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  • Summary: Mass Effect is a science fiction action-RPG created by BioWare Corp., the commercially and critically acclaimed RPG developer of "Jade Empire," and "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic." As the first human on the galactic stage, you must uncover the greatest threat to civilization. Your job is complicated by the very fact of your humanity, as no one trusts you and you need to find a way to convince everyone of the grave threat. You will travel across an expansive universe to piece the mystery together. As you discover and explore the uncharted edges of the galaxy, you come closer to an overwhelming truth - learning that the placid and serene universe you know is about to come to a violent end and that you may be the only person who can stop it! In addition to the main story arc of the game, players are be able to visit a large number of uncharted, unexplored planets which are side quests independent from the main story. At any time during the campaign, a player can choose to explore one of these planets and have an opportunity to discover new alien life, resources, ruined civilizations and powerful technologies. Talents and abilities are upgradeable and advanced talent options become available at higher levels. Weapons and vehicles are customizable to include various effects, abilities and upgrades using the "X-Mod" system. Each character class have unique talents and abilities which increase in power as the player progresses through the game. [Microsoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 70 out of 74
  2. Negative: 0 out of 74
  1. 100
    Mass Effect certainly has a few flaws, but it's easily the most enthralling space adventure that's ever been created for a video game platform. It honestly makes the Halo narrative look like amateur hour!
  2. 100
    It's a rare thing when a game comes along with the power to move a player emotionally... Mass Effect takes interactive entertainment to breathtaking new heights.
  3. Looks like a movie and plays like a great sci-fi novel. The shooter-based combat system might feel simplistic at first, but it's really a boon that great enhances the pacing of the game. The action is quick and you constantly feel that you're on the move. Mass Effect is just about the best 30 hours of video gaming you can get in 2007. [Dec 2007]
  4. Mass Effect certainly has flaws, but it’s easily the most enthralling space adventure that’s ever been created for a video game platform. It honestly makes the Halo narrative look like amateur hour.
  5. The more time you spend interacting with the characters and the world around you, the more you will enjoy the wonderful experience it has to offer. This is a galaxy truly worth saving.
  6. This isn't for action fans, but instead, those who are looking for an entertaining gaming experience from beginning to end.
  7. 54
    Mass Effect is a serviceable game and there is plenty of fun to be had, just be prepared to be frequently slapped in the face by how inconsistent everything is. Mass Effect is a resoundingly average game in every aspect, which is a complete letdown given BioWare’s history.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 22 out of 382
  1. Sep 1, 2010
    A tear comes to my eye as I think about how best to express the pure joy this game brings. That sense of joy can come from climbing to the top of a mountain on a world at furthest reaches of the galaxy and witnessing an alien sunrise, the stunning and original story line, and even looking down at your feet as you board a cargo ship and see the entire universe below you. All these things can only begin to explain the wonders of this game. Yeah, it's good. Expand
  2. Jun 26, 2011
    Absolutely deserves all of the attention that it got and more, and easy 10/10. And yes, the game is that good. Mass Effect 1 is my 2nd favourite game, the first being the sequel !! Expand
  3. Dec 8, 2012
    As a fan of Star Wars I played Kotor back in 2003 and it was an awesome unique Xbox experience. Not only was the game technically impressive but Bioware had left a mark in RPG's with great storytelling/interface. I never really liked Sci-fi apart from SW and I skipped Mass Effect back in 2007. Even now in Dec 2012 im surprissed to comment that the game looks amazing and Im digging it even more than Kotor. It feels more original and less cumbersome in alot of aspects. Bioware has definitely crafted an interesting universe and Im looking forward to playing the sequels. Expand
  4. Jan 6, 2012
    This is one of the most immersive games you will ever play. The way you are able to interact with other characters and customize the story and experience are delightful. The combat was a little flawed but this was fixed in the sequel. Great game. Expand
  5. Aug 15, 2012
    As a world, as a story, this game executes flawlessly. This is the kind of game that will make you pull all nighters just to find out what will happen next. The combat mechanics aren't the greatest, but that is not the point of a bioware game. Bioware games used to be all about the engrossing character arcs, the progression from lowly peon to the greatest of all time. They were never the best at character animation or gameplay mechanics, but that was all superfluous because there was never a company that made you want to play the game quite like bioware has. This has all changed ever since they sold out their company to ea as is evidenced by the horrendous direction the series has gone in. They have sacrificed the thing that made them unique in order to become a more homogenized game developing machine. Game development used to be a passion for bioware, now it is simply about which corners to cut and which variable should be maximized to gain the biggest market share and blah blah blah, all at the expense of true vision and a passionate, quality product.

    This game and the first dragon age are the swan song of the bioware of old. This is a game everyone who loves consistent, chill-inducing dialogue and a breathtaking universe to explore should play. But for the love of god, stay away from the sequels, the stripped down cash grabs that they are. If you see one, burn it with fire.
  6. Dec 26, 2012
    The first game I ever played on x-box 360. And was surprised at how I've never heard of this game before. It was simply great. The characters, the decisions, the classes, the story, and combat made me enjoy it very much. Expand
  7. Dec 9, 2010
    Why oh why oh why do gamers love this game? Did it come with a free $100 dollar bill with every purchase? This game is mostly reading (and a whole lot of running around) with a little bit of combat here and there, and poorly done combat as well. If the enemy has ANY cover whatsoever, you can't harm them. You can't shoot them from cover either. I don't like being punished for doing the right thing. A game should be played, not read. If I wanted to read I'd buy a book at Barnes and Noble. This game is proof positive that game critics in magazines get paid for giving good reviews to dull games. Expand

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