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  1. Dec 5, 2012
    mass effect is a must play series of games. but this package is a disappointment. yes if you've never played any one of the games this is something you should get. but as some one who has had all three and has traded them in to get other games knowing this was coming out i was disappointed with the lack of DLC. the only DLC content is the same as what you got buying the game new. but this trilogy is beautifully package and is a great deal to new comers of the series. Expand
  2. Nov 28, 2012
    the mass effect games are fantastic. this package however, is anything but. This is typically what is referred to as a CASHGRAB. There is a very limited to nonexistent amount of the dlc that has accompanied the 3 Mass Effect titles...not surprised..but super disappointed.
  3. Apr 12, 2013
    The Mass Effect Trilogy, it can be another cash grab by EA. But I enjoyed it, I may not be a seasoned Mass Effect fan. The Trilogy was a convient, I picked it up the night of the Halo 4 midnight release. I was always interested in the series but I could never see myself buying every single one then playing every single one. But the Trilogy had to be one of the space adventure I have ever experienced, it was my story, my Shepard. Is it worth $60 yes, saves you couple bucks instead of buying each one. However on the other hand you don't get the dlc which was expected because Mass Effect 3 still had DLC to offer. If you already played the trilogy you don't need this, but if you've always been interested then it is worth its price tag with out a doubt. An amazing experience you will not regret it even if it has its mediocre ending but its not about the ending, its the journey you have. This has been a fine review. Expand
  4. Jun 19, 2013
    If you’re looking for an all in all sci-fi adventure, look no further. Mass Effect is your game. As a 3rd person, action/adventure/RPG title, Mass Effect truly embodies the sci-fi genre.
    Beginning the journey as a customized version of Commander Shephard, the player is at the helm of saving the Milky Way Galaxy from imminent catastrophe.
    This trilogy offers an amazing narrative,
    accompanied by a tremendous cast of characters who are voiced masterfully. As an RPG title, the player must make decisions throughout the game and it is these decisions that decide what kind of hero the player is A paragon, or a renegade. Mass Effect is one of the few games that makes one actually want to hear out everything a character has to say as it’s ever interesting to discover new things in this vast universe of planets, alien life, and new technology.
    Throughout the trilogy, the narrative is superb. All 3 games are well satisfactory by the end, especially ME2 which is quite a fabulous cinematic experience. Mass Effect 3, for the most part is epic. Its narrative for 98% of the game is truly engaging, and despite all the trouble ME3 got for its original ending, new players shouldn’t find that unfortunate conclusion as the Extended Cut Ending offers something more satisfying.
    The graphics are outstanding, even for the original, released in 2007. Mass Effect 2 and 3, however, are the ones that stand out the most. It’s beautiful to look at the environments; the level design, for the most part of the games, is so varied and detailed. The lens flares are very J.J. Abrams style and they just give that beautiful aesthetic touch to the game. Cutscenes are also impeccable.
    Gameplay is enjoyable, as the player will find to his or her disposal a varied arsenal of powers and weapons. For the 1st and 2nd games, it’s mostly a cover-shoot system. It’s in ME3 where the player will meet a larger need to use strategy as the levels are much more open and enemy AIs are smarter, especially in hard mode.
    This trilogy, in the big picture, doesn’t suffer of that many big flaws that break the experience. Mass Effect 1 is probably the only game where that feeling of repetitiveness is present. Some level designs, especially side-missions, consist of similar level layouts that can feel overdone at one point. Driving the tank “Mako” at the beginning of certain missions can prove irritating if the player doesn’t save and gets killed, making him/her start the segment over. Mass Effect 2 and 3 thankfully don’t have these problems.
    The Mass Effect franchise is full of sci-fi adventure, and it will touch the player’s heart, sometimes it’s a good feeling, sometimes it can get very sad. By the end it’s a very enjoyable, epic, fun, and satisfactory journey that will be remembered and will have the player come back to experience it over and over again.
  5. Jan 25, 2014
    why aren't more people reviewing this. O saved 60 Australian dollars for this game and it was was every last australian cent this trilogry lasted me more than 50 hours and put me in the grinding decision between liara and tali, the intense story of ME1, the mystery of ME2, and the vilocity of ME3. It is someting to remember. But as always it's not about the ending, it's all about the ride

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