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  1. Aug 17, 2014
    You'er Max Payne, an ex-cop hired to be bodyguard to a rich family in Brazil. It's supposed to be a vacation for you, but it turns out to be everything but. Shoot your way through carnage and mayhem, trying to solve a puzzle you never suspected. Kill hundreds of bad guys in slow motion, and with an assortment of weapons.

    Lots of fun, however, can be frustrating at times. Sometimes the
    game gets repetitive, and then there are flaws in the combat system, and other errors that stop you from having a good, gun blasting time. All in all though still a good game. At least worth a rent. The story is very well done.

    You get two discs of Max Payne 3.
  2. Jun 18, 2014
    This game is awful, pure and simple. I'd rate it higher if it was a movie. Because basically that's what you're getting. Enjoy having a five minute cut scene to start your level that you can't skip? This game is for you. Enjoy having a cut scene mid level that you can't skip? You're really going to love this game.
  3. Jun 17, 2014
    Entertaining story about a great, non-gregarious, **** brooding, pill-popping, functioning alcoholic, quasi-man's man dude killing people (morally). You don't have to spend hours learning how the play, you can just step right into the action and enjoy the thrill.
  4. May 22, 2014
    Now Max Payne 3, while a little bit different to the others in the series, still retains the same premise and gameplay of the first two, albeit in my opinion at a slower pace. This Iteration is much more realistic in how it works, with 2-4 shots being able to take you down and that you also can't carry an armoury's worth of weapons with you. Instead your allowed to carry up to three weapons simultaneously, two one handed e.g. pistols, and one, two-handed weapon, such as a shotgun. even then, if you decide to star dual wielding like some Neo wannabe, you'll have to drop your two-handed weapon on the spot. Now alot of people will say this is a stupid idea to put into a game, especially a Max Payne game, but it does make the game more challenging when you don't have every gun under the sun in your back pocket. Now bullet time, Pain-killers and shoot-dodging returns, and they pretty much work the same as in the last games. You'll be relying on them alot later on in the game as the difficulty becomes quite high even when playing on the normal difficulty setting, as you'll be faced with 20+ enemies at once, which is a lot to deal with. A new addition to the franchise is the fact you can now lay on the ground a spin the full 360 degrees to take some goons while lying down, after you've performed a shoot-dodge. You will also not immediately die if you happen to be carrying some painkillers when you run out of health. Instead you'll go straight into a slo- mo, bullet-time last stand type of deal, in which you have a couple of seconds to take out the guy that took you down. Doing so will save you, and you'll be able to get back up and carry on the fight.

    Now the game looks pretty damn good aswell, the graphics are really high quality, not crysis super computer quality, but it's a very good looking game, especially on console. there are some things that your eyes wont agree with though. What I'm mainly talking about is the overused, in-your-face filters that try to make the game look like an old VHS tape. they do get on your nerves a little bit, as they only really kick-in every now and again. Now what will annoy most people is the over-abundance of cut-scenes that appear every time you finish off a gunfight. Some of them are also long-ass MGS worthy ones that you cant skip until the game has loaded, as the cut-scenes act as loading screens when playing the story. Also, when taking out the last enemy in a gunfight, you'll be treated to a slo-mo death cam of said goon, where you can keep pumping bullets into him, until he's turned into human swiss cheese, these are pretty brutal, and a greatly improved by the Euphoria physics engine that Rockstar used which creates a different reaction every time.

    The story mode is the heart of the game, with the story being quite a good one. It's well written, and has a few twists and turns, although it's maybe not as good as Red Dead Redemptions story (Great game by the way, go play it!) I thought it was great. There are also a couple of other modes to the game, such as the arcade mode and New York Minute, time trial mode, and for the first time multi-player is included. The first two modes I mentioned are basically there to test your skill and reflexes, and also give you the chance to unlock multi-player characters and cheats for single-player.

    Now Multiplayer in Max Payne 3 is a mixed bag. sometimes it can be really enjoyable, sometimes it can be really infuriating. Now you might think the infuriating games are just that your not playing very well, but in my opinion the game is un-balanced. When the game first came out, it was pretty balanced, there was nothing outstandingly overpowered, but due to DLC being released the game has changed dramatically, usually you see everyone running around in the very protective bomb suits, dual-wielding pistols. You'll soon find out this is probably the best combination in the game to go with, and it makes nearly every other weapon a waste of time. Now there are only a couple of modes that come with the game, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and gang wars. Gang wars is the stand out mode, where each match consists of five rounds that follow a storyline. You could be planting or defusing bombs one round, and then trying to assassinate of defend a VIP the next. It helps keep the gameplay varied. They have added a few other modes through DLC, including a co-op, horde mode style game, and another where your chased down by a goblin with a wooden leg and a taser (seriously, I'm not joking). There Is the, now-standard mult-player games weapon load-out and customisation menu, that you see in nearly every game now-a-days, but There's a weight system to keep it a bit fresh, and make you think about what you take into battle. The heavier you are, the slower your stamina and health regenerate. There's also Bursts, that act the same as kill streak rewards and character customisation aswell.

    Overall it's a good game, but It's not everyone's cup of tea.
  5. lox
    May 19, 2014
    Surprisingly the first Max Payne game I've ver played, and I really really liked it. My only real gripe is the cutscenes were a little too long at times. But as a whole Max Payne 3 is gritty, immersive fun with great voice acting, a movie-like story and insanely fun multiplayer.
  6. Mar 27, 2014
    Max payne 3 is another great rockstar game, i love this game, is absolutely fantastic it actions scene, its really outstanding it violence, great game that must be played.
  7. Mar 17, 2014
    Pros: Great story, about regret and guilt and overcoming obstacles. Amazing shooting mechanics, makes it top of it's class. Great protagonist. Presentation with cutscenes and how there aren't any loading screens are really well done. Intense shoot outs. Great missions, and a really good length of 12 hours. Difficulty settings are really well done. Bullet time, and shoot dodge are just plain cool.
    Graphics are fantastic and really detailed environments.

    Last mission could of been better. Threw way too much enemies at you, made it a bit unrealistic
  8. Mar 12, 2014
    This game is amazing....awesome graphics,voice acting, gun fight and else...but still not better than Max Payne 2....the multiplayer si really fun too...but the story it aint that good(max payne 1 and 2 was 10 times better ) be honest sao paulo as place to fight is not that good as New York (that few missions in new york are the best missions in the game)....max payne 3 its a masterpiece but the not perfect...a 9 from me Expand
  9. Mar 1, 2014
    Definitely not one of the most original games out there, but still the same essential gameplay that makes Max Payne enjoyable to play. Definitely worth rental, as there isn't a ton of replay value. Overall, a very fun, if somewhat short and straightforward experience that shouldn't disappoint fans of both Max Payne titles, and shooters in general.
  10. Jan 27, 2014
    The story was cool the gameplay was awesome and the cinematic cut-scenes were cool. Playing this game is like being part of a movie. Max payne's voice as usual is cheesy and too deep. I'm not a huge story mode player but this game keeps you interested. The graphics are typical for rockstar and work out alright. The bullet-time mode is a nice touch and has improved some since 1 and 2. I'm all about multiplayer mode and this game didn't disappoint. Flat 8. Expand
  11. Nov 25, 2013
    The campaign is nice, the multiplayer is good but don´t have a thing that makes you with a need to play it. It´s another good work from rockstar but for me it can be better and for me the grade of this game is 8
  12. Nov 18, 2013
    This game is ABYSMAL! It's so bad with is cut scenes every 2 flipping seconds. IGN gave this game something like a 7 or 8. But I suppose IGN give out 8,9 and 10 like motherf**kers. Sorry for the language. Needed to get that out. But MAX PAYNE 3 is not. I REAPAT not a good game. Reason... There cutscenes. To many. It's graphics are not anything special. It's meant to be sad. I just laughed at the sad parts. Reason... It is such a bad story it made me laugh. The gameplay (when there is some) is rubbish and so is the guns. They feel terrible. Not a good job Rockstar.

    -Bad Story
    -Bad campaign
    -Not Much GamePlay Just Cut Scenes
    Score 18/100
  13. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Realistic graphics, sometimes the shadows make it look ugly, but the character models look great too. 9.5.
    Sound: Decent soundtrack (I wasn’t into the music near the end, didn’t feel that was the right band like Rockstar claimed back on GTTV). The themes were excellent, the voice acting was great. 9.
    Gameplay: The game is more realistic than previous Max Payne titles, but
    I did still get the feeling that it was a Max Payne game. Bullet time is great, all the guns are fine, the aiming is challenging but in a good way. The only complaint is the constant switching of shoulders, but I think there’s an option to turn that off. Challenging game good, gametrailers-reviewers noobs. Euphoria engine looks at its best. The multiplayer I found unbalance, unrealistic, and just not my type of shooter. 9.
    Story: The story plays out at a slow pace, it keeps you interested for a while, but near the end it’s not as interesting. I enjoyed playing the past sequences more than the present day because I felt the present day ones were going nowhere in terms of Max’s story. Max is in a field where he doesn’t belong, and even though it is hinted, this didn’t make it any more interesting. The switch from comic scenes to in game cut scene was fine, I enjoyed it. The inner thoughts of Max Payne are brilliant, who doesn’t have their brain always talking to them? 8.5.
    Lasting Appeal: The game is a must play at least once, there are achievements and a multiplayer for those interested. Personally, I would recommend this game a rent for those wanting a single player only experience. The game took about 8-10 hours on hard for me to complete. 8.
    Overall Score: 8.8 out of 10.
  14. Oct 18, 2013
    its a incredible game
    one the best third person shooter than i have played
    max payne 3 its so unforgable
    it has a lot of good things.
    bullet time is awesome and the graphics are amazing
  15. Oct 13, 2013
    Max Payne 3 is actually a good game. Gameplay is fantastic, unique and addictive. The story can make you see the pain of Max, for sure, but I didn't like it a lot, cause it's a simple story, that you will forget in about two days. I played the game too long and beat it three times (10 hours playthrough). Now, I'm going for hardcore mode, because gameplay is beautiful. Actually the gameplay saves this game and make it worth-buying, but story is frustrating for me, because it presents the legendary Max being a boozing bodyguard and involved in things, that don't concern a legend like him. After all, if you're a fan and liked the past two games, get thin one, cause you owe it to yourself. Otherwise, play the past two games and see after that if you want this one. Expand
  16. Oct 8, 2013
    Maxe Payne 3 killed every good aspect that it's predecessors had. The story is an absolute disgrace, it's as if you're playing a 3rd person shooter that's based on a very bad Chuck Norris B-movie. What's left of the character Max Payne is an alcoholic mess who just can't shut up for less then 5 minutes. The ongoing self pityness of Max Payne made me sick and irritated. The amount of cut-scenes is absolutely frustrating, there's not even 3 minutes of gameplay without a cut-scene.

    The graphics are a huge disappointment and the fact that it's running at 30fps makes it even more regrettable.
    The controls are stiff and the bullet time makes no sense anymore.

    Don't buy this game it's a waste of money, time and a good mood.
  17. Sep 22, 2013
    I believe this is one of the worst games rockstar has developed... Here are the reasons..

    1)Extremely linear No choice.. no freedom.. You are directed exactly as the game wants it..
    2) The bullet time mechanic is cool, but after the first 1000 kills it gets boring and repetitive..
    3) The game repeats its self a lot!! Go into a room kill 100 enemies, go to the next room kill another
    100 it goes on for 10-12 hours..
    4)You can not skip cut scenes!! Which during your second playthough is an issue!
    5) way too much talking by max payne... almost non-stop!

  18. Sep 17, 2013
    Max Payne 3 is truly underrated. Its got a fantastic story great mechanics and gameplay and a solid multiplayer offering. One of the very best shooters of all time.
  19. Aug 16, 2013
    [8.0] It definitely isn't Rockstar's best, but Max Payne 3 is impressive in many ways. It exceeds in both action and graphics, which makes up for the linear gameplay. Although it isn't quite as engaging as Grand Theft Auto, or Red Dead, Max Payne 3 is a great title for people who are waiting for GTA V.
  20. Aug 6, 2013
    definitely a must buy. this game ties together fun game play elements as well as a compelling story easily worth $60 even today. great multi-player with mechanics not seen in others.
  21. Aug 4, 2013
    Unlike the first Max Payne (the only one I played) I found myself not having the slightest amount of empathy for this guy this time around. A self-analyzing, angst ridden, drug addicted alcoholic is boring and tedious in real life. Who thought that would be a good idea for gaming protagonist? Hmm? NO. There was no real motivation to drive Max forward. He should have gone home after the Panama debacle if he had a brain left in his alcohol soaked brain. The combat controls were at times unresponsive. He might get glued to cover, and not respond quickly enough to the (inconsistently) overpowered approaching enemies. All of it was clunky in general. The cut scenes ruined it for me. What is it with the direction of developers lately? Look at Tomb Raider and Resident Evil Six. Apparently THEY want to play the game FOR us. They have gotten so egocentric recently. I esp. can't stand a forced walk. Every door in the first third of the game is a freaking cut scene. Every cut scene starts you back with a handgun. Some reloads after death put you right out with no cover and again, holding a hand gun instead of that grenade launcher you had 5 secs ago. Occasionally after a big battle, it goes straight to cut scene. Need ammo? Want to grab an assault rifle, tough s***, WE want to show you what great movie makers we are! Aren't you impressed? NO. I am not. Expand
  22. Jul 23, 2013
    A well made shooter with an interesting story and characters.It might seem unfair at times(talking about the shooting).but its fun and it has good difficulty. I love the fact that you actually need to use cover and think about ammo it makes it really fun and engaging. It is not perfect but it is a really good game.
  23. Jul 16, 2013
    What a game!! maybe the coolest game I ever played. The bullet time is so badass!! I also liked that the gameplay was quite challenging my first playthrough was on hard and I died and died, so many times. I am not a fan of the story or the endless cut-scenes, but the gameplay was too satisfying to keep me playing. I could give this game a higher score if Max can shut his mouth once in a while....he is talkish!! Anyway, I still love this game! Expand
  24. Jul 12, 2013
    "The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had happened up to this point..."
    Max Payne returns for his third game to conclude his dark trilogy. Max Payne 3 shows a much darker Max and for those of us who have guided him through the series, it is depressing. Max has let himself go and it will take his world falling apart to bring him back up. In classic Max Payne style,
    we see the end and then return to the beginning as Max is working in South America as a body guard. This game does tell a lot of its tale in the form of flashbacks, but this only improves the main storyline.

    Graphics: Beautiful. Words escape me how gorgeous this game is. The world is full of life whether that be trucks and cars driving on the road or civilians scattering from a firefight. The game just looks fantasticly gritty and full of colors that make Max's story just that more realistic.

    Gameplay: It's your typical Max Payne game. Run around and shoot ever poor soul in sight while popping pain killers. There are quite a few vehicle levels to mix things up and there is even a cover system added in which I found to be more than useful when you can't pop into bullet time.

    Story: Gripping. Dark. Phenomenal. Max has really lost it in the game and the player feels for him. I know I did and probably more so than I have for almost any other video game character. The story is a bit lengthy, but the length is more than acceptable and it doesn't lose you for a second. They did, however trade in the typical graphic novel style of cutscenes for a more traditional cutscene blended in with a few elements from the graphic novel styling that we have come to love.

    If you aren't familiar with the series, I recommend playing the first two before diving into this incredible story, but if you have not tried this game: Do it. Now.
  25. Jul 10, 2013
    I was very angry about this game it was so impressive and fun,but there was a bad bug that made me start the storyline all over again all dang over again... and after that happened i'm like screw this.It was a very good game besides that bug.
  26. Jul 4, 2013
    The gameplay itself is very modernised and authentic. The realism of gameplay itself is very good and eye-catching. The plot as well is a very dark and gritty storyline for the protagonist who had lost his wife and baby child in the first previous game. A smashing masterpiece of a game.
  27. Jun 30, 2013
    A decent game, action-wise, however, I never cared for any of the plot lines of any of the Max Payne games and this game is no exception. But I didn't play this for the story line, rather for the action, which is good but is extremely repetitive. By the end of the game, I couldn't wait for it to be over. Multiplayer was mediocre but not bad. A solid buy at it's current price point of under $20 but I feel bad for people who bought this new for $60. Expand
  28. Jun 24, 2013
    Max Payne 3 is all of that and much more.It is a game more focused on story as all the previous max Payne's have been and packs satisfying gunplay to boot.It may not be THE BEST third person shooter out there but Max Payne 3's gameplay and story lives up to expectations with multiplayer being a riot. The game is great fun and the multiplayer is very unique to any other third person shooters.
  29. Jun 22, 2013
    This is good and excellent game it gets half of the things right for a good game but accept it has one flaw that holds it back one those very annoying visual effects uhh every second it felt like I was in Kane and Lynch uhh I hate those things but you must by this title because it introduces you. You have a very good battles but this a game you must buy not let it slip off your hands.
  30. Jun 17, 2013
    So, this game was pretty damn different from the originals. In terms of effects and design the game is miles away from the comic book style of the first game. But I don't mind that. I'm glad they took a new direction with this. The visual effects are over used, but nice non-the-less.

    The story is engaging and enjoyable. Combat is pretty decent and the guns are fun to use. Side quests
    like collecting golden parts are fun and do add to the game. I enjoyed the flashbacks and throwbacks to the originals but enjoyed the new stuff coming to the table.

    Overall, Max Payne 3 is an enjoyable shooter. The single player is worth checking out, the multiplayer is fun if you enjoy third person shooting in an online environment, but offers no new experiences.
  31. May 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The story is one of the hallmarks of this game. As Rockstar just opened Max Payne's life and filled it with despair, death, and pain as his journey through Brazil, New York, and Panama just got even worse by the second. After having his wife and child taken from him, his life fell apart and he was reduced to painkillers and alcohol. Then after getting the mod to hunt him down it was time he left Hoboken with his new friend and partner, Passos. Getting into private security for a rich wealthy family he thought he could escape and live without a crosshair on his back till extremist and gangs started hunting them down. But soon after people of the family get kidnapped and held hostage, Max finds himself in the binds of a moral choice to save them. This game is a rollercoaster of action and characters. As it takes you from the high society of wealth down to the lowest vermin infested favelas where action seems to drive you through this game.

  32. May 17, 2013
    For me personally, this could easily be the best pure-bred shooter of all time. The content of the story is nothing new but the context is superb. The variety of settings is great. The narrative arc of MP3 is a predictable one but the shooting mechanics are insanely good. It is all about the violence. This is the closest that any game has gotten to matching those shootouts we know and love from films like Heat, Leon, Collateral, Die Hard, Under Siege etc.

    Play it on Hard/Hardcore, it will rile you but the adrenaline will flow. Admittedly Max Payne 3 only does one thing, but nobody does it better.
  33. May 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Despite some minor issues (and a couple that aren't so minor), Max Payne 3 still manages to be a first-class third-person shooter and is thus one of the better games of the year. More importantly, it's a welcome return for one of the shooter genre's better series. The years may not have been kind of Max, but it seems he hasn't missed a beat. Expand
  34. Apr 30, 2013
    I loved it and so far i have sunk about 50 hours into both my 360 and PC copies of the game.
    The game-play is allot better then most third person shooters and the psychs are so much better then any other 3rd person shooter the way your enemy body falls to the ground is just brutal and the fact Max will not shoot unless his body is facing the recticle on the screen so you cant just shoot
    at something be cause your aiming at it you have to position Max with his arms out to hit that target first or else you will miss.

    The story is so intense and fully carries on from previous games and the fact that Max looks even more like a broken man then ever is saying something. its just so dark and brooding that it pulls you in and really displays the difference between the haves and the have nots.

    I loved the music the game-play the story and the multiplayer was a blast as well too bad that the community is fairly small but that's pretty normal for any game that isn't cod or battlefield nowadays.
  35. Apr 28, 2013
    This game is amazing!The story is great,the combat is so much fun and the multiplayer is pretty good.Even thought the game is really cheap in stores.It's totally worth the money.
  36. Apr 22, 2013
    This game is one of the most overrated games I ever play and let me explain why I think this game is overrated.
    1st: The targeting reticule is the worst I seen in all shooter games, and the shooting mechanics can be bad at times with it unbalance shooting mechanics.
    2nd: Max moves so slow and sluggish and even worst when you on a prone position while moving from the floor to cover and
    get shot while doing it. This makes the game less fun to play and even annoyingly frustrating at times.
    3rd: There is so many unskipable cutscenes (which destroy its replayability completely) and even the cutscene it's self wasn't that good of a cutscene and some cutscene can be cheesy and lame at times.
    4th: Max narrative are too much and can be annoying at time and half of those narrative are lame and unnecessary.
    5th: Glitch encounter on the Xbox 360 version from Max get stuck on cover to game freezing in the cutscenes.
    6th: Lighting distortion and highlighting unwanted words on screen can be very annoying.
    7th: Story is good but some of the plotlines are lame, unoriginal and predictable.
    8th: Why Max never killed the guy who shot Fabiana and let him go?
    9th: Boring and Unbalance multiplayer.
    10th: The game is generic and very linear.
  37. Apr 12, 2013
    A really good game. The gameplay is top notch, the story is good and the multiplayer is in my opinion just beautiful. I bought the rockstar pass for the multiplayer and I don't regret it at all. Graphix are great and well detailed. One of the best shooters I've ever played. If you haven't played it yet, the go get it now.
  38. Mar 24, 2013
    Rock star always the same with different titles ''max payne'',''red dead'',''GTA''.People told me that rock star is awesome and blablabla but when i asked about CAPCOM they said :''NO''.After years of playing i can Say: to Rock star and all respect to CAPCOM
  39. Mar 23, 2013
    It's been awhile since I've invested this many playthroughs into a single-player campaign. So far, I've run through the entire Max Payne 3 story now a total of four times and I plan on giving it another run as well. That's just how good it is. The rock-solid gunplay and mechanics when combined with the gritty and engaging narrative makes this easily one of the best experiences out there. The third outing in the Max Payne series primarily takes place in Brazil, although there are some flashback missions to Max's hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey. I was a little reluctant to play through a Max Payne game that was not taking place in a gritty, winter-blanketed city but I was very surprised at how attached I became to the new environment. The game looks fantastic and the blood effects shown in slow-mo never become stale. The gunplay is very tight, although there is a larger emphasis on utilizing cover than in previous Max Payne games, but it never feels out of place. If you're looking for a realistic shooter with a protagonist that is afraid to get shot, look elsewhere. This game places you in the shoes of one of the most badass action heroes in the history of gaming and it's not embarrassed to do so in any way. From diving out of a in-mid-air motorboat and blasting away numerous gangsters all the way to taking down entire SWAT teams with a single weapon, it's clear that Rockstar's intention was to make you feel as empowered as possible. However, that's not to say that the game is easy. In fact, Max Payne 3 is one of the more challenging games that I've played in recent memory. Enemies on higher difficulties are ridiculously accurate and never hesitate to bum-rush your cover if the opportunity arises. The AI can be brutally intelligent, utilizing these bum-rushing abilities at the most inconvenient times. If you go to reload, don't be surprised to see a few enemies instantly begin moving to flank you. Enemies also have a nasty habit of remaining in cover the moment you pop out to fire at them, which makes some of the later firefights unfair. If you have never played a Max Payne game before, you're in luck. While Max Payne 3 does touch back a few times to the previous entries, the events of the first two games is irrelevant to the storyline of the third one. However, it definitely helps to have played at least one of the previous titles, as they give you more background as to why Max is such a sullen and careless protagonist and why he has such substance-abuse problems. The story in the third Max Payne isn't perfect. It occasionally meanders and reveals pointless details in the overall plot that, as a player, you really just don't need to know. The entire story is also somewhat confusing, with bits and pieces coming out here and there that really fail to cohesively fit together. It will take several playthroughs for you to really grasp the entire concept of the storyline. Voice acting is absolutely superb and the actor that plays Max really shines. The narrative really captures Max's disgruntled mind and conveys to the player just how much pain a man can go through before he breaks. There's also an abundance of challenges to complete as well as awesome collectibles like golden weapons for those who fancy collecting things. Additional arcade modes and the New York Minute mode also add to the entire single-player package so there is no shortage of fun for those who shy away from online. However, if you do choose to play online, you will be greeted with essentially the same material that most other online games boast. You have custom classes, perks, and additional titles to unlock as you gain rank-ups. Stats and progression are intact and additional cosmetic unlockables are available as well. I was actually surprised at how fun the online was. Servers are great and there was never any lag when playing any of the game modes that are available. Unfortunately, the only drawback is the scant amount of players that are actually playing the online. At any given moment, there are probably around 1,500 total players online on a good day. If you can tolerate the small population online and sometimes longer-than-necessary matchmaking, an enjoyable experience is to be found. Overall, Max Payne 3 is one of the best games I've played in awhile. The single-player experience is an absolute joy and there is so much content to be had for perfectionists that grant many hours of gameplay. If you can tolerate the small amount of players online, then the multiplayer is also a rewarding feature. If you're a fan of the series or shooters in general, I highly recommend this game. Even if you're new to the franchise, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  40. Mar 14, 2013
    So Max is back to deal out more death and violence while pumping painkillers and booze. But is it any good? Well, yes! As a matter of fact it's rather excellent and a very satisfying 3rd person shooter, which does justice to the Max Payne franchise. But that being said, I did have a few problems with it. First of all there's the constantly shaking camera and the lens flare, which sometimes made me feel like Michael Bay and J. J. Abrams had decided to make a game together. Sorry, but I'm not a fan. When used to this extent it looses it's dramatic effect and feels more like a 4-year old jumping up and down flailing his arms while screaming, "Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me!" It got so bad I actually had to stop playing at times, fearing a seizure.
    The second thing is the huge amount of cut scenes. Though they are very well made and does a good job of telling the story, they simply interrupt the action way too often. Just as a good firefight is going on and I was all psyched up BANG! another 3-5 minutes cut scene ripped me out of the game. It got to a stage where I literally shouted, "NO!" when it happened because it became detrimental to the gaming experience.
    But all said and done, Max Payne 3 is an excellent 3rd person shooter which is definitely worth a look, but be prepared for some really annoying interruptions.
  41. Mar 11, 2013
    When I started this game I just loved the bullet time mode. It was so cool to see the bullet's in slow motion as they pierce your enemies. Seeing the bullet from it's point of view when shooting the last enemy in the area was also very satisfying. However that's the only entertainment available. It didn't take long for bullet time to become a necessity rather than a cool addition. In just about every fight it is needed to survive as you will die in a few shots. Not only that but healing items are hidden throughout the game, you have to search for them as if they are skulls in Halo. The bosses are very plain and boring. Not going to say what they are but they are all basically the same thing. At the end of cutscenes you are forced into the open, regardless if you are behind cover or not. Just about everytime this happens, baddies are already shooting at you, causing you to lose unnecessary health. The music, oh gosh the music...this is the only game to give me a headache because of the music. My head was pounding so much that I had to shut off the music completely. It's not music, it's just noise. All I heard for the music was the same sound over and over again and some person singing. Ugh, this game is just terrible in my opinion. Beat it and never played it again. Expand
  42. Mar 8, 2013
    Max Payne 3 marks the return of the John Mclain of the gaming world, Max Payne, as he ventures through one of the most action packed and well written stories of 2012.
    Max now lives in Sao Paulo for the rich family Branco, he is a bodyguard, a drunk and a painkiller addict. When the family is targeted by people living in the Favelas close to their home Max has to jump back into action to
    find the people responsible for the deaths of his employers and who threaten his life too.
    Max Payne 3's story has been told time and time again, however not as good as MP3 does it. MP3 is heavily cutscene based with all the gameplay taking place during the gunfights. Though this detracts from the experience it only makes the story better and better by giving you such a tight narrative. But when the gameplay does kick in it is one of the most enjoyable third-person shooters you will ever play. Feeling very similar to Gears of War and Spec Ops the Line with very well structured controls and great environments to fight in ranging from airports to clubs.
    Max Payne 3 is not a game you can miss if you like action games, it has something to please everyone.
  43. Mar 3, 2013
    While the game does have some good points to it, it gets beyond repetitive at times. Sometimes poor controls get in the way of the otherwise decent cover based shooting, but it is definitely nothing special. However as with most Rockstar games there are some moments that make the ride worth it
  44. Feb 26, 2013
    Whilst playing Max Payne 3 my opinion on the game changed almost minute to minute. One second I would find myself enjoying the action packed, if rather one note, gameplay the next I would be closing to turning off the game through pure frustration.

    Anyone that has played any of the previous titles in the series won’t really find any gameplay surprises here and the bullet-time mechanic,
    while no longer as original as it was when the first game was released over a decade ago, can certainly still be great fun when you are able to get things right. The gunplay is also pretty solid but questionable design choices often make it seem as though the game is going out of its way to prevent the player enjoying themselves. Every so often the player will be handed back control following a cut scene to find themselves under heavy fire, if you don’t get your bearings quick enough you’re dead. A number of other sections will also see you killed pretty quickly if you go in all guns blazing leading to a frustrating amount of trial and error. On these occasions the game can become a generic, and rather average, cover based shooter forcing the player to pick of enemies one at a time. Try to imagine a slightly inferior imitation of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign (including the favela) and you’re not far off. Vest wearing bad guys that seem to be able to take three or four bullets to the chest and yet still continue to fire back at you only add further to the frustration. Having to repeat a section because you are killed by an enemy you assumed was already dead is not fun. Another of the games problems is that the gameplay doesn’t evolve at all from start to finish. I wasn’t expecting the freedom of an open world game but some choice in how to tackle certain missions would have been nice. Why could the bullet time mechanic not be used to help keep the player unnoticed by enemies for example?

    In terms of its characters and storyline this third outing is certainly aiming for a more serious tone. To be perfectly honest however this is another aspect of the game that doesn’t really work. Many of the cut-scenes are longer than necessary and simply end up intruding on the gameplay. Listening to Mr Payne spout increasing forced ‘film noir’ type metaphors is almost laughable on occasions and by the end of the game I wasn’t really paying much attention to what was going on.

    Thanks to some fantastically cinematic set pieces there is plenty of enjoyment to be had here but if this series is to attract me back for any sequels the developers need to get back to the drawing board and offer a bit more variety next time around.
  45. Feb 24, 2013
    Disappointing effort for Rockstar; by fair their weakest game of the current generation. It's incredibly short, even by modern standards (about 10 hours for a playthrough), linear to the point of being completely scripted at times, and the gameplay is extremely shallow. If it weren't for the story and great presentation this game would be a complete dud. My only hope is that they carry over some of the gunplay/cover mechanics to GTA V. Expand
  46. Feb 17, 2013
    It had been quite a while since I had played a shooter, so I thought I would pick one up. I decided to go for Max Payne 3 as I had been a fan of the first two games and it was currently on special offer. I was not sure what to expect from this installation, but I was glad to see that it largely lived up to it's predecessors. Just like in the first two games, Max is a fun character to play as cynical, jaded and with awful luck (and now with a serious drink/pills problem). Many bemoaned to move away from the film noir, graphic novel aspect of the first two, but it felt right to leave that behind in my opinion, as the game's setting would not suit that feel. For those who like their games at the cutting age technology-wise, maybe this is not for you the graphics are average and there are some technical issues at times. For the rest of us who are simply looking for a fun way so spend a few hours, you could do a lot worse than picking up Max Payne 3 and blowing away a few thousand terrorists, crooked cops and drug dealers. Expand
  47. Feb 5, 2013
    I love this game so much the gunplay is so much fun and the story is one of mt favorite ever i love max and passos and the graphics are good to the gameplay is so much fun even if it gets almost to hard at the end but this game is so good
  48. Jan 22, 2013
    "Max Payne 3" is the third outing by Rockstar Games of the incredibly depressing, wise-cracking NY cop turned body guard. Being a huge fan of Rockstar Games ever since I played "GTA III", I never got around to the "Max Payne" games. Especially since graphics have improved tremendously since the PS2 era (and it shows here with an excellent attention to detail and a masterfully recreated Brazil). Either way, It's fairly safe to jump into the third game without playing the first two. I think it serves the story even better that way as well. It gives Max a dark and mysterious past for me to discover and learn about. He's not the only complicated character either. Passos is your partner who helps you in Brazil. I thought the chemistry between him and Max were comically priceless. You need to know, though, that this is a straight-up,Die Hard, action game. The cutscenes are straight out of a Blockbuster action movie and the shootouts are, strangely enough, beautiful. Max even resembles the likes of a present-day Bruce Willis. I loved that he was a middle-aged man far past his prime. The folks at Rockstar are the best writers out there in the game industry and they write this morally-flawed hero to near perfection. His corny one-liners and monologues contrast perfectly to the realistically brutal world of Brazil. This game is very bloody and, if you're like me and love gleeful, Tarantino-esque violence, it will give you many "Hell yeah!" and "Holy **** moments. Also, the way you perform these shootouts is very fluid and as realistic as over-the-top action can be. This is Rockstar's rebuttal to the "Uncharted" series by Naughty Dog. Max Payne has this cinematic feel to it and I can easily say it's the best action movie I've ever played. My only issue with it was that some of Max's lines surpassed the cheese level I signed up for but they're mostly charming and clever throughout. Gameplay is very solid, story is chalk-full of good-old action and dialogue, and multiplayer is crazy fun. Trust me, this game kick-ass and allows you to deliver your enemies, dare I say it, maximum pain. Expand
  49. Jan 1, 2013
    The game was dark and gritty like a constant gnashing of teeth, which you'll inevitably be doing, having to replay certain parts. The mechanics certainly aren't as fine tuned as you would expect from a triple A title, but they don't completely turn you off either. I enjoyed the tone and narrative that kept you engrossed in the story and overall experience. Max Payne 3 is definitely worth a rental, I'm not however convinced this is worth a purchase. Expand
  50. Dec 31, 2012
    Great storyline and decent game play keep Max Payne alive and worth your while. I picked up the special edition at Gamestop on sale for $20.00. This package is well worth the price. I am addicted to this game and the story has me coming back for more. This game is well written and as always a little twisted with the characters choices.
  51. Dec 27, 2012
    Rockstar undoubtedly had the best of intentions when making this game. However, while the gameplay is fine, albeit repetitive, the story doesn't make much sense, the multiplayer is just standard fair with a bullet time twist, and here are several immersion-breaking bugs, also with a few BIG game-breaking ones too, Max Payne 3 could've been something great, but instead it feels like an unpolished, bland cash in. Expand
  52. Dec 25, 2012
    MAX PAYNE 3 is the best game in the franchise. The first MAX PAYNE just looked like THE MATRIX and the second was a bit better. MAX PAYNE 3 has great graphics, great voice acting, campaign and its one of the best games of 2012.
  53. Dec 19, 2012
    It's kind of hard to explain how much fun Max Payne 3 really is. As a huge fan of Rockstar Games' work, I went into Max Payne thinking it would be awesome, and it was. Max has lived a troubled life. His family has been murdered. And he has become addicted to pain meds and alcohol. After being discharged from the NYPD because of involvement in criminal activities, Max has traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil with an old friend of his to work as a bodyguard for the rich and famous real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco. Max hopes that this will be easy work, a good "retirement plan," but things soon don't go as planned and Max is put right in the middle of another war. Max's story, to say the least, is arguably the best story of 2012. I'm not going to spoil anything about the story, but it features some of the biggest twists that take the campaign down a deep, dark, and gruesome road. The visuals in this game could not be better. Although I did witness some audio troubles during the cutscene to gameplay transitions, something that Max Payne is known for. Cutscenes are a massive part of this game too. Max Payne 3 is practically an interactive movie, where the cutscenes are the loading screens and they blend with the gameplay. This can be frustrating at times though. If you're looking to return to a mission hoping to get an achievement or a trophy, you have to watch the cutscenes entirely. The campaign is the best part of the whole experience. Let's not forget about the killer gameplay and controls. The gameplay is constantly smooth and never choppy. In Max Payne, you have special abilities like Bullet Dodge and Bullet Time. With Bullet Dodge, Max jumps into the air in slow motion, allowing him to finish off any remaining enemies with more precision, while at the same time dodging bullets that are shot. Bullet Time is similar, Max slows down time and finishes off enemies. Multiplayer is also a major plus to Max Payne. You have your standard modes like Free-for-all and Team Deathmatch, but you also have the unique modes like Payne Killer, where someone plays as Max and his partner Passos and the rest of the lobby attempts to kill them, and Gang Wars, a story-like game mode that consists of five different stages where one team triumphs over the other. Both of these modes are fun and really enjoyable. In conclusion, Max Payne is an incredible experience that sure isn't to be missed. Some audio issues and an annoying cutscene problem are this games downfall. But not by much. Expand
  54. Dec 11, 2012
    No spoilers

    This is the first video game review I've written, and I am writing it because I felt compelled to do so. No game I've played recently has had such stark contrasts between the good and bad showcased within; being incredibly fun at times and unbearable in others. Although sometimes these alternated in such quick succession that it was making me feel as crazy as ol' Max
    himself. I want to start by saying I like Max Payne the character; I like where his story goes in this game, and I like the "gritty action guy" narration and grisly slowed down "bullet-time" stuff. It might be cheesy but I want to be entertained and on a basic level this is really fun tough guy entertainment. Max doesn't have real superpowers or anything. He's just a hard-ass dude who wants to do his job and then get all boozed up. It's great! In terms of gameplay it's very similar to the first two installments I remember from PS2. It can be challenging (on Normal mode) to a casual gamer like myself at times, but once you figure out what you should be doing you can usually win through by simply being more precise and playing better. However. This game is broken. It may simply be the XBOX 360 version that has problems, but the problems made the game frustrating beyond belief. For example when Max goes into a "Last Stand Mode" that players of this generation of games are familiar with he needs to shoot the last person who shot him. Which one? Meh, you died. The camera is behind Max's fat head? You died. The dude ducked behind cover? You died. Out of bullets in your revolver? You died. If for some reason the restricted "Last Stand" camera won't let you aim at the dude? You are dead. It gets worse. If you shoot the dude in "Last Stand" (only one bullet required) Max recovers while on the ground, takes a painkiller, and then STANDS UP! Like in the middle of a firefight. So you take damage from whoever you were ducking behind cover from. Sometimes a lot of damage. Like enough to put you into "Last Stand."

    There are also Golden Guns in the game with parts (3) hidden throughout levels. Being a check behind the staircase person I found 2/3 parts of every gun. Not a single third piece, despite being curious. I thought I had explored the levels thouroughly, and just found it frustrating that in playing the game I didn't get to see what these guns did. Speaking of guns I found it just stupid that while there were in-game (non XBOX Live) achievements for kills with each type of weapon there was no system for achieving proficiency with a preferred gun. By the end of the game I had realized that it is better to simply take the gun with the highest ammo capacity because a shotgun and a .38 basically take the same amount of effort to dispatch an enemy. That's no fun. I want to get good at a weapon type. It just made the game duller where the system to have proficiency upgrades basically seemed in place, but was passed by.

    The absolute worst was the cover-glitch. This glitch occurred occasionally throughout the game, and consisted of Max ducking behind cover and then freezing. I could reload, switch weapons, pause and drop weapons, but could not stand or escape cover. So I had to let someone shoot me to put me in "Last Stand" or restart from the last checkpoint. This was annoying but bearable until it started to happen more and more often towards the end of the game where levels become much longer and more challenging, with more time between checkpoints. I could laugh at many of the problems the game had but this was just maddening, and just seemed like pure laziness on the part of the makers.

    It simply does not make sense for a top-tier game to have been released with this many problems. I spent 40-60% of playing time in this game replaying levels that had broken or killed me due to poorly made gameplay aspects, It was purely frustrating at many times when it should have been the most fun, and the overall experience was ruined. TL:DR - Overall experience of the game is ruined by poor programming, mechanics, and character control even though the story and general gameplay could be good. Lazy execution by the makers of the game. Very, very low replayability
  55. Dec 4, 2012
    A big improvement over the first two and that's saying alot since I grew up with them. I was waiting for a long ass tiem for them to finally continue the saga of Max Payne and Rockstar hasn''t given me any reason to doubt them. The gameplay, the story, the bullet time and **** like that is way better. Complete badass
  56. Nov 14, 2012
    Although, this game is in the style of Max Payne. It doesn't really have any connection to Max Payne 1 or 2. The atmosphere in Max Payne is top notch whether your firing at thugs in a club in mid air or or defending a fellow mercenary from sniper fire. The game feels extremely realistic and does have several creative missions. The problem is although they're are some creative bits. The levels don't nearly match the creativity seen in Max Payne 1 where the levels weren't necessarily about the game-play but unraveling the deep narrative behind the plot with several innovative concepts strewn throughout the game. Max Payne 3 is mainly about pitted you in high pressure realistic scenarios full of noir and despair and watching you survive them realistically without out enough creative touches to keep it on par with the original. That being said this is in my opinion the most realistic shooting game ever made with an online mode just as frustrating. Expand
  57. Nov 5, 2012
    A true cinematic gaming masterpiece, Max Payne 3 is not just another triumph for Rockstar, but it's also testament to what the developer can do when it turns its hand to linear storytelling. Max Payne 3 might be a stylistic shift for the series, but it's also a raw and brutal portrait of a man pushed to the edge that deserves a place alongside Rockstar's superlative open-world efforts. Get ready to enter a world of Payne. Expand
  58. Nov 2, 2012
    Slow mo violence never looked and felt so good. MP3 is an incredible game with an amazing single player story that will have you travelling all over the world. The games mechanics are spot on, coupled with the superb bullet-time game and you have yourself the best action movie shot on a 6mm camera. The design is killer, and gameplay feels rewarding. This isn't one of those FPS shooters that just pushes you through making you feel frustrated and pressured. No, instead in MP3 after every kill you feel a bit of satisfaction and reward for accomplishing a "diving-double head shot in slow-mo". This game has outdone itself both technically, and with the encompassing storyline. MP3 is a buy! A must buy. Get it! :3 Expand
  59. Nov 1, 2012
    In terms of general production values the game is great - visuals and gameplay are both tight and the dialogue works quite well too. The main problem with the game (to me) is that the main character is someone who doesn't care about life and whose job it is to protect people so obnoxious that I don't care if they die, making the first hours a bit tedious. But lacking initiative to keep playing based on story, it's still a tight action game for anyone who likes cover shooters and bullet time. Expand
  60. Oct 31, 2012
    This is truly a fantastic game. Max Payne 3 is a great shooter with an extremely fascinating script and storyline that totally succeeds in delivering a perfect noir tale! The pacing is just the right speed and I personally had no trouble playing this game nonstop for more than a couple of hours. The graphics, full of detail and constantly very colorful and at times and very beautiful.
  61. Oct 31, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is the best linear third person shooter i have ever play, anyone that say this game suck is simply stupid, this game puts every other 3rd person shooter to shame, well, except Uncharted that is.
  62. Oct 29, 2012
    All that i can say about this game is that it is exactly what I've come to expect from Rockstar. Play through single player once and a little multiplayer - very polished - addictive gameplay and awesome multiplayer. Must buy
  63. Oct 19, 2012
    During the opening sequences of Max Payne 3 I have to admit I wasn't exactly blown away from the gameplay, but as I progressed through the campaign the sheer sense of atmosphere - coupled with the fantastic eery yet emotional soundtrack I began to realize this was a very deep, emotional and immersive experience. The story itself drives you through the game rather than the gameplay itself, but that's not to say the gameplay is poor, no. It can, if you want it to be, be a repetitive trigger happy/get as many headshots as possible kinda game, but I found once you immersed the creative side of 'blowing people away' it made the game a lot of fun. I had no real expectations with Max Payne 3, and after the first few hours of play I wasn't exactly convinced so to speak, but once I submerged myself into the experience I found myself playing one of the best games of 2012. Expand
  64. Oct 18, 2012
    Max Payne 3 isn't an open world game like most of rockstar's games, nether the less it is a solid experience. The story had me hooked from the beginning and Brazil is a beautiful location. You play as a bodyguard for Rodrigo Branco, but after things go wrong you end up shooting your way out of most situations. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is tight and the shootdodge mechanic is so rewarding. If you don't like overly long cut scenes then i would probably steer clear of this game as there are a lot of them, otherwise i would recommend this game. Expand
  65. Oct 16, 2012
    It is clear that Max Payne 3 has been used "the latest technology, innovative design, large mechanical and absorbing narrative and people to redefine the third-person shooters", do not think they redefined anything, but have become one of shooting games I've played most powerful in the entire generation.
  66. Oct 11, 2012
    Without having another Max Payne game under my belt but having watched Man on Fire and the Max Payne I think I have different expectations and perception of this game than most people do. I really liked it! I thought the slow mo gunning down people was fantastic so much that I picked up other games after and was annoyed that it was too fast and I couldn't be as much of a bad ass. I never really got bored of the weapons even though it felt like I was constantly using the same weapons. The ammo scarcity was really great to the point that you were cautious about making your ammo count but not to the point that was it was debilitating if you overextended ammo here and there. The story is really what stood out to me. While I would normally argue that the cutscenes were long and frequent it was paired with commentary throughout the missions that made it melt together fairly seamlessly. Visually the game looked really good, nothing groundbreaking, but just really good. The atmosphere was perfect. At times you were a high rolling body guard bad ass at a cool location and other times you were a grimy piece of **** blasting your way though people. I know people were bothered by how the character didn't seem like a real Max Payne, but having not played the originals, and assuming the movie wasn't entirely accurate to the character in the games I really didn't have a clear vision of who Max Payne was. After playing Max Payne 3 I can say this, he is a harsh bitter ol alcoholic who will mow through the bad guys; most importantly, I like him. Expand
  67. Sep 11, 2012
    The only thing that kept me playing this game was the joy of sharing another one way walk into Hell with Max. Max is Dirty Harry, John Mclane, The Punisher and all the other 'too dumb to quit' good guy cops rolled into one. Gameplay 4. Graphics 4. Voiceover 8. MAX PAYNE 10. I may have fallen through a roadway in a graphical glitch that saw me looking up at a ghost city from beneath. I may have gone crosseyed fighting the umpteenth lookalike badguy in the umpteenth lookalike location. I may be frustrated that it takes a half a clip of 7.62 FMJ rounds to stop a badguy goon standing up again after I shot him once. But, hey MAX is back and thats good enough for me. As max says "There it was, the soundtrack to my life, and, for a few seconds, came harmony, finally". Expand
  68. Sep 3, 2012
    Solid. If you like good graphics and blur effects plus the classical storytelling from Max Payne, you are in. Bullet Time is a nice extra, once you feel comfortable with the sometimes clunky controls. I enjoyed the replay by constantly using the Bullet Time which makes the whole game a kind of LSD trip.
  69. Sep 2, 2012
    I'll start by saying that I have replayed this game 3 times already. Not because of the story (which is also pretty awesome) but because the gameplay is that much fun. The controls are tight and after about 20 minutes you will be flying through the air bringing death in spades. The multi player is a pleasant surprise. Believe it or not there is bullet time and it actually works. . . unless you are on the receiving end. I can't recommend this game enough to everyone who is a fan or new to the series. Expand
  70. Sep 2, 2012
    a very good game but it has a grim and depressing story some times upsetting but is very good!
    multiplayer is the best PVP games i have been in killing other player is so much better this game wipes the floor with Call Of Duty
  71. Aug 29, 2012
    For being a linear story game Max Payne feels like open world. I mean that in a sense that no matter how many times the same thing you do in each chapter or level it doesn't feel the same, and actually very fun and cinematic feel. I give the story pacing a very good 9/10, the only reason why it didn't get 10/10 is because it felt rushed at the last minute. Then the character development is extremely good for a game. You fell for Max and you want him to win, ironically he doesn't all the time which makes for good plot twist often very depressing. I would give characters and character development a 10/10 and plot 10/10, both did really well because of how serious the game felt without being like a soap opera, with the terrible acting and stupid plot twist. Then the multiplayer is really good too. I mean it is really balanced and gang wars is interesting and alot of replyability and bullet time. The only thing holding it back is that leveling up can sometimes feel like a long time. Now the only thing that is really drops the score for me is character mobility. Now i decided to score this because of two reasons. One is that they had a huge budget to spend and it is a linear game to details like this can often make or break a linear game. Two is because it is very important aspect because max Payne is a hard game, and often cover to cover is the only way to survive especially in multiplayer. Now i know in campaign Max isn't some Ezio and he can't really do parkour or barrel rolls with ease or anything like that but when it comes to multiplayer it feels like my guy no matter how heavy or like he/she is, it still feels like a big tank and somewhat slow which feels very awkward, and at times it feels like my avatar just ate 3 big macs with large fries. So unfortunately because of multiplayer character control i have to give character feel a 6/10. Its good in campaign but in multiplayer it can be really frustrating. Now adding up the scores this game receives 45/50 or a 9/10 for me. Expand
  72. Aug 27, 2012
    At first I was a little apprehensive in the knowledge that the series had now gone to Sao Paulo, but Rockstar's writing certainly assuaged my fears. They knew what they were doing when they took Max and sent him on an odyssey through a land where the fabulously rich live beside the crushingly poor. Gunplay is fantastic, and the animation keeps you in the action all the way. Play this game, it'll take you for one hell of a ride. Expand
  73. Aug 26, 2012
    I really enjoyed playing Max Payne 3 both the story and online multiplayer are solid and will keep you busy for hours.

    First of all, the campaign was very good, and its story was top notch. This is by far one of the best campaigns I have ever seen in a recent title. The campaign is also long, but there isn't any replay vaule to be had.

    Multiplayer is also very solid. I have not had
    a single disconnected game since I got it. Although I have to admit there is a very high number of lag switchers on there and there is also some weapon balancing issues. However regardless of these issues multiplayer is very fun to play. Graphically the game is fantastic, not as good as those found in Skyrim, but up at the very top. The textures, animations and character models are all top notch. Overall this is one of the few modern games that has both a decent single player and multiplayer. Rockstar have done a great job with this title. Expand
  74. Aug 21, 2012
    I was skeptical whether I would like this Rockstar game at first but soon found out that this is a worthwhile game to play through once or twice. The graphics are about what you would hope for in a title at this point in current gen games. The bullet time effect and kill cam can make you feel like a true action hero at times and once you get used to the somewhat annoying controls, you\'ll find yourself rolling in and out of cover positions about as gracefully as you can expect a middle aged, drunken; out of shape bad ass can. The controls and cover system definitely aren\'t ad precise as say GR: Future soldier, however Max Payne isn\'t exactly the special forces type. Despite the somewhat wonky controls the story flows seamlessly from one chapter to the next. It gives you a glimpse into Max\'s life and shows the depths of his sorrow. All in all it\'s a lot of fun. Expand
  75. Aug 19, 2012
    Rockstar did a great job with the franchise, everything works perfect and the game is fun to play. It is not, however, a good MAX PAYNE, and because of that I couldn't love it as much as I wanted to.
  76. Aug 10, 2012
    This is a very competent third person shooter with good slow motion and bullet time effects but the occasionally the story detracts from game play as cut-scenes can be to long and cannot be skipped.
  77. Aug 10, 2012
    I've awaited the return of Max Payne for so long and I was not disappointed at all. Max Payne is a stunning game. It has amazing graphics and shooting. The bullet time is better than ever. The story is dark and depressing with what I thought was a very simple and effective ending. It has one of the more sophisticated stories of 2012. I recommend this to fans of games.
  78. Aug 9, 2012
    Very average game. Outstays its welcome by chapter 10 even though it's short which tells you that gameplay gets boring quick. A couple of good chapters tho. Definitely not a keeper.
  79. Aug 6, 2012
    Despite initially having low expectations for this game as it looked like the first two max payne games without the humor or the challenge due to the new cover mechanic. I was genuinely surprised by how good the game was. It had fantastic graphics, a gripping (but still cliched) story, tight gun play mechanics that still managed to provide a hefty challenge, and multiplayer that for once didn't feel tacked on to make an extra buck. If you're not a fan of third person shooters this game wont change your mind, but if you do enjoy them this among the best of the genre. Expand
  80. Aug 5, 2012
    Rockstar manages to deliver a high quality shooter. The third installment to the series boasts stunning visuals and physics, a lengthy and story-driven singleplayer campaign, as well as a competent multiplayer component. Max Payne 3 is by no means perfect, for instance by featuring a wee bit many cutscenes, but it's still a very enjoyable game.
  81. Aug 2, 2012
    The game is amazing.The story is well worth playing multiple times and the "In A New York Minuet" Mode make it very fun to play and compete against other player's time.The multiplayer can get a bit frustrating at times but I played it and never got mad that my team lost because I was having so much fun.The bullet time feature in multiplayer is amazingly fun and works very well.But the game does have its flaws,some players do cheat in online and the story is very hard to follow if you're a new comer to the Max Payne story.The multiplayer will need a little time to get the hang of but other than that the game is amazingly fun. Expand
  82. Jul 31, 2012
    Alright,I have played through the story twice and played many hours of the wicked multiplayer and come to the conclusion that this is as close to perfect as you can get for a video game.there are no flaws I can see and it's just a enjoyable awesome experience that everybody should play.The first two Max Payne games I played were the xbox versions and they were grade A awesome.This is the next generation of games so of course it's gonna be different.I absolutely love the direction Rockstar went with this game.It has replay value like crazy.If you only played single player with no online I would recommend this to the highest degree.I love when games do that and then the online is amazing and just as good,if not better,then anything out there.Please get this game cause i you dont then you are missing out on the second best thing to come out this year,being Mass Effect 3, is the only game better but I would rate this in the top ten in the last 5 years of video games.Just brilliant!! Expand
  83. Jul 30, 2012
    I've followed Max Payne since his release in the early days of PS2. Now 10 years later Max Payne 3 delivers a punch full of action,atmosphere,addictive gameplay ,amazing Multiplayer, and a deep story that echoes back to the past of former Max Payne games. The noir is still there albeit being in sunny Sao Paulo it still has that Max Payne feel. Bullet Time mechanics are still there as well but reinvented for today to make for smoother gunplay. The soundtrack to the game sets the mood from the very beginning to the bitter end. Replayability is there in all new game modes such as NY Minute and NY Minute Hardcore. Each time you beat the game on a certain difficulty you unlock other things in game and also there is an addictive ,insanely deep Multiplayer which is full of surprises. This game to me is the best game of the year so far and I can't get enough. If your a fan of original max Payne games then you'll definitely want to pick up Max Payne 3. Expand
  84. Jul 29, 2012
    So I rarely am disappointed with RockStar and this time was no different. This was a really amazing add-on to the Max Payne series. The game graphics were improved to a modern day shooter and kept the awesome, classic feel of the original games. With blood, violence, and drugs you expect, the game balances well with story, drama, and a connection with Max that no one wishes to have. Making you want to keep going and going until the end (which was solid). I did not play the multiplayer because, lets face it, who plays Max Payne for multiplayer? Replay value is at least twice to just make sure you find all the little detail and kill people in every way possible. A must for fans of the series. Expand
  85. Jul 26, 2012
    Rockstar did it again!! After playin this game I was a little suprised though as too why the rating wasn't higher up ..but brilliant storyline, stunningly beautiful graphics nd great characters ..not as good as red dead redemption in my mind but definately a great experience and one every gamer should have
  86. Jul 23, 2012
    Boy, what a disappointment. I've been playing the Max Payne series, since it first came out on the PC - and this is arguably its worst iteration. While the first two titles of the series strongly depended on the style and elegance of sliding shooting through doors - now a bald, fattened version of Max Payne stumbles drunk through Brazilian favelas. I get it: It should add to the dark and sad trauma he has been going through storywise - but the game lacks at every end: The controls on Xbox360 are frustrating. The shoot dodge movement is barely useful, as Max insists to bump into walls and doors whenever he's using it. He likes to get up under heavy fire or ignoring the safe side of a barricade. when dodging fire. To top it off - the writing is really, really bad. Why? Because I just don't care about Max as a character, nor about the people he's trying to save, nor that the game continuously demotivates me, by killing characters throughout the storyline I'm expected to safe.

    Stay away from this game.
  87. Jul 21, 2012
    Another ROCKSTAR disappointment. I keep hoping for another Red Dead experience from them and get games that fall short by a mile. This game failed to engage me and even irritated me. I wanted a film noire type mystery shooter maybe like Condemned with atmosphere and good writing and acting and challenging shooting but got none of this in this game. It comes across like a bad acid trip and isn't even a fun one. ROCKSTAR I know you can do much better please deliver next time. Expand
  88. Jul 20, 2012
    Rockstar managed to take a "corridor shooting game" and make it as full of life than its usual sandbox games! Max Payne 3 is the proof that video game is art. The directing is amazing. I've already done several times the chapter taking place in the favellas wich is one of my most favourite game scenes, near the Ravenholm one from Half-Life 2 :)
  89. Jul 17, 2012
    I really wanted to like this game, honest. I am a big fan of rockstar and their games (with my favorites being Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 4), but this one just didn't cut it for me. On one hand, you have great visuals, with nearly all of your surroundings reacting to the many firefights you have throughout the game; Max has some of the most inventive skills I have ever seen in a third person shooter, and I would often dive into bullet-time just because I could. On the flip side, however, the controls can be quite a pain to deal with, as my character would often get caught on walls while performing bullet-time. I would get snagged behind cover, struggling to get my character out of the way of oncoming bullets or grenades. The story was fantastic, but how far can good story and great visuals carry a game with bad controls? Expand
  90. Jul 16, 2012
    I am going to rate this game solely on the campaign because the only reason why this game was purchased by me and made into a game was because of the AMAZING CAMPAIGN. All I can say is it was a HELL OF A RIDE! Not only was the gameplay amazing but the story kept me glued to the monitor. The campaign was CRAZY long and a straight shot through took me all day (10+ hrs on hard). I tried some of the multiplayer and let me tell you it ain't bad either. I cant wait to get back on! EASY 10 Expand
  91. Jul 15, 2012
    The fact of the matter is that the only way to really appreciate and avoid some valid criticisms of Max Payne 3, one must see this game as more of a new envisioning of the franchise. What made the original game stand out aside from the bullet time gameplay was minute details; the fact that groups of enemies had hilarious conversations between each other, or the ingenious narrative with catchy phrases that practically defines the noir genre, and the entire dark shades and tones that overtook the graphics- Max Payne 3 does not so much do away with these things as update and modernize the series to meet the standards of today.

    For some players, immersion may be instantaneous from the hook, and for others, it may take longer, and there may be those who essentially give up because they find it mundane, however; the game is best seen like a playable movie that, by the second disc, truly shines: The narrative becomes more astute, the character of Max Payne becomes polished, and the story begins to pick up with quite some twists and turns.

    The gameplay is so refined that this game is the pinnacle of its genre and with the graphics and attention to detail being by far the best for action shooters thus far, Max Payne 3 truly shines as the must have and must play for anyone who wants an experience beyond anything out in the market.

    Another important note is the surprising amount of replay value and goodies, such as collectible
  92. Jul 13, 2012
    What a game. It reinvents what it created to begin with. Pure innovation. Great to the point it feels like a movie. Online play isn't your regular Call of Duty Modern Warfare, but it does try.
  93. Xon
    Jul 10, 2012

    The single player rocks. Perhaps it is because I live in Brazil that i can tell you visually and story-wise the game hits the nail on the head like I have never seen before in a game. I give the single player campaign 9/10.

    The single player is short but impressive so I bought the season pass. Man, do I rue the day i did that. First of all it is super
    difficult for me to get into a game. I can play any game online, Diablo 3, Syndicate, name it. With MP3 I spend half the time trying to connect but failing due to "connection errors" and "failed synchronization". Also, I only started to enjoy the game after reaching level 10. Started. I haven't yet had a fun game.

    At this moment I am still unable to enjoy the multiplayer. I have written R* about my connection issues who have not responded.

    I am a hard working father with precious, little free-time. When I sit down with an hour to indulge I definitely do not choose MP3 multiplayer since it will be only frustrating.

    What a shame.
  94. Jul 7, 2012
    Certainly game of the year material. The outstanding graphical engine, incredible cut scenes, adult material, satisfying length and completely satisfying gunplay are only outdone by the no holes barred difficulty level which demands respect and commitment. I've waited ages for an xbox game that puts together a challenge so well, even on standard difficulty it is a challenge but hard puts it into another league. The AI is sublime and requires full use of the cover system and strategic use of bullet time for full effect. This takes the Max Payne formula and turns the volume up to 11. The satisfaction of melding as one with Max Payne and becoming a bullet machine outclasses all other 3rd person shooters I have played on xbox.

    But it's the little things.. like voice acting done superbly, the physics engine which models the impact of every bullet, the frame rate steady even as the tension mounts, the lack of loading screens, the increasing difficulty curve constantly keeping you on your toes, to the brilliant multiplayer that really tests your skills that make this one a real keeper. Only a few quibbles, like the removal of guns at certain checkpoints, ocassionally lengthy save points, difficulty viewing enemies in some camera spots and a few scripted action sequences that dump you infront of an almost certain death, detract from the positive experience. These are all forgivable sins in a game this well put together.

    If you do not possess fearless, well honed gaming skills, often turn the difficulty down to easy, and expect regenerative health cheating and stupid AI...then really steer clear as Max Payne 3 is going to hand it to you time and time again. For those serious old school gamers ready for a challenge and the tenacity to overcome the odds of a tough but mostly fair combat system Max Payne 3 delivers in the way only Rockstar know how. Why aren't more xbox games like this? Because most gamers aren't man enough.
  95. Jul 6, 2012
    . .un juego muy bueno , bueno es solo para adultos ,aunque para mi carece de algunos detalles pero nada .de negatividad es lo mejor que he visto ...
  96. Jul 5, 2012
    As a huge fan of the Max Payne series, I can honestly say I love MP3. From the great story telling, to the awesome visual style, to the execution of gameplay, MP3 is a great game that deserves praise in almost every area. I say almost because having been such a big Payne fan, I still have not touched multiplayer since that has never been the push of the series. I have no problem with it, but still cannot bring myself to dive into it as I fear it may not live up to the how great the campaign is. Still, I would expect it to be as action packed as the rest of the game. Expand
  97. Jul 2, 2012
    Rock star Games did an amazing job on this game. The campaign is intense, fun, action packed. You get right into the story and don't want to stop playing. Only bad thing i noticed of the story is it hard to go back to the main menu, kinda long cut scenes. Multiplayer is crazy good, its balanced, lots of weapons and customization. Beautiful graphics and good realistic actions to the multiplayer. When a grenade goes off you get thrown back from the explosion. You get shot in the leg you fall over or stumble. Overall the game has fun game play, good graphics, realistic features no other game has. Expand
  98. KRM
    Jun 29, 2012
    Rockstar yet again have shown why they are without a doubt the most credible and reliable game company in the world. Rockstar simply cannot make a bad game! I remember playing Max Payne 1 & 2 when I was younger (and being terrified at the opening sequence in Max Payne 1) and number 3 lives up to the reputation of the past two. Yeah it may not feel entirely the same, but that's because it's set in a different world and the game has been made in a different generation of console. The cinematic's are top notch, the best I've witnessed in a game since Red Dead and GTA (Rockstar yet again). The voice acting is superb. James McCaffrey is as brilliant as ever as Max, every line he utters is gold. The gameplay is also superb, Rockstar really used it's physics engine to full effect here. The music is fantastic, Rockstar as ever has crafted and picked a beautiful array of scores and the ending song composed by HEALTH entitled 'Pain' is masterful and emotional, it made me ponder the time I had grown up and spent with Max playing these brilliant games. The multiplayer is also very good and addictive. The only criticism I could possibly draw is that DLC is available to provide new maps based on levels from the story mode, where as I think that all maps based off levels from the story mode should be included from the start. Having said that this is a near perfect game and a brilliant possible conclusion to the Max Payne saga. Rockstar I salute you, and Max I salute you too. Expand
  99. Jun 28, 2012
    As is the norm with Rockstar, the character animations and environments look immaculate. The main problem I have with this game is the utterly formulaic layout of each level of the game. You'll spend hours shooting a wave of enemies from cover, then advancing, with almost no deviation from this pattern. This is to be expected from this genre, however. The one thing that saves this game is how fun the gunplay and combat is. Bullet wounds look great, and Max will slowly get sweatier and dirtier as you progress through each fight. Every bullet is in real time - there are actual projectiles flying through the air, which is something that was required for the slow-motion combat. Speaking of which, the slow-motion combat looks great, and is tied in perfectly with the rest of the fighting. Again, the game is hindered only by the repetition of these fights. I have to give props to Rockstar for not including regenerating health, you must replenish your health with painkillers like in the previous games. This made the fighting intense and challenging, even on a normal difficulty. Painkillers are placed throughout a level in a manner that will make you aware that you're in danger of running out if you're hit too much. The multiplayer is mainly a lone wolf kind of deal, but you're able to use powerups in the middle of combat to help your whole team. All in all, multiplayer is quite entertaining, but there wasn't enough to keep me interested for long. All voice acting is pretty solid, though the story itself suffers from a lack of connection with the characters. Max's Noir-esque voice overs are done rather well. The only annoyance I got from these was the fact that he'll try to "help" the player progress if they're sitting around in a certain part of the level. For instance, I'd be checking out some of the details of a room when he'd say something like "I needed to move, it wasn't the time to be second guessing myself. I saw that the security door had opened" which caused some eye rolling. The cutscenes are well executed and fairly engaging. All in all, a fairly solid title. If you're a fan of shooting and explosions, you'll probably like this. It's decently challenging and good-looking, to boot. If you're looking for something with a little more depth, I'd pass this one over. Expand
  100. Jun 24, 2012
    Firstly to the haters.If anyone of you havent experienced or played max payne game before then to be literal YOU WONT LIKE THIS A BIT because max payne games have always been linear and in service of narrative cinematics while retaining dark atmosphere.I have been playing max payne since its original release 2001 and still do with lots of awesome mods created by fans specially for Max Payne 2.Max Payne 3 didnt feel like a max payne game at all to be honest and die hard fans might agree with that.ITS JUST A LINEAR AND OVERSCRIPTED GTA IV TO BE SPECIFIC.NOIR STYLE,DREAM SEQUENCES,DARK ATMOSPHERE,FEELING OFMAX PAYNE CHARACTER ALL ARE the first two games we actually felt the resonance of the tensed situations and feel of a max as a character.To be Max Payne 3 is a sheer disappointment.Remedy will regret the loss of such iconic character by rockstar and its GTA fanbase.PROS:Terrific voice acting and level design,,great shoot outs CONS:Not in any way feels like a max payne game.even the story is cliched with predictable outcome,no dream sequences,no character feeling,Mona Sax is completely forgotten in the latest installment.Overall IF I WERE NEW TO MP SERIES THEN I WOULD HAVE RATED IT 9 BUT AS A DIE HARD FAN OF THE SERIES FOR A DECADE I AM DISAPPOINTED.SAME THING HAPPENED TO SPLINTER CELL SERIES WHEN CONVICTION WAS RELEASED AND NOW MAX PAYNE.START WORRYING ABOUT 47 Expand
  101. May 15, 2012
    well,the main thing a person looks in any product is that it should be a fun experience worth playing. Max Payne 3 is all of that and much more.It is a game more focused on story as all the previous max Payne's have been and packs satisfying gunplay to boot.It may not be THE BEST third person shooter out there but max payne 3's gameplay and story lives up to expectations with multiplayer being a riot. So if you want to play something fun with a serious storyline as well as gr8 multiplayer,max payne 3 is the game to get. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 80 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 73 out of 80
  2. Negative: 1 out of 80
  1. Jul 8, 2012
    A compelling, down and dirty bullet basket populated by real characters and visceral gunplay. [July 2012, p.55]
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    The presentation is top-notch, the game feels like you want it to never end while you're playing it, and the multiplayer gives it longevity that will stick around for a good while.
  3. Jun 20, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is a great action-movie experience with life-like characters that Rockstar is famous for. It does fall a bit flat on the actual action part, however. The controls on consoles are confusing and hard to get used to. Still very much worth a play-thru. It's also one of the best looking console games in the current generation. [June 2012]