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  1. Mar 13, 2012
    Let me just start by saying that Mass Effect 3 is one of the best games I've ever played until more and less 20 min before the end. Unlike the criticism that your ME1 and ME2 choices didn't matter much in ME3, I think that BioWare made a terrific effort in taking into account all your choices and delivering you some rather unexpected consequences for them (save for some minor plot gaps, i.e., I romanced Liara in ME1 and again in ME2 in the Shadow Broker DLC, but when I reunite with her in ME3 she says that we haven't been together in years. wtf?). Again, this applies only if you exclude those last 20 minutes. For those who have been following the series since ME1, the game is an emotional roller coaster that delivers several truly memorable moments (sad, hopeful and hilarious) in a way that truly represents the unique spirit of the series. In fact, there are several missions in which I felt that my previous actions actually mattered for the story (e.g., curing/sabotaging the genophage, the krogan-turian aliance, the war between the geth and quarians, etc). But then again, all of this only applies before those last 20 min. After this moment, its a freakin downhill ride in plot quality. Even though I seem to felt that my actions would actually have big consequences, the end boils down to a deus ex machina plot device, delivering three options none of which my Shepard would take. What's more, these three options are regardless of any previous choices that I've made and their outcome is nearly the same but with different colors (oh, and there is a variation where earth is destroyed and not saved). The ending also does not deliver a single bit of closure to the Shepard's story. If these endings are supposed to be very open so that "our imagination can complete the rest", I wouldn't need to play the whole damn game in the first place! I could have just imagine how it would end from ME2! If I'm playing a trilogy until the end, I would expect (at least!) to know what the hell happened, because I sure did not understand what happened next. In the supposed perfect ending, Shepard seems to survive a massive explosion of the citadel (as shown by a 10sec footage of him coffing in a pile of rubble) but how?! And how did my teammates made it to the normandy in time (seemingly in perfect condition when they get out to the tropical planet) and why is joker fleeing at full speed from the "blast wave" from the mass relays? In the Arrival DLC, we are told that the destruction of a mass relay would wipe out the entire system it orbits, which means that earth was also wiped out by the mass relay in the Sol system?! But apparently the soldiers on earth seem to survive... A so joker is running from...? what? Whether you control or destroy the reapers or you chose synthesis, the outcome of those choices is exactly the same for me, because we get to know so little about what happens in the future! And don't tell me it is supposed to be THAT open, unless BioWare is thinking of making a new game that resumes from those disparate resolutions in three whole new different ways, which is unlikely. I loved the game until that final mission, where I just stared at the TV trying to digest such a bad plot ending and getting absolutely no satisfaction at all. I usually finish ME games twice (paragorn and renegade), but ME3 is so emotionally taxing in the end and leaves such a depressing feeling, that I am not sure that I'll be able to go through that again. And all they had to do was a decent ending. Not one where Shepard would invariably live, but at least one where players could understand what the hell just happened! Expand
  2. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. At first I was wondering why the game had such a bad fan review, the game was amazing, I did not care that there was day 1 DLC the combat system was an improvement over mass effect 2, there were more guns to chose from and the graphics were improved. then I got to the last 5 minutes of the game and I find out they did a copy of Deus Ex's ending where all the choices you chose in mass effect 1, 2 and 3 did not matter at all. thank you bioware for wasting 60+ hours of my life and making me spend over $200 on this trilogy that i cant play anymore now that I know the game ends so poorly. If bioware puts a patch that fixes the awful endings (like bethisda did for fallout 3) I would give this game a 10/10.

    -GAMEPLAY 10/10
    -GRAPHICS 9/10 (a bit to dark at some points)
    -STORY(other than ending) 8/10 (would have been a 10/10 if they gave you more chat options like in previous mass effect games)
    -ONLINE 7/10 (it was ok and it came with a story the same length of other mass effects so it can be ignored)
    -ENDING 0/10 (wtf was bioware thinking? this also removes any chances of a new trilogy after this because the mass relays are destroyed.)
  3. Mar 17, 2012
    a game that completely destroys everything you've done over the first two, it's a complete slap in the face. Not to mention the graphical issues, bugs, multiplayer being very repetitive, and other things. but the ending, oh god the ending.
  4. Jun 14, 2012
    Mass Effect 3, the epic finale to one of best sci fi trilogies created. The finale though, completely ruins what was one of the best series ever. It's not just the ending. Although yes the ending destroys all semblance of immersion, canon, good story telling, and much more, it's not only the ending that makes Mass Effect 3 a terrible conclusion. First off, the gameplay or lack thereof. The conversations are nothing like they used to be in the previous two. Whereas in the previous two you could input Shepard's descisions on the tiniest of choices, in Mass Effect 3 it's almost gone. You make some dialougue choices throughout the game, but most of the choices are made for you (I was playing on rpg mode by the way.) The quests are mainly filler consisting boring fetch quests. Although the side missions that are playable and have you on the ground are quite alot of fun to play and are the best moments in the game. Oh, and my final gripe the multiplayer. The online although alot of fun, SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN NECESSARY TO OBTAIN THE BEST ENDING IN THE SINGLEPLAYER. I remember hearing one of the developers at Bioware talk about how the multiplayer could impact the finale, but wouldn't be necessary to obtain the best ending. What happened to that? What happened to the various amounts of endings? What happened to amazing choices? What happened to Mass Effect? I don't know to be honest, but it's quite sad to see what was one of the best series in gaming from one of the most talented developers in the industry, deliver a product this... dissapointing. I remember playing the first Kotor and the first Mass Effect games, and being amazed at the amount of choices I could make, and the impact I had on the characters. Hell, in the original Kotor towards the end you could completely turn on your old squadmates and reclaim your title as Lord of the Sith with the aide of one of your former crewmates/love interest. In the original Mass Effect if you played it right you could convince of one the main villians to kill himself in order to help the galaxy. This, though is not the Bioware of Kotor or ME1. In ME3 none of your choices throughout the entire series matter when it comes to the ending. None. All you get are three different **** color explosions with the same exact pros and cons regardles of what you choose. This game was horrid. Perhaps, the ending dlc Bioware is making shall remedy the ending. Even if it does though, the dissapointment I felt while playing through Mass Effect 3 and viewing its ending shall not. I have lost a great amount of faith in Bioware as a good developer. It's sad to see what could've the most epic conclusion in gaming go so poorly. Expand
  5. Mar 11, 2012
    Wow, this game probably had the worst ending ever. I am not going to give any specifics, but it will be the same no matter what you have done throughout the last two games. The choices you make in this game are also pointless. The futility of choices is somewhat apparent during the game because you only have two options the whole time (paragon is always on top and renegade is always on bottom). However, this does not even come close to the nut punch that is the end. I am in no way joking when I say I almost laughed at how bad the ending was. It is apparent that they had no idea how to deal with all the possible choices so they create a deus ex machina that makes it easy for them. Given my disappointment with this game, I am unlikely to ever purchase one of BioWare's games again. This is truly sad because I loved the first two games.

    I will admit that I thought the gameplay was good and the ride was pretty damn fun, but that is essentially negated by the cop-out ending. The game also had several surprising bugs and there were lots of skips during the cinematics (which the game is full of). Aside from the atrociously bad ending, the game suffers from many other instances of terrible writing. This really makes me think the game must have been rushed b/c I loved the story in previous entries. It could be because much of the story is borrowed from science fiction books I like and the writers didn't know what to do when they had to figure out something for themselves, but I am just going to assume they were rushed. If you played the previous mass effects this will likely be one of the biggest disappointments imaginable. If you did not, you will probably not be bothered that much
  6. Mar 9, 2012
    Game opens with a showstopper bug. It has to get a zero for now. If you have played Mass Effect 1 and 2, you will be shocked when, upon waiting for over two years for the finale, you load it up and the first thing it tells you is it can't import your main character's face. Continuity with the main character's storyline and appearance naturally was a main selling point of the series. While zero may be a low score, it represents its current unplayability. It's like the third chapter in a movie where the lead actor has been replaced by an unknown. There is no way this wasn't known at Bioware/EA. It was suppressed. They lied to their customers point blank about a major whopper of a defective feature. Apparently, I've heard they're blocking people who call attention to the issue on their Facebook. Anyone sick of corporate fraud with no accountability should understand why having this arrive and be unplayable requires a zero rating. Expand
  7. Mar 21, 2012
    A fun game with a bad ending is a bad game. I would say the same for TV show of Movie. If the last act is very poorly done. I would give low marks.. The fact the quality drops so suddenly, so late in the game is more shocking than anything else.

    I would not recommend this game to anyone.
  8. May 20, 2012
    This game was a huge disappointment. The combat was boring, the story was terrible, and the ending essentially ruined the previous two games for me. Mass effect 2 was dumbed down from ME1, but it was still a pretty good game. This one takes it ten steps further. "Action mode" says it all. The graphics are worse as well, many of the landscapes look blocky, the water looks awful...the list goes on. I don't know what happened, if some of the better writers left between games, but the story in this one is cringe-worthy at every turn with few exceptions. I'd have rather this game had not even came out, which is saying a lot since I'd been looking forward to this conclusion of commander Shepard's story for the past 5 years or so. Don't buy this game. Expand
  9. Mar 6, 2012
    A serious downgrade from the first two. Terrible writing, with a story filled with blatant plot holes and dull characters. I don't recommend you buy it, save your money for a game that actually had work put into it instead of a recyclable story in a dated engine.
  10. Mar 7, 2012
    this game is absolute garbage. The writing is plain horrible. The dialogue sounds like it was written by robots or interns. The animations closely resemble Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney (before the 2003 renovation). Overall this game left a bad taste in my mouth, I want my money back EA and BIoware!
  11. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware's shot for a wider audience backfired tremendously. They focused to much about making a story-centric game, only to have the story, the dialogue and especially the ending be absolutely terrible, derivative and at times, off-the-wall nonsensical, from a writer's standpoint. Graphics are barely above the 2nd installment, gameplay is a mix between the first and the second, cutscenes absolutely everywhere and absolutely no sense of accomplishment by finishing the game. Couple that with day 1 DLCs and Origin's requirements and you've got the blunder of the year right here. Would not recommend. Expand
  12. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware made 2 fantastic games in Mass Effect and Mass Effec 2 where you controlled Commander Shepard. Your Shepard. In Mass Effect 3 Bioware has taken the commander back. Many choices from the first 2 games have minimal changes with some flat out retconned. The dialogue is gone, even with full decisions on it's like watching a movie instead of an interactive story. Add in mandatory DLC for the "best" possible on day 1 and what you get is a game that spits in the face of fans of the first 2 installments and ruins what should have been the best triology of games in the past decade. Expand
  13. Mar 6, 2012
    Honestly believe this game is a solid 3/10 for its lack of gameplay and emphasis on cut scenes. When you make the story your main priority, you need to make sure it's actually good.
  14. Mar 9, 2012
    Metacritic started to remove User Reviews. Not only gaming magazines and sites are nowadays bought with EA advertising money but also User Review pages delete User Reviews to please the great EA overlord. This is really poor. So I'm gonna repost my review and lower the rating from 2/10 to 0/10 due to the influence EA obviously tries to take on the consumer's opinion: ----------------------------------------------> First things first: NOTHING YOU DO DURING THE ADVENTURE CHANGES THE ENDING!!!!111111 The end videos are static and you do not even get the text boxes Dragon Age had. Even if you spend your money on DLCs it changes nothing. Also no matter who you had a romance with in ME2 its not gonna change anything. If you had a romance with Tali in ME2 don't count on her being nice to you in ME3. ---- This game is really a letdown. --- HAMMERHEAD LEFT OUT AGAIN TO BE PAID DLC!!!!1111 --- HUUUUUGE PLOTHOLES EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously. Whoever that writer guy is should take a serious break and start all over again with trying to make a good plot that makes sense and somehow manages to draw the player into it --- End sequence picture and Tali's face are just random pictures Bioware stole/licensed off the internet (google has them) --- A lot fewer People you have as squadmates to save money for EA --- Less than half the playtime of ME2 to save money for EA --- Really bad graphics when compared to many titles that come out nowadays. Not even any graphics settings on PC. Bad Frame Rates --- Repetitive gameplay from minute one. --- Repetitive enemies --- Bad AI --- Badly designed dialogues and options not telling you what you gonna say. --- Fewer places to visit so it saves a lot of money for EA! You can only buy stuff in the citadel. --- No character special missions so it saves EA a lot of money but less stuff for you to do --- Really bad presentation. Like the Normandy coming in like a WW2 bomber and dropping a bomb? Srsly!? A whole fleet opening fire and it looks more like 80mm mortars hitting something!? --- The endings are just lol. If you think you've seen bad endings try the ones from ME3. Biggest let down for a triology ever --- Bad Voice Acting --- Many bugs --- Uninteresting Characters Collapse Expand
  15. Mar 6, 2012
    Amazing game. Nuff said.

    Yo I'm MC Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3
    I really like those games but the trolls disappoint me
    Martin Sheen, Mark Meer, and Seth Green
    Why all the bad reviews?
    They have a perfect trilogy!
  16. Mar 7, 2012
    Total rip off. Game crashes and wont load saves. Multiplayer is bugged and unbalanced. Every thing looks like PS2. Its like a mining simulator but less interesting.
  17. Mar 8, 2012
    StaleGameplay Disconnected Dialogues use of Stock images instead of making models for characters. Use of 4 frame 8bit sprites for the background. That is SUPER lazy. Illusion of Choice: no choice whatsoever, to roads which lead to the same road, and endings. Your choices dont matter Day 1 DLC. They remove parts of the game and make them DLC the very first day to gouge more money out of the customer.
    The gameplay is stale. this si a space opera/Sex simulator in space with stale gunshooting once in a while.

    This is my opinion. This is my review. It is hamburger-tier Entertainment. I give it a 4 for the graphics and the hilarity of the poorly written dialogue (and no, we're laughing at how bad it is, its not intended humor from their part).

    Please stop deleting my Reviews because this is my true, honest opinion.
  18. Mar 7, 2012
    As someone who really enjoyed the other games in the series, this is a huge let down. From the dumbed down story, terrible animation and graphic issues, and the gaping plot holes this game is just BAD. Truly disappointing. What a joke.
  19. Mar 7, 2012
    Bear in mind that I am about 7 hours into this title as I write this review. I am not waiting until I finish it, because I refuse to waste one more minute of my time on this game. I could not be more disappointed. It all started when I could not import my ME1+2 character face into the new game. This is a recognized bug which is being addressed. I'm not forgiving them for it because they new about it well before release and chose to do nothing. And it's a horrible way to start a STORY based RPG. It's like watching your favorite TV show for years only to have them replace the main character with another actor in the final season. The Story, (Which is the main reason I play Mass Effect) is terrible. I won't give away anything here which makes it very hard to explain why it's so bad, but I dont understand how you can go from being the Galaxy rock star Shepard from the end of ME2 to this pathetic lowlife that starts out in ME3. And the dialog options are redundant. There was one point where my only 2 dialog options basically said the exact same thing. I'm paraphrasing here, but the options were something like, "No way in Hell!" and "Over my dead body!". I guess I'm not allowed to agree with that NPC's statement.

    Holstering your weapon has been removed. While this may not sound like a big deal, it really is. In the game environment there is a ton ammo, datapads, medpacs and all sorts of things you need to find and pick up. Since your toon is stuck in a rifle ready position, it makes it extremely difficult to find these objects. In the old games, holstering your weapon would open a free camera mode that would allow you to examine your environment. To me, this is an extremely frustrating aspect of this title. It's almost like a wannabe Gears of War. The Roleplay aspect of this game has been replaced with yet another crappy 3rd person shooter.

    This game has been "dumbed down" to satisfy the masses...unfortunately you are screwing over your initial fan base on the hopes that a new fan might pick up your games finale. I'm not sure what happened to the Bioware I've loved since Baldur's Gate, but I'm sure many of the poor decisions that went into this game were heavily influenced by their new EA overlords because this company hasn't been the same since that buyout.
  20. Mar 7, 2012
    This score is based on the view of the build up to Mass Effect 3. If Mass Effect 3 was a stand alone title, with no prequel or setting up of a sequel, then I'd give it maybe a 5. But this game is utter trash as far as gaming standards are concerned.

    First off, the gameplay experience is weak. Is it fun? It's time consuming and better than doing homework, sure, but is it actually fun?
    Not for me, I am sure plenty of drones will enjoy this game for what it is, but looking beyond it, it's just a 3rd person shooter, with a leveling system, and a plot-holed filled story-line. And here comes the problem and why anytime I reach the point where I can say: This game isn't that bad, I realize that this game has a story and it's insulting my intelligence.

    Mass Effect 1 set up this neat little plot/mythology about Reapers and their times in history where they'd come out and wipe everything out. Through the entire game you kind of feared the Reapers, if not, out right terrified of the idea of them. There are tales of how merciless and prompt they were, wiping out civilizations in a matter of moments. They seemed omniscent. Pretty good stuff.

    Mass Effect 2, it did nothing for the plot really, but at least it had some fun forever-alone stuff you could do in it. Like continue developing relationships with characters, explore, etc. And the Reapers seemed to be scarcely mentioned.

    Now in ME3, the Reapers are finally here, in the hour of twilight. And what do they do? They suck at their job. They come off as inefficient. They seem like machines given AI to wipe out stuff, but in a rather slow and terrible fashion. I won't spoil anything, but yea, the Reapers, for having this reputation of being amazing, are terrible at everything, even dying.

    Sure, if you play it as a game, most everyone will like this. If you play it with the mind set that you want to play a video game worth your/my money, and you have an ounce of intelligence, you will find this game disappointing on all levels. Bioware has proven to not care about you, being innovative, or ethics.
  21. Mar 19, 2012
    This was my favourite trilogy until the last 10 mins. The last 10 mins just undermined and completely destroyed a franchise. The rest of ME3 is absolubtely stellar but the last 10 mins have just absolubtely eviscerated my will to play these games ever again. Rent - do not buy.
  22. Mar 8, 2012
    ME3 killed the franchise. The plot is linear and it lacks of depth. Decisions you made in ME1 and ME2 do not influence any story structure of ME3. The only outcome of those decision is the boring "readiness" value. Totally disappointing ending and epilogue. Why the reaper keep the extinction cycle? Most puzzle are not answered in ME3. The Crucible? It's totally a story disaster, which killed the atomsphere of the whole plot. Expand
  23. Mar 8, 2012
    I really like the campaign setting of the world, and first and second part, I took great pleasure. But the third part ... it's a nightmare.
    The second part was good, even if it had some flaws. They were small and inconspicuous. Here they just did catch the eye.
    Shepard. The hero, twice saved the galaxy, put ashore. What the hell? As the Alliance could write off the hero of the galaxy,
    and perhaps the spectrum at the beach? But okay, the plot error. But the animation is running, oh, I do not want to see ...

    That boy, burn him in hell. Yes, he died. It is sad. BUT WHY THEY CURSE OF NIGHTMARES! I am extremely furious when Shepard was walking slowly on the forest. Just do not Mass Effect, and The Path.

    An incredible stubbornness of quarians. No matter what the galaxy is almost captured the reapers, WE WREST HOMEWORLD URA-A-AA COMRADES!

    And, of course, the ending. It's just terrible. Damn you, writers Bioware! Boy catalyst, oh, that was invented. You have killed the game. You burn in hell.
  24. Mar 8, 2012
    This game is a DISGRACE to the Mass Effect series and Bioware are a DISGRACE of a developer. They have totally ripped the RPG elements out of this game to make it a FLASHY BANG shooter for the ignorant mainstream and have betrayed their loyal fanbase. The dialogue with squad members all gets the Kasumi/Zaeed treatment which is a DISGRACE to RPG fans. All this series is now is a mediocre third person shooter without ANY of the RPG elements that made this series successful. I absolutely hate Bioware now and will be boycotting them from now on. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. The 'professional' critics have been bribed to give this game high scores. IT IS A DISGRACE TO RPG's. Expand
  25. Mar 8, 2012
    I don't think the game really did anything special to begin with. The space opera story is here yet again with an uninteresting plot and dull characters. I don't see any appeal in saving the galaxy in a poor made game with dialogues that are too dumb and unfunny and with lack of anything interesting going on. It's like watching a crappy movie at 4 a.m. and not giving a s*** about what's going on! Action is subpar and, you know, there is just nothing that could save this crappy game from being a total disaster. Expand
  26. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I had to wait a few hours after finishing the game before writing a review because I wanted to take some time to look back on ME1/ME2 and be as fair and objective as possible when collecting my thoughts on ME3. This game is amazing in several ways: (1) dialogue between familiar (and to some extent unfamiliar) characters feels more real and natural, (2) combat is a lot more interesting and, in some scenes, more challenging than both ME1 and ME2, (3) the cinematic scenes depicting various key events in the story are visually engaging and easy to connect with emotionally, (4) the romance interactions between Shepard and his/her LI is a vast improvement from both ME1 and ME2, and (5) the overall visual element of the game (the Citadel, the new worlds that you visit--Rannoch and Thessia for example, and the characters themselves) made it really easy to immerse yourself in the game. Having been a huge fan of ME1 and ME2, I was happy to see that Bioware came through in these areas. I had moments where I laughed, moments where I felt giddy, and plenty of moments where I cried (e.g., Thane's death). That being said, I was incredibly surprised at how much the ending affected me. Up until the very last moments in the game (I would say up until the part where the destroyer reaper vaporizes people around you while you painfully drag yourself toward the beam), I would have given the game a 10/10 hands down. I would have bowed down to Bioware for telling the greatest story ever told. And then there was the ending: (1) The number of plot holes left is an insult to the bajillion hours that I invested in the first two games, (2) the Deus Ex-style ending completely chaffed my soul, and (3) I received next to NO closure on all of the relationships that I've been building up until the point. What happened to the people on the citadel (e.g., Bailey, the council, etc.) What happens to my team? What happens to the two squadmates that I took with me in the final battle scene? What happens to the races that I just spent hours trying to unite in hopes of a more relevant and fitting ending? I loved the Deus Ex ending in Deus Ex because it fit with what the story was about up until the end; Mass Effect was more than just a morally ambiguous thought exercise on organic vs. synthetic existence--it's SO much more than that--so why condense it all to that? I don't need Shepard to live in the end (and I certainly don't need a happily-ever-after ending where nobody dies and everyone is all smiles at the end of the reaper invasion), but I sure as hell was under the impression that I'd have the choice. I put so much thought into paragon vs. renegade, which is arguably the main driving force in the plot up until the very last scene, and it seems like no matter what you do you are boxed into an ending that's uncomfortable, unclear, and unnervingly disappointing. I was amazed at how emotionally connected I felt to the Mass Effect series, and spent what felt like an eternity looking forward to the final part of the trilogy. In terms of ME3, I felt completely satisfied with the exception of the ending, which seemed totally out of place and unnecessarily broke my enthusiasm and passion for the game. Do I hate the entire series now because of the way it ends? No. Will I deny that all 3 games are amazing in multiple ways and have allowed me to be a part of an epic story? No. Can I jump on the 10/10 bandwagon for ME3? Absolutely not, because the ending of such a huge story is critical, and in my opinion it was an epic fail in this game. If I could go back in time, I would probably have not played the game past Shepard's last speech to his/her team--at least at that point you were excited/terrified/scared, but you also had the hope that other characters instilled in you, and the hope that you spent so much time instilling into other characters. So in the end, I can't give this game a positive review, although it kills me to know that it would have been such an easy thing to do if the ending had (a) more variation and more of an actual decision-making component to it (such that all endings aren't essentially the same--I know there is room for argument here, but I maintain that it can all boil down the same basic ending), (b) incorporated more of the choices that you have been making for the past three games, (c) more relevance to the personal side of Shepard (e.g., how Shepard has evolved over time and who Shepard has become), and (d) more closure on all of the characters, relationships, and decisions that you just spent three games experiencing. You almost did it, Bioware. So close and yet so far. Expand
  27. Mar 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let me just start off by saying i don't give a damn about the co-op, the single player has always been what I've purchased the game for (so this is a review of the single player). I've owned every single mass effect game since the very first one and i must have replayed them at least 4 times each (excluding this one) to get the perfect ending so that it could transition the perfect way into the next game. i even re-bought them on the computer so i could relive them again and make even better choices for the next game. the problem with this game is the fact that most and yes i mean MOST of the choices you've made throughout the previous games are either changed in the case of the Councillor i chose or completely discarded in the case of almost everything else. starting up this game i was really annoyed that they completely removed the idea that the (now) Admiral Anderson was ever the Councillor (and that's who i chose because Udina is a prick) it just erases you're choice and assumes you chose Udina so that he could betray you. as for the conversation mechanic (i first noticed this in the conversation with the illusive man where he decides he wants to control the reapers) the dialogue options are no longer choices to be made, it is just choosing how you word you're response (with only a few exceptions that don't really matter during the course of the game like: cure the Genophage or tell people you cured the Genophage and everyone belives you, like you cured the Genophage!), there is no more save him/ kill him its now "tell him to leave/ yell at him he needs to leave" and that continued to bug the living hell out of me for the rest of the game. as for the paragon/ renegade levels i despised the fact that you cant use a mixture, you go heavily one way or heavily the other, otherwise you dont have a high enough level of them to do anything with them starting about half-way through the game. not to mention that there we're a grand total of 0 paragon/renegade choices or interrupts that made a difference throughout the game ie: Kia Leng, he stabs at you, renegade interrupt you break his sword and then stab him and then say something/ no interrupt he misses and you stab him saying the same thing and doing the same motion as before. the followers were a disappointment as-well; just seeing alot of the followers and not being able to use them, or even see them more than once or twice throughout the game (excluding the last level where u see all of them, one at a time through a projector in a little conversation where there is one dialogue option each like: encourage/ remind what is at stake) and the fact that they killed off several of my favorite followers without giving me a choice to do anything about it really REALLY destroyed alot of enjoyment for me. one choice that i remember makes a difference is one between two followers. Tali and Legion, whichever one you choose wins, and the other one (along with their entire species) dies and there is no way to mediate it is very straight- forward "pick me or all the Geth die/ pick me or all the Quarians die" personally i went with tali and i guess that was the "good" choice but i felt like an **** because all the Geth had just said something along the lines of "Hey bro we're gonna help you out because your'e nice n'stuff" so i respond with "kill all Geth. as for the ending of the game, it took a grand total of ONE choice from the game (excluding the ending choice itself) and slapped it in there not any choices from any other game in the series but the one choice that made a difference the one Tali Vs. Legion, and guess how they acknowledged it, when the HD cut scene ends it shows the Normandy crash after being hit with a blue or red explosion (depends on the ending you chose), joker get out, and then your choice gets out... that's it. as for the ending choice itself you have the choice "between wiping out all synthetic life (and dying)" or "controlling the reapers(and dying)" and the only difference between them is: (control) the reapers get hit by a bluish explosion thing and then fly away / (destroy) the reapers get hit by a reddish explosion and fall over. overall it made for a very anti-climactic end to the series (or at least the Shepherd part of the series) Expand
  28. Mar 9, 2012
    I was a big fan of Bioware ever since KOTOR but i'm afraid that ever since they paired up with EA they've been making poor choices and as much as i loved Mass Effect 1 and 2 i have to say ME3 is the biggest disappointment in all the video games i have played. I actually really enjoyed the game up until the ending part that really makes me wish i never played it. All the endings are super depressing which means all the decisions you made in this game and last two games were pretty much useless, don"t even get me started with the day 1 DLC. Expand
  29. Mar 9, 2012
    overall , if you haven't play the previous series, me3 looks badass. but if you did play me1 or me2, then me3 is bull****. Graphics: can't believe this game uses unreal engine (GOW, Batman AC, unreal tournament3,bulletstorm, etc), well at least why don't you bioware put destructible environtment into combat?it has physX ins't it?. luls movment (either in combat or exploration) animation, awkward face animation (they still using faceFX, peh), ugly textures. Combat : forgiven, but still annoying movement animation ruins it all. Story: bull**** from beginning till I die. First time in menu , i choose "action" so i could save the role-play storytell later. I said" wtf, cutscenes and flows are sucks" hmpf, maybe because i choose "action" so it's like options for retarded who chooses muscle over brain. okay. but when i try to play "RPG" like it should be, " wtf! it's sucks otherwise". so it doesn't matter what you choose, its bull****, conversation are forced into useless lines, this is like encourage people to do sexual harrasmnt, and they enjoying it, and what the hell happened to my previous crew? they're all KIA? Overall, DISAPPOINTING!!! forgive my rudeness, but mass effect franchise deserve better than this. this is why some people chose illegal copy instead. i gave ONE for the bravery bringing battle to earth. Expand
  30. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ultimately no matter what path was chosen, what actions were taken, who lived and who died, at the end of this journey, all that remains is your ship and your crew abandon you. The first 95% of the game is amazing, its everything I hoped for and more. The last 5% is the biggest slap in the face imaginable. If you have invested 100's of hours from the first game until this one, you will be left stunned and appalled that none of the choices you made, none of the battles you fought, nothing you did in those 100's of hours ultimately pays off in any of the three endings you can pick from. With the three endings and the DLC on day 1, EA/Bioware show that fan support means nothing more than a dollar symbol to them. While most of the joy lays in the journey to the end of the game, there is no replay value at all in this game, because no matter what journey you take, the ends are all ultimately the same except for color variations and if synthetics live or die. Expand
  31. Mar 10, 2012
    If you are a Mass Effect fan, DO NOT play this game. After building to what looked to be an incredible, epic conclusion to one of the best videogame trilogies of all time, Bioware has instead released an utter disappointment. While combat and characters may be decent, the horrific ending ruins the entire mass effect saga.
  32. Mar 10, 2012
    The ending to an epic trilogy stretched out through 5 years. The build up, the emotional investment, the fun from playing... all is taken away by an ending sequence which doesn't even bother to be longer than 5 minutes. Your choices affect nothing, Your accomplishments are meaningless. Even if you manage to prove them wrong, you're not given a chance to state that. This is an RPG game. The plot is one of its main components, hell, they even added a narrative mode, where the fights are brain-dead and Shepard can tank missiles forever. To end the trilogy in this way is a joke. It just feels like Bioware suddenly decided to screw over the fans giving them a deus ex machina ending where your decisions don't matter at all. Expand
  33. Mar 11, 2012
    If you're wondering why this game is so divided in its review scores, it's simple. The people who haven't finished the game are giving it 10's, and they are right to do so - 99% of this game is as damn near perfection as any other game on the market. But when you reach that last 1%, you will realise why this is getting review-bombed. The ending, put simply, is bad. Very bad. Not even 'Matrix Revolutions' bad, I'm talking orders of magnitude worse than that. A quick look at Bioware Social Network will show you the amount of people who have had Mass Effect effectively ruined by the ending. And the fans do deserve better, but more importantly this trilogy of incredible games deserves better. It deserves to go out on a high. So if you're reading this, Bioware employee, DLC. I beg of you. Charge 100$ for it if you like; maybe that's what you planned all along. But do something about it. Expand
  34. Mar 12, 2012
    In the weeks leading up to the 9th of march I was so excited, I was driving my friends crazy counting down the day's to the release of Mass Effect 3. I was a huge fan of the series, but that all changed after playing through Mass Effect 3. This game has broken my heart, everything I loved about the original game gone, all the choices made in the previous games were for nothing. The graphics are mediocre at best & although I am not bothered if a game has great graphics as long as the gameplay is amazing. I can honestly say that this game has no replay value whatsoever, Mass Effect has always given you the option of choice. That was it's main focus the reason so many people were drawn into the series but this game has gone against everything that Mass Effect is. Mass Effect 3 is just a 3rd person shooter with a leveling up system that follows a linear storyline. Everything that made no1 an amazing RPG has been ripped away & fed to the verran, I am amazed because Bioware claims to listen to it's fan base but clearly that is not true. The game was clearly rushed out & I am amazed that any testers working on the game could miss half of the bugs that are in the game. The multiplayer is okay but it is also rather tedious especially when your character chooses to take cover rather than revive a downed team member. As far as i'm concerned this game does not even deserve a 1 from me, I am heartbroken over this, I can not believe I wasted my money on a collectors edition. If Biowares intention was to enrage & alienate it's entire fan base then it has succeeded yet again, first Dragon Age now Mass Effect. I can honestly say that this will be the last Bioware game I ever buy I am not willing to see them ruin yat another amazing game series. Expand
  35. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While most of the game was good. Many plot holes, killing of characters and not being able to save them unless you romanced them in ME2 like Miranda was bogus. Having your LI and crew mates mysteriously appear on the Normandy and the Normandy in a hyperspace jump for no reason and crash landing on a planet for no reason makes no sense. The endings were horrible 7 endings all the same only 1 where Shepard survives and none where she/he ends up with the crew or LI in the end. Shepard essentially just gives up and lets the AI controlling all the reapers tell her/him what to do. This is an insult to fans of video gaming and Mass Effect everywhere. Yes many parts again I say were good but just killing off a character because you didn't romance them was seriously stupid. If you befriended them, got their loyalty in ME2 then you should have a shot at saving them. Yeah... This game doesn't deserve such high reviews from users or critics. In fact it deserves to be thrown in with the worst games of the year because Bioware had 2 years to develop this game. They had 2 years to give us proper endings and instead they just told the fans to go screw themselves they no longer care about us. In the end your choices mean nothing. In the end if you romanced Liara and got the dialogue option to have little blue children with her means nothing. In the end when you tell your LI you love them it means absolutely nothing because your Shepard can't spend the rest of her/his life with said LI. Really bad writing and really bad execution overall. Then there is the auto dialogue, the lack of conversation wheel options that are replaced with renegade and paragon interrupts... They destroyed the series they built and then they have the gall to say "Oh play multiplayer to get the best ending" which is still a crappy ending. And they say "we can still use the universe for more stories." Well there won't be anymore stories without the mass relays since they are destroyed in all but 1 ending. Only way to do that is to set the next game up in the far far future where there are new ways to travel at FTL speeds or in the past before Humanity was in the galactic picture. Either way the game endings have screwed us over. Then there are the romance scenes between FemShep and Traynor. Traynor is in the shower in her underclothing. NO ONE showers like that unless drunk and someone is helping them. Then FemShep enters in her clothing too. That is shoddy romance scene right there. Use artistic filtering and have them out of their clothing but not showing any naughty bits. They can do that easily. Then the one with Liara and FemShep where Liara has no under clothing on but FemShep does. They could have easily removed said under clothing and easily made the naughty bits not seen by anyone. They did it in ME1 and the Traynor/FemShep scene there wasn't much breast shot in the bra anyways so it could have been done there too. Again... poor execution. This game should not have been released in this state. Bioware you've lost a customer. Expand
  36. Mar 11, 2012
    Bioware just positively GUT PUNCHED every fan of this game. The whole series was a dream sequence? Really what a freaking cop out! And to get the best score you HAVE to play the IPAD and Multiplayer version? Money grubbing SOB's
  37. Mar 13, 2012
    I first thought that people were trolling the user scores on Metacritic. Unfortunately this third installment of the game blows big time. If this was a standalone product I would give it a 7 (it's not utterly rubbish when compared to games like Rogue Warrior or Brink). However as a game that is supposed to be a Mass Effect game I am giving it a big ZERO!
    This game does not live up to what
    it says on the tin. Expand
  38. Mar 13, 2012

    No, the ending is so not perfect at all. For those who say it is perfect, you are clearly biased and didn't even finish the game yet.
  39. Mar 11, 2012
    Ugh, made my first review ever on Metacritic, and gave ME3 a 5/10, but forgot to set the slider. So the text of the review says 5/10, but the review itself is 10. So I will make this a 0/10, to average the two out to 5/10, which was what I intended.
  40. Mar 12, 2012
    If Bioware hadn't rushed this out, and put in a proper ending, then I wouldn't have created an account just to voice my displeasure. As it stands, Bioware destroyed several hundred hours worth of enjoyment in all of thirty minutes. They took a series that has, from the beginning, been grounded in enjoyable science fiction, our choices having impact, and a powerful main character that consistently defied the odds... Then they turned said main character into a braindamaged invalid unable to question orders of a random star-child-god-thing. They removed any actual choice, as in the end each ending is just the same thing with different colors. Science fiction went out the window for random crystal-crazy metaphysics and some omnipotent star-child.

    First Dragon Age 2. Then issues with TOR. Now, issues with a finale I have been waiting years for. No, I don't think I'll be buying anything from Bioware again. They can talk all they want about EA not having changed them... But there's been a lot of bad since they came along.
  41. Mar 12, 2012
    The ends are shameeee!!!!!!! Why i built my own Sheppard and my own décision during 3 episode, for finally nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont say more, its so scandalous, Bioware with EA , its the end of a part of rpg world, now welcome to call of duty rpg , multiplayer, lot of dlc included on dvd , take decision for... nothing, if you want an alternative ending buy the next dlc
    ending . Expand
  42. Mar 12, 2012
    Worst ending ever. Mass Effect has been ruined by this game. Hat's off to Bioware for destroying one of the most emotionally stimulating series of our time.
  43. Mar 13, 2012
    It was a fantastic ride right up until the last 15 or so minutes, when Bioware must have decided we had been given 2 happy ending in a row, so now we have to pay. It was kind of like having the best Christmas morning of your childhood ruined by the Manson Family busting down the door after the last present is opened, and then stabbing your mom and dad to death in front of your eyes with the kitchen utensils. Given the horrible feeling this game left me with, I can not in good conscience give it anything like a high rating. Sorry. Expand
  44. Mar 12, 2012
    Bioware lied about the ending content and EA has their shills in the video game "journalism" industry pumping out propaganda at a frantic pace. Too bad the damage has been done.
  45. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I didn't come here to flame. I don't want to rant. I just...I don't really know what to say. I'm hurt, I'm disappointed, and I wish desperately that the game could have ended any other way. Everything else about the game and the series was quite simply, amazing...but the end.

    To say it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth is an understatement. As a fan of the series since the moment I picked up the xbox controller and started playing Mass Effect back in 2007, I really just can't feel anything but dissatisfied. Mass Effect was and still is my favorite game of all time. Mass Effect 2, less so (removal of many RPG elements, etc.) but that aside, Mass Effect 3 rekindled my hope that the series may end on a high note after all. The whole theme of the story was hope and survival. To fight, or find another way when there seemed to be no other option. So when the ending of it all boiled down to 3 horrible choices, I was crushed.

    There were so many moments in this game that made me feel something. Made me feel connected to the characters. Whether it was the depth of Shepard's love for Liara, his brotherly comradery and heart-to-hearts with Garrus and Kaidan, or his hatred for Kei Leng and the utter crushing blow of the defeat at Thessia, I felt something. And the dream sequences! They were a beautiful and haunting representation of what the stress must have been on Shepard. But through it all, there was emotional attachment and investment. I felt connected to Shepard. I was vicariously saving the galaxy. As a game design student, I can't overstate how incredible that is. That I became so attached to these characters, to this galaxy, so invested in this game. It was nothing short of incredible, but the same cannot be said for the ending. The ending made me feel too. It made me feel sick. I felt physically ill from the moment Shepard was blasted by Harbinger to the very end of the game. All that hope and sheer force of will...for what? For Shepard to just die like that? He deserves better. The galaxy deserves better. But he stands. He's still alive, if barely. There's still hope right? Then the Marauder. They're just toying with me now. Drawing out this agony. Why?! Then the Citadel. Anderson. I almost had to expect that to happen. I can accept it with a heavy heart. But I did all I possibly could to secure a good ending. But he can't reach the console. He can't be dead. So close. But wait. A light. Now he's on top of the Citadel...ok. Maybe there's still hope. The little kid? What is this? This is the Catalyst? Some cosmic force that created and controls the Reapers. That instantiated the cycle of extinction you're fighting against. And you're supposed to take him at his word when he tells you what to do? Just like that? No "find another way"? Shepard just takes this thing that's tried to kill him at its word and believes in what it has to say?

    And it all came down to those 3 horrible choices.

    Go back on everything you stood for and try to control the creatures you swore to destroy, ending your own life in the process.

    Somehow re-write the DNA of every living thing in the galaxy to achieve synergy with the synthetics? I'm not even going to go into how ridiculous and impossible that is. Oh yeah and that one kills Shepard outright too.

    Or, you can shoot the tube-thingy and kill the Reapers. Everything's cool right? Oh wait, that one kills all the synthetics in the galaxy. You're now effectively betraying EDI and dishonoring Legion's memory, not to mention screwing over the Quarians in their effort to settle Rannoch once again.

    Oh and to make this choice even more horrible and heart-crushing, every choice results in the destruction of not only the Citadel, but all the relays, effectively destroying the galaxy as you know it. The government will inevitably collapse and all the species are now stranded on Earth, where they fought the Reapers, or on their own homeworld or colony, cut off from the rest of the galaxy.

    No matter how you slice it, the end is a defeat. The galaxy is doomed without the relays.

    And then you get to watch color-coded cutscenes with very little variation. Joker leaves Shepard for dead on the Citadel, uncharacteristically fleeing the battle and somehow, Liara, who was with Shepard on the ground, is now stranded with Joker on some alien planet, doomed to a slow death when the Normandy crash lands.

    And the best ending this game can muster for all my efforts acquiring war assets and galactic readiness? Shepard, god knows where, laying in some pile of rubble...takes a breath. How? How would he have survived the explosion on the Citadel? Where the heck did he end up? I don't get it. I'm utterly crushed by how horrible this ending is.

    Had the ending been good, I would undoubtedly have given this game a 10. It was a masterpiece...until the end. It's like the Mona Lisa...with black paint splashed across it. I'm heart-broken.
  46. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ruined a series I've been on love with since the reveal in 2007. NONE of the choices from the other games matter because you get the same ending with three different colors. The characters that you have established relationships with and have come to admire get no closure in this final installment.

    While I have shelled out a small fortune buying these games on multiple platforms with all DLC i can truly say that I am sad this one took advantage of the fans. You are forced to play the multiplayer to boost your single player campaign strength (sneaky DRM trick EA has pulled) and day 1 DLC. The third installment also pushed for "gay" romances. There is nothing wrong with the fact that they added this into the game but they did not do a good job because it was not subtle at all. It's the in your face aspect that takes away from the atmosphere of the previous 2 games and feels completely out of place and forced. The ending will leave you dumbfounded and angry. That being said DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME and take your money elsewhere.
  47. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The capstone ot the Mass Effect trilogy does not end with a bang, but rather a whimper. You chase the impossible, beating every enemy in your path, you save (or condemn) entire civilizations, but in the end none of it matters. With a beam of light (you choose the color) the galaxy dies, the saga ends and your every hope comes to naught. Save the Geth, kill the krogan, renegade or Paragon, you will see the same choices as any other permutation of Shepard. What happens after the finale is anyone's guess as the game ends with a subtle command to "Buy the DLC!". There is no closure, there is only shiny lights and a ghostly child. Expand
  48. Dev
    Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3's ending is the greatest disappoint to any series but what's worse is that I paid for it. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone unless bioware fixed the ending. No one should pay for disappointment.
  49. Mar 12, 2012
    Such a waste of a good series. This game is just simply terrible. Sprites and stock photos in a AAA game? Thats unforgivable. however the nail in the coffin for me was the fact that none of your choices matter at all. Massive disappointment.
  50. Mar 15, 2012
    If it were a stand alone, this game would be pretty good. If you've played through from the beginning at least once (about 60 hours just to get to ME3) this game will be a massive disappointment. Until the last ten minutes it is one of the greatest games I have ever paid. From then on it robs you of any significant choice, throws out years of great writing for over-done cliches piled upon each other and less of a playback of an investment than when Fallout 3 first came out. I have spared three of my friends the let down of this game, and would do so for you the reader. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Expand
  51. Mar 19, 2012
    When I see all these glowing reviews by game websites giving it nigh perfect scores, its glaringly obvious that their integrity and objectivity is compromised. In fact its almost comical how much the websites try and cover for its flaws. My favorite was one where they condemned bioware changing the endings because "oh its art you'll ruin it by changing the ending." I like to think that if somehow a 6 year old drew a big turd on the Mona Lisa, the museum would do everything it could to restore the painting by TAKING OUT THE BIG TURD ON IT. What they are really praising isn't the game it is the amount of money they received in advertising from the game's publisher. Mass Effect 3's ending (because its really only one) is a slap in the face, a total disgrace to the brand. Whoever the lead writer was for the ending, and whoever gave the okay for that crap needs to be fired. Furthermore I've never encountered an ending that made me hope for a cliched "It was all a dream" sequence as much as this one. This ending is so poorly put together it is on par with the likes of Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, wer're talking total plot and lore breakdown. The final offense was the after credit sequence which just adds insult to injury. The only person that could of made a poorer ending was George Lucas. Expand
  52. Mar 17, 2012
    The game was 10/10 until the end. The game itself had some flaws, particularly the new characters were not as fleshed out/ interesting as they could have been. But it also had some of the most satisfying, unbelievable triumphs I've ever witnessed. The Rannoch mission and its multiple conclusions convinced me that "this is the greatest game I've ever seen." Sadly, the ending killed it- but its still "bearable" as long as you can accept that you get the same crappy ending regardless of your choices in the previous or current games. Hopefully DLC will include more options/ more epicness for the ending. Expand
  53. Mar 17, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a very entertaining game that follows closely the formula of ME2, but there are several MASSIVE PROBLEMS with it. I would recommend you do NOT purchase it at this time.

    If you consider yourself a loyal fan of the series, and appreciated the direction of the stories in the previous games, there is an excellent chance you will find the endings deeply unsatisfying. There
    is currently a campaign underway to convince Bioware to add an alternative to the current endings. You can find out more by searching for Retake Mass Effect. Multiplayer is a component Bioware decided to include with this game. Normally this wouldn't be a concern for single player focused players, but a player's participation in MP has a direct effect on your SP experience, specifically the ending. Even if you are a completionist type of player who carefully goes through the game checking everything, you may not have enough of a certain score to achieve the "best" ending if you do not play multiplayer. For those without a reliable internet connection, this is a serious problem.

    The day one DLC is a sore point for many gamers. While I would not call the content "necessary" for full enjoyment of the game, your squad would seem fairly bare without the inclusion of the character in this dlc, and considering the free squadmate offered very soon after Mass Effect 2's release, there is no reason this couldn't have been free as well (aside from corporate greed, which is exactly what this is).

    Finally, a smaller complaint, but one I suspect many fans will be upset about. A certain character's true appearance is revealed in this game. If you are a long time fan you will know exactly who I speak of. Let's just say the reveal is quite disappointing, and it involves photoshop. All these issues (minus the MP) are based on my own opinions. I have been a big fan of the series since the beginning, and 99% of the trilogy has been an absolute blast. I don't expect Bioware to remove or change the offenses I have listed above, but I would sincerely appreciate an alternative. If you share my opinion on some of these missteps, I would again ask that you do not purchase the game at this time. Affecting Bioware and EA's profits is the best way to voice your opinion.
  54. Mar 18, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the ending to an incredible series of sci-fi games, and it falls short of being anything but a money-grab by EA/Bioware.

    Pros: its a video game.

    Cons: weird character animations, incredibly annoying camera angles during cut-scenes, too many FMV cut-scenes ruin the pacing, choppy frame rates, laughable and childish dialogue, hit or miss voice acting, out-dated graphics
    and textures, generic 3rd person shooter combat is outdated and "rusty", no attempt at being "scientific" like the last 2 games, most RPG elements are gone, no holstering your weapon, barely any dialogue choices, horrible story and narrative...

    here, how about a shorter list:

    1. Mass Effect 3 is an incomplete, falling-apart-at-the-seams game, piggybacked onto a massively popular franchise simply to sell it to fans of the series.

    2. The ending is atrociously bad...and it doesn't even fit. It makes everything you just did, every choice you just made in the whole series literally pointless.

    3. Data was on the disk, removed, and repacked as $10-15 DLC on the day the game was released. This is NOT acceptable and I am never buying another Bioware game simply because of this, until they quit this nonsense. Developers will NOT extort money out of gamers, this stops now. No debate.

    4. Speaking of bad game design and boycotting, I won't be an accomplice in the "Hollywoodization" of the gaming industry. Mass Effect 3 thinks its a movie: The camera angles zooming on character's lifeless faces, the narrative, the cut-scenes every 5 minutes, etc..its pathetic.

    Any one of those high quality cut-scenes costs more money for developers to create, than I make in an entire decade of paychecks.

    Why wasn't any of that money allocated to upgrading gameplay mechanics, instead of trying to make a friggin' movie? These scenes last a few minutes, take up tons of space on the disks, and in the end will be even more outdated in less than 2 years. What meeting did they sit down at EA/Bioware and come to the conclusion this was a good idea?

    In fact, ME3 is the most pretentious game I've ever played in my life. It looks like the Titanic after the iceberg.

    What more needs to be said to show that this is a shameful, "only for-profit" game by EA and Bioware?

    I was a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, but Mass Effect 3 is the "Phantom Menace" to Mass Effect 2's "Empire Strikes Back".
  55. Mar 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is with a heavy heart I feel obliged to negatively review mass effect 3, I loved the series and ME3 does everything right up until the final ten minutes. The conclusion they have provided for this loved trilogy is nonsensical, leaves glaring plot holes and hammers home the fact that nothing you have done in the last one hundred and thirty odd hours of gaming makes any difference or impact to the ending, which is ridiculous in a game where the nature of choice and consequence is a key theme.

    The developers made several promises in the run up to the release, mostly revolving around how your choices would impact the ending and it wouldn't be just a "press a, b or c" ending omatic, which is precisley what it turned out to be.

    It is sad that the ending ruins any inclination to replay the series, if they were to change the ending into something more linked to the themes and offering a bit more choice I would be happy changing this 1 score to a 10, as up until the final 10 minutes, the game is an awesome, emotional rollercoaster, but the current ending is so bad it completely destroys it.

    Follow the Retake mass effect 3 campaign, raise some money for a great charity and maybe convince Bioware to fix what could have been a great game and an amazing send off to the series.
  56. Mar 19, 2012
    The ending... is all I have to say . I have to wonder what went through their minds when making this. Did they not learn from DA2? Nope of course not because in the end when you have space magic and money who cares about the customer reaction. Very sad to see the ending of the trilogy come to this.
  57. Mar 21, 2012
    just wtf were they thinking? where are shepherd's emotions for his dying "friends," and why are previous decisions just glazed over and ignored? even putting those big issues aside, the ending was one of the most disappointing pieces of garbage I have ever witnessed. you go through 3 games, 5 years total playing this trilogy and you are given 3 choices? what was the point of all those other choices that were posed as "big deals," when they don't even come into play at the end? never mind how screwed everyone is at the end, the ending choices themselves end up screwing everyone or taking away from their autonomy as sapient beings one way or another! How did a game series so good just down right destroy their reputation in one fell swoop? Then there are the plot holes. I won't spoil anything too badly here, but if you have played the game then you know that there are irreconcilable problems with many aspects of the ending. these writers need to go through some kind of common sense seminar or something because this is unacceptable. My recommendation to anyone who has not bought the game is to wait and see if there are any worthwhile dlc's that come out in the future, otherwise you will be angry as a guy who was just sold a turd in the guise of a game. Expand
  58. Mar 24, 2012
    The ending ruins the entire series. I recommend that you avoid this game unless you want ME1 and ME2 to be ruined for you as well. Really disappointed in BioWare.
  59. Mar 31, 2012
    A good game at first, but it has a bugged and broken quest log that can't help itself, a watered down side quest system where you just "hear" stuff while running around, RPG elements being ditched and disregarded and the ending is a borderline scam on the players. As a standalone shooter, it has a pass, but I was told I was buying a RPG where my choices mattered. In the end, the game is best returned to the retailer if you have a refund option. Shame, it could have been a great game. Expand
  60. Apr 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Bottom line: Bioware and EA has pulled it off brilliantly to mess up the whole series with the final instalment of the ME trilogy. A highly disappointing conclusion to the trilogy, which in many ways goes against the essential principles, which made ME1 and ME2 such good games.

    ME1 and ME2 were, in spite of their flaws, for me a brilliant game-play experience. Although the two first games suffer a bit from too many illusional choices, which actually do not influence the development of story, it never felt as a problem for me, and at least some of the critical choices made would have a very real impact on how the game progressed. This is however completely different in ME3, where virtually all choices made throughout the game, including the meticulous build-up of a joint strike force, in the end proves to be without any kind of significance. Furthermore the relations built up throughout three games to the Normandy crew as well as other friends, is in the end completely pointless, as there will be no reward for the 100+ hours of game-play and decision making throughout the three games. To make matters worse, no amount of DLC content will ever be able to salvage the story and correct the horrible story writing. In terms of game-play mechanics ME3 otherwise feels very polished and refined in many aspects, compared to its predecessors. Many missions and fights are likewise quite memorable. Unfortunately this is seriously messed up near the end of the game, where several combat situations have been very poorly designed. It is namely the introduction of survival mode combat sequences, which seriously messes up the experience. Waves of enemies charges in, and your combat skill will essentially mean very little as to how well these sequences are completed. Stay alive for XX minutes or fail is the essence â
  61. Apr 10, 2012
    CAUTION The author is not afraid of repercussion of this article, unlike â
  62. Apr 10, 2012
    The game at all is reasonable but the Ending DESTROYS everything.
    All choices along ME1 and ME2 really doesn't matter... the ME2 choices about collector base etc .. they are ignored. BioWare said that would be 16 different endings, but what we got was 3 different colors. RED BLUE or GREEN.

    There is no narrative coherence, the ending is filled with plot holes, ME1 and ME2 story was
    destroyed in a matter of minutes, they doesn't review their own games before launching? This doesn't make sense really.

    Why am I giving a 0?

    The answer is: The ending not only destroyed ME3 but the story of ME1 and ME2 too. ME3 became a action-shooter, there is only auto-dialogue, a few choices that i can count with my fingers. The game forces you to do some things, there is no roleplay anymore. I won't talk about the plotholes because in youtube you can find a lot of videos highlighting everyone one of them. They have done the same thing with DA2, they are trying to reach another kind of gamers, but to do that they are sacrificing their own fanbase. ME3 feels exactly like DA2: RUSHED. They didn't had the time to review their own creation what a crap!

    Hire another writer. Only your writers can screw a incredible story like ME in a matter of seconds.

    If I wanted to play make a Gears of War i would bought GoW. BioWare and EA are destroying every game they have. I feel sorry for them and for us cause we are losing a great developer. EA SUCKS.
  63. Apr 24, 2012
    I was really disappointed with Mass Effect 3 instead of getting what I thought was the 3rd in a line of excellence I got a what felt like a rushed game with weak game play, unrealistic characters, and uninspiring dialog.
    The choose your own actions seems lacking at best of times and extremely dull. The OTT action sequence that are meant to real in the masses aren't that impressive, and
    instantly forgettable. After finishing the first 2 (especially the 1st) I just couldn't help myself in letting everyone around me know how awesome they were. Sadly Mass Effect 3 just didn't have the same impact and never really delivered the game I was looking forward to play for so long. Bioware has ruined the franchise. Expand
  64. May 3, 2012
    First of all i like to say that "Mass Effect 3" is one of the best games ever made in my opinion, even the whole series is awesome. As the reaction of many gamers shows, i am not alone who expected a marvelous finale at the end of this Sci-Fi Triology! And what have i became? A crappy nonsense telling end, that is it. That was the great announced final? I do not think so, i do not get it! So i have rated the game with 2/10 not in case of the gameplay or atmosphere, i did it, because the ending really pissed me off like most of you and EA/Bioware's Statement handled us, the Fans/Gamers like idiots and ignored our support over the last 5 years. I mean, look at all the feature's they have promised. At the end, none of the decisions i have made during the first two parts is considered. What happened at all? You can choose like in "Deus Ex 3" between 3 endings. Do not tell me that i have to level my readiness til 5000 pts.+ or my renegade/paragon bar to the max. Treat gamers like that is perky and unforgettable! Check out "Angry Joe's" Review or 10 Reasons why the ending really sucks for Example: At least Bioware was sold out by Electronic Arts and get's in a row with Companies like Bullfrog, Maxis, Origin, Westwood and some more. It is all about cash and income shares for the Shareholders, nothing else matters. So, i have decided for my own that i will not support such ignorant policy again and i have canceled my SWToR-Account too. I do not buy a game of EA and Bioware again, til that Day "Mass Effect 3" will become some real endings, belongs to the choices i have made! My suggestion for you, do the same! Otherwise EA/Bioware do it again and again... Expand
  65. Jan 31, 2013
    This game was FANTASTIC all the way to completing the Cerberus base mission. Then, it crashed and burned. It seemed like they poured their talent and resources into this game and ran out of both before they finished it. Both my wife and I played all three games and we both had the same reaction to the end. What interns made this ending? The concept philosophy of the end was right on the mark for a Sci-Fi. But it was poorly poorly executed and the choices you made through out the series were rendered completely irrelevant. My wife and I in 20 minutes could brainstorm a better execution of the ending and still leave their philosophical concept intact. What's their excuse? Expand
  66. May 15, 2012
    Gay ass game I regret buying it. Will pirate it 30 times to damage EA.

    This is my last EA Game, Battlefield 3 sucked so hard man I can't believe they can get money with this even CoD was better
  67. May 20, 2012
    made just to get look at the corrupted critics just for the money made just to get look at the corrupted critics just for the money made just to get look at the corrupted critics just for the money made just to get look at the corrupted critics just for the money made just to get look at the corrupted critics just for the money
  68. May 21, 2012
    Too have spent hours playing across three game, just to be able choice the color of an explosion and weather or not Joker has his toy, is just wrong.
  69. May 28, 2012
    A good game until the last 5 minutes. The controls are ok but still bugged at cover. Seeing most of the character from the previous game is very cool. But it will be the only mass effect game I don't want to re play: the end is to crappy. The day one DLC is also a slap in the face. As the fact that playing coop as an impact on the solo game (when i play mass effect, i play a solo game!)
  70. May 28, 2012
    I'm a huge fan of the series. I loved this game about 75% of the way through then it completely fell short. It is sad that a good series can be taken and destroyed. Let this be a lesson to companies that changing your writing team for something is not a good thing.
  71. Jun 20, 2012
    wow EA just wow ever since you bought bioware they havent made anything great the mass effect games were ok but the ending..... is "special" nothing changes in the ending except Colors WOW! Also jennifer hepler I would like to blame YOU for this travesty.
  72. Jun 24, 2012
    Hate ME3 with a passion. I swallowed ME2 because the non-existing storyline was compensated by great characters (Mordin, Garrus, Thane, Samara, Illusive Man). All the major characters in ME2 are irrelevant to ME3, because all but one becomes brief, un-join-able NPCs and their deaths are inconsequential to the story. While Tali returns as playable, her role is moot in the storyline. What is worst is that all the new team members are bland.

    The Collector story from ME2 is pointless other than vaguely explaining indoctrination and introducing the Illusive Man, who goes from a major protagonist to antagonist in ME2 to a side character in ME3. He even went from a racist to a racist who turn himself to another race. Ironic?

    Bioware ripped out the great character developments in ME3 and left us with a bad story. "Hey guys! I found something that looks like a blueprint to something. It might be a weapon but we don't know. This blueprint is from a race that was wiped out by the very entities threatening us, so we should gamble and put the entire galaxy's resource into building it!." WORST PREMISE EVER! The details of the device should have been placed before the making than after the making of the device!!!

    What the hell was Shepard doing for the past 6months or a year between ME2 and ME3? I can keep going like the story of IT, But all the other bullcrap can be viewed in bioware's social forum. Bioware you disappoint me. Time for me to go back to Bethesda.
  73. Jul 24, 2012
    While the story, voice acting, and cinematics may be great, it still doesn't make up for the fact that as a game it is horrible. In ME2 they went for a more tactical combat approach and it worked. This time they tried to throw in some Gears of War style faced paced action into the combat and it completely screwed everything up. Every battle field is littered with cover that your character gets on the wrong side of half the time, and there is so much debris it makes it nearly impossible to navigate, even outside of combat. To make things even more difficult, the controls are clunky, making it even further difficult to move anywhere.
    Another thing that ruined the tactical combat is that in half of the combat scenarios, you have enemies flanking simultaneously from literally every direction, making it nearly impossible to stay alive even on the easier combat settings.
    Every single combat situation is nothing more than a clusterf***.
    There are tons of side missions, which I love! But alas, they screwed that up as well. There is so much dialogue it is impossible to keep track and even decipher all the tasks you're given. The mission journal offers little to no information on objectives, and don't ever update as you progress.
    This is an incredibly disappointing game. Were I to hold it up against the other games in this franchise, I'd have to give it a 1 out of 10. But to be fair I've graded it on it's own, not up to the hype or expected greatness Bioware commands. Ultimately the game feels unfinished. They focused so much on the dialogue and story it feels like they only got half way through testing the actual gameplay then shipped it to market. I can't imagine it is even fixable through patch. Shame on you EA and Bioware for such a pathetic display.
  74. Aug 16, 2012
    A watered down experience with many cut corners, Mass Effect 3 needed to be something better. A rushed production, on disc DLC, and strong handed DRM are not acceptable. The Mass Effect trilogy could have really been more than this.
  75. Aug 27, 2013
    A huge disappointment. The game was clearly put together in a rush and EA made it blatantly obvious, if you have been following the Mass Effect series since the first game then you will know that it is a very well written space drama that got you immersed within the first hour of playing the first 2 games yet whilst playing Mass Effect 3 the immersion was destroyed on numerous occasions by various mistakes e.g. sprites that have been placed that have no reason for being there and on one occasion a sprite that just walked around in circles.

    I wouldn't suggest this game to anyone as I know it is a poorly made third-person and its bad enough to make fans of the previous games cry.
  76. Apr 1, 2012
    Awesome game with great graphics, fun action and characters. Except for an awful ending that negated or ignored most things Shepard had done in the games.
  77. Mar 29, 2012
    ME3 is the sad end of a great series. And I don't mean the now-infamous ending of the final Mass Effect game. I mean a series of games from Baldur's Gate, to KotOR, to the first two installments of the Mass Effect trilogy.. I mean the end of BioWare's run as the pre-eminent storyteller in electronic gaming. Many Metacritic users have written fantastic ME3 negative reviews, so I'm not going to elaborate on those. I recommend traveler's review dated March 29, 2012; it's one of the best examples I've seen. My bottom line: ME3 was destroyed by a Reaper--not Harbinger, but Whoremonger. Whoremonger, who has no passion for story or character. I mean Whoremonger the Money Whore. Expand
  78. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. We donâ Expand
  79. Mar 6, 2012
    The rest of Reddit is making their voices heard against this travesty of a sequel so i feel like it's my duty to help warn people of it's subpar quality.

    I'm not going to just say, it's **** because it has some merits, however those rest solely in adequate shooting mechanics that games have done better, back in 2006.

    The ending leaves people with almost no closure, instead paving the way
    for DLC and the inevitable next game in the universe to cash in on the name. The choices you make have no impact on the end result, nothing done over the course of THREE ENTIRE GAMES makes any difference to your ultimate ending, absolutely inexcusable and lazy.

    The characters added in are sterotypical in their inclusion (guy has to have xbox hueg muscles, chobot has to have **** bigger than what she actually has and have them poking out in a suit that's supposed to represent what a crew part of a branch of the military would wear as standard issue.

    The animations and graphics are also inferior to ME2, that i don't understand, how can a game, released 2 years after it's last installment, actually move BACKWARDS in terms of animation and graphics, i'd be happy if they remained the same; Instead, we get hands that look like they came from the PS2 and we get animations that aren't even taken from ME2, they're just haphazard animations that look slapped on without any refinement.

    Reddit can not and wil not let this game get the praise and perfect reviews it so unjustly is getting, how can a game that has a number of flaws still get almost perfect/perfect reviews?

    If people think these aren't being paid for, pressured for, or just written by plain old terrible "journalists" then they are retarded.

    and you are retarded if you buy this game.

    le Reddit will never bow to the pressure of people who insist on buying **** games
  80. Mar 6, 2012
    I recall going to gamestop on the release day of Mass Effect 1 and picking up what turned out to be one of the best games I have ever put inside my xbox 360 game tray. It had story which showed truly got me involved in the game with the decisions I made actually making a difference in the way the story formed. the dialogue was superb and the voice acting was nothing but. In addition, the levelling system was fantastic with tons of different perks and skilltree options for the player to choose from. I obviously chose to purchase ME2, only to be somewhat disappointed by the lack of the great dialogue, options and skills which made the original such a joy to play. I soon realized that these choices were made in order for this game to appeal to a larger audience. I decided to give Bioware another chance at making the final game of the series. I was even more disappointed with the horrible dialogue which was used in the game. The choices give the player a false sense of freedom, when in actuality, the choices barely affect the story. In addition, Mass Effect 3 includes many gears of war-esque cheesy dialogue, which really got me thinking: "what happened to the great writers that amazed me in the first game of this series". The gameplay was also clunky with weird animations which just made the entire experience awkward. My entire experience with this game was ruined and I hope Bioware can find it's legs and create the great games which we are so used to them creating. cheers. Expand
  81. Mar 9, 2012
    I was looking forward to Mass effect 3.
    On steam. Since i don't fancy installing the Origin spyware (One that scans your pc to find out all the other games you are using, then adds them to your origin account to stop you using steam?) I Shall not bother.
    As soon as people close their wallets to a company like EA that pumps out DRM after DRM after DRM and RUINS series, the world will be a
    better place.
    R.I.P Command and Conquer
    R.I.P Mass Effect

    Oh and do you remember classics such as Theme Hospital? Dungeon Keeper? EA killed off Bullfrog entertainment, Westwood studios, Maxis. I wonder what games we would have seen from them now if they hadn't been gulped up?
  82. Mar 6, 2012
    I was such a huge fan of this series. Space opera? Sci fi? Really, it was everything I liked. This third edition severely disappoints and makes a mockery of the rest of the series. Bioware, as always, presents the illusion of choice, except in this game they make it obvious that it's an ILLUSION, and that nothing you do/did in the previous games actually matters. The lore established in previous games also gets overhauled. The graphics are mediocre at best - the pre-rendered cutscenes are well made, which is to this game's merit, but apart from that... No. This game includes many instances cheap emotional manipulation, and while I appreciate the attempt to be all-inclusive this game forcibly and unnaturally shoehorns in sexualities and gender issues which, if done well, would be marvelous! In this case, it is not done well. Overall, I am disappointed and upset. This series had so much potential, and I had such high hopes for this game. They have done to Mass Effect what they did to Dragon Age with Dragon Age 2. It's as if the makers of this game simply decided to go, "DING DONG WE WANT CALL OF DUTY'S AUDIENCE", and thus alienated their entire original fanbase. Well, it seems like they have achieved that, but they have also alienated anyone who would have been interested in player-driven RPG games, unlike the several we already have which follow Call of Duty's model. This is why this game gets a 1/10. It does not deserve anything more. It does not get a 0 because, to it's merit, the melee flows better, and as I said before the cutscenes are nice. The dialogue, character interaction, lore, backstories, and so-called player options did not achieve the same level of merit. Bad game overall. I am particularly bitter because I really liked this series. Expand
  83. Mar 6, 2012
    Poor writing and poor decision-making all around derail the grand finale of this series. The main plot developments are insipid and the character writing - normally a saving grace in even subpar Bioware games - seems anemic. This is packaged together with minimal evolution of the setting and little in the way of combat improvements, although some of the revamped character progression system is welcome. Overall the game is mediocre and probably does not deserve the score that I have given it - it might even have deserved as high as a 6! - but Bioware needs to know that it can't get away with such slapdash work. Expand
  84. Mar 6, 2012
    I loved 1 and 2, but 3, it's not the ending, hopeless as it is, or day 1 dlc that i find bad, but it seems as if they wanted to make it as simple as possible for new fans, barely any choices in dialogue, some critical choices later on seem to have the same depressing effect. i know the galaxy is at war and it's a big desperate situation but can't there be 1 moment where it isn't 'well we solved that problem, many died, but now we have a new problem, and another, and another' it's a bit like watching a depressing film. all the choices you've made from 1 and 2, seem a bit pointless now, like stopping the collectors, it did nothing apart from giving people a bit longer, i can't even play 1 or 2 now, all i can think is whats the point in doing anything when death is coming anyway. i'd give it about a 6, but it messed up my love for the series, it's like dragon age 2 all over again. Expand
  85. Mar 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can honestly say that Mass Effect 3 was the most disappointing game I have ever played. Even more so than Fable 3, which - trust me - is saying something. None of the choices I made in the last few games were visibly relevant at all to any of the gameplay or story. What happened to my ENTIRE CREW being dead in ME2? The alien bug infestation I released in ME1? None of it really seems to matter much at all. The game has been made much more linear than Mass Effect 2, which was one of the largest problems of the game in its' time. I am thoroughly disgusted at how much Bioware seems to disrespect their fans. NEVER should a game aim for a larger audience when it is already successful. You should aim on pleasing the fans you have, not aiming for more fans. Respect is always better than money when aiming to last long in the video game industry, but Bioware seems to just be riding on and abusing the former respect we gamers had for them. This ends with ME3. Never again will I buy a Bioware game. Expand
  86. Mar 6, 2012
    is a disappointing game from start to finish
    mass effect 3 is the worst job bioware to date, being a waste of time to play
    sin duda el flop de este 2012
  87. Mar 6, 2012
    não gostei desse jogo cheio de conversinha fiada e você acaba perdido no jogo sem falar do protagonista andar sempre mirando...........bem que a bioware podia ter caprichado mais
  88. Mar 6, 2012
    Third Person Shooter: this is what Mass Effect 3 is. Do you remember Dragon Age 2? Déjà vu.
    Do whatever you want (rent, buy) but don´t expect a good game like ME2 or a masterpiece like ME.
  89. Mar 6, 2012
    This is seriously dissappointing and I've lost all faith in bioware as a rpg developer. They took what could've been the coup de grace of their mass effect trilogy and pulled a dragon age 2, just phoning it in completely. I'm not going to give it a 0 because no game deserves that, but after playing this for a while I can't give it anything over a 2. Shame on you bioware, shame on you.
  90. Mar 6, 2012
    I still remember the day the very first Mass Effect game was announced. It was a day when the EA merger with Bioware was just a whisper on the wind. Though anyone who had read a sci-fi novel could play connect the tropes, it was still something moderately fresh for the mainstream. It's sequel followed soon thereafter, managing to hold its own in key moments, and leave people chilled for a third. I can say now, with total confidence, that they should have simply stopped there. I am extremely skeptical that these board 10 reviews are totally EA-dollar-sponsored free. This feels like the third cashout in a series of blunders by a nerf team that dares to print 'Bioware' on the cover of their games. When I wasn't watching the game effectively play itself for me, I was entranced by all of the thinly veiled fringe-plagiarism the game undertook with it's visual and story direction. That is, when it simply wasn't just agitating old wounds with the combat engine, breaking promises of your decisions mattering from the prior games, and bearing visuals I reveled at in 2003. Ladies and gentleman, this is a cash cow brought out to slaughter. If you came looking for a Bioware product that stands up to it's predecessor classics (ME2, BG1+2, etc etc), I'm afraid to say you've been utterly mislead. There are a slew of 0 bomb reviews on this board, but I genuinely believe a 3 fits the mold. To summarize: The combat is broken and incomplete. The story is practically ripped from the pages of classics before it, hopelessly juggling 'dark impending doom', and soap opera quality romance. The sound is an uninspired synth orchestra that we've all heard hundreds of times before. Stiff and utterly unimproved visuals hide behind a global darkening texture pack. I actually watched explosions in cutscenes that looked like .bmps. Completely unacceptable for a self proclaimed AAA game. If Mass Effect 2 was a space opera, this is the Bollywood re-imagining. I wish I had never spent the money. The disappointment takes me back to levels of walking out of the theatre for The Matrix Revolutions. Too bad this cost me nearly six times as much to suffer. 3/10. Expand
  91. Mar 6, 2012
    I'm very disappointed how this series ended. There's plenty of flaws that one could overlook, such as the horrible graphics and the general awful animations. Doesn't change the fact that the story is one of the biggest letdowns in video games. What's the point of playing a Bioware if the writing is subpar?
  92. Mar 6, 2012
    I have never been more disappointed in my life. I absolutely loved the first two games in the series. However, I was a little disappointed with the fact that they dumbed down the RPG elements in Mass Effect 2, but I knew they would improve it, and the storytelling was still top notch. But now, they've released this, the Call of Duty of sci-fi games. There is still some dialogue there, but what is left is pathetic. The paragon and renegade options mean nothing anymore. The entire game has been casualized into explosions. EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE. I have lost my hope in Bioware; first Dragon Age 2, now this. Expand
  93. Mar 6, 2012
    >Day 1 DLC
    >1000 dollars worth of accessories tied with exclusive DLC
    >Endings that blow off ME1's Canon

    I was a fan, then this happened. Multiplayer is a step in the right direction though.
  94. Mar 6, 2012
    Bioware has made a terrible game. Choices from previous games don't matter. Lets see the endings go from bad to absolutely terrible, so much for being an open ended game.
  95. Mar 6, 2012
    The face importer is broken, if I can't play as my Shepherd, I'd rather not play at all. Truly disappoionting Bioware, sticking it to your oldest and most loyal fans.
  96. Mar 6, 2012
    Day 1 DLC, seriously? This is a disgrace! Bioware made 2 fantastic games in Mass Effect and Mass Effec 2 where you controlled Commander Shepard. Your Shepard. In Mass Effect 3 Bioware has taken the commander back. Many choices from the first 2 games have minimal changes with some flat out retconned. The dialogue is gone, even with full decisions on it's like watching a movie instead of an interactive story. Expand
  97. Mar 6, 2012
    Terrible writing, half-baked gameplay, Scrooge-esque DLC issues, and the removal of everything that was likeable about the franchise from before. Bioware is pushing the cart, and EA is cracking the whip.
  98. Mar 6, 2012
    I feel awfully betrayed that the series went from an expansive sci-fi space opera with consequential choices; to a fairly streamlined action adventure with RPG elements. To start its attempts at emotional manipulation are slightly hamfisted, not ineffective but very clumsily implemented and unrelated to my characters background - which at this point I'm pretty sure BioWare have completely forgot that they even wrote. The writing and designs for some characters also seem out of place, Vega ( given his class and VA) is expected to be a bulky man but not the the extent he is a Jersey Shore cast member, the addition of Jessica Chobot and redesign for Ashley also complement this lovely little tan-orange motif. My largest qualm is with the day one DLC - which I outright refuse to purchase - by all means create new characters that are not plot integral but when you write a squad member who is heavily tied to the universes lore and mystique but when you aim to charge an extra $10 for it on top of the games already hefty price tag you know you fit a stereotype. I have no qualm with the love interest system, it was a nice feature in the last few games to add depth to the characters beyond some comments throughout missions, if anything I'd just like to interact with my crewmen without the intention of **** them.

    By no means is the game uninteresting but when measured against the vast and interactive universe of the first it dulls heavily in comparison, I'm not saying don't buy it - I'm just saying try and pick it up as a rental or second hand.
  99. Mar 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Like many others, I have been a ME fan since day 1. All the anticipation and excitement fans had for this game, and Bioware chose to disappoint. Overpriced day one DLC is a pretty low move, but with the CE that is not an issue. And the DLC really makes no true impact on the story. As promised, Bioware lets you really get to know your crew in ME3 - but dialogue seems awkward and forced. Wrap-up stories with your ME2 crewmates seem painfully unrealistic at times. Gameplay is different, but not horrible. The armory system takes some getting used to, and instead of an improvement it seems like an over-complication. What ultimately ruined this game for me and alot of other fans was that, in the end, no matter what you did there is no way to end anything even semi-happily. I'm not looking for happily ever after - it shouldn't end that way, it's a galaxy-wide war- but no matter what ending you choose, everything, all the realtionships you built with your crew, and many of the decisions you've made over the years, mean nothing. It's all thrown away. You can save the galaxy or not save the galaxy - but either way, it's not really *the* galaxy anymore. To tear everyone apart at the end is heartwrenching. (As well as leaving some serious questions about their actual chances of survival, even if they *survive* the end sequence)
    The game may be over, but there is no closure. Could new DLC fix this? I don't know...but the replay value of something you know will never end well is very low.
  100. Mar 6, 2012
    The game is a shadow of Mass Effect 2, which in itself was a shadow of the first Mass Effect. Almost all RPG elements are taken out of the game, even in RPG mode. None of your choices matter at all, in this game or previous games. SPOILERS For example, whether you killed or saved the Rachni Queen in the first game, the reapers either mind control the queen or find a new one, so you have to fight another Rachni Queen no matter what. Also you are forced to either be gay yourself or walk in on two gay crewmembers. I didn't find this to be that big of a deal, but this could negatively effect or even traumatize some children playing the game. I have been playing the game nonstop since I got it last night and just beat it, and I can say that the ending leaks are real. All possible endings are terrible. No matter what, the entire crew of the normandy gets screwed over and either dies or is stranded on a barren planet without any food to die shortly. Shepard dies in all endings but one. In the one ending shepard lives, the entire galaxy is stripped of advanced technology and is practically sent back into the dark ages. END SPOILERS What could have been an amazing trilogy turned into one amazing game with two terrible sequels. The actual game aside, there is a few hundred dollars of DLC and a very important squadmate is only availiable in the collector's edition which costs $10 extra. Unfortunately like this game, Bioware is a shadow of its former self. Please do not support them by buying this terrible game and maybe they'll turn back in the right direction. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 74 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 74
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 74
  3. Negative: 0 out of 74
  1. May 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an emotional rollercoaster ride with lots of tension and moving moments. The threat of the Reapers make every decision a hard one and your relationship with other characters will be tested. This, in combination with tight gameplay, makes this the complete experience.
  2. Apr 26, 2012
    As a bombastic action-RPG with no previous context, Mass Effect 3 is a dark, engaging game with great combat, a well-written story, and all the epic space-opera you could want. But for those who have played through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, it's something much more.
  3. Apr 18, 2012
    The storytelling itself, the more refined combat, the voicework, the visuals, et all, stand as a fine example of some of the best this industry has to offer, and with my minor complaints aside, there's no doubt that Mass Effect 3 will be deservedly at the top of everyone's list come this year's award season.