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  1. May 17, 2012
    The graphics and gameplay capabilities are simply top notch. The detailed gameplay plays fantastically because of of good controls and weapons. Visuals are far from being the most important thing, but its worth mentioning for a title that looks so beautiful. How about the story? Well, its got a great script and and the characters are well developed. This is another satisfactory game from Rockstar. Now that this has been released, can you guys start work on Bully 2? Expand
  2. May 15, 2012
    Finally! Much years for have a new Max Payne, and this third part is really amazing. The graphics are AWESOME!!! the stroy is excellent, and have a great development, the gameplay is perfect, the sound effects cool. Max Payne 3 is an awesome sorprise.
  3. Jun 7, 2012
    You will feel depressed right on the beginning , and that's one of the characteristic of old Max . Leaving the cold to the tropical Brazil , Max Payne still can't surpass his horrible past , thugs and the scums aren't giving Max a good welcome , and they will try to complicate every step that Max makes. Graphically , the engine is probably one of the best out there , and maybe the best looking game from the company of GTA.Movements like jumping , dolphin diving and many other really are impressive . In the story side , i can't say it was the best ( made from Rockstar ) but was quite well written. Expand
  4. Mar 8, 2013
    Max Payne 3 marks the return of the John Mclain of the gaming world, Max Payne, as he ventures through one of the most action packed and well written stories of 2012.
    Max now lives in Sao Paulo for the rich family Branco, he is a bodyguard, a drunk and a painkiller addict. When the family is targeted by people living in the Favelas close to their home Max has to jump back into action to
    find the people responsible for the deaths of his employers and who threaten his life too.
    Max Payne 3's story has been told time and time again, however not as good as MP3 does it. MP3 is heavily cutscene based with all the gameplay taking place during the gunfights. Though this detracts from the experience it only makes the story better and better by giving you such a tight narrative. But when the gameplay does kick in it is one of the most enjoyable third-person shooters you will ever play. Feeling very similar to Gears of War and Spec Ops the Line with very well structured controls and great environments to fight in ranging from airports to clubs.
    Max Payne 3 is not a game you can miss if you like action games, it has something to please everyone.
  5. Dec 4, 2012
    A big improvement over the first two and that's saying alot since I grew up with them. I was waiting for a long ass tiem for them to finally continue the saga of Max Payne and Rockstar hasn''t given me any reason to doubt them. The gameplay, the story, the bullet time and **** like that is way better. Complete badass
  6. Jul 31, 2012
    Alright,I have played through the story twice and played many hours of the wicked multiplayer and come to the conclusion that this is as close to perfect as you can get for a video game.there are no flaws I can see and it's just a enjoyable awesome experience that everybody should play.The first two Max Payne games I played were the xbox versions and they were grade A awesome.This is the next generation of games so of course it's gonna be different.I absolutely love the direction Rockstar went with this game.It has replay value like crazy.If you only played single player with no online I would recommend this to the highest degree.I love when games do that and then the online is amazing and just as good,if not better,then anything out there.Please get this game cause i you dont then you are missing out on the second best thing to come out this year,being Mass Effect 3, is the only game better but I would rate this in the top ten in the last 5 years of video games.Just brilliant!! Expand
  7. May 18, 2012
    Initially I never played any one of the Max Payne games before, so I do not know the gameplay and story of the other games. In May Payne 3, Max is a former policeman and the events take place 9 years after the second game, with the opening showing a low down Max, between alcohol and painkillers, remembering the tragedies of his past, mixing scenes of this and of the present, in his apartment in Brazil.From the Main Menu, we have the options: Story, Arcade, Multiplayer, Settings, Xbox Live Marketplace, with the Social Club fire with Start. Starting a game, we see New, Continue, and Grinds Chapter Select (statistics collectibles) and start a game when you select the difficulty from Easy, Medium, Hard, Hardcore and OldSchool (the last two blocked, released when finished with Hard), and then the targeting system options, from Hard Lock, Soft Lock and Free Aim.The game's graphics are very realistic, with details that go up the pores in the skin of the characters, the graphic details of blood and bruises are ultra-realistic. When you fire the bullet time with the right analog button, the screen goes into slow motion, black and white and can aim at enemies, the shots are realistic too about the damage and injured body part, and we see detailed splashes of blood and bloody footprints, not to mention the occasional Bullet Time itself, with the camera following the bullet's path, as we see in Sniper Elite.I'm from Sao Paulo and I can say that the "recreated" city it's not like that: they mixed São Paulo with Rio de Janeiro, creating a stereotype that many foreign people have of Brazil. We don't have bananas trees everywhere, and the buildings blend several areas of the city, in a fictional version of the city - like other detail like the stereotype image of the people, musical taste and culture of people we have here (yes, we like football, but it's not like a religion). The game's story is being told it with the graphics engine, and and scenes sometimes raw and visually distorted, showing the mental changes in Max, by alcohol and analgesics. Often the scenes go by a comic cut and mixed with cinematic action sequences.In the audio, the game uses orchestrated track, and melancholy narratives, dialogs are very well staged, and have a line of narrative, told by Max, heavy and dense. The voices of the enemies, in Portuguese, are very good, but not so polished: they have a mixed accent of other regions, and some are convincing, other like the actor were reading something (or acting badly) but dubbed dialogs are concise in the dialogs.The action is of a 3rd person shooter with pre-defined scenarios, full of action, with very fluid motion capture: you use the traditional mechanic to advance through the scenarios shooting at enemies and using objects for cover and to jump over them. The scenarios have intense firefights, where you should use Bullet Time to kill the enemies and try not to be killed.The saves the game are of the area of fixed checkpoint kind, and automatic - the good news is that they are very frequent, and usually at the beginning some action sequence, restoring your life.The shots damage scenarios, and it is well done, and each material has a kind of reaction that affects the bullet, for example in a parking lot, was in a shootout, and entered a sequence of Bullet Time, while a shot a thug in the face another shot hit a water pipe that was on the wall, splashing water. The materials react realistically and cartridges fall to the ground.For a comparative example, who has not played Max Payne before, looks like a "Kane and Lynch" in steroids. In shootouts, sometimes entered the Kill Cam, which shows the bullets of different weapons realistically reaching the enemy, and you can make the time pass more slowly with A and continue shooting for more multiple hits.The life is represented by a figure in white, that diminishes, and becomes red to death: there is a partial regeneration, depending on the checkpoints - in most cases you should use the Painkillers with dpad-up or use the Last Stand Kill, where you at brink of death, hits the enemy in Bullet Time and if kill him, gets a lot of life back.The game allows the use of multiple weapons fired in a "wheel" of weapons with LB, and can use a Dual-Wield of different weapons - and in the scenarios we find pieces of golden weapons, which are the collectibles of the game, and course "collectable" statistics (enemies killed by rifles, shot on legs, etc).

    The Multiplayer mode has also been discussed by critics as excellent, I look forward to test it - it have a competitive feature, based on clans and the gameplay based on what we see in the game, complete with Bullet Time and Kill Cams.Overall this is another great work of Rockstar, a great 3rd person shooter, with great graphics and well written story, and an incessant action, which although not innovative, promises a great game full of action until the end.
  8. Oct 31, 2012
    This is truly a fantastic game. Max Payne 3 is a great shooter with an extremely fascinating script and storyline that totally succeeds in delivering a perfect noir tale! The pacing is just the right speed and I personally had no trouble playing this game nonstop for more than a couple of hours. The graphics, full of detail and constantly very colorful and at times and very beautiful.
  9. Oct 29, 2012
    All that i can say about this game is that it is exactly what I've come to expect from Rockstar. Play through single player once and a little multiplayer - very polished - addictive gameplay and awesome multiplayer. Must buy
  10. Oct 18, 2013
    its a incredible game
    one the best third person shooter than i have played
    max payne 3 its so unforgable
    it has a lot of good things.
    bullet time is awesome and the graphics are amazing
  11. Oct 31, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is the best linear third person shooter i have ever play, anyone that say this game suck is simply stupid, this game puts every other 3rd person shooter to shame, well, except Uncharted that is.
  12. Nov 5, 2012
    A true cinematic gaming masterpiece, Max Payne 3 is not just another triumph for Rockstar, but it's also testament to what the developer can do when it turns its hand to linear storytelling. Max Payne 3 might be a stylistic shift for the series, but it's also a raw and brutal portrait of a man pushed to the edge that deserves a place alongside Rockstar's superlative open-world efforts. Get ready to enter a world of Payne. Expand
  13. May 22, 2012
    Despite the sort of conventional feeling 'last boss' climax, this is one brilliantly made game. The gameplay forces you to come up with a strategy on how to defeat your enemies, because their aim is good too, and it doesn't take that many bullets to kill Max (unless of course you have a bunch of pain killers stashed up). The game enforces perfect aiming when in battle - every shot counts - and this, with the insane amount of enemies that surround you, is no easy feat. I loved how the scenes blended in with the gameplay and that the game's loading was hardly apparent (unless of course you quit, restarted, or beat the game) - otherwise it's nearly seamless. The game's writing is beautiful and the story is simply fantastic. Expand
  14. Sep 11, 2012
    The only thing that kept me playing this game was the joy of sharing another one way walk into Hell with Max. Max is Dirty Harry, John Mclane, The Punisher and all the other 'too dumb to quit' good guy cops rolled into one. Gameplay 4. Graphics 4. Voiceover 8. MAX PAYNE 10. I may have fallen through a roadway in a graphical glitch that saw me looking up at a ghost city from beneath. I may have gone crosseyed fighting the umpteenth lookalike badguy in the umpteenth lookalike location. I may be frustrated that it takes a half a clip of 7.62 FMJ rounds to stop a badguy goon standing up again after I shot him once. But, hey MAX is back and thats good enough for me. As max says "There it was, the soundtrack to my life, and, for a few seconds, came harmony, finally". Expand
  15. Jun 15, 2012
    the best narrative and voice-acting I've experienced in the last 2 years in a videogame, Caffrey's voice and narration will doubtlessly shock you. The soundtrack is pretty nice and electronic. The controllers are a bit awkward but yeah
  16. Oct 11, 2012
    Without having another Max Payne game under my belt but having watched Man on Fire and the Max Payne I think I have different expectations and perception of this game than most people do. I really liked it! I thought the slow mo gunning down people was fantastic so much that I picked up other games after and was annoyed that it was too fast and I couldn't be as much of a bad ass. I never really got bored of the weapons even though it felt like I was constantly using the same weapons. The ammo scarcity was really great to the point that you were cautious about making your ammo count but not to the point that was it was debilitating if you overextended ammo here and there. The story is really what stood out to me. While I would normally argue that the cutscenes were long and frequent it was paired with commentary throughout the missions that made it melt together fairly seamlessly. Visually the game looked really good, nothing groundbreaking, but just really good. The atmosphere was perfect. At times you were a high rolling body guard bad ass at a cool location and other times you were a grimy piece of **** blasting your way though people. I know people were bothered by how the character didn't seem like a real Max Payne, but having not played the originals, and assuming the movie wasn't entirely accurate to the character in the games I really didn't have a clear vision of who Max Payne was. After playing Max Payne 3 I can say this, he is a harsh bitter ol alcoholic who will mow through the bad guys; most importantly, I like him. Expand
  17. Apr 28, 2013
    This game is amazing!The story is great,the combat is so much fun and the multiplayer is pretty good.Even thought the game is really cheap in stores.It's totally worth the money.
  18. Aug 26, 2012
    I really enjoyed playing Max Payne 3 both the story and online multiplayer are solid and will keep you busy for hours.

    First of all, the campaign was very good, and its story was top notch. This is by far one of the best campaigns I have ever seen in a recent title. The campaign is also long, but there isn't any replay vaule to be had.

    Multiplayer is also very solid. I have not had
    a single disconnected game since I got it. Although I have to admit there is a very high number of lag switchers on there and there is also some weapon balancing issues. However regardless of these issues multiplayer is very fun to play. Graphically the game is fantastic, not as good as those found in Skyrim, but up at the very top. The textures, animations and character models are all top notch. Overall this is one of the few modern games that has both a decent single player and multiplayer. Rockstar have done a great job with this title. Expand
  19. Jun 16, 2012
    An astonishing experience of a Single Player game: Max Payne 3 massively delivers a postmodern, hyper-real, ultra violent, realistic blast of pop culture shoot 'em up for 2012. Standing on its own as a complete story, Rock Star delivers a video game shooter experience loaded with reverence to 80s films by Michael Mann, Brian De Palma and even some hard boiled Hemingway dialogue with enough Sam Peckinpah shoot outs to dizzy, engage and shock. It's also fresh and new, with a very shocking plot that reaches for a level of realism that video games(or even films) have yet to tackle. This game elevates the genre on dozens of levels. Expand
  20. May 15, 2012
    Max Payne is always been one of my most favourite franchises and this sequel is the best of the picking, with slick visuals, great shootouts and SLOW MOTION. You will have a lot of fun and with absence of loading screens it brings a breath of fresh air to cinematic games. With about 12 hours single player and a ton of replayability as well as two arcade type modes you won't get bored on your own. If you do then you have multi-player which is amazingly fun and challenging. There is not regenerative health in the single player and it is hard so if you are expecting a call of duty, look elsewhere. Expand
  21. Mar 23, 2013
    It's been awhile since I've invested this many playthroughs into a single-player campaign. So far, I've run through the entire Max Payne 3 story now a total of four times and I plan on giving it another run as well. That's just how good it is. The rock-solid gunplay and mechanics when combined with the gritty and engaging narrative makes this easily one of the best experiences out there. The third outing in the Max Payne series primarily takes place in Brazil, although there are some flashback missions to Max's hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey. I was a little reluctant to play through a Max Payne game that was not taking place in a gritty, winter-blanketed city but I was very surprised at how attached I became to the new environment. The game looks fantastic and the blood effects shown in slow-mo never become stale. The gunplay is very tight, although there is a larger emphasis on utilizing cover than in previous Max Payne games, but it never feels out of place. If you're looking for a realistic shooter with a protagonist that is afraid to get shot, look elsewhere. This game places you in the shoes of one of the most badass action heroes in the history of gaming and it's not embarrassed to do so in any way. From diving out of a in-mid-air motorboat and blasting away numerous gangsters all the way to taking down entire SWAT teams with a single weapon, it's clear that Rockstar's intention was to make you feel as empowered as possible. However, that's not to say that the game is easy. In fact, Max Payne 3 is one of the more challenging games that I've played in recent memory. Enemies on higher difficulties are ridiculously accurate and never hesitate to bum-rush your cover if the opportunity arises. The AI can be brutally intelligent, utilizing these bum-rushing abilities at the most inconvenient times. If you go to reload, don't be surprised to see a few enemies instantly begin moving to flank you. Enemies also have a nasty habit of remaining in cover the moment you pop out to fire at them, which makes some of the later firefights unfair. If you have never played a Max Payne game before, you're in luck. While Max Payne 3 does touch back a few times to the previous entries, the events of the first two games is irrelevant to the storyline of the third one. However, it definitely helps to have played at least one of the previous titles, as they give you more background as to why Max is such a sullen and careless protagonist and why he has such substance-abuse problems. The story in the third Max Payne isn't perfect. It occasionally meanders and reveals pointless details in the overall plot that, as a player, you really just don't need to know. The entire story is also somewhat confusing, with bits and pieces coming out here and there that really fail to cohesively fit together. It will take several playthroughs for you to really grasp the entire concept of the storyline. Voice acting is absolutely superb and the actor that plays Max really shines. The narrative really captures Max's disgruntled mind and conveys to the player just how much pain a man can go through before he breaks. There's also an abundance of challenges to complete as well as awesome collectibles like golden weapons for those who fancy collecting things. Additional arcade modes and the New York Minute mode also add to the entire single-player package so there is no shortage of fun for those who shy away from online. However, if you do choose to play online, you will be greeted with essentially the same material that most other online games boast. You have custom classes, perks, and additional titles to unlock as you gain rank-ups. Stats and progression are intact and additional cosmetic unlockables are available as well. I was actually surprised at how fun the online was. Servers are great and there was never any lag when playing any of the game modes that are available. Unfortunately, the only drawback is the scant amount of players that are actually playing the online. At any given moment, there are probably around 1,500 total players online on a good day. If you can tolerate the small population online and sometimes longer-than-necessary matchmaking, an enjoyable experience is to be found. Overall, Max Payne 3 is one of the best games I've played in awhile. The single-player experience is an absolute joy and there is so much content to be had for perfectionists that grant many hours of gameplay. If you can tolerate the small amount of players online, then the multiplayer is also a rewarding feature. If you're a fan of the series or shooters in general, I highly recommend this game. Even if you're new to the franchise, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  22. May 18, 2012
    What makes Max payne 3 so great is that it stays true to the older games while still feeling new and fresh. When it comes down to the graphics, animations, and very addictive gameplay its pure gaming gold. Max payne 3 is one of the best games to come out this year and should be expirenced by any gamer. The only thing i diddent really enjoy is that it is very linear. Like the parts where it shows Max drinking in his appartment why dont we get to play that part instead of just watching it in a cutscene. But anyway it is a fantastic game. Expand
  23. Mar 17, 2014
    Pros: Great story, about regret and guilt and overcoming obstacles. Amazing shooting mechanics, makes it top of it's class. Great protagonist. Presentation with cutscenes and how there aren't any loading screens are really well done. Intense shoot outs. Great missions, and a really good length of 12 hours. Difficulty settings are really well done. Bullet time, and shoot dodge are just plain cool.
    Graphics are fantastic and really detailed environments.

    Last mission could of been better. Threw way too much enemies at you, made it a bit unrealistic
  24. May 25, 2012
    I'm from Brazil, and the rich details on all levels and favelas is amazing. I don't live on favela, but i know places like that, and Rockstar did ONE MORE TIME a perfect job. Many lessons learned with Uncharted, but MP3 but the shooter on another high level.
  25. May 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The story is one of the hallmarks of this game. As Rockstar just opened Max Payne's life and filled it with despair, death, and pain as his journey through Brazil, New York, and Panama just got even worse by the second. After having his wife and child taken from him, his life fell apart and he was reduced to painkillers and alcohol. Then after getting the mod to hunt him down it was time he left Hoboken with his new friend and partner, Passos. Getting into private security for a rich wealthy family he thought he could escape and live without a crosshair on his back till extremist and gangs started hunting them down. But soon after people of the family get kidnapped and held hostage, Max finds himself in the binds of a moral choice to save them. This game is a rollercoaster of action and characters. As it takes you from the high society of wealth down to the lowest vermin infested favelas where action seems to drive you through this game.

  26. May 23, 2012
    Straight up amazing. As a fan of the original two games which I still have and played in the weeks before the release of 3 I can honestly say this game blows me away. The visuals are fantastic as is just about everything else from the narrative to the controls. You are quite literally the death dealer personified thanks to the fantastic bullet time Rockstar has implemented in this iteration of the series. The cut scenes are gorgeous and done with fantastic visual effects that depict Max's internal struggle with his addiction and demons from the past. Everything is just over the top. I honestly was not expecting much from the multiplayer in this game as I bought it for the story and single player campaign but again Rockstar has delivered the goods in a big way. The maps are great, although they could use a few more but it's early still. There are tons of customization options for your characters and weapons. They also have a great perk system based on adrenaline from kills that has 3 levels of effect for each perk. All of the options combine to allow you to create fantastic load outs for your character. If you are a long time fan of Max or even if you have never played the series before MP3 is a MUST have for any gamer. Expand
  27. Jul 16, 2012
    I am going to rate this game solely on the campaign because the only reason why this game was purchased by me and made into a game was because of the AMAZING CAMPAIGN. All I can say is it was a HELL OF A RIDE! Not only was the gameplay amazing but the story kept me glued to the monitor. The campaign was CRAZY long and a straight shot through took me all day (10+ hrs on hard). I tried some of the multiplayer and let me tell you it ain't bad either. I cant wait to get back on! EASY 10 Expand
  28. May 16, 2012
    This game, once you get the controls down to where you are comfortable moving around, taking cover, etc. is definitely worth checking out. I have always been happy with Rockstar because they give you $60 worth of a game. I enjoyed Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, and L.A. Noire. All of these titles were worth their price. Surprisingly, the campaign in this game kept me guessing. I expected to go in guns blazing most time, but sometimes things happened that weren't like anything I guessed. The multiplayer is also worth checking out. The ease of play within the multiplayer part of the game surprised me also. Most games have camping, elite players, etc. This game encourages everyone to play, and you are rewarded for doing so. Overall, this game is worth playing. Expand
  29. May 22, 2012
    Sure Max got a new look, he´s older now but not rusty enough to stop shooting bad guys with style, again. The only bad point for me is that using cover is much better than jumping around and use bullet time, this and the long cut scenes are a big difference to the first 2 games, that only had comic-strips between the chapters. The story and the characters are very cool, the graphics could be better but I love them because they´re really beautiful and when you play Max Payne 3 you feel like your in an John Woo-movie. The game-play is fast-paced and the controls feel very smooth. The sound is just perfect and the voice acting is great too. When I bought the game I did´nt thought about it`s multiplayer-part at all, but after 2 playthroughs I tried it out and now I´m addicted to it`s great multiplayer-mode. You can unlock and then buy lots of weapons and you can then unlock mods for them. In addition there are so called "bursts" (for example bullet time) and equipment-slots, helmets and body-armors. You can also play with to one handed weapons, for example an Mac 10 in your left and an desert eagle in your right, just imagine that. haha... Max Payne 3 is just fantastic and surely a must-have! Expand
  30. May 15, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is Totally Awesome in every way.
    Now I was never a fan boy of this series way back in the XBOX/PS2 day's,but so far I'm loving everything this game has to offer.The single player is fun with great Voice acting and awesome gun play.the story does start off kinda boring, but after awhile Max Payne 3 is all out guns blazing balls to you're face action that doesn't hold you're
    hand.Ohh and let's talk about the multi-player *which is Totally AWSOME*there was allot of love put into the multi-player It's waaay to addicting and the lvl up system is a great addition to the none stop action on screen.If I could give this game a 9.75 I would But instead I'm giving Max Payne 3 a 9 out of 10.this is a contender for Game of the Year. Expand
  31. May 18, 2012
    Campaign is nice, im 4 hours into it and its good, but the multiplayer is fantastic, i should give this game a 10 because of the trolls giving it a 4 or less but whatever, if you like third person shooters and online shooters this is a must buy, i dont give 2 **** what everybody else says this game is a solid 9 and that the end of it.
  32. Jun 4, 2012
    Best third person shooter ive ever played(.) amazing graphics, and amazing story. Max is now my fav. Video game character. The best part of the game is the slow motion (bullet time) this is achieved by geting kills, and filling up your meter.. Then you can use it... Diving of biuldings, and down staircases in slow mo is awsome. And the story is good.. They some how managed to integrate the bullet time into multiplayer.. It sounds crazy, but if you get enough kills, u can put everyone else in slow mo. The multiplayer isnt as good as the single, but is still good. Alot of customizing, and abilitys. I loved this game. Expand
  33. May 16, 2012
    Man on Fire: The Video Game. That's really my assessment of Max Payne 3. It's like Denzel's classic movie but with Max Payne and a different kidnapped girl. All the beats are pretty much the same but the game kicks bareknuckle ass. I booted up the game and started playing on Hard difficulty. Having not played Max Payne in a while it took a while to adjust to the controls and the AI was pretty tough to beat at first on this difficulty so I felt frustrated and wasn't really into the game. But as this train gets chugging along man oh man does it NEVER STOP. And I mean it, the relentless pace of Max Payne 3 is without question insane. If there's not a cutscene going on then bet your ass there is a balls to the wall shootout or a ingeniously designed action set piece to dazzle your eyes and boggle your mind. It's like Rockstar is trying to channel there inner Naughty Dog with this effort. And for the most part they succeed. Where they fail, is in the graphics for me. And before you jump my bones, let me explain. Alot of the game is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Particularly Max Payne's rendering himself and some of the locales (like when Max switches to that Hawaiin shirt and battles gangs in the slums....GORGEOUS. However, there are FAR TOO MANY framerate jumps and poor textures in this game. And some of the animations look just as bad as they did on GTA4. And that was made five years ago. And the nonstop shootouts CAN get just a tad repetitive although they are a blast to play. Aside from that, where Max Payne 3 really shines is in it's characterization and character development of it's lead hero. This is INCREDIBLY well done. You literally feel like you're in the mind of Max. You feel his pain, his frustration, his addiction, his regret, his inner demons and turmoul. You feel sorry for the guy. So when he kicks ass, you're rooting for him. That's one helluva accomplishment. The flashbacks are brilliantly done as well. All in all the game is seriously fun. The second best shooter I've played this Gen behind the Uncharted series and another GREAT game in the Rockstar library. These guys are just ALWYAS delivering the goods. Expand
  34. Aug 10, 2012
    I've awaited the return of Max Payne for so long and I was not disappointed at all. Max Payne is a stunning game. It has amazing graphics and shooting. The bullet time is better than ever. The story is dark and depressing with what I thought was a very simple and effective ending. It has one of the more sophisticated stories of 2012. I recommend this to fans of games.
  35. Dec 31, 2012
    Great storyline and decent game play keep Max Payne alive and worth your while. I picked up the special edition at Gamestop on sale for $20.00. This package is well worth the price. I am addicted to this game and the story has me coming back for more. This game is well written and as always a little twisted with the characters choices.
  36. Jul 5, 2012
    As a huge fan of the Max Payne series, I can honestly say I love MP3. From the great story telling, to the awesome visual style, to the execution of gameplay, MP3 is a great game that deserves praise in almost every area. I say almost because having been such a big Payne fan, I still have not touched multiplayer since that has never been the push of the series. I have no problem with it, but still cannot bring myself to dive into it as I fear it may not live up to the how great the campaign is. Still, I would expect it to be as action packed as the rest of the game. Expand
  37. Nov 2, 2012
    Slow mo violence never looked and felt so good. MP3 is an incredible game with an amazing single player story that will have you travelling all over the world. The games mechanics are spot on, coupled with the superb bullet-time game and you have yourself the best action movie shot on a 6mm camera. The design is killer, and gameplay feels rewarding. This isn't one of those FPS shooters that just pushes you through making you feel frustrated and pressured. No, instead in MP3 after every kill you feel a bit of satisfaction and reward for accomplishing a "diving-double head shot in slow-mo". This game has outdone itself both technically, and with the encompassing storyline. MP3 is a buy! A must buy. Get it! :3 Expand
  38. May 15, 2012
    well,the main thing a person looks in any product is that it should be a fun experience worth playing. Max Payne 3 is all of that and much more.It is a game more focused on story as all the previous max Payne's have been and packs satisfying gunplay to boot.It may not be THE BEST third person shooter out there but max payne 3's gameplay and story lives up to expectations with multiplayer being a riot. So if you want to play something fun with a serious storyline as well as gr8 multiplayer,max payne 3 is the game to get. Expand
  39. May 27, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is a great game and contains loads of fun. The singleplayer story is well written and voice acted, again Rockstar games raises the bar for what I think is a good 3rd person shooter. The gameplay is really fun and the realistic guns add a lot to the game. As I said before the story is awesome, Rockstar proves that you can have a gritty noir game in a city that is foreign. To add to the overall package the multiplayer is also very fun and will keep you playing for lots of hours to unlock guns. Max Payne 3 is one of the best games this year and if you miss out on it your going to regret it. Expand
  40. May 23, 2012
    I beat the original Max Payne when I was in high school and have been a long time fan for many years. I just finished Max Payne 3 and it's amazing. Everything is good about the game but the story is the best part, you really feel like you are Max and you're making a stand. Buy this game, you won't regret it!
  41. Aug 29, 2012
    For being a linear story game Max Payne feels like open world. I mean that in a sense that no matter how many times the same thing you do in each chapter or level it doesn't feel the same, and actually very fun and cinematic feel. I give the story pacing a very good 9/10, the only reason why it didn't get 10/10 is because it felt rushed at the last minute. Then the character development is extremely good for a game. You fell for Max and you want him to win, ironically he doesn't all the time which makes for good plot twist often very depressing. I would give characters and character development a 10/10 and plot 10/10, both did really well because of how serious the game felt without being like a soap opera, with the terrible acting and stupid plot twist. Then the multiplayer is really good too. I mean it is really balanced and gang wars is interesting and alot of replyability and bullet time. The only thing holding it back is that leveling up can sometimes feel like a long time. Now the only thing that is really drops the score for me is character mobility. Now i decided to score this because of two reasons. One is that they had a huge budget to spend and it is a linear game to details like this can often make or break a linear game. Two is because it is very important aspect because max Payne is a hard game, and often cover to cover is the only way to survive especially in multiplayer. Now i know in campaign Max isn't some Ezio and he can't really do parkour or barrel rolls with ease or anything like that but when it comes to multiplayer it feels like my guy no matter how heavy or like he/she is, it still feels like a big tank and somewhat slow which feels very awkward, and at times it feels like my avatar just ate 3 big macs with large fries. So unfortunately because of multiplayer character control i have to give character feel a 6/10. Its good in campaign but in multiplayer it can be really frustrating. Now adding up the scores this game receives 45/50 or a 9/10 for me. Expand
  42. May 17, 2013
    For me personally, this could easily be the best pure-bred shooter of all time. The content of the story is nothing new but the context is superb. The variety of settings is great. The narrative arc of MP3 is a predictable one but the shooting mechanics are insanely good. It is all about the violence. This is the closest that any game has gotten to matching those shootouts we know and love from films like Heat, Leon, Collateral, Die Hard, Under Siege etc.

    Play it on Hard/Hardcore, it will rile you but the adrenaline will flow. Admittedly Max Payne 3 only does one thing, but nobody does it better.
  43. Aug 27, 2012
    At first I was a little apprehensive in the knowledge that the series had now gone to Sao Paulo, but Rockstar's writing certainly assuaged my fears. They knew what they were doing when they took Max and sent him on an odyssey through a land where the fabulously rich live beside the crushingly poor. Gunplay is fantastic, and the animation keeps you in the action all the way. Play this game, it'll take you for one hell of a ride. Expand
  44. Mar 12, 2014
    This game is amazing....awesome graphics,voice acting, gun fight and else...but still not better than Max Payne 2....the multiplayer si really fun too...but the story it aint that good(max payne 1 and 2 was 10 times better ) be honest sao paulo as place to fight is not that good as New York (that few missions in new york are the best missions in the game)....max payne 3 its a masterpiece but the not perfect...a 9 from me Expand
  45. May 17, 2012
    Really love Max Payne 3 a lot. I am on chapter 3 of the single player and it has me so engaged. I can't recall the last time I was into a single player of game this much (Maybe Bulletstorm). The multiplayer is really fun as well. I think this is for sure a must own game. Even if your not super big on shooters you will enjoy it due to it's great story, cut scenes, graphics and voice acting.
  46. Jun 22, 2013
    This is good and excellent game it gets half of the things right for a good game but accept it has one flaw that holds it back one those very annoying visual effects uhh every second it felt like I was in Kane and Lynch uhh I hate those things but you must by this title because it introduces you. You have a very good battles but this a game you must buy not let it slip off your hands.
  47. May 18, 2012
    Forget that guys that doesn't know appreciate different ways to present a game. Max Payne 3 have the most recent way to tell us a excellent cinematographic story and a terrific graphics. This game will be remember as one of the better games in 2012. I know that this is no a GOTY (maybe), but is in the level of any good game in this year. Thanks Rockstar for this excellent game and thanks Remedy for create Max Payne. Expand
  48. May 15, 2012
    This is truly a fantastic game. Max Payne 3 is a great shooter with an extremely fascinating script and storyline that totally succeeds in delivering a perfect noir tale! The pacing is just the right speed and I personally had no trouble playing this game nonstop for more than a couple of hours. The graphics, full of detail and constantly very colorful and at times and very beautiful as well. The characters, brimming with interesting personality traits all while delivering quick, intriguing, and sometimes very funny lines. The action and gameplay, a huge amount of fun that never grows tiring and always works well and correctly. And Max Payne himself, as engaging and engrossing a character as ever while also being voiced wonderfully by James McCaffrey. With an endlessly fun multiplayer and an incredibly involving story this comes up to make this game is yet another triumph to add to Rockstar's list! Expand
  49. Jul 15, 2012
    The fact of the matter is that the only way to really appreciate and avoid some valid criticisms of Max Payne 3, one must see this game as more of a new envisioning of the franchise. What made the original game stand out aside from the bullet time gameplay was minute details; the fact that groups of enemies had hilarious conversations between each other, or the ingenious narrative with catchy phrases that practically defines the noir genre, and the entire dark shades and tones that overtook the graphics- Max Payne 3 does not so much do away with these things as update and modernize the series to meet the standards of today.

    For some players, immersion may be instantaneous from the hook, and for others, it may take longer, and there may be those who essentially give up because they find it mundane, however; the game is best seen like a playable movie that, by the second disc, truly shines: The narrative becomes more astute, the character of Max Payne becomes polished, and the story begins to pick up with quite some twists and turns.

    The gameplay is so refined that this game is the pinnacle of its genre and with the graphics and attention to detail being by far the best for action shooters thus far, Max Payne 3 truly shines as the must have and must play for anyone who wants an experience beyond anything out in the market.

    Another important note is the surprising amount of replay value and goodies, such as collectible
  50. May 15, 2012
    graphic in this game is great but it isn t the best ever,gameplay and AI is REALY THE BEST EVERRRRRR,game is short but story is great I so love this game keep up the good work Rockstar
  51. May 24, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is probably the best 3rd person shooter I have ever played. I know with it being a Rockstar game you're expected to get a well developed, an outstanding quality product and an immersive experience, Rockstar certainly have done this.

    To me MP3 makes you actually care about the characters involved in the story especially MP himself, not many games can make you feel emotional
    for the protagonist or what is happening around them, once again Rockstar deliver for what their renowned for and thats focusing on giving the audience the best experience possible from the campaign. A lot of people are complaining about the cutscene transition, as far as I'm aware this have never been done in a game before and it works so well, there is a good balance of gameplay and cutscences (I didn't notice there being so many cutscenes that most of the game is based around watching rather than playing?) you never feel lost as to what is happening and it's really immersive how you suddenly become involved in the frantic shootouts. I personally don't feel Rockstar have taken away the core of the MP nostalgia, if anything they have developed on it and embraced it and have made it something their own which to me is a great thing, because we all know that the MP franchise (if they continue with any sequels) is in good hands and they will never dissapoint. The multiplayer aspect of the game is a nice and interesting concept because the previous MP games didn't have the kind of technology or experience to discover how bullet time could work in multiplayer. It's a lof of fun and quite addictive and just feels like a scale downed version of GTA 4 with bullet time but that's not a bad thing.

    However the real main reason to pick this game up is for the single player, anyone whom is a MP fan or is new to the series, I reccommend this game without shadow of a doubt you will not be disappointed.
  52. May 21, 2012
    Max Payne bring back memories, Max Payne 2 was one of my favorite games, I've been waiting for this game and hoped that it will not suck.
    what do you know, I was right, this game.. this game is god damn awsome.
    the animation of Max really makes you feel like you are Max, the graphics are very good but there is some low detail graphics here and there I believe it is because of the limited
    power of the console and not the actual game.
    the gameplay is.. amazing, one of the best - if not the best gun play I've played. the enemies feels aware and the AI is changed based on what kind of enemy it is - oh and btw this game made me learn - flak jacket is one hell of protection.
    the sound and voice acting is very good, same old max, dark depressed and sarcastic.
    the multiplayer have lots to unlock and load of challenges to complete, the mods are fun to play and bursts make the game interesting.
    I will not spoil the story - I will end it here.
    this game is great, buy it, play it, have a lot of fun with it.
  53. May 23, 2012
    this game is addictive and lots of fun. I enjoyed the story(although some might find it a bit predictable), the combat is also great(although, I would have liked to be able to carry a few more weapons, and at least 1 or 2 explosives). The only problem I had with it is that I couldn't put it down and now I am finished with the game (only 4 days after I got it). Though, I can see me playing it again sometime in the future. Collapse
  54. Jul 13, 2012
    What a game. It reinvents what it created to begin with. Pure innovation. Great to the point it feels like a movie. Online play isn't your regular Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but it does try.
  55. May 18, 2012
    What an amazing game! Im a huge fan of remedy and max payne, and rockstar have done a great job!
    Even if you havent played max payne , this is the best TPS of this generation...

    Fantastic story, fantastic gameplay...sound is amazing.

    Go buy it now!
  56. May 19, 2012
    Rockstar has done it again! Max Payne 3 is just another great game that Rockstar has developed! The gameplay is very smooth, and transactions from gameplay to cutscene or cutscene to gameplay is very well done as it is the smoothest that I have ever played. I did not play any of the earlier Max Paynes so I was a little bit worried that I would be lost in the story. Thankfully this wasn't the case I was able to pick the game up and play, as well as know what was going on. The multiplayer is extreamly addicting and fun to play. With so many different modes like, Gang Wars, Team Deathmatch, and just plain old deathmatch (free for all) THE VERDICT: Max Payne 3 is a great game and I suggest that everyone go out and buy it. The game is even better with friends. Nothing like kicking back with a couple of buddies and playing some Gang wars (which will give you alot of cash, and XP! Stay thirsty gamers Expand
  57. May 16, 2012
    I have never played a Max Payne game before but this game intrigued me and boy am I glad I bought it! If anyone is doubting buying this because they've never played the series, buy it because it is loads of fun. The story is very cinematic and has a great premise. The story immerses you into the game and makes you want to keep playing. The multiplayer is fun as well but its more fun if you play with a crew. Overall its a pretty good game and I recommend it to anyone who likes third person shooters or shooters in general. Graphics are a 9/10, gameplay is a 10/10, lasting appeal is a 9/10, and story is a 10/10 Expand
  58. Jun 3, 2012
    It's Rockstar game but it's far from GTA or RDR. Some complain about the cinematics frequency but for me this game is like good, adult action movie and I definitely like such story driven gameplay. I am a fan of first Max Payne but this game couldn't (and shouldn't) resemble that classic. Instead we've got modern gameplay mechanics combined with great story of redemption and revenge. Max may be older but he's still badass. Expand
  59. Aug 2, 2012
    The game is amazing.The story is well worth playing multiple times and the "In A New York Minuet" Mode make it very fun to play and compete against other player's time.The multiplayer can get a bit frustrating at times but I played it and never got mad that my team lost because I was having so much fun.The bullet time feature in multiplayer is amazingly fun and works very well.But the game does have its flaws,some players do cheat in online and the story is very hard to follow if you're a new comer to the Max Payne story.The multiplayer will need a little time to get the hang of but other than that the game is amazingly fun. Expand
  60. Aug 21, 2012
    I was skeptical whether I would like this Rockstar game at first but soon found out that this is a worthwhile game to play through once or twice. The graphics are about what you would hope for in a title at this point in current gen games. The bullet time effect and kill cam can make you feel like a true action hero at times and once you get used to the somewhat annoying controls, you\'ll find yourself rolling in and out of cover positions about as gracefully as you can expect a middle aged, drunken; out of shape bad ass can. The controls and cover system definitely aren\'t ad precise as say GR: Future soldier, however Max Payne isn\'t exactly the special forces type. Despite the somewhat wonky controls the story flows seamlessly from one chapter to the next. It gives you a glimpse into Max\'s life and shows the depths of his sorrow. All in all it\'s a lot of fun. Expand
  61. May 19, 2012
    This is probably the best action game i have played in a long, long time. The Graphics is ok, but the story is awesome, the characters are interesting and the engine the game uses if freaking amazing!

    I love Max Payne 3. Maybe some dont and i really dont understand that, i would say that every Max Payne fan will love this game.

    I will give it 10 because there to many being totally
    unreasonable. This game deserves the best score possible. There are too many games out there, which sucks, Max Payne 3 needs to be recognized and remembered as one of the really good action games. Expand
  62. Jul 2, 2012
    Rock star Games did an amazing job on this game. The campaign is intense, fun, action packed. You get right into the story and don't want to stop playing. Only bad thing i noticed of the story is it hard to go back to the main menu, kinda long cut scenes. Multiplayer is crazy good, its balanced, lots of weapons and customization. Beautiful graphics and good realistic actions to the multiplayer. When a grenade goes off you get thrown back from the explosion. You get shot in the leg you fall over or stumble. Overall the game has fun game play, good graphics, realistic features no other game has. Expand
  63. Feb 5, 2013
    I love this game so much the gunplay is so much fun and the story is one of mt favorite ever i love max and passos and the graphics are good to the gameplay is so much fun even if it gets almost to hard at the end but this game is so good
  64. Jun 24, 2013
    Max Payne 3 is all of that and much more.It is a game more focused on story as all the previous max Payne's have been and packs satisfying gunplay to boot.It may not be THE BEST third person shooter out there but Max Payne 3's gameplay and story lives up to expectations with multiplayer being a riot. The game is great fun and the multiplayer is very unique to any other third person shooters.
  65. May 15, 2012
    This game is simply awesome. We have been waiting too long for new maxe payne but we made it and as the result is very good game with nice graphic and with good gameplay. Story is not longer as it can be but still good. Max gets little bit older but he can still shoot and with combination of bullet time and story you get nice continue of previous chapter.
  66. Jun 2, 2012
    This game is GREAT! No way around it, the action is fast and fluid. The cinematography is the best to date in video games along with the animations which are also top notch. The graphics will wow you more than once, many times I found myself getting distracted with backdrops and general attention to detail. Also sound will blow you away with fantastic voice acting and bullets whizzing by your head. Sometimes in the middle of playing you will have a movie play halting the action, it throws you off but when you realize its in the place of a loading screen now I wait for the load screens because there so damn good. Multi-player is a normal suite in Max Payne 3 but does well with switching it up with gang wars, crap ton of unlocks to improve your game also many bursts like slow-mo and health upgrades. Point is you need to by this game, you can see the polish and time the developers put into this game and it is a ride worth going on. Expand
  67. May 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love this game, at first I was a little afraid of them going to a more sunny location and that max was bald and me thinking he was a drunk & depressed person, but BOY was I wrong when I got the game. Graphics is nice, story is extremely well done and the gameplay is fun. All the complains about that there is to much cut scenes and sh*t, makes me dissapointed, the Max Payne franchise is based on heavy usage of cut scenes and them dragging out for a bit, that's because of the BIG story they are trying to tell, and not some half baked COD story that makes no sense after the first few hour's.

    My only complaint has to be the ending, I felt that it did not give enough closure and also that it was the shortest cut scene of all of the ones that was in the game. They could really have putted a few minutes with him saying why he went were he went and what he is going to do from now on and out.

    But anyway, I also have to talk a little about multiplayer. I did not play much of it because of me not getting into matches, all it did was creating a new match with me alone and nobody coming in to it. However I did get into 3 matches and of what I did play I have to say that it is promising and the maps are well build't. Not to big and not to small.

    I give this a 10/10! If you're a big suc*er for R* games like me then you have to get this. If not then get it because of the excellent story line that R* have put together, but I have to warn you if you don't like cut scenes much, then this game may not be something for you because of the long cut scenes that the game got (Some even going for 5-8 minutes).
  68. May 18, 2012
    Ah, Max. How we've missed you. It's been nine years since Max Payne 2, and he's back better than ever doing what he does best; drinking, shooting and diving.

    So, first off, lets get one thing clear; this game is NOT for the faint of heart. Max Payne 3 is, a challenging, hardcore shooter for the veterans of the genre, but is equally satisfying. Like previous games, Max can still dive,
    dual-wield and use his signature BulletTime, which a warm welcome back to the series for Max Payne veterans.

    Max has started out fresh, in Sao Paulo working for the Branco family as a bodyguard. When the boss's prize possession, his daughter, gets kidnapped, it's Max's job to save the girl, and his pill-popping, drunk self. If Rockstar does something best, it's storytelling, and they deliver once again; Max Payne 3 is gripping from beginning to end. The story is beautifully presented, with cutscenes that pull you into the story acting as loading screens, so the story stays with you for the entirety of the game without interruption from Max's engrossing story. Cutscenes are presented with visual effects dominating the screen, to put a slick spin on an average cutscene. Words appear on screen to emphasize important parts of the conversation, and blurry effects add to the grittiness of the game.

    The combat has improved, and it's as fun as ever. It's about a million ways to kill enemies, not kill a million enemies. Thanks to Euphoria, enemies fall to the ground more realistically and move around more often to make firefights feel real. The A.I. is incredibly smart, flanking you and working together with fellow thugs to kill you. Killing the last enemy in the room triggers a 'Bullet Cam', showing the bullet in flight just about to cripple your last foe. It's an immensly satisfying way to end a firefight.
    The script is superb. Max is funnier and dirtier than before, and James McCaffrey's voice acting absolutley nails it. Every character is well written and complimeted with great voice acting.

    Just like the singleplayer, the multiplayer is chaotic fun. Rockstar have somehow weaved the single player story into the muliplayer, and it's really well done. Max himself narrates the match on the outcomes of every round you may've won or lost, which really ups the ante in public games. As you'd expect, you level up, pick classes, customize your character, title, and the rest. There's your standard Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch but the real standout is Gang Wars. Five rounds of random objectives, and the odds are tipped in the favor of those who win the rounds.
    BulletTime has been implemented into Multiplayer, and works well. Players are affected if they're in your line of sight, and puts a fast paced spin on a classic Deathmatch. In total, everything is well balanced and nothing feels out of place; it's an all-out massacre.

    Closing Comments:
    Max Payne 3 is a brilliant story-driven, fast-paced, stylish shooter that should never be missed. Rockstar's take on a classic franchise looks and feels awesome: Single player is amazingly crafted and Multiplayer is a chaotic massacre, leaving you with so much content you'll want to come back for more drinking, shooting and diving.
  69. May 18, 2012
    This may be the greatest game I have ever played. The story has so many great aspects to it, and on top of that, the gameplay mechanics are so crisp and refined, you will forget it is a video game. Its multiplayer plays much like the single player, and keeps the immersing experience. Over all this game is a must for all fans of the previous games, as well as newcomers, I did not even hesitate to give this game a 10/10. Expand
  70. Dec 19, 2012
    It's kind of hard to explain how much fun Max Payne 3 really is. As a huge fan of Rockstar Games' work, I went into Max Payne thinking it would be awesome, and it was. Max has lived a troubled life. His family has been murdered. And he has become addicted to pain meds and alcohol. After being discharged from the NYPD because of involvement in criminal activities, Max has traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil with an old friend of his to work as a bodyguard for the rich and famous real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco. Max hopes that this will be easy work, a good "retirement plan," but things soon don't go as planned and Max is put right in the middle of another war. Max's story, to say the least, is arguably the best story of 2012. I'm not going to spoil anything about the story, but it features some of the biggest twists that take the campaign down a deep, dark, and gruesome road. The visuals in this game could not be better. Although I did witness some audio troubles during the cutscene to gameplay transitions, something that Max Payne is known for. Cutscenes are a massive part of this game too. Max Payne 3 is practically an interactive movie, where the cutscenes are the loading screens and they blend with the gameplay. This can be frustrating at times though. If you're looking to return to a mission hoping to get an achievement or a trophy, you have to watch the cutscenes entirely. The campaign is the best part of the whole experience. Let's not forget about the killer gameplay and controls. The gameplay is constantly smooth and never choppy. In Max Payne, you have special abilities like Bullet Dodge and Bullet Time. With Bullet Dodge, Max jumps into the air in slow motion, allowing him to finish off any remaining enemies with more precision, while at the same time dodging bullets that are shot. Bullet Time is similar, Max slows down time and finishes off enemies. Multiplayer is also a major plus to Max Payne. You have your standard modes like Free-for-all and Team Deathmatch, but you also have the unique modes like Payne Killer, where someone plays as Max and his partner Passos and the rest of the lobby attempts to kill them, and Gang Wars, a story-like game mode that consists of five different stages where one team triumphs over the other. Both of these modes are fun and really enjoyable. In conclusion, Max Payne is an incredible experience that sure isn't to be missed. Some audio issues and an annoying cutscene problem are this games downfall. But not by much. Expand
  71. Jun 17, 2013
    So, this game was pretty damn different from the originals. In terms of effects and design the game is miles away from the comic book style of the first game. But I don't mind that. I'm glad they took a new direction with this. The visual effects are over used, but nice non-the-less.

    The story is engaging and enjoyable. Combat is pretty decent and the guns are fun to use. Side quests
    like collecting golden parts are fun and do add to the game. I enjoyed the flashbacks and throwbacks to the originals but enjoyed the new stuff coming to the table.

    Overall, Max Payne 3 is an enjoyable shooter. The single player is worth checking out, the multiplayer is fun if you enjoy third person shooting in an online environment, but offers no new experiences.
  72. May 19, 2012
    This game is amazing, you should buy it. Best TPS of all time IMO. If you are a fan of the Max Payne games then you shoud definetely pick this up. Mutliplayer is stellar too.
  73. May 15, 2012
    As you always expect with a Rockstar title, this game is excellent. They've taken the core mechanics of the Max Payne series and put their own spin on it. Bullet time was tested in Red Dead Redemption and perfected for this title.

    Without going into any details or spoilers on the story, this reminds me a lot of the film 'Man on Fire' - great intense action throughout. I've yet to
    experience the multiplayer, but even as an offline single player title you'll get plenty of bang for your buck. Complete the game to unlock Old School and Hardcore mode and there's also an arcade mode to keep you busy.

    Overall a brilliant, polished experience that Rockstar continues to deliver game after game. A must buy!
  74. May 15, 2012
    WOW! amazing story, fluid mechanics and unbelievable graphics! this game has set the bar so high for its competitors its almost not fair. The way in which R* has decided to tell this new tale is incredible, the story jumps through time seamlessly, and really shows off what Hollywood cinematic 's should look like in a true "AAA" next gen game. Bravo Rockstar...Bravo!
  75. May 17, 2012
    you're not goona beleive that this game can make you feel like an accion hero no matter who you are you have to play this incredible game its a whorty sucesor for the other to games of the dearest max the most dearest of all my friend jeje
  76. Jul 29, 2012
    So I rarely am disappointed with RockStar and this time was no different. This was a really amazing add-on to the Max Payne series. The game graphics were improved to a modern day shooter and kept the awesome, classic feel of the original games. With blood, violence, and drugs you expect, the game balances well with story, drama, and a connection with Max that no one wishes to have. Making you want to keep going and going until the end (which was solid). I did not play the multiplayer because, lets face it, who plays Max Payne for multiplayer? Replay value is at least twice to just make sure you find all the little detail and kill people in every way possible. A must for fans of the series. Expand
  77. Sep 2, 2012
    I'll start by saying that I have replayed this game 3 times already. Not because of the story (which is also pretty awesome) but because the gameplay is that much fun. The controls are tight and after about 20 minutes you will be flying through the air bringing death in spades. The multi player is a pleasant surprise. Believe it or not there is bullet time and it actually works. . . unless you are on the receiving end. I can't recommend this game enough to everyone who is a fan or new to the series. Expand
  78. Mar 9, 2013
    The game is PERFECT!! One more incredible work of Rockstar Games... GTA Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire, Max Payne... MP 3 is really hard and it has beautiful graphics but the game is too heavy Any way, if there's someone who does not like the game, probably don't play well
  79. Jul 20, 2012
    Rockstar managed to take a "corridor shooting game" and make it as full of life than its usual sandbox games! Max Payne 3 is the proof that video game is art. The directing is amazing. I've already done several times the chapter taking place in the favellas wich is one of my most favourite game scenes, near the Ravenholm one from Half-Life 2 :)
  80. May 15, 2012
    All that i can say about this game is that it is exactly what I've come to expect from Rockstar. Play through single player once and a little multiplayer - very polished - addictive gameplay and awesome multiplayer. Must buy - it's just too bad for the games sake it was released on console the same day as Diablo 3.
  81. May 21, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is one of the best games ever created. The single player story is engaging and sucks you into Max's world. The use of cut scenes is amazing and does nothing but capture a dark and twisted world that keeps you locked into the story. Rockstar has done an AMAZING job with the character and Max Payne 3 could be their best effort to date.
  82. Oct 19, 2012
    During the opening sequences of Max Payne 3 I have to admit I wasn't exactly blown away from the gameplay, but as I progressed through the campaign the sheer sense of atmosphere - coupled with the fantastic eery yet emotional soundtrack I began to realize this was a very deep, emotional and immersive experience. The story itself drives you through the game rather than the gameplay itself, but that's not to say the gameplay is poor, no. It can, if you want it to be, be a repetitive trigger happy/get as many headshots as possible kinda game, but I found once you immersed the creative side of 'blowing people away' it made the game a lot of fun. I had no real expectations with Max Payne 3, and after the first few hours of play I wasn't exactly convinced so to speak, but once I submerged myself into the experience I found myself playing one of the best games of 2012. Expand
  83. May 19, 2012
    This is a great game! and would be seen as a one of the best rockstar games so far. The dark noire style of telling a well wrote story based on a has been cop with a bad case of depression which is hidden by his addiction to pain killers and contently getting into problems that are not his to resolve. All in all just a Max Payne 3 is a masterpiece.
  84. May 22, 2012
    i have no words for this game.Excelent story telling, gorgeous graphics and amazing gameplay simply the best product of the decade.thank you rockstar for giving me this game
  85. May 24, 2012
    Beautiful visuals, intense gameplay, good use of Max's old fashioned Bullet-Time, and an awesome multiplayer. Yes the story is linear, DUH. It's not an open world game or RPG, not all games are giving into the genre, and Max Payne is sticking to it's drama cutscene filled, intense firefights and twists in the plot to make it the great game it is. The multiplayer is ambitious and something new out of not just the 3rd person shooters but shooter multiplayers altogether. Using bullet time and other perks like Paranoia are awesome ways to lose track of time while dual wielding Uzis and wiping out an opposing gang. Expand
  86. Jun 14, 2012
    Max payne 3 it's a really great game, which keeps the same experience of the two previous games to the new generation without losing anything in the process, and only this is an achievement. It is multi-dimensional in many ways, including not only the main character, but other people, the environment and atmosphere. Rockstar understood that the noir clime doesn't resume in snow and black and white colors, and brought this in a beautiful and colorful Brazil's adaptation, which may be exceeded sometimes, but is still great. The only point the game misses is if the story in the beginning develpos in a really good way, the final act seems to finish faster and doesn't bring that plot twist that we would hope for. Expand
  87. Jul 7, 2012
    Certainly game of the year material. The outstanding graphical engine, incredible cut scenes, adult material, satisfying length and completely satisfying gunplay are only outdone by the no holes barred difficulty level which demands respect and commitment. I've waited ages for an xbox game that puts together a challenge so well, even on standard difficulty it is a challenge but hard puts it into another league. The AI is sublime and requires full use of the cover system and strategic use of bullet time for full effect. This takes the Max Payne formula and turns the volume up to 11. The satisfaction of melding as one with Max Payne and becoming a bullet machine outclasses all other 3rd person shooters I have played on xbox.

    But it's the little things.. like voice acting done superbly, the physics engine which models the impact of every bullet, the frame rate steady even as the tension mounts, the lack of loading screens, the increasing difficulty curve constantly keeping you on your toes, to the brilliant multiplayer that really tests your skills that make this one a real keeper. Only a few quibbles, like the removal of guns at certain checkpoints, ocassionally lengthy save points, difficulty viewing enemies in some camera spots and a few scripted action sequences that dump you infront of an almost certain death, detract from the positive experience. These are all forgivable sins in a game this well put together.

    If you do not possess fearless, well honed gaming skills, often turn the difficulty down to easy, and expect regenerative health cheating and stupid AI...then really steer clear as Max Payne 3 is going to hand it to you time and time again. For those serious old school gamers ready for a challenge and the tenacity to overcome the odds of a tough but mostly fair combat system Max Payne 3 delivers in the way only Rockstar know how. Why aren't more xbox games like this? Because most gamers aren't man enough.
  88. Apr 12, 2013
    A really good game. The gameplay is top notch, the story is good and the multiplayer is in my opinion just beautiful. I bought the rockstar pass for the multiplayer and I don't regret it at all. Graphix are great and well detailed. One of the best shooters I've ever played. If you haven't played it yet, the go get it now.
  89. Jul 30, 2012
    I've followed Max Payne since his release in the early days of PS2. Now 10 years later Max Payne 3 delivers a punch full of action,atmosphere,addictive gameplay ,amazing Multiplayer, and a deep story that echoes back to the past of former Max Payne games. The noir is still there albeit being in sunny Sao Paulo it still has that Max Payne feel. Bullet Time mechanics are still there as well but reinvented for today to make for smoother gunplay. The soundtrack to the game sets the mood from the very beginning to the bitter end. Replayability is there in all new game modes such as NY Minute and NY Minute Hardcore. Each time you beat the game on a certain difficulty you unlock other things in game and also there is an addictive ,insanely deep Multiplayer which is full of surprises. This game to me is the best game of the year so far and I can't get enough. If your a fan of original max Payne games then you'll definitely want to pick up Max Payne 3. Expand
  90. May 16, 2012
    I don't know the game, so I cannot comment on them. However I'm here to make a note that every user review scored under 5 were trolling. Just check their profile. Some dude rated skyrim a 0 and diabolo 3 a 10. Some dude rated Max Payne 3 xbox a 0 and Max Payne 3 ps3 version a 10, and many others. C'mon why do people post those trolling reviews on this site?
  91. May 22, 2012
    The first two games nailed: the drama, noir aspect, the traumatized protagonist, bullet time mechanic and just the overall feel of the game was spot-on. Going into Max Payne 3 I knew the setting had changed and that Max was starting out a new life in Sao Paulo. The first few moments shows us that he still had his painkiller and drinking addictions and still suffered for the death of his wife and child, so it wasn't all sunshines and flowers. Fast forwarding he is working as a bodyguard for a rich family. The plot is pretty simple in scope but thanks to the impressive writing and voice acting it all takes a new depth not found in other stories. Max delivers his story in monologue that are heard during the game. He shows wisdom and delivers his lines with a lot of impact. Gameplay is another solid point, shooting feels accurate and powerful. The bullet time mechanic is well implemented and is put to great use, though sometimes using the shootdodge may leave you vulnerable on the ground for a few seconds. The gameplay feel really like the Max Paynes of the past. Thought the game presents a challenge and you'll die a lot if you don't use the new cover system. Walls crumble and glass breaks, the destructible enviroments help you feel the chaos that involves a real shootout and after you have finished one you can take a moment to grasp your work. Sound is a very important factor and Rockstar gets it right gunfires have a crunch to them and the slow motion ''wooshes'' sound awesome, plus the soundtrack by HEALTH is brilliant and fits very well. Rockstar is known for making incredible graphics, and Max Payne doesn't disappoint, the game is filtered through various effect that may be a little distracting for some players but the overall detail edge to each enviroment is impressive. Everything looks pretty and realistic. Overall Max Payne 3 is a solid game, it goes back to the old days of non-regenerating health, and features a stellar story with lots of interesting characters and plot twists, the graphics lend it a real life feel and the sound desing and soundtrack help you inmerse in this world. Oh and the multiplayer is great fun. I definately recommend the game to fans and non fans of Max. Expand
  92. May 15, 2012
    Max payne has always been my favourite game but i was a little worried about the third part bcoz it wasnt remedy making the game but no disrespect to Rockstar they are awesome specially i thnk so after playing max payne 3 it is an awesome game gr8 story driven action heart pumping gameplay and brilliant multiplayer i must say i am thrilled after playing it and have to say rockstar have not let us down again and hasnt let the game die instead has made it famous Expand
  93. May 16, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is real game, a game for everyone who want to have fun, spend a lot of time in front of the tv, and the best of all, play with your friends on multiplayer. The history is very good, and expecially in a dangerous city like São Paulo. The multiplayer is very fun and the best way to play is with your friends. Bullet time is very good and Rockstar did it again, th best game of the year so far in my opinion. Expand
  94. May 17, 2012
    I haven't played this game but I bet it's awesome. I mean it's Maximum Payne, pop painkillers while flying through the air in slow motion, **** YEAH! So you play as this guy named Max, and his last name is Payne, and right there you should know what kind of game you're getting yourself in for. Max's wife died, probably because he **** with the wrong guys, and that's made him numb to the world. He tries to fight off all these bad times in three ways:

    1. Drink a lot of dark alcohol.
    2. Pop painkillers. Lots of painkillers.
    3. Shoot dudes in the face.

    Literally that's the whole game (from what I've seen, I haven't played it, I don't play any games I just read the most favorable reviews so I can a REAL idea of what's awesome about a game.) When you clear a room full of bad guys you are actually so messed up from all the liquor, drugs, and bloodlust that you can in slow-motion explode a guy's head until it looks like a crushed tangerine. I watched a bunch of gameplay videos of this a month ago and I swear to christ it gave me a horribly debilitating 20-day erection. I had to seek medical help, but Rockstar was so cool that they've agreed to give me a free copy of Max Payne 3 to compensate for the distress they put me through. But like I said, I won't play it. I only read reviews, the truest way to enjoy games. 10/10
  95. May 22, 2012
    How anyone could have a negative comment about this game beats the hell outta. NO... this is not the same Max Payne games of old. Why would it be!? The last Max Payne to come out was 10yrs ago! Some of the cut scenes are long however they keep you engaged.. This game is GOTY (Game Of The Year) material hands down. The single player campaign will suck u in and the multiplayer is fast action.. fun fast action. The different multiplayer game modes keep the action lively. This is a MUST OWN game. Very much worth paying full price for. If you have a open mind, love playing games that feel like yourre watching yourself play a role in a movie, love a fun fast action shooting multiplayer, and love playing games that give you challenge, then you need to check this out. You will not be disappointed. Expand
  96. May 25, 2012
    Great game. Pure fun. The acting is good, the graphics are good, and the sound is great. Haven't played much multiplayer because i don't like interacting with the little foul mouth 10 year old that populate the land of Xbox live but the little bit I did play was pretty fun. The only downside is the long unskippable cutscenes. There great the fist time around but on your second or third play through it gets very annoying. Still a way better game then I expected. Expand
  97. May 29, 2012
    Max Payne returns in the 3rd instalment in the series. The history of the character, and the effects of alcohol and addiction to painkillers, are detailed through a series of cinematic cutscenes. Rockstar has succesfully re-introduced ever pessimistic Payne, and also added this nior-esc quality to the gameplay. Possibly the most impressive aspect is the combat. Max combines slow motion "bullet time", dramatic slow motion leaps and a 360 degrees prone system, that allows for continual enjoyment. Bullet cams are simply an addition, though gratuitous, to provide a more graphic perspective on kill shots. The eclectic selection of weapons, and the inclusion of collectable gold guns adds a layer of achievement to the games many missions. The cutscene to gameplay transition is superb, each location is perfectly rendered, the voice acting is infallible and the story is neither cliched nor mundane. The story is were this game really shines, with strong character development and perfect motion capture. This game performs on every level. Expand
  98. Apr 30, 2013
    I loved it and so far i have sunk about 50 hours into both my 360 and PC copies of the game.
    The game-play is allot better then most third person shooters and the psychs are so much better then any other 3rd person shooter the way your enemy body falls to the ground is just brutal and the fact Max will not shoot unless his body is facing the recticle on the screen so you cant just shoot
    at something be cause your aiming at it you have to position Max with his arms out to hit that target first or else you will miss.

    The story is so intense and fully carries on from previous games and the fact that Max looks even more like a broken man then ever is saying something. its just so dark and brooding that it pulls you in and really displays the difference between the haves and the have nots.

    I loved the music the game-play the story and the multiplayer was a blast as well too bad that the community is fairly small but that's pretty normal for any game that isn't cod or battlefield nowadays.
  99. Sep 17, 2013
    Max Payne 3 is truly underrated. Its got a fantastic story great mechanics and gameplay and a solid multiplayer offering. One of the very best shooters of all time.
  100. Jun 9, 2012
    It's rare that games these days have an effect on the player after the game is over. Much like a high-octane action movie make you want to dive out of the movie theatre after the explosion. It could be the massive amounts of Rockstar detail, it could be the gritty, moving soundtrack, or it could be the evolution of a character to make you actually care about them and feel their Payne. There's always a breathtaking moment around the corner or something to make you yell "Oh!" when cars come crashing through buildings or you dive through the air in slow motion. The gunplay is very much focused on being cinematic, and levels in the game become stages from a blockbuster movie. Glass, sparks from a bullet impact, shards of wood from the enemies cover, shell casings and brick dust will fly. It took around 10-12 hours for me to finish the story mode on Normal, which needless to say makes it a longer game than most in today's market. There's also a score attack style mode where you can play through the story levels again competing for the best score, and an online multiplayer mode. I was playing this on the PC and there were a lot of cheaters, but I think there's a patch out soon. I've clocked a few hours in the Multiplayer mode and I'm still not sure what to think. Sometimes it goes well and you have an enjoyable experience, or otherwise you're faced against a team of snipers that your bullets wont be able to reach.

    It's definitely brought Max back to life using intense new technology, if you're worried about the game not being as good as Max Payne 1 & 2, or not following similar themes, you can rest assured that the game continues its noir feel and gritty "road-to-nowhere" feel.
  101. May 23, 2012
    this game is addictive and lots of fun. I enjoyed the story(although some might find it a bit predictable), the combat is also great(although, I would have liked to be able to carry a few more weapons, and at least 1 or 2 explosives). The only problem I had with it is that I couldn't put it down and now I am finished with the game (only 4 days after I got it). Though, I can see me playing it again sometime in the future. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 80 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 73 out of 80
  2. Negative: 1 out of 80
  1. Jul 8, 2012
    A compelling, down and dirty bullet basket populated by real characters and visceral gunplay. [July 2012, p.55]
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    The presentation is top-notch, the game feels like you want it to never end while you're playing it, and the multiplayer gives it longevity that will stick around for a good while.
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is a great action-movie experience with life-like characters that Rockstar is famous for. It does fall a bit flat on the actual action part, however. The controls on consoles are confusing and hard to get used to. Still very much worth a play-thru. It's also one of the best looking console games in the current generation. [June 2012]