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  1. Dec 25, 2012
    Even without the infamous ending, this game is still a mess. The patches and DLC have made improvements but many plot problems still stand. It's still an enjoyable game but could have been so much better, and the ending can ruin what preceeded for many people.
  2. Dec 18, 2012
    Loved it. Possible game of the year. Only problem was horribly tacked on multiplayer, which doesn't matter because this game is all single player. Ignore people complaining about the ending, it's fine if you download the free Extended Cut DLC. Overall fantastic game.
  3. Dec 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 is an incredibly controversial game, it has seen a lot of hate for all the flaws it has, these include a lack of dialogue options compared to the original two, more action oriented gameplay and a unsatisfying ending, for the most part these criticisms are valid, but even though there are many problems with the game I have no trouble in saying that Mass Effect 3 is a masterpiece.

    The Characters: Mass Effect 3 for all the things it did wrong, it did many things ozzing with greatness, first of the greatest thing about the game is the characters, Garrus, Liara, Mordin, Legion, Thane, Anderson and my personal favourite character in the third installment ; EDI. They all have masterful moments, these moments range from being incredibly sad and emotional to moments which put a massive smile on your face.

    The Story: Mass Effect 3 has a damn good story (for the most part), and even though the story is a far worse RPG than 2, and especially Mass Effect 1, this doesn't mean that the story is any worse, people complain about the game compared to the previous two, but fail to realize that Mass Effect 3 is its own game, and is just as good, but in many different areas. The story is about taking down the reapers and gathering alliances to stop them, this will take you on an incredible journey full of beautifully executed moments, some of these moments I'd dare say are some of the greatest moments in media history.

    Gameplay and Presentation: Mass Effect 3 has once again greatly improved the gameplay for the series, the shooting mechanics have been tweaked and are better than ever, which still not masterful by any means, with a few bugs here and there, they controls are still pretty damn good. The Presentation hasn't improved so much from Mass Effect 2, but then again Mass Effect 2's feel and artistic style was near perfect, so there's no complaints here. Unlike Mass Effect 1, where you would land on a planet, which where always the same planet, just re textured , with the same facilities and artistic design, Mass Effect 3's location all feel diverse and wonderfully crafted.

    The Ending: The original ending was a highly disappointing conclusion, the extended cut made things a lot better, and despite the plot holes gave me a sense of closure

    Conclusion: Mass Effect 3 is a wonderful game, with great characters, great stories and great artistic design, and despite its flaws, and Casey Hudson's artistic integrity, Mass Effect 3 is a tremendous game and deserves to be played.
  4. Dec 14, 2012
    This game was good, I enjoyed most of it. Mainly because by the time it kept getting closer to then end, it got a little retarded. For some reason, an anchor lady knows Kung-Fu. I laughed my head off at that part, and then the endings were AWFUL. They were bland, or at least that's what I though, and they were all way too similar, only with slight differences.
  5. Dec 14, 2012
    Utterly breathtaking visuals. The levels/areas are just so incredibly detailed and grand in scale, but that seems to be theme of the game as a whole: Grandness. For me this game was a light step down from the last two games. It just didn't feel like you had the same sense of freedom that Mass Effect 1 & 2 offered you. But, I do get that it was the point and due to the narrative. The story is just beyond grandness and it just builds and builds until ...... you get a really anti-climatic ending?! Thankfully the Extend Cut DLC does fix this and gives the ending it should have gotten (even though they still could have done better.) Overall: A fantastic finish to a wonderful trilogy and I look forward to where Mass Effect franchise will head to next. Expand
  6. Dec 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. All the choices you made in previous games, all the heartbreaking decisions, the entire Mass Effect lore got flushed down the drain with this disaster piece. Nothing you did in the trilogy mattered because in the end, it was all a story. Nothing really happened. Bioware not only betrayed their loyal fanbase, they spit in their face. Expand
  7. Dec 5, 2012
    this my vote examines the entire trilogy. I can only give a 10 for the great experience and the world who have created the developers. One of the best games ever.
    However, the fianle has not been clear from the start. Perhaps it was not understood. Even I was left with many questions. The original ending is worth just sufficiency. The idea of the catalyst and of the sacrifice of Shepar we
    can 'stay. It was enough to deepen the dialogue and the final scenes after the final choice. Expand
  8. Dec 3, 2012
    The first 95% of the game is good, and the last 5% is so atrociously bad and out of character for the series that it will have you going "WTF was that crap?" for months after you finish playing - if the reason you've played Mass Effect has anything to do with its story or characters, that is.

    The only element up to par with ME2 is the combat, which has been further streamlined and
    polished. The sidequest system is a step back from ME2 - you just wander around until you overhear somebody give you a mission. The quest log/journal system is as poor as ever, and planet scanning is still a lousy mechanic. Strangely, there are also fewer and less interesting characters to interact with or have in your party than there were in ME2.

    Also, the plot is formulaic and boring. The plot overall is basically just a rehash of what Bioware already did in Dragon Age: Origins, and the overall mission/character structure is monotonously identical to previous ME games (if you pick a romantic interest - even if it's an old one that you ALREADY had a relationship with - you can't really do anything except get a PG sex scene right before the final mission).

    And oh dear God the ending. Wow. It's bad enough that I'm giving this game a LEGIT 0/10. This is NOT a troll score. The ending quite literally RUINED the entire series for me - I doubt I'll ever play a ME game again, and this is coming from someone who has played at least 6-8 times to completion on ME1 and ME2. I don't want to go into extended detail about why the ending is so awful, so here's the abbreviated version (not a comprehensive list):
    - It's a Deus Ex Machina ending of the worst kind
    - It basically has nothing to do with your actions earlier in the game or earlier in the trilogy
    - It radically alters the entire framework of the narrative within a span of about 30 seconds, without any apparent reason to do so or any explanation
    - In a series about relationships with characters and a grand story where your choices matter, the climactic ending to the entire series has basically nothing to do with character relationships or your previous choices AND the final choice you are given is not explained and seemingly inconsequential.

    It's not hyperbole to say that the climactic ending to this series is simply you being asked the question "Do you like Red, Green, or Blue better?"

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. Yes, it's Bioware's artistic right to make an awful ending. But the fact that Bioware made it and calls it "art" doesn't mean it is good. It's not. It's as far away from good storytelling and writing as you can get. It's just nonsensical.

    Without the ending, this game is probably an 8/10. With the ending, it's utter trash that spoils a great 3-game story arc for no reason.
  9. Dec 2, 2012
    I loved ME1 and ME2. The story was superb and the gaming experience was fantastic. However, I recently purchased ME3 and after several days of trying to get the disc to work, I've given up and returned it. My low review is not related to the ME3 content or the ending, I never got that far. I spent hours scouring the forums and web for fixes, but ME3 was simply unplayable on my XBOX 360 even after the Oct patch. I encountered multiple locking and freezing issues on the first night. Then, I was able to get it to work past the intro but the following day, none of my saved games would load. Expand
  10. Nov 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Too many harsh user reviews on here. True this game is let down by a lack of weight in the repercussions/benefits of decisions which do not carry over as was hoped from previous games, and the ending for me was a bit of a let down but overall its still a good game capturing the mass effect atmosphere with some darker undertones. The game lacks the vital end game that Mass effect 2 had and the player is never given enough control of the overall outcome which was something which was really felt in Mass Effect 2, decisions mattered. In Mass Effect 3 your given the illusion they matter until you find that they dont, they really should have, if they did, this would have been a great game. Simply it lets itself down by not following what made the first two great and found following one of the all time best games to tough an act to follow. Still enjoyable though and i hope there are further adventures to be had in the mass effect universe with bioware. Expand
  11. Nov 29, 2012
    The galaxy is at war, the Reapers have begun their harvest of all sentient life in the galaxy and only you can stop them. Shepard must assemble his remaining crew members and the rest of their species to form together as a resistance and stop the Reapers. With a 30+ hour story, excellent shooting & RPG mechanics make Mass Effect 3 a fantastic end to the trilogy. The best sci-fi saga in years and one everyone should experience. Expand
  12. Nov 25, 2012
    a great action game, an overall great experience. Mass Effect 3 is probably one of the better games of this year, after dishonored, and one of my favorites too.
  13. Nov 22, 2012
    a fantastic game. with the new extended cut mass effect 3 ends the trilogy in a great way. its epic, exciting, dramatic, its equally as good as mass effect 2. the only negatives are the journal system sucks now...but the gamepaly, characters, graphics, everything is top notch. the best game of 2012 and one of the best games ever overall
  14. Nov 18, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the second greatest game of all time, second only to Mass Effect 2 which is the greatest game of all time. There is nothing wrong with the original ending of this game, it fits perfectly with everything and the extended cut just made the ending 10X better than what it already is. The entire journey of Mass Effect has been the best gaming experience i've ever had and i've played about every console game out there. This game is the conclusion of your own commander shepard the way you chose to take him/her through this amazing well crafted story is met with praise and respect from your companions or the death and extinction of entire alien species. The voice acting is perfect while the soundtrack never fails to bring out your emotions. Plus Bioware releasing free multiplayer DLC with more to come just makes this experience worth every penny. I would give this game a 20 out of 10 but thats off the scale and thats all you need to know. Expand
  15. Nov 18, 2012
    Very few times in gaming history has a title received so much controversy, so much vitriol, and been the subject of the undiluted ire of so many gamers. The source of the fury? The ending to a five-year, three-game story arc that had, by that point, drawn in so many gamers that it had transformed from game series into had literally undergone the Halo Effect, where an under-the-radar game ends up being such a huge franchise and dynamo of its own that it begins eclipsing itself. But the difference lies in the games: where Halo is a shooter with a lot of story laid into it, Mass Effect is fundamentally a story with a game built through it. Halo would have to try hard to screw up; as long as it provides the action and the intensity, it wins. Mass Effect never had it so easy. But that doesn't forgive what happened with the finale. Mass Effect 3 is, and may well end up being the textbook example of, a game that was set up to be great, only to be destroyed by the marketing department. The original ME laid the groundwork of a story where the player's actions MADE the story, DECIDED the plot, and were the end-all and be-all of the game. There were so many directions for the plot to go, all decided by the player. ME3 was the original ME's evil twin: a game that started off with hundreds of possible threads, only to ultimately file down to a single possible outcome, a game where all of the player's decisions, past and present, were rendered irrelevant. A great game was sacrificed on the altar of Marketing, as they tried to turn Mass Effect into something it wasn't: a mass-appeal shooter. The mutation began in the second installment, as shooter elements began overtaking role-playing elements. We gamers took this in stride, accepting the changes as some streamlining and minor changes (and, truthfully, some of the elements removed or changed were never our favorites). But something else happened: the storytelling began to be streamlined and dumbed-down as well. ME3 just finished ME2's trajectory -- straight into the dirt. In the quest for money (by trying to appeal to the largest audience), they converted Mass Effect into a nearly-brainless shooter, one which was loosely tied together with story in the game, and required story-seekers to look outside the game for real content -- they turned it into Halo: a game with a massive backstory that is only visible in the game if you know to look for it. Of course, all of this was prior to the Extended Cut DLC -- the amazing concession the gaming industry made to the Voice of the Gamers...which, really, was just placating enough to keep the masses of gamers from taking their beloved money elsewhere. EA knew it was in danger of alienating millions of money dispensers, and sought to make enough amends to avoid losing that cash. Overall, however, after all the changes the game has undergone, while it's still not particularly worthy of the Mass Effect mantle, ME3 is no longer the total pariah it had been. Decisions are back to having some value, and the previously-mandatory mobile game's value has been decreased, bringing fate back into the hands of the game...mostly. I held off on writing a review of this game when the Extended Cut was announced, otherwise it would've been another "boycott EA" pitchforks-and-torches rant. Now, while I'm still not pleased with the game's conclusion, it's not horrible, either, and at least does enough of a job to warrant a mediocre rating. Taken on its own, perhaps it would be considered a better game. But that's not possible. ME3 is part of a series, and a heavily connected series at that. If one of the Halo games had been a dud, it wouldn't significantly impact the others or the series as a whole; they just fix it next time, and judging it against its peers is unnecessary. But ME3 has to be held against the standards set by its predecessors...and it doesn't. Compared to the games that came before, ME3 just doesn't have what it takes to stand alongside. No matter what changes they made to the ending, it will always be a step behind. Thanks, Marketing department. Next time, stay out of the development process. Expand
  16. Nov 16, 2012
    Ignore all of the idiots hating on this game. They are trolls and probably never even played the game. The truth is, this might be the single greatest game in the history of gaming. People complain about the ending, and while I was a bit disappointed, if you actually played all of the game and made the necessary decisions required, the ending you got wasn't perfect but it was still outstanding.
  17. Nov 16, 2012
    ME3 is a real good game. I preferred the first ME but it's not the same context : In the third ME , we don't have really the time to explorate the universe because the earth is in danger. It makes sense. The original end is the only "black spot" , but with the extended cut , it's much better. I don't understand the others : do you know a lot of games where there are several different ends and when you can play more than 20 hours for only one end? Don't hesitate to buy it if you loved this franchise, you will not regret it! Expand
  18. Nov 13, 2012
    An Amazing game, great story which has you completely absorbed in the world of Shepard. This game also incorporates a large number of choices/ significant actions that the player made in games 1 and 2 which makes me impressed at the scope of number 3 -> The number of different ways events can play out based on prior actions/ character sex/ The paragon and Renegade morality system.
  19. Nov 13, 2012
    FULL DISCLOSURE: I am writing this review post "ending patch." Mass Effect 3 (and more importantly the entire series) is a triumph in video game story telling. This series has shown that interactive media can stand up to Hollywood and bring an emotional and compelling story into our living rooms and allow us to control the decisions made. The first Mass Effect revolutionized player choice. Mass Effect 2 expanded on this allowing you to completely ignore characters and their side quests, thus changing the outcome of the game, which would in turn change how Mass Effect 3 played out. Now on to Mass Effect 3. The controls are tight, the weapons have weight to them, and the story is emotionally gripping. Never once through the entire campaign did I think "meh, well come out on top and win this." BioWare wanted to project that sense of helplessness, and they did it well. Now, i stopped playing the game after hearing about the ending fiasco. I didnt want to see it. I didnt want the game series I loved so dearly to be ruined. I waited, and waited, and waited, and when that patch dropped, I fired my xbox up and finished the game. I was aware of how the ending played out, and with this patch applied, the ending gets a huge boost. Without it though I dont felt it would have ruined the game, not enough to justify a 0. The last 5% of the game sucking does not justify giving the first 95% a bad score. Thats not how reviews work. Mass Effect 3 is a polished, emotionally gripping, fun sci-fi rpg/shooter that will make you feel for your characters, and make you think about every decision presented to you. You owe it to yourself to play this game (and the first two) Expand
  20. Nov 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is probably the best game in the series and deserves nothing less than a 10 on a rating scale.the Graphics are superb,and the story is top notch,and let's not forget about the awesome musical score that keeps you're heart pumping and the controller going crazy in you're hands.I know this review is very late,but I wanted to wait until all the bugs were addressed with patches before I give my final review.also the multi-player is awesome and a great addition to an already awesome game.too all you Trolls on here giving ME3 awful reviews,get over you're BS and stop bashing this game. Expand
  21. Nov 13, 2012
    The thig that makes this game is not it (Ending) but its jorney to the ending through all the trilogy you sould have played the first two games and discover a magnifasent world and fromed real relationships with characters, and this game makes all your choise`s and relationships count and complets a journy that you have cherished for so long and showed your true emotions and feelings that you have made and it makes you feel sad to leave your world for this last installment of your character. The best part of the game is its story and how you must form the races of all worlds and planets in the universe to fight your ulterment enemy that is threating your world in which you must leave to save at the end. Its a very hard feeling to have while enjoying yourself in the Mass Effect world and keeps you worrying and heartfelled. All the characers in this installment make there last and ultimate feeling of being a charcter who you have come to love and hate truly spectacular this feeling. The music score for the game has never been better, the music lifts you up and makes you fight and can also despress you down and make you feel helpless truly masterpiece of a score. Overall this is the greatest Mass Effect game of the trilogy and a must have for everyone who loves to play RPGs and also video games. i give Mass Effect 3 its perfect send off with a 10. Expand
  22. Nov 11, 2012
    BEST ENDING EVER!!!! OK, I'm just fooling around. But honestly, the ending isn't that horrible. You'll hear a lot of people complain about lack of options. This is somewhat true, but what do you expect? With the amount of choices made throughout the ME series, it would've taken individually customized endings for the thousands of different outcomes. But enough about all those whiny **** lets get to the review. If you've played the previous ME games, then you'll know pretty much what to expect when it comes to game play, graphics and sound. They're all top-notch. You'll likely run into all the characters you met in previous ME games, though your team will be made mostly of new people. The area where this installment detours is the story. Your goal in ME3 is to rally the troops for galactic war. Doesn't make for much of a story in its self, but rather offers various smaller stories as well as some closure to past stories. Will it leave you with some unanswered questions? Probably. The ME universe is simply too large for everything to be easily explained. And remember, this may be the end of Shepard's story line, but it's not the end of the ME universe. Also gone from ME is the tedious planet scanning found in ME2. Another addition of ME3 is the multiplayer. It's basically a horde mode. I had lots of fun with this and fortunately Bioware has shown a great deal of support with free DLC maps and characters. If you enjoy the combat in ME you'll enjoy this mode. If you enjoyed previous ME games, you'll enjoy this one. If you haven't played the previous games, than why are you reading this? And if you're one of those people that hated the ending (again, why are you reading this?), go pick up a book. Those things are nothing but story. Expand
  23. Nov 11, 2012
    How dare you Bioware! How dare you release a game that was awesome but not as awesome as it should have been! How dare you even toy with the notion of giving players options and then not have a unique ending for every single player that picks up a controller and enjoys every your enormous trilogy? How dare you actually CREATE something and try things instead of churning out the same staple crap year in and year out. How dare you omit details like what quarians look like under their suits, but instead give us the unknown origins of krogan and geth civilisations.
    Bah, this is like Ewoks in Jedi all over again!
  24. Nov 5, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the perfect ending to a masterful trilogy that's gone from strength-to-strength with each title. It's the conclusion you're hoping for, with each decision demanding that you think twice before pulling the trigger. Thanks for the memories, BioWare... It's been emotional.
  25. Nov 2, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (continued)
    And no more is this evident than in the ending
  26. Nov 2, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game when i played it. The Story is fantasitc, as with every other Mass Effect, and the gameplay has improved, but not by much. There has been a lot of hype over the ending of the game. The ending really was terrible. When I finished the game, I was horrified. But Bioware not only fixed it up, they fixed it for free, and came out with many other DLC's, for FREE. Other than that, the gameplay is good, the story is excellent, but not as good as Mass Effect 2, which is still my favorite game of all time. Also, Mass Effect manages what most games can't. The game has you really caring about the characters of the game. Especially the second and third game. Overall I give this game a 8, because it is a really well made game, and I can't wait for the movie, and Mass Effect 4. Expand
  27. Oct 27, 2012
    It's highly repetitive, has no real values, and doesn't serve a point. I am greatly disappointed. I didn't see a value in the game play, it seemed more of shooting things, end of the world, we need to get a move on it. It tries too hard to imply the severity of the situation.
  28. Oct 16, 2012
    The closing epic Mass Effect trilogy is here, and with it we deserved conclusion to five years of prodigious adventures. The latest saga of Commander Shepard is up to the quality standards of the saga of BioWare, and despite some complaints interpelarle can focus their efforts almost exclusively on the main story, the fact is that it is a wonderful event and uploaded action and emotional moments. A good game say what you say. Expand
  29. Oct 15, 2012
    I liked the first installment pretty well; and the second STILL stands as one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've had; it showed remarkable improvements from the first in terms of character (richer back-stories, more dialogue), better pacing (no endless roams on the dune-buggy, the mining was maybe tedious but brief), and streamlined game-play (shooting, squad orders; no wonky upgrades/menus). This installment started out ... amiss. By the time I reached Rannoch and attempted FAR TOO MANY TIMES to dispatch the Reaper on even the easiest setting (only doing so as a last and final resort, and dying my first two and final attempts barely getting a shot off). So I've quit. I don't know what else to say about it that hasn't already been said. I DO HOPE that EA/Bioware etc. take the time to carefully look into the feedback they've gotten from the fans regarding this franchise and take it to heart... somehow that seems a bit futile too. Expand
  30. Oct 11, 2012
    From the start I felt a sensation of profound responsibility placed on my shoulders. At times the stories urgency seemed to drift away but it never hurt slowed the story progression or deteriorate the plot. I went into it considering how annoyed I was with Mass Effect 2 and the feeling that the game was one big checklist. I never really had that feeling in Mass Effect 3 and the missions seemed to link together (main quests) and tie in (side quests) really well and that was something I truly appreciated. The emotion that Mass Effect 3 inspired in me was unlike any game I've played before. I felt pulled in to consider the feelings of the characters and try to understand what they where going through. The decisions felt meaningful and weighted with no clear option that would seem fitting of the stereotypical Sheppard. As for the mechanics of the game I was extremely impressed. Combat felt good and I hardly ever ran out of ammo which I was frustrated with at first, for having removed the authenticity of the situation, but later came to appreciate as it allowed me to focus on the game. Being able to customize weapons to the extent and ease at which Mass Effect 3 allowed was highly enjoyable. I loved being able to go from a shop which sells upgrades to buying new guns to then choosing my gun set up and finally to customizing my armor all within an area aboard the normandy. I only caught glimpses of the environment in between the action but from what I saw I was extremely impressed. Every planet I visited felt distinct aesthetically as well as layout. Sure the game had a set path for you but when the path looked as good as it did I had no issues with it. Graphically the game was a step up from its predecessor but by no means a highlight of this generation. The audio however was truly an immersive experience. The ability of the music and soundstage to go from a casual point A to point B moment and then scale up to an epic fast paced section and pull me right in was brilliant. The audio was definitely something that will bring me back to this game just for the sheer feeling of grandeur and tragedy that it invoked in me. Now that I have beat the campaign once I have been playing a lot of the multiplayer and while I was initially concerned it was going to be another online shooter it really has taken on its own form and done it in a way that suits Mass Effect very well. The fact that it ties back into the single player is also a nice feature that while probably won't have a huge effect on my play style and where I devote my time I like the fact that the two are not totally disjoint. After finishing this game I could not help but want more, something that I have not felt from a game in a while, and something that helps this game earn a perfect score in my book. Expand
  31. Oct 10, 2012
    There are billions of stars. Each one of them might have a different world within them. Each world might be the home for different species of life. And every life has a different story to tell from history. I know you wish on them when you look at them at the night sky, I know because I do wish on them too and my prayers find response in galaxy as a whole. The details might have been lost in time, everything might have become so much older or simply we might not have translated the signs correctly. I make a step forward in order to comprehend this wish, and who knows? By starting on this journey, it might not be impossible or it might not have even started Expand
  32. Oct 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've had a long time to ruminate on this one, having beat the game shortly after it came out. Firstly: the ending stinks, badly. It felt completely jarring and totally unearned and incongruent, especially on my play-through. Also the entire starchild plot is terrible. His presence in the tutorial, the dream sequences, all of it: crap. That being said, everything else about this game is excellent. I've been playing the Multiplayer quite a bit, and I think that alone is worth the price of admission. The shooting mechanics are hands down the best in the series, and when paired with the mostly thoughtful class and enemy design, creates an excellent experience in both single and multiplayer. The story, excepting the parts mentioned above, is excellent, allowing for all sorts of different payoffs from the previous games in the series. If you're willing to grit your teeth and bear a crap ending, or if you're just interested in the unique and innovative shooting mechanics that make the multiplayer so fun, its definitely worth your time and money. Expand
  33. Oct 9, 2012
    The true over reaction of thousands of gamers has marred this amazing genre. No this game does not live up to its predecessors in anyway. The story OPTIONS feel more streamlined than before, the game play was the same as Mass Effect 2's, and of course the polarizing ending that crushed so many individuals.

    The story line content felt more rushed and "to the point". Each mission was just
    pick A or B until the end. (pick A, B, or C). This was a turn off and the side missions were very boring, most of the time I would pick them up and not even know how I had since they were triggered by random conversations going on in the world as you walked by. This was a big step down from the previous titles and took away from the experience. And of course the ending...The insanely overly infamous, polarizing ending. I personally did not like the ending along with everyone else. It was not what I wanted for my character. I do understand that this ending is what the writer's had in mind and I respect that and wish that they had not altered it. I understand this was their masterpiece that we were getting to take part in and what they want is what ultimately will happen. I think the majority of us understood that and reluctantly accept it. What stung so much though is that we didn't know it until the end. We felt like this was OUR masterpiece. Our story, to end how WE see fit. Unfortunately it was not. The game is still great even with the less than stellar ending. PEOPLE DO NOT LET THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS SCARE YOU!!!! They are all mostly from people very (understandably) disappointed with the ending. If you have not given the Mass Effect series a try I can not recommend it to you enough. Please go get Mass Effect 1 and start from the very beginning. Go through this massive, incredible story and decide for yourself. Even if the ending is upsetting, I would not take back a single second of my experience with the series. It is by far the best story in the history of gaming, bad ending or not. Expand
  34. Oct 4, 2012
    Good game. But has a lot of cons.
  35. Oct 4, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game with some truly emotional moments and an overall better combat-system than the previous ME games. Commander Shephard and many of the iconic characters are back to save the galaxy when the Reaper invasion finally arives during the very beginning of the game. The quest to save all life from certain annihilation takes you to many different locations, including some you already know and some you've never seen. The graphics are great, offering great environmental variety and good character-animations. There are, however, some techical issues dragging the game slightly down. Don't expect the technical leap from ME2 to this game to be as dramatic as the one between the first two games was - ME3 in many ways looks and plays the same as the second installment in the franchise. The combat system works better than ever, and this time around it feels more like an RPG-shooter than the second game did, without being as clumsy as the first one. There is a lot of emphasis on weapon, armor and skill customization, which gives you a lot of ways to experiment with various playstyles until you find one thats suits you. Enemy AI has also been significantly improved. Not only are there now a lot more different enemies, they also behave very differently and will do everything from flanking you with shields, charging you and throwing grenades at you to expose you and take you down. The level design is also much better. Fighting areas are much bigger, which gives you more mobility and makes it easier to move from cover to cover. The classes work very differently and offer in themselves reason enough to replay the game. There are a lot of ways to experiment with your skill upgrades (as skills can evolve in many different ways), and this time around every class can use every weapon type at the cost of power-cooldown, which is a great addition. The Citadel is back and very atmospheric, but unfortunately it is quite boring to hang around, as sidequests are often fetch-quests that does not fit the conflict of the game.
    On to the story, which of course, is the most important part of this finale. The story and conflict is epic in scale and offers some truly emotional moments and powerful choices as you resolve some of the conflicts that have been brewing throughout all three games. A lot of the characters from previous games return, some as squadmates and others as sidecharacters helping you on your quest. There are also some new characters introduced, which I think is unneccesary, since there already are so many great characters available from the previous games. Don't expect as great a cast of characters, or as great character development, as that of ME2. Despite the scale of the conflict there a lot of fetch-quest in this game. Shepard often has to drop in to save an important person, or retrieve and object, in order to get help from someone, which can feel poor from time to time. You'll also grow sick of the mission debriefings with Hacket that follows every mission. These are shallow and serves as a way to mark the end of a mission, thus giving you the feel of a game divided into levels, which does not suit the game. Choices from past games are well implemented in the way that characters respond to them, however, it is dissapointing that many past choices result in the same outcomes in this game. Mass Effect 3 also introduces multiplayer, which is very unneccesary. This is your typical Gears of War Horde mode clone, only it doesn't work as well and becomes boring after a while. It doesn\\\'t help that you have to play it in order to unlock the best endings possible. Mass Effect is best suited as a single-player experience, and should have remained one.
    The ending of the game is emotional and clever, but it doesn't give you that epic conclusion that you would expect after such a long journey. Don't expect moments as moving and pumping as Shephard's speech during the finale of ME2. The biggest dissapointment here is that none of your previous choices really affect that ending, and that you have to play multiplayer to get the perfect variable. The inclusion of day-one dlc also drags the game down, especially since the character and his tale included are much needed to understand the story and universe.
    Overall this game is an emotional experience that improves upon gameplay, but one that doesn't quite reach the heights of the previous games in terms of story and characters. Multiplayer shouldn't exist and the DLC should just have been a part of the game. The ending could have used more time and doesn't quite leave you with a satisfying conclusion as it should do after three games. Choices, both past and new, should have more impact as they did in previous games. Despite these isses, ME3 is an emotional and ambitious game that will likely hook you from beginning to end. If you are a hardcore ME fan, chances are you will be dissapoint
  36. Sep 21, 2012
    Okay the ending sucked bloody balls! But guys forget about those last 15 Minutes, think of the fun you had with this game before those last 15 minutes, great gameplay, story and many other great things. If only they din't strew up the ending, this game would be almost as good as Mass Effect 2. So far my game of the year but with the ending... I don't think it deserve's it. But I ave high hopes for Halo 4 , Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3 and many other games. Mass Effect 3; 9.0/10 Expand
  37. Sep 20, 2012
    Really, Mass Effect 3 just rocks. If you enjoyed the previous 2 even a little, be prepared to be amazed. It kind of melds the best elements of Mass Effect with the vibrancy and life of Mass Effect 2, which was easily the game of the year back in 2010. And the sheer amount of times you find yourself yelling 'oh **** at the screen is something else
  38. Sep 19, 2012
    To say Mass Effect 3 is a bad game is completely wrong, it gets some things that it shouldn't wrong but these cloud over the positives, I will lay this out so it is easier to read, I will leave the multiplayer out for the moment.
    - The combat is an improvement on Mass Effect 2, it is much more fluid and enjoyable.
    -The story (up until the final 20 minutes) is pretty good
    weapon choice is nearly as large as ME1 but all the guns are different and offer great variety
    -Set pieces are great
    - The ending, although not as bad as some claim (now thanks to the extended cut free DLC it makes sense), it also leaves room for Bioware to implement the "Indoctrination Theory" (For more info go to Clever Noob Network on YouTube, they have 3 hour and a half documentries on this concept)
    -Some of the animations are poor, (Shepard often does a shoulder pat that looks like it's from the 90s
    - There are also marks that the game was rushed, e.g on mission one on Earth, when on the skyscrapers look down, the images of husks running below you looks terrible)
    -The combat, though very well polished is a little too easy, the ability to unleash ridiculously powerful explosions with biotics makes insanity really too easy in parts.
    -I found the fact that you can't go into true conversation with squadmates on the Normandy anytime a tad annoying but then again the banter that is thrown between them better them more than makes up for it


    Without multiplayer I would have probably given this game a 6 or 7
    It is the better part of the game and has very few flaws, for those who don't know the multiplayer is a horde mode (wave defence) with 11 rounds, however at 3,6 and 10 there is an objective to complete, this earns you credits to buy equipment. The 11th wave is an extraction wave where you have to survive for two mins and get to an extraction zone.
    You can play as a many different races and classes, there are lots of maps and you can fight Cerberus, geth or Reapers on either bronze (easy), Silver (normal) or Gold (hard), the number of credits increases the harder difficulty, they added a platinum difficulty in a free dlc where you fight all the factions at once who are at full strength at wave one.
    The multiplayer has been attacked by some critics but is actually incredible and adds huge replay value to the game

    For those interested I played Mass Effect 2 first, it was so well reviewed I felt compelled to play it. I then got Mass Effect 3 and earlier this year I got Mass Effect 1. So no I am not a "true" fan of the series but given i put 40 hours into ME3 within a week of owning it and am probably well past 200 hours of total play time on ME3 alone, I feel I am qualified to judge this game, unlike those who just played the game once and stopped playing due to the ending.
  39. Sep 13, 2012
    Great game, and one of the best (if not the best) trilogies in gaming. I just wanted to add my two cents as there are some very strange reviews on Metacritic. I found that the choices I made throughout the series hugely satisfactory down the line. I also feel the ending was great. You can achieve the "best" ending without jumping through any or the peripheral hoops EA set up. The aforementioned ending has emotional weight and payoff. Brilliant. ME4 please Bioware! Expand
  40. Sep 12, 2012
    Great game storyline is great as well as game play,graphics, and characters.but the end was so horrible they made the game so different from every other one allowed you to make choices build relationships and left you hanging other than that great trilogy and from rumors maybe not done
  41. Sep 9, 2012
    I score reviews based on how I feel about the game after finishing it, and it is very, very difficult to see past the terrible ending, multiple plot holes, and the utterly stupid "big reveal" of the Reaper's motives in Mass Effect 3. The ending, coupled with the Day 1 DLC (which is wrong no matter how you spin it) really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The way it's presented makes no sense whatsoever and runs completely counter to the idea that your choices throughout the game matter. The ME series spans 5+ years of generally excellent media, and for it to end in a three way deus ex machina like it did is just mind blowing. It sucks saying that, because the 90% of the game leading up to the end is really, really good, even if it played more like a 'best of' compilation than a completely new game. A quick note about the multiplayer: it's *kind of* good, but in other ways it's really, really bad. Gameplay wise it's a fun (if overpowered), Halo-esque shooter, but the community is beyond terrible, kicking players who are just starting out or have a low N7 score, and verbally berating those who either do too well or too poorly. Also, based on what happened to Mercenaries 2 when EA shut down it's servers, I have little hope for the future of ME3. Expand
  42. Sep 4, 2012
    Despite what people have said about the ending, I thought it was an epic close to an epic series. This game marks that Shepard's story is at an end and that's exactly what the ending accomplishes. The unmarked side missions are my biggest complaint and I still didn't find them too annoying because if you just walked around you would easily acquire them and complete them. The game play was the smoothest of the series and the graphics were great. There were moments that made you want to jump up in anger and in joy as well as moments that drew a tear. It was a beautiful story, and I think it was an amazing ending for one of the best series ever produced. Expand
  43. Aug 31, 2012
    The gameplay (i.e. combat) is good. The graphics are amazing. The presentation and story is bad. Sidequests involve either flying somewhere and shooting Cerberus people in a combat zone, or using the Galaxy map to scan planets. That's it - scan planets. You don't actually VISIT the planets, you just scan them, which allows to to magically recover artifacts, and rescue entire races. By pressing the scan button. These sidequests are picked up by eavesdropping on people's conversations in the Citadel (which, by the way, is the ONLY hub in the entire game... funny how everyone wants to meet you on the Citadel - there's nowhere else to go). "Hey dude, heard you talking on the phone to your buddy, saying you needed an antidote to a Reaper poison... I just happened to travel to a planet, and bring you back the antidote... here ya go." "Orly? Thats... awfully convenient... thanks?" You do get to meet your allies from Mass Effect 2, but it's more like "Oh hey Grunt/ Samara/ Jacob, how're things? What's that, you'd like me to kill some stuff for you? Sure. OK, we've killed all the stuff... guess I'll catch you later." It is nice to see how small decisions from ME1/2 played out, but you only really get to see it in small ways, like extranet messages. And finally, the ending seems to have been written by someone with no grasp of concepts like "logic", and is probably the most unsatisfying experience I've ever had with a franchise I used to love. Oh, and the DLC? With ME2, DLC like Shadow Broker was great since it added to the game and expanded on the universe and the characters - this Leviathan DLC is basically pointless for people who have finished the game. In short, the game looks great, but really disappoints - the polar oppoosite to the game that started it off, the first Mass Effect. Expand
  44. Aug 30, 2012
    This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome This game is awsome Expand
  45. Aug 27, 2012
    Mass effect has always been a series that has been a benchmark for sic-fi role playing games since it was released and with the latest instalment i can't see that changing any time soon. People slate it because they didn't get the ending they wanted or that Bioware changed the game in a way that reaches out to a richer audience, those aren't reasons to give a game a low mark in my opinion. I believe Bioware did everything perfectly except for a few minor problems. The first of which is that the game world restricts you a lot, you can't really venture anywhere whilst on a mission, this problem has been in the franchise all along and all i wished for was for that to change for this instalment. Its more of a insignificant annoyance than a problem to be honest. Another qualm i have is that the romance is still as stiff and awkward as ever, i found in mass effect that if i ran to the person i found most attractive after every mission to merely talk to them for two minutes they would eventually and consensual sex with me, this was both amusing and irritating to me and simply wasted my time. My final problem i see in the game is that the dialogue is a little bit... well... crap. In mass effect 1 and 2 the dialogue was both engrossing and interesting as what people said actually made a difference most of the time. This time round though you'll find yourself talking to people for no visible reason other than to yet again fill them game with time consuming conversation about matters that I'm sure the supposed saviour of the galaxy really shouldn't give damn about. I also need to mention the ending of the game which really does seem to be irritating people doesn't it! But seriously i see no problem with it, it wraps the game up nicely and gives the player a real emotional reaction, if this wasn't the case for you then lets just agree to disagree to you. Now as for the good points, i could sit here all day and tell you how the game is vastly improved on its predecessor, first of the combat both melee and ranged is vastly improved, i really enjoyed trying out different weapons i either bought or unlocked throughout the game and the ways they could be used, it was a fulfilling way to spend my space money. This is the same for armour unlocks and etc. The only problem with the armour is that some times they looked far too similar and that you could only buy full suits of a certain type if lets say you only wanted the helmet. Other than that making yourself look badass was pretty fun and indulging. Another point is also that the story is both brilliant and emotional, at some points it really hits home whats actually happening and at others it keeps you engrossed to the point where you'll not want t stop playing as you want to find out what happens next. My final point is going to be that the characters are just as interesting and boring as ever, some like garrus will keep you laughing and others will make you wish the conversation would hurry up but the most important thing is that Bioware have done a brilliant job in rounding off the relationships you have built with your crew members and how you come to terms with them before you set out on your final mission. Overall then this game is brilliant with just a few problems which i have outlined, these shouldn't keep you from playing it and enjoying the ride just as much as i did. Expand
  46. Aug 27, 2012
    The journey over all three games was fantastic. The destination sucked. I loved this game, until I got to the end. I respect Bioware's adherence to their 'artistic vision', but I whole-heartedly disagree with it. The endings felt like a spit in the face to all the hours invested in this series by the consumer. It must be worse for those who worked tirelessly on this series to see such negative fan reaction. Sadly, I believe the negative reaction is warranted. Expand
  47. Aug 26, 2012
    Space gay waifu simulator 2012 edition.
  48. Aug 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3: Mass Disappointment
    The game controls and AI are average but this series was living on the story so what have they done...ruined that too, bioware lied time and time again, insted of supporting the fans they spit in face of anyone who gave a damm for the series, the ending does not reflect any choices you have made, if anyone played ME1 and ME2 with imported characters in the end of ME3 it doesnt count for nothing, the choices you made are irrelevant because in the end you have to choose from 4possible outcomes and guess what you die in all of them and you stay witlh more doubts because so much is left unsplained.

    But Bioware seeing this as lauched a DLC ( because everyone in EA belives that everybody who bought de game has the console conected to the internet... ) and guess what insted of making something usefull like adressing what the comunity has said, no...its the same thing but now adicional slides of information without changing nothing...the gamers for whom you made a DLC did not wanted a narration, just a decent closure, and for the users who said they liked the game as it was, the delivering of the DLC proves that bioware realized the crap they did...but even knowing they still insisted on it...

    this is the ultimate insult to anyone who played since the first game and invested hours and hours in it, and for those who play mass effect 3 for the first time without de previous game its mediocre because this series lived on the story and not in the controls, people can say the motion capture is this and sound is that, anyone in this time and after all these years in corrent generation of consoles expects no less...what is to be expected is a good game and a good history from a company that brougt us games like KOTOR almost a decade ago and now fails to provide...a game to avoid
  49. Aug 20, 2012
    i believe that this game deserves an 8.5 but gave it a 10 doing the little bit i can to raise the user score because as bad as the original game ending was it doesnt deserve a 5.2 score. until the end came i wouldve given this game a 10 but even the extended ending doesnt fulfill the sour taste of closure.but gameplay was solid ,story had me engaged (which is the main reason i play any game) and now giving myself plenty of time to do a review the overall experience was worth an 8.5 with a sour ending most emotional game in recent time good example of this is the campaign to change the ending. the characters i truly felt something for. if someone died i felt it. the characters alone make this a worthy experience for anyone to enjoy Expand
  50. Aug 18, 2012
    I absolutely loved Mass effect 1 and 2, the character interaction, the combat and the story were sublime, mass effect 3 delivers this experience in a very mediocre fashion, while playing, I didn't feel the rush I felt when playing Mass effect 2, I felt like I was really in control of what I did, whereas in Mass effect 3 I feel like some of the choices were made for me, there seemed to be less conversation options and I feel like I had less control. The ending was absolutely horrid and did not conclude ANYTHING, in the way it should have. This however was "fixed" by the extended cut DLC which was free, but I more or less knew how the endings would be with the extended cut before it came out, **** covered in sprinkles, it relieved a lot of anger for some people, but not for me, its not a fitting ending at all, I think this game could have been so much more. Overall I did enjoy it, but nowhere near as good as the previous installment in the trilogy. Expand
  51. Aug 16, 2012
    A watered down experience with many cut corners, Mass Effect 3 needed to be something better. A rushed production, on disc DLC, and strong handed DRM are not acceptable. The Mass Effect trilogy could have really been more than this.
  52. Aug 16, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a journey that tugs at heart strings, makes you ask big questions and ends multiple story archs. The Mass Effect trilogy has been phenomenal, and has excelled in scope and story telling although the illusion of choice is ever present. While I invested my time in Mass Effect 3 it soon became clear that the game was telling an end of the story from the very beginning. This is how I suggest you treat the game.The multiplayer is a fun edition and greatly expands the life of the product it was not somthing I asked for but fun regardless. It is not without fault so i cannot in good conscience give it a amazing score cause it is not. These faults are very minor and do not subtract from the game very much i.e. Trouble finding quest related people on map, lackluster epilogue, your choices do not feel as important as it could be and multiplayer connection problems. The game is great overall and deserves a 7/10 I recommend you buy it, you could do a lot worse. Expand
  53. Aug 14, 2012
    A fantastic game. It increases the stakes on every level and raises the bar for gaming. Taken as a trilogy it's a major achievement and unlikely to be superseded any time soon. When you factor in the different choices and outcomes, and the male / female, hetero / homo, renegade / paragon options, it's obvious that the games places an outstanding amount of flexibility in the player's hands to craft their own experience while still managing to tell a coherent and meaningful narrative that is genuinely moving. There may be specific features of the action, role play, art direction or story that aren't to everyone's taste - it's impossible to please everyone all the time - but to give this game anything less than a very positive review is simply nuts. As for the ending (s), I found it deeply satisfying. Rarely has a game franchise had such an impact on me - Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid are the only equivalents that come readily to mind. Plus a very good multiplayer, add on content and mobile content as well...! To make an original universe that is so ambitious and achieve so much seems genuinely unprecedented and puts gaming at the forefront of creative media. The only equivalent in movies at the moment would be the Nolan Batman films but I would say that even they pale in comparison. Bring on the DLC. Expand
  54. Aug 12, 2012
    This game is some of the worst work Bioware has done. For a game focused on decision making, there isn't that many decisions in most cases you are only granted 2 options that are obviously Renegade or Paragon choices and nothing neutral. Very rarely do you even get a 3rd option in dialogue. There are also less RPG elements than before making this game more of a 3rd person shooter than an RPG. The new squad members were not nearly as interesting as the previous ones. Finally the two worst parts the ending which the extended cut did not fix that well you, just get a 5 minute slideshow and of course **** day 1 DLC . Expand
  55. Aug 9, 2012
    Okay, NOW I realize why people would be disappointed, though I disagree with those saying the game is god awful. Yes, EA monetized the crap out of this game, but that's no where the game fails, that's just bad business practice of the publisher funding the game's development. First, the positives. The combat has been refined and is pretty much as good as it can get at this point, although the new weight system hits infiltrators and non-power based classes REALLY hard. So I have to pick between having all my guns and almost never being able to use Adrenaline Rush now? That's stupid! (Wow, this got negative fast). That negative aside, the AI has been improved and enemy variety and behaviour has improved significantly, it's just slightly irritating most of the time it's cerberus and not the Reapers you're fighting (How did Cerberus build an army of millions in barely half a year, when they're known as a terrorist organisation?). Weapon modding is back and now it also has a visual effect as well as a gameplay effect, which is cool. It's not as deep as ME1's weapon modding system, but it spares us of that horrible inventory system and combined with ammo powers it integrates very well into the gameplay. Also, we get more gun variety and armour variety, which is always a good thing. So essentially combat is much better than before, so why is this game only a 7? It's Mass Effect! It should like a 9 or a 10, right? Well, unfortunately here are many negatives that hold this game back. The intro is boring and sloppy, especially compared to ME2. The reason is one, no dramatic opening and two, a crap ton of auto-dialogue (I'll be getting to that in a minute, believe me). As I'm re-familiarizing myself with the game mechanics I can't get invested into the story because in order to get invested into the story I must have reasonable knowledge of the game mechanics. Placing a major plot point at the time of a tutorial is probably the worst thing you can do with the intro. ME2 did this right, where I only had to run and move the camera in a controlled environment, so I could get invested in the story. The more advanced mechanics were saved for later when nothing as important was happening. The next negative is auto-dialogue, and it's over abundance. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU PUT IN LOADS OF AUTO-DIALOGUE IN A GAME BASED AROUND DIALOGUE CHOICES? That makes NO sense and just robs the player of the feeling that their Shepard is really theirs, and destroys immersion and the freedom the player previously experienced. The next negative is the abandonning of the build-up of ME1 and ME2, specifically Harbinger and the Dark matter plot. For those that don't know, ME3 was supposed to have a plot that revolved around dark matter but was abandoned for the whole "Synthetic vs Organic" thing. This leaves returning players confused as to what's going on and de-means the previous games. Not good. As for Harbinger, he was clearly set-up as the main villain in ME2, why reduce him to a glorified heavy hitter at the end? WHY? Everyone was looking forward to confronting the Harbinger why rob us of that? More abandonning of the build-up of the previous games. So second from last we have the problem that the story itself is more linear and interrupts and dialogue choices don't affect a conversation like they used to. They are generally just there for flavour and that's it now, which a shame considering how genius interrupts were as a concept and how well ME2 did them. And now to everyones favourite part, the ending. Where to begin... Well, even with the EC (Extended cut) it makes ZERO sense, and completely contradicts the themes of the Mass Effect franchise. It's disgusting. Your choices don't matter (As if EMS made your choices matter anyway LOL) apart from this one final choice and they don't even commit to Shepard dying. The EC provides the bare minimum character closure required and closes a few plotholes but it ends up trading them for more plotholes so it really is not much better and the character closure has been done before and BETTER with Dragon Age: Origins. Now THAT was an ending. This game is still very solid and enjoyable even if it is has some serious flaws. It still has those "Magic Mass Effect" moments, and the characters are as cool and well-written as ever (Apart from Vega) with their arcs coming full circle now, but compared to the other two ME games it doesn't even come close to reaching their levels of greatness. There are other complaints, such as the shafting of the ME2 cast, and a lot of fridge logic moments, and the fetch quests, but I could keep going for hours. All you need to know is this game is solid, but if you were expecting an amazing finale, prepare to be disappointed. Expand
  56. Aug 6, 2012
    I rented this for a solid month.While,I don't think I'll be buying it anytime soon,it's certainly a good pickup if you're into it.The atmosphere is great.Every area and fight is certainly distinct.The characters and AI are great.

    However,the fights and talk sequences are very monotonous.I just don't enjoy this series as much as others.The generic feel kind of throws me off.

    Mass Effect 3 is a very good game.It has solid features and is very enjoyable.But it's more of a rental,as opposed to a buy."Mass Effect 3" gets a 7/10. Expand
  57. Aug 1, 2012
    Save your money and don't make the same mistake I did buying this game. If your a fan you will rip your hair out after playing this game, but if you are a newcomer play ME1, ME2 and imagine that this game never existed. If you have bought the game DO NOT BUY From Ashes DLC. It isn't worth the price and if you play this game on PC you can unlock the character from the ''From Ashes'' DLC with notepad.

    Reasons you will hate this game:

    1 - It turns away from Sci-Fi and goes to space magic.

    2 - All the decisions you made in previous games won't matter.

    3 - Too much auto dialogue from start to finish.

    4 - Boring side missions, those side mission are all the same and pointless.

    5 - No more than six or seven crew members.

    6 - Reapers look and function differently than in previous games.

    7 - Major plot-holes.

    8 - No original missions.

    9 - Multiplayer that is worth playing long as it gets dlc's every month.

    10 - Duologue options are useless, people will often answer the same way to your all duologue options, same with Shepard.

    12 - The ending is very unoriginal, contradicts the franchise and contains a lot of space magic.

    In a nutshell this should have been called Little Effect 3 and the Extended Cut DLC doesn't make a difference.
  58. Aug 1, 2012
    As much as I love the ME series I couldnt help but feel like I wasted hours playing all 3 games. ME 3 was a good game. I thought it was solid all around and it kept me entertain and for people not to like it is crazy. I love seeing all the characters from previous games come back to light in this one. But the reason I gave this game a low score was the ending. I can't believe that BioWare would chose the ending that they did. Then to put out the extended cut and yet still leaves you like the "What the F***!" Its a great game until the ending that killed the whole series! Expand
  59. Jul 31, 2012
    I just beat the game with the improved endings. While they still don't satisfy me completely, it is a massive improvement from the original endings. This game is amazing, and with the addition of the new endings, its quality has improved dramatically for me.
  60. Jul 31, 2012
    A very big disappointment. You can tell bioware (EA especially) went to large lengths to make this game mainstream. As a result, we get an actioner that has few bright moments that gave us a peek of what the game could have been with diligence in development, instead of rushed release dates. Few ambitions are achieved in Mass Effect 3, despite its core being pretty solid in its own right. Perhaps we expected too much. But I have a feeling they could have delivered. Expand
  61. Jul 30, 2012
    The user critic score is really skewed by child-like reviews. I didn't like the ending, so I'll give it one .. or zero. Those people are completely neglecting the fact that everything else than final five minutes of this game is simply super.
  62. Jul 29, 2012
    As seen in many reviews, I am a huge fan of the series, but this one I had some personal feelings about. I really love the story and all the character structure. I enjoy the new features and the fact that they brought back some of the customizing features from the first game. Now the fact that I really don't play RPG games often because they are a challenge if they attempt to be like shooters, but Mass Effect was amazing in story and character customizing that I saw past the not so smooth play of the shooter mechanics. The second Mass Effect streamed lined them enough but did sacrifice RPG play. The third I felt focused to much on making this play like Gears of War and lost the fun challenge of an "RPG shooter" that made it different and original. Now for the story. Drop the Indoctrination Theory Issues, why did you do everything you did in he game not to see some resolution to each of the allied factions you earned through the entire game. I felt skimped. I don't blame Bioware so much as I blame EA. EA has to be the worst at putting a deadline on games and ruining the creativity that the developers need to make quality. EA and Activision will ruin the gaming industry if the keep up with there heavy marketing, poor deadline dates. I would wait for awesome rather than be dished out crap every time I turn around. Expand
  63. Jul 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ME3 was a good game the combat was fun and most of the story was good. The problems start with no ME2 squad mates on the Normandy, the love interests have very limited interactions, and less for ME2 li, we don't get to see Tali's face, etc. The star-child is forced into the story, and all the endings are anti-heroic in my opinion even with the extended cut it still sucks. But you should try for yourself. Expand
  64. Jul 24, 2012
    Well one of the best gaming series ever has come to an end. When I first got my hands on the game I immediatly notices differences from the second game. The first of course is the graphics. Although they don't compare to the those of Uncharted, Gears of War, and Crysis they are still good in their own way. The next thing I noticed is new animations. This is good because in a lot of sequels devs will recycle the same animation. I got to the story and it was extremely good no suprise there. The gameplay was great, weapons where awesome, and the characters where likeable. The multiplayer isn't that great to be honest. It seem like something they tacked on to add more to the game. Although the free DLC is a bonus it isn't much of a plus. Now here comes the ending drama. (Please note that I am writng this review after the extended cut dlc). This part of the game has gathered a lot of negative feedback. The ending by far was good. The main thing I have a problem with is what Bioware promised. The ending didn't have much variety in them. Also your decisions really don't have zero effect on the ending as well which is a huge let down. Overall this is an amazing game but if you where a fan from the begining them you will feel disapointed at the end. That doesn't take away from the game though. It does so much good that it heavily out weighs the bad. Mass Effect 3 is a 9/10 if they would have got the ending right it would have been a master piece. Expand
  65. Jul 24, 2012
    While the story, voice acting, and cinematics may be great, it still doesn't make up for the fact that as a game it is horrible. In ME2 they went for a more tactical combat approach and it worked. This time they tried to throw in some Gears of War style faced paced action into the combat and it completely screwed everything up. Every battle field is littered with cover that your character gets on the wrong side of half the time, and there is so much debris it makes it nearly impossible to navigate, even outside of combat. To make things even more difficult, the controls are clunky, making it even further difficult to move anywhere.
    Another thing that ruined the tactical combat is that in half of the combat scenarios, you have enemies flanking simultaneously from literally every direction, making it nearly impossible to stay alive even on the easier combat settings.
    Every single combat situation is nothing more than a clusterf***.
    There are tons of side missions, which I love! But alas, they screwed that up as well. There is so much dialogue it is impossible to keep track and even decipher all the tasks you're given. The mission journal offers little to no information on objectives, and don't ever update as you progress.
    This is an incredibly disappointing game. Were I to hold it up against the other games in this franchise, I'd have to give it a 1 out of 10. But to be fair I've graded it on it's own, not up to the hype or expected greatness Bioware commands. Ultimately the game feels unfinished. They focused so much on the dialogue and story it feels like they only got half way through testing the actual gameplay then shipped it to market. I can't imagine it is even fixable through patch. Shame on you EA and Bioware for such a pathetic display.
  66. Jul 23, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game, that I believe is wrongfully hated on. The reason for this is simple, it changed genres. While the first game was a fully-fledged RPG, the combat mechanics in the first game were sloppy, and in the next game gameplay was vastly improved, but RPG elements were toned down. This left hardcore RPG fans unhappy, This third game definitely has the best gameplay in the series, for the overpowered particle rifle to the addictive Scorpion, but less RPG elements than ever before. Don't let this fool you though, the story is as good as ever, with some truly awesome moments and payoffs, a surprisingly good multiplayer, and plenty of visits from old characters. I would highly recommend playing the series the whole way through, but don't expect the RPG experience in each game, but come in expecting in this third game an awesome action game with RPG elements. Also, the ending wasn't one i particularly liked, but didn't detract as much from the game as the vocal minority say, especially with the extended cut endings. Free DLC in this game is awesome, considering it is an EA game. Overall, I'd rate this game a clean 9.5 and definitely recommend the series to anyone looking for an awesome story that they'll remember for years to come. Expand
  67. Jul 22, 2012
    Surprised by the user score. However I have never seen the original ending which apparently was shocking. To start with the positives graphics where excellent, gameplay was great . One thing that really annoyed me was if you imported your character from ma1 and ma2 you started at level 30 with the majority of your abilities not far from being maxed out. Not much of a challenge in that. Overall i feel that with the revised ending mass effect 3 was a fantastic game. Good ending to the trilogy. All in all i would say the best trilogy of games that have been released in gaming history. A must play game for rpg fans. Expand
  68. Jul 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm a huge fan of the series all the way. Sure the ending wasn't what we as users wanted, but Bioware tried to fixed it, even though you think they failed they still tried and are still trying. I am 50, 50 on the ending. But you got to think of the moral Bioware was trying to send us, but some users are just to ignorant to pay attention. They been trying to tell us the same lesson throughout the whole series, staring with Mass Effect 1. They want to tell us that you can accomplish anything if you just stand firm with your beliefs. In ME3, you can tell Shepard knows that he will lose, but he still gathers help from everywhere by putting their differences aside and focusing on the real problem. And in the end, the "kid" knew that Shepard's cycle has a chance and are coming very close to destroying the Reapers, so instead of letting Shepard win he tries to convince him for a final time that control is the best way to go, but Shepard has a stronger willpower and sticks with his "new solution". To me, this series will always be on top of any other game, not because of gameplay, but because of the story and the characters. Expand
  69. Jul 17, 2012
    The game started off a little disconnected if you haven't played the ME2 DLC's but you quickly get into it. The build up of the story takes off quite quickly and its easy to get into the gameplay and the story. Originally there were a lot of gaps, but the release of the free DLC plugs these and finishes it off nicely. If the DLC ending and gaps had been in the original this would've had a 9 easily. There are a few things missing for it to make a 10. Expand
  70. Jul 17, 2012
    Mass Effect 3... I patiently waited to play you, holding back my urge to play demo's and watch gameplay so that this final experience would be special. And it was very special, until the end. Gameplay and combat wise, Mass Effect 3 absolutely excels. I had a blast playing through all of the missions and it scores a 9.5 here. As for the plot (before the end), It was solid but they could have worked a lot more of the intricacies developed early in the series into this final story, it scores an 8.5 here. The end... oh the disappointing end. Even after the director's cut extended ending, I found myself saying "why Bioware?" Essentially, they added a insipid slideshow recapping what you just accomplished, that's all. This ending to my favorite sci-fi trilogy nearly shattered my love of the games. This ending scores a 2. Mass Effect 3 was supposed to end it all, and end it well. I would have taken sub-par gameplay and no multiplayer in a heartbeat for at least a decent ending. Expand
  71. Jul 16, 2012
    Way better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UAWay better than that 5.1 UA
  72. Jul 15, 2012
    While the ending to the epic trilogy caused probably the largest controversy a game release has ever had, Mass Effect 3 is a perfect game. At least until the last 15 minutes. Let me just say I have not played the "Extended Cut DLC", not have I seen the new endings on YouTube. My opinion is only on the physical release of the game, not its content. Mass Effect 3 delivers an emotional suckerpunch. With cameos from the original games and an epic story, Mass Effect 3 seems like the ending to a TV show you really love. I found myself crying more than once because of events that occurred. Look, the ending might turn you off, but the entire experience is only slightly marred. Mass Effect 3 is worth a try. Expand
  73. Jul 14, 2012
    I previously reviewed this game before the EC was released and gave it a 0, the ending is much more satisfying and would have been a 10/10 if I had been able to have that experience on the first play through.
  74. Jul 13, 2012
    I could not wait to play this game. I was pretty much disapointed from the begging. Adding a cheesy multi player mode and linking to to the single player campain just sucked. As for the ending.. Even with the extended cut it just plain sucked.
  75. Jul 13, 2012
    Won't be buying any more Mass Effect games in the future. Bought this one and expected a good rpg experience, instead I got a third-person shooter with some tacked on "rpg" elements, crappy cover mechanics and aim-assist that you couldn't turn off. Thank you very much BioWare/EA for ruining a good sci-fi rpg, it had so much potential but you had to go and **** it up so you could sell more copies.
  76. Jul 11, 2012
    i just watch an extended dlc ending and i love Mass effect 3 again. In my opinion i think destroy the reaper is the best ending. But although a little disappoint cause our choice in previous game doesn't effect most in Part 3 ending
  77. Jul 11, 2012
    This games is absolutely AMAZING! While the ending is a bit annoying, it's not enough to hold this game back from being a ten. I thoroughly enjoyed this game as much as I did the rest of the series.
  78. Jul 8, 2012
    Overall the game was very disappointing for me, and this is sad because I have played the other 2 ME games and consider myself a Mass Effect fan (maybe it should be considered). A few parts were very well done and this is what made the game bearable for me. The Tuchanka and Rannoch mission chains were the games saving grace and the writing was in most cases stellar. Which makes the debacle at the end of the game even harder to understand. The ending was nothing short of a travesty. It took away my desire to replay the game and even the other two games. When a game does that I would consider a 4 a very generous score... Expand
  79. Jul 8, 2012
    Poor gameplay, decision taking, writing and innovation. The saving of the game are probably the graphics, which when weighted against the bad things of the game, don't seem to get the score up. No entitlement in the decisions you take. Bad and uninspired characters that decline the quality of the storytelling. A really bad game, overall.
  80. Jul 8, 2012
    played ME 3 as a first timer and couldn't get past the second to end stage. Bought ME 2 and plated through that twice and each time imported character into ME 3. Thoroughly enyoed all the challenges and gameplay. the game plays differently for each character played. however the end seems to remain the same. great game. really addictive. I shall play again as all the different types. just wished the ending changed with the decisions made. Expand
  81. Jul 7, 2012
    I looked forward to this game with a lot of anticipation. I got nervous about it when I played the demo, and unfortunately it was a sign of what the actual game was going the be like. Bioware/EA really phoned it in in much of this game and particularly in the ending, even after the EC DLC. They failed to match many of the premisses they made for content and atmosphere in the game. The original ME was amazing and by far the best of the three games, EA is a slow acting poison killing Bioware, it is really a shame. If it were not for a few moments in the game that actually felt genuine and thought through I would be giving this game a zero. Expand
  82. Jul 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I reserved my judgement till the EC was out. It's out and I will never buy another game from Bioware. Period. Here is why.

    At first I could not even load my Shepards into the game because of the Character Transfer bugs. I ended up needing to use a fan work around and an empty USB drive even to get my Shepard into the game. To date the only fix they've given us just removes the error message for some fans, myself included on two faces. Still not fixed and still bugged to all hell.

    So then I started out my game and the issues kept piling on. I noticed the auto-dialogue, being down to two conversation choices, MP being required to get all the endings, etc. I'm sure you've read them in numerous other posts before. Yeah combat's nice and all, but I don't play a Bioware game for combat. I play their games for a rich background world and characters I'm going to love for years. I know they reuse plots, but I thoroughly enjoy the company while I play them. The endings, that they took whole cloth from Deux Ex, destroy that ride. Every time I fire up the Xbox to play one of my other Shepards, I find it doesn't matter. I know how it'll end. Saving the Council or not. Recruiting people or not. Doing anything in the three games really has no bearing whatsoever on the last choice. That is why I think the endings do a great disservice to a series lauded for choices. Nothing really matters other then the very last one, which are all the same as long as your score is high enough. I think I could have been okay with some of the EC, if Bioware didn't give us all a giant FU as the 'new' ending. Destroy, where Shepard does not act like a mindless zombie like the others. This new ending is nothing more the Casey saying FU to the fans about changing his very flawed endings. So I'm done with Bioware and anything with Casey Hudson's name on it.
  83. Jul 3, 2012
    Overall the game was Ok. Not as exiting as I expected.... But the ending just killed it completely. There are enough said on the ending, so I'm not going to repeat it all. Just say that I would rate it much either if ending wasn't so scrued up.
  84. Jul 3, 2012
    Okay... if you hadn't noticed, playing this game, you'll either love it and be annoyed by the people that hate it or love it and hate the game and be annoyed by the people who love it.

    One of the major requirements is the experience of the previous two games which means it's not all that great of a stand alone game. The ending is not for everybody, so even if you did play the previous
    games, there's no guarantee you'll like it. The story is disjointed. There are game aspects that those who played the previous games won't understand because they didn't read the books or they didn't read the comics and even that's not going to mean you're going to like it.

    Gameplay is the greatest improvement. There are better games with better controls, but it's obviously the biggest improvement. That said, it lacks gaming systems like minigames, quality side missions and boss battles. It's like it's a game designed by people who wished they were writing a novel instead of making a game.

    It's a space RPG with no exploration. It's a bland shooter that doesn't revolutionize anything whose targeting systemyou either like or don't.. It's a "choose your own adventure" with limited choices. It's a space sci fi space opera that fails to live up to the greats.

    I was going to give it a 5, then I remembered that you have to download a different ending because the first one was really bad instead of disjointed and contrived. You also have to pay for a downloadable 7th character. To unlock the all the endings, you have to either download the Extended cut or play multiplayer to unlock the endings just on the disc. Some of the plots, you have to play the previous games. They're better, so going back to play another game to play this one seem pointless considering it doesn't matter in terms of resolution. If you do play those games, you end up playing better quality games not restricted by a badly timeline.

    Storywise, the resolution is seperate from the rest of the series, which is a shame because the rest of it was pretty darn good. I'd say, save your money. If you haven't played it by now, you'd have a better time playing one of the first 2 games. It'll be in the used game pile soon, anyway.
  85. Jul 2, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 starts some time after the 2nd one ended. You are given the choice to go with the Role-play perspective of the game, with little combat throughout the game, or you can choose to go with the action perspective of the game with little Role-play and dialog, and more of the shooting and blowing stuff up. At the beginning it took me a moment to actually grasp what was happening but eventually it became pretty clear. Almost instantly you are given a gun and told to kill all the aliens in your path. Pretty soon after, you are given the choice to be nice and understanding of your friend or to be a complete jerk to him and tell to suck it up and fight. Then there's the whole decision making standpoint of the game, where you choose to do the right thing, or to do the wrong thing. Now for the problems, there's an equal amount of pros as there are cons in this game. The good parts of the game would definitely be its engaging storyline. However its bad counterpart is the 3 endings you are faced with. I wont get very deep into spoiler and whatnot, but the endings are all bad, and look like they were halfway done in order to make the Mass Effect 3 release date. The ending completely has nothing to do with everything you have done in the story whatsoever. However there is still hope. The game still had its relationship aspect where people could be your friends, your enemies, or your lover. Without the game you can alter the relationship at almost anytime, as you can talk to almost anybody, at any time. The game still has its aspect of freedom, to a certain point at least. Another problem with the game is the dialog system. When you are talking to somebody your facial, and body movements are not the most realistic. As with the person you are talking to. But I think most people would have to understand that the game would have come out sometime is early May or late April if the facial expressions were better than they are now. And it could have released sometime in June if they made the endings better. Overall this game is, in my opinion, worth the 60 dollars to pay for it, and also has some very nice sex scenes in it. Expand
  86. Jul 2, 2012
    Here's the problem - Mass Effect is a magnificent series; but I can't recommend ME3 as a 10/10 game, or even anywhere close. The problem with it for me isn't really the ending (yes, it's true, it was unbelievably bad), but rather the fact it should be renamed "Gears of Modern Battlefield 5". I honestly don't class ME3 as an RPG; rather, it's an on the rails mediocre shooter, interspersed with a lot of cut scenes and dialogue, which is again on the rails. Even if you are a big fan, go back and think about it - you are treated to a lot of dialogue, you make choices etc. but no matter what you choose you move forward to the very same portion of the game as everyone else - you shoot stuff and run through corridors. I didn't feel like I was "role playing" as Shephard, unless you consider Call of Duty an RPG as well!

    Unlike ME 1 & 2, I felt very little for the plight of Shephard because throughout the game the overall writing is a bit sub-par compared to previous games. This is, in my opinion, symptomatic of the problems at Bioware at the moment; style over substance. It was like after two superb games I was being abandoned as a fan in favour of commercial appeal above and beyond anything else.

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't a "bad" game; you'd have to be completely out of your mind to say that ME3 is anything other than decent as a total package. But - and it's a big but - it's nowhere near the perfect game and in relation to the franchise it takes a giant turd on what has gone before.

    So it's bizarre to sum it up in this way, but there's no other way to put it - if you're a Call of Duty fan, looking for a more "in depth" game without sacrificing the mindless shoot 'em up FPS experience, then Mass Effect 3 is for you. However, if you're a fan of Mass Effect 1 & 2, then this game may very well disappoint you. At the very least, if you play this game, switch it off as soon as you see a glowing holographic image of a child - you'll thank me for doing so.

    So yes, I'd be wrong to score it any less than 7/10, but what I will say is that after the debacle that was Dragon Age 2 and now the less than stellar Mass Effect trilogy conclusion, I will be careful to spend money on a product bearing the Bioware logo, simply because the once accepted measure of excellence they held in a gamers heart has been lost. Let's hope a return to form is just around the corner.
  87. Jul 2, 2012
    First, to get it clear, all the reviews that gave ME3 a 0 or 1 are just... can't use profanity... there's no way a game could get a score like that. The only problem that made Mass Effect 3 get bad reviews from just "fans" is because of the endings. Now the Extended Cut, a free DLC, fixes probably more than half of the issues, including the bad ones, making the ending a satisfying and sad end to the best video game trilogy ever created. The game has minor flaws: glitches, and awkward moments but not game breaking. The game has everything: fun, epic moments, love, care, role playing, action, adventure, heart pumping moments. Not buying this game would be a HUGE mistake, except if you never played the previous Mass Effect games, which are masterpieces. Maybe I make Mass Effect sound overrated, but the best thing about it, is that ME3 is that good. A simple art masterpiece. But it isn't perfect of course, the game could have been improved with more content, as it lacks of appealing side quests. The side quests (optional assignments) are unnecessary and too the point of boredom, but as I said: optional so I won't add it to my score. It is worth your money and none should be disappointed now, as the end has been fixed. Do not even judge by the extremely negative user reviews. I would tell you to trust the critics on this one, even they ignored the original ending, now, forgettable as Extended Cut is out, at no extra cost. Expand
  88. Jul 1, 2012
    The problems that everyone had with the ending have been fixed with the Extended Cut and additional closure and clarification was added making this game the ideal choice for purchase if you haven't already. :)
  89. Jul 1, 2012
    Ignoring the last ten minutes, this game is incredible. The ending was incredibly disappointing, especially for those who completed all three games and built relationships, strong and weak, between the different characters. Regardless, this game improved combat beyond the others, and is an incredible experience. The ending couldn't be worse, but the rest of the game has to be praised for what it does. Expand
  90. Jun 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Just saying, the first part of this review will be me ranting about the end. I will no go into great detail, but seeing as how this is a review and reviews for games do entail the development for stories and the ending is, unfortunately, part of a story, I will have to talk about it. So you can skip that or take enjoyment in my displeasure for that god awful ending. Even with the extended ending, the ending for Mass Effect 3 is still crap. Albeit, the ending doesn't smell as bad as the first one, but crap is still crap. This game has not been redeemed. It does not matter how well they explain the ending; the way Mass Effect decided to take the Syfy Channel movie route and give the most asinine plot twist in gaming history has ruined the entire series for me. Even with their little PowerPoint Slideshow ending showing just how good life is regardless if you were a Paragon who went through pains to keep everyone alive or a Renegade who could care less who died as long as you got what you wanted. And the Synthesis ending is just too perfect of an ending. All the endings are devoid of any major consequences, there is little to no emotion for them, it does not show all of the effects of your decisions, focuses too much on the results of the three major endings, and has no epilogue for the characters in the third game. Just choosing any of those endings were a problem for me because they went against everything I and my Shepard stood for and stomped on all of the themes that the game developed over the course of three games. The only good ending was the Refusal ending and I still didn't like that one. I have no problem dying for what I believe in, but it's hard to enjoy an ending where everyone dies for your beliefs as well. I'm pretty sure plenty of people are going to say: "You can't have your cake and eat it too", and to that I say: It's my damn cake, I'll eat it if I want to! The endings do explain some things but does a mediocre job of it and adds even more plot holes to the unanswered ones from the original endings. And I am just not feeling the closure that many others are claiming to feel. If anything, I just felt like I wasted $180+ and only god knows how many hours for and ending that I could have read in a crappy fan-fiction. Actually, that's exactly what I did. And the worst part is, there are actually fan-fictions based of Mass Effect that have a better ending. That being said, Mass Effect 3 is still a good game. It just has an ending that deserves a spot in the albuquerque landfill. Okay that's the last thing I'm going to say on that ending. Probably. Any who, the game play was very fast paced and the enemy ambushes felt a lot more natural in this one then it did in the second game, which were as obvious as the outcome in a romance anime. The gun choice was extensive, but some didn't feel that different. And the gun and suit customization both were lacking. The suits were mainly the same ones from the last game so why couldn't I just drag those over? And I only used two of the gun customization the entire game. They should have kept the ones from the first game in this, come up with more or, I don't know, give each weapon their own custom add-on. The story-related levels and ME2 companion levels had more of an originality to them then the other games and actually gave each planet it's own feel. But the side missions were all stages from the co-op which is just plain lazy and diminished the value of the game's inherent originality. But back to the story related levels, I had the most fun playing those in compared to the other two games. I loved how the game became increasingly difficult as new enemies were added. Instead of just bombarding us with enemies to increase the difficulty, whenever a new enemy came onto the scene, I had trouble fighting them. And the levels they were introduced in did an amazing job of giving me time to cope with their unique fighting styles and capabilities. What really irked me was how the War Assets had no other function than raising the EMS and the fact that both Renegade and Paragon options were still open instead of being specific to the choices you have made throughout the game. One of the biggest problems with this game would have to be Javik and Vega. I have to seriously wonder why they were put into the game at all. I mean Vega really had little time to develop during the roller coaster ride the game had us experiencing and Javik was rather static. Aside from being the obvious black guy getting back at Imperial England by being a better imperialist, there was no point in him being in the game other than to tick me off. The best part of the game would have to be the sheer intensity I felt throughout the game.My favorite experience was the epic stare down with that Reaper on the Quarian/Geth home world. And each event after that just got more intense until the game pushed me off a cliff with that sorry excuse for an ending. Expand
  91. Jun 29, 2012
    It was a good game. I know a lot of people are upset at the ending, but I just think most people really didn't understand it. However, would I have liked to have seen the end fleshed out a little more? Yes, absolutely. I enjoy the creative ending that allows the player to fill in the gaps. I would have liked something a little more concrete.

    Overall, way better then the 5.1 average
    rating on metacritic. Expand
  92. Jun 29, 2012
    The EC just expanded the current endings, while it did make them better or in honesty just made them the endings they should have been on release day it does not address the issues that many people have in that the endings are set in stone and really all your effort in previous games was for nothing. Also if Bioware was going to make a genuine effort to appease fans of the series surely they could have provided a few more endings with the possibility of happier conclusion, It is after all a fantasy/sci fi game and not based on reality.
    I gave 5 out of ten for ME3 purely due to what i felt was the shortness of the game and what i felt were poor endings.
  93. Jun 28, 2012
    The EC changed this game from a mere 6 out of 10 to 8/10.

    Yes some bugs still happen, animations are off sometimes, the quest and journal system (if i can call it that) are poorly implemented, but the game has somewhat solid game play, some parts you will love, some parts you will hate, but with the Extended Endings you won't feel like everything was for nothing, the ending isn't no
    longer an insult to your effort, yes is light years away of perfection, but lets be reasonable, nothing is perfect. Expand
  94. Jun 28, 2012
    Do not believe the negative trolls that have taken over this review site. This is one of the best sci-fi games ever produced and comes to an excellent conclusion. The new extended cut makes it that much better. If you pass this game up because of the negative idiots, you have no one to blame but yourself. Try the game and come to your own conclusion...
  95. Jun 28, 2012
    Is this game actualy perfect? No but there needs to be a counterbalance to all the morons that dishonestly review bomb the game and give it a ridiculously low score. Seriously people are giving it 0s and 1s? What the hell is wrong with these people. There is no way you can honestly give the game that low of a score. Mass Effect 3 is an incredible game that had a weak ending that has now been fixed thanks to the extended cut. Mass Effect 3 deserves a better fanbase. Expand
  96. Jun 28, 2012
    I really love the original game,but magazines and online gaming sites were saying things like" no one like the exploration,no one likes the Mako,no one likes the huge Citadel and elevator" rides,what they should have said is none of the newcomers to mass effect the gears of war and Halo fans like these things,I love them although some needed tweaking,then when ME 2 came along Bioware chose to appease these gamers by streamlining this game by getting rid of the ground vehicle,making the area's much smaller,simplifying everything and changing the combat,which I was more than happy with before,but they kept a good if flawed story,likable characters and mostly good dialogue options(although sadly had some auto dialogue) then comes 3 with Multi-player even less exploration,now you no longer visit the planet in side quests now you fire a probe to the surface and bizarrely you've just rescued a load of people,less dialogue option loads of auto dialogue plot holes galore and a crappy ending which they just put a sticking plaster over,so for me this game rates very poor the worst by far out of the 3 there are many more issues I have with it and I certainly won't be wasting my time playing it again unlike the original and to some aspects ME 2 which I have played 20 odd times each,this game is a very poor attempt by a once great company made to appeal to the mass market and not it's original once loyal fans,for me this franchise is finished,but one day I hope all 3 games are re made as they were meant to be and I don't give a stuff what the Halo or COD fans think. Expand
  97. Jun 28, 2012
    The Extended Cut has definitely improved the endings, allowing more closure, a more visual representation of player choices, and a prevailing feeling of optimism rather than the overly ambiguous and even bleak nature of the originals. Perfect game? Not quite. There is still too much auto-dialogue/protagonist passivity, and the journal isn't exactly helpful. But this is nitpicking a game that has so much going for it. Increased squad interaction (particularly with each other, a nice touch), some great characters, missions such as those on Tuchanka, Rannoch and Grissom Academy, a MUCH improved Citadel from ME2, and hugely fun combat make this a game well worth playing. Expand
  98. Jun 28, 2012
    Sometime u gotta love the objectivness of people.You play agame for some hours and u are literaly mind blown till the end.Then u negate everything u played till then.Why?Is there a reason to give 0 or 1 when u have enjoyed 98% of game content?Shows the maturity and objectivity of people on metacritic.Game was awesome and the dlc gave it justice.Some of the people wanted LI reunion and happy rainbow ending.Got the second,and for the first part gave which they didnt get gave a 0.They just proven that they played the game for its sex and not the story.Is it a 10?no,it is certainly a 9,a masterpiece of our time Expand
  99. Jun 28, 2012
    I'm changing my previous review in light of the new Extended Cut. I'm changing it to ZERO!

    Despite the Extended Cut this game still has the worst ending in the history of video games. They actually took the time to polish the turd instead of addressing the numerous and serious flaws in the game. Bioware has completely lost all credibility in the last few years. Not only because their
    new games are rushed and come nowhere near the level of excellence they used to, but because they treat their fanbase like **** and lie to them. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 74 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 74
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 74
  3. Negative: 0 out of 74
  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.