a pathetic display.
  30. Nov 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Too many harsh user reviews on here. True this game is let down by a lack of weight in the repercussions/benefits of decisions which do not carry over as was hoped from previous games, and the ending for me was a bit of a let down but overall its still a good game capturing the mass effect atmosphere with some darker undertones. The game lacks the vital end game that Mass effect 2 had and the player is never given enough control of the overall outcome which was something which was really felt in Mass Effect 2, decisions mattered. In Mass Effect 3 your given the illusion they matter until you find that they dont, they really should have, if they did, this would have been a great game. Simply it lets itself down by not following what made the first two great and found following one of the all time best games to tough an act to follow. Still enjoyable though and i hope there are further adventures to be had in the mass effect universe with bioware. Expand
  31. Dec 14, 2012
    Utterly breathtaking visuals. The levels/areas are just so incredibly detailed and grand in scale, but that seems to be theme of the game as a whole: Grandness. For me this game was a light step down from the last two games. It just didn't feel like you had the same sense of freedom that Mass Effect 1 & 2 offered you. But, I do get that it was the point and due to the narrative. The story is just beyond grandness and it just builds and builds until ...... you get a really anti-climatic ending?! Thankfully the Extend Cut DLC does fix this and gives the ending it should have gotten (even though they still could have done better.) Overall: A fantastic finish to a wonderful trilogy and I look forward to where Mass Effect franchise will head to next. Expand
  32. Dec 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 is an incredibly controversial game, it has seen a lot of hate for all the flaws it has, these include a lack of dialogue options compared to the original two, more action oriented gameplay and a unsatisfying ending, for the most part these criticisms are valid, but even though there are many problems with the game I have no trouble in saying that Mass Effect 3 is a masterpiece.

    The Characters: Mass Effect 3 for all the things it did wrong, it did many things ozzing with greatness, first of the greatest thing about the game is the characters, Garrus, Liara, Mordin, Legion, Thane, Anderson and my personal favourite character in the third installment ; EDI. They all have masterful moments, these moments range from being incredibly sad and emotional to moments which put a massive smile on your face.

    The Story: Mass Effect 3 has a damn good story (for the most part), and even though the story is a far worse RPG than 2, and especially Mass Effect 1, this doesn't mean that the story is any worse, people complain about the game compared to the previous two, but fail to realize that Mass Effect 3 is its own game, and is just as good, but in many different areas. The story is about taking down the reapers and gathering alliances to stop them, this will take you on an incredible journey full of beautifully executed moments, some of these moments I'd dare say are some of the greatest moments in media history.

    Gameplay and Presentation: Mass Effect 3 has once again greatly improved the gameplay for the series, the shooting mechanics have been tweaked and are better than ever, which still not masterful by any means, with a few bugs here and there, they controls are still pretty damn good. The Presentation hasn't improved so much from Mass Effect 2, but then again Mass Effect 2's feel and artistic style was near perfect, so there's no complaints here. Unlike Mass Effect 1, where you would land on a planet, which where always the same planet, just re textured , with the same facilities and artistic design, Mass Effect 3's location all feel diverse and wonderfully crafted.

    The Ending: The original ending was a highly disappointing conclusion, the extended cut made things a lot better, and despite the plot holes gave me a sense of closure

    Conclusion: Mass Effect 3 is a wonderful game, with great characters, great stories and great artistic design, and despite its flaws, and Casey Hudson's artistic integrity, Mass Effect 3 is a tremendous game and deserves to be played.
  33. Mar 11, 2012
    These negative reviews are very strange. I loved the game! It includes a compelling story and much improved gameplay from the past two games. There is so much to do. I could have done without the need for multiplayer to ready the galaxy for battle and the load times can be annoying, but those are minor. Chill out, haters!
  34. May 15, 2012
    I am a fan of Mass Effect since 2007,and i have to say,Mass Effect 3 is not only my favorite of the trilogy,its probably my favorite game of this generation.Great graphics,amazing sound effects and soundtrack,the gameplay is fun and exciting,espetacular story and characters.Don't listen to those haters,Mass Effect 3 is an unforggetable,near perfect experience.One of the very few games that i actually cried (that only happen with me on 2 other games,Zelda Ocarina of Time and Metal Gear Solid 4).The multiplayer(which i was against it) is amazingly fun.But the best thing about ME3 is easily its story and characters,and both are one of the best i ever seen in gaming.Its an must buy game and trilogy. Expand
  35. Jun 14, 2012
    The ratings separation over this game tells you where the critics allegiances lie... ALL POSITIVE REVIEWS???? Give me a break - even if the ending would have been fantastic, there were still a lot of issues with the game. My biggest issue is that Mass Effect is a game of choices that all lead up to different outcomes. Both of the first games had them and that was what fans came to expect. The fact that this one opted for the easy, tacked on ending just shows how rushed it was. So sad to see a stellar franchise end on such a tragic note, sacrificing creativity and quality in the face of corporate greed. It wasn't even just about the story of the ending. There is a scene where Shepard and Anderson are supposed to be looking out at a view of Earth and Anderson says "what a view" and it is literally the WORST low resolution bitmap image that I have ever seen in a game. In the ending sequence... How is that not rushed and a slap in the face to all of the people who gave them their money and trust. I truly feel sorry for the employees that worked on Mass Effect 3, knowing that it was such a bomb of a game. They likely wanted to speak up, but like many people in this economy, didn't jeopardize their jobs. Well, they have to live with that now - It probably won't be the first thing that they mention when someone asks what they worked on... Then, looking at the user reviews, you see a very different picture. Split right down the middle, with an incredible amount of negative reviews. I wonder if EA employs a division to write positive reviews to offset this. Expand
  36. Mar 11, 2012
    This game is amazing. Easily one one the very best games I've ever had the great pleasure of playing.The story is absolutely one of the best,and it's really a shame that people who are giving it bad reviews are mainly doing so because of the day one DLC but instead their missing out on one of the greatest games this generation. Hell, their missing out on one of the greatest games ever made period. If you have reservations cast them aside and play the game for yourself. you don't even need the DLC(which I've played) because it's not relevant to the main story. I can personally guarantee that if you love the old star wars, star trek, and battlestar galacticca this game will absolutely blow you away. Oh, and people a 1 or 2 is for a game that isn't even playable grow up or shut up. Thank you. Expand
  37. Apr 7, 2012
    Yea, I'm gonna blast it. Hopefully Bioware will get the message, and in two years when their revenues are shot, they will for sure get it then, because I am done spending money on any of their products. ANY, including SW:TOR. This game had DLC day one. You had to play multiplayer to max war asset multiplier. Same engine, same graphics, nearly same gameplay--so all that would improve or stay status quo is plot/story, where they failed miserably. False advertising in that "choices would matter. Ending would not be A, B, or C." Bioware asked for feedback, then ignored it and will release free DLC extending the ending, yet fixing nothing. I cannot recommend this game to anyone. Go buy Bethesda products (Elder Scrolls/Fallout) or Anet (Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2, or heck, even Aion). Expand
  38. Mar 28, 2012
    I went into this game extremely sceptical and critical because of the last game, which I hated. But I am happy to say that ME3 has made me a believer again. Its took me about a week to get through it all, and I still miss the deeper RPG elements, and planet exploration from ME1, but at the same time, I gotta admit, ME3 actually does feel like a return to form in many ways, and now that it can stand on its own two feet as a solid Third Person shooter comparable to GoW, its actually a pretty fun game. In fact it can get quite tactical on the harder difficult settings, due to the much smarter A.I. So game-play wise I was impressed.

    As for the ending, I quite liked it. It was a bit ambiguous, left open to interpretation, perhaps even too vague for some, but at the same time it did actually end, and thankfully, it wasnt your fan service, typical Hollywood ending in which everyone rides flies off into the sunset together. Instead it ended with some pretty big metaphysical questions about the purpose and evolution of life. So I was satisfied with the finality of it all, even if smaller individual questions didn't quite get the attention that some fans feel they deserved. Personally though, most of the story and characters arcs that I cared about did come to a conclusion during the course of the game, before the final push, so I didnt feel like there was much else left unanswered that bothered me. And really, the revelation at the end didn't leave much room for the smaller concerns. The bigger picture took priority.

    I think the developers set out to make the ending, open-ended. To encourage fans to examine the various endings and creatively discuss their meanings. Problem is, it seems many fans wanted a more closed ending. A final CGI cutscene with black and white conclusion to their personalised story, so that they wouldn't have to spend any more time pondering what it all meant. But that ending would have left less room for fan creativity and hypothesis. Which in my book would have been an uninteresting ending, because sci-fi is supposed to be about stimulating the imagination. Having said that, they probably could have done better with the final couple of scenes and individualised them a bit more to represent one of the three choices that we made.
    But anyway, I liken the endings to 2001 A Space Odyssey, not in content or context, but in the way that the individual viewer (gamer) makes of it what he will. I.E. the ending is only limited by the scope of our own imagination.

    Still peeved off about the day 1 dlc though, and all the weapons and armour DLC cut out of the game for use in other promotions. Also there seems to be a couple of achievements I cant get because they require online play. Oh and the MP component was pretty pointless, since i'll never play it again. Wished they had spent more time on SP content instead.
  39. Mar 18, 2012
    This is 50% cutscene (interactive movie) and 50% clunky shooting. The shooter controls are poor - cover, run, jump, strafe etc are all one and the same button. This makes battles frustrating - you die simply because you crouch when you wanted to run away/ can't quickly un-stick yourself from cover if you want to leap over a barrier. The game uses non-stop, unskippable cinematics to give the illusion of immersion. Plot holes the size of Jupiter (if you played the first 2 games). You'd struggle to call this an RPG - no real choices that influence the game - everyone gets 99.99% the same content and dialog. All choices in previous games result in just small cameos or one line of extra(or less) dialog. The quest journal is useless. Zero replay value due to depressing, pointless ending that provide no answers, the game badly needs a wrap up or epilogue. Expand
  40. Nov 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is probably the best game in the series and deserves nothing less than a 10 on a rating scale.the Graphics are superb,and the story is top notch,and let's not forget about the awesome musical score that keeps you're heart pumping and the controller going crazy in you're hands.I know this review is very late,but I wanted to wait until all the bugs were addressed with patches before I give my final review.also the multi-player is awesome and a great addition to an already awesome game.too all you Trolls on here giving ME3 awful reviews,get over you're BS and stop bashing this game. Expand
  41. Mar 15, 2012
    Ok, I played all three games for the first time in the span of three weeks. ME3 was hardly terrible, but I can see why it seems like a major disappointment to the fanboys since ME2 was such a leap beyond the seriously-flawed ME1? Expectations were ridiculously high. The gameplay was fine, and the looting not tedious and meaningless. I suppose the passive quest selecting took time to get used to. The bosses were adequate. The visuals and audio were trouble-free on my PC version. The gay stuff might have been off-putting to some - sorry, the signs were there in the first two games so it just seemed like a natural á¼¹ÎµÏ Expand
  42. Mar 10, 2012
    Now, I noticed that a lot of people are giving this game a really bad score. I personally really enjoyed the game primarily because the Mass Effect Universe is one of the most detailed sci-fi universes to date. Now, this game was fantastic. Story wise, it was there, 100% just as it was in Mass Effect 1. Gameplay wise, it was also there, 100% just as it was in Mass Effect 2. Now, the reason I am not giving this a perfect 10 was that there was something missing. The game did not have enough things to do. 22 missions, including the final missions, 7 N7 missions that were more like side quests, and only a few places to go. Now, in about 20 hours, I completed everything, thinking that this was really short for Mass Effect. Mass Effect 1 was pretty much a pool to swim in and so many things to do. Mass Effect 2 had a lot of scanning and traveling around, plus so many characters to meet. In the third one, it really just did not have as much content as all of the other games, but where it lacked in amount of content, it made up for the sheer joy the game brought me. Going around and taking down the Reapers was a challenge and there were so many satisfying moments throughout the game making it worthwhile. Now the endings were something interesting. I wont spoil it, but they are pretty cool endings if you think about the changes each one brings about to the whole galaxy. A lot of the people that are complaining about the endings are just whining because they really could not end the game on their own terms. That was the sacrifice of taking down the Reapers. There are really no happy endings when you face a powerful force that wipes out all of organic life. **** just aint easy when you are up against that. The scale of the situation makes the whole game seem so epic and the end, even though it is interesting and not an easy ending to deal with, is worth it. I highly suggest playing a very innovative series and a credit to the Sci-fi genre. Expand
  43. Mar 18, 2012
    Rather than discuss the ending, I'll just discuss the game. I honestly feel it deserves a 9. It improves on Mass Effect 2 in several areas, yet regresses in others. In Mass Effect 2, you had several planets to explore and interact with. In Mass Effect 3, you only get one area: The Citadel. It feels like you really have no room to explore in the universe. Random banter across the citadel tends to repeat, taking away from the immersion factor of this game. Side quests are aquired by listening to conversations on the citadel. Tracking them is a hassle. Shooting and moving is more improved from Mass Effect 2, and multiplayer actually works. However, the entire series gives you the illusion that your choices will shape the galaxy. However, the end result means that everything you did didn't really shape anything. Expand
  44. Mar 29, 2012
    A tragic ending for an excellent game, what a pain, just like it slam out everything you have made so hard going this far. Nevertheless, if we look at the positive sides, there are many things can be approved for this game: intense combat, focus gameplay, the epic galaxy's apocalypse. Beyond the single player, the multiplayer is a lot of fun and require many tactics to survive. Overall this is the game which we will not get bored so fast, do not let your hatred throw away a marvelous game that you can hardly find.â Expand
  45. Mar 9, 2012
    I don't get all the negative user reviews here. Mass Effect 3 has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in the past couple years in gaming, and I think Bioware did a magnificent job in tieing up all the loose ends as well as bringing all the decisions, from large to very small, together.

    The combat is better, and with the addition of being able to mod your weapons, it has
    become more in depth. The game is incredibly cinematic, the graphics are great, barring the occasional pop in, and I've yet to run into any game breaking bugs, and in fact have only encountered one bug where some squad mates got stuck on a ladder, but a revert to the last checkpoint fixed that.

    The game is certainly unforgiving, in regards to the decisions you made in previous titles and especially the ones you make in this game. Make no mistake, there is no perfect scenario and often times you're choices are one sacrifice, or another (not unlike the Vermire [sp?] situation in ME1). So maybe that's where all the hate is coming from; because the developers made a game that has actual consequence instead of automatic win scenario?
  46. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 is awesome. Its the best game I've played in memory. Its up there with Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Five, Deus Ex Human Revolution and most games in recent memory. Pros- Great story including ending, good writing, great dialogue, good action sequences, cutscenes, gameplay, great difficulty settings. The music and sound is awesome. Some of the visuals are so stunning I wish I could have paused the game to take it in for a bit.

    Cons- A few glitches, (had to restart xbox 360 about 4 times during the whole experience.), some quests are not clear, combat is a bit messy with the cover system, most guns feel underpowered. Banshees feel a bit cheap.

    I give the game a 9 because of a few glitches. But I must say, after playing the game, I'm satisfied, the ending works for me and I feel like the gams is te best game i've ever played. Period. Almost cried when I had to kill Legion. Loved the last speech given to troops and saying goodbye to comrades. It reminded me of a AAA blockbuster summer sci-fi flick.

    This is a definite buy for any sci-fi fan. I enjoyed this more than the last 3 star wars movies or sci-fi flicks in recent memory. The only thing to hit me like this is The Matrix.
  47. Mar 9, 2012
    I certainly agree with some who say the ending to this game is a bit of a let down considering all the time invested into the characters if you've played all three games. That said, the game in itself, is exciting and a thrilling top off to an excellent series. The game play is, at least in my view, challenging and the story is engaging. The potential romances, including the same sex ones, are a welcome break to all the danger and drama. It becomes clear that this game aims to tie up loose ends early on. There are a few devastating losses throughout the progression. This really added to the tension as it made me wary of no one being safe. Some glitches make it a little choppy at times but my biggest complaint is how you cannot save in the final chapter ( a little warning would have been nice... the scene isn't the easiest, nor really all that fun to navigate and it seemed to take forever). The game is beautifully crafted and the cutscenes are spectacular. I loved the reemergence of some key characters from the other two games. Expand
  48. Apr 12, 2012
    "The people who are crying about the ending are overreacting," was my initial impression while I was still working my way through this game while having to read a forum post, website update, or blog about fan outcry about the end of the game. As I was still playing through the mid-point of the game, I thought it was fantastic. The visuals and sound are great, the combat is fantastic, and everything you love about the series is better than ever. You'll encounter some epic moments, and see all of your decisions come to fruition. My only issue, up to that point, was some outcomes were nearly impossible to change, and were based on some of the most mundane decisions made earlier in this game or in the two prior games. I thoroughly enjoyed the game... until the final moments. Unfortunately, I learned that the fans weren't overrating. The ending is, simply put, bad. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was one of the worst endings I've ever seen in my 2 decades of gaming (yes, including those old "Congratulations! You beat the game!" endings). For all the talk of decisions and choices, the final moments of the game were simply hollow and the ending was anything but an ending, full of plot holes and unanswered questions. For a series that spanned 3 excellent games (minus the end of this game), I was baffled as to how BioWare felt that the final parts of the game were at all satisfactory. I know I'm just preaching to the choir here, but it's all true. Mass Effect 3 was simply fantastic, until the final moments. Expand
  49. Mar 10, 2012
    Undeserving of the unanimously negative user scores its receiving, Mass Effect 3 is a fine game, but is hampered by some sloppy writing and laziness on the behalf of the developers. Irritating things include not being able to import my custom Shepard face from a two year old savegame and some immersion breaking bugs (helmets on, helmets off) but despite this stuff, it's still fun to play, which I guess is the most important part. For the sake of a few important details, BioWare have released a game that is above average, when it could have been so very much more. Expand
  50. Mar 31, 2012
    While I agree with some on here that the ending wasn't nearly what it should have been for the ending of the series, I definitely feel that flooding MC with negative reviews is a bit overblown. I simply loved the game, and the rest of the game DEFINITELY makes up for the last ten minutes.
  51. Mar 12, 2012
    Somehow my review was deleted. So im saying it again. I pity the fool who hates on Mass Effect 3! V. V. V. V. V. V v.
  52. Mar 8, 2012
    The hype for this game was so high that many players of the first two games ignorantly conditioned themselves to having such grand expectations that disappointment was inevitable. The result is a "rage review" by hundreds of gamers giving an otherwise great game an unfair review. 0 out of 10 is just ridiculous. Any game where effort was given doesn't deserve such a review. Usually I think 10 is not achievable, but the combination of the best story I've ever experienced, much improved combat along with the addition of a challenging and enjoyable multiplayer breaks my hesitation in rating a game as perfect. Expand
  53. Apr 1, 2012
    Ok, I've just finished the game, took me a few weeks with work commitments etc. I really didn't want to write a review until I had done that based on the other reviews here. I have to say I just don't get the criticism of the ending. I thought it was pretty poignant and kind of logical. I'm not going to add spoilers. I was sorry to lose one particular person earlier on in my play thru but it's about hard choices in war isn't it? So the game, it's nearly as good as ME2, there are way more weapon options which I liked tho. I tended to stick with the modded geth assault rifle tho the Chakram thrower from playing the koatr demo was also cool. So it was an epic run thru, my 6 year old son was invested in it too, he thought he was watching a movie, I have to drop some kudos on the multiplayer too, the first 2 weeks or so with the game I spent on that as it's very well executed and very enjoyable, check it out if you haven't. My major criticism of the game as a whole is it's too short, I like how the mini games to pick locks etc have gone, but I'm in two minds about mining etc being streamlined. So anyway, an awesome game frankly, worthy of the series. 9/10 Expand
  54. Jun 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I remember waiting for ME3 last year, getting excited thanks to all the E3 footage, thinking about how good this game will be.Well, was I wrong?Mostly, no.The game is great and above average.But is it better than the previous games?


    Not even close.The main thing that made ME1 & 2 so great was the storyline, the characters, the lore, the conversations.

    The RPG and combat elements together in ME1 weren't so great and the game ended being quite buggy.But it had something that no other game at the time had.With ME2, this was taken to the next level with even more conversation options and characters.ME2 was a rather personal tale, and while it was incredible, it felt more like a sub story.The amount of depth in the game's characters is something that you don't normally see.While the combat improved in ME2, the RPG elements were dumbed down to the point where it's just barely an RPG, but still being acceptable.

    Now, based on the above, what you would expect from ME3 is more refined, better RPG elements and more focus on the main storyline with the convo options staying mainly the same.

    But no.What we got with ME3 is insane amount of auto dialogue, less conversation options, and an overall more simple plot.Oh, and we also got totally GOW like combat and multiplayer.WHY?

    Now if you actually read this far, you might be wondering what I mean by "more simple plot".While the previous games had many twists and turns to keep the story rolling, the only proper twist in ME3 was SPOILERS the citadel being the catalyst.Now, I do agree with others that the Tuchanka & Rannoch missions were incredible and very well written, the storyline itself is about nothing but gaining alliances while a super plot device being built.

    The other thing I disliked about the story is some of the villians.The illusive man was one of the most interesting characters through ME2, and I could've imagined him being both the villian and the secret ally in ME3.But, instead, he is forced to be a villian, and not just that, but they also made him completely retarded in ME3.Some might argue that he is indoctrinated however, i'm quite sure he isn't right up untill he "injects himself" (seen aboard the Cerb. hq, on the very last video log.)Kai Leng, is just lame.He was a great villian in the books, but here he's just a **** who only survives as long as he does because of plot shields and his precious gunship.

    The combat being upgraded to GOW level was just completely unnessacary.But the worst thing still is what they did to the convo options.Shepard doesn't really feel like your shepard anymore.Or not mostly anyways.

    The other, very big issue with ME3 is the sidequests.The fetch quests are just boring and rather pointless, while the N7 missions are just multiplayer maps with some lore attached to them.They bored me to death, honestly.

    Now that my main issues are out of the way, let's discuss the good things about ME3.
    -Although the combat is very GOW like, it is quite fun, and the more improved RPG elements are just great.
    -Many of the missions are very well put together, infact, I have to say I enjoyed most of them, besides the retarded fetch quests and N7 missions of course.
    -While the convo options are dumbed down, the dialogue itself, is very well written and a real treat to long time fans.The only dialogue I was honestly dissapointed with is the speeches, which are not half as epic as they were in ME2.
    -The multiplayer, while completely unnessacary, is quite enjoyable.For some time, atleast.The unlock system, although critisized by many, is one of the highlights of the MP in my opinion.
    -The (NEW) ending.The ending, at first, before EC, was horrible.No closure, no explanation, just crap.With EC on the other hand, the ending is very well explained and also gives more than enough closure as well as a much better reflection of your choices.
    -The graphics and the scenery is nice.Not the best, and certainly won't impress and PC graphics geeks, it is good.

    Overall, dispite the unforgivable thing they did to the storytelling and converstations, the game still ends up being great.I personally enjoyed it a lot, even like this, although I was left somewhat dissapointed.

  55. Mar 28, 2012
    Everything you have come to enjoy and expect from mass effect. The gameplay is improved and the places you go feel alive. Multiplayer is a nice tack on fun to play with friends bad is its a pick up group. The game as a whole is fantastic...until it ends. I'm not going to down my score based on that alone but I will let be known that I hope Bioware does follow through and give their loyal fan base the ending they deserve. It's not a band wagon thing or trying to ruin their artistic integrity because I do believe games have become a form of art. I believe it is their right to tell their story the way they want. But a story is not a story without the final act. Bioware has done something amazing that no other game has done to date. Made a series when the player is so engaged and involved in a game that it has become the players story. That in itself is an accomplishment and it shows with the player backlash with the ending we were provided. So I recommend this game and the entire series to anyone. I have high hopes that Bioware will prove they are as loyal to their fans as their fans are to them and the Mass Effect universe. Expand
  56. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 is a brilliant game. For someone whose played the previous 2, there are lots of nods and implications for previous decisions and interactions. Playing through the game and randomly running into previous squad mates or characters is a treat. The game encourages you to explore and take in everything around you.
    The Multiplayer is a lot of fun but it does have a few short comings. It points out to some of the combat issues that game has had since the beginning. Cover can still be sloppy and reviving can be a pain in the ass. Hopefully these things can be solved in the future with patches.
    The only reason I won't give this game a 10 is the ending. I won't spoil the whole thing, but no matter which ending you pick, the same thing happens. A game that asks you to make your own choices and creates your own path leads to a very linear, scripted ending. I'm left asking more questions and demanding closure in what should have been a perfect 10 game.
  57. Mar 21, 2012
    I am very disappointed with the gripers of this game. while it does a developing mechanical issues... and the genre isn't as defined as some of the raging fans might want it to be... the game as a whole is outstanding.

    Let's talk about that ending, spoiler free: It wasn't the cliched "happily every after" ending. Get over it. Nor was it the macabre "everybody dies" ending that some people
    were expecting. It was a nested medium of the two, while having conflict resolution.

    It might help if some of the casual gamers who bought this game just because of the advertising and high school chatter would actually go back and play the first two. Find some middle-ground. This game shouldn't be in the red, lol. Be ashamed.
  58. Apr 20, 2012
    I have been a huge fan of this series and bought the collector's edition of all 3 games, but after finishing Mass Effect 3 I have not only lost all interest in the series, but will never be playing another BioWare game. The ending negates everything you did in all 3 games, and doesn't take into account anything that you did along the way, it just comes down to 3 arbitrary choices, all of which are bad, and make no sense. And it is too bad, because I honestly thought this was the best game I ever played until I hit the end, but seeing the 3 endings provided (really one ending with some variations) has left an empty feeling in my stomach, and ruined the entire story for me. I will not pay for any more download content (which is how the game ends telling you to wait for download content that will be coming), nor playing another BioWare game ever again. I just don't understand how the game could not only not allow the choice that the whole series is built on, but also not even seem to understand what you had accomplished in the game. If you are a fan of the series and have not picked it up, don't, let your good image of this game not be tarnished by this awful ending! Expand
  59. Mar 19, 2012
    This game is a true masterpiece. Even the multiplayer is sleek and done well. All the negative reviews are from people who complain about the ending, but truly don't understand it. They believe they are entitled to what they want when they buy the game but they are very wrong. Buy this game it is fully worth every penny spent
  60. Mar 26, 2012
    I thoroughly enjoyed Mass Effect 3. The mechanics have been improved again and combat is still the fast paced and fluid combat it was in the second entry in the franchise. The story obviously takes a more serious tone because the galaxy is being annihilated by the Reapers in this entry. But the journey is fantastic and it is cool to see how decisions you made from back in the first or second game come back to change outcomes in the third. Multiplayer is also a nice addition and again Bioware integrates it with the single player outcome so that you are motivated to participate in it. As far as the ending goes it does leave a little more to be desired but I commend Bioware for trying something different. For me personally the ending wasn't a big deal because I enjoyed the journey along the way and characters I met. Overall a great title and worth your time! Expand
  61. Mar 23, 2012
    Most people seem to be jumping on a bandwagon about this game. Secretly they love it, but you know what teenagers are like, they want to impress everyone. Yes, the end isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and no it won't tailor itself to the decisions you made throughout the series - but that's okay! Is it really that bad to have an end that feels like something is happening for the greater good? No. That's what makes an awesome ending. I've been a fan of this series since it first came out and I still love it. I love each character and the intricate details within Mass Effect 3. Rating this game 0 is insulting when so many idiots go out and rate games like Skyrim a 10 for no reason other than joining in with the hype. You have to ignore what is being said and play it for yourself - you'll love it! Expand
  62. Jul 8, 2012
    Poor gameplay, decision taking, writing and innovation. The saving of the game are probably the graphics, which when weighted against the bad things of the game, don't seem to get the score up. No entitlement in the decisions you take. Bad and uninspired characters that decline the quality of the storytelling. A really bad game, overall.
  63. Mar 28, 2012
    Dropped my rating from a 10 because of the ending, which insults every ME fan who has invested 100's of hours in this series

    EA ruining Bioware? sure looks that way...
  64. Mar 16, 2012
    I am a huge fan of Sci-fi and RPGs, but this one is such a boring experience...can't believe it got a great score by all critics.
    It's a full load of cinematics (which can't even be skipped) and then when you finally get to play, you have to do always the same old stuff you did in ME1 and ME2 over and over again.
    Played for 5 hours and don't know if I wanna play it again...pure boredom :(
  65. Jul 13, 2012
    Won't be buying any more Mass Effect games in the future. Bought this one and expected a good rpg experience, instead I got a third-person shooter with some tacked on "rpg" elements, crappy cover mechanics and aim-assist that you couldn't turn off. Thank you very much BioWare/EA for ruining a good sci-fi rpg, it had so much potential but you had to go and **** it up so you could sell more copies.
  66. Mar 13, 2012
    I think most players just got a bad ending...
    I got a very positive ending and I think that it was one of the best endings I ever saw. I also saw the other endings and have to say that they're pretty screwed but please don't say that the game is a 0 only because you had an ending which you doesn't like. I don't remember any game that the community ever hated that much only because it had a
    bad ending.
    I was totally blown away during the credits just staring at my screen, remembering what I just experienced. But it seems that I'm very alone with this kind of taste.
  67. Mar 9, 2012
    It was a fully engaging game. I actually felt stressed out when Shepard would be stressed out. The only thing stopping me from giving this game a better rating was the untied strings at the end. The writing at the end also seemed a bit rushed. More thought and time could have provided a more concise and well thought ending. Instead you get an unsatisfying ending with barely any explanation. Even the choices at the end are poorly thought out. The game had quite enjoyable combat, and I hated ME2's combat. This game was very similar to ME2 in that you have to find help throughout the whole game. However, the story feels like it progresses forward in this game, as opposed to ME2. Also i thought this "galaxy readiness" thing was going to be awesome. Thinking you'd be able to maneuver troops around and actually fight the reapers using strategy and having to sacrifice certain areas while keeping others alive.... but no. You have to download DLC and i refuse to so I don't even know what it does. This game had the potential to rock everything I loved about videogames but you could still feel a rushed element present. I really did like this game and its a good finish, kind of akin to the ending to Battlestar Galactica or Lost. It's a good buy and an indication that Bioware hasn't (entirely) sold out to EA...yet. Expand
  68. Mar 8, 2012
    Emotional storytelling, intense gameplay, deep and complex characterization and sky-high production values come together to deliver a perfect conclusion to the perfect trilogy.
  69. Mar 8, 2012
    People do not listen to the trolls, I can guarantee they haven't even played this game or any of the Mass Effect games. Mass Effect 3 is an amazing, breathtaking, epic, emotional journey that deserves to be in the list of the greatest games ever made.
  70. Mar 8, 2012
    So I thought the game was pretty good. I found the combat to be less repetative then the last game and required some more tactics. Also the game does a good job of setting up the mood and maintaining that feeling of desperation. My only problem seems to be the same problem everyone else has with this game and that is the endings, they are far too simple and give no real explanation whatsoever.
  71. Mar 8, 2012
    WOW. That is the only word capable of summing up my feelings. People who compare this to Call of Duty have a few screws loose. Such a comparison is insufferable, as this game is so far ahead of anything Infinity Ward has ever made that it's unbelievable.
  72. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was excited about Mass Effect 3 since the day I heard about it, and wanted to see how the series would end. Once I got the game, I was happy and managed to get a large amount of enjoyment from it. (For the most part) The game-play was solid and fun, there a lot of enjoyable and memorable moments in the story that brought a smile to my face, The music is great as always, most of the environments were eye-catching, and I had alot of fun with multiplayer as well.; All of these made the game wonderful and memorable experience for me. Not to say the game doesn't have problems it does (most have been mentioned such as the animation problems, bad dialogue at times, only two options dialogue options for most of the game etc.) most of them were minor and excusable for me as overall I was having a wonderful time with the game. The game has problems, most i was willing to forgive and forget because I was enjoying the overall experience and was very much immersed without being bothered by these flaws. However, if there was one problem that I had with the game that I was unable to forgive it's the game's conclusion that nearly ruined that game for me. Without trying to spoil anything, I found the ending of Mass Effect 3 to be incredibly disappointing and inexcusable. Why? Well, from this reviewer's viewpoint (along with many others I believe) It doesn't give the game (or the gamer) any sort of closure and makes all the progress and choices made in not only this game but as well as the two prequels, mean nothing. I found myself at a loss of words on the way game ended (There are 3 endings, each with minor variations but I found it mattered very little either way because each of the endings end the same way.)

    So yeah, I liked Mass Effect 3 and I found it to be a good game with some wonderful and memorable moments but along with some hiccups, flaws, and a very disappointing conclusion(s). The thing is that I expected to be a great game and wanted to love it! But the game's ending(s) prevented me from saying so. It's a good game had me immersed and engaged for a majority of the game but it's not perfect and has it's flaws. I don't think it is deserving of 0/10 but that's just my two-cents.
  73. Mar 8, 2012
    Where do I begin..."Never before have so many species come together..." Mass Effect 3 fills all of the hopes, dreams, and imaginations of everyone who started the the series back in 2007. Bioware has done an amazing job by perfecting combat, exploration, and choice. I have never been influenced or touched by game-design to point where virtual characters have an effect on my human emotions. Whoever has played Mass Effect 1 & 2 needs no need of reading this...because they have already experienced the same events I have..

    N7 Recruits......good luck

    -"Shepard Out"....
  74. Mar 8, 2012
    quite possibly the definitive action RPG of this generation, Mass effect 3 is astounding when it comes to visuals, combat, voice acting and especially story. I encountered no bugs or glitches and was glued to the teli for 3 days trying to wrap up this masterpiece and what a glorious ending it was
  75. Mar 9, 2012
    I started an account just to let you know the the 500+ negative reviews for this game are about 95% fraudulent. They were written by angry basement dwellers who are so mad about the fact that BioWare has the nerve to charge them $10 for DLC on release date. DLC they would have happily shelled out whatever Bioware and EA are asking, if it had been released 3 months after the game it's self. People who are saying the dialogue is bad or the controls are sub par or the witting is awful have obviously not played this game AT ALL! I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but Mass Effect 3 is better written than 90% of movies released in the last 5 years. I'm willing to bet most of these people haven't even played the game. They're so worked up about their meaningless, 1st world problems (you don't HAVE to buy it. You can wait till it goes on sale in 2-3 months) that they don't realize the only people they're cheating is themselves. Shame. Expand
  76. Mar 9, 2012
    Everyone who is giving this game a very low score has the same, silly issue with this incredible finale; they came into this game with preconceived notions about how they wanted it to end. You're fighting a vastly overwhelming force with little hope from the get go, I personally would have been unhappy if BW introduced some "magic fix" that allowed you to somehow effectively battle every reaper you come across. They didn't, so lots of people are raging.
    ME3 has the best character development of the series, almost guaranteeing that you develop strong emotional attachments to many of your characters. And yes, it's a very somber mood and many of those emotions are sad; but the fact that they managed to illicit sadness/fury/hopelessness (as opposed to typical, easy emotions for games such as excitement/wonder/achievement) speaks to the incredible writing and storyline.
    Many of your choices don't effect WHAT happens, but all of them change HOW it happens. It's an important distinction. "Your species has the attention of those infinitely your greater", should have warned all you raging lunatics, this is a desperate battle from which many won't survive, but that's as it should be.
  77. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is fantastic. All of the detail and work that went into building this story and this universe is incredible. It literally feels like a living, breathing world. On top of that, throw in fantastic third person shooting, rpg elements, and an addictive multiplayer mode, and you have in my opinion, one of the best games created in the last 10 years, maybe ever. You get so much more than 60 dollars worth of game, I would have been willing to pay 100, theres just that much content. This game is a masterpiece and it should be considered as one of the greats for years to come. Expand
  78. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Having just beat the game I feel like it's still a great game, but I also feel like Bioware has lost their ability to tell a truly amazing story. The whole Cerberus angle doesn't really make a lot sense throughout the game; it seems Cerberus is there just so you have something besides Reaper forces to kill. Several of the interactions you can have with former team mates from ME2 feel fake or out of place, and lastly the ending is just a huge let down. Killing the protagonist is a great way to end a story if it fits, but in this case, it just doesn't work. Expand
  79. Mar 9, 2012
    Mass effect 3 is simply amazing! Bio ware has done a terrific job with this final installment in the mass effect series. The first mission where the reapers are attacking earth is a thrilling and excellent way to start off the game.
  80. Mar 10, 2012
    A great story. A brilliant ending and a masterpiece from Bioware. Ð
  81. Mar 10, 2012
    Great game but the endign needs an epilogue. I would gladly pay $10 for a DLC epilogue.

    1. 3D models need to learn blocking. That is a term used by actors and actresses in theater. Its an illusion that the audience accepts because if the actor actually talked face to face with the other actor then the audience only sees the back of an actorâ
  82. Mar 11, 2012
    It seems that this game is either a hit or a miss for most people. I love this game and I see nothing wrong with it. I do not understand the 5.0 rating from the users. This game has good graphics, good story, and good gameplay. What more could you ask for?
  83. Mar 11, 2012
    Lets give a fair review here. Mass Effect 3 is a fantastically put together game overall. That being said it does have some shortcomings, which is why I give it an 8/10. The multiplayer is sub par and gives little in replay with lvl 20 being the cap and nothing really being gained from "Promoting" a character other than a tiny addition to your singleplayer game. And some of your past choices have no real noticeable influence within the game. On the upside the game is open to many types of players which is great to open the audience. You can play shooter straight forward who cares about story, pure story with simple combat and conversation control, or a balance between the two. Now with the story, overall still stays strong throughout minus some disappointments with the ending, my only real issue is that there is a lot that is left unexplained that on how your influence will effect future generations. Personally I think the trilogy ended strong and its a fantastic game even if you haven't played the first two. Give it a shot and don't let all these people scoring it low for no reason discourage you. Expand
  84. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is just incredible throughout the process, except the ending, which can be frustrating for some. But overall it's great, epic and unique.

    At the end of the game, the only thing that really bothers me is that we lose the relays. In other respects, I think it's a good ending to the saga.
  85. Mar 11, 2012
    Superb game in almost every aspect. It upgrades dull and slow combat from the second game and brings it to life. Very fast paced and very responsive. Engine is brilliant with the loading screens being rapid in almost every transition. Story was very gripping per usual with any Bioware game. The RPG elements are outstanding and enjoyed every piece of content this game has thrown at me from the beginning. Absolutely loved this game. It's a great end to a brilliant trilogy. - On a side note, the ending is really down to your opinion, most negative reviews are from complete trolls who bash the game down to it's last 10-15 minutes. Some fans were disappointed and some weren't. A game should not be viewed negatively for it's ending because that is down to personal opinion. 99% of this game is brilliant yet it should be negatively scored down to it's last 1%? Quite simply these trolls need to grow up and get out of the habit of making drama over EA/Bioware. Expand
  86. Mar 12, 2012
    This game is just a masterpiece, the mix between nice graphics and low requirements makes it hardware friendlily as never before, great story and great combat, good job bioware.
  87. Mar 12, 2012
    If you have Played any of the previous ME games, play this game now, it is a master piece. Until the last 15 minutes, it just raises more questions, don't provide and closure but feels like it was written by someone who didn't write anything else in the game. It feels like someone was trying to be profound but failed on the exicution. This games is a MASTERPIECE if you've enjoyed the last 2 games, but the ending took everything you did before udderly meaningless. Expand
  88. Mar 12, 2012
    Played the game twice already, it's great. Dialogs, combat, graphics, sound, and, first of all, FUN factor - are all to notch. Only couple downsides for me:
    1. Game's TOO SHORT! took me 27 hours and 12 saves to complete , and I was doing side missions. If you count cut-scenes, it makes action too short. 2. Soundtrack is BAD. In comparison to ME 1 (or even ME 2) it plain sucks. I guess they
    hired Clint Mansell for his name (he's composer for Requiem for a Dream, Pi, Black Swan etc), but apparently has no idea how to make music for sci-fi video game. So game suffers from extensive use of simple arrangements and primitive harmonies. Some cut-scenes with music look like taken from soap opera, no wonder people reviewing them with anger (but it's because BAD MUSIC!) Expand
  89. Mar 12, 2012
    I didn't like how the game had day1 dlc, but that the only thing i didn't like (and btw if u just change an ini file u can unlock the dlc) anyways everything else is good about this game, multi-player is good, single-player was awesome, except how the multilayer affected the single-player, anyways i loved almost everything about it, even the ending, a real ending to a game for once.
  90. Mar 12, 2012
    So, just finished this game, and i completely disagree with everything any of the bad reviews have said. The combat is improved for the better, and a lot of customization has been re introduced from ME1, with out the inventory overload the first game had, or the streamlining the second had. Don't get me wrong, I loved ALL 3 of the games. The only problems i had with this game were technical problems; Some lip sync bugs and a few audio cut outs, but that may have been attributed to my headset. The true purpose of the Reapers is actually very interesting, albeit that it was exactly what I expected. If you have closely listened to the dialogue of Reapers in the past 2 games, you should somewhat expect it. THE ENDING IS NOWHERE NEAR AS BAD AS PEOPLE MAKE IT OUT TO BE. I am getting sick and tired of people complaining about the ending. Yes, it's sad, characters die depending on your readiness level, and some characters just die anyways, which is one other complaint I have, but it's a small one. The ending is a tear jerker, and I wish there was a happier resolution, but all in all, it concludes the series extremely well, and leaves it open for more **** If Bioware did release something that had a happy resolution, I would most likely pay for it, but it doesn't really matter to me. In short, this game is nowhere near as bad as all of you haters make it out to be. Yes, it could have been better, and i question some of the design ideas, but all in all, this is a great conclusion to one of the most beloved RPG series OF ALL TIME. Expand
  91. Mar 12, 2012
    There are no spoilers contained in this review so no worries. Also. this is my first and I feel I should give my honest opinions instead of just "review bombing."

    Pros: The combat works a lot better and it feels more fluid unlike the previous games that felt more clunky.Returning Characters from the different games. The story was "OK" and I really enjoyed the different characters through
    out the entire game. A lot more guns, upgrades armor and levels than in Mass effect 2. Cons: The MP feels out of place and doesn't really belong. It is very easy to get the "best" possible ending. It was very short, I finished about 100% of the game in nearly 20 or so hours. I feel the ending left a lot to be desired but it wasn't "THE WORST ENDING EVER OMG!!!!11!!" Also, the writing felt a little lack luster in places and there are fewer dialogue options across the board. The Day 1 DLC and Importing a character and getting to skip half of the leveling experience. I started at level 1 and was about 40 by the end and I heard you could import a Mass Effect 2 save and retain that level. Overall I say this was a good game but it still has it's flaws I personally enjoyed the combat and characters and it was a hell of a ride! I may do a insanity play through next. Expand
  92. Mar 12, 2012
    Let me be vary clear i am not going to complain about the graphics the Homosexuality or the glitches. With the level of coding needed to facilitate a game like this with so many choices and paths to take it is expected. If you want a gay or lesbian Shepard more power to you. As a matter of fact on My second play-through i may just try that with my Female renegade, but we shall see.
    really made me drop to my knees and cry what really killed this game for me was the ending.
    Without giving anything away let me explain.
    All those choices that you made, all those people you met, all those romances you had, AMOUNT TO NOTHING. No mention no nothing. Let me be clear i have no problem with a bittersweet ending. If lets say Shepard had no choice and all he could do to save his world and the Woman/Man he loves is to end his own life then sure by all means but treat it as such. Better yet do it gently. Or make it after a grand final battle. No such thing happens. A lot of people were complaining about the negativity of the ending. If the end would have been handled with a little more care i would not be as angry sad and frustrated. Let me be clear this games took me 35 hours to complete combining the game play from all three that led to this finally i had a grand total of 126 hours of game-play mostly from 1 and 2 respectively. To then tell me that all that work and toil and sweat and sleepless nights amounts to nothing is more then just saddening. It is a swift kick to the nuts. A sudden pain radiating up your back toward your stomach. I actually played the ending again the first time just to make sure i did not make a mistake, and then a played it a third time just to be sure. I actually contemplated throwing this game out the window. Something i had never done before. However if you let your anger subside as i did after about a day. You will go back watch the end again let the credits finish rolling and hear how what you have done throughout the game has become the stuff of legend. Many cry foul at this but i see it as a nod from Bioware to keep going and persevere and try again. That and the Game itself leading up to the last ten minutes are what kept me from giving this thing anything less then a five. You will like the game, up untill you make your final push for the transporter. After that you will cry, you will be angry, you will be speechless. You will try again and again to find the truth and you will fail. Bioware has tried and failed to resist EA Greed. First Red Alert 3 and now this. I am done with you EA. Here is a quick list of the game series EA has ruined.
    Command and Conquer: RED ALERT
    Mass Effect 3
    Command and Conquer
    Dungeon Master
    Sim (name here)

    These are just the ones I've played.
    These are big series too.
    Congrats EA with this you have pissed off Sci-Fi fans across the world.

    Bioware resist the EA greed and keep making good games .

    the following is for EA:

    **** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game was fun to play and entertaining to watch, it was almost perfect except for a few things. One of the first things I noticed is the lack of LI's for a straight female character. You either had to import one from a previous game or that you have Kaidan as the VS. Even the ones you import from ME2, only one really comes through. There are the few loop holes but considering the scope of this thing, that can be understandable. The game also seems extremely short when compared to the the previous two games, but that might be due to the lack of DLCs. The biggest let down was the ending itself. We were told since the first ME game that our choices matter and will continue to matter all the way to the end of the series...they lied. Unless the ending is a dream/nightmare as what it seems to be and we are only waiting for an update or DLC to continue the game...the ending is the biggest disappoint in a game I've had in over a decade. The game is fun, draws you in and is re-playable just to try to find all the stuff you miss on the first time through but the ending and lack of male LIs for FShep brings the score down from a high 9 to a low 8. Expand
  94. Mar 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ok people the reviews here are not fare whatsoever and the reviews by the critics like IGN are paid off and overestimated. On my scale it deserves a 94 and should stay there. Now to explain my reasons. This is the final chapter in the series and it is more emotional and character centric then every other game in the series. The game is hands down not the best in the series but it sure as hell is not the worse. The mechanics are pretty good not as fluid as two was but still pretty good for all the added features. The kinect addition is awesome, but flawed. The flaws come with the commands where it cannot detect the words you say because of accents (I have a brooklynite accent). If you have your tv up to loud that also plays a bug role in the flaws because the kinect picks up the weirdest things from the audio coming out this added with the delay with your speech and the command being interpreted is a little annoying, but acceptable. I often found myself just using the kinect because it was much simpler and allowed me to focus on my enemies, however at the end of the game it becomes way to difficult to leave to the unreliable kinect features. So when it comes to mechanics and hardware its ok but not perfect. On to the game. Its freaking amazing it is not as striking as two but is still damn good. The reason why people feel it is bad is because it is not like two. What i have to say is duh it is a new game a new scenario and a hell of alot of different things happened in the time between games. The focus mostly on the psyche of shepard is magnificent. I say this purely because as a Marine I know of the trails and the pain and bioware id an amazing job. To be honest i understand everyone's distaste because of this. To be honest i agree with all the reasons why people hate it, but do i think the game sucks **** no why because its mass effect i love this game so much i bought three collectors edition one for each of my consoles so i love it, but was this perfect NO! The ending was an atrocity and the fact that we didnt get to play with the people we already had our hearts with like in me 2 was not smart at all. Instead they brought the people from the first game and brought us back to a time where we felt was long gone. The way bioware and EA has gone about the game was not the best, but none the less the games flaws can be overlooked because of its beauty (gfx), storytelling, gameplay, mechanics, and the awesomeness of the protagonist. I live my life by the paragon and doing whats right and making hard choices everyday and thats through the example of the main character shepard. Now do i advise people to buy the game if they havent played the first and second.......NO! to me there are far to many gaps left and it makes it less enjoyable. Do I advise buying it if you are a fan or have played the others....... yes because even though not the best it is amazing and is on the level of two just not above it like we would all hope. Now my last advisement play the first game as paragon with all side missions done and doing everything good, than play the second game with all side missions and loyalty missions done as paragon and survive with everyone, then play the third with all your imports and play as a paragon and do all the side missions and you will see the greatest series of games unfold into a great and magnificent lesson of life. After you do everything that i asked you would have gotten the best experience out of the game and the gameplay and story of three will make up for its horrific ending. With this said Mass effect is amazing and i am upset that bioware ****ed up certain parts and you should be ashamed. I mainly blame EA and there ****ing piece of **** people. Expand
  95. Mar 13, 2012
    Was an amazing trilogy. Was an amazing game. It had it's faults, but was greater then the sum of it's parts. Foolish spoiled kids need to stop scaring game developers away from making games like this, instead of of CoD rehashed crap.
  96. Mar 13, 2012
    It's a polarizing finale to what some gamers consider one of the best franchises in videogaming. For me, Mass Effect 3 was a fantastic journey, well told, nicely fleshed out, and incredibly beautiful (at times); but the main issue in this game comes with it's final scenes, and that's where the replayability of the game can really be weakened. This game has some gripping scenes, some will even have you in tears if you're one for sappy scenes. There are a number of moments that really heavily on your knowledge of previous games, in order to pull at your heart strings, but I think any gamer coming into this will appreciate the way a lot of the scenes are choreographed and written. Another noteworthy point is the voice acting, which is very well done (aside from the protagonist, unusually).
    Biowares signature morality and choice system returns here, but it feels really old and outdated. Heres the gist of it, pick the top choice you're being the nice guy, pick the bottom choice you're being the bad guy. There's little room to really give the player real choice, it all really boils down to if you want to be bad or good. I was impressed with the graphics here, but the CGI cutscenes seemed a notch down in graphical quality than the actual gameplay, which was incredibly distracting. And the character animations, face models, character pop ins etc will be immediately noticeable to anyone playing the game. It's pretty bad. But somehow, despite my gripes, I had a hell of a ride with this game. The final hours of the game are incredibly suspenseful, and there are moments where this game is down right brilliant. Steer clear of the multiplayer in this one, forgive the sometimes laughable animations, and try to hold of on beating the game for as long as possible. This one's not devoid of flaws, but any player who wants to call it a disaster is just kidding themselves.
  97. Mar 14, 2012
    I love, Mass Effect. It's addicting, it's funny, and the story is perfect. But will Mass Effect 3, be the best out of all of them?

    Single-player: We start with Commander Shepard, on Earth. Just in time for, the Reapers to attack. So he has to go out into space, fighting Cerberus, Geth, Reapers, and build his army to stop them from, destroying every intelligent life-form in, the Milky Way.
    The story is, pretty simple. Gather your team, and kill the enemy. No pressure, you've been doing this since the first game. Except, it's bigger, and, youâ Expand
  98. Mar 14, 2012
    I thought the game was awesome up until the end. I hating the ending and I think BW can do much better. That said, the triology was still one of the most awesome gaming experiences that I've ever had and will be much better if they change the ending. While I think the real score I would rate this is about a 7 or 8 I am giving it a 10 based on the rest of the game and previous games and to try and offset the other people trolling on here that are obviously marking the score low because of the ending. I think BW deserves a fair score.â Expand
  99. Mar 14, 2012
    It was an emotionally intense game from beginning to end. However, like the other reviews said, the ending was disappointing. Still, the game was definitely worth playing. And then you finish it by taking an arrow to the knee =(
  100. Mar 15, 2012
    I love the Mass Effect series. I loved Mass Effect 3. The pacing was near genius and the story was stirring. Your interactions with your crew and others was fantastic. The gameplay was a great middle of the road between ME1 and ME2 allowing for more customization without inventory overkill. This game kept me up later then intended and took up a quick 30 plus hours of my life. As I watched characters I've grown to love appear and react to all the decisions made in my previous 80 hours of time in ME1 and 2 I thought, "Wow, this could be the greatest epic of not only video game history, but of entertainment history." Never before has something with this much ambition been made in games.

    So, why an eight?

    Because, without ruining anything you receive almost no closure.

    Because Bioware promised a ending that would utilize all I had done in the series, and it wasn't true.

    After finishing every Bioware game I have played I immediately have want to play again. Do things different. Play as I didn't before and experience all the differences. This time though, as the credits rolled, I set down my controller and felt betrayed.

    I had been promised so much and I have never been so disappointed. I heard complaints about the end before I finished and thought that it couldn't be that bad. I heard so much negative about Dragon Age 2 (another Bioware game) and I loved it. I'm on my third play in it.

    Not so with ME3. I have no ambition to ever play it again. The media I feel is not being fair. I have seen these same websites and magazines kill a games score based on the ending. Not so this time. The reviews were glowing, calling ME3 a perfect conclusion.


    Who remembers when at the end of star wars Luke was being electrified and Darth Vader walked towards the emperor and the scene suddenly changed to Leia and Han on Dagobah swimming in a swamp and then went to black?

    No one?

    Cause that's how the end of ME3 felt. You were led on this amazing journey. You reach the end only to know that the journey was BS. It felt like being cheated on by a significant other. It felt like betrayal.

    Is the game a good game? Yes, very much so. The gameplay, multiplayer, and 99% of the story are amazing. That 1% that isn't?

    It was Bioware screwing your girlfriend while you were at work and then texting you pictures.
  101. Apr 10, 2012
    The game at all is reasonable but the Ending DESTROYS everything.
    All choices along ME1 and ME2 really doesn't matter... the ME2 choices about collector base etc .. they are ignored. BioWare said that would be 16 different endings, but what we got was 3 different colors. RED BLUE or GREEN.

    There is no narrative coherence, the ending is filled with plot holes, ME1 and ME2 story was
    destroyed in a matter of minutes, they doesn't review their own games before launching? This doesn't make sense really.

    Why am I giving a 0?

    The answer is: The ending not only destroyed ME3 but the story of ME1 and ME2 too. ME3 became a action-shooter, there is only auto-dialogue, a few choices that i can count with my fingers. The game forces you to do some things, there is no roleplay anymore. I won't talk about the plotholes because in youtube you can find a lot of videos highlighting everyone one of them. They have done the same thing with DA2, they are trying to reach another kind of gamers, but to do that they are sacrificing their own fanbase. ME3 feels exactly like DA2: RUSHED. They didn't had the time to review their own creation what a crap!

    Hire another writer. Only your writers can screw a incredible story like ME in a matter of seconds.

    If I wanted to play make a Gears of War i would bought GoW. BioWare and EA are destroying every game they have. I feel sorry for them and for us cause we are losing a great developer. EA SUCKS.

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  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.